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Mario Anzuoni | ReutersOff-price retailers like TJX Companies and Ross are still posting sales gains and taking market share from rivals, but it's not just because consumers are under pressure and hunting for value. TJX and Ross both reported fiscal first quarter earnings last week that came in better than Wall Street expected, even as both companies lapped outsize growth from the prior-year period. Ross, which runs Ross Dress for Less and dd's Discounts, posted an 8% jump in sales, bringing revenue to $4.86 billion, compared to estimates of $4.83 billion, according to LSEG. "That's because they're providing consistent value to the consumer – and that's branded consistent value to the consumer at a discount price," said Roach. The dynamic is a bit different at Ross, which has more exposure to the lower- and middle-income consumer than TJX does and competes more on price, said Siegel.
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Getting Started With Savings
  + stars: | 2024-05-17 | by ( Tara Siegel Bernard | )   time to read: +1 min
Financial Boot Camp for 20-Somethings: Day 5 of 5It’s time to get your money in order. When you’re in your 20s, retirement seems so abstract, it might as well be thousands of years away. Getting started early for retirement is smart for the same reasons you may want to put it off: Time is on your side. If you set aside what you can now, the magic of compounding numbers — when you begin to earn interest on interest — can do more of the heavy lifting over time. In other words, saving early may result in having to save less over the long haul, which will take some pressure off as you’re juggling other demands that inevitably arise.
They can now add AI recruiting systems to that pile. It turns hiring into a depersonalized process, it inundates hiring managers, and it reinforces weaknesses in the system it's designed to improve. AI is supposed to fix this mess, saving companies time and money by outsourcing even more of the hiring process to machine-learning algorithms. Platforms like LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter have started using generative AI to offer candidates personalized job recommendations and let recruiters generate listings in seconds. Several seasoned recruiters told me they hadn't incorporated AI into their workflow beyond auto-generating job descriptions and summarizing candidate calls.
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Peloton isn't going under imminently, but let's be real here: No fitness fad lasts forever. While there was a lot that went wrong, the long and short of it is that Peloton failed to read the room on its pandemic popularity. "It's not that Peloton isn't a good business model; it's that it simply isn't a mass product but more of a niche, luxe one," she said. Investors have soured on the company, and Peloton's once $50 billion market cap has fallen to under $2 billion. It also has to contend with the gym, which has all sorts of classes and fitness equipment that let people mix things up, including, in many cases, Pelotons or other connected-fitness devices.
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Meeting Yourself Where You’re At
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If you’re already in the work force, we have you covered. But no matter what situation you’re in, here’s the most important piece of advice: Ask for help. You’re not alone in your confusion, and there is no shame in raising your hand and asking a question (or 20). If You’re Already WorkingYour salary is your salary, at least for now. This will make it easier to ask for a raise, something my colleague, Tara Siegel Bernard, has written about in the past.
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Home prices were already high when Ellen Harper, a software architect living in Atlanta, started searching for a house in 2021. But she couldn’t have anticipated the quick surge in interest rates the following year and, even with a large down payment, the new math made her uneasy. It’s an amount she’ll be able to comfortably afford into retirement thanks, in large part, to a 2.49 percent mortgage rate. That’s less than half the current rate of 7.09 percent on 30-year-fixed loans, the most popular type of mortgage. She found her home through Roam, a start-up that went live in September that lists homes with assumable low-rate loans, and assists buyers through the process.
Persons: Ellen Harper, Harper, Ms, Locations: Atlanta, Fairburn
It’s graduation season, which is a good time for people in their early 20s to start thinking about how to get a better handle on their finances. How do you balance paying off student debt with saving for the future? What’s the best way to create a proper budget? Very few people have their finances perfectly in order while figuring out their lives and careers in their 20s. We’ve put together a five-day financial boot camp for people in their 20s to get them thinking about jobs, budgeting, saving and tackling debt.
Persons: We’ve, Ron Lieber, Tara Siegel Bernard, Mike Dang
The Fed likely won't cut interest rates until after a recession arrives, according to GlobalData TS Lombard. The research firm said Fed Chair Powell is likely to fall into the trap of being reactionary when it comes to rate decisions. AdvertisementThe Federal Reserve is making a big mistake by not cutting interest rates right now, according to GlobalData TS Lombard chief US economist Steven Blitz. And if inflation sees a sharp rebound to 5%, "they obviously hike" interest rates, Blitz said. AdvertisementAll-in, according to Blitz, it means that interest rates could stay at current levels for longer-than-expected, especially since it appears there will be no recession this year.
