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Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas has unexpectedly emerged as a top contender to become Donald J. Trump’s running mate, a signal that the former president is heavily weighing experience and the ability to run a disciplined campaign over other factors. Mr. Cotton’s ascendance comes as Mr. Trump’s leading vice-presidential options have increasingly come into focus, according to three people with direct knowledge of Mr. Trump’s thinking who insisted on anonymity to discuss private meetings. These people said that Mr. Trump’s other current favorites were Gov. Doug Burgum of North Dakota and three of Mr. Cotton’s Senate colleagues: Marco Rubio of Florida, Tim Scott of South Carolina and J.D. Still, the people close to Mr. Trump cautioned that his vice-presidential preferences might change.
Persons: Tom Cotton of, Donald J, Cotton’s ascendance, Trump’s, Doug Burgum, Cotton’s, Marco Rubio, Tim Scott of, J.D, Vance of Ohio, Biden, Trump Locations: Tom Cotton of Arkansas, North Dakota, Marco Rubio of Florida, Tim Scott of South Carolina
With 5G, organizations now have faster internet speeds, expanded capabilities, and an additional avenue of connectivity. Telecom companies can also provide private 5G networks to businesses, offering them low latency and high bandwidth to transfer large volumes of data securely. For example, NTT, a Japanese telecom company, offers 5G services to consumers and private 5G services to businesses, particularly in the manufacturing and automotive industries. Increasingly, more cellular and Internet of Things devices are being connected to organizations' 5G networks, which means more opportunities for hackers if organizations don't properly manage their security. In the future, more security companies could focus on 5G security for cars, airplanes, medical devices, and more.
Persons: , Christine Gadsby, Chris Novak, Novak, Shahid Ahmed, Gadsby, Casey Ellis, he's, Bugcrowd, Ellis, We're, Matsubara Organizations: RSA, 5G, Service, cybersecurity, Business, BlackBerry, Telecom, Verizon Business, NTT, Mobile Locations: San Francisco, Japanese, cybersecurity, China
According to Eurostat, the EU statistical office, the average Croatian leaves their parents' home at over 33 years of age, its highest figure. Joshua Zitser/Business InsiderIn the US, almost everyone has moved out by then. Joshua Zitser/Business InsiderWhile tourism brings economic opportunities for Vukovic and many others, he says it has also worsened the already dysfunctional housing market. But in parts of Dubrovnik, Vukovic explained, that's not feasible. Joshua Zitser/Business InsiderFor Josip Crncevic, 34, prices feel far out of reach.
Persons: , Joshua Zitser, Malohodžić, Ivan Vukovic, Vukovic, Filip Brkan, that's, Josip Crncevic, Crncevic, homeownership, it's, he'd, Marija, Sanja, Angelo, Cikato, Diana Marlais, Bogdan Dascalescu, wouldn't Organizations: Service, Croatian, Business, Eurostat, BI, UNESCO, Heritage, King's, Real Estate Business Association of, Croatian Chamber Locations: Dubrovnik's, Croatia, Dubrovnik, Independence, HBO's, Dubrovnik's suburbs, Marija
The explosion of private credit has been met with a whole host of concerns, but among the louder ones more recently is that the industry has not experienced a downturn at scale. "A lot of those folks who took private-credit loans will be stranded when [obscenity] hits the fan," Dimon said. "Banks tend to work with the borrower and the middle-market loan in the crisis…in the mark-to-market world of private credit, they have to, as a fiduciary, book it at par." In other words, he said, "private credit hasn't dealt with high interest rates, hasn't dealt with the recession, and it hasn't dealt with high spreads." "[Ares has] invested $150 billion into the private-credit market since we founded the firm, and we had a loss rate of one basis point.
