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This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. But PayPal went beyond just shutting down her account. Each jar of bathwater Delphine sold counted as a violation. A PayPal spokesperson said they could not comment on individual accounts but told Business Insider that PayPal dropped its policy on the $2,500 fines about a year ago. Advertisement"If I didn't have any [social media] following, they wouldn't have given my money back," Delphine contended to Business Insider.
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A movement to rein in online pornography is rapidly intensifying, fueled by conservative outrage and growing unease over the accessibility of sexual content online, especially for children. Pornography is mentioned on the first page; banning pornography and locking up those who produce it are proposed on Page 5. He was an occasional guest at Hugh Hefner’s famed Playboy Mansion and made cameos in soft-core pornographic films produced by the company – though not in any scenes depicting sexual content or nudity. ‘Sex is the canary in the coal mine’The Supreme Court has deemed previous attempts to curb online pornography unconstitutional on First Amendment grounds. They were designed to protect adults from accessing adult content, which, of course, is their stated aim.
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breeze liuI got a message from a friend of mine. She’s lobbied platforms to get them to stop linking to these sites and directing traffic to these sites. breeze liuI did ask Pornhub to take it down. nicholas kristofThe deepfake companies made a mistake in targeting Breeze because she is very savvy about technology, about Silicon Valley. breeze liuI decided to create my own solution because I run into wall everywhere I go.
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“The apparent spike in VPN searches in Texas shows that these types of age verification laws aren’t just unconstitutional, they’re also silly and ineffective,” Greer said. “Similar search spikes have been reported after other states passed age verification laws, which EFF opposes,” said Hudson Hongo, a spokesperson for the group. It also highlights the running debate in statehouses nationwide about how and whether governments can require websites to perform age verification. It requires adult websites to implement “reasonable age verification” methods to ensure that pornography is not being distributed to minors. The 5th Circuit court’s latest decision formally lifts the injunction against the Texas law.
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OnlyFans' CEO is tired of you calling it 'porn'
  + stars: | 2024-02-29 | by ( Aaron Mok | )   time to read: +4 min
Read previewOnce again, executives at OnlyFans want to make it clear: the platform isn't a porn site. Calling OnlyFans a place for "adult content" is a more accurate description of the platform than a porn site, Blair said. The site hosts a variety of content outside porn that caters to people aged 18 and older and adheres to its terms of service. Amrapali Gan, the former CEO of OnlyFans who stepped down from the helm in July 2023, said in an interview that there have been plenty of misconceptions about the site being explicitly made for porn. Blair told FT the company is "doing well financially."
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New Mexico's attorney general slammed Meta and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday for failing to protect children from sexual predators on Facebook and Instagram. Torrez sued Meta and Zuckerberg in December, alleging that Facebook and Instagram were "prime locations" for predators who engaged in sexual abuse, solicitation and trafficking. "By their own reckoning, nearly 100,000 children a day receive sexually explicit material or are targeted for sexual harassment" on social media, Torrez said. The attorney general said Zuckerberg "absolutely" was directly warned about the threat to children on those hugely popular social media sites. "Meta executives have known for years that their platforms were a breeding ground for pedophiles, for predators," Torrez told CNBC on Wednesday.
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In today's big story, we're looking at the ultimatum Elon Musk gave Tesla's board amid a critical time for the company. The big storyElon's ultimatumREUTERS/Steve NesiusUltimatums rarely work in relationships, but what about between CEOs and the massive companies they run? Elon Musk is about to find out. Musk, who has roughly a 13% stake in the EV maker, said if his request isn't met, he'll "prefer to build products outside of Tesla." Meanwhile, Ross Gerber, a longtime Tesla bull, said it's "absurd" to think Musk doesn't already have control over Tesla and described his request as "blackmailing the Tesla shareholders."
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"They can go to Pornhub and get naked people and sexual videos," Rae Richmond, another content creator, said. And when he chats with Farrah, an OnlyFans creator, things rarely get sexual. Some think the OnlyFans relationships help, while others think they can make people lonelier. LiensueGenuine connection can be an unintended consequence for creators, tooDespite the transactional nature of OnlyFans relationships, a real sense of companionship can develop on both ends. Sweetheart said she hadn't been on any dates since she began creating OnlyFans content over three years ago.
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Pornhub is blocking users in North Carolina and Montana over new age verification laws. Users who try to visit the site in those states are now shown a video of Cherie DeVille. AdvertisementPornhub has blocked access in two more states over age verification laws. Two separate age verification laws were enacted on January 1 in South Carolina and Montana, both requiring users to confirm their age with third-party or "digitized" verification. "Unfortunately, the way many jurisdictions worldwide have chosen to implement age verification is ineffective, haphazard, and dangerous."
