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For years, customers have griped about their portion sizes at the fast-food chain, and Chipotle has vigorously defended itself. "There have been no changes in our portion sizes, and we have reinforced proper portioning with our employees," Laurie Schalow, Chipotle's chief corporate affairs and food safety officer, told Business Insider. "Yes, you can have the same customization with a digital makeline, but you are more constrained in what you can do." technically the robot but i've seen the robot referenced broadly as a "digital makeline." The analyst added that robots could be a solution for digital orders, which Chipotle has said it plans to do.
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Read previewRyan Reynolds is back as Deadpool, this time alongside joke frenemy Hugh Jackman, for "Deadpool & Wolverine." To prepare for the action-packed movie, Reynolds worked with Don Saladino, his personal trainer of 15 years. Related storiesThursday and Friday featured similar exercises to Monday and Tuesday, but different sets and reps. "If you were to line up all the meals that he had during the day, I wanted them to look different, to have different textures. Reynolds focuses on longevitySaladino has always focused on resilience and longevity, and Reynolds has embraced that more over time, the trainer said.
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Read previewThe Coca-Cola Company is leveraging the 2024 Paris Olympics to connect with Gen Z as it approaches 100 years of sponsoring the Games. In Paris, Coca-Cola organized six free concerts to appeal to younger audiences during the 2024 Olympic Games and Paralympic torch relays. Though the company said it considers Gen Z when creating campaigns, its Olympics marketing caters to all audiences. The Coca-Cola CompanyCola-Cola chose the athletes it's working with based on whether they share the same values as its campaign, "Celebrating Everyday Greatness." As such, Ross said an athlete doesn't have to be a gold medalist or have a huge social-media reach.
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Critics say DEI programs are discriminatory and attempt to solve racial discrimination by disadvantaging other groups, particularly White Americans. These diversity training efforts emerged around the time that affirmative action began by executive order from President John F. Kennedy. Despite the backlash against DEI programs and initiatives, many companies are standing firm in their support for DEI. And 71% of people surveyed said they think DEI training is important to “creating a positive workplace culture.”What does DEI look like at work? Thrivent’s DEI training teaches employees how to understand and bridge cultural differences in the workplace, Baker said.
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New York CNN —Customers on social media have been furious with Chipotle for allegedly skimping on its burrito bowl portions this year. “First, there was never a directive to provide less to our customers,” CEO Brian Niccol said during an earnings call Wednesday. In June, a Wells Fargo analyst ordered and weighed 75 Chipotle burrito bowls with white rice, black beans, chicken, pico de gallo, cheese and lettuce across eight Chipotle locations in New York City. The bowls weighed roughly the same for in-store orders and online orders, but some locations served bowls that weighed 33% more than other locations. Some burrito bowls went to extremes, with one topping out at 27 ounces in one location, and a meager 14 ounces in another.
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Read previewDietitian Nichola Ludlam-Raine helps people cut down on ultra-processed foods while still enjoying their lives. AdvertisementIn her new book, "How Not to Eat Ultra-Processed," published in the UK and Germany on July 18, Ludlam-Raine offers a selection of recipes to help people achieve that. It's a deli­cious one-pan option for a weekend brunch, nutritious lunch, or supper when you have the time to cook," Ludlam-Raine said. Add the onion and pepper to the pan and cook for about 10 to 12 minutes, stirring often, until the vegetables start to soften. I have included various suggestions for toppings to help make it family-friendly (not everyone likes chile) and to encourage diversity.
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Read previewWith her youthful looks and toned abs, it's hard to tell that Marissa Teijo, 72, made history last month as the oldest woman to compete in the Miss Texas USA competition. "I don't eat cheeses. I don't eat processed meats. AdvertisementAlthough Aarieanna Ware, 26 — last year's Miss Dallas winner — won the Miss Texas USA title, Teijo told ABC News El Paso affiliate KVIA that she hopes she can inspire others to be confident. Representatives for Teijo and Miss Texas USA did not immediately respond to a request for comment sent outside regular business hours.
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International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach with Salt Lake City Utah delegation members after it was announced that Salt Lake City Utah will be the location for the 2034 Winter Olympics. PARIS — The Winter Games will make a return visit to Salt Lake City in 2034 while the 2030 Olympics were tentatively set for the French Alps, officials said Wednesday. "The last 10 days of my life were totally unexpected," Fraser Bullock, head of the Salt Lake City bid, told NBC affiliate KSL minutes after the vote for Salt Lake City. But with an 83-6 vote for Salt Lake City to host, Bullock said he believes the IOC has total confidence in 2034 organizers. The naming of Salt Lake City and French Alps as the next two winter sites had been in the works for months, with only moderate concerns rooted in France's snap elections.
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AdvertisementIt's one of the world's least-visited countries, making airfare and hotel rates more expensive than many countries in Asia. Only two airlines — the Indonesian low-cost carrier Citilink and the local airline Aero Dili — fly between Bali and Dili. Marielle DescalsotaCost of hotel stay for three nights: $500Timor-Leste only has a handful of three-star hotels and no luxury accommodations. I booked an entry-level room for three nights at Timor Plaza Hotel & Apartments for around $500, including tax. For activities, I spent $30 on a massage at a traditional Chinese spa and $50 on a half-day scuba diving trip at the coast.
