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CNN —Facing a crowd of journalists, inventor Thomas Midgley Jr. poured a lead additive over his hands and then proceeded to inhale its fumes for about a minute. Unfazed, he said, “I could do this every day without getting any health problems whatsoever.”Soon afterward, Midgley needed medical treatment. The task of addressing the issue of engine knocking fell to Midgley while he was working at General Motors in 1916. An estimated 1 million people a year still die from lead poisoning, according to the World Health Organization. The toxicity of lead was already well-known when Midgley added it to gas, but that didn’t stop Ethyl from becoming a commercial success.
Persons: Thomas Midgley Jr, , , Midgley, , Ford, Gerald Markowitz, Colin Creitz, Charles Kettering, ” Markowitz, ” Midgley, Bill Kovarik, Midgley —, Kettering —, Freon, Joe Sohm, CFCs, Perkin, Priestley, Kettering, Willard Gibbs, Carl E, ” Kovarik, Markowitz, I’m Organizations: CNN, General Motors, City University of New, GM, Standard Oil, DuPont, Network, UNICEF, World Health Organization, Radford University, America, Montreal Protocol, International Association for Suicide Prevention, Befrienders, Society of Chemical Industry, American Chemical Society, National Academy of Sciences, TNT, Linde Locations: Beaver Falls , Pennsylvania, United States, City University of New York, Algeria, American, Dayton , Ohio, Virginia, Montreal, Chicago
Can crows count much like toddlers do? The research was inspired by toddlers learning to count, said lead study author Diana Liao, a neurobiologist and senior researcher at the Tübingen lab. “They understand abstract numbers … and then plan ahead as they match their behavior to match that number,” Williams said. The study by Liao and her colleagues isn’t even the first to consider whether crows can count. The crows’ counting abilities “seem to exceed the demands which survival makes for such abilities,” he wrote.
Persons: , Heather Williams, ” Williams, Diana Liao, Liao, caws Liao, peck, ” Liao, We’re, B.F, Skinner, Kevin McGowan, McGowan wasn’t, McGowan, they’re, Andreas Nieder, isn’t, Nicholas Thompson, Irene Pepperberg, Pepperberg, Alex, Thompson Organizations: CNN, University of, Williams College, Cornell, of Ornithology, University of Tübingen, Boston University, Tübingen Locations: Germany, Massachusetts, Ithaca , New York
Diabetes is a key risk factor for kidney disease, which is one of the leading causes of death in the United States and worldwide; about 1 in 3 people with diabetes also has chronic kidney disease, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But new research shows that weekly injections of semaglutide cut the risk of severe outcomes from diabetic kidney disease by about 24%. The new study found even broader related benefits of semaglutide treatment among people with diabetic kidney disease. “Kidney disease attributed to diabetes, or diabetic kidney disease, is one of the most common and deadly complications of diabetes. Yet, unfortunately, there’s very low awareness around it,” said Dr. Katherine Tuttle, chair of the Diabetic Kidney Disease Collaborative for the American Society of Nephrology.
Persons: , Vlado Perkovic, “ Semaglutide, Martin Holst Lange, Katherine Tuttle, ” It’s, Tuttle, semaglutide, It’s, Dr, Sanjay Gupta, White, ” Tuttle Organizations: CNN, Diabetes, US Centers for Disease Control, New England, of Medicine, European Renal Association Congress, University of New, University of New South Wales Sydney, Novo Nordisk, American Society of Nephrology, Providence Inland Northwest Health, Health Sciences, University of Washington, CNN Health Locations: United States, University of New South, Danish, American
The Shanghai-based company reported Wednesday that net profit soared 246% to 28 billion yuan ($3.9 billion) in the first quarter of 2024, more than double the average analyst estimate of 12.62 billion yuan ($1.7 billion), according to LSEG data. Revenue jumped 131% to 86.81 billion yuan ($12 billion) in the period, also comfortably beating expectations. He is still the company’s biggest shareholder, with a stake of 25% stake, and ranks as China’s second richest man with a fortune of nearly $52 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Temu, PDD’s international app, was launched in 2022, and as of last November it had acquired nearly 17% of the US online discount store market, according to Earnest Analytics. Last month, South Korean regulators investigated Temu on suspicion of false advertising and unfair ppractices, according to the Yonhap news agency.
