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CNN —Train enthusiasts and history buffs alike will soon have a new Southeast Asian destination to visit, as Vietnam prepares to unveil a revamped pair of vintage steam locomotives from the 1960s. The two Revolution Express locomotives are the last working steam trains in Vietnam, dating from when the country was still a French colony, according to hospitality brand Wafaifo Optimisers, which is managing the project. In recent years, the trains have been slowly restored to working condition using original parts, and crafted by the last remaining steam engineers working for the national railway system. Wafaifo & Revolution ExpressVietnam declared its independence from France on September 2, 1945 – a claim that neither France nor the United States recognized. By 1954, Vietnam signed the Geneva Accords – splitting the country into two halves, the Communist-led north and US-supported south, and kicking off the bloody Vietnam War, which would last nearly two decades.
Persons: Wafaifo Optimisers, Wafaifo, , Michael Gebbie Organizations: CNN, Revolution, Lang Co, Indochina Rail Tourist Service, Revolution Express, Geneva Accords, Communist, UNESCO Locations: Vietnam, Da Nang, Hue, Lang, Lang Co, Indochina, Revolution Express Vietnam, France, United States, Saigon, Chi Minh City
The port's terminal was blocked after the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed and killed six workers. AdvertisementTwo months after Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed, cruise ships are now taking off from the Port of Baltimore. The two trips are notable as the first cruise ships to leave Baltimore since the port was blocked by the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge on March 26. The Francis Scott Key Bridge services about 30,000 people a day. AdvertisementOne week ago, the port's terminal was the headquarters for the recovery operations for the Francis Scott Key Bridge, Daniels added.
Persons: Francis Scott Key, , Baltimore's Francis Scott Key, We've, Jonathan Daniels, Daniels Organizations: Port, Service, Royal, Business, Francis Scott Key Bridge, Baltimore Sun, Maryland Department of Transportation Locations: Port of Baltimore, Royal Caribbean, Bermuda, Greenland, Canada, Baltimore, Maryland
Analysts are expecting the Memorial Day weekend to usher in yet another summer of strong consumer spending on travel and other leisure activities. “We haven’t seen Memorial Day weekend travel numbers like these in almost 20 years,” Paula Twidale, senior vice president at AAA Travel, said in a release. Spending this summer will likely be a little softer than last year’s, they said, but still strong. The bank’s consumer travel survey showed that 72% of people said they’re planning to travel, with 36% saying they’ve already planned their trip. Even among respondents making less than $75,000 a year, more than 60% said they’re planning to travel this summer.
Persons: ” Paula Twidale, Royal Caribbean’s, ” David Tinsley, they’ve, Joelle, aren’t, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu “, Atsuko Sato, , Sato, ” Kabosu, Kabosu, Shiba, Loretta Mester, Neel Kashkari, Lisa Cook, Robin, John Williams, Raphael Bostic, Lorie Logan Organizations: CNN Business, Bell, Washington CNN —, Transportation Security Administration, AAA, AAA Travel, Bank of America Institute, Bank of America, Japan, Europe, New York Fed, Public Policy Research, Mizuho Financial, Federal, Global, Index, Board, HP, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Abercrombie, Fitch, Eagle Outfitters, Costco, Dell, Dollar, Hormel, US Commerce Department, US Labor Department, National Association of Realtors, China’s National Bureau of Statistics, Atlanta Fed Locations: Washington, Caribbean, South Korea, Switzerland, Colombia, Costa Rica, Canada, Mexico, Domestically , California, Florida, California, , Sakura, CAVA, Chewy, Burlington, Birkenstock, Nordstrom, Kohl’s
CNN —Rapper Nicki Minaj apologized to fans outside her hotel in Manchester early Sunday morning for postponing a UK show after she was stopped by Dutch authorities on allegations she was carrying drugs. “I love you and I’m so sorry this happened tonight,” Minaj said in a video posted on social media. Minaj had earlier revealed the name of her Manchester hotel in a post on X, and invited fans to see her. In this still from Nicki Minaj's Instagram Live, the rapper is ushered out of her vehicle by police at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. Another Nicki Minaj concert is scheduled at the Co-op Live, Manchester, for Thursday, May 30.
