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Hong Kong CNN —With Hong Kong’s sky-high cost of living, residents like Andy Tsui have been looking for alternative ways to have more fun and spend less. Rather than spending his cash in his hometown of Hong Kong, he’s been crossing the border into mainland China to splurge instead. Such trips are noteworthy because, for much of Hong Kong’s modern history, the traffic has been largely — conspicuously, even — in the other direction. Hong Kong used to be the place where Chinese would escape to, not from. In 2023, just 26 million mainlanders — about half of the 2018 crowd — visited Hong Kong.
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The House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party sent a letter on Saturday to Elon Musk demanding that U.S. troops stationed in Taiwan get access to SpaceX's Starshield, a satellite communication network designed specifically for the military. The letter, obtained by CNBC and first reported by Forbes, claimed that by not making Starshield available to U.S. military forces in Taiwan, SpaceX could violate its Pentagon contract, which requires "global access" to Starshield technology. The letter requests that Musk provide the House committee with a briefing on its Taiwan operations by March 8. Taiwan has been governing itself independently of China since the island split from the mainland during the 1949 civil war. "I think I've got a pretty good understanding as an outsider of China," Musk said on the All-In Podcast.
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CNN —US officials have been scouring a trove of newly leaked documents from a Chinese tech firm for clues on how the government in Beijing allegedly uses the company in extensive hacking campaigns, multiple US cybersecurity officials familiar with the matter told CNN. The documents, posted anonymously online last weekend for anyone to access, include screenshots of chat logs, as well as records of employees and Chinese government clients of the tech firm I-Soon. “This is some of the best visibility we’ve had into Chinese hacking operations outside of a government SCIF,” said Adam Kozy, who used to track Chinese hackers for the FBI, using an acronym for classified facilities. In a leaked marketing presentation, I-Soon touted its participation in an unspecified hacking project for China’s Ministry of Public Security in 2018. The project “achieved significant results” and received “recognition and praise” from Chinese officials, according to a presentation slide.
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AdvertisementThe think-tank said it calculated child-raising costs in China using 2023 data from the National Bureau of Statistics. AdvertisementIn total, raising a child until they are 18 costs Chinese families an average of 538,312 yuan, or about $73,000, Yuwa said. Middle-income families in the US are projected to spend $233,610 raising a child until they are 18, per the USDA. AdvertisementNotably, the average cost of raising a child in China fell slightly compared to Yuwa's 2022 report on the same topic. The think-tank said data from 2019 showed that the average cost was $76,000, or about seven times the country's GDP per capita at the time.
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The files also revealed a campaign to monitor closely the activities of ethnic minorities in China and online gambling companies. The files included records of apparent correspondence between employees as well as lists of targets and materials that showed off cyberattack tools. The documents came from I-Soon, a Shanghai company with offices in Chengdu. Three cybersecurity experts interviewed by The Times said the documents appeared to be authentic. Taken together, the leaked files offered a look inside the secretive world of China’s state-backed hackers for hire.
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An executive order to be signed by President Biden will bolster maritime cybersecurity by making sure all critical port infrastructure that is owned and operated adheres to international and industry recognized safety regulations. The Biden official said that the new Supply Chain Resilience Center, announced last November, will be included in efforts to enhance port security. In addition to the new rules and regulations, $20 billion will be used to strengthen U.S. port infrastructure through the Investing in America Agenda. These cranes have been a focus of debate among national security experts and port officials in recent years. Over the long term, senior Biden administration officials said they would like to invest in the onshoring of port crane manufacturing.
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Starbucks has launched a pork-flavored coffee in China. The Seattle-based coffee giant recently rolled out a pork-flavored latte in China for the Chinese New Year season that started on February 10. The pork-flavored coffee has gone viral on Chinese social media — mostly because people were wondering if it's for real. The Starbucks beverage is far more expensive than rival Luckin Coffee, which can cost as little as $1.40 thanks to aggressive discounts. Sales of Luckin Coffee overtook Starbucks in China in the second quarter of last year.