Persons: Powell, Steven Blitz, Jerome Powell, Blitz, Jeremy Siegel Organizations: Fed, GlobalData, Lombard, Federal Reserve
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailThere are 'very favorable signs' inflation will come down, says Wharton's Jeremy SiegelJeremy Siegel, professor emeritus of finance at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and Wisdom Tree chief economist, joins 'Squawk Box' to discuss the latest market trends, the Fed's inflation fight, Fed Chair Powell's commentary, interest rate outlook, and more.
Persons: Wharton's Jeremy Siegel Jeremy Siegel Organizations: University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business
In this videoShare Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailPeloton is losing money because it keeps reinvesting in growth, says BMO's Simeon SiegelSimeon Siegel, BMO Capital Markets, joins 'Fast Money' to talk Peloton shares sinking after CEO departure and layoffs.
Persons: BMO's Simeon Siegel Simeon Siegel Organizations: BMO Capital Markets
American households who have been hoping interest rates would soon decline may have to wait a bit longer. The Federal Reserve is expected to keep its benchmark interest rate unchanged on Wednesday. But yet another report of persistent inflation may ultimately cause the policy-making body to keep rates elevated for longer than it had previously expected. For people with money stashed away in higher-yielding savings accounts, a continuation of elevated rates translates into more interest earnings. But for people saddled with high cost credit card debt, or aspiring homeowners who have been sidelined by higher interest rates, a lower-rate environment can’t come soon enough.
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Mr. Trump is charged with 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in an effort to conceal the payment. Mr. Trump has pleaded not guilty and denied that he had sex with Ms. Daniels. The week also brought more accusations that Mr. Trump had violated a gag order prohibiting him from attacking witnesses, prosecutors and jurors. Credit... Jefferson Siegel for The New York TimesBut Mr. Trump’s lawyer Todd Blanche said his client’s actions were “run-of-the-mill” business. Mr. Trump will use the midweek break to campaign in Wisconsin and Michigan, two battleground states in this year’s election.
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CNN —Hamas on Saturday published a video of two hostages, American-Israeli Keith Siegel and Israeli Omri Miran. In the video, Siegel, who appears to be speaking under duress, pleads for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to negotiate a hostage release deal with Hamas. This is the first video released of Siegel since he was kidnapped by Hamas alongside his wife from their home in Kibbutz Kfar Aza on October 7. Former Hamas hostage Aviva Siegel wears a T-shirt showing a her husband Keith during her visit to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on February 28, 2024. Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty ImagesThis is the second hostage video released by Hamas in recent days.
Persons: Keith Siegel, Omri Miran, Siegel, Benjamin Netanyahu, Miran, , Aviva Siegel, Keith, Fabrice Coffrini, Hersh Goldberg, Polin, Goldberg, “ Keith, , Ilan, Israel Organizations: CNN, Hamas, Minister’s, UN Human Rights, Nova, Hostages Families, Aviva, Independence Locations: Kfar Aza, Israeli, Geneva, AFP, Israel, Egypt, Gaza
Canceling Life Insurance
  + stars: | 2024-04-26 | by ( Ronda Lee | Alani Asis | Paul Kim | )   time to read: +11 min
How to cancel your life insurance policyCanceling a term life insurance policyThere are several ways to cancel a term life insurance policy. Alternatives to life insurance cancelationcanceling your life insurance policy isn't ideal if you have dependents who rely on your income for financial support. If you have a whole life insurance policy, look into reduced paid-up life insurance. Life insurance settlementIf you don't have a terminal diagnosis and you want to sell your term life insurance policy, you can apply for a life insurance settlement with a third-party provider instead of canceling your policy. Canceling life insurance FAQsWill I get any money back if I cancel my life insurance policy?