Persons: Nicki Minaj, ” Minaj, Minaj, “ I’m, I’ll, , , Nicki Minaj's Instagram, Tanya Maraj, Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, CNN’s Caitlin Danaher Organizations: CNN, Amsterdam’s, Airport, Royal, Schiphol Airport, Public, Office Locations: Manchester, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Royal Netherlands, Birmingham
Therefore, companies with exposure to the wealthier consumer should benefit, said a team of Morgan Stanley analysts led by Michelle Weaver. "This has changed post-Covid and we believe travel names exposed to high end consumers will continue to outperform those exposed to low end consumers." "We see a record spring and summer travel season with our 11 highest sales days in our history all occurring this calendar year," he said. Morgan Stanley continues to prefer the premium airlines. Its management has also noted its premium revenue is nearly 20% from last year and currently makes up 61% of revenue, he said.
Persons: Morgan Stanley, AlphaWise, Michelle Weaver, Ed Bastian, Ravi Shanker, Morgan, Shanker, Stephen Grambling, Hilton, Grambling, Wyndham, Jamie Rollo, Rollo, — CNBC's Leslie Josephs Organizations: Delta Air, Alaska Air, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Marriott, CCL, Royal, Norwegian Cruise Locations: Grambling, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian
Lin Rui-siang stands accused of running a $100 million dark web drug market, attempting to blackmail its users, and instructing others on how to evade anti-money-laundering investigators. Federal prosecutors say that he owned and operated Incognito Market, a dark web drug market selling heroin, cocaine, oxycodone, and other illicit substances. The DoJ said Lin used the pseudonyms "Pharoah" and "faro." The indictment claims that Lin closed the drug marketplace in or around March, and that he refused to return money stored in the "bank" to vendors and customers. The outlet said that "Pharoah" posted on a dark web market forum that its aim was to help users evade anti-money-laundering investigators.
Persons: , Lin Rui, siang, Lin, John F, Lucia, Edward A, Caban Organizations: Service, Business, Department of Justice, Kennedy, WIRED, St, Lucia Police, Lucia Police Force, DoJ, Justice Department, FBI, Homeland Security Investigations, Drug Enforcement Administration, Food, Drug, Criminal Investigations, New York Police Department, NYPD Locations: Royal, faro
CNN —Two teams of scientists have discovered a theoretically habitable planet, smaller than Earth but bigger than Venus, orbiting a small star about 40 light-years away. Working on the assumption that the exoplanet doesn’t have an atmosphere, scientists calculated its surface temperature to be around 107 degrees Fahrenheit (42 degrees Celsius). Once temperate Earth-size planets have been identified, scientists can then analyze them to determine which elements are contained in their atmospheres and, crucially, whether water is present to sustain life. This method involves capturing starlight that shines through an exoplanet’s atmosphere and seeing which wavelengths are absorbed by certain molecules, revealing their presence in the atmosphere. As well as shedding light on the exoplanet itself, Palethorpe said scientists are hoping that this work can help us understand our own planet better.
Persons: “ We’ve, , Masayuki Kuzuhara, Akihiko Fukui, , ” Larissa Palethorpe, , Palethorpe, James Webb Organizations: CNN, Royal Astronomical Society, Astrobiology, University of Tokyo, University of Edinburgh and University College London, James Webb Space Telescope Locations: Tokyo,
Port Canaveral announced new plans to build a seventh cruise terminal by 2026. But Port Canaveral is running out of space as demand for these vacation voyages continues to skyrocket. When complete, it could accommodate the world's largest cruise ships, including Royal Caribbean's new 1,198-foot-long, 9,950-person-capacity Icon of the Seas. The project would've taken three to four years to complete — too long a timeline for Port Canaveral. "We can't shut down operations at Port Canaveral because the state can't get the road infrastructure in a timely manner," he added.
