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The Dubai World Cup boasts $30.5 million in prizes, spread across nine races (including its namesake event, with an enormous $12 million purse), and attracts many of the world’s most elite equestrians. “This is a huge operation,” says John Nicholls, quarantine manager at Dubai Racing Club. “They get plenty of water, plenty of hay, and attention.”Emirates Skycargo has been transporting champion horses from across the world to the Dubai World Cup and Carnival races since 2002. Horses travel in air-conditioned stalls in the cargo bay of a plane, which can fit up to 25 stalls, with up to three horses in each. Horses walk to Meydan Racecourse from their quarantine stable for morning track work ahead of the Dubai World Cup.
Persons: CNN —, , John Nicholls, Nicholls, It’s, , Emirates Skycargo, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Nadeem Sultan, Suné Schäffler, that’s, Emirates SkyCargo, Rebecca Cairns, David Robson, Toto Wong, Hong Kong’s, Wong, Schäffler, “ they’re Organizations: CNN, Dubai, Dubai Racing Club, Emirates, Boeing, Business Class, Emirates Equine, Hong Kong Jockey Club, Hong Kong Locations: Emirates, Dubai, , Equitrans, Al, Airport, city’s, Hong Kong
How to 3D-print a school in a war zone
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Project Hive will provide the school with four extra classrooms to help it accommodate additional students displaced by the war, said Bonis. But he continues undeterred: “(This) is also a way of taking technology to give back hope.”A model of the 3D-printed school showing the four new classrooms. Where 3D printing is really great is when you have special geometries and shapes, because you’re totally free. According to Lange, there are cheaper, faster alternatives to 3D printing, such as prefabricated and modular buildings. Team4UAReconstructing communitiesTeam4UA is not the only organization to see the potential of 3D-printed construction in disaster and conflict zones.
Persons: Jean, Christophe Bonis, “ I’m, ” Bonis, Team4UA, Olga Gavura, , , DUS, Christian Lange, you’re, Hong Kong University Lange, Lange, Jack Oslan, Oslan, , Andriy Zakaliuk, Bonis, “ It’s Organizations: CNN, Team4UA, United Nations ’ International Organization for Migration, , Balbek, Ars Longa, Dubai Future Foundation, Hong Kong University, Robotic, 7CI Group, Russian, Diamond, Kyiv School of Economics, Lviv City Council’s Locations: Lviv, Ukraine, Europe, Russia, , Texas, Austin , Texas, Nacajuca, Mexico, Dubai, Malawi, Arizona, , Kherson, Kyiv
We love food, and we love people who love food,” says Orfali. Orfali Bros BistroA multicultural menuOrfali left Syria in 2006, relocating to Dubai a year later, and his brothers followed. “Different nationalities, different colors, different languages, different accents. Orfali Bros BistroA “flourishing” food sceneDubai’s restaurant scene has, until recently, been dominated by celebrity chefs and international franchises. “We build a relationship between us and the guests, and we make it family,” Orfali says.
Persons: CNN —, Mohamad Orfali, Treet Bel Laban ” —, , Orfali —, Mohamad, Omar, We’re, Orfali, , Mohammad, barak, they’ve, Orfali Bros, Eclair, Samantha Wood, “ Mohamad, Wood, Chez Wam, ” Orfali, “ It’s Organizations: CNN, Michelin, , Orfali, UAE, Dubai, , Bros Locations: Aleppo, Syria, Dubai, East, North Africa, Orfali’s, UAE, Lebanese, Sichuan, , “ Dubai, Hokkaido, Turkish
How NASA and Google Earth are helping save tigers
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That’s why conservationists have teamed up with NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA), and Google Earth Engine to create a new real-time monitoring system for tiger habitats. “(Tiger landscapes) are also producing clean water and helping sequester carbon,” he says. The original iteration, called the “tiger conservation unit analysis” was produced in the late 1990s, and the second, TCL 2.0, in 2006. A map of the six categories of Tiger Conservation Landscapes on 1 January 2020, from the study published in Frontiers. “I don’t think people were cognizant about the amount of habitat that’s in this restoration landscape category, or about how much habitat is actually available for tigers that’s unoccupied,” he says.
