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France’s military has mobilized and flown in “four additional squadrons to restore order,” according to French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin. Macron will chair a defense and national security council on Wednesday, focusing on the violence, the presidential palace said. Others were equipped with larger rifles, firing bullets,” the French High commissioner to New Caledonia Louis Le Franc said. Theo Rouby/AFP/Getty ImagesFrench gendarme officers guard the entrance of the Vallee-du-Tir district, in Noumea, New Caledonia on May 14, 2024. FLNKS issued its own statement Wednesday both condemning the vote at the National Assembly and calling for an end to the violence.
Persons: Paris –, Gerald Darmanin, Emmanuel Macron, Macron, Charles Wea, Louis Mapou, New Caledonia Louis Le Franc, Franc, RNZ, Theo Rouby, unfreeze, Gabriel Attal, , ” Attal, FLNKS, “ FLNKS Organizations: CNN, New, New Caledonian, New Caledonia Louis, Radio New, Getty, Colonial, Noumea Accord, National Assembly, French, Kanak and Socialist National Liberation Locations: New Caledonia, Noumea, South Pacific, Australia, Fiji, Vanuatu, , New Caledonia, Pacific, Caribbean, Indian, France, Paris, China, United States, Radio New Zealand, Noumea , New Caledonia, AFP, Tir, White, Covid, Kanak
astead herndonLast year, the comedian was Roy Wood Jr., a veteran of “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central —archived recording (roy wood jr.) Happy to be here. I don’t think you can ignore anything that the American people are bringing to you. So I think that’s where it ain’t funny to a lot of people. And I think that’s what we’re — those are the only two things we’re armed with is either laughs or yelling. But now do you want the funny guy that’s going to be in control of your uterus?
Persons: astead herndon, Jon Stewart, Wanda Sykes, roy, Dark Brandon, Roy Wood Jr, astead herndon —, I’ll, I’m, Clarence Thomas, There’s, Trump, it’s, Donald Trump, , Biden, ” I’m Astead, , Showtime ”, that’ll, astead herndon Really, It’ll, astead, Jim Messina, Joe Biden, Rupert Murdoch, That’s, Harry Styles, Don Lemon, Harris, Ron Klain, exoticize Joe Biden, Scranton Joe, we’re, you’re, Obama, herndon, we’ve, Bob Dole, that’s, George Floyd, They’re, what’s, Roy, Buddy, who’s, Trayvon Martin —, let’s, Ludacris, Kim Kardashian, Ray J, Kardashian, astead herndon Roy, he’s, Joe Biden’s, It’s, I’ve, He’s, George Lopez, they’re, astead herndon I’m, there’s, John Oliver — astead herndon, , Sarah Palin, Tina Fey’s, Nikki Haley, ain’t, Haley, Nikki Haley can’t, donald, Ron “ DeSanctimonious, astead herndon It’s, who’ve, Obama Obama, Lock, Hillary’s, Marco, You’re, Little Marco, Karine Jean, Pierre, astead herndon That’s, Donald Trump’s, Stormy Daniels, Jonah Bromwich, haven’t, jonah bromwich You’ve, We’ve, Michael Cohen, David Pecker, don’t, Trump — jonah bromwich, He’ll, biden, astead herndon Joe Biden, Let’s, She’s Organizations: White, Super, Comedy, , Disney, The New York Times, Showtime, astead herndon, Trump, Biden, Paramount, BET, Scranton, Republicans, Florida, M University, Black College, Republican, Democratic Party, Democratic, Democrat, RFK, Party, Tea Party, SNL, Democrats, Tower, National, , AMI, Trump — Locations: Washington , DC, France, America, ” I’m Astead Herndon, herndon, Scranton, Tallahassee, Birmingham , Alabama, Birmingham, astead herndon, South Carolina, CPAC, Palestine, Israel, Manhattan, Florida, Tampa, Pennsylvania
CNN —A former professional rugby union player, who who died in 2023 at the age of 33, has become the first in New Zealand to be formally diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) – the neurogenerative disease associated with repeated head trauma. Billy Guyton died of a suspected suicide last year, CNN affiliate Radio New Zealand (RNZ) reported, and his family subsequently donated his brain to Auckland’s Neurological Foundation Human Brain Bank which made the CTE diagnosis. CNN has contacted New Zealand Rugby for comment. Around the world, players are grappling to deal with the impact of head injuries sustained during their rugby careers. In the UK, some 450 current and former rugby players have now joined lawsuits to take legal action against global governing body World Rugby and the national governing bodies of England and Wales, the Rugby Football Union (RFU) and the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU), Rugby Football League Limited, International Rugby League Limited and British Amateur Rugby League Association.
