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Then, he added, in a clearly insincere display of sympathy toward Mr. Biden, “it’s a shame the way they’re treating him. After talking about his proposal to remove taxes on tips for hospitality workers, he urged Mr. Rubio to vote for it. Mr. Rubio had so far this year appeared infrequently on the campaign trail with Mr. Trump. Instead, Mr. Rubio used his time to echo Mr. Trump’s mocking of Mr. Biden’s debate performance and his frequent attacks that Mr. Biden was not mentally fit to lead the country. Richard Siu, 57, said he liked the idea of Mr. Rubio as Mr. Trump’s running mate.
Persons: Donald J, Trump, Kamala Harris, Biden’s likeliest, Biden, Biden’s, ” Mr, Mr, , He’s, Harris, Laffin, Kamala ” —, Ms, Joe, Biden “, Trump tauntingly, Trump’s, , “ Joe Biden doesn’t, Donald Trump’s, he’s, ” James Singer, “ Donald Trump, , Harris’s, Hannibal Lecter, Marco Rubio, Rubio, Marco, ” David Kim, Richard Siu, Siu, Simon J, Levien Organizations: Trump, United, Democratic, Mr, Republican National Convention, Advisers, Americans Locations: Florida, Doral, Fla, Miami, U.S, United States, America, Milwaukee, Marco Rubio of Florida, Spanish
Vietnam is the most affordable place to live in for expats, according to a report by InterNations. Moving to a foreign country may seem like a pipe dream, but it doesn't have to break the bank. For the fourth consecutive year, Vietnam is the most affordable country in the world for expats, ranking first out of 53 destinations when it comes to personal finances, according to a 2024 InterNations study. Southeast Asia, in particular, stood out with Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand all ranking in the top 10. "Most expats agree that it's easy to find housing, and they are happy with how affordable it is."
Persons: InterNations, Chudoba Organizations: InterNations, Vietnam 2nd, CNBC Locations: Vietnam, expats, Brazil, Malaysia, Vietnam Colombia Indonesia Panama Philippines India Mexico Thailand Brazil China, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand
Fertility rates across OECD countries have halved since 1960, according to a new OECD report. He said the three countries are disproportionately impacted by a rapidly aging population, largely due to improved standards of living, which have a "very strong inverse relationship with fertility rates." These improved conditions have led to a greater opportunity cost for having children, Xu said. Shrinking workforceA decline in fertility rate puts pressure on the economy and the society at large as the working population shrinks. China's policy shiftsIn China, policymakers have been putting a big emphasis on "productivity growth," Xu told CNBC.
Persons: Leren Lu, Darren Tay, Erica Tay, Tianchen Xu, Xu, BMI's Tay, Tay, Maybank's Tay Organizations: OECD, BMI, Risk, United Nations, Economist Intelligence, Economic Co, National Bureau of Statistics, CNBC, Economist Intelligence Unit Locations: China, Asia, South Korea, Japan, East, Southeast Asia, Maybank
Vienna, Austria is the wrold's most "liveable" city, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit's 2024 Global Liveability Index. For the third year in a row, Vienna, the capital of Austria, is the world's most livable city, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit. "Declines in stability and infrastructure across a number of cities in advanced economies were offset by structural improvements in healthcare and education in several cities in developing markets." Here are the 10 most livable cities in the world, according to EIU. North America was the second best region, scoring an average of 90.5 out of 100, and ranking highest for education.
Persons: EIU Organizations: Economist Intelligence, Economist Intelligence Unit, Western Locations: Vienna, Austria, Copenhagen, Denmark, Zurich, Switzerland, EIU, Austria Copenhagen, Denmark Zurich, Switzerland Melbourne, Australia Calgary, Canada Geneva, Switzerland Sydney, Australia Vancouver, Canada Osaka, Japan Auckland, New Zealand, Asia, Pacific, Melbourne, Sydney, Osaka, Japan, Auckland , New Zealand, Vancouver, Toronto, Western Europe, North America, Canada
Learning how to harness our attention is the "skill of the century," says behavioral design expert Nir Eyal. "The skill of the century is being able to harness your attention," Eyal, an expert in behavioral design, told CNBC Make It. The action of being distracted is often preceded by a feeling of discomfort, or an "internal trigger," says Eyal. "If you don't have time for exercise, time with your family, time with your friends, time for focused work, it's not going to get done," Eyal told CNBC Make It. Instead, he suggests using a "timebox calendar."