Persons: Eric Sanderson, Sanderson, , Organizations: CNN, NASA, European Space Agency, ESA, Conservation Science, Tiger Conservation, Wildlife Conservation Society Locations: Russian, Sumatra, Java, Bali ., Assam, India, Tiger
CNN —In 2022, Dubai unveiled the world’s largest vertical farm. Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS)“Not just another vertical farm”GigaFarm’s vertical farming solution is supplied by IGS, a Scottish company founded in 2013. “This is not just another vertical farm, this is something completely different,” says Lloyd, adding that the recycling model could be applied to any urban area. And it’s not just the UAE that’s interested in vertical farming: Qatar is investing heavily in smart farming, and agritech companies are expanding into Saudi Arabia. However, it will take another decade before we see widespread adoption of vertical farming, and more research is required to increase the number of crops that can be grown, Sharma adds.
Persons: Dubai’s Al, it’s, Oliver Christof, , Andrew Lloyd, you’ve, , Lloyd, AeroFarms, Lloyd —, It’s, ReFarm, Rohit Sharma, Sharma Organizations: CNN, Dubai’s Al Maktoum International Airport, UAE, UN, IGS, University of Wollongong Locations: Dubai, Dubai’s, Dubai’s Al Maktoum, Tech, Scottish, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Ukraine, Russia, Carrefour, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, East, Africa
While the city has over 13,000 restaurants, its bar scene has largely been confined to Michelin fine dining, nightclubs, and boozy brunches. Look through the gallery and see the region's other top restaurants, as selected by 50 Best list group. The 50 Best has unveiled its 2024 list of the best restaurants in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Al Muntaha, which was recognized by Star Wine List as having the best sparkling wine list in the UAE earlier this year, has 166 labels on its champagne list, including around 60 recently added grower champagnes, says Lacroix. Tina HillierAnd the culture around drinking is largely focused on dining or special occasions, with little in between, says Krister Bengtsson, founder of Star Wine List.
Persons: Lana —, Nicolas Caupain, , boozy, Caupain, Raz Rahav, Tala Bashmi, Em Sherif, Yasmina Hayek, Fawzi Al Mulki, 3Fils, Khufu's, Solemann Haddad, Moonrise, Gregoire Berger, Berger, Himanshu Saini, Pol Roger, Queen Elizabeth II, Winston Churchill, champagnes, Larmandier Bernier, Ulysse Collin, Samuel Lacroix, Al Muntaha, Lacroix, , Josette, Veuve Clicquot, Dom Pérignon, Millau, Lana, Tina Hillier, Krister Bengtsson, it’s, Bengtsson, ” Bengtsson, Jean Imbert, Organizations: CNN, High Society, United Arab, Michelin, Middle, Gulf, Jordanian, Trèsind, Burj, Star Wine, Arabian, BOCA, Michelin Star, Wine, UAE Locations: Dorchester, Dubai, Emirate, Islam, United Arab Emirates, UAE, East, North Africa, Tel Aviv, Tala, Manama's, Bahrain, Beirut, Giza, Cairo, Ossiano, Atlantis, BOBY, Africa, Emirates, Swedish, Dubai’s, Paris, London , New York, French
Against a backdrop of skyscrapers and super yachts, the airborne athletes competed in the inaugural Jet Suit Race Series, an event organized by the Dubai Sports Council and Gravity Industries, the manufacturers of the jet suit. Browning compares the 1,700-horsepower jet suit to “the power of a Bugatti Veyron” sports car in a 30-kilogram (66-pound) backpack. The jet suit uses aviation fuel or diesel, and can go at speeds of up to 136 kilometers per hour (85 miles per hour), Browning’s own record. In 2020, there was a fatal jetpack accident in Dubai, though it was not a Gravity suit.) Test pilots take off in Gravity Industries jet suits ahead of the inaugural race, in Dubai in February 2024.