Persons: CNN —, Billy Guyton, Maurice Curtis, John, RNZ, , , Billy, That’s, Australia – Guyton, ” John Guyton, Michael Buckland, Curtis Organizations: CNN, rugby, Radio New Zealand, Neurological, Brain, Auckland Brain Bank, Super Rugby, Australia, Nelson Weekly, New Zealand Rugby, Australian Sports Brain Bank, World Rugby, Rugby Football Union, RFU, Welsh Rugby Union, WRU, Rugby Football League Limited, International Rugby League Limited, British Amateur Rugby League Association . Lawyers, University of Glasgow, Boston University, University of Sydney, Prevention, Befrienders Locations: New Zealand, Auckland, England, Wales
Patricia Kerekes, and her husband Todd, cut their vacation short after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Todd told Radio New Zealand he was charged $8,000 to change their flight to an earlier one. Air New Zealand refunded him and apologized, saying its compassionate care policy wasn't followed. American tourists Todd and Patricia Kerekes cut their vacation short after Patricia was diagnosed with terminal gallbladder cancer, according to Radio New Zealand. Todd told the radio station they booked return tickets in business class from New York to Auckland, which cost nearly $23,000.
Persons: Patricia Kerekes, Todd, wasn't, , Patricia, RNZ, RNZ's, Alisha Armstrong, Armstrong, Kerekes Organizations: Radio New Zealand, Air New Zealand, Service, New Zealand, Air New, Business Locations: Zealand, New York, Auckland, New, Air New Zealand
Known as "border radio," the unregulated American radio industry sprung up on Mexico's northern border in the 1930s. Michael Ochs Archives/Getty ImagesIn the years that followed, other border radio stations sprung up in Mexico. Hank Thompson, another country music star who grew up in Waco in the 30s, said border radio stations were the only stations where one could listen to country music most of the time. But the legacy of border radio stations continued to live on in the country music they helped popularize, as well as its cousin genres. According to American honky-tonk star Webb Pierce, country music "might not have survived if it hadn't been for border radio."
Persons: , Bill Crawford, Crawford, weren't, Will Horwitz, Horwitz's, Jimmie Rodgers, Carter, Michael Ochs, Jesus Christ, Dallas Turner, John Romulus Brinkley, Brinkley, Pope Brock, Minerva, Minnie, Jones, Patsy Montana, Slim Rinehart, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Hank Thompson, Lydia Mendoza, Rosa Dominguez, Mexican Nightingale, Dominguez, Maybelle, Webb Pierce, It's Organizations: Service, Business, Amazing Broadcasters, American Airwaves, Keystone, Gamma, Getty Images, US, charlatans, Houston, Country, Michael Ochs Archives, Kansas he'd, The Kansas State Medical Board, Federal Radio Commission, Soibelman, Tejano, Getty, Thunderbirds, ZZ Locations: American, West, Mexico, Canada, United States, Mexican, France, Tamaulipas, KFKB, Kansas, New York, Waco, South Dakota
A year after passing a world-leading smoking ban designed to save thousands of lives and prevent new generations of young adults from smoking, New Zealand has announced a u-turn to help pay for tax cuts, infuriating public health officials and anti-tobacco groups. Marty Melville/AFP/Getty ImagesNew Zealand’s initial smoking ban was hailed by public health officials around the world. Months after New Zealand’s announcement, Britain also unveiled plans to phase out smoking for new generations. A spokesperson for British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said that the British government remained committed to phasing out smoking, even after New Zealand’s reversal. The anti-smoking group Health Coalition Aotearoa (HCA) expressed disappointment at the new coalition’s plans to repeal the smoking ban.
