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Nairobi, Kenya CNN —Protesters in Kenya have vowed “a total shutdown” as they seize control of Nairobi’s main international airport on Tuesday as deadly anti-government demonstrations intensify, now entering their sixth week. At least 50 people have been killed during the protests and more than 400 injured, according to the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights. The cabinet nominees still need parliamentary approval, but they’re likely to be confirmed since Ruto’s party holds the required majority. On Sunday, the president expressed frustration with the protests, declaring that “enough is enough” after failed attempts at dialogue. “They keep saying they’re faceless, formless.
Persons: , Police Douglas Kanja, William Ruto, Ruto, ” Ruto, I’ve Organizations: Kenya CNN — Protesters, Kenya National Commission, Human Rights, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, ” Authorities, Police Locations: Nairobi, Kenya, Ruto
This idea has also characterized her tenure as vice president and driven some Democrats’ concern about her potentially replacing President Biden at the top of the ticket. In 2019, Ms. Harris was competing on progressive bona fides with the likes of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Hemmed in by these dynamics, Ms. Harris struggled to define her brand. This time around, Ms. Harris could finally be herself. By the time she was packaging herself for a national audience, so-called progressive prosecutors had been elected in cities across the country.
Persons: Kamala Harris’s, Biden, Harris, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Donald Trump, Mr, Trump, Harris’s
CNN —The Philippines has announced plans to ban offshore gaming operators, targeting an industry that mostly caters to Chinese gamblers and has sparked growing alarm from law enforcement over its alleged connections to organized crime. Known locally as POGOs, Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators have spawned across the country, both licensed and illicit, employing tens of thousands of Chinese and foreign nationals. Ezra Acayan/Getty ImagesThere are 46 licensed offshore gaming operators and dozens more illicit gambling hubs in the Philippines, according to the country’s gaming regulator, which Marcos has ordered to close by the end of the year. Since then, the Philippines has become a major hub for online gaming catering to tens of thousands of players based in China. “Even if overseas casinos are legally opened, cross-border gambling by Chinese citizens is suspected of violating the laws of our country,” the embassy said in a statement.
Persons: Ferdinand Marcos Jr, ” Marcos, Marcos, Ezra Acayan, Marcos ’, Rodrigo Duterte Organizations: CNN, Philippine Offshore Gaming, Macao –, Philippine News Agency Locations: Philippines, Philippine, Manila, Beijing, South China, China, Macao, Southeast Asia, United States, China’s, Singapore
The prosecutor-versus-felon approach may appeal to undecided voters who had been sour on both Mr. Trump and President Biden. Mr. Trump, for his part, has been trying to soften some of his harshest rhetoric about seeking vengeance on his rivals ahead of the general election. In the case of Ms. Harris, the contempt is displayed both in public and private. Since then, Mr. Trump has attacked her savagely, particularly when she became Mr. Biden’s running mate in 2020. On Sunday, Mr. Trump, who has insisted he would debate Mr. Biden anytime and anywhere, appeared to try to change the terms of the second debate.
Persons: Donald J, Trump, pollsters, Harris, Biden, Letitia James, Fani Willis, fraudsters, cheaters, Donald Trump’s, Kamala Harris, Erin Schaff, Angela Merkel, , Carol Leonnig, Philip Rucker, Mr, , Barack Obama, Ms, Lauren Leader, Hillary Clinton, Trump’s, Daniel Acker, Karoline Leavitt, Harris “, Joe Biden, Kamala, Joe Biden’s, Neil Newhouse, Biden’s, she’s, Mike Pence, Biden’s frailties, Jessica Mackler, Donald Trump Organizations: Democratic, Trump, Trump . Credit, The New York Times, Washington Post, Fox News, Publicly, The New York, Mr, Republican, Trump University, ABC, Republican National Convention, National Republican Senatorial Committee, Senate Republicans Locations: New York, Georgia, San Francisco, California, , Trump ., Iowa, Michigan , Pennsylvania, Wisconsin
Opening Ceremony like no-otherThe Opening Ceremony of the Paris Olympics is set to take place on July 26 and will be the first ever held on a river. For years, French officials had boasted that some 600,000 people would attend the Opening Ceremony, but that number has been slashed due to safety concerns. He said a “strictly controlled” zone alongside the banks of the river will be closed off before the Opening Ceremony and anyone entering into it would be checked. The Opening Ceremony will be held alongside the banks of the River Seine. The Stade de France is where track and field events and Rugby Sevens matches will take place at the Paris Olympics.