Persons: Nomura, PDD, Colin Huang, Pinduoduo, Alibaba’s Taobao, Morgan Stanley, , Lei Chen, Chen Organizations: Hong Kong CNN — PDD Holdings, Revenue, Nasdaq, Bloomberg, Data Locations: Hong Kong, Shanghai, , PDD’s, Alibaba, Hangzhou, Beijing, China, European
“It’s often helpful to think about episodic memory as remembering, whereas semantic memory is just knowing,” he said. To find out whether Eurasian jays are capable of "mental time travel," researchers worked with birds trained to find food hidden under cups. “The idea is that with human episodic memory, we remember details of events that, at the time, weren’t necessarily relevant to anything. This aspect of episodic memory is sometimes referred to as “mental time travel.”To find out whether Eurasian jays are capable of mental time travel, the researchers worked with birds that had been trained to find food hidden under cups. “The big disease of memory is Alzheimer’s disease, and of course, the most debilitating aspect of Alzheimer’s disease is a profound loss of episodic memory,” Crystal said.
Persons: CNN —, , James Davies, Davies, , “ There’s, James Davies Corvids, Nicola Clayton, , advisee, ” Davies, weren’t, didn’t, , I’ll, ’ ” Davies, Jonathon Crystal, ” Crystal, “ It’s, Kate Golembiewski Organizations: CNN, University of Cambridge’s, University of Indiana Bloomington Locations: Chicago
CNN —Hundreds of mammoth bones have been uncovered in an Austrian wine cellar, in a discovery labelled an “archaeological sensation.”The remains are thought to be between 30,000 and 40,000 years old, according to experts. Andreas Pernerstorfer made the incredible discovery while renovating his wine cellar in the village of Gobelsburg, about 70 kilometers (43 miles) northwest of Vienna, in March. “He wanted to level the floor of his wine cellar because it was sloping and he removed some concrete in the center,” she said. “It quickly became apparent that it wasn’t just a few mammoth bones but very many mammoth bones,” she said. More than 300 densely packed bones were discovered, though there are likely to be considerably more buried beneath the cellar.
Persons: Andreas Pernerstorfer, Pernerstorfer, Hannah Parow –, , , Souchon, “ I’m, we’ve Organizations: CNN, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Federal Monuments Office, Stone Locations: Austrian, Gobelsburg, Vienna, , Austria, Lower Austria
"I have friends that say that TikTok Shop has ruined the app," Casey Lewis, a trends researcher, said. "It can be good — especially as TikTok moves to TikTok Shop — if they're able to capitalize on this shift and sell products more effectively to older users." Just because something is going viral on TikTok doesn't necessarily mean Gen Z is behind it. The same could be said of Gen Z, which would explain the generations' shared fascination with a time before smartphones and round-the-clock news. The Gen Z users I spoke with didn't seem particularly concerned about an influx of olds.
Persons: Keara Sullivan, Zers, Rushmore, Sullivan, Ryan Broderick, Adam Bumas, Broderick, TikTok, , Cory Doctorow, it's, Kevin Munger, Doctorow, Casey Lewis, Lewis hasn't, Gen Zers, Jonathan Gelfond, Taylor Lorenz, Lorenz, Munger, Gen Z, Lewis, Stanley, Alpha, Zers —, Gen Alpha, hasn't, millennials, Jason Parham, Leslie Horn Petersen, she's, Gen, didn't, I've, Emilie Friedlander Organizations: New, Pew Research Center, Facebook, Senate, Microsoft, Penn State, Little League, Business, QVC, UC Santa Barbara, The Washington Post, YouTube Locations: New York, tfym, millennials, Brooklyn, Philadelphia
Former GOP presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy has an 8% stake in BuzzFeed and is seeking to effect a "shift" in the media firm's strategy, the investor said Tuesday in a filing. "Stay tuned," Ramaswamy told CNBC via a spokesperson. Companies should "do whatever allows them to be most successful over the long run without regard to political, social, cultural or environmental agendas," Ramaswamy told CNBC in a 2023 interview. Ramaswamy has remained close to the Mar-a-Lago circuit after throwing his support behind former President and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. It's unlikely, however, that he will be Trump's vice-presidential pick, given that several GOP operatives and donors have expressed deep opposition.