Persons: Chris Luxon, Luxon, Christopher Luxon, Marty Melville, Rishi Sunak, , Nicola Willis, Saturday, Mario Tama, Ayeshea Verrall, “ What’s, ” Verrall Organizations: CNN, National Party, New Zealand First, ACT New, Radio New Zealand, Government House, Getty, British, World Health, Radio New, Health Coalition Aotearoa, New Zealanders Locations: New Zealand, ACT New Zealand, Wellington, AFP, Britain, Los Angeles , California, Radio New Zealand, New
Christopher Luxon, Leader of the National Party waves to supporters at his election party after winning the general election to become New Zealand’s next prime minister in Auckland, New Zealand, October 14, 2023. REUTERS/David Rowland/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsWELLINGTON, Oct 25 (Reuters) - New Zealand’s Prime Minister-elect Christopher Luxon said on Wednesday that negotiations were ongoing with potential coalition partners ACT New Zealand and New Zealand First, as the country awaits final results of the general election. Luxon’s conservative National Party and preferred coalition partner ACT won a one-seat majority in the general election Oct. 14. However, this majority could be eroded after special votes are counted and final results are released Nov. 3. He said once special votes are counted, the parties will move quickly to form a government.
Persons: Christopher Luxon, David Rowland, ” Luxon, Lucy Craymer, Rod Nickel Organizations: National Party, New, REUTERS, Rights, Zealand’s, ACT New, New Zealand, ACT, Labour, Thomson Locations: Auckland , New Zealand, ACT New Zealand, New, Zealand
Christopher Luxon, Leader of the National Party waves to supporters at his election party after winning the general election to become New Zealand’s next prime minister in Auckland, New Zealand, October 14, 2023. REUTERS/David Rowland/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsWELLINGTON, Oct 16 (Reuters) - New Zealand's prime minister-elect, Christopher Luxon, said on Monday while his party was waiting for special votes to be counted, they would also "get cracking" on building relationships with both ACT New Zealand and New Zealand First. Luxon's centre-right National Party and preferred coalition partner ACT won a razor-thin electoral victory on Saturday, together securing 61 seats in 121 seat parliament. Luxon told government-funded Radio New Zealand on Monday that National would be waiting for the special votes to be counted but were going to get started on building relationships and having conversations with both ACT and New Zealand First. He added he would ideally like to have a government formed before the APEC meeting in November but that this will depend on the special votes and how negotiations have progressed.
Persons: Christopher Luxon, David Rowland, Luxon, Lucy Craymer, Sandra Maler Organizations: National Party, New, REUTERS, Rights, ACT New, New Zealand, ACT, National, APEC, Labour, Thomson Locations: Auckland , New Zealand, ACT New Zealand, New, Luxon's, New Zealand, Wellington
So how do we stay informed and stay connected while protecting our mental health and that of our children? Where to get help If you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts or mental health matters, help is available. Befrienders Worldwide, a global suicide prevention organization, can connect you with mental health support through their network of help centers around the globe. So, what can you do to take care of your and your family’s mental health? Connect with family, friends or like-minded community, or if you feel that you need additional help, reach out to a mental health professional.
Persons: Sanjay Gupta, Gail Saltz, , ” Saltz, Saltz, , “ I’m, , ’ I’m, … it’s, Don’t, it’s, you’re, you’ve, Everybody, , … They’ve, we’re, Dr Gail Saltz Organizations: CNN, American Psychological Association, Befrienders, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Weill Cornell Medical College Locations: Israel, Gaza
A teddy bear is seen among flowers placed outside where Lauren Anne Dickason, a woman charged with murdering her three young daughters just weeks after arriving in New Zealand from South Africa, used to live, in Pretoria, South Africa, September 24, 2021. REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsWELLINGTON, Aug 16 (Reuters) - A jury in New Zealand found a South African woman guilty on Wednesday of murdering her three young daughters, with media saying she faced a life sentence for each killing. Her husband Graham had found the three children dead and his wife in a serious condition upon arriving home after a dinner with colleagues, New Zealand media have previously said. The prosecution said Dickason knew when she killed her daughters that what she was doing was morally wrong and the act was murder, according to broadcaster Radio New Zealand. Some of the jury were heard crying as they left the courtroom, media said.