Persons: Superlatives ”, , Richard Browning, , Browning, Toby Patterson ‘, Browning’s, Toby Patterson “, Issa Kalfon, Paul Jones, Freddie Hay, Kaflon, Ahmed Al Shehhi, Al Shehhi, he’s, it’s Organizations: CNN, Dubai Sports Council, Gravity Industries, CAA, FAA, Royal Marines, Great North Air Ambulance Service, Industries, British Royal Navy, Commando Royal Marines, JetPack Aviation Locations: Dubai, “ City, Superlatives, UAE, Lake District, California
CNN —The 50 Best Restaurants power list has unveiled its 2024 list for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) — and one city is dominating the rankings. The Middle East & North Africa’s 50 Best Restaurants list was launched in 2022, reflecting the rapid growth of the region’s restaurant scene. With a booming culinary landscape of more than 13,000 eateries, Dubai has dominated the list since its inception, with 15 out of 50 restaurants on the list located in the city for the past two editions. The 50 Best awards has helped “put a spotlight” on the evolving food scene, and by platforming more casual restaurants, they’ve created healthy competition among the city’s many eateries. With ongoing conflict in the Middle East, the organizers decided to forgo a live awards event in the region this year.
Persons: — Mohammad, Wassim, Omar —, we’re, ” Mohammad Orfali, William Drew, Grégoire Berger, Berger, , they’ve, ’ ”, Maryam, Chef Salam Dakkak, Grams, Jason Atherton Organizations: CNN, Dubai, East Locations: East, North Africa, Amman, Cairo, Tel Aviv, Marrakech, Beirut, Dubai, Ossiano,
But golden tigers — also known as golden tabby tigers or strawberry tigers — are not a subspecies: they’re the result of a genetic mutation that changes the color of their fur. Ramnarayanan spotted the golden tiger, which came within 100 meters of the group, while guiding a safari in the wildlife reserve. The big cat is one of four "golden" tigers in Kaziranga, according to the park's official social media. If Kaziranga’s tiger population becomes more isolated, issues like inbreeding will threaten the population, said Sharma in his post on X. For photographer Ramnarayanan, Kaziranga’s golden tiger was his first sighting of these unusually colored big cats.
Persons: Gaurav Ramnarayanan, Ramnarayanan, “ I’ve, , Uma Ramakrishnan, There’s, , that’s, Gaurav, Mayuresh Hendre, Rabindra Sharma, Sharma, Kota Ullas Organizations: CNN, UNESCO, Heritage, National Center for Biological Sciences, Centre for Wildlife Studies Locations: India’s, Assam, Kaziranga, Mumbai, , India
Hong Kong CNN —Thick roots tumble across a dilapidated house, the snake-like trunks of a banyan tree framing where the front door once stood. “These villages have existed in Hong Kong for hundreds of years, way before the colonial period,” explained Irvine. In the 1950s and ‘60s, as Hong Kong grew as an industrial hub, many people migrated to the rapidly expanding urban centers for better working opportunities. Stefan Irvine / Courtesy Blue Lotus Gallery, Hong Kong“There were calendars on the wall, school certificates in drawers — it’s quite poignant,” said Irvine. Stefan Irvine / Courtesy Blue Lotus Gallery, Hong KongHeritage valueWhile most of the villages Irvine photographed are abandoned, he was surprised to discover not all were.
Persons: Stefan Irvine, ” Irvine, “ It’s, , , Irvine, Wong Chuk, Lai Chi Wo, they’ll, Tung Ping Chau, Yim Tin Tsai, Luk Keng, Lai, they’ve, Hong, Wo Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, steely, Hong, HK, Irvine, Blue Lotus Locations: Hong Kong, Malaysian, India, Irvine, New Territories, Accounting, Hong Kong’s, London, Tai Peng, Lamma, Lai Chi, Queen's Hill, Fanling, Tung, Shenzhen, China, , Mau, Lai, Hong
The newly opened twin skyscrapers One Za’abeel are home to the world’s longest cantilever building and on it, the United Arab Emirates’ longest suspended infinity pool, which is 120 meters (393 feet) in length. The 120-meter-long (394-feet) pool at The Link is the UAE's longest suspended infinity pool. World's highest infinity pool: Dubai has another Guinness World Record to add to the pile. Courtesy Address Hotel + Resorts Two world records: The skybridge connecting the top part of Jumeirah Gate is home to luxury apartments. Courtesy Address Hotel + Resorts Bedroom: There are 217 guest rooms and suites in the hotel and close to 1,000 apartments in Address Beach Residences.