Persons: Jamie Dimon, Dimon, Banks, hasn't, Ares, Michael Arougheti, it's, Arougheti Organizations: CNBC, Ares Management Locations: United States, America
How private equity rolled Red Lobster
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In this photo illustration, a cooked lobster is displayed on a plate at a Red Lobster restaurant on May 20, 2024 in Austin, Texas. Under the terms of the sale, Red Lobster would also see regular rent increases of 2% a year, the release noted. "All of the people who were supplying Red Lobster, all of the people who are essentially providing services to Red Lobster, the small businesses in the communities affected by mass layoffs, they are next in line, they are experiencing the ripple effect." Sen. Edward Markey, a Democrat from Massachusetts, where eight hospitals operated by bankrupt Steward Health Care are, recently held hearings on private equity and health care. Private equity is emerging in all parts of our economy, Markey added, but its most profound impact is in health care.
Persons: didn't, Josh Olshansky, leaseback, Red, Moody's, Andrew Park, Oscar, Robert Reich, Bill Clinton, America's, Reich, Austin Hurst, Hurst, Sen, Edward Markey, Markey Organizations: Sears, Mervyn's, Steward, Manor Care, Companies, Golden, American Realty Capital Partners, Realty, Lobster, Financial Reform, Thai Union Group, Thai Union, Steward Health, Department of Health, Human Services Locations: Austin , Texas, Canada, San Francisco, Golden, Bangkok, Thai, Arizona, Massachusetts
Phynart Studio | E+ | Getty Images'The conundrum of the housing market'One way to reduce your monthly mortgage payment is to put down more money and borrow less. Nationally, the average down payment on a house is closer to 10% or 15%, Hale said. Even with a conventional loan, buyers' required down payment could be between 3% and 5%, depending on their credit score and other factors. While a lower down payment is one way to "attack affordability challenges," it can be a "mixed bag," Hamrick said. With a lower down payment, you will need to borrow more from your lender, which raises the monthly cost of your mortgage, Hale said.
Persons: Hale, there's, Hamrick Organizations: CNBC, SurveyMonkey, Department of Veterans Affairs, U.S . Department of Agriculture, Federal Housing Administration, PMI Locations: U.S
In “Baby Reindeer,” Gadd’s stalker is portrayed as unattractive and mentally ill — someone whom her victim actually feels sorry for. “Baby Reindeer,” rated TV-MA by Netflix for “language, nudity, sex, sexual violence, substances,” only has a viewer discretionary warning before “Episode 4” wherein Gadd’s character is sexually assaulted. Information is also available on sexual assault, sexual violence and relationship abuse. Neither Netflix nor the “You” and “Baby Reindeer” teams responded to CNN’s requests for comment. Fleitman hopes “Baby Reindeer” can raise awareness for stalking victims, like men and so-called “imperfect victims” whose stories may not look like the ones we’re used to seeing.
Persons: Richard Gadd, Donny, Martha, Joe Goldberg, Dr, Lorraine Sheridan, don’t, ” Sheridan, “ I’ve, ” Gadd, “ I’m, Donny Dunn, Gadd, Edward, ” Emilio Estevez’s, Andie MacDowell’s, Penn Badgley, Joe, Goldberg, Sheridan, Stalkers, stalkers, we’ve, , Dana Fleitman, Anna Nasset, ” Nasset, , aren’t, they’re, ” Fleitman, Fleitman, Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Bella, “ we’re, , Nasset, femicides, weren’t, Dana, Resouces, Alice Ruggles Organizations: CNN, Hollywood, Netflix, Resource Center, Resources, SPARC, for Disease Control, US Department of Justice, National, HOPE VictimConnect, National Center for Locations: “ St, Elmo’s, California, Edinburgh, Scotland
Opinion | Nikki Haley’s Path Back to Donald Trump
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To the Editor:Re “Haley Will Vote for Trump, but Withheld Endorsement” (news article, May 23):Nikki Haley adds her name to the ever-growing list of prominent Republicans who at one time or another have been on record as being highly critical of Donald Trump, including questioning his fitness for office, and have changed their tune. What stands out about Ms. Haley, and which makes her cravenness all the more disheartening, is that she presented herself as a serious, thoughtful candidate, one who had no illusions about the myriad dangers that Mr. Trump poses to the country. Her ultimately falling in line with so many of her fellow sycophantic Republicans to support Mr. Trump, a man whom I suspect many of them loathe in private, speaks volumes about how the G.O.P. has been utterly co-opted in a manner that places political expediency and, in the case of potential vice-presidential candidates such as Ms. Haley, personal ambition over principle and respect for the rule of law. To the Editor:Years into America’s flirtation with fascism, it would be easy to roll your eyes and ask yourself, “What did you expect?” at Nikki Haley’s announcement that she will vote for Donald Trump this year.
