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Photographer Ramesh Shukla moved to Dubai in 1965. Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Rashid watching a camel race in Sharjah, 1968. The next day, he returned to the racetrack and presented the photo to Sheikh Zayed, asking for his blessing — and it changed everything. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the late emir of Abu Dhabi, signing the agreement to form the UAE’ on December 2, 1971. Ramesh ShuklaShukla's photos of the UAE's founding fathers (top) and Sheikh Zayed signing (bottom) are featured on the 50 dirham note.
Persons: CNN — “, ” Ramesh Shukla, Shukla, Ramesh Shukla, , , Sheikh Zayed, Sheikh Rashid, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Neel Shukla, Ramesh’s, , Tara, Neel, Ramesh, Ajman —, Ras, Khaimah, Neel —, ‘ Papa, ’ ” Organizations: CNN, United Arab Emirates, Ramesh, Emirates, United, UAE ’, Dubai Culture Locations: India, Dubai, Bombay, Mumbai, UAE, Sharjah, States, British, Arabian, Abu Dhabi, , Umm Al, United Arab, Ras Al, Emirates
Holmes was sentenced to 11 years in prison for defrauding investors in her failed blood-testing company, Theranos. She is seeking a new trial, arguing that the judge in her case erred in several decisions during the 2022 proceedings. Since her conviction, her projected release date from prison has been moved up, shaving about two years off her sentence. Theranos’ unraveling, and Holmes herself, became the subject of a bestselling book, a Hulu scripted series and an award-winning documentary. Holmes knowingly concealed the technology’s problems, and still pushed to get the company’s Edison devices into pharmacies, prosecutors argued.
Persons: Elizabeth Holmes, Holmes, Stanford, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Rupert Murdoch, Ramesh “ Sunny ”, “ Holmes, Balwani, Holmes ’, Theranos, , Edward Davila, Balwani “, laywers, , Agustin Orozco, Crowell, Orozco Organizations: New, New York CNN, California’s, Circuit, Wall Street, Prosecutors, Moring Locations: New York, California, Texas
In this videoShare Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailThe U.S. and India remain our most important markets: Indian pharmaceutical company LupinRamesh Swaminathan, global CFO and executive director of Lupin, discusses the company's earnings report.
Persons: Lupin Ramesh Swaminathan, Lupin Locations: India
“Digital payments are likely to enhance India’s growth by eliminating frictions, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs,” Eswar Prasad, an economics professor at Cornell University, told CNN. Covid-19 further boosted the adoption of digital transactions, as people tried to protect themselves from the virus. In 2023, the number of UPI transactions topped 100 billion. Azeez, a 34-year-old rickshaw driver in Old Delhi, told CNN that he’s too scared of losing money to use e-payments. Sania Farooqui/CNNConvenience aside, India’s digital public infrastructure has helped it achieve an 80% financial inclusion rate.
Persons: Brij Kishore, , Agarwal, tuk, India’s, Narendra Modi, Eswar Prasad, Old Delhi Sania Farooqui, Ramesh Kumar's, Sania Farooqui, Ramesh Kumar, he’s, Azeez, Prasad, Kapil Sharma, Organizations: Hong Kong / New Delhi CNN, , Unified, , frictions, Cornell University, CNN, “ UPI, India, National Payments Corporation of India, UPI, Sarojini, Finance, Eiffel Locations: Hong Kong / New Delhi, Chandni, India’s Old Delhi, Delhi, India, Old Delhi, Sarojini, Covid
Another start-up founder is going to prison for overstating his company’s performance to investors. His misrepresentations allowed him to raise $117 million in funding from top investment firms, valuing his start-up at $1.1 billion. When HeadSpin’s board members found out about the behavior in 2020, they pushed Mr. Lachwani to resign and slashed the company’s valuation by two-thirds. Mr. Lachwani is at least the fourth start-up founder in recent years to face serious consequences after taking Silicon Valley’s culture of hype too far. Other founders currently in prison for fraud include Sam Bankman-Fried of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX and Elizabeth Holmes and Ramesh Balwani of the blood testing start-up Theranos.
