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Former President Donald Trump has defeated former UN ambassador Nikki Haley in the South Carolina GOP presidential primary, a result that represents a significant blow to her campaign. CNN, AP, NBC, and others called the race for Trump immediately after polls closed at 7 pm ET. AdvertisementThe South Carolina primary is Haley's fourth consecutive loss in the early-voting states after the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary. (Trump won the Nevada caucuses; Haley lost the Nevada primary to "None of these candidates.") And after Saturday's primary loss, the path for Haley winning the nomination just got a lot more difficult.
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Immediately after the polls closed on Saturday night, CNN projected that the former South Carolina governor had come up short to Trump. During the fourth quarter of 2023, Haley out-raised Trump, $24 million to $19 million. In January 2024, as the rest of the GOP field winnowed, Haley’s fundraising again bested Trump’s, $9.8 million to $8.8 million. To her credit, Haley has taken dead aim at both Trump and Putin, accusing the former of emboldening the latter. During the 2016 South Carolina primary, there were still six serious candidates in the GOP race.
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The electorate for the South Carolina Republican primary looked much more like the one for January’s Iowa caucuses than for the New Hampshire primary, the early exit poll found. As in Iowa, well over 4 in 10 South Carolina primary voters describe themselves as affiliated with the MAGA movement. Exit polls are a valuable tool to help understand primary voters’ demographic profile and political views. The exit poll for South Carolina’s Republican presidential primary was conducted by Edison Research on behalf of the National Election Pool. It includes 1,990 interviews with Republican primary voters across 40 different polling places on Election Day.
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But in the state where Haley once served as governor, she has trailed Trump by sizable margins in most polling. AdvertisementFormer President Donald Trump waves to supporters after a rally in North Charleston, S.C., on February 14, 2024. A Suffolk University/USA TODAY poll among likely GOP voters had Trump leading Haley 63%-35%, a 28-point spread. For many GOP voters, Trump is who they know best. And as the South Carolina primary ends Saturday night, that sentiment is Haley's biggest impediment to a victory.
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“And, of course, South Carolina is in the heart of the Southeast.”Job seekers check-in to a job fair at a Schneider Electric manufacturing facility in Hopkins, South Carolina, in January 2023. “You can reach about twice as many people within an 8-hour drive from South Carolina as you can from Florida,” he said. “The housing market and the manufacturing industry, particularly in South Carolina, saw a major increase in demand,” Von Nessen said. South Carolina home sale activity fell by double-digits in 2022 but has since started to stabilize, he said. “We’re just treating so many more patients that we don’t have capacity,” said Thornton Kirby, CEO of the South Carolina Hospital Association.
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What to watch in South Carolina’s Republican primary
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CNN —Nikki Haley’s presidential campaign has for weeks been looking ahead to the Republican primary in South Carolina, her home state where she was twice elected governor. The primary in South Carolina is open, meaning Democrats and independents can cast ballots in the GOP race. The former president does not need to open a larger tent in order to win in South Carolina. It’s obviously not insurmountable, and with 50 at stake in South Carolina, Haley could theoretically jump into the lead. South Carolina awards 29 of its delegates to the statewide winner and three apiece to the leader in each of its seven congressional districts.
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Arizona House Republicans unanimously voted to ban basic income programs in the state. They say guaranteed basic income programs are like socialism. In Iowa, Republican state Rep. Steve Holt introduced a bill to ban basic income programs last month, calling them "socialism on steroids." AdvertisementThe bill's sponsor, Sen. John Wiik, said basic income programs are a "socialist idea" during a committee meeting on February 5. "Guaranteed income programs, also known as basic income, undercut the dignity in earning a dollar, and they're a one-way ticket to government dependency," Wiik said in the hearing.
