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83% of survey respondents in Finland report to be "thriving," according to Gallup's 2024 State of the Global Workplace report. Those who are thriving report "significantly fewer health problems and less worry, stress, sadness, loneliness, depression and anger. Here are the 10 countries with the highest proportion of people who say they are thriving, according to Gallup's study. Notably, half of employees who are engaged at work are thriving in life overall," according to the report. Additionally, "when managers are engaged, employees are more likely to be engaged," according to the study.
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CNN —The Oscars of the food world — the James Beard Awards — were handed out Monday night to many chefs and restaurants reflecting cultures and regions that have long been overlooked when honoring culinary achievement in the United States. Outstanding Chef winner Michael Rafidi dedicated his award to Palestinian people all over the world in his acceptance speech. The 2024 winners bring heritage from all over the globe — the Philippines, Mexico, Japan, Peru, Vietnam, Senegal — to tables across the United States. This year’s awards also bring recognition to restaurants in many smaller towns and states that have not historically been recognized with James Beard Awards. Chef Masako Morishita received the James Beard Award for Emerging Chef.
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Editor’s Note: Sign up for Unlocking the World, CNN Travel’s weekly newsletter. CNN —In this week’s roundup of travel news, we bring you the world’s best restaurants for 2024, Disneyland’s epic expansion plans and the little museum in rural England that’s become a YouTube hit. World’s best restaurants1. This famed Barcelona eatery was one of five restaurants in Spain to make this year's World's 50 Best Restaurants list. Dubai has more “best” restaurants than any other destination in the Middle East, according to the 50 Best group.
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CNN —Hundreds of residents living near Mount Kanlaon in the Philippines were ordered to evacuate Tuesday after the volcano erupted, sending a three-mile tall (five-kilometer) ash column into the sky that caused dozens of flights to be canceled. The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) said Mount Kanlaon erupted for six minutes on Monday evening, causing a “strong earthquake,” as the agency warned that ash fall and sulphuric odor would affect surrounding villages. Forty-three volcanic earthquakes had been recorded in the 24 hours to midnight Monday, according to the agency’s volcano summary. Images on social media showed an ash cloud shooting into the starry night sky. Situated on Negros, the fourth most populous island of the archipelago, Mount Kanlaon is one of 24 seismically active volcanoes in the country.
Persons: Kanlaon, ” Jose Chubasco Cardenas Organizations: CNN, Philippine Institute of, Civil Aviation Authority of, Silay Locations: Mount Kanlaon, Philippines, , Bacolod, Canlaon City, Negros Oriental, Negros
Opinion Guest Essay Why the Pandemic Probably Started in a Lab, in 5 Key Points Illustration by Mike McQuade. Here’s what we now know:1 The SARS-like virus that caused the pandemic emerged in Wuhan, the city where the world’s foremost research lab for SARS-like viruses is located. Wuhan China Taiwan Laos South China Sea Thailand The pandemic started roughly 1,000 miles away, in Wuhan, home to the world’s foremost SARS-like virus research lab. Wuhan China East China Sea india Taiwan Myanmar Laos South China Sea philippines Thailand The pandemic started roughly 1,000 miles away, in Wuhan, home to the world’s foremost SARS-like virus research lab. In the United States, virologists generally use stricter Biosafety Level 3 protocols when working with SARS-like viruses.
Persons: Mike McQuade, Anthony Fauci, , Shi Zhengli, Shi’s, Sarah Temmam et, Shi, coronavirus, EcoHealth, Peter Daszak, Biden, Daszak, Baric, Jesse Bloom, Fauci Organizations: Getty Images, National Institute of Allergy, Wuhan Institute of Virology, China East China, U.S, New York, Facebook Locations: United States, Wuhan, China, Yunnan, Southeast Asia, Laos, Yunnan province Taiwan Laos, Laos South China, Thailand, China East China, Taiwan Myanmar Laos South China, Laos philippines Thailand, Taiwan Laos South China, China East, philippines Thailand, Wuhan China Taiwan Laos South China, Wuhan China East China, China Wuhan East China, Covid, MERS
China's Defense Minister Dong Jun speaks during the 21st Shangri-La Dialogue summit in Singapore on June 2, 2024. Nhac Nguyen | AFP | Getty ImagesSINGAPORE — China's defense minister, Adm. Dong Jun, vowed that anyone who aims to separate Taiwan from China will face "self-destruction." "Anyone who dares to separate Taiwan from China will only end up in self-destruction," he said. In response to questions, Dong reiterated China's position that Taiwan is part of China and said Beijing is committed to peaceful reunification. "These kinds of behavior sends very wrong signals to the Taiwan independence forces and make them become very aggressive.