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China is tightening regulatory restrictions on its rapidly booming quant trading industry, after freezing the accounts of a major player in the sector for three days in a rare crackdown. The stock exchanges of key financial hubs Shanghai and Shenzhen issued notices late Tuesday announcing they will deepen their scrutiny of market trades conducted by quant funds — which use advanced computer-driven automated analysis and algorithms to catch opportunities in stocks and commodities — especially of leveraged quantitative products, according to separate Google-translated statements. The bourses will strengthen and expand the scope of reporting of such trades and improve the monitoring standards for "abnormal" transactions. The Shenzhen stock exchange also noted that "quantitative trading, especially high-frequency trading, has obvious technical, information and speed advantages over small and medium-sized investors." The announcements come after both exchanges implemented a three-day trading ban on one of China's largest quant funds, Lingjun Investment, which the Shanghai bourse accused of "affecting the security of the Exchange's system or normal trading order" with a flurry of transactions executed between 09:30 a.m. and 09:31 a.m. local time, according to a Google-translated statement.
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Hong Kong CNN —Chinese companies are doing something rarely seen since the 1970s: setting up their own volunteer armies. According to China’s Military Service Law, male militia members should be 18 to 35 years old. It was latest in a slew of militias established by major Chinese companies in the past year. After 1949, when the party took control of mainland China, the units were eventually embedded into governments, schools and companies. This can, in the long run, save the PLA resources by delegating some duties to militia forces to care for,” Heath said.
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Hong Kong CNN —Who doesn’t like a little braised pork with their coffee? Starbucks (SBUX) is betting on that unusual combination with a new drink released in China to mark the Lunar New Year. The drink combines Dongpo Braised Pork Flavor Sauce with espresso and steamed milk, with extra pork sauce and pork breast meat for garnish, according to the Starbucks delivery app. And while the foods served at New Year feasts vary by region, braised pork makes a frequent appearance. The Starbucks pork latte has quickly gained traction on Chinese social media, with the topic viewed more than 476,000 times on Weibo by the time of publishing.
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Hong Kong CNN —China’s central bank has cut its key mortgage reference rate by a record amount, as it ramps up efforts to stem a prolonged property crisis. The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) announced Tuesday that it would cut its five-year loan prime rate (LPR) from 4.2% to 3.95%, while keeping the one-year LPR unchanged at 3.45%. The 25 basis point cut to the five-year LPR is the biggest reduction the central bank has made since it revamped its LPR system in 2019. The latest cut was also the first reduction to the five-year LPR since June 2023. “Today’s 25 (basis point) cut to the five-year LPR is clearly aimed at supporting the housing market,” analysts from Capital Economics said in a note on Tuesday.
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Costfoto | Nurphoto | Getty ImagesChinese tech giant Alibaba Group is betting on its overseas businesses while domestic consumption growth remains sluggish. James Dong, CEO of Southeast Asian e-commerce giant Lazada Group, was named as Daraz's acting CEO. Dong took over as Lazada Group CEO from Chun Li in June 2022, after running the company's Thailand and Vietnam operations. Intense competitionThe e-commerce business that once propelled Alibaba to success has run into challenges with upstart competitors such as PDD, while consumption growth in China remains sluggish. Alibaba posted 9% year-on-year revenue growth in the third quarter to about $31 billion.
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VCG | Visual China Group | Getty ImagesXpeng plans to hire 4,000 new people and invest in artificial intelligence technology, according to the company's CEO, who warned of intense competition in the electric vehicle space which could end in a "bloodbath." Xpeng has a driver assistance system called Xpilot which allows its cars to carry out some functions semi-autonomously. The CEO also said Xpeng intends to launch around 30 new or upgraded cars over the next three years. This year, the firm will launch its first models in the price segment of over 300,000 yuan and at 150,000 yuan. Xpeng, like other electric carmakers, has been battling in a price war in China which was sparked by Tesla.
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BANGKOK (AP) — Shares were mostly higher in Asia after Chinese markets reopened Monday from a long Lunar New Year holiday. Markets will be closed Monday in the United States for President's Day. Elsewhere in Asia, Australia's S&P/ASX 200 edged 0.1% higher to 7,665.10 and the Kospi in Seoul picked up 1.2%, to 2,680.26. It also discouraged bets that a Fed move to relax conditions on the economy and financial markets could come even in May. Higher rates and yields make borrowing more expensive, slowing the economy and hurting prices for investments.
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But according to CNN calculations based on official data, the average tourism-related spending per trip was below pre-pandemic levels, as consumer confidence remains weak amid deflationary pressure. However, the most recent holiday season took place over eight days from February 10 to February 18, which was one day more than previous periods. On average, 59.25 million domestic trips per day were made during this holiday period, slightly lower than the 59.29 million trips per day taken in 2019. Movie ticket sales reached a record 8 billion yuan ($1.11 billion) during the eight-day holiday season, according to data released on Sunday by China Film Administration. “The headwinds to growth remain severe and it will take more than a bump in holiday travel for market sentiment to recover,” said Neumann.
