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A wing of the Eiffel Tower has been cleared out to make way for a brand-new restaurant called Gustave 24. A fully built commercial kitchen is set to be airlifted into the Palais de Tokyo, a contemporary art museum on the Right Bank. Some 80 temporary restaurants are being set up in Paris and other locales around the country where competitions will be staged. They will serve an average of 30,000 diners a day, each offering a different menu and format. And they’ll offer visitors a chance to experience the Olympics as dinner theater.
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As recently as June 30, following rain the previous day, E. Coli levels increased to around 2000 CFU/100mL at Alexandra III Bridge. But E. Coli levels near Alexandra III Bridge still climbed to around 10000 CFU/100mL on the second day of rain. Longer term trends show there has been a “significant improvement” in water quality, according to Dan Angelescu, the company’s CEO. That’s more than three times higher than the level needed for “good” water quality, according to CNN’s calculation. In comparison, between June 24 and July 5, average E. Coli levels dropped to around 880 MPN/100mL, according to Fluidion.
Persons: CNN — Weeks, Alexandre III, ” Antoine Guillou, Mayor Anne Hidalgo, that’s, , , Emmanuel Dunand, ” Guillou, “ We’ve, Dan Angelescu, Dimitar Dilkoff, , Guillou, CNN’s Organizations: CNN, Olympic, Olympics, Paris, French, Mayor, France Inter, CFU, City, Palais, Getty, Authorities, Paris . Technology, Fluidion, Paralympic Games, Games Locations: Paris, Seine, Alexandra, City of Paris, AFP, ., Austerlitz, Alexandre, Essonne, Val, de, Marne
CNN —The mayor of Paris told French radio on Wednesday that she would swim in the city’s River Seine next week, in a bid to show its suitability for the Olympics despite ongoing cleanliness concerns. However, despite a 1.4 billion Euro (1.5 billion USD) clean-up plan, concerns remain over the river’s suitability for swimming events. Mayor Hidalgo – one of the main faces behind the organization of the Paris Olympics – had previously said she would swim in the Seine but postponed the dip following the dissolution of the National Assembly by French President Emmanuel Macron. Macron, who also said he would swim in the Seine, has yet to announce a date. The Opening Ceremony of the Paris Olympics is set to take place on the Seine on July 26 if currents are not too strong.
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Handpicked as leader by National Rally (RN) doyenne Marine Le Pen in an effort to purge the far-right party of its racist and antisemitic roots, Bardella has taken it closer to the gates of power than ever before. Whether the RN forms a government and Bardella becomes prime minister after the July 7 runoff is not clear. So, who is Bardella, and what might his party do in power? Le Pen and Bardella address a crowd of RN supporters in Paris, after Macron called a snap election, June 9, 2024. When the prime minister and president belong to different parties – in a rare arrangement known as “cohabitation” – things can grind to a halt.
Persons: CNN — Jordan, , Bardella, Emmanuel Macron’s, France’s, Denis, Le Pen, Le Pen’s, Louis Aliot, Le, Macron, Julien De Rosa, Freed, Jean, Marie Le Pen, Franco, Paris Anne Hidalgo, Luc Mélenchon, ” Bardella, Julien de Rosa, Gabriel Attal, ” Mujtaba Rahman, Mario Draghi, Giorgia Meloni, Benito Mussolini, Matteo Salvini, Vladimir Putin, Antonio Masiello, Hungary’s Viktor Orban –, Macron – Organizations: CNN, National Rally, National Assembly, Front, Sorbonne university, Getty, Macron’s Ensemble, Immigrants, Ministry of, Armed Forces, New Popular Front, EU, Eurasia Group, European Union Locations: Paris, France, Europe, Seine, Macron, AFP, Vichy, Spanish, Brussels, Italy, Ukraine, Kyiv, Russia
There are 28 days until the Summer Olympics opening ceremony, and tests from the historic Seine River show the water is still at dangerous contamination levels for E. coli, which is often linked to fecal bacteria. AdvertisementAlong with the triathlon events, marathon swimmers are scheduled to dive into the river for their events. The three triathlon events will span from July 30 to Aug. 5, while the marathon swimming races will be on Aug. 8 and 9. The latest findings marked the third consecutive week that samples from the river had unsafe levels of bacteria related to fecal matter. Both have said they plan on swimming in the river themselves to prove its cleanliness.
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CNN —France’s snap parliamentary election is one of the most momentous in decades, for both the country and the rest of Europe. Politicians rarely call an election when their party trails in the polls and there is no need to do so. Although Macron was elected to a second presidential term in 2022, his party failed to win an outright parliamentary majority. One theory about why Macron called an election now is that France might soon have been forced to the polls anyway. With Le Pen seeming increasingly likely to succeed him as president in 2027, this election may force her party to take up responsibility beforehand.
