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A Boeing 737 Max has been out of service since May 25. The Southwest Airlines jet encountered a rare stability problem called a Dutch roll. AdvertisementA Boeing 737 Max has been out of service for 20 days as officials investigate an in-flight incident. The Southwest Airlines jet was flying from Phoenix to Oakland on May 25 when it ran into a rare but potentially serious problem. The video below shows an aircraft (not the Southwest 737 Max) experiencing a Dutch roll:Luckily, in the Southwest incident, pilots regained control of the 737 Max.
Persons: Max, Organizations: Boeing, Southwest Airlines, Service, Federal Aviation Administration, Business, Pilots, Southwest, Max, FAA, Alaska Airlines Locations: Phoenix, Oakland, Dutch, Everett , Washington, Southwest
The plane, a Boeing 737 Max 8, was flying at an altitude of 34,000 feet from Phoenix to Oakland, Calif., around 8 a.m. Pacific time on May 25 when the flight crew members said they experienced what is known as a Dutch roll, the N.T.S.B. A Dutch roll is “a coupled oscillation” that creates simultaneous side-to-side and rocking motions, producing a figure-8 effect. The phenomenon is believed to have been named by an aeronautical engineer who compared it to a traditional ice skating technique made popular in the Netherlands. If unaddressed, the wobbling can become more exaggerated, creating a dangerous feedback loop. “It’s a weird movement of the airplane, an oscillation that, if not dampened or stopped, could continue to get worse and worse,” said Jeff Guzzetti, a former accident investigator for the F.A.A.
Persons: , Jeff Guzzetti, Organizations: Southwest Airlines, Federal Aviation Administration, National Transportation Safety Board, Boeing Locations: Phoenix, Oakland, Calif, Netherlands
CNN —Waymo issued a recall for its 672 driverless cars to make them less likely to drive into telephone poles. The recall follows a May 21 accident in Phoenix, Arizona, in which a Waymo driverless car hit a telephone pole that was installed in the roadway in an alley. The vehicle was pulling over to pick up a passenger when it struck the pole at low speed, according to Waymo. While the car was severely damaged, no one was hurt, according to documents Waymo filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The recall applies only to the fleet of modified Jaguar I-Pace SUVs Waymo owns and operates itself.
Persons: CNN — Waymo, Waymo Organizations: CNN, National, Traffic Safety Administration, Pace, Waymo, Traffic Administration, Google Locations: Phoenix , Arizona, Phoenix , Los Angeles, San Francisco
There are plenty of ways to get around without a license, from efficient public transportation systems to walkable neighborhoods and ride-share apps. The anxiety ate away at me until a recent trip to Arizona, where I visited a car-free neighborhood in Tempe called Culdesac. Joey Hadden/Business InsiderCuldesac opened in 2023 and currently has 172 units and 200 residents, a company representative told Business Insider. Joey Hadden/Business InsiderBiehl expressed that while the block is walkable, surrounding streets are not. AdvertisementPerhaps if I move to this Arizona neighborhood, I may never have to get my driver's license.
Persons: , I've, Joey Hadden, Culdesac, Ryan Johnson, Brad Biehl, Biehl, Joe's, Tempe Mayor Corey Woods Organizations: Service, Business, Apple, Retailers, Residents, Safeway, Tempe Mayor Locations: Arizona, Tempe, Culdesac, Phoenix, Mesa, New York
The groups projected that the average cost across the country could be $719, a nearly 8% increase from the same period last year. In some regions that figure is higher; in Southern states like Texas, the average cost could hit $858. The forecast for summer cooling costs is based on federal data on regional electric prices, summer temperatures, and residential air conditioning, Wolfe said. Related stories"We are assuming a higher rate of temperature change, and recent heat waves are bearing this out," Wolfe said. Those who do may not turn it on in an effort to avoid higher bills, Wolfe said.
Persons: , Mark Wolfe, May, Wolfe, Louis — Organizations: Service, Business, National Energy Assistance, Association, Center for Energy, Southwest, US Energy Information Administration, Low Income, Energy Assistance Locations: Southern, Texas, Phoenix, El Paso , Texas, York
Pamela Smart case timeline
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Pamela Smart, then 22, was a high school media director when she began an affair with 15-year-old Billy Flynn. In her trial, prosecutors said Smart then coaxed Flynn into carrying out the murder plot with two teenage friends. Here’s a timeline of Pamela Smart’s murder conspiracy plot, the resulting legal cases and convictions. March 4, 1991: Oral arguments began in Smart’s murder conspiracy trial in the Rockingham County Superior Court in Exeter, New Hampshire. William Flynn, 17, is shown the gun he used at Pamela Smart's trial on March 12, 1991.
