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Most non-retired adults have some type of retirement savings, but only 36% think their savings are on track. New research from economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York finds that this retirement savings deficit hasn’t made a dent in when Americans plan to exit, or partially exit, the workforce. “The pandemic-induced change in retirement expectations may continue to affect the labor market in years to come,” they wrote. Yes, but: This is a survey of expectations, researchers at the New York Fed are quick to point out. Just because Americans say they plan to shift to part-time work or retire early, it doesn’t mean that they’ll be able to.
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So last October, at the age of 80, Murray ended her retirement and got a job giving out samples at Costco. Forecasters expect that cohort of older , working Americans to double over the next decade. “More people are working at desk jobs that don’t require much physical labor,” said Gal Wettstein, a senior research economist at the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. “That’s people who are changing jobs, younger workers and non-college educated workers.” Older workers tend not to change jobs, and they’re more likely to have a college degree. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) forbids age discrimination against people who are age 40 or older in the workplace.
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“However, I am fully aware that I’m creating another problem for myself down the road.”For now, his retirement plans sit on the back burner. Retirement savings in the United States were long thought of as a three-legged stool. Americans had pension plans, Social Security benefits, and defined contribution plans like the 401(k). Social Security payments still provide about 90% of income for more than a quarter of older adults, according to Social Security Agency surveys. She’s had to rely on her 401(k) retirement savings to support her and her son more than once.
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O'Malley, a Democrat, would need to be confirmed by the Senate to become commissioner of the Social Security Administration at a time when political partisanship has made confirming presidential nominees increasingly difficult. "Since Day 1 I have fought to strengthen and defend Social Security, which tens of millions of Americans have paid into and depend on to support their livelihoods. I know that Governor O’Malley will continue to be a strong partner that works tirelessly to protect Social Security for generations to come." The over $1 trillion budget U.S. Social Security agency has been run by an acting commissioner, Kilolo Kijakazi, since Biden in 2021 fired the Trump holdover Andrew Saul after he refused to resign. The main Social Security trust fund's reserves will be depleted within a decade, the program's trustees and the Congressional Budget Office both estimated this year.
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The bill, signed into law late last year, requires employers to automatically enroll all eligible workers into their retirement plans at a savings rate of 3% of salary. Americans had pension plans, Social Security benefits, and their own savings through plans like the 401(k). Those funds tend to be controlled by large asset managers. But through a process called proxy voting, large asset managers are able to vote on shareholder resolutions on behalf of their clients. Asset managers have “significant influence over company practices,” wrote shareholder advocacy group ShareAction in a recent report.
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