Persons: Donald Trump, Vivek Ramaswamy, Ramaswamy, BuzzFeed, Jonah Peretti, Buzzfeed, — CNBC's Alex Sherman, Brian Schwartz Organizations: U.S, Republican, Trump, New, GOP, CNBC, Management, Roivant Sciences, Inc Locations: New Hampshire, Laconia , New Hampshire, U.S, BuzzFeed
In contrast to previous research that assumed the sun’s magnetic field originates from deep within the celestial body, they suspect the the source is much closer to the surface. This view of the sun's magnetic field was generated by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. NASA/GSFC/Solar Dynamics ObservaModeling the sun’s magnetic fieldIt’s difficult to see the sun’s magnetic field lines, which loop through the solar atmosphere to form a complicated web of magnetic structures far more complex than Earth’s magnetic field. To better grasp how the sun’s magnetic field works, scientists turn to mathematical models. Like the 11-year solar magnetic cycle, torsional oscillations also experience an 11-year cycle.
Persons: Galileo, , Daniel Lecoanet, ” Lecoanet, , Lecoanet, Geoff Vasil, Ellen Zweibel, Zweibel Organizations: CNN, Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering, Center for Interdisciplinary Exploration, Research, Astrophysics, NASA's Solar Dynamics, NASA, Dynamics, University of Edinburgh, University of Wisconsin Locations: United Kingdom, Madison
Vivid, disturbing nightmares may be a sign of a newly developing autoimmune disorder or an upcoming flare of existing disease, experts say. Researchers found 3 in 5 lupus patients, and 1 in 3 patients with other rheumatology-related diseases, had increasingly vivid and distressing nightmares just before their hallucinations. Systemic autoimmune diseases often have a range of symptoms, called prodromes, that appear as signs of a sudden and possibly dangerous worsening of the condition. Connect the dots to autoimmune diseaseOn first glance, it would make sense that such neurological manifestations as nightmares would occur if the autoimmune disease impacts the brain, which lupus often does, Sloan said. “In some cases, reporting these symptoms earlier, even if they seem strange and unconnected, may lead to the doctor being able to ‘join the dot’s’ to diagnose an autoimmune disease.”
Persons: , “ He’s, I’m, , Melanie Sloan, ” Sloan, Lupus, ” Jennifer Mundt, ” Mundt, “ I’m, Sloan, David D’Cruz, rheumatologist, that’s, Carlos Schenck, ” Schenck, shouldn’t Organizations: CNN, University of Cambridge, Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, Guy’s Hospital, Kings College London, Hennepin County Medical, University of Minnesota Locations: Canadian, United Kingdom, Chicago, Hennepin, Minneapolis
CNN —Human testicles contain microplastics and nanoplastics at levels three times higher than animal testes and human placentas, a new small study found. “They look like little shards, tiny broken bits from very, very old plastics,” said Campen, a regents’ professor of pharmaceutical sciences at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. Researchers expected to find more plastic shards in the testicles of older men in the study, but that wasn’t the case, Campen said. “In testes, the levels of plastic was three times as much as we saw in placentas,” Campen said. In studies of pregnant mice, researchers have found plastic chemicals in the brain, heart, liver, kidney and lungs of the developing fetus 24 hours after the pregnant mother ingested or breathed in plastic particles.