Persons: Lauren Anne Dickason, Siphiwe, Dickason, Graham, Cameron Mander, Lucy Craymer, Clarence Fernandez Organizations: REUTERS, Rights, Media, Radio New Zealand, Thomson Locations: New Zealand, South Africa, Pretoria, African, Timaru, Christchurch
The line of fans decked out in their red, white and blue best extends more than halfway down the block. Mike Householder and Suzanne Rivera outside the Morningside Tavern in Auckland, New Zealand on August 1, 2023. Many fans have run into each other at game after game, orchestrating informal meet-ups. For some loyal fans, this is their third, fourth or even fifth World Cup. “I’m sure there is a lot of fans nervous based on what they saw in the group stage,” he said.
Persons: Auckland’s, , , Mike, Suzanne Rivera, “ Cotton, Joe ” blare, Tara Subramaniam, Dave Gunn, they’ve, Nadia Pelayo, ” Nadia Pelayo, There’s, Garvey Daniels, Kristen Pariseau, Gunn, It’s “, it’s, Maggie Gray, Alex Morgan, Hannah Peters, Justin Brunken, Brunken, Organizations: New Zealand CNN, American Outlaws, Liberty, Portugal, CNN, Radio New Zealand, Morningside, Saints, FIFA, US, Eden Park, Sydney, , Outlaws, Auckland Locations: Auckland, New Zealand, Auckland’s Eden, United States, Paul , Minnesota, Canada, Auckland , New Zealand, America, USA, Auckland , New, Wellington, San Antonio , Texas, Texas, Eden, Portugal, Netherlands, California, Georgia, Australia, Zealand, Sweden, Melbourne, Sydney
Tourists on the island said they weren't aware how close the volcano was to erupting. Lu told the court the eruption had changed her “physically and mentally.”Before the disaster, she worked in the fashion industry. He said the tourists were told the volcano’s activity level was elevated, which meant they couldn’t go to some areas of the island. Five organizations have already pleaded guilty and are awaiting sentencing, including Volcanis Air Safaris, Aerius, Kahu NZ and White Island Tours. Luxury charter flight operator Inflite pleaded guilty last year and was fined 227,500 New Zealand dollars ($145,000) plus court costs.
Persons: WorkSafe, Annie Lu, Lu, ” Lu, Geoff Hopkins, , , I’ve, Matthew, Lauren Urey, Matthew Urey, Urey, ” Lauren Urey, Matthew Urey's, Margulies, Alsina, Peter, James Buttle, Kristy McDonald KC, WML, David Neutze, Inflite Organizations: Australia CNN —, Tourists, New Zealand Defence Force, Getty, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Whakaari Management, New Zealand Ltd, Tauranga Tourism Services, Zealand, CNN, Radio New Zealand, White Locations: Brisbane, Australia, White, New, Handout, we’re, Tauranga, ., Zealand
Hong Kong CNN —New Zealand’s Prime Minister Chris Hipkins has been criticized for bringing a backup plane on his visit to China this week, with opposition leaders pointing to excess planet-warming emissions created in the middle of the climate crisis. A “backup aircraft” was “pre-positioned” in the Philippine capital Manila in case the primary aircraft carrying Hipkins and a trade delegation broke down, the spokesperson said. The leader of the opposition National Party Chris Luxon said Hipkins’ use of two planes wasn’t a good look environmentally, according to CNN affiliate Radio New Zealand (RNZ). The 757s are “around 30 years old, are nearing the end of their economic lives, and are due for replacement between 2028 and 2030,” Hipkins’ spokesperson said. Former New Zealand prime ministers have faced political embarrassment after their planes broke down on official trips.
Persons: Chris Hipkins, , , National Party Chris Luxon, David Seymour, ” Seymour, Seymour, ” Hipkins, John Key, RNZ, Jacinda Ardern, Hipkins Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, Zealand’s, CNN, National Party, Radio New Zealand, ACT Party, Ford, Defense Force, RNZAF, Royal New Zealand Air Force, Boeing, New Zealand Defense Force, Former New Zealand, RNZAF Boeing, Air Force Locations: Hong Kong, China, Philippine, Manila, India, Australia, Melbourne, Auckland, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai
WELLINGTON, June 20 (Reuters) - A man wielding an axe entered three Chinese restaurants on Monday night in New Zealand’s largest city Auckland, sending four people to hospital, authorities and local media reported. One victim was discharged and three remain in stable condition, North Shore and Auckland hospital spokespeople said on Tuesday. Local media reported that the man went into three Chinese restaurants — Zhangliang Malatang, Yues Dumpling Kitchen and Maya Hotpot — and started randomly attacking people with an axe around 9 p.m. on Monday night. A witness told local news organisation Radio New Zealand that she was eating at Maya Hotpot with a friend when a man came at her friend with the axe. New Zealand Police said they had arrested a 24-year-old man and he was due to appear in court on Tuesday on a charge of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.
