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Using data from the Fed's Survey of Consumer Finances, the analysis finds that over a million Americans ages 55 to 64 are holding student loans, or have spouses with loans. There are a range of reasons why older borrowers might be struggling to pay off their student loans. Millennials are most likely to hold student debt with an average balance of about $35,000, and while fewer Gen Xers have student debt, their average balance is higher at about $48,000, according to TransUnion. Provisions are being rolled out by President Joe Biden's Education Department that could ease the burden of student debt on older borrowers. AdvertisementAre you a Gen Xer with student debt who is worried about retirement?
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To many Americans, the 2024 election is an unwelcome contest between the felonious and the frail. Voters hear democracy is at risk, which is true but is also another potential reason for disillusionment. Yet the stakes of their choice for the basic public policies that shape their lives are huge, if less discussed. And should the permanent corporate tax cuts in that bill be kept in place even as it has become clear how little these business goodies have done for the economy? Worse, the Trump tax package will exacerbate a fiscal crisis for programs like Social Security and Medicare that are highly popular, including among Republicans.
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America's young men aren't working. The effect was driven almost entirely by young men: Unemployment went up by 2.7 percentage points for young men but by only 0.1 percentage points for young women. AdvertisementEmployers might also see young men as riskier to bring on board. Fairly or unfairly, there's a stereotype that young men are more volatile, more immature, and less responsible than their female counterparts. As for why so many young men aren't working, it's a doozy.
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The data does not include older Americans who have taken on student loan debt on behalf of their children. That includes about 14.9% of workers aged 55 to 64 and 17.3% of workers aged 65 and over, according to the research. The middle 40% of earners — with incomes between $54,600 and $192,000 — owe an average debt of $48,174. For older workers aged 55 to 64, it may take an average of 11 years to pay off their student loans, according to the research. "Older workers do not have decades of future potential work that younger workers have to repay their loans," Manickam said.
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And she's part of a growing class of Gen Z retirement super-savers. Many are concerned about stagnating wages in an era of skyrocketing costs of living, says Paloma Thombley, chief human resources officer at Handshake, the jobs site for college students and new grads. Gen Z prioritizes retirement benefitsGenesis Hinckley, 27, works as a business analyst for Google in Boulder, Colorado. 'It's no longer chasing money; it's chasing time'Anxiety aside, many Gen Zers see super-saving for retirement as a way to take control over an uncertain future when the built-in support systems are lacking. They learned when it makes sense to invest in a plan pre- or post-tax, how to actually invest your retirement money, and the value of compound interest.
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Yet, there's a notable lack of attention and concern given to the social aspect of retirement, experts said. It's a facet of retirement planning that's almost "hidden in plain sight," said Robert Waldinger, a clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Money is the "obvious" focus when it comes to retirement planning, Waldinger said. Put another way: "Social connections are really good for us" and "loneliness kills," Waldinger explained in a 2015 TED Talk titled "What makes a good life?" "Some people say, 'It's too late for me'" to make new social connections, Waldinger said.
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However, the average millennial reported roughly $63,000 in retirement savings so far. While millennials will need more money to retire comfortably, many are far away from the savings milestone experts suggest. What's more, the future of the US Social Security system is uncertain, and longer expected lifespans — while a positive development — will require more retirement savings. How to figure out how much retirement savings you needTiffany Bell, a 36-year-old business management professional based in Houston, didn't always take retirement savings seriously. How millennials can get their retirement savings back on trackWhile some millennials are struggling financially, it's not all doom and gloom when it comes to their retirement prospects.
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When it comes to claiming Social Security retirement benefits, experts agree it's generally best to delay. Yet many people still claim early — either at the earliest possible age of 62 or before their full retirement age. Those early claims result in reduced Social Security benefits for life. To get 100% of the benefits you've earned, you need to wait until full retirement age — between age 66 and 67, depending on your date of birth. Here's what experts say to the most common arguments for claiming Social Security benefits as soon as possible.