Persons: CNN —, Emmanuel Macron, he’ll, ” Kevin Arceneaux, , France’s, Macron, Pen, Antonio Masiello, , Laure Boyer, Hans Lucas, Gabriel Attal – Macron’s, Jordan Bardella, Bardella, Le Pen, Denis, Eric Ciotti, Jordan Bardella's, Julien De Rosa, Jean, Luc Mélenchon, Raphaël, Sylvain Thomas, Mujtaba Rahman, , Rahman, , Jordan, we’re, Macron –, I’m Organizations: CNN, Paris hamstrung, , Sciences Po, Fifth, Assembly, National Assembly, Palais Bourbon, Getty, Sorbonne university, Socialists, New, Eurasia Group Locations: Europe, France, Paris, Fifth Republic, Italy, AFP, Seine, Montpellier, Brussels, Ukraine, Kyiv, Russia
Soon, he could well become prime minister if RN wins an absolute majority in the forthcoming parliamentary elections — and he's only 28. Bardella's rise from party spokesman in 2017 to party president over the course of five years is somewhat remarkable for a man who is only 28. Bardella excelled in economics and social sciences at a private college and joined National Rally — then known as the National Front — at the age of 16. Two years later, he became a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) before being made party president in 2022. Jordan Bardella, president of the National Rally, speaks to members of the media as he arrives at Medef in Paris, France, on Thursday, June 20, 2024.
Persons: Jordan Bardella, Julien De Rosa, Bardella, Denis, Joseph Downing, Pen, Jean, Luc Mélenchon, Frederic Chatillon, Le Pen, Le, , Critics, Francois Lo Presti, Macron, Holger Schmieding, Bardella's, Emmanuel Macron's Organizations: Afp, Getty, National, CNBC, National Rally, Paris Sorbonne University, London School of Economics, European Institute, National Assembly, Le, Palais des Sports, Nurphoto, cri, Union, NATO, Berenberg Bank, Popular, Bloomberg Locations: Paris, Villepinte, France, Bardella, Drancy, Paris suburb, Seine, Montmorency, Morocco, Henin, Beaumont, Ukraine, French, Medef
Paris CNN —When Paris last hosted the Summer Olympics 100 years ago, organizers were so keen to bring athletes under the same roof that they built the first-ever Olympic Village. Athletes sitting in front of a cabin in the Olympic Village at the 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris, France. The site for the Olympic Village was chosen in the hopes it would revitalize some of the city’s historically impoverished northern suburbs. A stool made from recyclable cardboard on display in the athletes' accommodation in the Olympic Village in Saint Denis, France. Nathan Laine/Bloomberg/Getty ImagesA cardboard bed inside an athletes' room at the Olympic Village in Saint Denis, France.
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The Seine River is too polluted for swimming events at the Paris Olympics, city officials said. Paris invested $1.5 billion to clean the Seine, but heavy rainfall increased pollution levels. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementDespite a massive cleanup effort, Paris' Seine River remains too polluted to host swimming events for the upcoming Olympic Games, city officials have said. "Samples from the Seine do not meet the standards we will have this summer," Paris region official Marc Guillaume added on Friday.
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Paris CNN —Few cities have been so adamantly idealized, mythologized and captured on film and in photographs as Los Angeles and Paris. Pascal Le Segretain/Getty ImagesThese inspirations translated into pieces in faded, sun-washed teal, blue, gray and vintage-inspired knits. Some models wore Amiri brooches resembling music notes. Designer Mike Amiri of the eponymous Californian brand at the finale of his Paris show. OConnor/Arroyo/AFF-USA/ShutterstockK-pop star Sunwoo (seen here at the brand's June 20, 2024 show in Paris) has been recently announced as an ambassador for Amiri.
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I think that Ralph Lauren is able to understand that ethos and bring it to life,” Lauren continued. "Team USA uniforms celebrate classic styles that are made to be loved and endure for generations," Ralph Lauren said in a statement of the label's new designs — like the single-breasted blazers athletes will wear to the opening ceremony on July 26. For this occasion, Ralph Lauren designed a racecar-style jacket with USA patch detailing, a a classic striped polo and crisp white jeans. Richard Phibbs/Courtesy Ralph LaurenGymnast Shilese Jones — one of Ralph Lauren's brand ambassadors at the 2024 Games — is pictured in the closing ceremony look. John Guerrero/Courtesy Ralph Lauren
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Fluidion’s testing has found that, on average, E. Coli levels in the Siene between early April and late May were just under 3400 MPN/100mL. The highest E. Coli levels recorded by Fluidion were 23590 MPN/100mL on May 2 and 13090 MPN/100mL on May 30, according to Angelescu. But if poor water quality persisted, the triathlon would have to be downgraded to a duathlon with no swimming, the organization confirmed. Angelescu said that “significant infrastructure projects” by the city of Paris designed to improve water quality will have a “substantial” impact. Triathlon athletes swim in the Seine river during the men's 2023 World Triathlon Olympic Games test event in Paris on August 18, 2023.