Persons: spokespeople, Hotpot —, Hotpot, Lucy Craymer, Lisa Shumaker Organizations: Local, Radio New Zealand, New Zealand Police, Police, Thomson Locations: New Zealand’s, Auckland, North Shore
The broadcaster, which first revealed the issues last Friday, said its board decided an independent review was necessary. The panel would review editorial processes and "examine factors and warning signs, which led to international wire stories being subedited with inappropriate content," it said in a statement. Reuters supplied 21 of the altered stories and one came from Britain's BBC, RNZ's list of stories that have been corrected shows. The BBC did not immediately respond to a request for comment on RNZ's move to review its internal processes. The panel includes New Zealand media law expert Willy Akel, public law expert and former journalist Linda Clark and former director of editorial standards at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Alan Sunderland.
Persons: RNZ, Ukraine impartially, Jim Mather, Willy Akel, Linda Clark, Alan Sunderland, Clark, Lucy Craymer, Lincoln Organizations: Radio New Zealand, BBC, Reuters, Thomson, RNZ, New, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Sunderland Locations: Ukraine, China, Taiwan, RNZ
Fourteen of the stories had been supplied by Reuters and one came from Britain’s BBC, the links to the stories show. RNZ said in a statement it was continuing a detailed audit and analysis of all stories that could have been inappropriately edited. “Reuters has addressed the issue with RNZ, which has initiated an investigation,” a spokesperson for Reuters said. The issue became public after changes were made to a June 8 Reuters story about the use of the word “war” in Russia. They have also accused Russia of using false allegations of suppression of ethnic Russians to justify pro-Moscow separatist groups declaring independence in eastern Ukraine.
Persons: RNZ, , , Ukraine impartially, Willie Jackson, Paul Thompson, Viktor Yanukovich Organizations: New Zealand CNN, New, Radio New Zealand, Reuters, BBC, “ Reuters, Thomson, , European Union, United Nations, United Nations Human Rights Locations: Wellington, New Zealand, Ukraine, Russia, Crimea, Moscow, Ukraine’s, Russian
The corrections RNZ added to the stories indicated the editing had changed the original stories to present pro-Russian interpretations of some events in Ukraine as fact. The broadcaster said Friday that it had become aware of the issue without providing further specifics and started an "immediate investigation". The story was edited on RNZ's website to read that in 2014 "a pro-Russian elected government was toppled during Ukraine's violent Maidan colour revolution". The piece then inaccurately claimed that "Russia annexed Crimea after a referendum, as the new pro-Western government suppressed ethnic Russians in eastern and southern Ukraine". Reporting by Lucy Craymer Editing by Rachel Armstrong and Frances KerryOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Persons: RNZ, Willie Jackson, Paul Thompson, Viktor Yanukovich, , Lucy Craymer, Rachel Armstrong, Frances Kerry Organizations: Radio New Zealand, Reuters, BBC, New, European Union, United Nations, United Nations Human Rights, Thomson Locations: Ukraine, Russia, Crimea, Moscow, Ukraine’s, Russian
Jacinda Ardern made a dame in New Zealand
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CNN —Former New Zealand leader Jacinda Ardern, who stepped down from her post earlier this year, has been made a dame in one of the country’s highest honors. “Having served as Prime Minister from 2017 to 2023, Dame Jacinda Ardern is recognized for her service to New Zealand during some of the greatest challenges our country has faced in modern times,” Hipkins said in a statement. The move grants Ardern the title of Dame Grand Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit. In a statement to CNN affiliate Radio New Zealand (RNZ), Ardern said she was “incredibly humbled” by the accolade. Within a year, she had become only the second world leader to give birth in office.
