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Debris and a damaged building are seen in the aftermath of a tornado in Temple, Texas, U.S., May 22, 2024, in this screengrab obtained from a social media video. A tornado ripped through central Texas Wednesday evening, causing huge damage and destroying homes, as forecasters warn of a potentially record-breaking heatwave in the state. The city of Temple, northeast of Austin, declared a state of emergency and opened a shelter for displaced people after a twister caused widespread devastation. Footage posted to social media shows buildings in Temple and nearby Belton missing roofs, piles of rubble and smashed windows. Flood warnings were in place Thursday morning for much of northern Texas, including Dallas and Forth Worth, along with parts of Oklahoma.
Persons: Young Organizations: NBC, NWS, Austin Locations: Temple , Texas, U.S, Texas, Temple, Austin, Bell, Belton, Dallas, Forth Worth, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Antonio, Iowa, Greenfield
She’s a business mogul in every sense: Aside from a prolific music career, she’s launched successful brands including her cosmetics empire Fenty Beauty – worth an estimated $2.8 billion according to Forbes – and her lingerie label Savage X Fenty. Her latest move in China to promote makeup products is something of a masterclass in how to tap into its lucrative – mostly online – Gen Z market. On Tuesday night, the chart-topping singer attended a Fenty Beauty pop-up held at a Shanghai photography museum, “servin’ face” according to brand’s Instagram, and “jianbing” – a popular Chinese breakfast crepe that costs about a dollar. In a screengrab from Instagram, Rihanna makes jianbing in Shanghai, China, during a visit to promote Fenty Beauty. While Fenty Beauty products have been available in the country since 2019, the brand announced this March that it would be expanding its presence via Sephora stores on the mainland.
Persons: CNN —, Rihanna, She’s, she’s, Forbes –, brand’s Instagram, , China’s TikTok, , Guo Pei, jianbing, RihannashowsupinShanghai, Gucci, Dior, Louis Vuitton Organizations: CNN, Vogue China, Academy of China Council, Promotion of International Trade Locations: China, Shanghai, Instagram, Weibo, Shandong, , China’s Shandong province, Jianbing, Douyin
Indeed, when I Googled “Kristi Noem’s dog” this morning, it was one of the first pictures that popped up. It was on the “Puppy” subreddit where user “LukeWarm273” posted a photo of their dog “Blue” last year. “He’s a cutie,” one Reddit user responded. “Please join me in wishing Cricket (the dog Kristi Noem shot to death) a blessed journey to the land of beautiful puppy dog souls. The story shows a photo of Reddit user LukeWarm273's dog, Blue, next to Noem.
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Russian S-400 surface-to-missile systems in the Victory Day parade in Moscow's Red Square on i in May 2023. Ukraine in September said it destroyed two Russian S-400 batteries in Crimea, a region annexed by Russia in 2014. Rajan Menon, the director of the Grand Strategy program at the US think tank Defense Priorities, described the S-400 as Russia's "top-of-the-line air defense system." A rocket launches from a S-400 missile system at the Ashuluk military base in Southern Russia in September 2020. A Patriot air defense system test-fired during a training in Chania, Greece, on November 8, 2017.
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CNN —The defense rested its case in Donald Trump’s criminal hush money trial on Tuesday after roughly 90 minutes of testimony – and without the former president taking the stand. Here are takeaways from the final day of testimony in the Trump hush money trial:Trump doesn’t take the standOver the last several months, Trump repeatedly teased that he would take the stand in his own defense. “That was a lie,” Blanche alleged of Cohen’s testimony he spoke to Trump about moving forward with the hush money deal. Prosecutor Susan Hoffinger also tried to remind jurors that it was Trump – not Cohen – who was on trial in this case. In their first meeting, Costello said Cohen was “absolutely manic” and suicidal after the FBI raid on his properties.