Persons: , John Murray, Murray, Royal Caribbean's, Brittany Chang, Ross Klein, UCG, Jamie Glasner, Glasner Organizations: Canaveral, Infrastructure, Service, Disney, Sunshine State, Port Canaveral, Canaveral Port, Royal, Business, MSC Group, Disney Cruise, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Glasner, US Customs, Border Protection, Florida Department Locations: Florida, Miami, Canaveral, Port Canaveral, Port, Caribbean
CNN —A new portrait of Catherine, Princess of Wales has stoked controversy online, with some royal fans criticizing the work for its portrayal of the future British Queen. The painting, by British-Zambian artist Hannah Uzor, features on the cover of the July issue of Tatler magazine. The Princess of Wales pictured at the state banquet on November 21, 2023. “This looks nothing like the Princess of Wales. Tatler“I agree with the sentiments of strength and dignity but the portrait lacks any resemblance to the Princess of Wales,” said another.
Persons: Catherine , Princess, Hannah Uzor, Catherine, King Charles III’s, Uzor, , Yui Mok, Reuters Uzor, I’m, Wales, , Princess, Alastair Sooke, ” Sooke, Kate Mansey, “ I’m, King Charles III, Jonathan Yeo, King Organizations: CNN, British, Tatler, Reuters, Daily Telegraph, The Times, Welsh Guards Locations: Wales, Zambian, London, British
When Michelle Terry, the artistic director at Shakespeare’s Globe theater in London, decided to put on a production of “Richard III” with a feminist twist, she probably didn’t expect accusations of discrimination. The run-up to the show’s premiere on Tuesday was overshadowed by a controversy over the fact that Terry had cast herself as villainous title character despite not having a physical disability. Richard, described as “deformed” in the play’s opening lines, has traditionally been portrayed as a hunchback — almost always by able-bodied actors, with only a few notable exceptions in recent years. (In 2022 Arthur Hughes, who has radial dysplasia, became the first disabled actor to play Richard for the Royal Shakespeare Company.) When Shakespeare’s Globe announced its casting earlier this year, the Disabled Artists Alliance, a British organization, published an open letter condemning it as “offensive and distasteful,” since Richard’s “disabled identity is imbued and integral to all corners of the script.”
Persons: Michelle Terry, “ Richard III, Terry, Richard, Duke of Gloucester, Henry, Earl of Richmond, Henry VII, , Arthur Hughes, Organizations: Shakespeare’s Globe, Royal Shakespeare Company, Disabled Artists Alliance Locations: London, British
London CNN —UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced a snap general election for July 4 in a statement outside Downing Street on Wednesday evening, as his Conservative Party faces an uphill struggle to extend its 14 years in power. But a fall in inflation rates, announced earlier Wednesday, provided the backdrop for his announcement. The move will be welcomed by the buoyant Labour Party, led by Keir Starmer, which is soaring in the opinion polls and has sought to present itself as a reformed and moderate group that is ready for power. Sunak walks back inside on Wednesday after announcing the July 4 date for the election. But Johnson’s premiership collapsed after a string of scandals, paving the way for his then-finance minister Sunak to emerge as a frontrunner for the leadership.
Persons: Rishi Sunak, Sunak, Downing, King Charles III of, , ” Sunak, Keir Starmer, Buckingham, Queen’s, Starmer, , Carl Court, Liz Truss, Boris Johnson, , Theresa May —, King Charles III Organizations: London CNN —, Conservative Party, Conservative, Labour Party, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Conservatives, Party, Scottish National Party, European Union, Tories Locations: Britain, Buckingham Palace, Ukraine, Downing, Sunak, United Kingdom, Rwanda, Britain’s
A former British marine charged with spying for Hong Kong’s intelligence service has died, according to a police statement released on Tuesday evening. The man, who was named by the Thames Valley Police as Matthew Trickett, was found dead in a park in Maidenhead, a town west of London, on Sunday. Mr. Trickett was one of three men charged last week under Britain’s National Security Act with assisting the Hong Kong intelligence service, and their case was expected to return to court on Friday. In the wake of the charges last week, Britain summoned the Chinese ambassador for a reprimand. Mr. Trickett, 37, who was a British immigration enforcement officer and a former Royal Marine, was also the director of a private security firm, MTR Consultancy.
Persons: Hong, Matthew Trickett, Trickett Organizations: Thames, Police, Britain’s National, Hong, Royal, MTR Consultancy Locations: British, Maidenhead, London, Hong Kong, China, Beijing
Several desperate Gazans intercepted trucks delivering aid from the pier over the weekend, leading the UN to suspend the delivery operations until the logistical challenges are resolved. The amount of aid getting to the Gaza shoreline from its initial staging area in Cyprus has also fallen short of initial Pentagon estimates. The pier was finally anchored to Gaza last week as the humanitarian situation in the enclave has only worsened. The US has also made a number of air drops of humanitarian aid into Gaza in partnership with the Royal Jordanian Air Force. And we understand the desperate need of the Palestinian people right now,” Ryder said of efforts to get aid into Gaza.