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Specifically, the deer who live in Nara, the ancient capital outside of Kyoto that is home to a series of UNESCO-recognized historic buildings. Nara and its deer are so closely associated that the light-brown colored animals are pictured in the city’s tourism ads, on buses, train tickets and more. Carl Court/Getty ImagesNobuyuki Yamazaki of the Nara Deer Preservation Foundation told CNN that “a constant increase in the number of deer crackers eaten has resulted in more active reproduction of the deer. “As the number of deer and humans increase, so does the number of problems,” Yamazaki added. Bowing in deer is unique to Nara and has not been found in any other deer species.
Persons: Carl Court, Nobuyuki Yamazaki, ” Yamazaki, we’ve, , Yoichi Yusa, they're, Joe Biden Organizations: CNN, UNESCO, Preservation Foundation, Nara Women’s University, Mount Fuji Locations: Nara, Kyoto, Japan, Europe, Hiroshima
This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. The best Delta customers can hope for is a refund. AdvertisementCompensation policies for cancellations and delays are in the fine print of contracts between airlines and customers buying tickets. For airline customers in the US, Green recommended keeping receipts for tickets, cabs to connecting flights, and other expenses that Delta may reimburse for rebooked flights. Ordinary airline customers, he said, ought to consult their travel insurance policies.
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Here I am at an event about longevity at my local library, practicing Chado, the traditional Japanese tea ceremony for preparing matcha. Here are the eight foods I always keep in my kitchen and eat every day to live a longer and happier life. Since I was in high school, I have practiced Chado, the traditional Japanese tea ceremony for preparing green tea. For example, I'll throw kombu seaweed into miso soup with some dried mushrooms, or make a salad with seaweeds like wakame and hijiki. I use dried shiitake for overnight dashi (soup stock) with kombu seaweed, miso soup, dressings, vinegar, curry — basically everything.
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Read previewI stopped eating meat by default. Then, when my husband and I got married, we stopped eating meat altogether — and almost 50 years later, we're still eating a vegetarian diet, though we occasionally eat fish. AdvertisementAnimal agriculture is responsible for 60% of greenhouse gas emissions and 83% of the world's farmland, and we've found that we really don't miss eating meat anyway. I don't like the taste of that either, but with a whopping 25 grams of protein per tablespoon, it's worth it. If you're a regular meat eater, you can start by eating less meat and more vegetables.
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"Lifestyle has the most profound effect on brain health, more than anybody could imagine." "We think that if you take care of brain health, you've taken care of all health," he said. 9 evidence-backed foods for brain healthGreensSpinach, kale, "the darker the better," Sherzai said. But since a serving of berries is only half a cup, you can still probably squeeze in a serving for $1 or less. AdvertisementHerbs and spicesShutterstockCost: penniesEvidence: There are various reasons that seasonings can boost cognitive health.
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The fleet of 500 vehicles operating in the city belongs to Apollo Go, a unit of Chinese tech giant Baidu (BIDU). There have also been complaints from residents in Wuhan about traffic jams, as driverless cars fail to respond to traffic lights. Uncertainty over the safety and reliability of driverless cars has cast a long shadow over the industry in the US. Last week, authorities in Shanghai’s Pudong New Area started handing out licenses to driverless car operators, including Apollo Go and Alibaba-backed AutoX, according to state media China Daily. California-based startup, backed by Toyota and Saudi Arabia, was also given the green light to test driverless vehicles in the financial hub.
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It's the end of the world as we know it and I feed fine — because Costco has an emergency dinner kit, dubbed online as "the apocalypse bucket," that lasts 25 years. The Readywise Emergency Food Bucket boasts 150 freeze-dried and dehydrated meal servings and has caused a stir on social media. And, crucially for those preparing for an apocalypse, the bucket lasts up to 25 years on the shelf. Some talked about if there was a real apocalypse, it could be difficult to get water to prepare the meals. That's more scary than the apocalypse," a commenter wrote, meanwhile another quipped, "So if the apocalypse doesn't kill you, this bucket of chemicals will."
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On Sunday, the Israeli military claimed to have targeted Hamas’ military chief and killed a Hamas brigade commander in an airstrike in Khan Younis. The Israeli military said its air force struck the location where “a number of terrorists” were operating. Palestinians and UN workers examine the destroyed UNRWA school in Nuseirat refugee camp of Deir al-Balah, Gaza on July 15, 2024. Meanwhile, the latest Israeli strikes have put new pressure on the success of ongoing ceasefire and hostage negotiations, which hit yet another roadblock last week. The Israeli military is verifying whether he was killed while Netanyahu acknowledged it is uncertain whether he died.