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AdvertisementHe went on to claim that Black people walk around with photos of his mug shot on $19 T-shirts — which he claimed was the "number one" mug shot, followed by Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra's. Fulton County Sheriff's OfficeTrump's latest comments about Black people come as he and his allies seek to secure a historic share of the Black vote for Republicans. Despite persistent accusations of using racist language over the years, Trump won 12% of the Black vote in 2020, which was the highest a Republican president has received in recent decades. Jasmine Harris, the Biden campaign's media director, who is Black, said Trump was an "anti-Black tyrant" and "the proud poster boy for modern racism," per NBC News. Trump holds Black Americans in such low regard that he "publicly dined with white nationalists a week after declaring his 2024 candidacy," she said.
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In solemn ceremonies and small vigils, state visits, stirring speeches and statements of solidarity, Ukraine and its allies marked the dawn of the third year of Russia’s unprovoked invasion with a single message: Believe. “When thousands of columns of Russian invaders moved from all directions into Ukraine, when thousands of rockets and bombs fell on our land, no one in the world believed that we would stand,” said Gen. Oleksandr Syrsky, Ukraine’s newly named top military commander. “No one believed, but Ukraine did!”On the 731st day of the war, Ukrainian soldiers once again find themselves outmanned and outgunned, fighting for their nation’s survival while also trying to convince a skeptical world that they can withstand the relentless onslaught, even as they suffer losses on the battlefield and are challenged up and down the front line by Russian forces. The leaders of Canada, Belgium and Italy, as well as the head of the European Union, Ursula von der Leyen, were among the dignitaries who traveled to Kyiv in a show of solidarity. While many analysts at the outbreak of the war believed that European nations would go wobbly in their support of Ukraine in a prolonged struggle, these countries are now stepping up, trying to help fill the void left by the U.S., where Republicans in Congress have for months blocked any new military assistance to Kyiv.
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CNN —Former President Donald Trump will win South Carolina’s Republican presidential primary, CNN projects, further tightening his grip on the nomination and leaving his last remaining major rival, Nikki Haley, to consider her dwindling options. But his romp in South Carolina, which twice elected Haley its governor, might be his most impressive of this campaign. He has emerged, since dropping out of the primary and endorsing Trump, as one of the former president’s favorite surrogates and a potential running mate. “South Carolina is Trump country,” Scott declared to the delighted crowd. We have over 12 events planned in those Super Tuesday states, and we’re going to keep fighting.”This story has been updated with additional developments.
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Former Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii claimed not to know that attendees could choose her in a poll to pick Trump’s potential running mate, while South Dakota Gov. The jockeying to become Trump’s vice presidential pick, playing out behind the scenes for weeks if not longer, spilled into the open at this week’s CPAC, the country’s annual gathering of conservatives. The various approaches to campaigning for the job were on full display inside CPAC, and it’s uncertain which will win over Trump. “Last year, when everyone was asking me if I was going to consider running for president, I said no. “Because anything could happen to Trump.”But he conceded it was a fool’s errand trying to guess whom Trump might pick.
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Kristi Noem of South Dakota and the entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy tied for the top choice to be former President Donald J. Trump’s running mate in a straw poll on Saturday at a prominent gathering of conservative activists. That was partly because Mr. Trump won the presidential poll, as expected, in a landslide over Nikki Haley, beating her by 94 percent to 5 percent. The last time Mr. Trump was not the top choice for the White House among CPAC attendees was in 2016, when Senator Ted Cruz of Texas finished first. The straw poll, which provides one measure of enthusiasm on the far right and is not intended to be predictive, was announced at the end of the four-day CPAC gathering outside Washington. He has won the party’s first several nominating contests and was widely expected to prevail again on Saturday in Ms. Haley’s home state.
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While we’re waiting, here are takeaways from the GOP’s 2024 South Carolina presidential primary. She’d need to win New Hampshire, with its much more moderate electorate built in part on a slew of independents participating in the state’s GOP primary. And that potentially game-changing stretch of the Republican primary race is over. “I said earlier this week that no matter what happens in South Carolina, I would continue to run for president. “South Carolina is Trump country,” Scott declared from stage Saturday night after Trump asked him to speak.