Persons: Dong Jun, Nhac Nguyen, Dong, Lai Ching, , Bastian Giegerich, Ferdinand Marcos Jr, Thomas Shoal Organizations: China's, AFP, Getty, SINGAPORE, Democratic Progressive Party, Abrams, U.S, International Institute for Strategic Studies, Liberation Army Locations: Singapore, Taiwan, China, Beijing, U.S, Philippine, South, Philippines, Manila
US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin speaks at the 21st Shangri-La Dialogue summit in Singapore on June 1, 2024. Speaking at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, Austin said that Washington's enduring commitment to the region has been a "springboard" that has enabled transformative growth in the region. Austin said that the region is seeing a "new convergence" around nearly all aspects of security in the Indo-Pacific. It's about notions of goodwill, uniting around the interests that we share and the values that we cherish," Austin said. "I respectfully disagree with your point that the expansion of NATO caused the Ukraine crisis," Austin replied, drawing applause from the room.
Persons: Defence Lloyd Austin, Nhac Nguyen, Lloyd Austin, Austin, we're, Lai Ching, Lai, Cao Yanzhong, Vladimir Putin, Putin Organizations: Defence, Afp, Getty, SINGAPORE, U.S, NATO Locations: Singapore, United States, U.S, Philippines, Australia, Japan, China, Taiwan, Beijing, NATO, Europe, Russia, Ukraine
He also warned that the death of any Filipino citizen at the hands of another country in the South China Sea would be “very close” to an act of war. It is also a rare opportunity to hear from, and pose questions to, senior Chinese military leaders. Robert Ward, IISS Japan chair, told CNN he felt Dong’s tone was “more shrill” than he’s seen in previous speeches by Chinese defense chiefs at the gathering. “The strategic environment in Asia has actually got more tense and I think we saw that in the Chinese defense minister’s speech today,” Ward said. “Every year for three years, a new Chinese defense minister has come to Shangri-La,” the official told CNN.
Persons: Dong Jun, ” Dong, , Xi Jinping, Dong, Lloyd Austin, ” China’s, , Lai Ching, China, Ferdinand R, Marcos Jr, Austin –, China “, Robert Ward, he’s, ” Ward, they’ve Organizations: Singapore CNN, Taiwan, National Defense, Communist Party, Democratic Progressive Party, China’s Defense Ministry, South China, Austin, International Institute for Strategic Studies, CNN, US Locations: Singapore, Beijing, Taiwan, United States, China, Taiwan Strait, East, South, South China, Philippines, , American, The Hague, Philippine, Ukraine, Dong, Russia, Asia, Pacific, Japan
Singapore CNN —US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Saturday hailed the arrival of a “new convergence” in the Indo-Pacific, as the United States fortifies strategic and security partnerships in the region amid rising threats from China and Russia. “Today, we are witnessing a new convergence around nearly all aspects of security in the Indo-Pacific,” Austin said at the Shangri-La Dialogue security forum in Singapore. Looming large in that regional vision is a more assertive China, which Austin alluded to without mentioning it by name. Austin’s emphasis of a “new convergence” in Asia Pacific appeared to have struck a raw nerve with the Chinese delegation in the audience. Austin also reaffirmed US commitment to the Asia Pacific region, saying peace and stability across the region are crucial for the whole world.
Persons: Lloyd Austin, ” Austin, Austin, Lai Ching, “ We’ve, We’ve, we’ve, , Joe Biden, Xi Jinping, Cao Yanzhong, , Mr.Putin, Dong Jun, Dong, Ferdinand R, Marcos Jr Organizations: Singapore CNN — US, Saturday, , South China Seas, Asia Pacific, NATO, Institute of War Studies, Academy of Military Sciences of, China’s, National Defense Locations: Singapore, United States, China, Russia, Taiwan, Beijing, South China, Asia Pacific, South, Washington, Asia, Ukraine, Philippines, Philippine
The 'Taiwan question' is as worrying as ever, academic says
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailThe 'Taiwan question' is as worrying as ever, academic saysRichard Heydarian of the University of Philippines discusses tensions between China and Taiwan and in the South China Sea and his expectations for the Shangri-La Dialogue.