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Volkswagen Group is reviewing the future of its joint venture in the Xinjiang region of northwestern China and another German industrial giant is starting to sell its stakes there following new international scrutiny of forced labor using predominantly Muslim ethnic groups. Volkswagen said last week that it was in discussions with one of its main joint venture partners in China, the state-owned Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, in the wake of allegations of human rights violations at their joint venture in Xinjiang. The companies are examining “the future direction of the J.V.’s business activities in Xinjiang,” VW said, adding that “various scenarios are currently being examined intensively.”BASF of Germany, the world’s largest chemical company, disclosed on Feb. 9 that it began moving late last year to divest its stakes in two manufacturing joint ventures in Xinjiang.
Persons: VW Organizations: Volkswagen, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, BASF Locations: Xinjiang, China, Germany
BEIJING (Reuters) - There are no off limits or restricted areas for fishing around a group of Taiwanese islands close to China's coast and Beijing reserves the right to take further measures after two Chinese nationals died near the islands, the government said. Taiwan, which China claims as its own territory, has complained in recent years about Chinese fishing boats and other vessels operating in Taiwan-controlled waters, especially around the Kinmen and Matsu islands which sit a short distance from China's coast. Late on Saturday, China's Taiwan Affairs Office, which has already condemned Taipei for the incident near Kinmen's Beiding islet, said the deaths had caused "strong indignation" in China. China's Taiwan Affairs Office said the government had goodwill towards Taiwan's people, but will never tolerate Taiwan's disregard for the safety of Chinese fishermen. "The mainland reserves the right to take further measures, and Taiwan shall bear all the consequences," it added, without elaborating.
Persons: Kinmen, Taipei Mayor Chiang Wan, Xu Hao, Ben Blanchard Organizations: China's Taiwan Affairs Office, Fishermen, Taiwan Affairs Office, Taiwan Affairs Office's, Beijing Locations: BEIJING, China's, Beijing, Taiwan, China, Taipei, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Shanghai, Taipei Mayor, Taiwan Affairs Office's Shanghai
Read previewChina’s leading ride-hailing firm has dropped out of a program that allows it to test self-driving vehicles on Californian public roads. Ride-hailing giant Didi has withdrawn from California’s autonomous vehicle testing program, according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, as several rival Chinese firms also scaled back their self-driving operations in the state. Future Publishing/Getty imagesDidi is not the only Chinese company that appears to be scaling back autonomous vehicle testing in California, or pulling out entirely. That's a significant decline from the previous year, when Chinese autonomous vehicle companies conducted over 450,000 miles of testing. AdvertisementHe said that public backlash toward autonomous vehicles in cities like San Francisco had increased the risks of negative PR for companies testing the technology on public roads.
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Your next Tesla could be made by China
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Elon Musk invited the suppliers to Mexico as part of plans for cheaper Teslas, Bloomberg reported. That move could be stoking concerns among US officials and EV makers over China's influence. China has a "highly organized, highly efficient supply chain," Venkatesh Prasad, chief innovation officer at the Center for Automotive Research, told Bloomberg. AdvertisementTesla, which also makes cars in the US, and other US-based EV makers may also be feeling the heat from competitors. Mary Lovely, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, told Bloomberg.
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New York CNN —Angela Chao, CEO of the shipping company the Foremost Group and sister of former US cabinet secretary Elaine Chao, was killed in a car crash in Texas on Sunday, according to a spokesperson for her company. Angela Chao, 50, had been CEO of the shipping company since 2018, assuming the role from her father, James S.C. Chao, who had founded it in 1964. “Angela Chao was a formidable executive and shipping industry leader, as well as a proud and loving daughter, sister, aunt, wife and mother. She was also a precocious youngster, learning about the shipping industry at an early age,” said the companies’ statement. Elaine Chao is the wife of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.