Persons: “ Haley Will, Nikki Haley, Donald Trump, Haley, Trump, Mark Godes Chelsea, Nikki Haley’s Organizations: Trump, Republicans
How the super rich party at the Monaco Grand Prix
  + stars: | 2024-05-24 | by ( Susan Griffin | )   time to read: +8 min
British driver Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes looks walks the drivers parade before the Formula 1 Grand Prix at the Circuit de Monaco on May 28, 2023. Here, designer stores, supercars, multi-million-dollar yachts and astronomically priced restaurants are ‘la norme’, but during the three-day Grand Prix, the eye-watering ostentation increases three-fold. Amber Lounge might be one of the most exclusive and expensive events taking place during the Monaco Grand Prix weekend, but Monte Carlo itself is a veritable party hub. “As a former resident, I can tell you there are two sides to the F1 Grand Prix arriving in Monaco. Fans watch the action during qualifying at the F1 Monaco Grand Prix.
Persons: , Tom Holland, Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Dan Mullan, revel, Cipriani, Sass Café, Max Verstappen, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Minogue, Prince Albert of Monaco, Eddie Irvine’s, Sonia, Amber, Lauren Green, Joash Lee, partygoers, Jax Jones, Monte, Bruce Bundrant, ” Bundrant, Ryan Pierse, Green, Organizations: CNN, Monaco, Prix, Circuit, Getty, Business Development, AS Monaco FC, Locations: Monte Carlo, British, Fairmont, Hôtel Hermitage, Hôtel, Paris, Le Meridien, Monaco, Singapore, Las Vegas, Abu Dhabi
New York CNN —Amazon Fresh has joined the growing ranks of retailers that are cutting prices. It is discounting thousands of grocery items in a bid to entice price-conscious shoppers to add a little bit more to their shopping carts. In the game of chicken between stores and shoppers, it’s the stores that finally appear to be yielding. For Prime members, Amazon Fresh is stacking more savings by offering a 10% discount on hundreds of online grocery items. Last week, Walmart (WMT) said it has rolled back prices on nearly 7,000 items in its stores, saying it was seeing deflation on some key grocery items.
Persons: Sarah Wyeth, “ There’s, ” Wyeth, ” Claire Peters Organizations: New, New York CNN, Target, Walmart, Shoppers, CNN, Savings, Amazon, Aldi Locations: New York, United States
Over the past two centuries, Nantucket has gone from a whaling town to a hippie refuge to a holiday hot spot for billionaires. "To use a well-worn phrase, come hell or high water, people are still buying multimillion-dollar homes on Nantucket." Between 2030 and 2100, the number of structures exposed to coastal erosion is expected to go from 113 to 860. "Without erosion, this would be an extremely valuable area," Baxter Road resident Joshua Posner told BI. "It's not inexpensive, but it is worth doing," Posner told BI.