Persons: Nir Eyal, D3sign, Eyal, it's Organizations: CNBC, Spica
NEW YORK, June 25 (Reuters) - Shares of Nvidia (NVDA.O) New Tab , opens new tab surged nearly 7% on Tuesday, snapping out of a three-session tailspin that had erased about $430 billion from the artificial intelligence chipmaker's market value. Nvidia's shares finished at $126.09, after a tumble that saw them lose around 13% from their June 18 close of $135.58. The logo of Nvidia Corporation is seen during the annual Computex computer exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan May 30, 2017. Bullishness on Nvidia was evident in the options market, though the stock's recent share price slide appears to have made traders more cautious. New Tab , opens new tabSave Share XFacebookLinkedinEmailLink Purchase Licensing Rights
Persons: Tom Hayes, it's, Hayes, Tyrone Siu, Tom Plumb, Plumb, you've, Mario Iachini, Chibuike Oguh, Saqib Iqbal Ahmed, Suzanne McGee, Medha Singh, Lewis Krauskopf, Ira Iosebashvili, Chris Reese, Aurora Ellis, David Gregorio Our Organizations: YORK, Nvidia, Great, Nvidia Corporation, REUTERS, Plumb Funds, Ortex Technologies, Vanda Research, Thomson Locations: New York, Taipei, Taiwan
Throughout my time working at CNBC, I've chatted with different entrepreneurs, from people who started successful side hustles to the founders of global unicorn companies. In my conversations with successful entrepreneurs, I've found that those who became successful and "made it" tend to echo the same advice. Advice #2: Lean into what makes you uniqueAnother piece of advice Mahlum gave is to lean into what makes you yourself. "I think the best advice that I can give to fellow entrepreneurs is to be different," he told CNBC. Advice #4: Just get startedIn all my conversations with entrepreneurs, by far, the one piece of advice I've heard the most, is to simply get started.
Persons: Shawn Tsao, I've, Jason McGowan, McGowan, they'd, Anne Mahlum, Solidcore Anne Mahlum, Mahlum, Edward Tirtanata, Tirtanata, Uber, Jack Organizations: CNBC, I've, Lean, Nike Locations: New York, Solidcore, Indonesian, Southeast Asia
The UAE expects to see a net inflow of 6,700 millionaires from around the world by the end of 2024, according to new research. The tiny Gulf nation is expected to see an unprecedented net inflow of 6,700 millionaires from around the world by the end of 2024, according to the report released on June 18. That's according to new research by Henley Private Wealth Migration Report . The United Arab Emirates is set to be the world's leading wealth magnet for the third year in a row. The data for the report was supplied by global wealth intelligence firm New World Wealth and features insights on the inflows and outflows of millionaires and their migration patterns globally.
Persons: Dominic Volek, Hannah White Organizations: Henley Private Wealth, United, Henley & Partners, Henley, Partners, Singapore, Institute for Government, Millionaires Locations: UAE, United States, United Arab Emirates, Henley, States, America, Singapore, Canada, Australia, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Portugal, Japan, East, India, Russia, Africa, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, China, Kingdom, Korea, Brazil, Taiwan, Taipei, Nigeria, Vietnam
Australia is the only other country besides the US to dominate the “impossibly unaffordable” list, led by Sydney and the southern cities of Melbourne in Victoria and Adelaide in South Australia. But it also blames soaring house prices on land use policies, including “urban containment,” a kind of planning designed to stop urban sprawl. “Toronto and Vancouver show that the cost of taming expansion is unacceptably high: inflated house prices, higher rents and, for increasing numbers of people, poverty,” Cox wrote. The report was compiled by researchers from the Center for Demographics and Policy at Chapman University in California and the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, an independent public policy think tank in Canada. Top 10 “impossibly unaffordable” cities
Persons: it’s, William West, Tyrone Siu, Wendell Cox, Valier, ” Cox, , St Louis Organizations: CNN, Getty, Hong, Victoria Harbour, Frontier Centre, Public Policy, Canada, Canadian, New, St, Chapman University in Locations: United States, , West Coast, Hawaii, California, San Jose , Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Honolulu, Australia, Sydney, Melbourne, Victoria, Adelaide, South Australia, Maribyrnong, AFP, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Toronto, Valier Macon, Vancouver, Pittsburgh, Rochester, Edmonton, Calgary, Canada, Blackpool, Lancashire, Glasgow, United Kingdom, Perth, Brisbane, Chapman University in California
Guests posing for a group photo at the "Let's Go the Extra Mile" hospitality campaign launch ceremony at the Central Government Office in Hong Kong on June 3, 2024. In response, the Hong Kong government launched a campaign – titled "Let's Go the Extra Mile" – encouraging frontline staff and members of the public to demonstrate good hospitality and "reinforce Hong Kong's brand as the best tourism destination." Hong Kong's currency is pegged to the U.S. dollar, which has helped the city's status as an international financial center. "Both have become equal problems for Hong Kong," he said. While the city's borders were closed during the pandemic, nearby Shenzhen continued to develop into a top-tier Chinese city, Lee said.