Persons: Fadi Jabri, , it’s, Badr Benryane, “ It’s, , Benryane, You’re, Skypool, it's Organizations: CNN, CNN —, United, United Arab Emirates ’, Nikkei, cabanas, VIP cabanas, Resorts Zeta, Zeta Seventy, Eiffel, Covid Locations: CNN — Dubai, United Arab, Sekkei Dubai, Peruvian, loungers, Dubai, Jumeirah, Badr
CNN —Armani… Bulgari… Versace…The list reads like the directory of a designer shopping mall. It has more luxury branded residences than anywhere else in the world, knocking South Florida, the sector’s longstanding leader, off the top spot last year. On average, branded residences command a 30% premium compared to similar-quality properties in the same location. The deposits for off-plan purchases can often amount to more than $1 million for prime real estate. “There is a big appetite from both buyers as well as the developers, to continue with branded residences,” said Piro.
Persons: CNN — Armani, Bulgari … Versace, Savills, , Patricia Viel, ” ACPV, Bulgari, Viel, Faisal Durrani, Knight Frank Middle, Knight Frank’s, Knight Frank, it’s, Durrani, Rosa Piro, Tadao Ando, Arada, Piro, Armani, Giorgio Armani, Arada Durrani Organizations: CNN, Villa, ACPV, Neverending, Bulgari, Michelin, Resorts, Knight, United Arab, , Armani, Jumeirah Locations: Dubai, South Florida, Milan, there’s, Aspen, Miami, Algarve, Bahamas, United Arab Emirates
Big T's beef brisket, smoked for up to 16 hours, has loyal customers coming back time and time again. “If you want to taste actual Texas barbecue, not any just state, but Texas barbecue, it’s this.”A taste of TexasFood runs in Faour’s family. Located in Al Quoz Industrial Estate, Big T's BBQ is hidden between factories and warehouses. He transported the smoker to Dubai in 2022, opening Big T’s BBQ in December of that year. His videos often highlight low-cost eateries in unusual places, like Big T’s, which he calls his “go-to” for all things meat.
Persons: CNN —, Fadel, “ I’m, I’ve, , Brett Turner, Faour, , it’s, Fadel Faour, T’s, ” Faour, You’ll, Alex Augusti, Big, “ He’s, he’s, Augusti, you’ll Organizations: CNN, CNN — Al, CNN — Al Quoz Industrial, foodies, United Arab Emirates, Lone Star, Texas, Texas Food, Institute of Culinary Education, Big, Michelin Locations: CNN — Al Quoz, Dubai, Quoz, Texas, UAE, Faour’s, Al Quoz, Manhattan, New York, “ Good, Lockdowns, East, North Africa,
The Aeternitas Tower, officially unveiled at a launch event last week, will be the world’s tallest residential clock tower at a staggering 450 meters (1,476 feet) tall — more than four times the height of London’s Big Ben, and just 22 meters (72 feet) short of the world’s tallest residential building, the Central Park Tower in New York City. Set to become the world’s second-tallest clock tower (after the Makkah Clock Royal Tower in Mecca, Saudi Arabia), Aeternitas Tower is the result of a partnership between Dubai-based real estate developer London Gate and Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Franck Muller. The Aeternitas Tower will have amenities for residents such as gym, yoga studio, cinema, and swimming pool, pictured in this digital rendering. London GateA booming marketThe Aeternitas Tower is part of a growing trend in Dubai. The design for Aeternitas Tower was officially unveiled at a launch event on January 9 2024, at the Ritz-Carlton Dubai (pictured).