Persons: Manish Lachwani, Lachwani, Sam Bankman, Elizabeth Holmes, Ramesh Balwani
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailWe ought to have a fiscally responsible tax package, says National Review's Ramesh PonnuruRamesh Ponnuru, National Review editor and Washington Post columnist, and Natasha Sarin, Yale School of Management professor and former Treasury Department official, join 'Squawk Box' to discuss the upcoming expiration of former President Trump's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act at the end of 2025, what should be included in the tax package, and more.
Persons: Ramesh Ponnuru Ramesh Ponnuru, Natasha Sarin, Trump's Organizations: Washington Post, Yale School of Management, Treasury Department
New York CNN —A federal judge on Thursday ordered Sam Bankman-Fried to repay more than $11 billion as part of his sentence for defrauding customers and investors in his failed crypto exchange FTX. In their sentencing memorandum earlier this month, federal prosecutors laid out their reasoning for seeking $11 billion in forfeiture. Unlike restitution, where the money from seized assets goes directly to victims, the money from forfeiture is taken by the government and absorbed into the US Treasury. It is unclear how much Bankman-Fried is currently worth, but it’s likely not anywhere near $11 billion. So far, the Department of Justice has redistributed about $4 billion to Madoff’s victims.
Persons: Sam Bankman, Fried, SBF, ” Mitchell Epner, , , District Judge Lewis Kaplan, Anthony Capozzolo, Elizabeth Holmes, Holmes, Ramesh “ Sunny ” Balwani, Bernard Madoff, Peter Katz, Katz, they’ll, ” Katz Organizations: New, New York CNN, CNN, Treasury, District, , of, Department of Justice’s, Department of Justice, Department Locations: New York, Eastern, of New York
Politics in India is an expensive business, and sometimes lucrative, too. In this year’s election, parties are expected to spend more than $14 billion — as much as in the United States. But there has been little in the way of transparency for the huge sums sloshing around. Reading between the lines of the spreadsheets full of names poses questions about the intersection of government and business in India. Construction companies, gambling impresarios, pharmaceutical bosses and many more corporate entities and individuals had forked over $1.7 billion in bonds since 2019.
Persons: Jairam Ramesh, Narendra Modi Organizations: State Bank of India, Indian National Congress, Bharatiya Janata Party of Locations: India, United States
Although celebrities have altered photos with editing tools for years, images taken of the royal family have a historical importance and are expected to be authentic. The use of image editing to present a false narrative goes back almost to the dawn of photography itself. Image tools with generative AI will allow so much more than photo manipulation because people will be able to create images from completely new scenarios. As AI images hit the mainstream, it will open up more discussions around transparency and the need to regulate usage so news outlets and the public can better spot AI-generated and augmented images, he said. Although AI image watermarks already being implemented on certain platforms, mandating that will be a challenge, Hayden said.
Persons: Catherine , Princess of Wales, Wales, Kate, , Princess of, Prince Louis, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Princess, Google’s, Ramesh Raskar, who’s, Raskar, Reece Hayden, Hayden Organizations: CNN, Kensington Palace, Agence France, Presse, Reuters, Associated Press, Adobe, Google, MIT Media, Apple, Facebook, ABI Research Locations: Princess of Wales, Kensington
CNN —Eight Indian nationals who were detained and sentenced to death in Qatar on reported espionage charges have been released, according to Indian authorities. “The Government of India welcomes the release of eight Indian nationals working for the Dahra Global company who were detained in Qatar. They had been working for Dahra Global Technologies, a defense services provider based in Qatar, according to CNN News18. Qatar has not publicly addressed the arrest, sentencing and subsequent release of the eight Indian citizens. CNN affiliate CNN-News18 reported at the time that the eight Indians had been detained in August 2022 on spying charges.
Persons: , , Amir, it’s, Narendra Modi’s, Jairam Ramesh, Modi Organizations: CNN, Eight, Dahra Global, External Affairs, Indian Navy, Twitter, Dahra Global Technologies, CNN News18, United Nations Locations: Qatar, India, State
In this videoShare Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailWe're in for a period of secular growth, says Indian pharmaceutical firmRamesh Swaminathan of Lupin discusses its product pipeline and U.S. sales forecast.
