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The alleged cybercriminal conduct and the lavish lifestyle it funded “reads like it’s ripped from a screenplay,” Matthew Axelrod, a senior US Commerce Department official involved in the investigation, said in a statement. Wang used money he earned from renting the botnet to buy property in those locations, according to an indictment unsealed in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. Authorities in Singapore and Thailand worked with the FBI on the bust, the Justice Department said. The new charges are only the latest alleged example of opportunistic fraud that has been rampant across the US since Covid-19 emerged more than four years ago. The problem got so bad that the Secret Service named a senior official as National Pandemic Fraud Recovery Coordinator to try to claw back some of the many billions that were stolen.
Persons: YunHe Wang, Fraudsters, ” Matthew Axelrod, Brett Leatherman, Wang, Leatherman Organizations: CNN, Justice Department, Justice, Treasury, US Commerce Department, Royce, FBI, Court, Eastern, Eastern District of, Authorities, Service, IRS Locations: Singapore, East Asia, Caribbean, Eastern District, Eastern District of Texas, Thailand
Royce White, a Black former pro basketball player who led protests in Minneapolis after the murder of George Floyd, made his first appearance on “The Alex Jones Show” about two years ago. Jones, a purveyor of conspiracy theories about everything from 9/11 to the murder of children at Sandy Hook Elementary School, was thrilled by their conversation. “You’re awesome, you’re dead-on, and we’re going to learn a lot from you,” he enthused. to accommodate his generalized anxiety disorder, a public stand that won him journalistic admiration even as his athletic career faltered. “Royce White Towers Above the Minneapolis Protests, and Thousands Are Looking Up to Him,” said a Washington Post headline.
Persons: Royce White, George Floyd, Alex Jones, , Jones, White, Dave Zirin, Billie Jean King, Muhammad Ali, “ Royce, Donald Trump, ” White, Louis Farrakhan, Robert Malone ” —, Steve Bannon, Bannon, Trump’s, delighting, it’s, Tulsi Gabbard Organizations: Sandy Hook Elementary, Minneapolis Protests, Washington Post, CNN, Democratic, Trump Locations: Minneapolis, Israel
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The Texas couple were staring down more than $100,000 in debt, much of which they had poured into WiFi Money. Those who give their money to WiFi Money are often encouraged to sign up other people in return for a cut of their profits — and perhaps, one day, a chance to become part of the WiFi Money crew. As the money poured in, WiFi Money gained a patina of mainstream credibility. AdvertisementThrough WiFi Money, Moeller and Frederick had created a virtuous cycle of money and influence. The same month investors took WiFi Money to court over the stores, DBC announced it was closing down.
Persons: Alex Moeller, influencer, Jasmine Sadry, Joey Martin, Martin, Moeller, Chris Frederick, Casa Moeller Martinez, MentorCI, Kim Kardashians, Gary Vee, Uber, Etsy, Farnaz Ghaedipour, Frederick, Jay Gatsby, Scott Fitzgerald's, Brandon Celi, There's, Billy, Chris Casey, There's Todd Cahill, Liz Friesen, Tana Mongeau, Kardashian, , James Ragano, BI Moeller, wouldn't, Kyle McDougal, Sadry, Kyncey, McDougal, hustlers, Kevin O'Leary, Jordan Belfort, Ronaldinho, Glenn Beck, I've, he'd, Daemon, I'm, they'd, It's, Chris Costello, Francis, Ashley, Costello, Gatsby, Casey, Avery Williamson, Victor Bermudez, DBC, They're, Instagram, Rolex Submariner Organizations: WiFi, Lamborghini, McLaren, Fox News, YouTube, Invest, Stanford University, PBS, BI, Social, Yahoo Finance, Business, Times, Piccadilly Circus, Fort, DMs, Kyncey Investments, Amazon, Kyncey, Investors, CNN, Fox Business, Big Tech, Florida Tropics Soccer Club, Royce, WiFi Money, Federal Trade Commission, WifiMoney, IRS, NFL, Dallas, Rolex Locations: Instagram, Mexico, Texas, Dallas, Quito, Ecuador, @amoeller, Florida, pecs, Maryland, Europe, Illinois, Mita, Burj, Fort Worth, dropshipping, Brazilian, New York City, ensconced, Minnesota, Los Angeles, Munich
The world's second-richest person owns three private jets, according to public records seen by Business Insider and data from JetSpy. AdvertisementThe cabin of a Gulfstream G650ER. The light business jet with 10 seats was manufactured in 2020 and usually costs about $9 million. How Bezos' jets are kept privateProving Bezos' ownership of the jets isn't simple. A Gulfstream G650ER.