Persons: Pat Ryder, Ryder, Brad Cooper, ” Mounir, ” Ryder, we’re, Sonali Korde, Lloyd Austin, Organizations: CNN, UN, Pentagon, United Nations, Defense Department, US Naval Forces Central Command, US Agency for International Development’s Bureau, Humanitarian, Defense, Royal Jordanian Air Force, US Central Command Locations: Gaza, Israel, Cyprus, Rafah
Photo: Oliver Weiken/dpa (Photo by Oliver Weiken/picture alliance via Getty Images)Saudi King Salman will undergo treatment at Al Salam Palace in Jeddah for a lung inflammation, the state news agency said on Sunday, hours after he underwent medical tests. Citing the royal court, the state news agency said the 88-year-old king would be treated with antibiotics until the inflammation subsides. Earlier on Sunday, King Salman underwent medical tests at the royal clinics at Al Salam Palace due to "high temperature and joint pain", the Saudi state news agency said. King Salman, the custodian of Islam's holiest sites, became ruler of the world's top oil exporter in 2015 after spending more than 2-1/2 years as the crown prince and deputy premier. Saudi Arabia's embassy in Japan did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the crown prince's cancelled trip.
Persons: Abdel Fattah el, Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Jean, Claude Juncker, Oliver Weiken, Saudi King Salman, King, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Yoshimasa Hayashi, King Salman of, Prince Mohammed's, Hayashi, King Salman, Jake Sullivan, Emperor Naruhito, Fumio Kishida Organizations: Arab League, European Union, of Arab, Getty Images, Al Salam, Saudi, Al, U.S . National Locations: Egypt, Sharm El, Saudi King, Sharm, Saudi, Jeddah, Japan, Saudi Arabia, King Salman of Saudi Arabia, Tokyo, Washington, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia's
LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 19: Julian Assange gestures as he speaks to the media from the balcony of the Embassy Of Ecuador on May 19, 2017 in London, England. Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images) Jack Taylor | Getty Images News | Getty ImagesLONDON — WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has the right to appeal against his extradition to the U.S., a high court in London found Monday. The U.K. court also requested assurances that Assange would not face the death penalty. Assange supporters celebrateStella Assange, wife of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, speaks outside court after the ruling to grant permission for appeal, on May 20, 2024 in London, England. Peter Nicholls | Getty Images News | Getty Images
Persons: Julian Assange, Jack Taylor, Edward Fitzgerald, Assange, Benjamin Cremel, Fitzgerald, James Lewis, Stella Assange, Peter Nicholls Organizations: Getty, WikiLeaks, Reuters, of Justice, Britain's, Afp, Royal, Monday, U.S Locations: ENGLAND, Ecuador, London, England, U.S, Afghanistan, Iraq, Ecuadorian
The Joint Program Office declined to comment to regarding the restriction. A spokesperson for the Marine Corps could not provide details on the restriction but said efforts are underway to return the aircraft to full operations. Pedro Caballero, a spokesperson for the Marine Corps, told when asked whether the restrictions applied to its roughly 350 Ospreys, the vast majority of the military's fleet. US Marine Corps MV-22B Ospreys take off at Port Darwin in Australia. An MV-22B Osprey conducts an external lift with US Marines during helicopter support team training at Marine Corps Air Station in Miramar, California.