Persons: Donald Trump’s, Robert Costello, Michael Cohen, Trump, Cohen, ” Trump, Todd Blanche, Costello, Sandoval, , Jean Carroll, Donald J, Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal, Cohen –, Trump’s, Blanche, Keith Schiller, Schiller, Daniels, ” Blanche, Keith, ” Cohen, Prosecutors, Susan Hoffinger, Trump –, ” Hoffinger, , Juan Merchan, ” Merchan, Merchan, ” Costello, Emil Bove, Bob, Donald Trump, , scold Costello, Hoffinger, Rudy Giuliani, Mercahn Organizations: CNN, FBI, Publicly, Trump, New, Mr, Giuliani Locations: Wisconsin, New York, Florida
And most of these are Hindi films, meaning Bollywood holds an outsized influence on the country’s culture, identity and economy. A screengrab from the 2022 Bollywood film "The Kashmir Files." CNN reached out to several people from the film industry for this story, some of whom declined to be interviewed due to sensitivities around the topic. It encouraged some Bollywood filmmakers to “(lean) into the caricature of the Muslim villain,” he says. These films are growing fast; outside Bollywood, earnings from the South Indian media and entertainment industry have nearly doubled year on year, according to a 2023 report by the Confederation of Indian Industry.
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The number of missiles isn't publicly known, but ATACMS missiles average about $1.3 million each. These air-dropped missiles can fly at low altitudes to avoid detection and have been used to strike Russian naval headquarters and vehicle-repair depots in the occupied Crimean peninsula. The arrival of Storm Shadow missiles — and, several months later, ATAMCS — presented new challenges for Moscow, but Ukraine has received so few it has had to bee choosy over what to target. Indeed, Kyiv has used the American missiles in recent weeks to strike Russian airfields and troop gatherings. Missiles like ATACMS and Storm Shadow "will enable Ukraine to neutralize Russia's advantages and eventually enable them to regain the initiative," he added.
Persons: , Ben Hodges, John Hamilton The, Jake Sullivan, Grant Shapps, Ben Stansall, Dan Rice, you've, Rice, ATAMCS —, Serhii, Hodges, Moscow's, Jack Watling, Watling Organizations: Service, US, Business, US Army, Army Tactical Missile System, White, MGM, Tactical Missile Systems, Biden administration's, Republicans, Congress, Kyiv, General Staff, Ukrainian Armed Forces, Storm, Shadow, Farnborough, American University Kyiv, Artillery Rocket Systems, Getty, Missiles, Russian Defense Ministry, Royal United Services Institute Locations: Ukraine, New Mexico, Washington, Kyiv, Ukrainian, Italy, France, Crimean, Russia, Russian, Moscow, Donetsk Oblast, Berlin, Avdiivka, Anadolu, Kharkiv
AP Photo/Evgeniy Maloletka, FileThe war has shown how effective air defenses can be at denying air superiority, protecting key areas, and threatening high-value aircraft, as well as the costs when capabilities are degraded. Ukraine's air defenses, like its Soviet-era S-300s and US-supplied Patriots, have defeated enemy missile and drone strikes, hindered Russian air operations, and shot down numerous fighter-bombers and other Russian planes. "Ukraine and NATO might reduce risks with a two-prong strategy of strengthening air defenses and boosting infrastructure resilience." Needing more interceptors for the PacificFrom the fights this year, the US can see how it'll need to employ air defenses in a potential showdown with China. Running out of air defenses before the enemy runs out of air threats spells trouble.