Persons: Gérald Darmanin, Darmanin, Nicolas Nordman, , Gonzalo Fuentes, Nordman, Denis, Dale Buckner, ” Buckner, ” Darmanin, , Eric Chasboeuf, Thomas Padilla, “ I’ve, ” Chasboeuf, Buckner Organizations: CNN, Summer, Games, Palestinian, Atlanta Games, Reuters, Paris, Paris Mayor, Olympic, Stade de France, Rugby Sevens, Global Locations: Paris, France, Saint
At 17, I was kicked out of high school because I skipped class to work at my fast-food job and hang out with my friends. I was always interested in the MarinesAfter getting kicked out of school, I enlisted in the Marine Corps. AdvertisementI got my GED and took 15 units of entry-level community college classes, like English 101 and US History. AdvertisementI left the military and began classes at a community collegeTragically, our first daughter died during birth. It's pretty amazing that a Black kid from a low-income family who didn't finish high school was able to achieve all of this.
Persons: , Andrew Hanson, I'd, Stanford, I've, they've, Lauryn Haas Organizations: Service, Business, Marines, Marine Corps, School of Infantry, Tragically, Stanford, Columbia, Department of Justice, Harvard University, Department of Veterans Affairs, Harvard Locations: Virginia, Chicago, Camp Pendleton , California, Iraq, New Orleans, California, Washington, Cambridge , Massachusetts, Skadden, Slate,
This aerial photo taken on July 15 shows the site of the Trump campaign rally in Butler, Pennsylvania. Here are several issues and problems identified by CNN that could or should have been addressed before the attack on former President Donald Trump. In addition, CNN Chief Law Enforcement and Intelligence Analyst John Miller provided his analysis of some of the issues and their importance. A source told CNN that about 19 minutes before the shooting, law enforcement was trying to locate the shooter, but they could not find him until he was on the roof. Building access not controlled: No one stopped the shooter from reaching the roof of the American Glass Research building.
Persons: Gene J, Donald Trump, John Miller, Shooter, WTAE Organizations: Trump, CNN, Intelligence, United States Secret Service, Service, WTAE, Pennsylvania State Police, American Glass Research Locations: Butler , Pennsylvania
In a case that has drawn the attention of President Biden, the Illinois State Police on Monday released disturbing body camera footage that showed a sheriff’s deputy fatally shooting a woman in the head in an exchange over a pot of water. Ms. Massey, who was Black, had called the police early that morning because she believed an intruder had entered her home in Springfield, Ill., according to her lawyers. The deputies followed Ms. Massey inside and asked her for identification while she sat on a sofa, footage shows. Ms. Massey then got up to remove a pot of hot water from the stove. As she was handling the pot, several feet away from the deputies, Ms. Massey said twice to the deputies, “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus.”
Persons: Biden, Sean Grayson, Sonya Massey, Massey, Grayson, Massey’s, , Jesus, Organizations: Illinois State Police Locations: Sangamon County, Springfield , Ill
You can get down payment assistance through CHFA's Down Payment Assistance Program or the Time To Own program. VermontThe Vermont Housing Finance Agency offers mortgages, down payment assistance, a first generation homebuyer program, and a mortgage credit certificate. NebraskaThe Nebraska Investment Finance Authority is another state housing finance agency that offers programs for first-time and repeat buyers alike. State first-time homebuyer programs FAQsHow do first-time homebuyer programs differ by state? You may be able to combine multiple forms of state-backed first-time homebuyer assistance, or get state assistance in addition to other, unrelated programs.