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Aylo, Pornhub’s parent company, will pay a $1.8 million fine and compensate the sex trafficking victims as part of a deferred prosecution agreement. The company pleaded not guilty to the government’s charge of engaging in unlawful monetary transactions involving sex trafficking proceeds, although it acknowledged the illegal material was posted on its site and said it regrets that fact. The government did not accuse Aylo itself of violating any federal sex trafficking laws, but said the company should have known it was doing business with a group that was engaging in sex trafficking. And Aylo became aware of a federal lawsuit against the production company in 2017, court documents show. In a statement, Aylo, which is under new management since the alleged incidents occurred, said it “deeply regrets” that Pornhub hosted the content.
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Facebook and Instagram created "prime locations" for sexual predators that enabled child sexual abuse, solicitation, and trafficking, New Mexico's attorney general alleged in a civil suit filed Wednesday against Meta and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The suit was brought after an "undercover investigation" allegedly revealed myriad instances of sexually explicit content being served to minors, child sexual coercion, or the sale of child sexual abuse material, or CSAM, New Mexico attorney general Raúl Torrez said in a press release. The suit alleges that "certain child exploitative content" is ten times "more prevalent" on Facebook and Instagram as compared to pornography site PornHub and adult content platform OnlyFans, according to the release. "Child exploitation is a horrific crime and online predators are determined criminals," Meta said in a statement to CNBC. The lawsuit argues that Meta's algorithms allegedly promote sex and exploitation content to users and that Facebook and Instagram lack "effective" age verification.
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There are currently no federal laws in the United States against the creation and sharing of non-consensual deepfake pornography. This is the online landscape that has allowed creating and trading non-consensual deepfake pornography to develop into a thriving business. With advancements in artificial intelligence, deepfake pornography is becoming increasingly common — and it almost exclusively targets women. Deepfake porn sites are facilitated and enabled by search engines that drive web traffic toward deepfake content. In the US, however, only a handful of states have laws addressing non-consensual deepfake pornography, and many of them are limited in scope.
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Lexi Luna, a former elementary school teacher, has been starring in pornographic films since 2016. Luna plays the role of MILF in films and custom content, using her wardrobe and sensuality to pull in fans. She wanted to supplement her income with the goal of retiring one day, and she wanted to do it as a single woman, Luna told Insider. So I know how to adapt to the situation around me and to not be overwhelmed or afraid to ask adult film directors questions," Luna told Insider. Luna, who is now 32, said that she's typically the oldest performer on any given set, so her MILF persona comes as easily as ever.
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An X user has gone viral after tweeting about their partner questioning an $8 "X Premium" credit card charge. Try explaining paying for "X Premium" to someone who hasn't been keeping up with the X/Twitter drama. X user @anothercohen found himself on shaky ground when his partner questioned an $8 monthly charge for "X Premium." Another user, @60404, posted a screenshot on Sunday that "X Premium'' had been flagged by his bank as a suspicious transaction. X Premium — previously known as Twitter Blue — is an $8/month subscription that allows you to edit tweets, craft longer posts, and be prioritized by other users' feeds.
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Consumers will win in cannabis-credit card clash
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The $376 billion payments network wants its financial partners in transactions for cannabis to crack down on using its debit cards, Bloomberg reported on July 26. The budding industry is running out of convenient options for customers to pay for its products. By definition, payments networks such as Mastercard and Visa (V.N) are middlemen, facilitating the movement of money between parties. In the weed business, that means they take the money from the buyer’s bank account and ship it into the dispensary’s. In Washington, D.C., some cannabis shops peddle quasi-worthless knickknacks such as stickers to customers while “gifting” small amounts of pot.
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A Driver’s License for the Internet
  + stars: | 2023-07-03 | by ( Lauren Jackson | )   time to read: +1 min
So when it rolled out a new feature — voice chatting with other users — he wanted to try it. But first, he had to pull out his driver’s license. These checks are popping up across the internet as part of a global push to protect children’s safety. As of this month, seven states have passed laws requiring age checks for users on websites like Pornhub. Lawmakers in Congress have introduced a bill to create a minimum age for social media use, too.
