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But this is the global system we do have and, within it, some billionaires are behaving much more generously and ethically than others. Melinda French Gates is one of the good ones. French Gates has long been an advocate for family planning and women’s rights abroad, and now she’s dedicating $1 billion through 2026 to those issues. Female billionaires, in other words, are far more likely than male ones to give away substantial portions of their wealth. So yes, we can applaud the good billionaires who give their wealth away, even if we think that they are representative of a bigger inequality problem.
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The documentary chronicles the rise and fall of the movie-ticket-subscription company MoviePass, and is based on award-winning reporting from Business Insider . The big storyRetirement mathGetty Images;Alyssa Powell/BIFor some millennials, the reality of their retirement plans is that they're a fantasy. AdvertisementIt's not the first time we've gotten troubling data about millennials' retirement plans. But it's not just a lack of savings working against millennials' plans of riding off into the retirement sunset. AdvertisementAnd if you're hoping for a Hail Mary in the form of a fat inheritance to jumpstart your retirement plans, that's not looking great either.
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Read previewTwo former OpenAI board members say artificial intelligence companies can't be trusted to govern themselves and that third-party regulation is necessary to hold them accountable. Helen Toner and Tasha McCauley were board members at OpenAI before they stepped down in November amid a chaotic push to oust OpenAI cofounder Sam Altman. AdvertisementWith Altman back at the helm, Toner and McCauley wrote that OpenAI can't be trusted to hold itself accountable. Related storiesThe former board members wrote that they once believed that OpenAI could govern itself, but "based on our experience, we believe that self-governance cannot reliably withstand the pressure of profit incentives." AdvertisementThe board's 22 members include Altman and chief executives of large tech companies, including Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai.
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Visit to the chatbot's website peaked in May of 2023 and had stagnated since then. A year later, the website is on track to far surpass that, averaging about 77 million daily visits so far this month. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementAfter a year of stagnation, OpenAI's ChatGPT is on track to set a new record for web traffic this month. In the first three weeks of May, the website for OpenAI's popular chatbot averaged about 77 million daily visits and is on track to surpass 2.3 billion total visits for the month, according to data from web analytics company Similarweb.
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In today's big story, we're looking at the push for WFH Fridays and how that plays into the "quiet vacationing" phenomenon . The big storyAnti-office FridaysHector Roquet Rivero/Getty Images; Jenny Chang-Rodriguez/BIWith all due respect to summer Fridays, we've found a year-round replacement: WFH Fridays. But WFH Fridays' staying power remains to be seen. Which brings us back to WFH Fridays. The end result could be employers saying abuse of WFH Fridays means they need you back in the office… for good.
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download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Read previewAI's golden boy, Sam Altman, may be starting to lose his luster. The company has also been dealing with comments from former executives that its commitment to AI safety leaves much to be desired. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. ScaJo scandalThe criticism around AI safety is the latest blow for Altman, who is fighting battles on multiple fronts.
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‘Summer Camp’ (May 31)Kathy Bates, Diane Keaton and Alfre Woodard in "Summer Camp." The movie, costarring Vanessa Hudgens, follows 2020’s “Bad Boys for Life” (it seems that title’s promise didn’t quite stick). The film looks dutifully creepy, and stars the talented Dakota Fanning (“Ripley”) as an artist who finds herself in a strange forest in Ireland. ‘Cuckoo’ (August 2)Hunter Schafer in “Cuckoo.” NEONStarring “Euphoria’s” Hunter Schafer in her first lead film role, this horror film looks positively creepy and a bit, well, cuckoo. ‘Blink Twice’ (August 23)A scene from “Blink Twice.” MGMJam packed with a starry cast, “Blink Twice” looks like a perfect late summer movie – attractive people, elaborate action sequences, and mindless mayhem.
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download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Signal's CEO has weighed in on the OpenAI-Scarlett Johansson controversy, accusing the buzzy AI company of having a "dorm room" culture. OpenAI unveiled the "Sky" artificial intelligence voice option last week alongside an announcement about the company's new GPT-4o large language model. On Monday, Johansson released a statement alleging that Altman had previously approached her about voicing Sky, which she declined. AdvertisementThe company has paused using the Sky voice in its products, OpenAI said.
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I knew my assignment: I had to make the Google glue pizza. But now I'm an adult and can't be shamed for eating glue pizza.) AdvertisementIt appears that the origin of the pizza glue was a joke made on Reddit 11 years ago about adding glue to sauce. Presumably, Google AI search results will improve, and these weird flukes of bad results will become increasingly rare. DO NOT EAT GLUE PIZZA.