Persons: Pont Alexandre III, , Jeanne Lehair, Dan Angelescu, Tim Clayton, Corbis, Fluidion, Angelescu, , Bertrand Guay, , Anne Hidalgo, Stephane De Sakutin, Mike Cavendish, ” Cavendish, Probiotic, Cavenish, Phil Dunne, dietitians, Tim Harradine, ” Harradine, Emmanuel Dunand, “ It’s, Cavendish, Harradine, Bea Adeleke Organizations: CNN, Palais, Pont, Eiffel, Triathlon, Games, Getty, Surfrider Foundation, , , Paris, British Triathlon, , Olympics Locations: Seine, Paris, France, French, AFP, Pont Alexandre, Austerlitz, Luxembourg, Oxford, Cambridge, Rio de, Guanabara, Lehair,
He’s poised to become the next prime minister if the French president loses his gamble in the upcoming snap election. Bardella, the National Rally party leader, grew up an only child in social housing in Seine-Saint-Denis, a working-class suburb in the northeast of Paris. Le Pen handpicked the young politician to head the party in 2022 – ending a 50-year-rule by the Le Pen dynasty – and bring a fresh boost to the French populist right. Le Pen, a self-described Bardella groupie, has said she’s always been a great admirer of his and that he shows great maturity. Bardella and Le Pen attend the National Rally party's Congress in Paris, France, November 5, 2022.
Persons: Jordan Bardella, Emmanuel Macron’s, He’s, Denis, ” Bardella, , Macron, Le Pen, Le, Marine’s, Jean, Marie Le Pen, Bardella, Jeff Pachoud, Dominique Moisi, , relatable, Luc Mélenchon, Critics, Eric Ciotti, France’s, Pen, Bardella –, , she’s, Christian Hartmann, Emma Leyo Organizations: Paris CNN —, National Rally, Sorbonne, France, National, Macron’s, BFMTV, Republicans, Rally party's Locations: French, Seine, Paris, France, AFP, East, Africa
Beaches open in Paris as Olympic city gears up for summer
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As usual, Paris will open its regular summer beach on the banks of the Seine river. Paris’ city government confirmed to CNN it is confident that the water quality will meet health standards during the game. For those who still might recoil at the idea of jumping in a city center waterway, there are other options. The beaches are the centerpieces of a program of activities in Paris aimed at creating an Olympic festival for visitors descending on the city during the 2024 summer Games. Entry is via a lottery through the Paris Olympic Games app.
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CNN —Every host country of the Olympic Games faces a reckoning. But the world’s biggest sporting event holds a mirror up to a nation like few other events. After a public investment of billions of dollars and years of preparations, what do we, the host country, want to show the world about ourselves? Far-right leader Marine Le Pen took aim at Nakamura’s supposed “vulgarity,” suggesting that her representing France would “humiliate” the country. “What is the point of holding the Olympic Games in France if we then hide who we are?” asked Marion Marechal, an arch-conservative whose party attracts the country’s disaffected Catholics.
Persons: Adam Plowright, , Emmanuel Macron –, Read, Adam Plowright Adam Plowright, , it’s, Emmanuel Macron, Aya Nakamura, John Shearer, Edith Piaf, ’ Marion Marechal The, Marine Le, , clapped, Marion Marechal Organizations: CNN, Olympic Games, trudging, Twitter, Facebook Locations: France, Paris, tracksuits, New York City, Mali, Invalides
In a growing number of cases, that reason can be traced to one proximate source — former President Donald Trump. Or more precisely — how he has torn apart America and our democracy that, for my nearly 80 years on this planet, I have cherished. To be sure, there are reasons for Americans to make the move beyond the prospects of a second Trump presidency. “There’s a feeling of safety that you have and a feeling of belonging in Mexico,” Kahn continued. But as a good American I went, ‘no, I don’t want to go to the hospital.
