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The bureau on Saturday accused Chinese vessels of pumping cyanide into the shoal's waters. AdvertisementThe Philippines' fishing bureau has accused Chinese fishing vessels of using cyanide to destroy the Scarborough Shoal, a fish-rich atoll in the South China Sea contested by both Manila and Beijing. Cyanide fishing is a controversial fishing method that typically involves dumping the highly toxic chemical near coral reefs or in fishing grounds to stun or kill fish so they can be easily captured. Notably, the Philippines' fishing industry was known to use cyanide fishing back in the 1960s to capture live fish for aquariums and restaurants, though the practice has become less common. The Scarborough Shoal is contested by The Philippines, China, and Taiwan.
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The rebels have said they will continue firing on commercial and military vessels transiting the region until Israel ceases its military operations inside Gaza. The Eisenhower has been on patrol here since Nov. 4, and its accompanying ships have been on location for even longer, since October. The carriers’ F/A-18 fighter jets are also frequently launched to take out missile sites they detect before munitions are fired. “That’s one of the most scary scenarios, to have a bomb-laden, unmanned surface vessel that can go in pretty fast speeds. That pace has meant the ships have spent four months at a constant combat pace with no days off with a port call.
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The 355th Wing at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base has started retiring its A-10s. The base was the first to receive the A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft nearly 50 years ago. AdvertisementThe first US Air Force wing to receive operational A-10 attack aircraft nearly 50 years ago has officially begun retiring its fleet and sending them to the Boneyard. AdvertisementThe Air Force has been moving toward retiring the plane since 2015 to free up funds for other projects, preferably platforms that, in the words of Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall, "scare China." Coleen Berryhill, 74th Fighter Squadron A-10C Thunderbolt II pilot, flies near a formation of B1-B Lancer and A-10 Thunderbolt II above the Philippine Sea, Nov. 9, 2022.
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Philippine Landslide Death Toll Climbs to 35
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MANILA (Reuters) - The number of people killed by a landslide in the southern Philippines has risen to 35, an official said on Sunday, as rescue workers continued to dig through mud even as hope of finding more survivors dimmed. Macapili said over 300 people were involved in the rescue, but operations were being hampered by heavy rain, thick mud and the threat of further landslides. Asked if there were still survivors, Macapili said it was already "unlikely", but the search would continue. "The rescue team is doing its best, even if it's very difficult," Macapili said. Torrential rains have battered Davao de Oro in recent weeks, triggering floods and landslides.
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Philippines' Marcos Says Secessionist Threats 'Doomed to Fail'
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MANILA (Reuters) - Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr said on Thursday that calls for independence for the country's southern island of Mindanao were a "constitutional travesty" and "doomed to fail." "The new call for a separate Mindanao is doomed to fail, for it is anchored on a false premise, not to mention a sheer constitutional travesty," Marcos said in a speech on Constitution Day without naming his outspoken predecessor. "I strongly appeal to all concerned to stop this call for a separate Mindanao. "This is not the new Philippines that we are trying to mold. That was followed by Marcos' defence chief on Monday vowing to strictly enforce the country's sovereignty after Duterte's secessionist threats.
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Philippines Says 110 Missing After Landslide Kills at Least 11
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MANILA (Reuters) - The number of missing from a landslide that struck a southern Philippine province rose to 110 on Thursday as rescuers recovered more bodies, bringing the official death toll to 11, disaster officials said. The landslide happened on Tuesday night in the town of Maco in the province of Davao de Oro, burying homes and two buses, which a provincial official said were carrying more than two dozen passengers. The number of missing had risen to 110 from the more than 40 previously reported, Maco's disaster agency said in a statement posted on its social media account, adding more than 1,166 families had been evacuated from their homes. Torrential rains have battered Davao de Oro in recent weeks, triggering floods and landslides. Rosa Cristina Rosete-Manuel, spokesperson for the military's Eastern Command helping lead the rescue operations, said rescuers remained hopeful of finding survivors.