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Apple | Spotify | Amazon | YouTube Listen to and follow ‘Hard Fork’This week, more drama at OpenAI: The company wanted Scarlett Johansson to be a voice of GPT-4o, she said no … but something got lost in translation. Then we talk with Noland Arbaugh, the first person to get Elon Musk’s Neuralink device implanted in his brain, about how his brain-computer interface has changed his life. And finally, the Times’s Karen Weise reports back from Microsoft’s developer conference, where the big buzz was that the company’s new line of A.I. PCs will record every single thing you do on the device. Guests:Noland Arbaugh, the first Neuralink patientKaren Weise, technology correspondent for The New York TimesAdditional Reading:
Persons: Scarlett Johansson, Noland Arbaugh, Elon Musk’s, Karen Weise Organizations: Apple, Spotify, The New York Times
OpenAI's "Sky" voice was not created to sound like Scarlett Johansson, The Washington Post reported. The agent for the actor who voiced "Sky" told the outlet Johansson was never mentioned by OpenAI. Johansson said the bot's voice was "eerily similar" to her own, despite declining to be involved. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementChatGPT's "Sky" voice was never explicitly intended to sound like Scarlett Johansson, according to documents that OpenAI shared with The Washington Post.
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Earlier this week, the consensus around OpenAI was that the company was a lying, rapacious soul stealer. A company that wanted to use Scarlett Johansson to promote its product — and when she declined, went ahead and did it anyway, using a fake Scarlett Johansson. Here's the problem: The second version of reality is the one OpenAI itself is pushing. And OpenAI is a relatively young company, with a particularly chaotic history, which includes a foundational fight with Elon Musk and last year's well-publicized Thanksgiving coup-that-wasn't. Now they're telling us they can't handle the most basic stuff, like telling the left hand what the right hand is doing.
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That doesn’t mean the battle against inflation is won. Walmart saw first-quarter sales at stores open at least a year climb 3.8% from the prior year, in part thanks to its ability to keep prices low even as inflation remains sticky. “Our combination of everyday low prices plus a large number of rollbacks is resonating” with consumers, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said on a call with analysts. Investors will get more inflation data next week from the Personal Consumption Expenditures index for April. Without that discount, the combined fine would have topped £88 million ($112 million).
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A Vox story on Saturday said the company could take back vested equity if departing employees did not sign a non-disparagement agreement. "For a company to threaten to claw back already-vested equity is egregious and unusual," California employment law attorney Chambord Benton-Hayes told Vox. AdvertisementOn Saturday, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said on X, "Vested equity is vested equity, full stop." We have not and never will take away vested equity, even when people didn't sign the departure documents. Not signing "could impact your equity," OpenAI told one of them, per Vox.
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Why OpenAI should fear a Scarlett Johansson lawsuit
  + stars: | 2024-05-22 | by ( Brian Fung | )   time to read: +11 min
“It doesn’t matter if OpenAI used any of Scarlett Johansson’s actual voice samples,” Li posted on Threads. Here, Johansson could accuse OpenAI of illegally monetizing who she is by essentially fooling users into thinking she had voiced Sky. But there’s substantial case law — and one very inconvenient fact for OpenAI — undercutting that defense, legal experts say. According to Johansson, OpenAI approached her to perform as Sky; Johansson declined. While California’s publicity law protects all individuals, some state statutes only protect famous people, and not all states have such legislation on the books.
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Back in September, Scarlett Johansson, who played the hauntingly complex AI assistant in the 2013 Spike Jonze film “Her,” got a request from OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman. He wanted to hire Johansson to voice his company’s newest ChatGPT model, “Sky.” She said no. Johansson quickly lawyered up, saying Monday she was “shocked, angered and in disbelief” that Altman would use a voice “so eerily similar” to her own. OpenAI was forced to confront some of those concerns late last week, after two prominent employees left the company. “Being friends with AI will be so much easier than forging bonds with human beings,” wrote Wired editor Brian Barrett in a recent essay about the movie.
Persons: CNN Business ’, you’ve, Scarlett Johansson, Spike Jonze, , Sam Altman, Johansson, OpenAI, Altman, Altman —, Jan Leike, OpenAI’s, Ilya Sutskever, ” Altman, , that’s, Joaquin, Brian Barrett, — CNN’s Clare Duffy, Brian Fung Organizations: CNN Business, New York CNN, Google Locations: New York, Silicon
Read previewOpenAI might've breached YouTube's terms and conditions to train its text-to-video model Sora, says Google CEO Sundar Pichai. "So you felt like they had broken your terms and conditions, or potentially, or if they had, that wouldn't have been appropriate?" Sundar Pichai says he believes OpenAI's Sora breached YouTube's terms and conditions and he is sympathetic to creators whose content is being used to train AI models — Tsarathustra (@tsarnick) May 20, 2024Earlier in the interview, Pichai revealed that YouTube was still "following up and trying to understand" how OpenAI had trained Sora. "We have terms and conditions, and we would expect people to abide by those terms and conditions when you build a product, so that's how I felt about it." AdvertisementJohansson said in a statement that she had turned down OpenAI CEO Sam Altman's offer to voice its latest GPT-4o model.