Persons: , Bradley Martin, Evgeniy, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Firefighters, Archer Macy, Martin, Shaan Shaikh, We've, Amir Cohen TPX, Shaikh, it's, Andy Wong, Thomas Shugart, Shugart, Joshua Smoot, Heath Collins, Navy Carlos Del Toro, Macy, Mark Wright Organizations: Service, Business, US Navy, Ukraine, AP, Patriots, Institute for, Emergency, Ministry, RAND Corporation, NATO, Western, Central Command, Combat, Navy, RAND, Patriot, US, Missile Defense, Center for Strategic, International Studies, REUTERS, China, Pentagon, Defense, Center, New, Air Force, 37th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron, Andersen Air Force Base, US Air Force, Aegis, Missile Defense Agency, Former Navy, CSIS, Pacific Missile, AP Air Locations: China, Ukraine, Israel, Navy, Russia, Congress, Avdiivka, Kharkiv, Russian, Kyiv, NATO, Yemen, Gulf of Aden, Iran, Red, Screengrab, French, Ashdod, South Korea, Japan, Guam, Beijing, New American, Gen, Kauai, Hawaii
The Department of Defense is working on initiatives to face the drone threat, but the US military doesn't yet appear ready to confront this ever-evolving challenge, especially on the scale seen in Ukraine. AdvertisementA US military MQ-9 Reaper drone waits for take-off at Kandahar Air Base in Afghanistan on March 9, 2018. US military leaders have repeatedly stressed there's no silver bullet to defeat small drones in battle. Shellie HallStudents there spend several weeks learning how to identify, engage, and defeat small drones. The drone threat draws certain parallels to fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, where hidden bombs posed a tremendous threat.
Persons: GENYA SAVILOV, Mick Ryan, hasn't, you've, Franz J, Marty, Samuel Bendett, Paul Scharre, that's, Mike Parent, Mark Schauer, Parent, Paul Butcher, Cpl, Doug Bush, Amber Osei, Moseph Sauda, doesn't, Sauda, America's, Bram Janssen, Scharre, Justin Bronk, Jack Watling, Ryan Organizations: Business, Troops, of Defense, Department of Defense, Getty, Australian Army, Islamic State, Kandahar Air Base, Defense Ministry, Karabakh . Defense Ministry, Azerbaijan, AP, Pentagon, US Army, Aircraft Systems, Solutions, 71st Jaeger Brigade, US Army Yuma, Technology, Army, sUAS University, US Marine Corps, Force, Central Command, Shellie, National Training Center, US Army Air Defense Artillery, Center, New, New American Security, Base, London's Royal United Services Institute Locations: Russian, Ukrainian, Ukraine, prowling, Jordan, Chasiv Yar, Donetsk, AFP, Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Nagorno, Karabakh, Avdiivka, Yuma, East, Oklahoma's Fort Sill, California, Fort Sill, China, Luhansk Region, Europe, Iran, New American, Iraq, Washington, Bagram, Kabul, Australian
This screengrab shows a campus police officer removing a hijab off a protester’s head at Arizona State University, Phoenix, Arizona. Mass Liberation AZVideo taken over the weekend at Arizona State University shows a campus police officer removing a hijab from a protester’s head during her arrest. After being detained and bused to jail, the women were not given their hijabs back, Al-Sayyed said. Around 15 hours later, when he was finally given access to his clients, Al-Sayyed said he was able to bring them new hijabs. In a statement to CNN, the university said, “This matter is under review.” CNN has reached out to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office for comment.
Persons: Zayed Al, Sayyed, “ You’re, , , Al, … who’s, they're, ” Al, Azza Abuseif Organizations: Arizona State University, Mass, Mass Liberation, CNN, ASU Police Department, United, Constitution, Islamic Relations, CAIR, ASU Police, ” CNN, Maricopa County Attorney's Locations: Phoenix , Arizona, Al, Arizona, Maricopa County
Kyiv used these long-range missiles to batter Russian helicopters in multiple strikes last year. T South Korean Defense Ministry via Getty ImagesThroughout the war, Ukraine has routinely pressed Washington to provide ATACMS so it could hit high-value Russian targets deep behind enemy lines. Kyiv used the M39 ATACMS variant in those attacks. Regardless of the variant, the arrival of additional ATACMS will likely compel Moscow to change its strategy and tactics. While the statement did not specifically mention ATACMS, it said the package contains "additional ammunition" for the HIMARS, which could include ATACMS.