Persons: David A, CNN Paris CNN — I’ve, Donald Trump, Pamela, , , ’ ”, Adrian Leeds, Adrian, we’ve, ” Leeds, “ It’s, it’s, ” Patricia Casaburi, they’ve, , ” Tony Kahn, ” Kahn, Kahn, Gordon Kahn, J, Edgar Hoover, “ I’m, I’m, I’ve, he’s, Trump, Daniel Tostado, Skyler Schmanski, He’d, Schmanski, , ” Schmanski, Giorgia Meloni, you’re, Casaburi Organizations: CNN, French Legion of, The New York Times, CBS News, CNN Paris CNN, Adrian Leeds Group, Citizen Solutions, Trump, PBS, NPR, America, Hollywood, FBI, Mexico City, Global Citizens Solutions Locations: Europe, Asia, Paris, France, Seine, Tuileries, America, London, Dubai, Mexico City, Mexico, ” Paris, Marseilles, American, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Brazilian
A terrorist attack of 2015 that left her city angry and heartbroken persuaded Paris’s mayor, Anne Hidalgo, to campaign for the Olympic Games. “Something that is very powerful, very peaceful and allows us to move forward. So, I threw myself into it.”Nine years later, the Summer Olympics are set to open in Paris in July with France at its highest level of terrorism alert, after the attack on the Moscow concert hall last month. Yet for the first time, the opening ceremony will not be held inside the barricaded confines of a stadium. Instead, athletes will float in boats down the Seine River through the heart of the dense, ancient city before half a million spectators packed into stands and leaning out of windows.
Persons: Paris’s, Anne Hidalgo, , , Charlie Hebdo Organizations: Olympic Locations: Paris, France, Moscow
Olympic luxury packages are already on sale, offering exclusive access to the sporting spectacle, alongside very upscale travel and accommodation experiences. And this year, there’s no bigger sporting event than the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Tour operator Kensington Tours says it has two clients coming into Paris for the first seven nights of the Games. “Paris presents a wealth of opportunities for luxury travelers to indulge in during the Olympics,” Adto Teppa says. Pierre MonettaTo ensure their clients have access to Paris’ most prestigious hotels, many luxury travel advisers have made blanket bookings at properties across the city.
Persons: cher, Barnabas Carrega, , ” Carrega, ’ Carrega, Ducasse, Alain Ducasse, won’t, They’ll, they’ll, AZA, Angela Adto Teppa, ” Adto Teppa, Palais, Paris, Andrea Galvez, , Galvez, Pierre Monetta, We’ve, Dave Guenter, Crillon, Nicolas De Gols, De Gols, Fraser Yachts, Askari, Patrick Locqueneux, Clément Bru, Charles de Brosses, Cookoon, “ We’ve, ” Bru, Henri Jayer Vosne, Domaine, Conti, de Mars, Simone Biles Organizations: CNN, Paris, CNN Travel, Michelin, Olympic, Kensington, Eiffel, Palais Garnier, Travel, Opera Ballet, Travel Group, Le Bristol Paris, Paris ’, Royal, Raffles, , Royal Monceau’s, Nice, Tahiti, Fraser Locations: Paris, American, Alma, Kensington, Oahu, Hawaii, New York, Rosewood, Le Bristol, Raffles Paris, Marseille, Polynesia, Teahupo’o, Tahiti, Monaco, France, Burgundy
He is the author of six books on the politics of the Olympic Games, most recently “What Are the Olympics For?” The views expressed here are his own. France enacted an Olympic Games Law in May 2023 that legalized the use of AI-driven video surveillance this summer and allowed experimentation with intelligent video surveillance until March 31, 2025. The law made France the first nation in the European Union to greenlight biometric surveillance systems. She told me that the Olympic Law “infringes the right to privacy, the right to be anonymous in the streets.”“Everything in this is political,” Levain said. The French Ministry of the Armed Forces unveiled plans to use HELMA-P, an anti-drone laser weapon system prototype, at the Paris Games.
Persons: Jules Boykoff, Emmanuel Macron, Jules Boykoff Jessi, , ” Noémie, , ” Levain, , Gérald Darmanin, we’ve, Amelie Oudea, Macron, Natsuko Sasaki, Laurent Nuñez, Le, Danielle Simonnet, Thomas Bach Organizations: Pacific University, Olympic Games, CNN, Olympic, Games, ISIS, Stade de France –, Law, European Union, Amnesty International, European Civic Forum, Human Rights, Ministry of, France’s, French Ministry of, Armed Forces, Paris Games, Stade de France, Paris Police, Le Parisien, Paris, Patriotes, Palais Royal, National Assembly, France Insoumise Party Locations: Paris, Palestinian, Atlanta, France, Le, Europe, Moscow
Olympia, Greece CNN —The flame for the 2024 Paris Olympics has been lit in Olympia, the birthplace of the ancient Olympics. The flame will be carried through Greece for 11 days before being handed over to Paris organizers on April 26. Over 10,000 torchbearers and thousands of milesThe first runner of the Olympic torch relay is Greek Olympic gold medalist rower Stefanos Ntouskos. Elinda Labropoulou/CNNNtouskos said he was a little bit anxious ahead of competing at Paris 2024 but also very excited. The ancient Games served not only as a platform for athletic competition but also as a symbol of unity and promoting peace.