Persons: Richard Heydarian Organizations: University of Philippines Locations: Taiwan, China, South
The meeting, between US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and China’s Minister of National Defense Adm. Dong Jun, is the first face-to-face talks between the two defense chiefs and Austin’s first such discussions with a Chinese counterpart since late 2022. The meeting, on the sidelines of an annual defense conference in Singapore, takes place against a fraught regional backdrop. Austin is expected to raise concerns with Dong about China’s support for Russia, US officials said ahead of the meeting. Talks between Austin and Dong are not expected to see substantive progress towards resolving many entrenched issues between them. Several weeks later, US and Chinese top generals spoke in a video call, paving the way for this week’s in-person meeting between the defense chiefs.
Persons: Lloyd Austin, Dong Jun, Austin’s, China’s, Austin, Dong, Nancy Pelosi, Li Shangfu, Li, won’t, Xi Jinping’s, Xi, Joe Biden Organizations: Singapore CNN, US, National Defense, South China Seas, Communist Party, Coast Guard, Defense, Washington, Russia, America, East, Communist, Central Military Commission Locations: Singapore, Asia, Pacific, Taiwan, Beijing, East, South, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, China, South China, American, Russia, Ukraine, Austin, Asia –, San Francisco
Singapore CNN —The death of any Filipino citizen at the hands of another country in the South China Sea would be “very close” to an act of war, Philippines President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. warned Friday as his nation faces increasingly fraught clashes with Chinese vessels in the South China Sea. China has increasingly pushed its territorial claims in the South China Sea, and China Coast Guard ships, reinforced by maritime militia boats, have been involved in a series of fraught clashes over the last year that has seen Philippine ships damaged and Filipino sailors injured by water cannon. A China Coast Guard vessel sails close to a Philippines ship during a day of clashes in the South China Sea, March 5, 2024 Rebecca Wright/CNNKey global waterwayChina claims “indisputable sovereignty” over almost all of the 1.3 million-square-mile South China Sea – one of the world’s busiest waterways. Meanwhile, the Philippine Navy said it is prepared to protect the rights of Filipinos and would be increasing patrols in the South China Sea, including the areas of contested sovereignty, according to the PNA. “What I want to emphasize is that it is not China but the Philippines that has frequently escalated the situation in the South China Sea,” Ning added.
Persons: Ferdinand “ Bongbong ” Marcos Jr, Marcos, Lloyd Austin, Dong Jun, , , ” Marcos, Rebecca Wright, Mao Ning, ” Ning, Organizations: Singapore CNN, US, Coast Guard, China Coast Guard, CNN, West, Philippine Navy, Foreign Ministry Locations: Singapore, South, Philippines, South China, Philippine, Filipino, China, Beijing, Manila, United States, Washington, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Taiwan, Hague, China’s, West Philippine, Asia, Pacific
Philippines' President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. delivers a speech during the 21st Shangri-La Dialogue summit in Singapore on May 31, 2024. The president said should such an incident happen by willful action, it would "increase the level of response [by the Philippines]," and come "very, very close to what we define as an act of war." In late March, the Philippines accused a China Coast Guard vessel of utilizing its water cannon on a Filipino ship travelling to the Second Thomas Shoal, injuring three Filipino sailors. Earlier that month, the China Coast Guard was accused of a water cannon attack that left four Filipino crew members injured by broken glass. Beijing claims almost all of the South China Sea as its waters, despite a 2016 ruling by the Permanent Court of Arbitration that said that China's claims has no basis under international law.