Persons: Steve Schwarzman, Eric Schmidt, Barry Sternlicht, Elizabeth Gibson, David L, Ryan, Bruce Percelay, Edward Sanford's, he'd, Percelay, Greg Mckechnie, you'd, Barry Sternlicht's, Suzanne Kreiter, Shelly Lockwood, who's, I'm, Joshua Posner, Jack Welch, Bill Belichick, , Sanford, Lockwood, Nature, Yorker Brendan Maddigan, Maddigan, Mckechnie, Schwarzman, She's, Posner, he's, Helmut Weymar, Anne Atherton Organizations: Resilience, Business, Boston Globe, Getty, Estate, Nantucket, Coastal, Nantucket's Cisco, Cisco, Beach, Patriots, Yorker, Preservation Fund, Baxter, Conservation, Conservancy, The New York Times, Conservation Commission, Nature Locations: Nantucket, England, Cape Cod, Nantucket's, Madaket, Sconset, Brant, Baxter
A majority of Ace Hardware stores are located in neighborhoods. Courtesy Ace HardwareBarker is owner and operator of five Breed & Co Ace Hardware locations in the Austin, Texas, area. We count on people coming in everyday to buy a gift item from us.”This hybrid hardware-home goods-curio model is setting Ace Hardware stores apart. “They are essentially shareholders, they own the brand and the company,” said Kim Lefko, chief marketing officer of Ace Hardware. It just launched its first Ace-branded food product, a line of BBQ sauces, and a collection of Ace Hardware vintage-inspired clothing.
Persons: New York CNN — Mahin Barker, , Sherwin Williams, ” Neil Saunders, Hardware’s, today’s, Michael Brown, It’s, , Barker, ” Barker, we’ve, ” Brown, “ We’ve, Kim Lefko, Lefko, John Madden, Pat Summerall, Michael Wynn, Vera Bradley, ” Wynn, Wynn Organizations: New, New York CNN, Home Depot, Hardware, Ace Hardware, Globaldata, , NFL, Acon Investments, Sunshine Locations: New York, West Lake Hills, Austin , Texas, Brook , Illinois, Placer, remodels, Lake Hills, Chicago, Southern Florida, Florida
Talking politics at work: If you must, tread carefully
  + stars: | 2024-05-24 | by ( Jeanne Sahadi | )   time to read: +6 min
Sometimes someone with strong views can be unnerved by a person who thinks nothing is ever a big deal, and vice-versa. Either way, the question is: How can we keep our conversations about any of these lightening rod issues from derailing our ability to work well together? For employers: Stress civility and set guardrailsRegardless of any one hot-button issue, it seems like US culture has become less civil over time. And many polarizing conversations are happening at work in ways they weren’t years ago, according to SHRM, the leading human resources membership association. … Recognize that while his opinion may be contrary to yours, what is the goal of being at work?
Persons: New York CNN —, Donald Trump’s, ’ ”, Christy Pruitt, Haynes, Pruitt, Oliver Brecht, Cindy O’Peka, It’s, ” Pruitt, “ Compartmentalize, , , , ” Brecht, it’s, O’Peka Organizations: New, New York CNN, NeuroLeadership Institute, Consulting Locations: New York, Gaza
Six decades ago, when Singapore was emerging as an independent nation, it was one of the poorest cities in Southeast Asia. Today, Singapore is a wealthy, modern city where roughly half of its 6 million people live in well-constructed high-rise apartments that were built by the government. These subsidized apartments are typically bright and airy, and defy most perceptions of public housing projects. As of early May, 54 of these apartments have sold for more than 1.35 million Singaporean dollars, or $1 million. While these million-dollar apartments represent a tiny fraction of all transactions, they have nonetheless captured the imaginations of many Singaporeans and amplified worries about the affordability of housing in one of the world’s most expensive cities.
Locations: Singapore, Southeast Asia
What it’s really like to live in Antarctica
  + stars: | 2024-05-23 | by ( Lilit Marcus | )   time to read: +14 min
The Minnesota native first went to the White Continent in 2007 to work as a janitor at McMurdo Base, one of the three US outposts there. She was one of half-a-dozen people staffing the world’s southernmost post office, UK-administered Port Lockroy. Counting penguins is one of the roles Port Lockroy staff have during their time in Antarctica. Once you get the Antarctica bug, Long and Nelson say, it’s pretty hard to get rid of. In a fast-paced globalized world where everyone is on their phones all the time, Antarctica offers a rare opportunity to live a different kind of life.