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CNN —Louisiana lawmakers have sent a bill to the state’s governor that would require online platforms to obtain a parent’s consent before creating an account for users under 18, the latest in a raft of legislation restricting digital services for kids and teens. The legislation, known as HB61, covers a broad range of companies and content, including video games, social networks, and other services that allow users to create accounts and exchange text, photos or videos online. Under the bill, online platforms could use third-party services to obtain a parent’s consent. The bill’s passage comes after states including Utah and Arkansas signed similar bills into law this year requiring parental consent for minors who wish to access social media. US lawmakers have spent years calling for new safeguards to address concerns about social platforms leading younger users down harmful rabbit holes, enabling new forms of bullying and harassment and adding to what’s been described as a teen mental health crisis.
Persons: what’s, HB61, John Bel Edwards Organizations: CNN, Gov Locations: Louisiana, Utah, Arkansas
Washington CNN —In the two-minute video, adult performer Cherie Deville stares into the camera and intones soberly to viewers, for the second time in a month, that policymakers are coming for their porn. It’s unclear how much Pornhub expects to achieve, as the laws have already been passed and signed. Pornhub’s simultaneous appeals to users and to Big Tech highlight the challenging position the company now finds itself in amid a wave of state legislation. Now, Pornhub’s fight could prove to be a bellwether for the growing push to enforce age verification for social media. Device-based age verification, Tiwari said, could have “very serious privacy connotations, because you now have the largest tech companies in the world having your government ID and all the information present in them linked to individual devices.
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U.S. Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene did not include a “nationwide pornography ban” in the debt ceiling bill, contrary to claims circulating online. Reuters found no evidence that Greene is currently taking steps to remove the Miller Test or establish a pornography ban. No major news outlets covering the debt ceiling negotiations ( reported on this. On June 3, President Joe Biden signed a bill that suspends the government's $31.4 trillion debt ceiling, averting what would have been its first-ever default (here). There is no evidence that Greene is planning to include a “nationwide pornography ban” in the debt ceiling bill.
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Explainer: How Montana could enforce a TikTok ban
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Montana's ban is set to take effect on Jan. 1 2024. While TikTok can theoretically block IP addresses registered in Montana, app stores will have a more difficult time. "It would thus be impossible for our members to prevent the app from being downloaded specifically in the state of Montana," the TechNet representative testified. The app stores also would need to monitor more detailed location data from users' phones than they currently use, infringing on users' privacy, Stamos said. "The youth of Montana are about to become America's experts in VPNs," Railton said.
Temple University started its first porn-studies course this semester. Pollitt hopes the course will help students understand sex and sexuality better. Professor Jennifer Pollitt, the assistant director of gender, sexuality, and women's studies at Temple University, teaches the class, which garnered a lot of attention from students. The class often has deep discussions about sensitive material that students "sometimes don't even discuss with their closest friends," Pollitt said. Evelyn Andromeda, a third-year undergraduate student at Temple University, said she went into this class not really knowing what to expect.
Carly Pifer, founder of online erotica site Aurore, edits erotica stories professionally. It was one of the reasons she started Aurore, an online erotica community where women and LGBTQ+ writers can submit confessional-style true stories. "I want something slow, meandering, I want something that's like a tease…you're not going get straight to sex," Pifer told Insider. "I don't really care what color lipstick you're wearing and like how often as women do we really wear red lips?" Building up to sex is one of the most important parts of erotica, according to Pifer — and of intimacy itself.
And minting it could be a solution to avert a major economic catastrophe (here's an explanation of the looming disaster, by the way). This average-looking coin could prevent job losses, steep cuts to retirement savings, and other major financial blows. Shopify employees and experts brace for shakeup. Multiple sources told Insider that his company, SpringHill Co., has internally discussed offering around $100 million to buy Complex from Buzzfeed. Google tells employees to limit publishing AI research.
After Pornhub blocked access to its site in Utah, Google searches for VPN access spiked statewide. The pornography site pulled the plug on Monday in protest of a new Utah age-verification law. Other related topics — everything from different types of VPNs to "what is a VPN" — also saw spikes in search, according to Google data. Utahns' increased interest in virtual private networks comes after Pornhub revoked access to its site for state residents on Monday. 287, which passed in March and went into effect Wednesday, Pornhub published a video statement on its site.
The move was made in response to a new law that requires age verification to access adult content. Utah residents trying to access Pornhub are in for an unexpected — and likely disappointing — surprise. "In addition, mandating age verification without proper enforcement gives platforms the opportunity to choose whether or not to comply. DeVille goes on to advocate for an alternative method of age verification, which would require users to identify themselves through their devices. Another Utah law that won't go into effect until March 2024 will require all social media users to verify their ages.
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