Persons: Pamela Smart, Billy Flynn, Smart, Flynn, Gregg Smart, Pamela Smart’s, Joyce Maynard’s, Nicole Kidman, Joaquin Phoenix, Linda Wojas, CNN’s Larry King, Pamela Smart's, Patrick Randall, Vance Lattime Jr, Gregory Smart, Raymond Fowler, Gregory Smart’s, couldn’t, William Flynn, Jim Cole, Randall, WMUR, Fowler, Chris Sununu, Smart’s, Lattime, CNN’s Hayley Wilson, Gary Tuchman Organizations: CNN, Police, Associated Press, AP . Police, Court, Prosecutors, WMUR, . New, . New Hampshire Gov, AP, Sununu, Smart, Bedford Hills Correctional Facility Locations: Derry , New Hampshire, Rockingham, Exeter , New Hampshire, WMUR, ., . New Hampshire, Bedford Hills, Westchester County , New York
CNN —The Oscars of the food world — the James Beard Awards — were handed out Monday night to many chefs and restaurants reflecting cultures and regions that have long been overlooked when honoring culinary achievement in the United States. Outstanding Chef winner Michael Rafidi dedicated his award to Palestinian people all over the world in his acceptance speech. The 2024 winners bring heritage from all over the globe — the Philippines, Mexico, Japan, Peru, Vietnam, Senegal — to tables across the United States. This year’s awards also bring recognition to restaurants in many smaller towns and states that have not historically been recognized with James Beard Awards. Chef Masako Morishita received the James Beard Award for Emerging Chef.
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When Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Donald J. Trump faced off in the 2020 presidential election, Alexis Figueroa, a hospital worker in Phoenix, would have voted for Mr. Biden, he said, because he seemed like the least controversial of the two candidates. But with those men back on the ballot in November, Mr. Figueroa is considering a third option: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.“He’s going after those who are new to voting, the younger generation not being heard,” Mr. Figueroa, now 20, said of Mr. Kennedy, adding that he did not want to vote for Mr. Biden because he did not believe that the president had fulfilled many of his promises. In a race in which enthusiasm for the top two contenders is low, more Latino voters like Mr. Figueroa are leaning toward third-party candidates, recent surveys show. Mr. Kennedy, who is running a long-shot independent presidential bid, is polling surprisingly well among Hispanic voters in battleground states, pollsters and political observers said, though so far he is officially on the ballot only in California, Utah, Michigan, Oklahoma, Hawaii and Delaware.
Persons: Joseph R, Biden, Donald J, Trump, Alexis Figueroa, Figueroa, Robert F, Kennedy Jr, “ He’s, ” Mr, Mr, Kennedy Organizations: Mr Locations: Phoenix, California , Utah , Michigan , Oklahoma, Hawaii, Delaware
Trump Media on Monday submitted an updated inspection of the company's finances by a newly hired public accounting firm, after its last auditor was charged with fraud by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Shares of Trump Media initially dropped more than 7% on Monday's announcement. The stock was down about 6% as of 1:00 p.m. The media company, which is majority-owned by former President Donald Trump and trades as DJT on the Nasdaq, said its revised registration statement includes a reaudit conducted by the Phoenix, Arizona-based firm Semple, Marchal & Cooper, LLP. The company behind the social media platform Truth Social said in a press release that its latest filing amends a registration statement from mid-April and is not offering any new shares.
Persons: Donald Trump, Semple Organizations: Trump Media, U.S . Securities, Exchange Commission, Nasdaq, Phoenix, Marchal, Cooper, LLP Locations: Phoenix , Arizona
CNN —Rudy Giuliani was processed in Phoenix on Monday, weeks after pleading not guilty in Arizona to charges of allegedly conspiring to overturn the 2020 presidential election results. Giuliani was served on May 17 in Palm Beach, Florida, at his 80th birthday bash held by a GOP operative. Arizona prosecutors spent weeks trying to track down the former New York City mayor and eventually found him based on his podcasts. A grand jury in Arizona handed up indictments last month charging over a dozen Trump allies, including the fake electors and several individuals connected to his campaign, over their efforts to overturn his 2020 election loss. Goodman added that Giuliani “will be fully vindicated.”The Arizona indictment is just the latest legal woe for Giuliani stemming from his time as Trump’s attorney after the 2020 presidential election.