Persons: Ferdinand Marcos Jr, Marcos, Thomas Shoal Organizations: Chinese Coast Guard, Guard, U.S ., Philippines Mutual Defense, China Coast Guard, China's coastguard Locations: Philippines, Singapore, South, U.S, Manila, South China, China
Bangkok, Thailand has seen an 18.1% growth in residential rental prices on a year-on-year basis, according to JLL. Alexander Spatari | Moment | Getty ImagesSingapore and Hong Kong are generally considered Asia's more vibrant real estate markets. But some up-and-coming cities are giving these traditional hubs a run for their money, with some even beating them on rental yields. The following four cities have led the recovery in rental growth in Asia so far this year:Bangkok, ThailandResidential rental growth in Q1 2024 (y/y): +18.1% Average price to rent: THB 8,292 (about $226) per square meter annually "Rental demand has been surging in Bangkok," Allan said. This rental growth has been influenced by the stronger rent prices recorded in new high-quality offerings in the city, according to the report.
Persons: JLL, Alexander Spatari, Hong Kong, Roddy Allan, Allan, Ho Organizations: Getty Images, realty, Pacific Chief, CNBC Locations: Bangkok, Thailand, Getty Images Singapore, Hong Kong, Hong, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Manila, Asia, Pacific, expats, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines
PinnedTing Shen for The New York TimesTing Shen for The New York TimesCredit... Ting Shen for The New York TimesBruhat Soma held his trophy high after winning the second-ever spell-off at the Scripps Bee. The Scripps National Spelling Bee on Thursday came down to its second-ever spell-off, a fast-and-furious tiebreaking round that rewards speed as much as accuracy. Image Credit... Ting Shen for The New York TimesThe next competitor, Aditi Muthukumar, was asked to spell Lillooet, a Salishan people of the Fraser River valley in British Columbia. Immediately after Aditi came Bruhat, the night’s eventual champion, who correctly spelled “Okvik,” from an Alaskan geographical name. Image Credit... Ting Shen for The New York TimesFaizan, who is from the Dallas area, came in second place after spelling 20 words correctly in the spell-off.
Persons: Ting Shen, The New York Times Ting Shen, Soma, Faizan Zaki, Bruhat, Rishabh Saha, , Rishabh, The New York Times Shrey Parikh, , Ananya Prassanna, YY Liang, Kirsten Santos, “ Jumano, Aditi Muthukumar, Aditi, “ Okvik, The New York Times Faizan Organizations: The New York Times, The New York Times Credit, Scripps Bee, Scripps, Spelling, Texas, Bee, Lone Star State, Texans Locations: Tampa, Fla, , Philippines, Southwest, South Plains, Lillooet, Fraser, British Columbia, Texas, Dallas, United States, spellers, California, New York
But perhaps Pepsi's most memorable disaster (in the US, anyway) was when it was nearly forced to buy a McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II fighter jet for one of its consumers. He never got it, but the memory of his attempt has long outlived the Pepsi Points campaign. A pile of Liquid Death cans at a festival. All you need to do is visit the giveaway site and start a text chain, buy a Liquid Death product from a physical store, and text a photo of the receipt. The company swears entrants to the jet contest will not have to take them to court to get the prize.
Persons: Kendall Jenner, McDonnell Douglas, Douglas, Jerod Harris, John Leonard, that's, it's, Joseph Okpako, Andy Pearson, Liquid, Adweek Organizations: Service, PepsiCo, Pepsi, McDonnell, Getty, Netflix, Pepsi Points, Warsaw Pact, Albatros Locations: America, Philippines, Czech, Los Angeles, Czechoslovakia, Warsaw
But a closer look at the bylines populating the local site and a national network of others — Sarah Kim, Jake Rodriguez, Mitch M. Rosenthal — reveals a tiny badge with the words “AI.” These are not real bylines. The outlet, Hoodline, is not the first or only news site to harness AI. Sports Illustrated deleted several articles from its website after they were found to have been published under fake author names. Keeping local news aliveOn Hoodline’s network of local news sites, it is difficult to find an article not written by the software. But the transformation at Hoodline shows that bigger solutions are needed to keep vital local news reporting alive.