Persons: you'll, CHFA, DSHA, MaineHousing, NJHMFA, MHDC, UHC Organizations: Connecticut Housing Finance Authority, FHA, Housing Authority, Maine MaineHousing, Loan, Massachusetts MassHousing, New Hampshire New Hampshire Housing, New Jersey Housing, Mortgage Finance Agency, New Jersey Police, New York Mortgage Agency, Pennsylvania Housing Finance Authority, Vermont Housing Finance Agency, Alabama Housing Finance Association, Arkansas, Finance Authority, of Columbia Homebuyers, DC Housing Finance Agency, D.C, Florida Housing Finance Corporation, Georgia Department of Community Affairs, Georgia, Plus, Kentucky Housing Corporation, Louisiana Housing Corporation, Maryland Department of Housing, Community Development, Mississippi The Mississippi Home Corporation, North Carolina Housing Finance Agency, Carolina South, Carolina South Carolina Housing, Palmetto, SC, South Carolina National Guard, Tennessee Housing Development Agency, Virginia Virginia Housing, Virginia Department of Housing, West, West Virginia The West, West Virginia The West Virginia Housing Development Fund, Illinois Housing, Authority, Indiana, Indiana Housing, Community Authority ., Iowa Finance Authority, IFA, Kansas Housing, Assistance, Michigan, Housing Development Authority, Minnesota Housing Finance Agency, Missouri Housing, Commission, Nebraska, Nebraska Investment Finance Authority, North, North Dakota Housing Finance Agency, Ohio Housing Finance Agency, South Dakota Housing Development Authority, Economic Development Authority, Arizona The, Arizona The Arizona Industrial Development Authority, New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority, Oklahoma, Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency, Texas The, Affordable Housing Corporation, Texas, Homes, Texas Heroes, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, California Housing Finance Agency, Colorado, Colorado Housing, Hawaii Housing Finance, Development Corporation . Idaho, Idaho Housing, Finance Association, Montana, Montana Montana Housing, Nevada Housing Division, Oregon Oregon Housing, Community Services, Utah Housing Corporation, Washington, Washington State Housing Finance Commission, Wyoming Community Development Authority Locations: Connecticut, Delaware, New Hampshire New Hampshire, New Jersey, York The State, Pennsylvania, Rhode, Vermont, Alabama, Arkansas, Washington ,, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Carolina, Carolina South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia Virginia, West Virginia, West Virginia The West Virginia, Illinois, Indiana Indiana, Community Authority . Iowa, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, NIFA, North Dakota, North, Ohio, OHFA . South Dakota, Wisconsin, WHEDA . Southwest, Arizona, Arizona The Arizona, Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Texas The Texas, TSAHC ., Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana Montana, Nevada, Oregon Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, Chevron
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… We are busy producing … cheap food, other people in other parts of the world are starving… you here want to disturb us. You are playing with fire because we cannot allow you to disturb us…”, Museveni said in the three-hour-long wide-ranging address. However, those agitating for a protest are unimpressed with the government’s handling of corruption, urging Ugandans to “#March2Parliament” on July 23 to “#StopCorruption.”’. She was among high-profile Ugandan politicians sanctioned by the United States and the United Kingdom for corruption earlier this year. “Among is designated due to involvement in significant corruption tied to her leadership of Uganda’s Parliament,” according to the US State Department.
Persons: CNN —, Yoweri Museveni, Museveni, , , Ashiraf Hector, X, Bobi Wine, Wine, ” Museveni, Ugandans, Anita Annet Organizations: CNN, National Commission, Human Rights, Uganda Police Force, , of Government, US State Department,  Locations: Kenya, East, Uganda, United States, United Kingdom,
A gunman killed at least six people and wounded six others on Monday morning at a home for older and infirm people in Croatia, the country’s police chief told reporters Monday afternoon. He said that the attacker had used a handgun and that a suspect was quickly arrested at a restaurant nearby. Five residents and one employee were killed, the police chief, Nikola Milina, said. Andrej Plenkovic, Croatia’s prime minister, wrote on X that he was “appalled” by the killings. He expressed condolences to the families of the victims of the “terrible crime” as well as to those who were wounded in the attack.
Persons: Nikola Milina, Five, Milina, Andrej Plenkovic, Locations: Croatia, Daruvar, Zagreb
CNN —On July 7, emergency dispatchers in North Carolina received a call from a passerby that a child was walking by himself on a Union County road. When deputies responded, they were unable to locate the child’s home or parents due to the boy being both autistic and non-verbal, according to a release from the Union County Sheriff’s Office. “Normally, they track from where a person left to try to find where that person is currently. Now that deputies have seen Remi and other dogs can do this, the technique will be implemented in future K-9 training. Bloodhounds are known for their keen sense of smell, including the ability to distinguish the scent of one human from another.