Persons: CNN — Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump’s, Giuliani, President Trump, , Ted Goodman, Goodman, Veronica Stracqualursi, Zachary Cohen Organizations: CNN, GOP, New, New York City, Trump, Washington, Giuliani, Dominion Locations: Phoenix, Arizona, Maricopa County, Palm Beach , Florida, New York, Georgia
AdvertisementWe decided on Vegas so our families could goStill, we didn't rush into wedding planning. Related storiesI joked that Vegas felt apropos because "every relationship is a gamble." AdvertisementI just wanted fun and easyMy wedding planning ethos was fun and easy, just like our relationship. It didn't feel like a cheap wedding; it felt like a masterpiece, even to our guests. When we first started planning, I wasn't aware that Las Vegas was "the wedding capital of the world," but now it's easy to see why.
Persons: , Wade, I'd, we'd, who'd, wasn't, Vegas, Elvis, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, Frank Sinatra, Mia Farrow, hitched, Michael Conti, Keith Kaplan, Joe's Organizations: Service, Target, Business Locations: Vegas, Minnesota, Texas, Phoenix, Las Vegas
Read previewEvery fortnight or so, David Robinson starts his YouTube livestream, upbeat and all smiles. "It's inexcusable for us to have as many missing persons cases in this country as we do," he said in a stream on March 10. David Robinson speaks about his run for US Congress on his YouTube livestream. In 2021, almost 40% of the 521,000 persons reported missing in the US involved missing persons of color. The International Commission on Missing Persons told BI it's "impossible" to estimate the average cost of a search and recovery operation.
Persons: , David Robinson, Robinson, Daniel, It's, Robinson's GoFundMe, he's, He's, Joe Wilson, Daniel Robinson, David Robinson Robinson, undressed, who'd, Daniel ., hasn't, Daniel's, YouTuber Gabby Petito, Gabby Petito, HelpFindDaniel, Petito, Petito's, Tammy Phillips, Phillips, Wilson Organizations: Service, YouTube, Army, Business, Democratic, National, Police, Buckeye Police Department, BI, Twitter, Buckeye, TNS, ABACA, Reuters, Commission, Congress, US Locations: Arizona, South Carolina, Buckeye , Arizona, Tempe, Afghanistan, Texas, Robinson's district
The NAACP has warned American Airlines it could caution Black passengers away from the carrier. It follows a lawsuit alleging eight Black men were unfairly removed from a flight. AdvertisementA civil rights organization has warned American Airlines that it could issue an advisory cautioning Black passengers about potential discrimination. The annoucement from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), comes as a result of a lawsuit filed against American Airlines by three Black men last month. Alvin Jackson, Emmanuel Jean Joseph, and Xavier Veal boarded an American Airlines plane in Phoenix in January.
Persons: , Alvin Jackson, Emmanuel Jean Joseph, Xavier Veal Organizations: NAACP, American Airlines, AA, Service, National Association for, Advancement of Colored People, Business Locations: Phoenix
The flurry of events signals a new phase of the campaign for Trump with his New York case now largely behind him. No longer tethered to a Manhattan courtroom during the week, Trump is expected to ramp up his activity as he pivots from the trial to the trail. But as he steps back onto the campaign trail as a convicted felon, the urgency for Trump has crystalized. Trump himself has also threatened his political opponents, continuing the retaliatory rhetoric that has permeated from his campaign since the onset. “They know Joe Biden can’t beat him in a fair fight, so they’ve disgracefully weaponized the justice system.”The Trump campaign, though, is not concerned Trump will muddy the message on immigration by focusing on his legal battles.
Persons: Donald Trump, Trump, Trump’s, , ” Trump, Newsmax, “ I’m, can’t, , Joe Biden’s, Biden, ” Biden, Kevin Munoz, Charlie Kirk, Joe Biden can’t Organizations: CNN, Floridian, Republican, Trump, White, MAGA Republicans Locations: New Yorker, United States, Phoenix, Manhattan, Las Vegas, York, Arizona, Mexico
New York CNN —Red Lobster wants to close several dozen more restaurants following its bankruptcy, and it has identified which ones are in danger of shutting down if the court approves its plan. The chain, which brought affordable shrimp and lobster to middle-class America and grew to become the largest seafood restaurant chain in the world, filed for bankruptcy last month. Red Lobster said that it had more than $1 billion in debt and less than $30 million in cash on hand. Part of its plan is to close some locations of its nearly 600 restaurants in the meantime. A few weeks prior to its bankruptcy, it abruptly closed around 50 locations across the United States.