Persons: Ramesh Swaminathan, Lupin
FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — Missiles and drones are flying in the Red Sea, disrupting one of the world's key trade arteries and a chokepoint for energy shipments headed for Europe. Last year, 12.9% of Europe's LNG went through the Red Sea from suppliers in the Middle East, mainly Qatar. That means “an extended shut-in of the Red Sea route from the Middle East poses a supply risk to Europe,” said Kaushal Ramesh, vice president at Rystad Energy. So far, there's been little to no impact on natural gas prices. Europe is getting a break because demand for natural gas is weak amid a sluggish economy.
Persons: Yemen's Houthi, it's, , Kaushal Ramesh, there's, ” Rystad's Ramesh, Simone Tagliapietra, Tagliapietra, Biden, Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden, Jennifer Granholm, Eurogas, Tagliapeitra, Claudia Kemfert, ___ Daly Organizations: Missiles, Union, SEA, Italy's, Europe's, Rystad Energy, WHAT'S, Energy, Industry, German Institute of Economic Research, Leuphana University Locations: FRANKFURT, Germany, Red, Europe, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Mandab, Israel, U.S, Yemen, Africa, Suez, Qatar, China, Norway, Azerbaijan, Brussels, Iran, Hormuz, Persian, That's, , Asia, ” U.S, USA, EU, Washington
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailIndia is a global office hub, says India's Mindspace Business ParksRamesh Nair of Mindspace Business Parks says "India is the country with the maximum office absorption in the world."
Persons: Ramesh Nair, Mindspace Business Parks Organizations: Mindspace Business Locations: India
New Delhi CNN —Netflix has removed an Indian film from its platform after it sparked backlash and protest from right wing Hindu groups – the latest in several recent controversies where India’s entertainment industry has caved to religious pressure campaigns. The movie was released on Netflix on December 29, where it quickly became the streaming platform’s top trending movie in India, according to production studio Zee Entertainment. “We removed this film at the request of the licensor,” a Netflix spokesperson confirmed to CNN in a statement Tuesday. CNN reached out to Zee Entertainment and the film’s director, but did not receive a response by the time of publication. That incident, like the ongoing controversy over ‘Annapoorani,’ prompted a police complaint against Netflix executives.
Persons: , Ramesh N Solanki, Lord Ram, Shriraj Nair, Vikram Seth, Narendra Modi’s, , , Modi Organizations: New, New Delhi CNN, Netflix, Zee Entertainment, CNN, Hindu IT Cell, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, India, Bharatiya Janata Party, BJP, Locations: New Delhi, India, Asia, Indian, Delhi, Mumbai
Read previewNetflix pulled an Indian film from its platform just days after it began streaming after backlash from right-wing Hindu groups, reports say. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. The phrase "love jihad" refers to an Islamaphobic conspiracy theory purporting that Muslim men are seducing Hindu women to convert them to Islam. 'Fanaticism won, creativity lost'It's not the first time Netflix and other streaming platforms have faced pressure from religious Hindu groups. AdvertisementNetflix did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider.
Persons: , Narendra Modi's, Shri Ram, Annapoorani, — Ramesh Solanki 🇮🇳 ( Organizations: Service, Netflix, Business, Hindu Parishad, Zee Studios Locations: Tamil Nadu
The full benefit for these Indian manufacturers will not be immediate, said Peter DeYoung, CEO of Piramal Pharma Solutions. Nimgaonkar said Indian CDMOs need to do more to ensure their reputation on quality standards matches Western and Chinese ones. The Indian CDMOs told Reuters that their facilities are routinely inspected by the FDA. Aragen counts seven of the 10 biggest pharma companies as clients, he said, declining to name them. "New biotechs are deciding to put eggs in both the Indian and China baskets from the start," Subramanian said.