Persons: Long, John Lee, Hong Kongers, Allan Zeman, Lan, Kwai, Zeman, mainlanders, Simon Lee Siu, Lee Organizations: Central Government Office, Nurphoto, Getty, Hong, Lan Kwai Fong Group, U.S ., U.S, Sports, Tourism Bureau, HK, Pacific Institute of Business, Chinese University of Hong, Shenzhen Locations: Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Hong, Japan, Asia, Chinese University of Hong Kong
83% of survey respondents in Finland report to be "thriving," according to Gallup's 2024 State of the Global Workplace report. Those who are thriving report "significantly fewer health problems and less worry, stress, sadness, loneliness, depression and anger. Here are the 10 countries with the highest proportion of people who say they are thriving, according to Gallup's study. Notably, half of employees who are engaged at work are thriving in life overall," according to the report. Additionally, "when managers are engaged, employees are more likely to be engaged," according to the study.
Organizations: Gallup, U.S, Labour, CNBC Locations: Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, Sweden, Israel, Norway, Costa Rica, Belgium, Australia, Europe, United States, East, North Africa, Asia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, China, Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Mongolia
When the sun sets in Hong Kong, the sprawling urban metropolis transitions from work to play. Arguably the world's best "bizcation" destination, Hong Kong offers endless activities once business travelers close their laptops for the day. Hong Kong Tourism BoardTo add a bit of mystery into your bizcation, consider exploring Hong Kong's speakeasies. Hong Kong Tourism BoardBut that's not the only attraction lighting up Hong Kong. A memorable bizcation requires a unique blend of work and play — and Hong Kong is the perfect destination to make it happen.
Persons: Hong, Chef Danny Yip, Vicky Cheng, it's, Chai, Noodle, speakeasies, that's, Luna Organizations: Network, Hong Kong's, Argo, Hong Kong Tourism Board, former Marine Police Headquarters, Hong Kong Tourism Board Hong, Insider Studios Locations: Hong Kong, there's, Hong, Wing, Victoria, Clearwater Bay, Tai Hang
Hong Kong is known as a global center of trade and finance, but the city has much more to offer. Here are some must-do daytime experiences to check out between meetings and conferences, transforming your time in Hong Kong from "work trip" to an enriching "bizcation." Sample daytime bizcation itinerary Grab a plastic stool at Shui Kee Coffee to try some of the city's best French toast and Hong Kong milk tea. Find inspiration in Hong Kong's colorful art sceneThere are dozens of museums sprinkled around Hong Kong, but M+ is arguably its most impressive. Hong Kong Tourism BoardIf you're looking for a quiet escape, hop on a ferry to Cheung Chau, a much-loved getaway for Hong Kongers.
Persons: Shui Kee Coffee, Qing, it's, It's, Yau Ma, HKwalls, Ling Lane, Chan Lane, Chung, you've, Wong Tai, Nan Lian Garden, Tai, Hing, Get, Cheung Chau, Hong Kongers, Yang Organizations: Shui, Kowloon Cultural, Hong, Hong Kong Palace Museum, . Hong Kong Tourism Board, Art, Hollywood, Lin, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Hing Kee, Michelin, Rosewood Hong, Insider Studios Locations: Hong Kong, Shui Kee, Kowloon, Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong Palace, Jordan, . Hong Kong, Sai Ying, Wong Tai Sin, Mo, Sheung Wan, Tai Sin, Hing Kee Shanghai, Cheung
"Sales" is the most common search term by recruiters in India on hiring and matching platform, Indeed. "Sales" is the most commonly searched term by employers in India, making up 10% of all resume searches on the platform in 2023, according to research by Indeed. Here are the other common search terms by employers in India in 2023, according to Indeed. "Telecalling is also a relatively cost-effective way to reach customers, particularly in a market like India, making it an attractive option for businesses." Additionally, India has been making a big push for electric vehicles, which is creating a new wave of demand for mechanics, according to Kumar.