Persons: Remi, James Maye, ” Maye, Belk, , “ I’ve, I’ve, Maye, Union County Sheriff Eddie Cathey “, we’re Organizations: CNN, Union County Sheriff’s, Belk, Union County Sheriff Locations: North Carolina, Union County
Zagreb, Croatia AP —An assailant entered an elderly care home on Monday in central Croatia, killing and wounding several people, Croatian police said. Media reports said five people were killed. The Index news portal said five people died immediately, while others were still receiving medical assistance. The suspect fled the scene, but the police soon caught him in a cafe near the facility in the town of Daruvar, the report said. Police said they were informed after 10 a.m. Monday that a man using firearms killed and wounded several people at the nursing home.
Persons: Organizations: Croatia AP, Media, Police, Authorities Locations: Zagreb, Croatia, Daruvar, Slavonia
Venice, Italy CNN —Venice officials have hailed a temporary entrance fee to the city a success, as they experiment with measures aimed at controlling the number of people who come to visit. A 29-day €5 reservation entrance fee and reservation experiment, which began on April 25 and ran on selected days until July 14, brought in €2,425,310 (around $2.64 million), according to Venice mayor Luigi Brugnaro. The city initially expected to collect around €700,000 (about $762,163) when the plan was introduced, the mayor had said in April. Gondola rides are one of the unique Venice attractions that have tourists flooding the city year-round. The entrance fee officially ended July 14, but the mayor’s office said they will now determine if they should reinstate it during busy times of the year.
Persons: Italy CNN —, Luigi Brugnaro, ” Brugnaro, Marco Bertorello, haven’t, , Simone Venturini, Brugnaro Organizations: Italy CNN, Italy CNN — Venice, Getty, CNN, Redeemer Locations: Venice, Italy, , AFP, Singapore
The bodies of two sailors who planned to sail from Nova Scotia to the Azores using green energy were found washed ashore at a Canadian national park this month, four weeks after they were last seen, the authorities said. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police responded to calls on July 10 that a 10-foot inflatable lifeboat containing human remains had been discovered on Sable Island National Park Reserve, according to a news release from the agency. The authorities did not identify the remains, but said they believed they were those of a 70-year-old man and a 60-year-old woman from British Columbia. A Facebook post by the man’s son, James Clibbery, later identified them as James Brett Clibbery and his wife, Sarah Justine Packwood, who had left Halifax Harbor in Nova Scotia on June 11 bound for the Azores. “The past few days have been very hard,” the younger Mr. Clibbery said in the post, adding that DNA tests would be carried out to confirm their identities.
Persons: James Clibbery, James Brett Clibbery, Sarah Justine Packwood, Clibbery, Organizations: Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Reserve, Halifax Locations: Nova Scotia, Azores, Canadian, Sable, British Columbia
Among other things, he has delivered time and again for Black America. It’s for that reason that Democrats must now support the woman who has stood alongside him throughout his presidency. The attacks on her, as the highest elected Black woman in American history, will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen. He vowed to Representative Jim Clyburn that he would put a Black woman on the Supreme Court. I stood alongside him and the family of George Floyd as he signed an executive order to strengthen accountability in federal law enforcement agencies.
Persons: Joe Biden, Biden, Jim Clyburn, Ketanji Brown Jackson, George Floyd Organizations: Black America Locations: Charlottesville
CNN —Thousands of people took to the streets to protest against mass tourism on the island of Mallorca on Sunday as pushback against holidaymakers in Spain continued. ET) according to organizers Menys Turisme, Mas Vida (Less Tourism, More Life), although police put the figure at around 12,000, RTVE reported. Juan Medina/ReutersThe demonstration included around 110 groups and social movements, according to Spanish public broadcaster RTVE. It came amid growing tensions over the impact of tourism on local areas in Spain. In April, a hunger strike was called by locals in the Spanish Canary Islands, protesting against excessive tourism, which protesters said is pricing out locals and leading to environmental damage.