Persons: Big Ben, Franck Muller, Tom Hill, , Franck Muller Aeternitas, Erol Baliyan, Franck Muller’s, Karl Lagerfeld, “ We’ve, Carlton Dubai Organizations: CNN, CNN —, London Gate, Marina, Research, Benz, London, Ritz, Carlton Locations: CNN — Dubai, New York City, Makkah, Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Dubai Marina, East, Africa, Swiss, London, Emirate,
The Aeternitas Tower, officially unveiled at a launch event last week, will be the world’s tallest residential clocktower at a staggering 450 meters (1,476 feet) tall — more than four times the height of London’s Big Ben, and just 22 meters (72 feet) short of the world’s tallest residential building, the Central Park Tower in New York City. Set to become the world’s second-tallest clock tower (after the Makkah Clock Royal Tower in Mecca, Saudi Arabia), Aeternitas Tower is the result of a partnership between Dubai-based real estate developer London Gate and Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Franck Muller. The Aeternitas Tower will have amenities for residents such as gym, yoga studio, cinema, and swimming pool, pictured in this digital rendering. London GateA booming marketThe Aeternitas Tower is part of a growing trend in Dubai. The design for Aeternitas Tower was officially unveiled at a launch event on January 9 2024, at the Ritz-Carlton Dubai (pictured).
Persons: Big Ben, Franck Muller, Tom Hill, , Franck Muller Aeternitas, Erol Baliyan, Franck Muller’s, Karl Lagerfeld, “ We’ve, Carlton Dubai Organizations: CNN, CNN —, London Gate, Marina, Research, Benz, London, Ritz, Carlton Locations: CNN — Dubai, New York City, Makkah, Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Dubai Marina, East, Africa, Swiss, London, Emirate,
“This image is the last image of the Malayan tiger — or it’s the first image of the return of the Malayan tiger,” he says. ‘A million-dollar shot’Regular camera traps — like the hundreds already used by the park’s scientists, researchers and conservationists — are typically the size of a large smartphone and activated by broad-range motion sensors. Rondeau's high-resolution camera traps included a DSLR camera in a waterproof casing. Emmanuel Rondeau, wildlife photographerBut there’s still more work to be done. As a keystone species, tigers are essential to a healthy ecosystem – and without them, the 130-million-year-old rainforests around the Belum-Temengor complex could be threatened, too.
Persons: CNN — Emmanuel Rondeau, , , Rondeau, ” Rondeau, , , I’m, ” Rondeau didn’t, ‘ I’m, Carol Debra, Azlan Mohamed, Mohamed, Debra, Emmanuel Rondeau, Stuart Chapman, Chapman, ” Stuart Chapman, Merapi Mat Razi, there’s Organizations: CNN, WWF, Peninsular Malaysia, Malayan, Malaysia, Malaysia WWF, Malaysia —, country’s, “ Tigers, US, Malayan Tiger Conservation, Tiger, WWF’s Tigers, Initiative, Tigers, WWF – Malaysia, Royal, United Nations, Conservation Task Force, Bureau Locations: Asia, Siberia, Bhutan, Malaysia, Peninsular, Southeast Asia, Belum, Asli, , Royal Belum, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Park
The phenomenon, known as a starling murmuration in English or “black sun” in Danish, lasts just minutes, or even seconds. But it left a lasting impression on Danish photographer Søren Solkær, who first witnessed the spectacle when he was 10 years old. “The first thing that came to mind was starling murmurations … this big piece of calligraphy in the sky,” he told CNN. Solkær’s latest photobook, “Starling,” published last month, charts this migration journey, and with it, he hopes to inspire a closer relationship with nature. In Rome, Solkær included architecture in his compositions.