Persons: Angela Chao, Elaine Chao, James S.C, Chao, Michael Lee, Smith Barney, Morgan Stanley, “ Angela Chao, , TradeWinds, “ Angela, Presisdent George W, Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell Organizations: New, New York CNN, Foremost, Harvard, American Bureau of Shipping Council, Harvard Business School’s, Dean’s Advisors, Metropolitan Opera, Chairman’s, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai Mulan Education, Asian American Foundation, Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders Locations: New York, Texas, Austin , Texas, Los Angeles, Shanghai
Angela Chao, the chief executive of a shipping company and part of a family prominent in American politics and business deals with China, died in a car crash on Sunday, in Texas. Ms. Chao had since 2018 been the chair and chief executive of the Chao family’s Foremost Group, which operates a global fleet of bulk carrier ships. Elaine Chao is married to Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Senate Republican leader. The Chao family, led by Angela and Elaine Chao’s father, James S.C. Chao, stands out because of its deep political and commercial ties in both the United States and China. He moved to the United States in 1958 and helped found the Foremost Group in 1964.
Persons: Angela Chao, Chao, Elaine Chao, Donald J, Trump, George W, Bush, Mitch McConnell of, Angela, Elaine Chao’s, James S.C, . Chao, Jiang Zemin Organizations: Republican, Nationalists Locations: China, Texas, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, United States, Taiwan, Shanghai
BMO Capital Markets increased its Costco price target to $770 per share from $700 and kept its buy-equivalent outperform rating on the stock. After last week's release of solid January sales, Costco got a slew of price target raises. COST YTD mountain COST stock price year to date. Costco shares are high in price and also expensive on a valuation basis. Costco stock caught a series of analyst price target increases following last week's strong sales report for the retail month of January.
Persons: Rich Galanti, Gary Millerchip, Galanti, Costco's, Jim Cramer's, Jim Cramer, Jim Organizations: Costco, BMO Capital Markets, BMO, Walmart, Target, Analysts, Gold, UBS, CNBC, Kroger Locations: U.S, Canada, Mexico, North America, United States, South America, China, Shanghai
Hong Kong CNN —Global stock index compiler MSCI is deleting dozens of companies from its benchmark China Index, which could further exacerbate fund outflows from Chinese equities after a massive stock market rout. The index provider announced this week that it would drop 66 securities from the MSCI China Index, one of its flagship China indexes, as part of the company’s latest quarterly review. The MSCI China Index is the compiler’s key index tracking the Chinese stock market, covering about 85% of the total market capitalization of Chinese companies listed globally. On Monday, MSCI also announced changes to its other China-related indexes, including deleting dozens of stocks from MSCI China A Onshore indexes and MSCI China All Shares indexes. Hong Kong’s stock market reopened on Wednesday after a long holiday weekend, with the benchmark Hang Seng Index up 0.9%.
Persons: MSCI, , Luca Paolini, Hong Organizations: Hong Kong CNN — Global, Investors, Greentown China Holdings, Gemdale Corp, Uni, President, China Southern Airlines, Lufax Holdings, Genomics, Midea, MGI Tech, Management Locations: China, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Fuyang, China's, Anhui, AFP, Hangzhou, President China, Beijing, Geneva, Mainland
Chinese stocks had an eventful week last week — with the benchmark Shanghai Composite Index hitting a five-year low of about 2,650 points on Feb. 5, before edging up to end the week at 2,865.90. A slide in Hong Kong-listed Chinese shares on Feb. 9, however, proved that investors may still have lingering concerns on the prospects of Chinese stocks in the new year. As the festive season gets underway, Redmond Wong, market strategist at investment firm Saxo, sees several opportunities to play the market. Boom in green transformation Beyond the traditional sectors, Saxo's Wong is watching an up-and-coming area in China: energy security and a green transformation. Data from the International Energy Agency shows that the Asian giant's clean-energy sectors contributed 11.4 trillion Chinese yuan ($1.6 trillion) to the Chinese economy in 2023, up 30% year-on-year.
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"I don't think you can treat the world's second-largest economy as either an alternative investment or un-investable, that would be wide of the mark," Bilton said. Uncertainty around monetary policy and a shrinking labor force are further causes for concern, Bilton noted. Some analysts saw this as potential dovish policy shift from the PBOC, which has appeared reluctant to take measures that could boost the struggling economy. Financial bodies including the International Monetary Fund have called for further monetary policy reforms since then. IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva told CNBC this week that China had been advised to make use of more of its available fiscal and monetary policy space.
Persons: Raul Ariano, John Bilton, CNBC's, Bilton, Kristalina Georgieva Organizations: Bloomberg, Getty, JPMorgan Asset Management, People's Bank of, International Monetary Fund, IMF, CNBC Locations: Yuyuan, Shanghai, China, People's Bank of China
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