Persons: Jaime Reina, Menys, Mas, RTVE, , Juan Medina Organizations: CNN, Palma de Mallorca, AFP, Getty, Tourists, Reuters, RTVE, Spanish National Statistics Institute, Islands Locations: Mallorca, Spain, Palma de, Tourism, El Arenal, Balearic, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera, Barcelona, Canary Islands
CNN —Veteran environmentalist Paul Watson was arrested in Greenland on Sunday and faces possible extradition to Japan allegedly over anti-whaling activities in the Antarctic years ago, his organization said in a statement. The ship John Paul DeJoria and a 25-member crew were en route from Dublin, Ireland to the North Pacific to intercept Japan’s newly launched $48 million factory whaling ship the Kangei Maru, CPWF said. In a statement, Greenland police said they arrested Watson upon his arrival in Nuuk due to a Japanese arrest warrant. His foundation believes the arrest “is connected to a previous Red Notice issued for Watson’s anti-whaling activities in the Antarctic.”“This development comes as a surprise since the Foundation’s lawyers had reported that the Red Notice had been withdrawn. “Japan has never given up on its whaling ambitions,” Watson told CNN at the time.
Persons: Paul Watson, Captain Paul Watson, John Paul DeJoria, CPWF, , cuffing Paul Watson, Locky MacLean, Watson, Captain Watson, Kaisha, Shepherd, Kyodo Senpaku, , ” Watson, Takaaki Sakamoto, Hideki Tokoro, ” Tokoro Organizations: CNN —, Captain Paul Watson Foundation, Greenland police, ” Ship, Police, Japan Coast Guard, CNN, Interpol, Greenpeace, Shepherd Conservation Society, Japan’s Institute of Cetacean Research, Kyodo, Whaling Affairs, Japan’s Fisheries Agency, Kangei, Commission, IWC Locations: Greenland, Japan, Nuuk, Dublin, Ireland, Pacific, Shepherd, Germany, Costa Rica, Guatemala, United States, Australia, Norway, Iceland, Kangei
The former president praised the Secret Service agents who piled in when a gunman opened fire at an election rally in Butler, Pennsylvania. Simon Morgan, a security expert and former bodyguard to the British royal family, said the criticism of the Secret Service hasn't been entirely fair. Secret Service agents were unfairly judged, Morgan saidMorgan cautioned members of the public with "limited knowledge" to think twice before commenting. "The only people who can comment on what happened are those Secret Service agents," Morgan said. But according to a local law enforcement officer and the Butler County sheriff, law enforcement weren't aware that he also had a gun.
Persons: , Donald Trump, Simon Morgan, hasn't, Morgan, Trump, Anna Moneymaker, you've, I've Organizations: Service, Business, Trojan, Secret Service, Secret, New York, FBI, CBS News, Pennsylvania State Police, Trump Locations: Butler , Pennsylvania, It's, Buckingham, Butler County
CNN —A British-Canadian couple who were attempting to sail across the Atlantic have been found dead on an island off the east coast of Canada. The couple left Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia on June 11 en route to the Azores, a group of Portuguese islands in the mid-Atlantic, around 2,000 miles away. It is not clear why the couple abandoned the Theros and got into a lifeboat. They stayed in touch after Clibbery moved back to Canada and Packwood visited him in Salt Spring Island near Vancouver, where the Theros was docked, in spring 2016. “He took me on my first ever yacht trip and I loved it,” Packwood told The Guardian.
Persons: CNN —, Brett Clibbery, Sarah Packwood, Clibbery’s, James, Packwood, , , ” Clibbery, Clibbery, ” Packwood, “ Brett Organizations: CNN, SV Theros, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, RCMP, Halifax Harbour, Maritime Museum, Facebook, YouTube, Guardian Locations: Canada, , Nova Scotia, Halifax, Halifax Harbour , Nova Scotia, Azores, London, Britain, Salt, Vancouver
AdvertisementPornhub, launched in 2007 and based in Montreal, lets users upload amateur and professional porn videos in much the same way users upload to YouTube. "Performers" remain unverified in many thousands of pre-2024 videos, including those that pop up from search terms involving teens and violence, Mickelwait told Business Insider. Lawsuits and monitoringAn ever-growing number of lawsuits by some 300 plaintiffs allege the site knowingly profited from videos of their abuse. An excerpt from a federal judge's November order granting class-action status to one of dozens of Pornhub lawsuits. AdvertisementMost recently, she said, she reported to state authorities the Pornhub video showing a woman shouting in pain and asking not to be filmed.