Persons: , Jeff Bezos, — Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Taylor Rains, Bezos, Robert Smith, Poplar, Paul Dauber, Taylor Swift, FlightAware, It's, Jack Sweeney Organizations: Service, Business, Gulfstream, Miami, Seattle, Federal Aviation Administration, TVPX Aircraft Solutions, Getty, FAA, Bezos, Dassault Falcon, Poplar Glen, Boeing Field, BI, Puget Sound Business, Costco, Royce, Forbes Locations: JetSpy, Miami, Cape Town, Dubai, Beijing, Australia, Asia, Bezos, Poplar Glen, Washington, Poplar Glen's, Seattle
This is the opening scene from “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”, which first screened at Cannes Film Festival 30 years ago this month. In the film, Tick (Hugo Weaving) and Bernadette (Terence Stamp) help Adam (Guy Pearce) realize his dream of climbing King Canyon in full drag. “I think that’s definitely one of the most iconic looks,” drag artist and costumer Philmah Bocks told CNN. Bocks has been designing costumes for 30 years, having broken into the drag scene around the same time “Priscilla” was hitting screens. The film’s legacy can also be seen in Australia’s drag scene today and, since 2021, has been broadcast to new audiences via contestants on “Rupaul’s Drag Race Down Under”.
Persons: CNN —, Belrose, Hugo Weaving, Mitzi Del, Priscilla , Queen, , Tim Chappel, I’d, Elliott, Bernadette Bassenger, Terence Stamp, Adam Whitley, Felicia Jollygoodfellow, Guy Pearce, Priscilla, Queen, Bernadette, Adam, Chappel, ” Chappel, Susan Barber, Priscilla ”, Lizzy Gardiner, Oscar, Mitzi Del Bra, , Gloria Gaynor’s “, costumer Philmah Bocks, Bocks, Tim Chappel's, Priscilla ’, they’ve, couldn’t, I’ve, “ Priscilla ”, she’s, London’s, Katy Perry, they’re, Katy Perry’s, ” Bocks, Felicia Jollygoodfellow's, ” Stephan Elliott Organizations: CNN, Cannes Film, Miss Teen USA, Sydney, Cannes, Chappel, First Nations, Royce Locations: CNN — Sydney, Silicon, Sydney, Australia, Tasmania
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Provoked Violence, Unchecked for Hours The New York Times used videos filmed by journalists, witnesses and protesters to analyze hours of clashes — and a delayed police response — at a pro-Palestinian encampment on Tuesday. On Tuesday night, violence erupted at an encampment that pro-Palestinian protesters had set up on April 25. The videos showed counterprotesters attacking students in the pro-Palestinian encampment for several hours, including beating them with sticks, using chemical sprays and launching fireworks as weapons. The melee began when a group of counterprotesters started tearing away metal barriers that had been in place to cordon off pro-Palestinian protesters. 12:26 a.m.Sean Beckner-Carmitchel via ReutersAt times, counterprotesters swarmed individuals — sometimes a group descended on a single person.