Persons: Lucas Siegel, Siegel, wouldn't, policyholders, you've Organizations: Internal Revenue Service
But many people don’t realize that the rules financial professionals must follow vary, depending on where they work and what products they’re selling. One of those federal regulations, which governs retirement plans, was just tightened: The Biden administration announced new rules on Tuesday that will require more financial professionals to adhere to the highest standards when providing financial advice about your retirement money. The goal is to minimize conflicts of interest, or at least ensure that they aren’t influencing investment professionals’ advice that lines their pockets at the customers’ expense. The changes, issued by the Department of Labor, which oversees retirement plans, close loopholes that made it easier for many investment professionals to avoid fiduciary status — including, for example, when workers roll over their savings from a 401(k) plan to an individual retirement account. Those transactions, which totaled nearly $800 billion in 2022, weren’t always covered by these investor protections, even though these sums often amount to a person’s life savings.
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Dan Braido, Audley Wilson and Andy Siegel are the co-founders of RoboBurger, which makes vending machines that dispense customized burgers — a concept they call "the future of fast food." Yet by the end of the episode, O'Leary teamed up with a guest judge, Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin, to offer the RoboBurger founders $1.5 million. Seeking $1.5 million despite no profitsThe trio of founders brought a vending machine for the judges to try. RoboBurger's vending machine on display on the set of ABC's "Shark Tank." At the time of filming, RoboBurger had been in "beta testing" for 18 months, with more than 12,000 burgers sold, the founders said.
Persons: Dan Braido, Audley Wilson, Andy Siegel, Kevin O'Leary, O'Leary, Michael Rubin, Rubin, Cuban, Christopher Willard, hadn't, Siegel, RoboBurger didn't, RoboBurger, Wilson Organizations: RoboBurger, Disney, Sharks Locations: Jersey City , New Jersey
But a few unusual ones linger for people all over who want to explore every option. What does the law say about what you can and can’t do with your embryos? And if you donate them — say, to a university for research — can you take a tax deduction? It is not clear how many human embryos sit in storage across the United States, but plenty of people who put them there worry about losing control over them. Selling embryos seems outlandish, though it may not violate federal law.
Persons: Tara Siegel Bernard, I, Organizations: Alabama, Transplant Locations: United States, Alabama
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailWharton's Jeremy Siegel: Still see gains ahead in the market this summerJeremy Siegel, a Wharton School professor of finance, joins 'Squawk on the Street' to discuss whether recent equity performance is warranted, how Fed voters would explain the gap between PCE and CPI data, and more.
Persons: Jeremy Siegel Organizations: Wharton School
When President Biden announced his plan to provide student debt relief for 43 million borrowers nearly two years ago, there was a piece to his program that attracted less attention: a new student loan repayment program that would cut monthly payments in half for millions. The repayment program, called SAVE, was meant to become a permanent fixture of the federal student loan system, offering a more affordable path to repayment, particularly for lower-income borrowers. But two groups of Republican-led states have filed separate lawsuits to block the SAVE program — including many of the states that challenged Mr. Biden’s $400 billion debt cancellation plan, which was struck down by the Supreme Court last year. Missouri, along with six other states, filed suit on Tuesday in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri, seeking to upend the program. Both suits argue that the administration has again exceeded its authority, and the repayment plan is just another backhanded attempt to wipe debts clean.
Persons: Biden, Biden’s Organizations: Republican, Eastern, of Locations: Missouri, U.S, of Missouri, Kansas
Nvidia is increasing employee compensation with a stock grant named after CEO Jensen Huang. The "Jensen special grant" awards an additional 25% of the initial stock grant given to employees. The one-off grant is an extra 25% of the initial amount of stock units given to employees when they joined. The grant is in addition to any annual equity refreshers employees get each quarter that are based on individual performance. One person suggested the special Jensen grant is being handed out to ensure employees still benefit even if the share price falls back in the coming years.
Persons: Jensen Huang, Jensen, , Jensen Huang —, Huang, Jeremy Siegel Organizations: Nvidia, Service, Bloomberg, Microsoft, Apple
Editor’s note: Follow along with CNN’s live updates of the total solar eclipse. Special eclipse momentsWhile totality is considered to be the most exciting part of a total solar eclipse, there are other special phases to watch for before the big moment arrives. Amateur astronomers prepare to watch a total solar eclipse in Mazatlan, Mexico, on Monday. After the total solar eclipse ends, it’s a bit of a wait for the next such celestial sightings in the United States. Those living in Alaska will catch a glimpse of a total solar eclipse on March 30, 2033, and a partial solar eclipse will shine over most of the US during that event.