Persons: , Laila Mickelwait, She's, Mickelwait, It's, Pornhub, Sarah Bain, Aylo —, Rocky Shay Franklin, Nicholas Kristof, Bill Ackman, MindGeek, Netflix —, Laila, Mike Bowe, I've, Bowe, kG2TK2R8sj, Cormac J, Carney, Serena Fleites, Fleites, Bain, Cherie DeVille, Mike Stabile, Stabile Organizations: Service, Business, Ethical Capital Partners, Random House, Justice Defense Fund, Sunday Times, New York Times, Heinz, Unilever, KY, Pornhub, Netflix, Mastercard, Visa, Capital, US, Free Speech Coalition Locations: Montreal, Pornhub, Alabama, Florida, London, Manhattan, California, Bowe's, Bakersfield , California
In the days following the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump, Cheatle has done no press conferences and very few interviews. “We would have never let him go out there if we thought there was a threat to him,” one source present with Trump told CNN. Cheatle is a nearly three-decade veteran of the Secret Service, serving in various field offices and vice presidential details including then-Vice President Joe Biden’s detail. Cheatle left the Secret Service in 2021 as the Assistant Director of the Office of Protective Operations - a role she held when the Secret Service scrambled to protect then-Vice President Mike Pence from rioters on January 6, 2021. “I’m very sorry to reach this conclusion: I have no confidence in the leadership of the United States Secret Service.
Persons: Kimberly Cheatle, , Donald Trump, Cheatle, James Comer, ” Comer, , wasn’t, Thomas Matthew Crooks, Crooks, Tom Knights, Trump, weren’t, ” Cheatle, , who’ve, Joe Biden’s, Mike Pence, Mike Johnson, Brendan Boyle, ” Boyle, CNN’s Kristen Holmes, Holmes Lybrand, Aileen Graef Organizations: CNN, United, Secret, Sunday, “ Fox, Republican, Secret Service, Trump, ABC, ABC News, Service, Protective, , Fox News, Pennsylvania Democrat, United States Secret Service Locations: Butler , Pennsylvania, Butler, Trump, Iran, Pennsylvania
CNN —Bangladesh’s Supreme Court on Sunday rolled back some of the controversial quotas on government jobs which sparked violent protests, Reuters reported, citing local media. Since the roles are linked to job security and higher pay, the quota system has angered many in the country, particularly students and young people, as Bangladesh faces high unemployment levels. In 2018, the civil service quota system was scrapped following similar protests but in June the High Court reinstated it, ruling its removal unconstitutional. On July 10, the Supreme Court suspended the quotas for one month while it took up the case. According to local media, the curfew was extended until after the Supreme Court hearing and will continue for an “uncertain time” following a two-hour break for people to gather supplies, Reuters reported.
Persons: CNN —, Anik Rahman Organizations: CNN, CNN — Bangladesh’s, Reuters, Bangladesh Army Locations: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Dhaka
In 2011, Harris became the attorney general of California. Gary Reyes/MediaNews Group/The Mercury News via Getty ImagesHarris served as the attorney general of California for six years. The Washington Post's Matt Viser reported that President Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump donated to two of Harris' bids for attorney general. In her first year as attorney general, Harris supported a law signed by Republican Gov. Jerry Brown as lawmakers who didn't allow "newly available DNA testing," and said new DNA evidence might vindicate Cooper.
Persons: Harris, Michael Johnson, Gary Reyes, Getty Images Harris, Matt Viser, Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Julianne Hing, Nicholas Kristof, Kevin Cooper, Kristof, Jerry Brown, Cooper Organizations: San Jose, MediaNews, Mercury, Getty Images, Republican Gov, Color, The New York Times, CBS News, San, San Bernardino County, Attorney's, Los Angeles Times Locations: California, Washington, San Bernardino
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