Persons: CNN —, Søren Solkær, ” Solkær, Solkær, Amy Winehouse, Metallica, Paul McCartney, starling, “ Starling, , , Søren Solkær “, falconer, Diviners, that’s, “ I’ve, Organizations: CNN, , starlings, University of Copenhagen, Museum Locations: Denmark, Europe, Ireland, Italy, Wadden, North Africa, Rome, Danish, Søren Solkær “ Rome, North America, , Socotra, Bhutan, South Asia, Australia, Sardinia
CNN —Often referred to as a “miracle material,” graphene is one million times thinner than a single human hair and stronger than steel. The two-dimensional carbon material, made from single layers of graphite, a material mined from the ground, is extremely lightweight, conductive, and flexible, and has the potential to deliver transformational technologies across industries, from electronics to transportation. Now, researchers at Khalifa University in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are exploring another use for graphene: producing drinking water. That’s where graphene comes in: Arafat is working on a graphene-enhanced membrane that could make the process more efficient and cheaper. “Even in small quantities, these graphene materials significantly improve the performance of the membranes in terms of their water production,” he adds.
Persons: , Hassan Arafat, Arafat, , Arafat isn’t, Molymem, Christophe Viseux, RIC2D, James Baker, Baker, You’re, ” Baker Organizations: CNN, Khalifa University, United Arab Emirates, United Arab, Research, Innovation, UK’s University of Manchester, University of Manchester, Bloomberg, Getty, Graphene@Manchester, European Union Locations: UAE, United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Abu, Turkish, Emirates
Accidents are all too common, and often deadly, says Sam Mayall, a lifelong sailor and former maritime transport deck officer. “A lot of the technologies employed offshore now are the same technologies that have been there for the last 40 or 50 years,” says Mayall. Spotting people is just one part of search and rescue — getting them out of the water rapidly is also critical. Zelim’s “Swift” conveyor belt is adapted to the maritime environment to get people out of the water quickly. The maritime industry is slow to innovate, says Phillips, and the industry-standard rescue winches have been the same for decades.
Persons: Sam Mayall, , Mayall, , ” Zelim, isn’t, “ Swift, , Laura Tognarelli, Swift, “ It’s, ” Sam Mayall, Gareth Phillips, Phillips, Phillips — Organizations: CNN, coastguard, UK’s, Guardian, US Coastguard, Mariners, CNN Guardian, Zelim, Milford Haven Port Authority, Swift, Marine Locations: Scottish, Milford Haven, MHPA
But by the time Tharu was growing up in the 1970s, the tiger population had dwindled to just 20% of its peak. As an adult, he became involved in forest conservation and was committed to protecting their habitat. Similarly, the creation of artificial watering holes has also helped to disperse the tiger population and direct animals away from local communities. “It is crucial to prioritize community development, to ensure that communities become advocates for tiger conservation,” Paudel adds. Even as human-animal conflicts increase, Tharu says the local communities are happy to see the tiger population flourish.
Persons: Bhadai Tharu, Tharu, , ” Tharu recommitted, Vijay Bedi, , Umesh Paudel, Paudel, Anupam Roy, iStockphoto, NTNC, ” Tharu Organizations: CNN, WWF, Trust for Nature Conservation, Parks, Nepalese Army Locations: Bardiya, Nepal, India, Asia, Tharu’s, Khata, Uttar Pradesh
Murata wondered if he “could build a wooden house on the moon or Mars,” and decided to test the theory — by creating a wooden satellite. Wooden satellites would be better for the planet while still providing the same functionality as their metal counterparts, says Murata. Now, they are working with Japan’s space agency (JAXA) and NASA to send the prototype satellite, called LingoSat, into orbit early next year. Engineers at Kyoto University are building a wooden satellite that will be launched into space in a joint mission with JAXA and NASA. Finnish startup Arctic Astronautics designed the WISA Woodsat, a wooden satellite that was supposed to be launched into space in 2021.