Persons: United States –, Keri Nelson, Amundsen, ” Nelson, , McMurdo, Palmer, Evan Townsend, ” Keri Nelson, , Nelson, Scott Base, , Scott, Keri Nelson “, Chris Long, Long, Laura Bullesbach, Bridie Martin, Laura Bullesbach doesn’t, you’re, You’re, Port Lockroy, Bullesbach, Clare Ballantyne, ” Long, Keri Nelson Long, he’s, vacationer, ” Klaus Dodds Organizations: CNN, United, Antarctic, Minnesota, Base, Scott, Palmer, grownups, McMurdo Base, McMurdo, US, Geographic, Pole, Ocean, Scott Base, Port, Lockroy, Port Lockroy, Electronics, University of London Locations: Antarctica, Chile, Japan, Australia, United States, McMurdo, New, Ross, Amundsen, New Zealand, Russian, South America, Port Lockroy, Lockroy, Port, Denver, China
Elon Musk's X is planning to make "likes" private by default, according to X's head of engineering. The move will apparently encourage more people to like "edgy" content on the site. AdvertisementIt looks like X wants you to post more like Elon Musk. The social media platform plans to make "likes" on the site private, according to X's director of engineering, who said the move would encourage people to like more "edgy" posts. "Yeah, we are making likes private," wrote Haofei Wang in a post on X.
Persons: Elon Musk's, , Elon, Haofei Wang Organizations: Service
The investigation is the second congressional inquiry into the April 11 fund-raising dinner at Mar-a-Lago, Mr. Trump’s private club in Florida. On Wednesday Mr. Trump headlined a fund-raiser for MAGA Inc., a super PAC, that was hosted by three oil executives at a five-star hotel in Houston. One host was Kelcy Warren, a billionaire who owns a pipeline empire with an ambitious international expansion plan that depends on new export terminals. Another was Harold G. Hamm, one of the pioneers of the shale oil boom that turned the United States into the world’s largest crude exporter. The third, Vicki Hollub, leads Occidental Petroleum, a Houston-based oil company.
Persons: Donald J, Trump, Kelcy Warren, Biden, Harold G, Vicki Hollub Organizations: Democrats, White, Mar, Mr, Wednesday, MAGA Inc, Occidental Petroleum Locations: Florida, Houston, Hamm, United States
Carlyle: Excited about the private equity opportunities in India
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In this videoShare Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailCarlyle: Excited about the private equity opportunities in IndiaAmit Jain of Carlyle India Advisors says political stability and strong market fundamentals are making India's private equity market look attractive.
Persons: Carlyle, India Amit Jain Organizations: Carlyle India Advisors Locations: India
HarbourVest Global Private Equity , a diversified listed private equity investment company, could see its share price rise by more than 40%, according to analysts at investment banks Peel Hunt and Jefferies. Richard Hickman, the managing director of HVPE, describes it as the "most diversified, listed private equity investment company in London." "We're a global fully diversified portfolio covering buyout funds, the more established businesses from small cap through medium to large cap." NAV represents the value of an investment fund's assets per share. They estimate that share buybacks at the current discount could result in a 1.4% uplift in net asset value per share.
Persons: Peel Hunt, Jefferies, Richard Hickman, HVPE, Hickman, Alan Brierley, Ben Newell, Warren, Buffett Organizations: HarbourVest Global, Equity, Peel, London Stock Exchange, CNBC, NAV, Jefferies, Investec Locations: London
Opinion | How to Buy Yourself a Longer Life
  + stars: | 2024-05-23 | by ( Frank Bruni | )   time to read: +1 min
The fitness chain Equinox recently announced a new peak of pampering, a higher altitude of indulgence. It’s a deluxe membership called Optimize by Equinox, it costs about $40,000 a year and it comes with a sleep coach. I know what tennis coaches do. I know what football coaches do. But a sleep coach?
CNN —Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti is looking into the attempted foreclosure auction of Elvis Presley’s iconic Memphis home, known as Graceland, by an alleged private investment company. On Wednesday, Naussany Investments and Private Lending LLC dropped its foreclosure efforts against Graceland. Danielle Riley Keough, Presley’s granddaughter and heir, filed a lawsuit earlier this month to halt the foreclosure sale claiming Naussany Investment’s paperwork was bogus and an attempt to defraud the family. Naussany Investments produced paperwork that Lisa Marie Presley defaulted on a $3.8 million loan, prior to her 2023 passing, and used Graceland as collateral, according to court documents. Even the notary public whose name appeared on the disputed document, told the court in an affidavit that they had never notarized Lisa Marie Presley’s signature.