Persons: Fort Smith, Callaghan Lane, Fort, Elizabeth, Merritt, Port Richey, Dale Mabry, Ames, Charles Rock, Noland, Pike, Miller, Monroe, King of Prussia, Knox Abbott, Sam Rittenburg, Anderson Lane, Michael, Van Dorn, Murdock Organizations: New, New York CNN, Beulah, Bell, Oracle, Yuma Palms, Hospitality, College, Run, Fort Myers, Fort Walton, Biscayne, , Michigan City, Charles, Bartow, Pittsburgh, Lamar, Fairfax Locations: New York, America, United States, . Alabama, E, Tuscaloosa Arizona, Flagstaff, Peoria, Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma Arkansas, Shiloh, Fayetteville, Springs, Little Rock California, Citrus Heights, Calaveras, Milpitas, Ave, Monrovia, Pittsburg, Salinas, Hospitality Lane, San Bernardino, San Jose, Lane, Stockton, Vallejo Colorado, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Greeley, Pueblo Connecticut, North Haven Delaware, Talleyville Florida, Altamonte Springs, Clermont, North, Clearwater, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Cleveland, Fort, Fort Walton Beach, Hwy, Kissimmee, Worth, Lake Worth, Lakeland, Leesburg, Haven Ave, Melbourne, Merritt, St, Miami, North Miami, Orange, Alafaya, Orlando, Pensacola, Port, Petersburg, Tampa, The, West Palm Beach Georgia, Columbus, Jonesboro, Rome, Smyrna Illinois, Bourbonnais, Champaign Indiana, Kokomo, , Michigan, Richmond Iowa, Ames Kansas, Topeka Kentucky, Louisville, Paducah Maryland, Salisbury, Salisbury Michigan, Bay City, Waterford Minnesota, West, Bloomington, Golden Valley Mississippi, Tupelo Missouri, Charles Rock Rd, Bridgeton, Independence, Joplin New Jersey, Delran, Paramus New York, Bartow Ave ., Bronx, Copiague, Lakewood, Manhattan, Glen Street, Queensbury, Stony Brook North Carolina, Cary, Jacksonville Ohio, Dayton, Findlay, Maumee, S.E, , New Philadelphia, Parma, Strongsville, Monroe St, Toledo Pennsylvania, Chambersburg, DeKalb Pike, Pittsburgh South Carolina, Cayce, Charleston Tennessee, Chattanooga Texas, Austin, Padre, Corpus Christi, Duncanville, Frisco, Houston, Lubbock, Bedford, Richland Hills, San Antonio, San Marcos, Shenandoah, Texarkana, Wichita Falls Virginia, Alexandria, Blvd, Chesapeake, Fairfax, Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg, Richmond, Broad, Virginia Beach, Pkwy, Virginia Beach Washington, Lynwood, Randall Way, Silverdale West Virginia, Parkersburg
CNN —Former NBA player Chase Budinger is set to make his debut at the Olympics later this year, though he won’t be doing it on the hardwood. The 36-year-old has earned a spot on the US beach volleyball team alongside partner Miles Evans having switched sports seven years ago. According to NBC, Budinger will become the first person to have played an NBA regular season game and appeared at the Olympics in beach volleyball. He’s also the only athlete to make a career in both sports, according to AVP Beach Volleyball. This year’s Olympic beach volleyball competition will take place under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower in Paris with games getting underway on July 27.
Persons: CNN —, Chase Budinger, Miles Evans, Theo Brunner, Trevor Crabb, Budinger, Evans, He’s, , ” Budinger Organizations: CNN, NBA, NBC, AVP, University of Arizona, Detroit Pistons, Houston Rockets, Minnesota Timberwolves, Indiana Pacers, Phoenix Suns, US, Olympics, Eiffel Locations: Spain, Paris
In 2022, nearly 400 people in Maricopa County — which includes Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, and other surrounding cities — died from heat-related conditions, according to Maricopa County Public Health. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. Enter Culdesac, a car-free community in Tempe that is combatting the area's heat problem with a neighborhood built to cool. A company representative told Business Insider that the 17-acre block houses 200 people, but the company is aiming for 1,000 residents. AdvertisementI recently got a tour of Culdesac, where I anticipated open street paths, shops, and amenities residents could walk to.