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But while retirees might imagine spending their golden years full of pasta and palazzos, the realities of moving abroad are much less romantic. He didn’t think retiring abroad was feasible. Packing up shopAs America’s retirement crisis grows, so too does the dream of retiring abroad. “People need to think about estate planning, which is often different abroad,” said Brett Spencer, the founder of Impact Financial, a financial advisory firm that specializes in Americans living abroad. I think that’s the reality that a lot of people probably aren’t prepared for,” said Peddicord, who splits her time with her husband between Paris and Panama City, Panama.
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How to begin investingA simple way to get started is by purchasing low-cost index funds, Sethi says. Index funds track market indexes like the S&P 500, which follows the stock performance of around 500 large U.S. publicly traded companies, such as Microsoft, Apple and Nvidia. To get started, you'll need to open a brokerage account, traditional IRA, Roth IRA or other investment account. But don't let your funds simply sit in your brokerage account. You'll need to go one step further and decide which funds you'd like to invest in.
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After 35 years of living and working in Hong Kong, my wife, Wendy, and I are returning home to the US. Setting aside concerns of whether we are jumping from a frying pan into a fire (ongoing crackdown on freedoms in Hong Kong versus political ruptures in the US), we have many other issues to grapple with. We don't have credit scores or credit cardsTake, for example, our credit score: we don't have one. In Hong Kong we have always paid our bills on time and are conscientious consumers. For us, that won't be a significant amount since most of my prime employment years were spent overseas working for Hong Kong companies.
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The Senior Citizens League's latest projection forecasts Social Security's 2025 cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) to be just 2.66%, the lowest increase since before the pandemic. AdvertisementAccording to the Social Security Administration, the average monthly benefit in 2024 is $1,907, up about $50 from 2023. Over 67 million Americans receive Social Security. AdvertisementOver 67 million Americans receive Social Security, and an increase is not guaranteed. Since the COLA was added to Social Security benefits in 1975, there have been three years without a bump in the monthly checks.
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"If your child's income falls within the limits, they may not owe any income tax, which can be a win-win," said Lovison, who is also a certified public accountant. If your child's income falls within the limits, they may not owe any income tax, which can be a win-win. What to know before hiring your kidsBefore hiring your children, it's important to know state and federal labor laws, along with tax rules, experts say. "Some states pretty much ban you from hiring children under the age of 14 under any scenario," Lovison said. Payments to children are subject to income tax withholding regardless of the child's age, according to the IRS.
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That deadline — July 11 — is imposed by the state housing authority and applies to Quinn's Section 8 housing choice voucher, which she's had for about 12 years. Iowa lets landlords refuse voucher holdersQuinn says she's contacted close to 30 landlords since March. Many have simply told her they don't accept housing vouchers. In 2021, the state passed a law barring cities and counties from protecting voucher holders from overt discrimination by landlords. A crucial but flawed benefitThe federal Housing Choice Voucher Program is the biggest — and most effective — American housing assistance program.
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Opinion | Debating the Best Way to Fix Social Security
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To the Editor:Re “Want to Fix Social Security? The Well-Off Must Accept Smaller Checks,” by Peter Coy (Opinion,, May 13):I find it maddening that the only solution to the Social Security Trust Fund difficulties offered by conservatives is reducing benefits. There are a number of acceptable increases that could solve the funding problems of Social Security and Medicare. Let me suggest a few: The Social Security tax stops at a relatively low income level, $168,600 annually, this year. Speaking of all of a person’s income, why is it that only “earned” income is taxed for Social Security?
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Participants across the country have told BI they spent basic income money to pay rent, afford groceries, pay off debt, and support their children. In April, Chicago announced that it will restart it's basic income program. The renewed Chicago program will join a wave of over 100 basic-income pilots that have been launched since 2019. Fisher is still worried about costs, but Chicago basic income gave her 'a brand new start'When Fisher began receiving basic income, she felt immediate relief. With basic income payments, Fisher was able to afford daily expenses and buy the clothes and shoes she and her daughter needed.