Persons: Hera, Thanassis, Stefanos, Ntouskos, , Stefanos Ntouskos, Labropoulou, CNN Ntouskos, Louisa Gouliamaki, Emmanuel Macron Organizations: Greece CNN, Summer Games, CNN, Paris, Paris Olympic, West Indies, Relays, Paralympic Games, UN Locations: Olympia, Greece, Paris, Athens, , Marseille, Belem, West, France, Seine
Notre-Dame Cathedral sat in the pre-dawn chill like a spaceship docked in the heart of Paris, its exoskeleton of scaffolding lit by bright lights. Pink clouds appeared to the east as machinery hummed to life and workers started clambering around. A crane hoisted them onto the nave of the cathedral, which was devastated by fire in 2019. Mr. Silver — a 41-year-old American-Canadian carpenter — is something of an unlikely candidate to work on the restoration of an 860-year-old Gothic monument and Catholic landmark in France. It also has given them a way to show the world that their manual tools and techniques have stood the test of time.
Persons: Dame Cathedral, Hank Silver, Silver, Organizations: Dame, Mr Locations: Paris, France, New York City, New England
Karl Lagerfeld’s Paris apartment sells for $10.8 million
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CNN —A Paris apartment owned by the late fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has sold for €10 million ($10.8 million). The apartment is across the Seine from the Louvre. Alain Jocard/AFP/Getty ImagesLocated on Quai Voltaire in the city’s 7th arrondissement, the three-room, 260-square-meter (2,800-square-foot), third-floor apartment sold for nearly double its list price of €5.3 million ($5.7 million). Although it is housed in a building dating from the 17th century, the apartment stands out for its ultra-modern design. Alain Jocard/AFP/Getty ImagesLagerfeld’s tastes changed from property to property, according to fashion writer Patrick Mauriès, who wrote the introduction to the book.
Persons: Karl Lagerfeld, Alain Jocard, Quai Voltaire, Chanel, Lagerfeld, Patrick Mauriès, , Organizations: CNN, Groupe Althémis, Getty Locations: Paris, Seine, AFP, Quai, Europe, Monte Carlo, Rome, Hamburg
As pale morning light flickered across the Seine, Capt. Freddy Badar steered his hulking river barge, Le Bosphore, past picturesque Normandy villages and snow-fringed woodlands, setting a course for Paris. Onboard were containers packed with furniture, electronics and clothing loaded the night before from a cargo ship that had docked in Le Havre, the seaport in northern France. Using Le Bosphore and its crew of four prevented tons of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere. “The river is part of a wider solution for cleaner transport and the environment,” Captain Badar said, his eyes scanning other vessels carrying wares up and down the Seine.
Persons: Freddy Badar, Le Bosphore, Captain Badar Locations: Normandy, Paris, Le Havre, France, European
NBC announced Friday that its live coverage of the 2024 Paris Olympics opening ceremony on July 26 will play on more than 150 IMAX screens in the U.S. The Summer Olympics opening ceremony will be the first not held in a stadium. Special, limited-time programming such as the Summer Olympics coverage could drive moviegoers to IMAX. Disclosure: CNBC parent NBCUniversal owns NBC Sports and NBC Olympics. NBC Olympics is the U.S. broadcast rights holder to all Summer and Winter Games through 2032.
Persons: Gary Zenkel, Eric Wold, Riley ., Wold, Richard Gelfond Organizations: Paris, Paralympic Games, NBC, U.S, The, Warner Bros, CNBC, NBCUniversal, NBC Sports, NBC Olympics, Games Locations: Paris, France, U.S
In Paris, the Olympics Clean Up Their Act
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How do you produce a global sporting event, with millions of people swooping down on one city, in the age of global warming? That is the test for the Paris Olympics this summer. These Olympics, they say, will generate no more than half the greenhouse gas emissions of recent Olympics. An event that attracts 10,500 athletes and an estimated 15 million spectators is, by definition, going to have an environmental toll. It’s planning guest menus that are less polluting to grow and cook than typical French fare: more plants, less steak au poivre.
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