Persons: ,, Beth Teach, Cpl, Juan Torres, Capt, Pedro Caballero, Caballero, Colton Martin Lt, Rebecca Heyse, Amelia Kang, Brian Taylor, Taylor, Juan Paz Taylor Organizations: Service, Force, Marine Corps, Ospreys, Business, Navy, Naval Air Forces, Office, Naval Air Systems Command, Royal Australian Air Force Base, US Marine Corps, Corps, Port Darwin, Air Force Special Operations Command, Greyhound, House Armed Services, US Marines, Marine Corps Air, Services, Aviation, Air Force, Marines, Program Office, Marine, US Air National Guard, Staff Locations: Japan, Port, Australia, Miramar , California, Darwin, Washington ,, Lemonnier, Djibouti
Wealthy Americans are starting to spend more carefully
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A robust stock market coupled with rising home values have boosted Americans’ wealth from 2019 through 2022, according to a Federal Reserve report on household finances. There’s been some evidence of wealthy Americans growing cautious in the latest round of company earnings results. Federal Reserve officials Michael Barr, Christopher Waller, Philip Jefferson and Raphael Bostic deliver remarks. Federal Reserve officials Christopher Waller, John Williams, Raphael Bostic, Michael Barr, Loretta Mester and Susan Collins deliver remarks. The Federal Reserve release minutes from its May policymaking meeting.
Persons: they’ve, , ” Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson, There’s, ” Jonathan Akeroyd, Moet, The Beverly Hilton, Michael Kovac, LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, , Jacobson, ’ Ariel Barnes, Barnes, ” Barnes, Baby Boomer, Xers, Matt Egan, Read, Michael Barr, Christopher Waller, Philip Jefferson, Raphael Bostic, John Williams, Loretta Mester, Susan Collins, Robin, Ralph Lauren, Booz Allen Hamilton, Buckle Organizations: CNN Business, Bell, Washington CNN, Federal, Fed, Hartford Funds, CNN, Burberry, The Beverly, The Beverly Hilton Hotel, Walmart, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Jackson State University, Federal Reserve Bank of New, Palo Alto Networks, Urban Outfitters, NVIDIA, National Statistics, National Association of Realtors, Reserve, Intuit, US Labor Department, Chicago Fed, Global, US Commerce Department, Atlanta Fed, Booz, University of Michigan Locations: Washington, British, Americas, Beverly Hills , California, Jackson , Mississippi, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Palo, Ross, Burlington
Read previewA new California law will force cruise lines to be more transparent about their prices, bolstering a Biden administration crusade against junk fees. Senate Bill 478, also known as the "Honest Pricing Law," will go into effect on July 1. AdvertisementA Carnival Corp. representative told the outlet it would follow guidelines set out by the "Honest Pricing Law." Carnival Corp. is the parent company of brands like Carnival Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, and Holland America. Royal Caribbean cruise ship.
Persons: , Biden, Bill, general's Organizations: Service, Business, Companies, Royal Caribbean International, Norweigan, The Washington, Corp, Carnival, Princess Cruises, Holland America, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, Royal, Carnival Corp, Cruise, Federal Trade Commission Locations: California, Royal Caribbean
Since the vacation was about our marital milestone, we catered the trip to us, not our 7-year-old. AdvertisementThe family stayed at the Royal Hawaiian. In my husband's opinion, they also made the best mai tai on the island, rivaling those at the Royal Hawaiian. Though they didn't cater the trip to their 7-year-old son, he still had a great time. But this family trip is one I'll never forget, and not only because my husband's new morning uniform is his recently acquired Royal Hawaiian pink and white striped hotel robe.
Persons: , Nicole Findlay, It's, Mai, tacos, Merriman's, he'd Organizations: Service, Business, US Army Coastal Artillery, Head Locations: Pacific, Hawaii, Oahu, Waikiki, Honolulu, Mai Tai
Opinion: Credibility is the key at Trump trial
  + stars: | 2024-05-19 | by ( Richard Galant | )   time to read: +21 min
The idea that Cohen talked to Trump about Daniels on that call “was a lie,” Blanche alleged. Moreover, my experience has been that juries don’t decide based upon one moment — they base their judgment on an overall view.”There were allegedly three parties aware of the scheme to conceal the real reason Trump paid Cohen more than $400,000 in supposed legal fees: Trump, Cohen and Allen Weisselberg, then-chief financial officer of the Trump Organization. “Weisselberg could be the linchpin to validate Cohen’s claims about Trump agreeing to reimburse him through Trump Organization, as a business expense,” wrote attorney Stacy Schneider. Trump seems to be tempted to go mano a mano and show that he is better fit to be commander-in-chief. The new requirement for GOP politicians wanting to demonstrate their loyalty to Trump seems to be visiting the Manhattan courthouse where he’s on trial.