Persons: , Matthew Campen, Campen, ” Campen, “ We’re, Adrienne Bresnahan, Kimberly Wise White, Leonardo Trasande, don’t, Trasande Organizations: CNN, micron, Sciences, University of New, Endocrine Society, Getty, American Chemistry Council, placentas, American Academy of Pediatrics, NYU Langone Health, Natural Resources Defense Council, Invest Locations: University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, United States, placentas, Beijing
In today's big story, we examine how this summer is shaping up to be tough for the stock market . Stocks are on track to either remain flat or turn negative going forward , according to two market vets Jennifer spoke to. The pessimism about stocks' future is due to a few factors. Some Nvidia employees are considered to be millionaires SOPA ImagesThere is, however, one company that could salvage things: Nvidia. As the key chipmaker in the space, a win for Nvidia is a win for everyone betting on AI being the future.
Persons: , Jenny Chang, Rodriguez, Jennifer Sor, Stocks, Jennifer, It's, Jerome Powell, BI's Linette Lopez, Warren Buffett Scott Morgan, Warren, Berkshire Hathaway, Goldman Sachs, Michael Burry, John Paulson, Alyssa Powell, Gen Zers, Instagram, Vincent Sandoval, Getty, Henrik Sorensen, Tyler Le, Larry Ellison, it's, aren't, Cash, Bill Lee, Dan DeFrancesco, Jordan Parker Erb, Hallam Bullock, George Glover Organizations: Service, New York Knicks, NBA, Business, Getty, Fidelity, Hamptons, Nvidia, Reuters, Berkshire, JPMorgan, Meta, Sciences, Apple, The Locations: Montauk, Berkshire, New York, London
The Thwaites Glacier in West Antarctica — nicknamed the “Doomsday Glacier” because its collapse could cause catastrophic sea level rise — is the world’s widest glacier and roughly the size of Florida. Thwaites, which already contributes 4% to global sea level rise, holds enough ice to raise sea levels by more than 2 feet. “This process of widespread, enormous seawater intrusion will increase the projections of sea level rise from Antarctica,” he added. Sea ice around Rothera Point, on Adelaide Island to the west of the Antarctic Peninsula. The researchers also used climate models to predict the potential speed of recovery from such extreme sea ice loss and found that even after two decades, not all the ice will return.
Persons: West Antarctica —, It’s, Thwaites, glaciologists —, Irvine —, , Eric Rignot, Finland’s, Rignot, Ted Scambos, it’s, James Smith, Noel Gourmelen, Gourmelen, Steve Gibbs, ” Louise Sime Organizations: CNN, National Academy of Sciences, Global, University of California, UC Irvine, University of Colorado, British Antarctic Survey, University of Edinburgh, BAS Locations: West Antarctica, Florida, Irvine, Antarctica, University of Colorado Boulder, Thwaites, Rothera, Adelaide
That was the promise of Cerner, the medical-records company Oracle bought in 2021 for $28.3 billion — Oracle's biggest acquisition. At the time, Cerner managed the electronic health records for a quarter of all American hospitals, including those run by the Pentagon and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Larry EllisonCerner's electronic records, in short, were a deadly disaster for the VA. Never mind the futuristic, AI-driven healthcare system Ellison envisioned. In 2015, it beat out Epic, its main competitor, for a $4.3 billion contract to handle electronic health records for the Defense Department. It had agreed to process tens of millions of crucial medical records, but it couldn't handle the subsequent deluge of data.