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Drew Angerer | Getty ImagesThis reported column is Part Two of Eamon Javers' two-part series on the new, conservative economic populism gaining ground among Republicans close to former President Donald Trump. In Part One, Javers introduces readers to the new, conservative economic populism gaining ground among Republicans close to former President Donald Trump. Senator Republican Marco Rubio gives a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida, February 25, 2022. Cass counts among his allies several well respected conservative economic thinkers. "It's economic policy that emerges not from good economics, but from politics and the culture war and what your base wants," he said.
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The survival budget considers expenses such as food, housing, childcare, transportation, and healthcare, in addition to taxes and an emergency fund. Here's what ALICE household survival budgets for a typical family of four look like across the country. The total number of ALICE households jumped 12% between 2010 and 2022, particularly impacting single parents and people of color. During these 12 years, the percent change in single-male-headed ALICE households grew 35%. "Part of the survival budget is there's no savings in there," Hoopes said.
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An unequal distribution of wealth in the U.S. can make it so some children are behind from birth. Now lawmakers are considering whether federal children's savings accounts can help. One proposal — the 401Kids Savings Act — would create savings accounts for all newborns. Children's savings accounts are currently available statewide in seven states — California, Illinois, Maine, Nebraska, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. At the end of last year, there were 121 children's savings account programs in 39 states serving 5.8 million children.
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Read previewIn January 2025, Donald Trump may be sworn into office as the 47th President of the United States. Another Trump term, on the other hand, would likely entail a radical reversal from not just the previous four years, but even from Trump's first term in office. While not exhaustive, here's just some of what to expect in a second Trump administration. Miller told The New York Times that a second Trump administration would build "vast holding facilities that would function as staging centers" on "open land in Texas near the border." According to Bloomberg, Trump wants to extend those cuts in a second term.
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Creating an income-producing portfolio
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A lot goes into creating and managing an income-producing portfolio that works for you. Knowing your expenses will give you a good sense of the income you’ll need. Ways to generate incomeTake the income you think you’ll need and subtract from that the income you expect. For example, if you need $65,000 a year but will only bring in $40,000, you’ll need to generate the other $25,000. • For money you’ll need in three to five years, use short-term corporate bonds as well as longer-term CDs.
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Nevertheless, 75% of adults ages 50 and up believe Social Security will run out in their lifetime, a 2023 Nationwide Retirement Institute survey found. When people claim Social SecurityMoreover, data shows retirees often don't wait until they are able to receive 100% of the benefits they've earned. The full retirement age is generally between 66 and 67, depending on an individual's birth date. For every year beneficiaries wait past their full retirement age up to age 70, they stand to get an 8% benefit increase. Every month increases your benefitsNevertheless, experts say it's still generally best to delay claiming retirement benefits.
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After researching affordable places to live in retirement, Ann and her husband settled on Portugal. "Our quality of life is so much nicer because we're not worried about money like we were in the States," Ann said. AdvertisementWhile Ann was able to live comfortably in retirement abroad, many older adults in the US are struggling. "We understand how hard it is to try to accumulate enough money to retire and stay in the United States," Ann said. Advertisement"The United States is a very difficult country to retire in," she said.
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Most people know me as Elliott Harrell, but that wasn't my actual name until recently. Initially, I thought I'd use Elliott Harrell socially and my given legal name when mandated and that everything would be fine. Elliott Harrell changed her name after having her second child. My name was legally changed over three months ago and since then I've been working on getting things like my license, passport, and even my Costco card changed over. AdvertisementEven though I'm still in the depths of paperwork hell, I'm so glad I decided to move forward with the process.
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“You just feel terrible,” said Vanessa Hlavacka, a counselor for multilingual students at La Follette High School. High school ramps up supportOnce the issues with this year’s FAFSA became apparent, La Follette High School ramped up support services for families of college-bound seniors. Some La Follette students from mixed-status families have had success since then submitting the FAFSA, but others are still having problems. Students at La Follette are behind the national trend, but they have had more success filing the FAFSA in recent weeks. It’s a glitch that several other La Follette students have experienced.
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