Persons: Ron Jenkins, Karen Siegel, ” Siegel, Michael Zeiler, Heinz, Peter Bader, Pons, Brooks, Fernando Llano, it’s, Don’t Organizations: CNN, NASA, Indianapolis, GPS, Reuters, JPL, Caltech, Amateur Locations: United States, North America, Texas, Maine, Kerrville , Texas, Cleveland, Newfoundland, Canada, Mazatlan, Coast, Fort Worth , Texas, Texas , Oklahoma , Arkansas , Missouri , Illinois , Kentucky , Indiana , Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York , Vermont , New Hampshire, Vermont, Missouri, Indiana, Lincoln , New Hampshire, Newton , Massachusetts, Barton , Vermont, Mexico, Alaska, North Dakota, Montana, California , Nevada , Utah , Colorado , Kansas , Oklahoma , Arkansas , Mississippi, Alabama, Florida
Women's college basketball popularity is up, but their revenue still lags behind the men's teams. AdvertisementMany women's college basketball teams are setting records for attendance and could see a subsequent revenue boost from ticket, merchandise, and concession sales. Meanwhile, the NCAA sold the television rights to the men's basketball championship separately from the other sports. The deal for men's college basketball is worth more than $1.1 billion annually and also goes through 2032. AdvertisementThose watching for the disparity in revenue between the women's and men's college basketball teams to narrow may have to be patient.
Persons: , University of Iowa's Caitlin Clark, Angel Reese, JuJu Watkins, University of Connecticut's Paige Bueckers, Nielsen, What's, Darron Cummings, Bruce B, Siegel, Greenspoon Marder, Caitlin Clarks, Reeses, Paige Bueckers, Steph Chambers Organizations: Service, NCAA Division, US Department of Education, NCAA, University of Connecticut, North, North Carolina State, South Carolina State University, North Carolina State University, University of Alabama, Purdue University —, Carolina State University —, University of South, University of South Carolina —, of Connecticut, Iowa State, University of Iowa's, University of Southern, University of, LSU, ESPN, North Carolina State's, Duke, Elite, LSU's, Iowa Hawkeyes, AP, Impact, Vanderbilt University, Hawkeyes, Associated Press Locations: North Carolina, South, University of South Carolina, Louisiana, North
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailSmall-cap, mid-cap and value stocks look discounted even without rate cuts, says Wharton's SiegelJeremy Siegel, Wharton School finance professor, and Bryn Talkington, managing partner of Requisite Capital Management, join CNBC's 'Closing Bell' to discuss market outlooks, potential rate cuts, and more.
Persons: Wharton's Siegel Jeremy Siegel, Bryn Talkington, CNBC's Organizations: Wharton School, Management
CNN —A 1938 comic featuring Superman’s first appearance sold for $6 million at auction on Thursday, becoming the most expensive comic ever, according to Heritage Auctions, which handled the sale. And despite its age, this comic was still in very good condition, with rich colors and a little wear at the top. Only two other unrestored copies exist in better condition, Heritage Auctions said, and only 100 in total are estimated to survive out of the 200,000 originally printed. The comic was in remarkably good condition for its age. Other copies have also sold for record-breaking prices, including one in 2021 that went for $3.25 million and became the most expensive ever comic at the time.
Persons: Barry Sandoval, Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, Lois Lane, Organizations: CNN, Heritage, Heritage Auctions, CGC Comics
A newspaper columnist was accused of being “deceitful.” A lawyer and political activist was challenged to show her face at the funeral of a fallen officer. And a city councilwoman became the target of an apparent “vote her out” campaign. The combative comments — all posted on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter — were nothing new for a site that has become synonymous with personal attacks and insults. What was unusual was the source: executives from the New York Police Department. “The defund crowd who will cry ‘boo hoo’ to 9-1-1 when they need us,” John Chell, the chief of patrol, wrote on X on March 31, complaining about a critical column written by Harry Siegel of The Daily News.
Persons: , councilwoman, ” John Chell, Harry Siegel, Eric Adams, Organizations: Twitter, New York Police Department, The Daily News, Police Department
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