Persons: Larry Ellison's, Ellison, Cerner, I'm, Larry Ellison, Neal Patterson, Cerner's, Patterson, Ellison's, they're, David Shulkin, Margaret Albaugh, Cerner couldn't, Charlie Bourg, , Larry, Marc Benioff, Ellison protégé, Mike Wilson, David Agus, oncologist, Agus, he'd, Steve Jobs, Sensei, We've, Georges De Keerle, Cerner —, hadn't, Mike Sicilia, Sicilia, Oracle, Anthony Jones Jr, Jones, Donald Remy, didn't, Seema Verma, Neil Evans, Sara Vaezy, Ed Meagher, haven't, Charlie Monroe —, it's, Charlie Bourg —, Bourg, Charlie Monroe, Monroe, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, grandkids, We're, there's Organizations: Oracle's, Oracle, Pentagon, Department of Veterans Affairs, Cerner, RAND Corporation, RAND, Big Tech, GE, Siemens, Cerner Corporation, Defense Department, Department of Defense, Business, Spokane, Ellison Institute of Technology, Microsoft, Agency, Health, Amazon, Veterans ' Affairs, Oracle Health, Navy, Columbus VA, BI, Life Sciences, Intermountain Health, UPMC, DOD, Seabees Locations: Las Vegas, antiaging, Silicon Valley, Spokane , Washington, Cerner, VistA, Bourg, Washington, Sicilia, Ohio, Columbus, Providence, Spokane, Monroe, CloudWorld
The Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Dartmouth College voted on Monday to censure the university’s president, Sian Leah Beilock, over her decision to summon the police to remove a pro-Palestinian encampment on campus, calling her action harmful to the community and disruptive to the university’s educational mission. The censure motion was adopted by a vote of 183 to 163, according to Justin Anderson, a spokesman for Dartmouth. The close vote illustrated the division on campus over Dr. Beilock’s decision on May 1, made just hours after the encampment had been erected on the college green. At the meeting, Dr. Beilock defended her actions, saying that she believed there was a reasonable and credible threat of violence. Monday’s vote was believed to be the first censure vote against a president of Dartmouth in its 255-year history.
Persons: Sian Leah Beilock, Justin Anderson, Beilock’s, Beilock Organizations: of Arts and Sciences, Dartmouth College, Dartmouth
There, a startup called Conceivable Life Sciences is automating the IVF lab from start to finish. Conceivable Life SciencesEleven women so far have become pregnant with help from one or more of these Conceivable robots. Conceivable Life Sciences"No baby, no fee"Today, IVF demand is surging, despite the treatment being slow, uncertain, and expensive. Conceivable's future IVF lab. Conceivable Life SciencesFrom prayer to AIHalf a continent away, a physician was growing frustrated by the constraints of his job.
Persons: , robotically, embryologist Jacques Cohen, Cohen, Joshua Abram, Conceivable's, Abram, Lora Shahine, Emma wasn't, Emma, Alan Murray, Murray, — embryologists, that's, Alejandro Chávez, Badiola, REI, didn't, Conceivable's cofounders, Dr, REIs, What's, Langham, Conceivable's cofounders tinker, Tesla, Brian Bixon, Gerardo Mendizabal, Ruiz, Bixon, Carla Patricia Barragan Álvarez, OBGYNs, aren't, Eduardo Hariton, Hariton Organizations: Service, Business, Sciences, BI, New York City, pipettes, Life Sciences, San, Langham Hotel, Quest Diagnostics Locations: Guadalajara, Mexico, New York, Seattle, pipettes, Petri, San Francisco, London, Abram, Mexico City
Columbia cited security concerns in canceling the large event, a school official told CNN, and instead is holding smaller ones. “Canceling the traditional commencement ceremony was one of the toughest calls in a year of many tough calls,” Shafik wrote in an op-ed in the Columbia Daily Spectator, noting her top priority has been the safety of students, faculty and staff. Fifty people were arrested, and police began the booking process onsite, university spokesperson Tom Vasich said in an email. Pro-Palestinian protesters had set up a campus encampment on April 29, when the university also called in local law enforcement. “This is not protest, this is pure hate.”The building’s takeover came a day after the UCB Divest Coalition agreed to end its campus encampment following discussions with university leadership.