Persons: Jonathan Skrmetti, Elvis Presley’s, Danielle Riley Keough, Presley’s, , Lisa Marie Presley, “ Lisa Marie Presley, Lisa Marie Presley’s, Presley, Elvis, Alicia Owens Organizations: CNN, Tennessee, Naussany Investments, State of, Graceland, Tennessee Department, Financial, Investments, Private, Department Locations: Memphis, Graceland, Shelby County , Tennessee, State, State of Tennessee, Tennessee, Kimberling City , Missouri
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailRaymond James' Sunaina Sinha Haldea: There's more hope on the horizon for dealmakingSunaina Sinha Haldea, Raymond James Global head of private capital advisory, joins 'Closing Bell Overtime' to talk private versus public markets, real estate investing, and more.
Persons: Raymond James, Sunaina Sinha Haldea, Raymond James Global
RBC Capital Markets sees a $25 billion market opportunity for the space. The average analyst rating is hold, with 8% upside to the average analyst price target, according to FactSet. Eli Lilly has an average analyst rating of overweight and 8.3% upside to the average analyst price target, according to FactSet. Stock Chart Icon Stock chart icon AstraZeneca's one-year performanceAstraZeneca shares have an average analyst rating of overweight and nearly 6% upside to the average analyst price target, according to FactSet. Stock Chart Icon Stock chart icon Bristol-Myers Squibb's one-year performance
Persons: It's, Gregory Renza, Renza, Oppenheimer, Jeff Jones, Piper Sandler, Edward Tenthoff, Eli Lilly, Dan Lyons, Janus Henderson, Myers Squibb, William Blair, Matt Phipps, Jefferies, Andrew Tsai, They've, Janus Henderson's Lyons, Jones, Piper Sandler's Tenthoff, Myers Organizations: pharma, RBC Capital Markets, TRT, Novartis, Mariana Oncology, Janus, Janus Henderson Investors, Bristol, RayzeBio, Karuna Therapeutics, AstraZeneca, Fusion Pharmaceuticals, GlobalData's Pharma Intelligence, Pluvicto Locations: Mariana, Bristol
Editor’s Note: A version of this story appeared in CNN Business’ Nightcap newsletter. New York CNN —We can’t be 100% sure that an obscure lending company just tried to steal Graceland. Her lawsuit says that the documents Naussany presented, including a 2018 notarized promissory note signed by Lisa Marie Presley, were forged. Even the notary public whose name appeared on the disputed document, told the court in an affidavit that no, they’d never notarized Lisa Marie Presley’s signature. (“Not acquire to proceed?”)It added: “There was no harm meant on Ms. Keough for her mothers LMP mis habits and mis managing of money.”(LMP, presumably, is Lisa Marie Presley.
Persons: CNN Business ’, Elvis Presley’s, , Lisa Marie Presley, she’d, Naussany, Graceland, Riley Keough, Elvis’s, Keough, Mad Max Fury, Daisy Jones, , Naussany’s, Lisa Marie Presley’s, JoeDae Jenkins, Jenkins, ” Jenkins, Keough’s Organizations: CNN Business, New York CNN, Naussany, CNN, Naussany Investments Locations: New York, Tennessee, Graceland, Memphis, America, Shelby County, Naussany, Kimberling City , Missouri, Missouri
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailMarkets could see more short-term 'stumbles' into the end of May, says G Squared's Victoria GreeneVictoria Greene, G Squared Private Wealth founding partner, and Keith Lerner, Truist Co-CIO, join 'Closing Bell Overtime' to talk the day's market action.
Persons: Victoria Greene Victoria Greene, Keith Lerner, Truist Organizations: Private Wealth
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