Persons: , Joe Biden, Dan Rice, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, ATACMS, Biden, Sen, Mark Werner, Zelenskyy, Serhii, Rice, AP Rice, Pat Ryder, ANATOLII STEPANOV, Vladimir Putin, Putin Organizations: Service, MGM, Tactical Missile Systems, US, South Korean Defense Ministry, Army Tactical Missile, Korean Defense Ministry, Getty, Kyiv, The New York Times, Reuters, General Staff, Ukrainian Armed Forces, Senate Intelligence, CBS, High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, American University Kyiv, South Korea Defense Ministry, AP, Pentagon Press, Air Force, Gunners, Separate Mechanized Brigade, Armed Forces, Pentagon Locations: Ukraine, Kyiv, Moscow, United States, South Korea, Washington, Ukrainian, Russian, Crimean, ATACMS, Crimea, Donetsk Oblast, , Russia, Kharkiv, AFP, NATO, Europe
Taylor Swift shared a promotional video for her single "Fortnight" and it's full of references to her beau. Swift's video has been viewed almost 40 million times since it was first uploaded. A peck on the cheekScreengrab from Taylor Swift's #ForAFortnightChallenge YouTube Shorts video. Making cinnamon rollsIn this screengrab from Taylor Swift's #ForAFortnightChallenge YouTube Shorts video, the singer can be seen making cinnamon rolls. A Kansas City Chiefs pickleball paddleIn this screengrab from Taylor Swift's #ForAFortnightChallenge YouTube Shorts video, she can be seen holding a Kansas City Chiefs paddleboard.
Persons: Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, Swift, peck, , she's, Kelce, Taylor, Kelce didn't, Bernie Kosar, Tobin, Leroy, Travis, Kosar, Swifties, Jason, Post Malone — Organizations: Poets Department, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Service, YouTube, NFL, University of Kansas, KU, University of Cincinnati, Kansas City Chiefs, Chiefs, Target, Amazon Locations: The, Singapore
Read previewUS forces engaged and shot down more than 75 of the missiles and drones that Iran fired at Israel this weekend, marking its biggest air-defense battle of the six-month-long Middle East crisis. Iran and its proxy militias launched a barrage of 170 attack drones, 120 ballistic missiles, and 30 cruise missiles at Israel in a massive and unprecedented attack on Saturday night local time, according to the Israel Defense Forces. A few of the ballistic missiles entered Israeli territory and struck targets, including an IDF base, causing minor damage, the military said. US fighter jets also shot down more than 70 Iranian one-way attack drones, the American military official said. For now, Israel appears to be calibrating a response to the Iranian attack, although it is unclear at this time what that may look like.
Persons: , Arleigh Burke, Carney —, Israel's, Joe Biden, Scott Pittman, Lloyd Austin, Grant Shapps, Japan — Organizations: Service, Israel Defense Forces, Business, US Navy, IDF, American, US, Hamas, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Locations: Iran, Israel, Iraq, US, Syria, Gulf of Aden, Yemen, Iranian, Tehran, France, Germany, Canada, Italy, Japan
The C-Dome is the naval version of the Iron Dome and is outfitted on the Sa'ar 6-class corvette. AdvertisementAn Israeli warship shot down an enemy drone this week by firing a new naval air-defense weapon, marking the system's first-ever operational interception. It hailed the engagement as the "first operational interception" by the warship's C-Dome defense system. "The Israeli Navy is deployed in the area of the Red Sea and has both the defensive and offensive capabilities to engage with regional threats." Toward the other end of the Red Sea, meanwhile, US and allied warships have been defending key international shipping lanes from relentless Houthi attacks since November.