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“While some Ukraine-related orders are starting to come through, restocking and the impact of ongoing defense spending increases will be evident further down the line,” he noted. ‘Era of insecurity’Continued US military support for Ukraine on the scale of the past two years is looking increasingly unlikely. But the pressure on Western governments to beef up their military coffers will outlast the Ukraine war, analysts say, and it started to rise even before Moscow sent its troops marching toward Kyiv two years ago. The febrile global environment has helped lift the shares of Renk, a newly-listed German maker of military tank gearboxes, including those donated by Berlin to Ukraine. And this appeal is unlikely to fade soon, given growing defense spending by governments.
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Indeed, on Monday, the local GOP came out and endorsed Trump days ahead of the state's Republican primary. "The Republicans of Lexington County made it clear that they support President Trump in the First in the South Primary and wanted to make their voices heard," Lexington County GOP Chair Mark Weber said in a statement. In 2016, Trump won his primary bid in Lexington County by about 6 points over Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, in a more crowded field. It's become a county to watch on primary nights — doubly so this time around, with its close ties to Haley. In addition to how Lexington County votes, here are some other things to watch on primary night:
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W. James Antle III Courtesy W. James Antle IIIHaley had steadfastly maintained that she wouldn’t budge if South Carolina Republicans opted for Trump over her. Polling in Michigan and many of the Super Tuesday states suggests the results will get increasingly worse for Haley from here. And given the deep commitment so many delegates have to Trump, Haley stretching out a long negative primary does not make her a likely Trump emergency replacement. In the coming days, Haley will hear from many Republicans who don’t want the Republican primary to end any time soon. But past primaries have gone on longer because other candidates have kept winning; Haley has no wins on the horizon.
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Results: The Most Detailed Maps of the South Carolina Republican PrimaryMap is colored by the candidate who leads in each precinct. No resultsPolls close in the South Carolina Republican primary at 7 p.m. Eastern time with first vote reports expected shortly after. This page will feature the most detailed results available from the primary, precinct-level votes. In the maps below, precincts are shaded according to each candidate’s vote share for former President Donald J. Trump and Nikki Haley, the former South Carolina governor. Income One precinct Precincts in … Lower income areas Empty chart, waiting for data Empty chart, waiting for dataHigher income areas Empty chart, waiting for data Empty chart, waiting for dataEducation Precincts in … Areas with fewer college graduates Empty chart, waiting for data Empty chart, waiting for dataAreas with more college graduates Empty chart, waiting for data Empty chart, waiting for dataPopulation density Precincts in … Rural areas Empty chart, waiting for data Empty chart, waiting for dataSuburban areas Empty chart, waiting for data Empty chart, waiting for dataUrban areas Empty chart, waiting for data Empty chart, waiting for dataStrong Biden areas in 2020 Empty chart, waiting for data Empty chart, waiting for data
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A veteran Republican National Committee member has initiated a long-shot effort to prevent Donald J. Trump from taking over the party committee before he has enough delegates to become the presumptive presidential nominee in an effort to prevent the R.N.C. from paying his legal bills. Henry Barbour, a committee member from Mississippi, has sponsored two resolutions, one that would require the committee to remain neutral in the primary and another that would assure it does not spend committee funds to assist Mr. Trump in his legal battles. The proposals, which would not be binding even if passed, come as Mr. Trump seeks to install new leadership in the organization, including Lara Trump, his daughter-in-law, who has said she would be open to the committee paying his legal bills. The resolutions, which were first reported by The Dispatch, have come under fire from the Trump campaign.