Persons: Sarah Kim, Jake Rodriguez, Mitch M, Rosenthal —, , Hoodline, ” Zachary Chen, ” Chen, “ Nina, Mark Graham, Peter Adams, , ” Adams, Chen, Danielle Coffey, ” Coffey, That’s, Felix Simon, ” Simon, Simon, Benjamin Toff, Hoodline San Francisco ’, Nuala, ” Bishari Organizations: CNN, Media, Tech, Gannett, Internet, Wayback Machine, News Literacy, LinkedIn, Media Alliance, News Corp, Reuters Institute for, Journalism, University of Oxford, Research, University of Minnesota, San Francisco Chronicle Locations: embarrassments, San Francisco, Philippines, Hoodline San
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailWorld Bank: We're not seeing an economic 'convergence' between Malaysia's richer and poorer statesNdiamé Diop, World Bank country director for Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand, discusses the "geographical distribution of economic growth" in Malaysia and discusses what needs to be done to bridge the gap.
Persons: We're, Ndiamé Diop Organizations: Bank Locations: Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand
The Japanese government chief spokesperson did not say how often Chinese ships entered Japan’s territorial waters, though foreign ships are allowed “innocent passage” through such waters. A contiguous zone extends another 12 nautical miles beyond a country’s territorial waters, the area that stretches 12 nautical miles from the shore. Foreign warships are allowed into contiguous zone waters – so the Chinese Coast Guard hasn’t broken any international agreements – but the continuous presence of the Chinese vessels there is seen as a provocation. It has frequently dispatched China Coast Guard and other government vessels to the waters around the islands to assert those claims. Hayashi, the Japanese government spokesperson, said Monday that Tokyo is answering the Chinese presence around the islands with vessels of its own.
Persons: Tokyo’s, , Yoshimasa Hayashi, Hayashi, Fumio Kishida, Li Gongmin, , ” James Brown, ” Hayashi, Lai Ching, China’s, Thomas, Ferdinand Marcos Jr, Thomas Shoal, CNN’s Himari Semans Organizations: South Korea CNN, China Coast Guard, East China, Chinese Coast Guard, Ministry, Temple University, CNN, Coast Guard, Communist Party Locations: Seoul, South Korea, East, Japan, China, Tokyo, Japanese, China’s, Beijing, United States, Washington, Taiwan, Philippines, South China, Philippine, Singapore
CNN —The wreck of one of the most storied US Navy submarines of World War II has been found in the South China Sea eight decades after its last patrol, the Navy’s History and Heritage Command said Thursday. “Harder was lost in the course of victory. U.S. Navy archive photo of USS Harder. The NHHC said the wreck of the Harder was confirmed by data provided by the Lost 52 Project, an effort led by Tim Taylor, CEO of Tiburon Subsea, to find the 52 US subs lost in World War II. Harder, which had the motto of “Hit ‘em Harder,” was captained by Cmdr.
Persons: Harder, “ Harder, , Samuel J, Cox, NHHC, Tim Taylor, NHHC’s Cox, Samuel Dealey, Dealey Organizations: CNN, Navy, South China, Heritage Command, US Navy, U.S . Navy, Harder, East, US, National, Honor Museum, Honor Locations: South, Philippine, Luzon, Philippines, Bataan, Japanese, Tiburon, Japan, East Indies, Southeast Asia
CNN —Filipino American Chelsea Manalo became the first Black woman to be crowned Miss Universe Philippines on Wednesday. Chelsea Manalo will be representing the Philippines at the Miss Universe pageant in Mexico in September. Over 100 countries will be represented at Miss Universe 2024. The Miss Universe organization has come under scrutiny in recent weeks, as the parent company of the Miss USA organization. Both Miss USA and Miss Teen USA resigned from their roles earlier this May, amid allegations of mismanagement, a toxic work environment, and conditions that impacted their mental health.
Persons: Chelsea Manalo, , , Manalo, Gloria Diaz, Margie Moran, Pia Wurtzbach, Steve Harvey, Catriona Gray Organizations: CNN, Chelsea, Miss, Philippines, Miss Universe Philippines, SM, Asia Arena, Miss Universe, TV, YouTube, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA Locations: Filipino, African American, Bulacan, Manila, Asia, Pasay, Philippines, Mexico, TV Philippines, Miss USA
Read previewResearchers say they have located the final resting place of one of the most storied vessels of World War II: the USS Harder. Lost 52 is headed by entrepreneur and ocean explorer Tim Taylor, along with diving entrepreneur Christine Dennison. A black-and-white image of the USS Harder on February 1944. The Lost 52 team has previously located at least six other US submarines. Finding the Harder "highlighted the importance of ocean data collection and the significance of underwater robotic technology," Taylor told BI.