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OpenAI’s Scarlett Johansson problemWhen OpenAI unveiled the latest version of ChatGPT last week, a chatbot that can listen to spoken questions and respond verbally, many users had one question: Is that Scarlett Johansson? It’s another sign of eroding trust in OpenAI, which has taken fire from creative industries and former employees. In her statement, Johansson shed more light on the matter:Last September, I received an offer from Sam Altman, who wanted to hire me to voice the current ChatGPT 4.0 system. Altman tried again two days before the ChatGPT product announcement, she added, but released the service before they could connect. Johansson — no stranger to waging war against big companies — suggested that she was ready to take legal action.
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Read previewOpenAI's biggest critics have long held the view that Sam Altman's success has been built on an "ask forgiveness, not permission" strategy that could come back to haunt him. The ChatGPT maker has been embroiled in fresh controversy since Monday after Scarlett Johansson lashed out at the company over a new voice feature for its chatbot. her — Sam Altman (@sama) May 13, 2024OpenAI has responded to the criticism by pulling the Sky voice entirely. AdvertisementThough Johansson and Pichai have not filed lawsuits against OpenAI, the "ask forgiveness, not permission" strategy that critics accuse the company of has already landed it in legal hot water. Creators who suspect their work has been used to train OpenAI without their permission will probably wonder why they weren't offered an agreement in the first place.
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Read previewOpenAI's fight with Scarlett Johansson isn't just a PR disaster (and a big one at that). Most of all, it shows there's just really, really bad judgment going on at the highest levels of Sam Altman's company. But everyone immediately noticed that the "Sky" voice that ended up on ChatGPT reminded them of ScarJo. And then Sam Altman, in one of the greatest self-own moves of the generative AI era, tweeted out "her" during the product demo last week. The OpenAI team used a Scarlett Johansson sound-alike voice — also completely avoidable.
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download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Read previewElon Musk has waded into the dispute between Sam Altman and Scarlett Johansson. Musk has also started his own AI company, xAI, and launched a ChatGPT rival called Grok. AdvertisementSam Altman played into the speculation by posting the word "Her" on X, but OpenAI executives denied the likeness was intentional. However, on Monday, the company abruptly announced that "Sky," the voice used in the GPT-4o demo, would be temporarily removed.
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The big storyA retirement loomsMarianne Ayala/BIThe world's most recognizable banker might finally be ready to call it quits. The comings and goings of Wall Street executives are common, even at the highest levels. Wall Street has long speculated about who will ultimately succeed Dimon. Martin Gruenberg has told staff he'll stand down as chairman once a replacement has been found , per The Wall Street Journal. A report from the Wall Street Journal says the company hopes to conduct its next implant in June.
Persons: , Jamie Dimon's, Marianne Ayala, Jamie Dimon, Insider's Paul Squire, nodded, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan's, Tom Williams, Dimon, Jennifer Piepszak, Marianne Lake, Troy Rohrbaugh, BI's Reed Alexander, Reed, M, Alyssa Powell, Goldman Sachs, Lindsay MacMillan, Nancy Lazar, Piper, Martin Gruenberg, OpenAI, Scarlett Johansson, Sam Altman's, Andrea Chronopoulos, they're, Dan DeFrancesco, Jordan Parker Erb, Hallam Bullock, George Glover Organizations: Service, Navy SEAL, Business, JPMorgan, Street, Citi, Bank, Inc, Getty, Wall, Dimon, Bank of America, FDIC, Microsoft, Wall Street Journal Locations: New York, London
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Read previewElon Musk has waded into the dispute between Sam Altman and Scarlett Johansson. Musk has also started his own AI company, xAI, and launched a ChatGPT rival named Grok. AdvertisementAltman played into the speculation by posting the word "her" on X, but OpenAI executives denied the likeness was intentional. In a statement shared with Business Insider, Altman apologized to Johansson for not communicating better but reiterated that the Sky voice wasn't intended to mimic hers.
Persons: , Elon, Sam Altman, Scarlett Johansson, Musk, Johansson's, OpenAI, she'd, Altman, Scarlett Johansson's, chatbot, Johansson, Jan Leike, OpenAI didn't Organizations: Service, Business
"We believe that AI voices should not deliberately mimic a celebrity's distinctive voice — Sky's voice is not an imitation of Scarlett Johansson but belongs to a different professional actress using her own natural speaking voice," the blog post said. AdvertisementIn a statement provided to BI, Altman said the Sky voice is not Johansson and was not intended to be similar to hers. "We cast the voice actor behind Sky's voice before any outreach to Ms. Johansson. Out of respect for Ms. Johansson, we have paused using Sky's voice in our products," Altman said. "We are sorry to Ms. Johansson that we didn't communicate better."
Persons: , Scarlett Johansson, OpenAI, Sam Altman's, Johansson, Altman, Sky's, Katie Notopoulos, Sam Altman Organizations: Service, Business, BI
OpenAI removed a ChatGPT voice that sounded like Scarlett Johansson after she lawyered up. AdvertisementOpenAI made an enemy of Scarlett Johansson when it launched a ChatGPT voice that sounds a lot like her. The superstar could be a foe that Sam Altman's AI company regrets tangling with. The company had asked her to collaborate on a voice product, she said — but she turned it down. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
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