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Before Knezevich’s arrest in May, his attorney, Kenneth Padowitz, told CNN that his client “has never been to Spain” and had nothing to do with the incident. Padowitz, however, told CNN in February that the split was amicable. Prosectors allege video shows a man resembling David Knezevich in a Madrid hardware store on February 2, 2024. She was planning a trip to Barcelona with her friends on February 5, her brother told CNN, but she abruptly stopped communicating and never showed up for the trip. I’ll call you when I get back.”Henao and Rameau had spoken by phone just hours before her disappearance but she had not mentioned meeting a dreamy stranger, he told CNN.
Persons: David Knezevich, Ana Maria Knezevich Henao, Knezevich –, Kenneth Padowitz, , Spain ”, Knezevich, he’d, Padowitz, Henao, Ana Henao's, Prosectors, Sanna Rameau, ” Henao, Rameau, she’d, Karimi, Al Goodman Organizations: CNN, FBI, Ana, Attorney’s, Peugeot, Investigators Locations: Florida, Spain, Madrid, Salamanca, Serbia, Miami, Turkey, Belgrade, Ana Henao's Madrid, Colombia, Barcelona
But the FBI said this week they’ve arrested the mystery man who entered her Madrid apartment building that night: her estranged husband. Knezevich’s attorney, Kenneth Padowitz, told CNN in February that his client is innocent and “has never been to Spain.” Padowitz declined to comment Wednesday after Knezevich’s arrest. She was planning a trip to Barcelona with her friends on February 5, her brother told CNN, making her sudden lack of contact more concerning. Spanish firefighters entered her apartment for a welfare check and she was nowhere to be found, court documents said. And they were written with the help of another Colombian woman Knezevich had met on a dating app months earlier, court documents said.
Persons: Ana Maria Knezevich, Henao, they’ve, David Knezevich, he’d, Kenneth Padowitz, , ” Padowitz, Knezevich, ” Henao, Padowitz, Ana Maria Knezevich Henao, Manu Fernandez, James Marshall, they’re, ” Marshall, , Sanna Rameau, ” Rameau, she’d, — Knezevich, Knezevich’s, CNN’s Pau Mosquera, Denise Royal, Carlos Suarez Organizations: CNN, FBI, Miami International Airport, EOX Technology Solutions Inc, Peugeot, AP FBI Locations: Madrid, Spain, Florida, Barcelona, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Serbia, Spanish, Turkey, Belgrade, Salamanca, Colombia, Colombian, Bogota
CNN —The husband of Ana Maria Knezevich Henao, a woman who was reported missing while in Spain in February, has been arrested in Florida, the FBI confirmed Monday. Knezevich Henao, 40, was reported missing in February after she failed to meet a friend in Madrid. Around the time she went missing, Rameau said she received a WhatsApp message from Knezevich Henao which read: “I met someone wonderful!! Two people who know the situation told CNN Knezevich Henao initially rented the apartment in Madrid from January 5 to February 5. It says David Knezevich is Serbian and Knezevich Henao is a native of Colombia and a project manager.
Persons: Ana Maria Knezevich Henao, David Knezevich, James Marshall, Marshall, Knezevich, Knezevich Henao, Juan Felipe Henao, Sanna Rameau, Rameau, “ I’m, , , Henao, CNN Knezevich Henao, CNN’s Pau Mosquera, Al Goodman, Carlos Suarez Organizations: CNN, FBI, Broward County Sheriff's, Diplomatic Security Service, Miami International Airport, Miami Federal Court, Spanish National Police, US Customs, Knezevich, EOX Technology Locations: Spain, Florida, Fort Lauderdale , Florida, Broward County, Miami, Madrid, Her, Barcelona, Madrid’s, Salamanca, Serbia, Knezevich, South Florida, Colombia
Spain’s Interior Ministry identified the woman as Ana Maria Knezevich Henao, saying she “disappeared” on February 2 and requires medication. An image posted on Spain’s National Center for Missing Persons website shows a photo of Knezevich Henao with long brown hair and brown eyes. Around the time she went missing, Rameau said received a WhatsApp message from Knezevich Henao that read: “I met someone wonderful!! The website of a computer services company in South Florida, EOX Technology Solutions, lists David Knezevich as the CEO and managing director. It says David Knezevich is Serbian and Knezevich Henao is a native of Colombia and a project manager.
Persons: Ana Maria Knezevich Henao, , , Juan Felipe Henao, Knezevich, Sanna Rameau, Rameau, Henao, David Knezevich Organizations: CNN, Spanish, Ministry, National, for, Police, EOX Technology Locations: Madrid, Barcelona, Spanish, Madrid’s, Salamanca, Serbia, South Florida, Colombia
Then, she vanished — two weeks ago, shortly after a man wearing a motorcycle helmet disabled the security cameras at her Madrid apartment building by spray painting the lenses. Records show they also own a home and two other Fort Lauderdale properties, one of those currently under foreclosure. Like I never had.”The Spanish friend got similar texts, the ones that appeared to have been translated by computer. Rameau and the Spanish friend then went to her building on Feb. 8, and learned from a clerk about the helmeted man painting the cameras. "I’m just desperate to find a reason for who could have done this.”___Spencer reported from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Persons: — Ana Maria Knezevic, , Sanna Rameau, Rameau, , Joaquin Amills, David, Ana Knezevic, Ana’s, Juan Henao, David Knezevic's, Henao, Ana, Henao texted David, “ Let’s, David Knezevic, Neighbors, Firefighters, didn't, “ I’m, I’m, ” ___ Spencer Organizations: MADRID, Google, Associated Press, Police, American, Technology Solutions Inc, Records, Fort Locations: South Florida, Spain, American, Colombia, Madrid, Spanish, Fort Lauderdale, Serbia, Salamanca, Austria, Barcelona, Fort Lauderdale , Florida
Les Arts Florissants Returns to New York, Endangered
  + stars: | 2023-04-27 | by ( Zachary Woolfe | )   time to read: +1 min
The pair of concerts that William Christie and his ensemble, Les Arts Florissants, offered at Carnegie Hall this week made me a little sad. What depressed me was the question of whether there’s a future in New York for this pathbreaking early-music group, founded in France four decades ago by Christie, an American. Its longtime bases when on tour in the city, Lincoln Center and the Brooklyn Academy of Music, have jolted away from the kind of music programming that was until recently a core part of their identities — and the kind that Les Arts Florissants embodies. Sure, Christie and Les Arts Florissants don’t do contemporary pieces. Their repertoire, with its founding specialty in the French Baroque of Lully, Rameau and Charpentier, doesn’t check fashionable boxes of diversity, equity and inclusion.
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