Persons: Israel, amputees, , , Ruwaida Issa, Khan Younis, Nasser, Scott Anderson, Abed Rahim Khatib, Abu, ” Mary Al Sammouna, ” Samir Tafesh, Tal, Philippe Lazzarini, Antonio Guterres, Guterres, Benjamin Netanyahu –, , Mohammed Deif, Deif, Netanyahu Organizations: CNN, United Nations, UN, Gaza Health Ministry, UNRWA Affairs, Anadolu, Getty, UNRWA, Gaza Ministry, Health, Civil Defense, Humanitarian Affairs, Al, Israel’s Locations: Gaza, Khan, Israel, Al, Deir, Nuseirat, Gaza City
The echoes of well-known North Korean songs celebrating friendship spilled into nearby neighborhoods, as families filled booths serving both North and South Korean treats such as the deep-fried confection yakgwa, and fruit punch, or hwachae. A booth at the Defectors' Day festival sells North Korean styles of traditional treats, including watermelon punch (hwachae) and the deep-fried sweet yakgwa. Maybe there (are) many thousands of thousands of North Korean defectors who want to come to (South) Korea and have a prosperous life. “We express our respect and applause to the 34,000 North Korean defectors who are pioneering new lives every day (in South Korea), he said. “I didn’t know that a day like Defectors’ Day would happen, but now that it has been established, I feel like I have to work harder,” she said.
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Stirring vigorously, she sprinkled in seasonings until stovetop alchemy took hold and the mixture slowly turned into a fragrant stew. She arrived with her family in New York City in October 2022 after crossing the southern border, and the shelter where they stay does not have a kitchen she can use. So she brought her cooking to the cramped kitchen in the basement of the Metro Baptist Church on West 40th Street in Midtown Manhattan. The hands-on kitchen is the magic behind a volunteer-run center that has helped thousands of migrants start over in the city. — for Resources, Opportunities, Connections, Community — the center opened a year ago and has been supported mainly with small donations from individuals and community and religious organizations.
Persons: Oumou Doumbouya Organizations: Metro Baptist Church, West, Resources Locations: West, Guinea, New York City, Midtown Manhattan
“I will Never Surrender!” Mr. Trump wrote in a text message to supporters. And Mr. Trump is preparing to name his running mate and formally claim his party’s nomination for the third consecutive election. Vance of Ohio, who is on the shortlist of candidates that Mr. Trump is considering as a running mate, wrote on X. “An assassination attempt is contrary to everything we stand for as a nation,” Mr. Biden said. Mr. Trump had assured Malphine Fogel, who lives in Butler County, that he would help get her son home.
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Stephen Cantwell remembers betting on horse races at a Las Vegas casino, drinking tequila in celebration of his wins and walking to a nearby restaurant for hibachi rice. On his way there, Mr. Cantwell, 59, passed out on the sidewalk. The high temperature on that day, June 21, was 109 degrees, but the ground beneath him was most likely dozens of degrees hotter. By the time he had regained consciousness in a hospital, the pavement had seared his skin, even through his clothing, he said. “It was very painful, absolutely,” he said, though he is recovering well after two weeks of treatment at the University Medical Center in Las Vegas.
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Ryan Crouser is looking to three-peat after taking home gold at Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020. At six-foot-seven and 320 pounds, two-time Olympic champion Ryan Crouser needs a lot of food to fuel his quest for gold. "The way that I look at it is that it's a pretty significant investment in my athletic performance." "[I set] those little goals and see that progress day to day, week to week, instead of going 'I want to throw a PR,'" he says. How he battles burnout while chasing Olympic goldCrouser won his first Olympic gold medal at Rio 2016.
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What it’s like to go to summer camp in North Korea
  + stars: | 2024-07-12 | by ( Will Ripley | )   time to read: +5 min
Yuri’s fascination with North Korea began with a TV documentary that portrayed the country as besieged by capitalist neighbors. This curiosity led him to join a “Solidarity with North Korea” group on VKontakte, Russia’s Facebook equivalent. Before the pandemic, the largest source of inbound tourists to North Korea wasn’t Russia – it was China. Video Ad Feedback Student who visited a North Korea children's camp reveals what happens there 03:02 - Source: CNNThe camp offered typical summer activities like beach outings and sandcastle-building competitions but also included peculiar rituals. Yuri Frolov’s story is a powerful reminder of the lengths to which North Korea will go to shape perceptions and cultivate loyalty.
Persons: Yuri Frolov, Frolov, Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, I’ve, , , wasn’t, Yuri Frolov’s Organizations: CNN, Democratic People’s, North Korea, Facebook, Songdowon, Communist Party, North Locations: Democratic People’s Republic, Korea, North, Solidarity, North Korea, Wonsan, North Korea’s, St, Petersburg, Vladivostok, Pyongyang, Moscow, Russia, China, Laos, Nigeria, Tanzania, United States, Burger, Communist, Korean
Physical goods have accounted for much of the deflation over the past year, according to economists. Outside of supply-demand dynamics, the U.S. dollar's strength relative to other global currencies has also helped rein in prices for goods, economists said. However, a shift toward higher tariffs and less free trade could serve to push up goods prices "quite significantly," she added. Why there's been deflation for food, travel, electronicsPrices have also declined for items including food, travel and electronics. Travelers have seen deflation for airline fares (prices are down 5.1% annually) amid factors like an increased volume of available seats.
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