Persons: KAPLAN, COUNTERPROTESTERS, ROYCE HALL POWELL LIBRARY KAPLAN, counterprotesters, Mel Buer, Harbu, , Sean Beckner, Sergio Olmos, Calmatters, , Counterprotesters, Mary Osako, , U.C, Michael Drake, L.A.P.D, Mark Abramson, Gene Block, Gavin Newsom, enforcement’s, Hussam Ayloush, U.C.L.A Organizations: The New York Times, . University of California, Los Angeles University of California, Los Angeles ROYCE HALL, POWELL LIBRARY KAPLAN, ROYCE HALL POWELL, HAINES, ROYCE HALL, POWELL, COUNTERPROTESTERS KAPLAN, HAINES HALL POWELL LIBRARY, ROYCE HALL POWELL LIBRARY, UCLA, Powell Library, Royce Hall, Palestinian, Arrows, Police, New York, University of California, Times, Security, Real News, Israel Defense Forces ’, The Times, Reuters, Associated Press, Los Angeles Police Department, Patrol, Riot, California, Daily Bruin, California Gov, Los Angeles Jewish, Los, Los Angeles Area, Islamic, Jewish Federation Los Locations: U.C.L.A, Los, Los Angeles, Israel, Gaza, Carmitchel, StringersHub, California, Palestine
But by Wednesday morning, the peace at the University of California, Los Angeles, had been shattered. Many critics were incredulous that even after officers with the Los Angeles Police Department arrived, there were no arrests or suspensions. Campus officials ordered protesters on Wednesday evening to leave the encampment or face arrest. Image A group of counterprotesters attacked a pro-Palestinian encampment at the University of California, Los Angeles, on Tuesday night. seemed to wait too long to call in the Los Angeles police, whose officers did not arrive until after midnight.
Persons: fistfights, , , Marie Salem, Mark Abramson, ANGELES Royce Hall Dickson, Ms, Salem, Aidan Woodruff, Mr, Woodruff, counterprotesters, Philip Cheung, Gene Block, Block, Israel counterprotesters, Karen Bass’s, Counterprotesters, Michael Nasir, Mary Osako, Katy Yaroslavsky, streetlight, Hussam Ayloush, Rob Bonta, Ayloush, Benjamin Kersten, Bella Brannon, Brannon, Jill Cowan, Shawn Hubler, Livia Albeck, Claire Fahy, John Yoon, Yan Zhuang Organizations: University of California, Student, The New York, The New York Times, Los Angeles Police Department, OF, ANGELES Royce Hall Dickson, ANGELES Royce Hall, ANGELES Royce Hall Dickson Court, ., Israel, Royce Hall, Los Angeles police, Police Department, Patrol, California, Credit, . Palestinian Solidarity, Jewish, Fairfax District, Jewish Federation Los, Los, Los Angeles Area, Islamic Relations, Jewish Voice, Peace Locations: Los Angeles, U.C.L.A, Israel, California, . Palestinian, counterprotesters, , Westside, Beverly Hills, Iranian, Gaza, Palestine
Israel supporters standing on the opposite side of a walkway from the large pro-Palestinian encampment at the University of California, Los Angeles. “These incidents have put many on our campus, especially our Jewish students, in a state of anxiety and fear.”In a statement, the U.C.L.A. On Sunday, the Israeli American Council, which has denounced pro-Palestinian protests on college campuses as “overtly antisemitic,” hosted a rally at U.C.L.A. On Monday night, another fight broke out between two groups of protesters after about 60 pro-Israel demonstrators attempted to enter the pro-Palestinian encampment. Image Pro-Palestinian protesters have come face to face daily with Israel supporters at the University of California, Los Angeles.
Persons: Israel, Royce, Gene Block, , , Block, ” Mary Osako, megaphones, Mark Abramson, Asher Taxon, ” Mr, Taxon, Kaia Shah Organizations: University of California, Royce Hall, . Palestinian Solidarity, Israeli American Council, Israel, Los Angeles . Credit, The New York Times, U.C.L.A, Locations: Los Angeles, Israel, . Palestinian, California, Israeli, U.C.L.A, Atlanta, Orange County, Calif, Gaza
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Israel supporters standing on the opposite side of a walkway from the large pro-Palestinian encampment at the University of California, Los Angeles. On Sunday, the Israeli American Council, which has denounced pro-Palestinian protests on college campuses as “overtly antisemitic,” hosted a rally at U.C.L.A. On Monday night, another fight broke out between two groups of protesters after about 60 pro-Israel demonstrators attempted to enter the pro-Palestinian encampment. Image Pro-Palestinian protesters have come face to face daily with Israel supporters at the University of California, Los Angeles. Many Jewish groups say the campus protests have created a climate hostile toward Jewish students.