Persons: Minouche Shafik, , Shafik “, Ben Chang, Shafik, , ” Shafik, Tom Vasich, ” Vasich, Vasich, Anna, Dan Mogulof, Nazism ”, David, Mogulof, Santiago Mejia, ” Carol Christ, Jagdeep Singh Bachher, Ana Mari Cauce, ” Cauce, David Ryder David Ryder, , Russell Dorn, Robert Manuel, ” Manuel, Manuel, , ” Benjamin Meyer, Morehouse, Joe Biden’s, David A, Thomas, CNN’s Victor Blackwell, Amanda Musa, Matt Egan, Julia Vargas Jones, Andy Rose, Chris Boyette, Melissa Alonso Organizations: CNN — Pro, Columbia University, Ivy League school’s, New York, CNN, Barnard College, American Association of University Professors, , Columbia Daily Spectator, UC Irvine, University of California, Irvine Police Department, Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Authorities, KABC, UC Berkeley, Pro, KGO, Jewish Community Relations, Nazism, UCB, UC Berkeley’s, Palestine, San Francisco, Getty, UC Regents, UC, Regents, University of Washington, Seattle, Wednesday, REUTERS, Reuters, University, ” DePaul University, Police, DePaul University in, WLS, DePaul, ” University, Coalition, ” Morehouse, Morehouse College’s, White House, White Locations: Israel, Gaza, Shafik, Columbia, Irvine, Orange, Berkeley, Merced, Seattle, DePaul University in Chicago, Atlanta
The inhospitable location has long puzzled archaeologists, some of whom had found evidence that the Nile River once flowed near these pyramids in some capacity, facilitating the landmarks’ construction starting 4,700 years ago. “This is the first study to provide the first map of the long-lost ancient branch of the Nile River.”Ghoneim and her colleagues refer to this extinct branch of the Nile river as Ahramat, which is Arabic for pyramids. Ancient Egyptians likely used the now-extinct Ahramat Branch to build many pyramids. Eman Ghoneim et alThe ancient waterway would have been about 0.5 kilometers wide (about one-third of a mile) with a depth of at least 25 meters (82 feet) — similar to the contemporary Nile, Ghoneim said. Most likely, a period of drought and desertification swept sand into the region, silting up the river, Ghoneim said.
Persons: CNN —, , Ghoneim, ” Ghoneim, Nick Marriner, ” Marriner Organizations: CNN, University of North, University of North Carolina Wilmington’s, Branch, National Science Foundation, French National Centre for Scientific Research Locations: Giza, University of North Carolina, Ahramat, Egypt, Paris
The no-confidence resolution was introduced by the campus chapter of the American Association of University Professors, a professional faculty organization. Of the 709 professors who voted, 65 percent were in favor of the resolution and 29 percent were against it. Six percent abstained. The resolution particularly criticized Dr. Shafik’s decision to call the police into campus to clear a pro-Palestinian student encampment on April 18, even after the executive committee of the University Senate had unanimously told her not to do it. The resolution said that she had “falsely claimed” that the students were a “clear and present danger to the substantial functioning of the university,” arguing instead that they were peaceful.
Persons: Nemat, Shafik, Organizations: of Arts and Sciences, Columbia University, American Association of University, University Senate Locations: Israel
An international coalition of astronomers has newly discovered an unusual planet, dubbed WASP-193b, that’s about 50% bigger than Jupiter and somehow still the second lightest planet ever found. Because of how small the mass signal was, it took the team four years to gather data and calculate WASP-193b’s mass, Barkaoui explained. Eventually the team discovered the planet’s mass is a measly 14% that of Jupiter, despite being so much bigger. But a bigger size means a bigger “extended atmosphere,” said study coauthor Julien de Wit, an associate professor of planetary science at MIT. “WASP-193b is an outlier of all planets discovered to date,” he said.
Persons: puffy, Kepler, Jupiters, Khalid Barkaoui, James Webb, , Barkaoui, Francisco Pozuelos, Julien de Wit, Wit, Stone, puffy Jupiters, it’s Organizations: CNN, James Webb Space Telescope, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, WASP, Spain’s Institute of Astrophysics, MIT Locations: Andalucia
The no-confidence resolution was introduced by the campus chapter of the American Association of University Professors, a professional faculty organization. The group that brought the no-confidence resolution against Dr. Shafik does not “represent many faculty and students at Columbia University,” the letter stated. On Wednesday, Dr. Shafik wrote a conciliatory note to students and published it in the school newspaper in lieu of a graduation speech. Of the 899 faculty members eligible to vote, 709 completed a ballot. There are about 4,700 full-time faculty members at Columbia, of which the Faculty of Arts and Science represents about 20 percent.