Persons: Trump, Tommy Erdei, Ashish Nimgaonkar, Nimgaonkar, Sai, Peter DeYoung, Helen Chen, CDMOs, Piramal, DeYoung, Ramesh Subramanian, Subramanian, Maggie Fick, Andrew Silver, Michele Gershberg, Catherine Evans Organizations: Jefferies, Glyscend Therapeutics, Reuters, Sciences, Piramal Pharma, Sai Life Sciences, Western pharma, Piramal Pharma Solutions, L.E.K, Consulting, pharma, U.S . Food, Drug Administration, FDA, Thomson Locations: China, India, SHANGHAI, HYDERABAD, U.S, Shanghai, United States, London, Hyderabad
As Open AI employees celebrated the return of CEO Sam Altman with a five-alarm office party , OpenAI software engineer Steven Heidel was busy publicly rebuffing overtures from Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff. Heidel was one of more than 700 OpenAI employees who's threatened exodus halted a would-be mutiny at one of Silicon Valley's most important AI companies. He was previously a scientist at Facebook AI Research and worked as a member of Google Brain under supervision of Prof. Geoffrey Hinton and Ilya Sutskever. Alec Radford: Radford was hired in 2016 from a small AI company he founded in his dorm room. Tao Xu : technical staff, worked on GPT4 and WhisperChristine McLeavey : technical staff, with contributions to music-related productsChristina Kim : technical staffChristopher Hesse : technical staffHeewoo Jun : technical staff, researchAlex Nichol : technical staff, researchWilliam Fedus: technical staff, researchIlge Akkaya: technical staff, researchVineet Kosaraju : technical staff, researchHenrique Ponde de Oliveira Pinto : technical staffAditya Ramesh : technical staff, developed DALL-E and DALL-E 2Prafulla Dhariwal : research scientistHunter Lightman : technical staffHarrison Edwards : research scientistYura Burda : machine language researcherTyna Eloundou : technical staff, researchPamela Mishkin : researcherCasey Chu : researcherDavid Dohan : technical staff, researchAidan Clark : researcherRaul Puri : research scientistLeo Gao : technical staff, researchYang Song : technical staff, researchGiambattista ParascandoloTodor Markov : Machine learning researcherNick Ryder : technical staff
Persons: Sam Altman, Steven Heidel, Marc Benioff, Heidel, Altman, Mira Murati, Murati, Brad Lightcap, Lightcap, Jason Kwon, Kwon, Wojciech Zaremba, Geoffrey Hinton, Ilya Sutskever, Alec Radford, Radford, OpenAI, Peter Welinder, He's, Github Copilot, Anna Makanju, Andrej Karpathy, OpenAI's, Michael Petrov, Petrov, Greg [ Brockman, Miles Brundage, Brundage, John Schulman OpenAI, Srinivas Narayanan, Scott Grey, Grey, Bob McGrew, Research Che Chang, Lillian Weng, Safety Systems Mark Chen, Frontiers Research Barret Zoph, Peter Deng, Jan Leike Evan Morikawa Steven Heidel Jong Wook Kim, Tao Xu, Christine McLeavey, Christina Kim, Christopher Hesse, Heewoo, Alex Nichol, William Fedus, Henrique Ponde de Oliveira Pinto, Aditya Ramesh, Hunter Lightman, Harrison Edwards, Yura, Tyna, Pamela Mishkin, Casey Chu, David Dohan, Aidan Clark, Raul Puri, Leo Gao, Yang, Giambattista Parascandolo Todor Markov, Nick Ryder Organizations: Business, BI, OpenAI, Khosla Ventures, Facebook, Research, Google, Tesla, U.S . Department of Energy, Oxford University, Safety Systems, Frontiers Research Locations: Albania, Canada, OpenAI
Sam Altman was forced out as CEO of OpenAI on Friday, in dramatic fashion. One that was more snarky than loving: "if i start going off, the openai board should go after me for the full value of my shares." AdvertisementYet, it was the one about the OpenAI team that kicked off our current mystery. Various members of OpenAI staff have liked both tweets. Johnathan Lachman, who heads special projects at OpenAI, retweeted Murati's heart reply to Altman adding "our team spirit is just incredible."