Persons: Israel, Royce, U.C.L.A, , ” Mary Osako, , Ms, Osako, megaphones, Mark Abramson, Asher Taxon, ” Mr, Taxon, Kaia Shah Organizations: University of California, Royce Hall, University of Southern, University of Texas, Israeli American Council, “ UCLA, Israel, Los Angeles . Credit, The New York Times, U.C.L.A Locations: Los Angeles, University of Southern California, Austin, Israeli, Israel, U.C.L.A, Atlanta, Orange County, Calif, Gaza
Officials at the University of California, Los Angeles, declared a pro-Palestinian encampment illegal for the first time on Tuesday night and warned protesters that they faced consequences if they did not leave. It was an abrupt turn at a campus that had been among the most tolerant in the nation, abiding by a University of California practice of avoiding law enforcement action unless “absolutely necessary to protect the physical safety of our campus community.”After protesters established the encampment on Thursday in the shadow of Royce Hall, university officials did not intervene and said they wanted to support free speech rights while minimizing campus disruption. But patience appeared to run out after violent confrontations in recent days between pro-Palestinian demonstrators and Israel supporters that required the campus police to intervene. Administrators also took issue with instances in which protesters used metal gates and human walls to control access to campus walkways and entrances, videos of which had circulated on social media.
Persons: Royce Organizations: University of California, Royce Hall Locations: Los Angeles, Israel
How CEOs are preparing for possible employee protests
  + stars: | 2024-04-29 | by ( Nicole Goodkind | )   time to read: +10 min
You can always choose to move on, but remember you don’t have a right to work at most companies. We can’t keep re-litigating when we also have a business to runYou speak with CEOs every day. Most of the CEOs I’ve talked to said they haven’t seen their employees protest, but they’re bracing for it. But I will say that I don’t think it will become that widespread because of how swiftly and unapologetically Google addressed it. I don’t think it will become a thing.
Persons: Sundar Pichai, Bell, Johnny C, Taylor Jr, that’s, we’re, We’re, we’ve, I’m, You’d, They’re, I’ve, Royce, Peter Valdes, “ We’re, , Martin Fritsches, “ That’s, Brian Fung, Sean Lyngaas, Satya Nadella, Sam Altman, Northrop Grumman, Alejandro Mayorkas Organizations: CNN Business, Bell, New York CNN, Google, Tech, Society for Human Resource Management, Companies, Royce, BMW, OpenAI, Microsoft, Department of Homeland Security, Delta Air Lines, DHS, , Amazon Web Services, IBM, Cisco, , Civil Locations: New York, Israel, Chichester , England
NBA stars are scoring big in the fashion world
  + stars: | 2024-04-29 | by ( Nick Remsen | )   time to read: +9 min
Basketball players’ style — largely in the men’s league, but increasingly the women’s too — has become a bonafide pillar in fashion media and consumption. Basketball players’ style has more eyes on it than any other sport, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author Mitchell S. Jackson told CNN. “(The league) was the first to embrace it,” Jackson, author of the recently released photobook “Fly: The Big Book of Basketball Fashion,” explained. “Basketball players are so much a part of American culture. Bettman/Getty Images/Courtesy Workman“We talk a lot about current NBA tunnel style, but the league has been America’s most stylish for decades,” Schube continued.