Persons: , Culdesac Organizations: Service, Maricopa County Public Health, Business Locations: Arizona, Maricopa County, Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale
"I think it may be leading to some rethink into the consideration of letting private equity, as an example, or institutional investors into the NFL." While U.S. pro sports leagues had prohibited private equity investors previously, they've largely softened their stances in recent years, aside from letting any firm be a controlling owner of a team. "We've got a lot of interest in the private equity space," NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said at the league's spring meeting in May. "We are making real progress on potential private equity. Ross Sorkin asked Harris if allowing private equity investors into sports would have any negative impacts on the teams or the league's overarching strategy as those investors look toward an exit.
Persons: Harris, Andrew Ross Sorkin, Magic Johnson, Eric Schmidt, David Blitzer, Jeff Bezos, Dan Snyder, Apollo Global Management —, Josh Harris, David Tepper, Rob Walton, Mat Ishbia, Joe Tsai, Steve Cohen, We've, Roger Goodell, Goodell, Ross Sorkin, Stanley Kroenke, I've, Kroenke Organizations: NFL, CNBC, Summit, Washington , D.C, Blackstone Group, 76ers, Devils, Amazon, NBA's Philadelphia 76ers, New Jersey Devils, Premier, Apollo Global Management, Washington Commanders, Carolina Panthers, Walmart, Denver Broncos, United Wholesale Mortgage, Phoenix Suns, Brooklyn Nets, New York Mets, MLB, Guggenheim Baseball Management, Los Angeles Dodgers, U.S, PE, NBA, Los Angeles Rams Locations: Washington ,
The result is that class A units account for more than half the apartment market, compared with one-third in the early 2000s, according to Moody's Analytics. High-end apartments that offer amenities up the wazoo — and rent breaks, to boot — represent a tantalizing alternative to the for-sale market right now. But as with all good things, the golden age for America's wealthy renters must also come to an end. Nations told me she still hoped to buy a home one day. "I know how challenging it is to rent in Nashville, especially on your own," Nations told me.
Persons: Emily Nations, she's, Nicole Bachaud, Rich, Joel Sanders, Sanders, Doug Ressler, David Brasington, Ressler, they're, Organizations: Trinity, cabana, Nations, Analytics, University of Cincinnati, Census Locations: Nashville, downtown, Nations, New York, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, America, Houston, Austin, Phoenix, Charlotte, North Carolina, Raleigh , North Carolina, Tampa , Florida
Read previewAmericans are on their way to work — and they probably still have a long way to go. New research first reported by The Wall Street Journal shows that more workers are supercommuting, meaning they're traveling more than 75 miles each way for work. Some trips, they found, are as long as five hours each way, with some starting their commutes at 3 a.m. New York City experienced an 89% surge in supercommuting, from 1.9% to 3.6% of all trips. Phoenix, Arizona — a city that's seen a surge of new residents in recent years and, as a result, soaring housing costs — has also seen supercommuting increase by 57%.
Persons: , Nick Bloom, Alex Finan, Bloom, Finan, Kyle Rice Organizations: Service, Wall Street Journal, Business, metros, Stanford University, WFH Research, Economic Locations: New York City, Los Angeles, Washington, supercommuters . Phoenix , Arizona, Bloom, Willmington , Delaware, Delaware, York
Pain management startup Sword Health on Tuesday announced a new artificial intelligence solution named Phoenix that patients can speak with for guidance through virtual physical therapy sessions. Sword patients join sessions using a tablet from the company that can track their movement. Phoenix will propose changes for the patient's next session, as well as a follow-up message about the session they completed. Patients can sign up for Sword if it is supported by their employer or their health plan. Sword has been testing Phoenix with some patients using its "Thrive" digital physical therapy product.
Persons: Virgílio Bento, Bento, Sword, Catalyst Organizations: Pain, CNBC, Phoenix, Venture, Khosla Ventures, Founders Fund Locations: Phoenix
Acting Secretary of Labor Julie Su is hitting the road — and wants good jobs to follow. Su is bringing the Department of Labor's "Good Jobs Principles" — a national framework for better working conditions and positions — across the country. Related storiesAs part of the tour kickoff, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego will also announce the city's commitment to the Good Jobs Principles. It's the DOL's latest attempt at promoting the idea of "good jobs," and making them more widespread. So it's embedding equity in the way that we're creating these jobs, " Teresa Acuna, the senior policy advisor and deputy director of the Good Jobs Initiative, said.