Persons: , Tim Taylor, Christine Dennison, Insider's Elias Chavez, Samuel Dealey, Harder, Samuel J, Cox, Taylor Organizations: Service, Heritage Command, Business, NHHC, Heritage, National Oceanic, Atmospheric Administration Locations: South China, Japan, Philippines, Dasol, Tiburon
We've got you covered if you're looking for how to score tickets to Tate McRae's 2024 Think Later World Tour. Tate McRae 2024 tour scheduleWith over 20 concerts already down, Tate McRae still has more than 40 shows left in her 2024 world tour. How to buy tickets for Tate McRae's 2024 concert tourYou can buy original tickets to Tate McRae's Think Later World Tour on Ticketmaster and Live Nation. Tate McRae tickets are also available to purchase through verified resale ticket vendors such as StubHub and Vivid Seats. The opening act for Tate McRae's 2024 tour dates in Asia has not been announced yet.
Persons: Tate McRae, McRae, She'll, We've, Irving, Rogers, Tate, Presley, she'll Organizations: Business, Tate, Boston, New, Ticketmaster, North Locations: Dublin, Ireland, Europe, North America, Asia, Oceania, Wellington , New Zealand, U.S, Madrid, Spain, Lisbon, Portugal, Calgary, AB, Canada, Woodinville, WA, San Francisco, Los Angeles, CA, Phoenix, AZ, Austin, Houston, Cincinnati, Toronto, ON, Sterling Heights, MI, Maryland, Minneapolis, Chicago, Nashville, TN, Indianapolis, Boston, Uncasville, Washington, Philadelphia, Raleigh, NC, Atlanta, Holmdel, NJ, New York City, NY, Tokyo, Japan, Singapore, Bangkok, Thailand, Quezon City, Philippines, Perth, Australia, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Auckland , New Zealand
Disney's streaming margins, while still negative due to losses and nowhere near Netflix's, have improved significantly in recent quarters and are now on the doorstep of an important milestone. Disney's streaming overview Disney+ is its flagship streaming service across the globe. The ARPU discrepancy on Disney+ core helps explain why Netflix is much more profitable than Disney's streaming business. Given that Disney's streaming business has rolled out pretty much everywhere across the globe, Cruetz said moving forward "it's about driving more penetration in those markets." The latest is a matchup with Disney and HBO's parent Warner Bros Discovery , whose flagship streaming service is called Max.
Persons: Bob Iger, Disney, Iger, Covid, Morgan Stanley, It's, That's, Cowen, Doug Creutz, Hulu's, Cowen's Cruetz, Brandon Nispel, Cruetz, TD Cowen, Max, Creutz, cannibalization, it's, KeyBanc's Nispel, Wells Fargo, Jim Cramer's, Jim Cramer, Jim, Presley Ann Organizations: Disney, Netflix, ESPN, Reliance Industries, Century Fox, CNBC, Comcast, Capital, Warner Bros Discovery, Getty Locations: Netflix's, Hulu, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, U.S, Canada, Europe, Africa, West Asia, Los Angeles
Musk launched on May 19 his Starlink service on Indonesia's resort island of Bali as the country aims to extend internet to its remote areas. Millions of people in Indonesia, a vast archipelago of more than 17,000 islands, are not currently hooked up to reliable internet services. (Photo by SONNY TUMBELAKA / AFP) (Photo by SONNY TUMBELAKA/AFP via Getty Images)Elon Musk has launched SpaceX's Starlink satellite internet services in Indonesia as the Southeast Asian nation seeks to boost internet connectivity in remote areas. SpaceX, which manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft, is also a developer of Starlink satellites which provide internet connectivity to remote locations. Communication and Informatics Minister Budi Arie Setiadi previously said Starlink would help Indonesia extend internet access to regions not covered by local internet providers, according to Indonesian news agency Antara.
Persons: Elon Musk, Budi Gunadi, Musk, SONNY TUMBELAKA, Budi Arie Setiadi, Starlink Organizations: Tech, Indonesia's Health, Getty Images, SpaceX, Communication, Informatics Locations: Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, AFP, Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Philippines
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