Persons: Callam Pickering, APAC, haven't, it's, Pickering, Sashi Kumar, Kumar Organizations: CNBC, India Locations: India, Singapore, Australia, Canada, U.S
Nir Eyal is the author of "Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life." People tend to blame external factors for their bad habits, but the truth is that the root cause is usually internal. "It's an emotion regulation problem," says Nir Eyal, behavioral design expert and best-selling author of "Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life." The average in Thailand was 5.64 hours of screen time, and 4.77 hours in India, according to the same dataset. Ultimately, in order to cut out bad habits associated with distraction, people need to learn how to regulate their emotions and master their internal triggers.
Persons: Nir Eyal, Eyal Organizations: Netflix, Harmony Healthcare, CNBC Locations: Asia, Indonesia, Thailand, India
Mike Novogratz's firm has tokenized an 18th-century violin as collateral against a loan, Galaxy said in a press release. Tokenizing the instrument is a way to boost liquidity, and make it more available to interested investors. AdvertisementThe crypto-focused firm Galaxy Digital has tokenized an 18th-century violin, creating a blockchain version of the instrument to use as collateral for a multimillion loan, Bloomberg reported. It is now in the care of Galaxy, which provided Siu a loan, and is using the violin to back it. He added that he is open to eventually fractionalizing the tokenized instrument, allowing investors to purchase a claim.
Persons: Mike Novogratz's, Galaxy, Yat Siu, , Catherine the Great, Siu, Michael Novogratz Organizations: Animoca Brands, Service, Galaxy, Bloomberg
Carol Tan, Rakcent Wong and their son, Atlas, have traveled across 23 countries and counting since the start of 2024. Carol Tan, 36, and Rakcent Wong, 35, often received that age-old advice before having their son, Atlas — but they were determined to prove the naysayers wrong. The Singaporean family took a sabbatical from work to "worldschool" their 4-year-old child and has traveled from Switzerland to Denmark to Nepal, across 23 countries since the start of the year. "We realized [that] after every trip, we always gained something — there's some kind of growth and transformation that we experience, just both on a personal level and as a couple," Wong said. By January 2024, Tan and Wong began their work sabbaticals, took Atlas out of school and the family traveled to their first destination — Greece.
Persons: Carol Tan, Rakcent Wong, Atlas, Tan, Wong, Rakcent Wong Tan, Rakcent Wong Atlas, It's Organizations: CNBC Locations: Switzerland, Denmark, Nepal, Southeast Asia, Iceland, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Greece, Montenegro
Bangkok, Thailand has seen an 18.1% growth in residential rental prices on a year-on-year basis, according to JLL. Alexander Spatari | Moment | Getty ImagesSingapore and Hong Kong are generally considered Asia's more vibrant real estate markets. But some up-and-coming cities are giving these traditional hubs a run for their money, with some even beating them on rental yields. The following four cities have led the recovery in rental growth in Asia so far this year:Bangkok, ThailandResidential rental growth in Q1 2024 (y/y): +18.1% Average price to rent: THB 8,292 (about $226) per square meter annually "Rental demand has been surging in Bangkok," Allan said. This rental growth has been influenced by the stronger rent prices recorded in new high-quality offerings in the city, according to the report.
Persons: JLL, Alexander Spatari, Hong Kong, Roddy Allan, Allan, Ho Organizations: Getty Images, realty, Pacific Chief, CNBC Locations: Bangkok, Thailand, Getty Images Singapore, Hong Kong, Hong, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Manila, Asia, Pacific, expats, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines
Ahead of their big day, Ambani and Merchant threw a lavish three-day pre-nuptial bash in March. "The three biggest moments, culturally, for India are Bollywood, cricket and weddings," Mehak Sagar, co-founder of WedMeGood, told CNBC Make It. The Indian wedding industry is estimated to have brought in about 4.74 trillion rupees (about $56 billion) during the 2023 wedding season, thus making it a "trillion-dollar enterprise," according to the 2024 Wedding Industry Report by WedMeGood, a wedding planner platform. "Given that it is the fourth largest industry in India — the Indian wedding industry touches maybe 16 to 20 [other] industries," Sagar said. Lavish Indian weddings are no stranger to Tina Tharwani.