Persons: that’s, Koji Murata, Murata, , It’s, Jari Mäkinen, ” Mäkinen, Yarjan Abdul Samad, Samad, Tatsuhito Fujita, Fujita Organizations: CNN, Kyoto University, National Oceanic, Atmospheric Administration, , JAXA, NASA, Murata, Engineers, Kyoto, NOAA, Astronautics, Khalifa University, United Arab Locations: Japan, East Asia, United Arab Emirates
It looks like something straight out of science fiction. Which it is, in a way: it’s the brand new Chengdu Science Fiction Museum in the capital of Sichuan province in Southwest China. The museum was commissioned in 2022 to host this year’s 81st annual World Science Fiction Convention, nicknamed Worldcon. The Science Fiction Museum is part of a larger “Future City” development in the Pidu district, outside of the city. Known as Chengdu Future Science and Technology City, the 4.6-square-kilometer (1.8-square-mile) site will house multiple new universities, laboratories and offices.
Persons: , Paulo Flores, Flores, Sydney Opera House —, Zaha Hadid, Satoshi Ohashi, Ohashi, ” Ohashi, Dave McCarty, ” McCarty Organizations: CNN, Chengdu Science Fiction Museum, Zaha, Architects, Science, Sydney Opera House, Fiction, Chengdu Future Science, Technology City Locations: Sichuan, Southwest China, London, City, Chengdu, Pidu, China, Asia,
“You can tell there is something off about what you’re seeing or hearing.”Enter generative AI. That offers another opportunity for generative AI to reshape the gaming experience. While the developers retain control over procedurally generated content, generative AI has the potential to develop unplayable levels, or deviate in unintended ways from the game’s narrative. An additional toolWhile gamers are excited about the potential for gameplay, generative AI is likely to impact development before it alters the user experience. “I think with generative AI, it’s essentially the same thing – or at least, we’re approaching it with the exact same mindset here at Ubisoft.” However, there are still a lot of unanswered “legal and ethical aspects” to using generative AI, including artists’ copyright, he adds.
Persons: Jitao Zhou, Alexis Rolland, , Rolland, Ubisoft's, Zhou, Julian Togelius, , Togelius, Takehiko Hoshino, It’s, Hoshino, “ Fortnite, Creatives, We’ve, it’s Organizations: Rikkyo University CNN —, La, La Forge, Ubisoft, Rikkyo University, New York University, Rokkyo University, Maxis, EA, UGC, CNN, Forge Locations: La Forge China, Tokyo, La
Stella Terra could change that. The khaki-green SUV uses solar panels on its sloping roof to charge its electric battery, meaning it can drive long distances powered entirely by the sun. Stella Terra making an impression in Morocco. At just 2,645 pounds (1,200 kilograms), Stella Terra weighs around 25% less than the average mid-sized SUV. The Stella Terra team said their Morocco trip allowed them to test the car on a huge range of landscapes.
Persons: Stella Terra, Thieme Bosman, , Bosman, Bart van, Bob van Ginkel, ” van Ginkel, van Ginkel, Bart van Overbeek, Lightyear, Organizations: CNN, Eindhoven University of Technology, , Ford Locations: Morocco, “ Morocco, Tangier, Fes, STE
In addition to the novel flat-pack delivery, Luvly is hoping that the electric car’s other features – including its super-light frame and swappable batteries – will make sustainable transport more affordable, says Håkan Lutz, Luvly CEO and co-founder. LuvlyA “Luvly” solutionLuvly O is a “light urban vehicle,” also known as a microcar. Luvly plans to license its patented light vehicle flat-pack framework to other car manufacturers to build their own branded versions. Resource-light and requiring less energy to manufacture than electric passenger cars, light electric vehicles (LEVs) such as microcars could make a serious dent in transport carbon emissions, says Brost. This is where Luvly hopes to add value: inspiring more car manufacturers to develop light urban vehicles with its patented framework.
Persons: it’s, Håkan Lutz, Lutz, Luvly, , , , Luvly isn’t, Citroën, Ami, Mascha Brost, Brost, ” Brost, It’s Organizations: CNN, IKEA, BMW, Formula, Opel, Fiat, Micro, German Aerospace Center, German Aerospace, Institute for Highway, US, Peachtree Locations: Swedish, Stockholm, , Italian, Swiss, Germany, Peachtree City, Georgia
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