Persons: Tyrese Haliburton, Pepper Robinson, Ron Hoskins, NBAE, — Tyrese Haliburton, , Pharrell Williams, Birkin, it’s, Shai Gilgeous, Alexander, Russell Westbrook, LeBron James, Josh Giddey, Tyler Herro, , Marcus Paul, Luka Dončic, ” There’s, Caitlin Clark, Prada, Sam Schube, Thom Browne, AJ Mast, Tyler Ross, Workman, Virgil Abloh, Louis Vuitton, Williams, Kim Kardashian’s, Donovan Clingan, Caleb Love, Hunter Dickinson, Jared McCain, Duke, Robert Dillingham, Paxson Wojcik, Mitchell S, Jackson, ” Jackson, , LeBron, Michael Jordan, Jordan, Jackson’s, Peggy Sirota, who’ve, Stephen “ Steph ” Curry, Curry, Steph Curry, Jed Jacobsohn “, ’ ” Curry, ” Curry, “ I’m, Kyle Kuzma, Timothée, Johnson, Andrew D, Bernstein, Walt Frazier, Bettman, ” Schube, “ Allen Iverson, Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, Armani, Walt Fraziers, Wilt Chamberlain’s, Fatih Aktas, , ’ ”, , they’d, ” Gilgeous, Alexander —, haven’t Organizations: Indiana Pacers, Basketball, Gilgeous, CNN, GQ, Cleveland Cavaliers, New York Times, Los Angeles Lakers, Oklahoma City Thunder, NBA, UConn, UNC, “ Basketball, Golden State Warriors, Fashion Council, Savant, State, GQ Sports, , Workman New York Knicks, Royce, Anadolu Agency, Getty, Civil, Nike Locations: Haliburton, Arizona, Kansas, Robert Dillingham ( Kentucky, Chicago , Illinois, Gilgeous
So this factory expansion isn’t about making more cars, but making more expensive cars, which takes more time and requires more space for workshops and storage of exotic materials. The Rolls-Royce Phantom Syntopia's has glass flecks to create sparkling designs. Before that, Rolls-Royce cars were built alongside Bentleys — Rolls-Royce had acquired Bentley in 1931 — at a factory in Crewe, UK. The Phantom Syntopia likely would have cost more than $3 million according to sources, although Rolls-Royce would not confirm an exact price. The Phantom Syntopia has a special Weaving Water design in its Starlight Headliner.
Persons: Royce, “ We’re, , Martin Fritsches, “ That’s, Bentleys —, Bentley, Stephan Winkelmann, Javier Gonzalez Lastra, Fritsches, Cullinan Organizations: CNN, BMW, Royce, Bentley, Volkswagen, Lamborghini, Ferrari, ” Lamborghini, Tema Locations: Chichester , England, Crewe, cabinetry
Sacha Jafri may have cracked the unpredictable art market
  + stars: | 2024-04-26 | by ( )   time to read: +1 min
Known for his magical realist works, Dubai-based Sacha Jafri paints from a mediative state. "I'm in a complete trance," Jafri told CNBC. "I've made this quite conscious effort to keep my work out of auction," Jafri said. "Because you don't want your work in auction too early, you don't want a boom-bust. Since then, among his other artistic endeavors, Sacha has had his art sent to the moon.
Persons: Sacha Jafri, Jafri, I'm, I've, Sacha, Rolls Organizations: CNBC, Rolls Royce, Dubai . Locations: Dubai, Al
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Several countries have been beefing up their defense budgets in light of mounting geopolitical tensions, and Goldman Sachs has named several European stocks to play the theme right now. European defense stocks "have closely tracked super-cycles and are now "trading at peak multiples (20x 12-month forward price-to-earnings) vs history," which translates to a 45% premium to the benchmark Stoxx 600 index , the bank's analysts noted. Stocks Goldman's analysts said they "increasingly favour stocks exposed to long-term secular growth themes with superior visibility on growth." Other stocks with an exposure to the defense industry on Goldman's buy-rated list include aerospace names Rolls-Royce Holdings (also on its "conviction list") and Airbus . The bank has increased its 12-month price target on the stock by close to 60% to 606 euros, giving it nearly 13.4% upside potential.
Persons: Goldman Sachs, Victor Allard, Goldman, — CNBC's Michael Bloom Organizations: Stocks, Thales, Royce Holdings, Airbus, Rheinmetall
Women’s watches have undergone something of a transformation in recent years, moving beyond an outdated “shrink it and pink it” design school of thought. Courtesy HermèsThe Cut is Hermès’ first new, in-house-designed women’s watch for 20 years — and it’s worth the wait. It also comes in rose gold, diamond-dusted white gold, and in two seriously special High Jewelry iterations which feature stripes of coloured hardstones. Courtesy ChopardBaby blue seems to be the hue for women’s watches this year, and Chopard’s new Happy Sport is a delicious example. Continuing the blue theme, it eschews razzle-dazzle for a confidently chic combination of white gold and lustrous lacquer, in a newly slimmed-down silhouette.