Persons: CNN —, ” Mark Twain, , Twain, ” Michael Cohen, Donald Trump, , Trump, Stormy Daniels, Todd Blanche, Cohen, Norm Eisen, Blanche, , pummeled Cohen, Robert Mueller, Nick Anderson, Agency Cohen, Keith Schiller, Daniels, ” Blanche, ” Eisen, don’t, Allen Weisselberg, Stacy Schneider, Weisselberg, David Zurawik, “ I’ve, Sen, Robert Menendez, He’s, George Santos ., CNN “ It’s, he’s, , Henry Cuellar, ” Cupp, Drew Sheneman, Georgia —, Vladimir Putin’s, Frida Ghitis, ” Ghitis, Joe Biden’s, ” Dana Summers, “ Biden, ” Julian Zelizer, mano, Biden, ” Bill Bramhall, Stephanie Griffith, Howard Tucker, Gayle Fleming, Michael Ventura Gayle Fleming, Biden —, ” Tom Brady’s, Kara Alaimo, Tom Brady “, Kevin Hart, Gisele Bündchen, Brady, Benjamin, Vivian, ’ Brady, , Alaimo, Brady didn’t, Nafees Syed, Kamel El Hilali, Andrew Borene, freakout Scott Stantis, Jeff Yang, … ” Brown, Keith Magee, Brown, backpedaling, Forget, Doug Burgum, Scott Jennings, Burgum’s, Bill Bramhall, Content Agency Clarence Thomas Washington, Clarence Thomas ’, Dean Obeidallah, Thomas, Harlan Crow, ” Clay Jones, John Oliver’s, Steve Vladeck, “ Thomas, ” Don’t, Clayton Swope, Dan Perry, Netanyahu, Jill Filipovic, Miss Teen USA Mary Ziegler, Bob Kolasky, Megan L, Ranney, Karen Tang, Halle Berry, Naomi Watts, Jonathan Yeo, King Charles III, Aaron Chown, Holly Thomas, King Organizations: CNN, Trump, Tribune, Agency, Trump Organization, Twitter, Facebook, DC, Robert Menendez of New, GOP, ” Texas, White, Europe, Russia, Kyiv, Biden, ABC, Democratic Party, Netflix, Garden State, Content Agency, Capitol, Consumer Financial, Board, Fifth Circuit, ICC, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Buckingham Palace, Royal Locations: New York, Robert Menendez of, Robert Menendez of New Jersey, Russian, Ukraine, Slovakia, Georgia, Soviet Republic, United States, Cleveland, , Manhattan, North, . North Dakota, ” That’s, Louisiana , Mississippi, Texas, Florida’s, Buckingham
Read previewMore extreme weather is scrambling the high-tech systems that have given the US military its edge. For example, severe weather can degrade navigation systems such as GPS and sensors on precision-guided munitions. Heavy rain ground aircraft and drones, intense heat exhausts troops, dust storms gum up tank engines, and storms damage ships at sea. The problem is that tactical units on the front lines, or in remote areas, often lack the connectivity to receive weather reports. "NOAA [the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration], the private sector and universities are actively working to improve global weather models," Regens said.
Persons: , James Regens, Napoleon, Jason Serrit, Regens, Michael Peck Organizations: Service, Business, Royal United Services Institute, Waterloo, Staff, US Air Force, Antiphon Solutions, North America, Pentagon, NOAA, National Oceanic, Administration, Defense, Foreign Policy, Rutgers Univ, Twitter, LinkedIn Locations: British, Iran, Iraqi, California, Oklahoma, Europe, NATO, Forbes
CNN —A 36-year-old man was airlifted to a hospital after sustaining multiple injuries in a grizzly bear attack in British Columbia, Canada, authorities said. The attack happened on a steep mountainside Thursday afternoon south of Elkford, British Columbia, which is in the Rocky Mountain range, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The man and his father were tracking a bear with dogs when an adult grizzly bear suddenly attacked him, police said in a news release Friday. The hunter suffered “significant injuries,” according to the British Columbia Conservation Officer Service, whose team of officers were among several agencies who responded to the attack. Conservation officers then searched for the wounded grizzly bear, and shortly after 9 p.m., found the animal dead near where the attack occurred, the Conservation Officer Service said.