Persons: Anant Ambani, Mukesh Ambani, Radhika Merchant, Ambani, Merchant, Bill Gates, Rihanna, Ivanka Trump, Mehak Sagar, WedMeGood, Sagar, Tina Tharwani, Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma, Virat, Shaadi Organizations: Microsoft, CNBC, Shaadi Locations: India, Silicon Valley, Mumbai
Within the span of seven years, Kopi Kenangan went from a local Indonesian coffee stall to a venture-backed unicorn coffee company. "Instead of focusing on the sofa, or fast Wi-Fi, we're going to focus on a good, high quality cup of coffee," Tirtanata said. This decision helped Kopi Kenangan scale to over 200 locations and 10 cities within the first two years of operations. Taking a data-driven hyperlocal approach means that a Kopi Kenangan latte in Singapore will taste different from a latte in Indonesia. This helped Kopi Kenangan more than triple its store count during the pandemic.
Persons: Edward Tirtanata, Dunkin, Kopi Kenangan, Tirtanata, it's, Carroll, James Prananto, Kopi, Kenangan, Prananto Organizations: CNBC, Entrepreneur, Northeastern University, Lewis Locations: Indonesian, Southeast Asia, Jakarta, Boston, Indonesia, U.S, Singapore
And recognizing that very notion is what makes Indonesian coffee chain Kopi Kenangan different from many of its competitors. Which is why this cup of Kopi Kenangan coffee here in Singapore may taste different from a cup in Indonesia. Edward Tirtanata: Before I started Kopi Kenangan, I started this tea chain called Lewis and Carroll. And that is why our first menu is called Kopi Kenangan Mantan, which directly translates into, memory of my ex-girlfriend coffee. Ernestine Siu: In 2019, Kopi Kenangan received its first outside investment of $8 million from venture capital firm Alpha JWC Ventures.
Persons: Edward Tirtanata, Ernestine Siu, It's, Serena Williams, Jay, Eduardo Savrin's, Edward, Kopi Kenangan, Carroll, James Prananto, James, Little, Kopi, creamer Organizations: Alpha JWC Ventures, Northeastern University, Starbucks, Entrepreneurship, Toyota Locations: Jakarta, Singapore, New York, Indonesia, Vietnam, Southeast Asia, Boston, United States, Kopi, Bandung, U.S, Indonesian
55% of leaders say they're concered about having enough talent to fill roles in the year ahead as AI skills become more relevant than ever before, new study finds. 71% [of leaders] say they'd rather hire a less experienced candidate with AI skills than a more experienced candidate without them. As a result, employees around the world are taking matters into their own hands, learning to use AI tools on their own. "You should not be using your company data or any of your own personal data [when using free online AI tools]." Part of upskilling on AI tools is learning how to do so safely and effectively.
Persons: Laurence Liew, they'd, ChatGPT, Liew, Microsoft's Organizations: AI Singapore, Microsoft, Singapore Locations: Singapore
Halfpoint Images | Moment | Getty ImagesA global mental health crisis is on the horizon — dementia. While a healthy body can mitigate dementia risks, a healthy mind is no less important. "We do know [that] people who have cumulative mental health symptoms during their lifetime, actually [have] an increased risk of dementia," said Singham. "If we see symptomatic improvement [to one's mental health] throughout the life course, then that can decrease your chances of having dementia eventually." "The other thing I would encourage young people to do is have a very disciplined, good sleep hygiene because our brains really really need to rest," Ng said.
Persons: Timothy Singham, Singham, Ng Ai Ling, " Ng Organizations: World Health Organization, WHO, National University of Singapore, CNBC, Community Services
Here's the median price to rent a 1-bedroom across 10 cities in Asia. Renting a place is a big financial decision, especially when choosing to live in a major city where price tags are particularly hefty. The general rule of thumb is to spend no more than approximately 30% of your pre-tax income on rent, according to financial experts. Based on data gathered in April from various government websites and large real estate marketplaces in each country, researchers at the Global Property Guide compiled a list of median rental prices across several major cities in Asia. The numbers listed below are based on the median buying price per square meter and the median monthly rental price for a 1-bedroom apartment in the most expensive region within each respective city:
Organizations: Global Locations: Asia
Globally mobile employees often have... a mental and physical feeling of being healthy, capable, and energetic – and a strong sense of meaning and purpose. So why do globally mobile individuals score higher on vitality despite reporting higher stress and burnout levels compared to local counterparts? Globally mobile employees emerge as a highly valuable and resilient segment of the workforce. Despite facing unique stressors associated with their situation, they exhibit distinct skills and a high level of motivation, resulting in higher vitality. 2024 Cigna Healthcare Vitality Study
Persons: Ernestine Siu It's, Wendy Sherry, Sherry Organizations: Healthcare, Global Health, International Health, Cigna, Cigna Healthcare, Financial Locations: United States, Singapore, U.S, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Kenya, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, China, Hong Kong, Asia, Middle East, Africa, UAE, Europe
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