Persons: Sam Altman, Altman, Mira Murati, emojis, , he'd, OpenAI, She's, Heart, Greg Brockman, what's, Jason Kwon, Brad Lightcap, Romain Huet, Aditya Ramesh, Johnathan Lachman, Brockman's, hasn't, Ilya Sutskever, Brockman, Vinod Khosla, Matthew McConaughey, Kali Hays Organizations: Service, Microsoft, Google, Altman, Twitter Locations: OpenAI,, @hayskali
Rahul Gandhi, a senior leader of India's main opposition Congress party, gestures as he addresses the media at Congress' headquarters in New Delhi, India, October 9, 2023. REUTERS/Anushree Fadnavis/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsNEW DELHI Oct 31 (Reuters) - Indian opposition leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government of trying to hack into senior opposition politicians' mobile phones, after they reported receiving warning messages from Apple (AAPL.O). "Hack us all you want," Gandhi told a news conference in New Delhi, in reference to Modi. In 2021, India was rocked by reports that the government had used Israeli-made Pegasus spyware to snoop on scores of journalists, activists and politicians, including Gandhi. The government has declined to reply to questions whether India or any of its state agencies had purchased Pegasus spyware for surveillance.
Persons: Rahul Gandhi, India's, Anushree, Narendra Modi's, Apple, Gandhi, Modi, Ashwini Vaishnaw, Jairam Ramesh, Shivam Patel, Rupam, John Stonestreet Organizations: Congress, REUTERS, Apple, Information Technology, Pegasus, Thomson Locations: New Delhi, India, DELHI
NEW DELHI/DOHA, Oct 27 (Reuters) - Eight Indian former naval officers who were handed the death penalty by a court in Qatar on Thursday were charged with spying for Israel, a source in India and another in Qatar said. Neither New Delhi nor Doha has officially stated the charges against the eight who were arrested in August 2022. In India, a government official aware of Doha's stance said the Qatar authorities had accused them of spying for Israel. The eight Indians will be able to appeal the death sentence, the source briefed on the case in Qatar told Reuters, as well as also saying they had been charged with spying for Israel. A spokesperson for India's foreign ministry did not respond to a request for comment about the sources' comments.
Persons: Jairam Ramesh, Krishn Kaushik, Andrew Mills, Dan Williams, Alison Williams Organizations: NEW, Reuters, Palestinian, Hamas, Qatari, Thomson Locations: NEW DELHI, DOHA, Qatar, Israel, India, Delhi, Doha, Jerusalem, Gaza, New Delhi, Qatar's
Congress spokespersons backed what they called India's "fight against terrorism" and criticised Trudeau. Khalistan is the name of an independent Sikh state whose creation was the goal of a bloody Sikh insurgency in the 1980s and 1990s in India's northern state of Punjab during which tens of thousands were killed. "The Indian National Congress has always believed that our country's fight against terrorism has to be uncompromising, especially when terrorism threatens India's sovereignty, unity and integrity." New Delhi, which urged Ottawa to act against anti-Indian elements, has long been unhappy over Sikh separatist activity in Canada. Canada has the largest population of Sikhs outside the Indian state of Punjab, with about 770,000 people reporting Sikhism as their religion in the 2021 census.
Persons: Hardeep Singh Nijjar, Nanak, Chris Helgren, Justin Trudeau's, Trudeau, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Jairam Ramesh, Indira Gandhi, Beant Singh, FRANK, YP Rajesh, Clarence Fernandez Organizations: REUTERS, Twitter, Indian National Congress, Research, Economic Times, Press Trust of India, Indian Express, YP, Thomson Locations: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, DELHI, India, Delhi, India's, Punjab, New Delhi, Australia, Britain, United States, Ottawa, Indian
ChatGPT Can Now Generate Images, Too
  + stars: | 2023-09-20 | by ( Cade Metz | Tiffany Hsu | More About Cade Metz | )   time to read: +1 min
ChatGPT can now generate images — and they are shockingly detailed. On Wednesday, OpenAI, the San Francisco artificial intelligence start-up, released a new version of its DALL-E image generator to a small group of testers and folded the technology into ChatGPT, its popular online chatbot. Called DALL-E 3, it can produce more convincing images than previous versions of the technology, showing a particular knack for images containing letters, numbers and human hands, the company said. By adding the latest version of DALL-E to ChatGPT, OpenAI is solidifying its chatbot as a hub for generative A.I., which can produce text, images, sounds, software and other digital media on its own. Since ChatGPT went viral last year, it has kicked off a race among Silicon Valley tech giants to be at the forefront of A.I.