Persons: , Tamir —, Rafael, Israel's Organizations: IDF, Service, Israel Defense Forces, IAF Aerial Control Unit, Screengrab, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Israeli Navy Locations: Israeli, Eilat, Gaza, Iran, Red, Yemen
One year after the East Palestine, Ohio train derailment created an environmental disaster, the Biden administration on Tuesday unveiled new regulations intended to shore up freight rail safety. Drone footage shows the freight train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, U.S., February 6, 2023 in this screengrab obtained from a handout video released by the NTSB. Yet the new rule stops short of the kind of rail safety updates that the Biden administration and members of Congress had originally envisioned as a response to the East Palestine disaster. Making any major updates to rail safety will require congressional funding that has not yet been approved. The stalling of the Railway Safety Act also underscores the power of the freight rail industry's Washington lobbying shop, the Association of American Railroads (AAR).
Persons: Pete Buttigieg, Biden, Vince Verna, Buttigieg Organizations: Federal Railroad Administration, NTSB, Norfolk Southern, Railway, of Locomotive Engineers, Trainmen, Association of American Railroads, CNBC, CSX, Union Pacific, AAR, ARA, Transportation Department Locations: States, United States, Palestine , Ohio, East Palestine , Ohio, U.S, East Palestine, Norfolk, Palestine, Ohio, Washington
Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed early on Tuesday morning. Vessel tracking maps as of 2:50 a.m. showed Coast Guard vessels moving toward the Dali, a Singapore-flagged cargo ship. AdvertisementBaltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed on Tuesday morning after it was struck by what appeared to be a large cargo ship. A representative for the Baltimore Police Department told ABC News that "at 1:35 a.m., Baltimore City police were notified of a partial bridge collapse, with workers possibly in the water, at the Francis Scott Key Bridge." AdvertisementThe Francis Scott Key Bridge opened in March 1977 as the final link in the Baltimore Beltway, according to the MDTA.
Persons: Baltimore's Francis Scott Key, Dali, , 9IgvJyi46Y — Hayward, Francis Scott Key, Johnny Olszewski, Jr, Olszewski Organizations: Guard, Service, Maryland Keybridge, Maryland Transportation Authority, Baltimore Police Department, ABC News, Baltimore City, Coast Guard, Baltimore County's, Business Locations: Singapore, BALTIMORE, Maryland, Baltimore
Ukraine has found success at sea by using naval drones packed with explosive to batter Russia. AdvertisementIn two conflicts separated by more than 1,000 miles, US friends and foes alike have turned to a deadly weapon to defeat their enemy's warships: small naval drones packed with explosives. The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower conducts flight operations in response to Houthi activity in the Red Sea on Feb. 23. In other words, there are ways that warships can protect against, evade, and ultimately defeat naval drones. Naval drones can potentially carry a large payload, and if they manage to get through undetected and hit a ship, "there could be significant damage."
Persons: , Bradley Martin, Sam Tangredi, Ivan Lukashevych, Dwight D, Eisenhower, Tangredi, Archer Macy, Russia hasn't, Sergey Kotov, Macy, USVs, Martin, They're, Arleigh Burke, John Finn, Lewis, Clark, Cesar Chavez, AKE, Justin Stack, Shaan Shaikh, Shaikh Organizations: Former US Navy, Service, US Navy, AP, BI, Security Service, Former Navy, US, Sea Fleet, Ministry of Defense, Navy, Aircraft, Seahawk, Ruskin, Missile Defense, Center for Strategic, International Studies Locations: Ukraine, Russia, Yemen, Europe, Kyiv, Brig, Screengrab, Iran, , Russian, Ukrainian, Crimea, Handout, Pacific, China, Washington, Beijing, Pearl, East China, they're
With its recent Starship mission, SpaceX is poised to cut launch costs 10-fold, said an expertThe firm flew its flagship mega-rocket to space without exploding on Thursday for the first time. AdvertisementSpaceX's Starship launch on Thursday didn't only look cool. SpaceX has already shaved launch costs downStarship-Super Heavy is the biggest launch system ever developed. AdvertisementA picture shows Starship fully stacked on its launchpad. "Lowering launch costs has always been the first step to unlocking broader, deeper sources of value from space," he said.