Persons: Labor Julie Su, Su, Biden, Kate Gallego, Teresa Acuna, Acuna, we're Organizations: Service, Labor, of, Business, Department of Labor, Biden Administration, Conference, Phoenix, Good Jobs Initiative Locations: Phoenix, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Michigan
We've got you covered if you're looking for how to get tickets to Childish Gambino's 2024 tour. Childish Gambino 2024 North American tour scheduleChildish Gambino's world tour kicks off on August 11, 2024, and will end on February 11, 2025. How to buy tickets for Childish Gambino's 2024 concert tourYou can buy original tickets to see Childish Gambino's 2024 tour on Ticketmaster. Compared to similar touring acts, prices for tickets to Childish Gambino's 2024 concerts are fairly reasonable. There are already 27 international dates scheduled for Childish Gambino's 2024 tour.
Persons: Childish Gambino, Donald Glover, Mrs Smith, King, Glover, Bando Stone, Childish Gambino's, We've, Childish, StubHub, Willow Organizations: Business, FL, UT, AZ, IL, Ticketmaster, StubHub, North Locations: Atlanta, Oklahoma City , Oklahoma, Perth, Australia, North America, Europe, New Zealand, Oklahoma, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Columbus, Detroit, MI, Toronto, ON, Canada, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Boston, Uncasville, Brooklyn, NY, Washington, Raleigh, NC, Nashville, TN, Tampa, New Orleans, LA, Houston, Austin, Dallas, Denver, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Los Angeles, CA, San Francisco, Vancouver, BC, Portland, Seattle, WA, Calgary, AB, Edmonton, Paul, Chicago, Lyon, France, Milan, Italy, Cologne, Germany, Hamburg, Oslo, Norway, Copenhagen, Denmark, Prague, Czech Republic, Berlin, Paris, Munich, Brussels, Belgium, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Manchester, England, Glasgow, Scotland, London, Birmingham, Dublin, Ireland, Auckland, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angeles ,, Oceania
Tickets for "This Is Me... Live" are now on sale, and we've put together a guide on how to buy Jennifer Lopez tickets at the best prices. Jennifer Lopez 2024 tour scheduleJennifer Lopez's 2024 tour will kick off on June 26 in Orlando, Florida. How to buy tickets for Jennifer Lopez's 2024 concert tourYou can purchase original tickets to Jennifer Lopez's tour on Ticketmaster. Jennifer Lopez tickets are also available through resale websites like StubHub and Vivid Seats, which offer more variety in pricing. How much are Jennifer Lopez tickets?
Persons: Jennifer Lopez, Lopez, we've, Ben Affleck, J, Lo, we'll, We've, Jennifer Lopez's, Frankie J, StubHub Organizations: Business, Ticketmaster, American, Party, FL, AZ, San, Boston, Vivid Locations: Orlando , Florida, New York , New York, Orlando, Miami, Austin, Edinburg, TX, San Antonio, Dallas, Phoenix, Inglewood, CA, Anaheim, San Francisco, Sacramento, Vegas, Denver, Tulsa, Rosemont, IL, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Detroit, MI, Toronto, Canada, Montréal, Elmont, NY, Newark, NJ, Philadelphia, Washington, York, Dallas , TX, Edinburg , TX, North America, Cleveland, Nashville, Raleigh, Atlanta, Tampa , New Orleans, Houston, New York City, Houston , Texas
The team, which will be renamed, will begin play next season in the Delta Center in Salt Lake City, home of one of the Smiths’ other teams, the Utah Jazz of the National Basketball Association. Salt Lake City’s metropolitan area is less than half the size of Phoenix’s; Salt Lake City is the 29th-largest media market while Phoenix is the 11th largest. But the league’s decision was less about the size of Salt Lake City and more about its demographics. Like Phoenix, Salt Lake City is one of the country’s fastest-growing cities. But in Utah, a thriving tech industry has attracted an influx of young workers with disposable incomes.
Persons: Ryan Smith, Ashley Organizations: National Hockey League, Arizona Coyotes, Delta Center, Smiths, Utah Jazz, National Basketball Association, . Locations: Oklahoma City, Las Vegas, Winnipeg , Manitoba, Salt Lake City, Salt, City’s, Phoenix, . Utah, Utah
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