Persons: , Aditya Ramesh, ChatGPT Locations: OpenAI, San Francisco, ChatGPT
By YP RajeshNEW DELHI (Reuters) - India's main opposition Congress party backed on Wednesday the government's rejection of Canada's suspicions that New Delhi's agents had links to the murder of a Sikh separatist leader, and urged a stand against threats to the country's sovereignty. Congress spokespersons backed what they called India's "fight against terrorism" and criticised Trudeau. Khalistan is the name of an independent Sikh state whose creation was the goal of a bloody Sikh insurgency in the 1980s and 1990s in India's northern state of Punjab during which tens of thousands were killed. "The Indian National Congress has always believed that our country's fight against terrorism has to be uncompromising, especially when terrorism threatens India's sovereignty, unity and integrity." Canada has the largest population of Sikhs outside the Indian state of Punjab, with about 770,000 people reporting Sikhism as their religion in the 2021 census.
Persons: YP Rajesh NEW DELHI, Justin Trudeau's, Hardeep Singh Nijjar, Trudeau, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Jairam Ramesh, Indira Gandhi, Beant Singh, FRANK, YP Rajesh, Clarence Fernandez Organizations: YP Rajesh NEW, Twitter, Indian National Congress, Research, Economic Times, Press Trust of India, Indian Express, YP Locations: India, British Columbia, Delhi, India's, Punjab, New Delhi, Australia, Britain, Canada, United States, Ottawa, Indian
"We've certainly seen Australia's reputation being affected as some existing buyers expressed interest in diversifying their suppliers for long-term supply," said Ryhana Rasidi, LNG analyst at analytics firm Kpler. "Australia is the closest gas supplier we can get. By far, Australia, U.S. and Qatar are the three pillars in LNG supply chain. As well as its political stability, its proximity to Asia might be Australia's saving grace, industry analysts say. "Ties are very strong between North Asia and Australia as a legacy supplier, so many participants are keen to continue the relationship," said Kaushal Ramesh, LNG analyst at Rystad Energy.
Persons: Inpex, Resources Madeleine King, We've, Ryhana, Jane Liao, Kaushal Ramesh, Emily Chow, Yuka Obayashi, Muyu Xu, Andrew Hayley, Joyce Lee, Lewis Jackson, Florence Tan Organizations: Reuters, Chevron, Handout, REUTERS, Rights, Workers, Japan's Kyushu Electric Power, Chevron's, Woodside Energy, West Shelf, South, Resources, Taiwan, Tohoku Electric Power, Kyushu Electric Power, Osaka Gas, Rystad Energy, Thomson Locations: Chevron, Barrow Island, Australia, Rights SINGAPORE, TOKYO, Qatar, United States, Western Australia, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Ukraine, Oman, U.S, Asia, Singapore, Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul, Sydney
Although some analysts said the meeting showed few concrete results, his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is now cashing in on Modi's enhanced image ahead of a series of state elections and national elections due by May 2024. In the run-up to the summit, Modi's face was plastered on G20 hoardings across the country. The BJP plans to highlight the "success of the summit" during fortnight-long celebrations of Modi’s birthday starting on Sunday, a party official said. Modi's contribution to India's rising global stature will be a key theme of a special five-day parliament session beginning next week, the official said. NATIONAL PRIDE"It’s really a fact that India's image has transformed under Prime Minister Modi," BJP vice president Baijayant Jay Panda told Reuters.
Persons: Narendra Modi, Anushree, Modi, Joe Biden, India's, Sanjay Kumar, psephologist, Baijayant Jay Panda, Yashwant Deshmukh, Jairam Ramesh, Ramesh, Manmohan Singh, Raju Gopalakrishnan Organizations: International Media Centre, REUTERS, BJP, Bharatiya Janata Party, New Delhi's, NATIONAL, Reuters, India Today, Thomson Locations: New Delhi, India, DELHI, Manipur
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