Persons: , Elon, Brendan Rosseau, Abhi Tripathi, Elon Musk, Starship's, George Nield, Harvard's Rosseau, Tripathi Organizations: SpaceX, Service, Harvard Business School, Super, Mission, University of California, Space Sciences Laboratory, Space Shuttle, Space Transportation
SpaceX's Starship, the world's largest rocket, may launch toward orbit on Thursday. AdvertisementWatching a rocket launch is a thrilling experience. Watching SpaceX's Starship, the world's largest rocket ever, is even more exciting. A screengrab from SpaceX's livestream on X shows SpaceX's Starship spacecraft and Super Heavy rocket on the launchpad. AdvertisementThis would be Starship's third attempt at orbit, launching atop its Super Heavy booster.
Persons: , it'll, Starship's Organizations: Service, SpaceX, Super, NASA Locations: Australia
SpaceX's Starship, the world's largest rocket, may launch toward orbit on Thursday. If Starship reaches orbit it will be a major spaceflight achievement. AdvertisementWatching a rocket launch is a thrilling experience. Watching SpaceX's Starship, the world's largest rocket ever, is even more exciting. Screenshot of SpaceX's Starship-Super Heavy rocket on launch pad.
Persons: , SpaceX SpaceX's, Starship's Organizations: Service, SpaceX, Super, NASA Locations: Australia
An anti-ship ballistic missile hit the True Confidence as it was transiting the Gulf of Aden. AdvertisementThe M/V True Confidence after it was hit by an anti-ship ballistic missile. Monday's incident also marks the first ever fatal anti-ship ballistic missile attack . AdvertisementThe Marshall Islands-flagged, Bermuda-owned M/V Marlin Luanda after it was hit with an anti-ship ballistic missile in the Gulf of Aden in January. The fatal attack, meanwhile, comes just days after the sinking of the Rubymar, a commercial vessel that was hit by an anti-ship ballistic missile while it was transiting the Red Sea in mid-February.
Persons: , CENTCOM, Marlin Luanda, Central Command Matthew Miller, Miller Organizations: Service, Liberian, Central Command, US, Command, MSC Sky, Marshall, State Department Locations: Aden, Iran, Yemen, Barbados, Bermuda, Gulf, Screengrab, Red
Takeaways from Super Tuesday 2024
  + stars: | 2024-03-06 | by ( Eric Bradner | Gregory Krieg | Simone Pathe | )   time to read: +14 min
CNN —President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump took big steps toward making their seemingly inevitable rematch official, as both notched huge Super Tuesday wins. Here are takeaways from Super Tuesday:Trump wins bigThe former president continued his run of dominance in the Republican nominating contest, despite losing one state, Vermont, to Nikki Haley. His approval ratings remain low, and the general election horse race polling is worrisome for Democrats. But on Super Tuesday, like every other primary day, he has dominated his few rivals – typically winning around 80% of the vote. “Tonight’s numbers showed that President Biden cannot earn back our votes with just rhetoric,” Vote Uncommitted MN spokesperson Asma Nizami said in a statement.