Persons: Patek Philippe, Cartier, Chanel, Couture, Boyfriend Couture, Chanel Chanel’s Couture, Coco Chanel, Van Cleef, Van, you’d, Carrera, Piaget Piaget, They’re, Vacheron Constantin Grand Lady Kalla Vacheron Constantin Grand Lady, Constantin Vacheron Constantin, Kalla Organizations: CNN, Chopard, TAG, IWC, Schaffhausen Locations: Geneva, Switzerland
Read previewAlthough US stocks have been all the rage this year, a top-performing fund manager remains convinced that the most compelling investing opportunities are in international equities. Its 80% gain over the past five years is more than double that of the STOXX Europe 600 and is six-fold above the 13% return of Vanguard's Total International Stock Index ETF (VXUS). The Brandes International Equity Fund has been in the top 10% of its category in the last 10 years, according to Morningstar, which includes a top-1% finish in 2023. AdvertisementOnce the fund manager finds stocks that fit this bill, he thinks more like a business owner than a stock trader. Of all the opportunities in international markets, Germain is especially drawn to four stocks across various countries and industries.
Persons: , Jeff Germain, Germain, David Kelly, Brandes, He's, " Germain, Royce Organizations: Service, Vanguard's, Stock, Business, Brandes Investment Partners, Brandes International Equity Fund, JPMorgan Asset Management, Morningstar, Heidelberg, Embraer, Royce, Heineken Locations: German, Brazil, Britain
CNN —A federal judge on Wednesday blasted a convicted January 6 rioter for downplaying the US Capitol attack and using the kind of revisionist rhetoric that former President Donald Trump often uses on the campaign trial. “This cannot become normal… We cannot condone the normalization of the January 6 US Capitol riot,” US District Judge Royce Lamberth said while sentencing Taylor James Johnatakis to more than seven years in prison. He did not reference Trump by name while sentencing Johnatakis, but the comparisons were clear. According to evidence presented at trial, Johnatakis attended Trump’s rally on January 6 and then threatened to “break down doors” while marching toward the Capitol. He has been defiant about his actions, saying in a recent interview that “we did nothing” on January 6, and writing about the “injustice” that he and other Capitol riot defendants are facing behind bars.
Persons: Donald Trump, Royce Lamberth, Taylor James Johnatakis, Johnatakis, ” Trump, , , Martin Luther King Jr, Henry David Thoreau, ” Lamberth, Ronald Reagan, ” Johnatakis Organizations: CNN, Capitol, Trump, Sovereign, Prosecutors Locations: Washington ,
Read previewColorado aerospace company Boom Supersonic is building the world's latest faster-than-sound passenger plane, called the Overture. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. Related storiesBragg said a supersonic plane would be much more effective if it could be used on cross-country flights rather than just transoceanic. Boom told Business Insider it has seen a market appeal for the Overture as a corporate plane for sports teams. According to Boom, Overture will be able to fly Mach 0.94 over land, which is "20% faster than subsonic flight."
Persons: , Boom, Michael Bragg, I'm, Bragg, There's, Henry Hardevelt Organizations: Service, Concorde, Business, Boom's, American Airlines, Japan Airlines, United Airlines, University of Illinois, Air, British Airways, Royce, Pratt & Whitney, Aviation Locations: Colorado, Air France
In August 2022, Singaporean Liu Kuei Liang forged his mom's signature on sales agreements, court documents seen by Business Insider show. He pleaded guilty to forgery in a Singaporean court, and on March 22 was given a 12-week prison sentence. But on August 16 that year, Liu's mother alerted the police, and he was charged with forgery. In court, Liu's defense attorneys said his mom had offered him the use of her cars "as and when required." AdvertisementThey also pointed to the fact that as the case moved forward, Liu's mom forgave her son, the case summary says.
Persons: Royce, Liu Kuei Liang, , Liu, Autoart, Brenda Chua, Liu's, Chau Organizations: Service, Business, Royce Locations: Autoart Singapore, Taiwan
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