Organizations: CNN, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, British Columbia Conservation, Service, Rescue, Conservation, British Columbia’s Ministry of Environment, Sunday Locations: British Columbia, Canada, Elkford, British, Calgary , Alberta
CNN spoke to 10 students and four faculty members at Morehouse College who had differing opinions on Biden speaking at their school. Jalen Silas Burch, a 19-year-old freshman, told CNN that he feels the president’s speech is a move to “pander” to Black male voters. Biden and Harris previously spoke at Morehouse College in 2022 as part of a major voting rights push with legislation stalled on Capitol Hill. Student volunteers assisting with the graduation ceremony at Morehouse College are also required this year to undergo a virtual de-escalation training with the Morehouse College Police Department before the graduation ceremony, according to an email obtained by CNN. “The number one conversation going on is that this graduation is not for President Biden.
Persons: Joe Biden, Biden, “ There’s, , Colin Royal, Kamala Harris, Morehouse, Cedric Richmond, , Jalen Silas Burch, Calvin Bell, ” Morehouse, ” Michael Henry, Noah Collier, David A, Thomas, Steve Benjamin, Benjamin, Eddie Glaude, Harris, Stephane Dunn, , ” Dunn, CNN’s Kayla Tausche, Victor Blackwell Organizations: Atlanta CNN, Morehouse College, Morehouse, Hamas, Maroon Tiger, Biden, Democratic, CNN, Morehouse College Democrats, Morehouse College ”, Israel, , The Atlanta University Center Student Intercommunal, Biden’s Cabinet, ” Morehouse, , White, Princeton, American Studies, Capitol, South Carolina State University, Howard University, Tennessee State, Secret, Student, Morehouse College Police Department Locations: Washington, Atlanta, Gaza, Georgia, Israel, Morehouse’s
Read previewWarning: Spoilers ahead for "Bridgerton" season three, part one. Fans are lauding season 3 for its representation of people with disabilitiesZak Ford-Williams as Lord Remington on season three of "Bridgerton." — Michelle Birkby (@michelleeb) May 16, 2024Today is Global Accessibility Awareness day and @bridgerton season 3 premier day. Francesca Bridgerton is autistic. Francesca isn't explicitly stated as being on the autism spectrum in Julia Quinn's 'Bridgerton' novels or on the TV seriesHannah Dodd as Francesca Bridgerton on season three, episode two of "Bridgerton."
Persons: , Penelope Featherington, Nicola Coughlan, Colin Bridgerton's, Luke Newton, Francesa Bridgerton, Hannah Dodd, Francesca, Dodd, Jess Brownell, Zak Ford, Williams, Lord Remington, Dolores Stowell, Kitty Devlin, Queen Charlotte, Golda Rosheuvel, Dolores, Lady Stowell, Sophie Woolley, Penelope, Colin ., Whistledown —, Michelle Birkby, — Chanel 🏒, emington,, ady, ord, J, ady V, eason, ord J ohn, ong, ohn, tirling, ove, ike Organizations: Service, Business, Netflix, ust Locations: isible
CNN —King Charles III’s first official portrait was unveiled this week, and I’m sure his majesty would agree it’s a stirring sight. Unfortunately for Yeo, Charles and the butterfly, nothing about the portrait has garnered nearly so much comment as its dominant color. Besides these ceremonial outings, Charles has recently been less prominent in British public life than ever, particularly following the announcement in February of his cancer diagnosis. Charles’ private wealth dwarfs that of any other member of his family. Join us on Twitter and FacebookIn the last 10 years alone, that system has reportedly made King Charles more than £60 million ($76 million) richer.
Persons: Holly Thomas, Katie Couric, CNN — King Charles III’s, I’m, Jonathan Yeo, Charles, Holly Thomas Holly Thomas Yeo, Charles ’, Yeo, ” Yeo, King, , He’s, I’ve, , Queen Elizabeth II’s, Rishi Sunak’s, Tina Brown, Prince of Wales, Buckingham, Lancaster, King Charles, Queen Camilla, you’ve Organizations: Katie Couric Media, CNN, Royal, Guardian, Twitter, Facebook Locations: London, Iraq, Rwanda, Duchy, Cornwall, Lancaster
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