Persons: Jacinda Ardern, Chris Hipkins, Dame Jacinda Ardern, ” Hipkins, Dame, , Ardern, Organizations: CNN, Former New Zealand, Labour Party, Merit, Radio New Zealand, Kiwis, United Nations General Assembly, Harvard University, Harvard Kennedy School, New Locations: New Zealand, Zealand, Christchurch, Wellington
[1/3] Fire and emergency crews work at the scene of a fire at the Loafers Lodge, in Wellington, New Zealand May 16, 2023. REUTERS/Lucy CraymerWELLINGTON, May 17 (Reuters) - New Zealand police said they would begin on Wednesday a thorough investigation of a burned-out hostel in the capital, Wellington, where at least six people died and up to 11 were unaccounted for, and confirmed they were treating the fire as suspicious. A blaze broke out on the top floor of the Loafers Lodge in the suburb of Newtown in the early hours of Tuesday, causing major structural damage that is hampering recovery efforts. The hostel provided accommodation for construction workers, hospital staff and those serving sentences in the community for minor crimes, among other people. Earlier on Wednesday, Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) deemed it safe for police to enter the building.
Six dead in New Zealand hostel fire
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[1/3] Fire and emergency crews work at the scene of a fire at the Loafers Lodge, in Wellington, New Zealand May 16, 2023. REUTERS/Lucy CraymerWELLINGTON, May 16 (Reuters) - A fire at a hostel in New Zealand killed at least six people on Tuesday and officials said they believe the toll could rise with 11 people still missing. The blaze broke out on the top floor of Loafers Lodge in the Wellington neighbourhood of Newtown just after midnight, police said. "It was just scary, it was really scary, but I knew I had to jump out the window or just burn inside the building," he told state-owned Radio New Zealand. Investigations into what caused the fire are under way, according to Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ).
They estimate this black hole is 30 billion times bigger than our sun. That would make it one of the biggest black holes ever discovered. This black hole may remain one of the biggest holes ever discovered because physicists think black holes can't grow much bigger than that, Nightingale said. The technique could unveil 'inactive' black holesThe discovery of this black hole pushes back the limits of cosmology, Nightingale told the BBC. "How do you form a black hole this big in just 13 billion years of the universe's existence?"
A New Zealand veteran who led an elite unit in Ukraine died on Monday, multiple reports said. A viral video showed how he helped rescue a Ukrainian prisoner of war in Bakhmut earlier this month. Officials in Ukraine and New Zealand told Insider they were aware of the reports and were working to verify them. Earlier this month, a video showing his unit's rescue of a Ukrainian prisoner in Bakhmut, went viral. Te Tai told The New Yorker in December that he was not afraid of dying, saying: "I've had a good life, I can die happy."
REUTERS/Evgenia NovozheninaMarch 15 (Reuters) - Jailed Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny on Wednesday dedicated his part in an Oscar-winning film about him to those fighting against dictatorship and war. Director Daniel Roher's film "Navalny", about the poisoning that nearly killed Russia's most prominent opposition figure and his detention upon returning to Moscow in 2021, won the Oscar for best feature documentary on Sunday. In the film, Navalny and Grozev pinned responsibility for the poisoning episode on a team of agents from the FSB state security service. After returning from Germany, where he recovered from the poisoning, Navalny was immediately detained. He is now serving time on charges of fraud and contempt of court that he says were trumped up to silence him.
Thirteen still missing after Cyclone Gabrielle in New Zealand
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Homes in the Esk Valley locality had "been unoccupied since the cyclone, but an additional 26 households evacuated yesterday", the agency said. New Zealand weather forecaster MetService said some of the heaviest rain was recorded in Auckland, with 155mm (6.1 inches) recorded there in the past 24 hours. The forecaster had a heavy rain warning in place on Saturday for large swaths of the North Island's east coast, including Hawke's Bay. "Heavy rain may cause streams and rivers to rise rapidly. It said it was also "closely monitoring" a tropical low near Fiji that could turn into a tropical cyclone next week.
He was first elected to parliament for the Labour Party in 2008 and became a household name fronting the government's response to the pandemic. The ruling party is expected to hold a press conference shortly to officially announce the decision from the caucus meeting. The party has also selected Carmel Sepuloni as the deputy prime minister, Radio New Zealand and other media reported. Grant Robertson, who is currently Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, is expected to hold onto the job of Finance Minister. Before Hipkins officially becomes prime minister, Ardern must tender her resignation to King Charles III's representative in New Zealand, Governor General Cindy Kiro.
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