Persons: Nemat, Shafik, , ” Ben Chang, David Ahmed Ali, , Robert Newton, ” Dr, Newton, Liset Cruz Organizations: of Arts and Sciences, Columbia University, American Association of University, University Senate, Hamilton Hall, Columbia College, , Israel, Mailman, of Public Health, New School, City University of New, CUNY, New York University, Columbia, Ivy League, of Arts and Science Locations: Israel, Hamilton, Columbia, Gaza, City University of New York
CNN —Eating a vegan, vegetarian or lacto-ovo vegetarian diet significantly reduces the overall risk of developing cancer, heart disease and dying early from cardiovascular disease, according to a new “umbrella” analysis of more than 20 years of research. “Plants have more fiber (animal foods have zero), less saturated fat and zero cholesterol (all animal foods have cholesterol),” Gardner said in an email. However, vegetarian diets limiting but not completely excluding certain types of meat and fish, such as pesco- or pollo-vegetarian diets, were excluded, he said. “Strictly vegan diets can be deficient in vitamin B12,” Gardner said. “Iron is another nutrient that is harder to get from a fully vegan diet,” Gardner added.
Persons: , Dr, Angelo Capodici, Federica, Guaraldi, David Katz, ” Katz, Christopher Gardner, Gardner, ” Gardner, , Davide Gori, ” Gori, It’s, Wesley Soares Ferracini Organizations: CNN, Scuola Superiore, IRCCS Institute of Neurological Sciences, True Health Initiative, Stanford Prevention Research Center, University of Bologna, Mayo Clinic, B12 Locations: Pisa, Italy, Bologna, Palo Alto , California
CNN —Were dinosaurs warm-blooded like birds and mammals or cold-blooded like reptiles? Clues from dinosaur eggshells and bones have suggested that some dinosaurs were warm-blooded and others were not. These dinosaurs may have evolved endothermy, or the ability to internally generate body heat, according to the study. “Warm-blooded animals are generally more active, for example, cold-blooded animals usually don’t build nests,” said lead study author Dr. Alfio Alessandro Chiarenza, Royal Society Newton International Fellow at University College London’s department of Earth sciences. Her 2022 study suggested that ornithischians were more likely cold-blooded and sauropods were warm-blooded.
Persons: Big John, Sarah Meyssonnier, ornithischians, , Alfio Alessandro Chiarenza, Brontosaurus, ” Chiarenza, , Jasmina, ” Wiemann, Chiarenza, Anthony Fiorillo, ” Fiorillo, wasn’t Organizations: CNN, Royal Society Newton International, University College London’s, Field, UCL, Universidade de, New, New Mexico Museum, Southern Methodist University Locations: Paris, Chicago, Spain, New Mexico, Dallas
Market talk : The S & P 500 and Nasdaq jumped to new intraday highs Wednesday, extending the gains from the prior session's late-day rally. In fact, the S & P 500 broke above 5,300 for the first time ever. The one thing we're staying guarded about in this rally is how overbought the stock market has become. You have to go back to last December to find a time when the S & P 500 Short Range Oscillator was this overbought. THE ABOVE INVESTING CLUB INFORMATION IS SUBJECT TO OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND PRIVACY POLICY , TOGETHER WITH OUR DISCLAIMER .
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Now, after the lab team’s decade of close collaboration with scientists at Google, that data has turned into the most detailed map of a human brain sample ever created. The result is an interactive 3D model of the brain tissue, and the largest dataset ever made at this resolution of a human brain structure. And of course, it would reveal many more problems, things we hadn’t expected.”What about mapping an entire human brain? “Much of what we think we understand about the human brain is extrapolated from animals, but research like this is critical for revealing what truly makes us human. “Each human brain is a vast network of billions of nerve cells,” said Sporns, distinguished professor of psychological and brain sciences at Indiana University.
Persons: Jeff Lichtman —, Harvard University —, , Lichtman, Harvard University That’s, Viren Jain, ” Jain, Jain, there’s, we’re, , ” Lichtman, haven’t, Michael Bienkowski, ” Bienkowski, Andreas Tolias, Berger, Olaf Sporns, Sporns Organizations: CNN, Harvard University, Google, Google Research, Lichtman, Harvard, Cisco, University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine, , Stanford University in, Indiana University Locations: Stanford University in California
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