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Two Ukrainians fighting for their country urged Ukraine's allies to keep supporting it, two years after the bloody conflict began in earnest. Despite this, the war shows no sign of ending, and war fatigue is notable in some Ukrainian allies. AdvertisementAnother soldier, callsign Local, told BI that "it's very important to help Ukraine and support Ukraine because Ukraine is like a first step to Europe. He said supporting Ukraine gives the US big returns in weakening Russia for a modest investment. AdvertisementMeanwhile, Ukrainian soldiers have warned they are low on critical ammunition and weaponry, resulting in rationing, losses, and deaths.
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AdvertisementMost Americans worry they won't be able to pay expensive medical bills if they experience an emergency, and it's impacting their economic outlook. Voters also identified prescription drug prices, out-of-pocket medical costs, and The Affordable Care Act as priorities for how they will vote in the 2024 election. Over 70% of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents answered that general healthcare costs are their main financial stressor. AdvertisementTrump has been vocal about his plans to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act should he win reelection. Still, KFF found that seven in 10 Republican voters don't think Trump has an alternate affordable healthcare plan.
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Stefanik has often explained it herself: She saw Trump’s popularity in her upstate New York district and got on board. That first impeachment proceeding made her a “Republican star,” as Trump himself said at the time. When there was a nationwide baby formula shortage in 2022, Stefanik blamed the “White House, House Dems, & usual pedo grifters” on social media. One upset donor told CNN in 2023 that he gave to Santos “because of Elise Stefanik’s endorsement.” Stefanik frequently denied any previous knowledge of his Santos’ history. “The American people stand with President Trump,” Stefanik wrote, “against the unethical, unconstitutional, and unprecedented weaponization of the judicial system.”CNN’s Alayna Treene contributed to this story.
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The political spotlight will be on Michigan on Tuesday when voters there cast primary ballots, and then again four days later when Republicans host an additional contest. The party adopted a novel and somewhat confusing hybrid nominating system this year, which will culminate on March 2 with a statewide nominating convention. A mutiny in the state Republican Party has spawned rival factions, each pledging to hold its own convention, though the national party recognizes only one. Here’s what to know:When are the Michigan primary and convention, and how do I vote? Additionally, the state’s Republican Party will host a nominating convention on March 2.
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"Today, I am calling on the Alabama Legislature to act quickly to find an immediate solution to preserve the availability of IVF in Alabama," Trump wrote in a Truth Social post. The Alabama Supreme Court ruled last Friday that "unborn children" are included in a state law allowing for wrongful death lawsuits by the parents of deceased children. Trump's post followed waves of criticism from President Joe Biden and other Democrats, who say the Republican ex-president's involvement in canceling longstanding abortion rights laid the foundation for the Alabama ruling. At least three IVF clinics in the state paused their fertility treatments following the ruling, out of concern about their legal exposure. Democrats accuse Republicans of seeking to further erode abortion access and threaten related rights, pointing to the Alabama ruling as evidence.
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An Alabama Supreme Court ruling, that frozen embryos should be considered children, has created a new political nightmare for Republicans nationally, who distanced themselves from a fringe view about reproductive health that threatened to drive away voters in November. Several Republican governors and lawmakers swiftly disavowed the decision, made by a Republican-majority court, expressing support for in vitro fertilization treatments. Others declared they would not support federal restrictions on I.V.F., drawing a distinction between their support for broadly popular fertility treatments and their opposition to abortion. “The concern for years has been that I.V.F. would be taken away from women everywhere,” Representative Nancy Mace, Republican of South Carolina, said in an interview on Thursday.
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The former president's statement came as Republicans try to distance themselves from an Alabama ruling. The Alabama Supreme Court controversially found that frozen embryos are children. AdvertisementFormer President Donald Trump on Friday broke his silence on a controversial Alabama Supreme Court ruling that has threatened the future of access to in vitro fertilization. Trump's comments come after the White House and Democrats have torn into Republicans over the Alabama ruling. Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall's office said that he "has no intention of using the recent Alabama Supreme Court decision as a basis for prosecuting IVF families or providers."
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