Persons: Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Trump, “ uncommitted, Biden, suburbanites, Haley, Nikki Haley, CNN’s, there’s, ” Trump, Evan Vucci, Haley —, , Marianne Williamson, Dean Phillips, who’s, Tapper, Warren, , uncommitted ”, Uncommitted, Asma Nizami, , “ uncommitted ”, Robert F, Kennedy Jr, Kennedy, he’s, They’ve, South Carolina Sen, Lindsey Graham —, , CNN’s Dana Bash, , Nikki, ” Graham, Graham, Haley’s, Mark Levin, She’s, — Biden, Jason Palmer, Palmer, hasn’t, Michael Bloomberg, ” Phillips, Biden’s, Mark Robinson, Josh Stein, Roy Cooper, Bill Graham, “ Mark Robinson, Laurie Buckhout’s, Don Davis, Sandy Smith, Smith, Dan Conston, Buckhout, Davis, Nathan L, Gonzales Organizations: CNN, Biden, Tuesday, Trump, Republican, , AP, GOP, Trump . College, South Carolina, South Carolina Republican, News, American Samoa —, Democratic, Democratic National Convention, New York City, Minnesota Rep, Democratic Party loyalists, Gov, Democratic Gov, North Carolina Republicans, North, Republicans, Congressional, Fund, House GOP, Freedom Caucus, Capitol, Air Force Locations: Vermont, Lago, Palm Beach, Mar, Fla, Gaza, North Carolina, Virginia, Michigan, Israel, Minnesota, Ilhan Omar’s, Minneapolis, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Carolina, … Vermont, American Samoa, New York, Congress, Tarheel State, state’s, North Carolina’s, Washington
Read previewExploding drone boats, one of Ukraine's more innovative weapons as it battles Russia's Black Sea Fleet without a proper navy, have become even bigger threats over time. Ukrainian naval drones have been used to damage and sink Russian warships, as well as target infrastructure, since their introduction in 2022. Advertisement"Especially compared to the ones we first tested in October 2022 to attack Russian warships in the Sevastopol Bay," he said. In a straight line across the Black Sea, it is roughly 190 miles between the two cities. A screenshot from the video released by Ukraine’s military intelligence agency of the sea drone attack against two Russian Black Sea Fleet vessels.
Persons: , Ivan Lukashevych, hasn't, Lukashevych Organizations: Service, Business, Security Service, Directorate of Intelligence, Ministry of Defense, Russia, Ukraine, Defense Intelligence, Fleet, Black Locations: Ukrainian, Ukraine, Brig, Sevastopol, Russian, Kyiv, Crimean, Russia, Moscow, Crimea's, Crimea
"The adversary immediately began to respond to the threat of naval drones, but we are still a few steps ahead," Brig. AdvertisementUkraine's Sea Baby drones have been used in devastating attacks, targeting Russian warships and infrastructure — including a key bridge — around the Black Sea. "Their planes and combat helicopters are constantly patrolling the coastline and waters of the western Black Sea." Russia's Black Sea Fleet warships take part in the Navy Day celebrations in the port city of Novorossiysk on July 30, 2023. The general added that "forcing the enemy to flee from the Black Sea was the goal we sought and it was achieved."
Persons: , Ivan Lukashevych, Lukashevych, STRINGER Organizations: Service, Sea Fleet, Security Service, Kyiv, Business, Ukrainian, Reuters, Black, Getty, Russian Locations: Russian, Moscow, Ukraine, Brig, Russia, Novorossiysk, Crimean, Sevastopol
A German warship accidentally tried to shoot down a US military combat drone this week. The frigate Hessen targeted the MQ-9 Reaper as it was on a mission around the Red Sea, a US official said. AdvertisementA German warship accidentally targeted an American combat drone that was operating around the Red Sea earlier this week, but a malfunction spared the US from losing another Reaper drone. A missile launches from a US Navy destroyer in the Red Sea earlier this month. Screengrab/US Central Command via XMeanwhile, with this week's engagements — which saw Germany shoot down the two Houthi drones — Berlin joins the US, UK, and France in eliminating deadly threats launched by the rebels.
Persons: , Boris Pistorius, Sina Schuldt, Aspides, Dwight D Organizations: Service, Berlin's, Airmen, Squadron, Nevada, Air, Bomb, US Air Force, Victoria, US Central Command, Hessen, Getty, Hellfire, Prosperity Guardian, EU, US Navy, Central Command, Eisenhower Carrier Strike Locations: Hessen, American, Sachsen, Germany, Red, Yemen, Russia, France
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