Persons: Rosa Cristina Rosete, Manuel, Karen Lema, Nick Macfie Organizations: Eastern Command Locations: MANILA, Philippine, Maco, Davao de Oro
Landslide in Southern Philippines Buries Two Buses, Injures 11
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MANILA (Reuters) - A landslide triggered by heavy rains in a southern Philippine province buried two buses, injuring at least 11 people, disaster officials said on Wednesday. It was not immediately clear how many passengers were on board the buses. Those injured, including one in critical condition, were taken to a hospital, Maco town's disaster agency said in a Facebook post on Wednesday. The disaster agency also issued evacuation orders in five villages in Maco, located on the island of Mindanao. A northeast monsoon and a trough of low pressure has brought rains in southern Mindanao region from Jan. 28 to Feb. 2, resulting in deadly floods and landslides, data from the national disaster agency show.
Persons: Karen Lema, Himani Sarkar Organizations: Apex Mining Locations: MANILA, Philippine, Maco, Davao de Oro, Mindanao, Jan
Philippines Wards off Cyber Attacks From China-Based Hackers
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MANILA (Reuters) - Hackers operating in China attempted to break into websites and e-mail systems of the Philippine's president and government agencies, one promoting maritime security, but failed, an information and communications ministry official said on Monday. But using the internet protocol addresses, we pinpointed it to China," Paraiso said, adding the hackers were traced to be using the services of Chinese state-owned Unicom. "We are appealing to the Chinese government to help us prevent further attacks." The thwarted cyber attacks came at a time of heightened tensions with China, largely over disputed territory in the South China Sea. The Philippines is currently working on a five-year cybersecurity strategy to beef up its cyber defences to combat attacks and digital crimes.
Persons: Ferdinand Marcos Jr, DICT, Renato Paraiso, Paraiso, Neil Jerome Morales, Michael Perry Organizations: Department of Information, Communications Technology, National Coast Watch, Philippine Locations: MANILA, China, China's, Manila, South China, Philippines
Duterte has called for the independence of his hometown Mindanao from the Philippines as his alliance with President Ferdinand Marcos Jr disintegrated this week over disagreements around efforts to amend the constitution. National security adviser Eduardo Ano said in a statement any attempt to secede "will be met by the government with resolute force", citing "recent calls to separate Mindanao" but without specifically naming Duterte. "The national government will not hesitate to use its authority and forces to quell and stop any and all attempts to dismember the Republic," Ano said. Ano said calls for secession could reverse the gains of government's peace deal with former separatist groups. Philippine armed forces chief Romeo Brawner told soldiers on Saturday "to remain united and loyal to the constitution and the chain of command".
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MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The government of Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has taken steps to to address human rights abuses in the country, including the killings of journalists and rights activists, a U.N. expert said Friday. Khan said she underscored the need for the Marcos administration to seek justice for rights victims under his predecessor, Rodrigo Duterte. She cited U.N. figures saying that at least 81 past killings of journalists in the Philippines have not been investigated and remain unresolved. He insisted that the task force Khan wants disbanded had helped weaken the communist insurgency in recent years, with just 1,500 guerrillas remaining. Once remaining guerrilla fronts have been dismantled, the task force would turn to promoting peace and national unity, Malaya said.
Persons: Ferdinand Marcos Jr, Irene Khan, Khan, Marcos, Rodrigo Duterte, ” Khan, ” Jonathan Malaya, Joeal Calupitan, Aaron Favila Organizations: United Nations, , Communist Party of, New People’s Army, National Security Council, Associated Press Locations: MANILA, Philippines, Philippine, Manila, Malaya
"The opportunistic political alliance was not meant to last," said Temario Rivera, chairman of the Center for People Empowerment in Governance think-tank. "It is still working," he said, adding he was keeping Sara Duterte as education minister. 'OPEN WARFARE'The alliance publicly disintegrated on Sunday when Duterte called Marcos a "drug addict" during a rally against moves to change the charter. Analysts said the public bust-up could be linked to the 2028 presidential race, which Sara Duterte is expected to contest and stands a strong chance. "It will be an open warfare this year," said Ronald Llamas, a veteran political analyst and former presidential adviser.
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Seoul, South Korea CNN —A dozen United States and Japanese warships, including two US aircraft carriers, have been putting on a show of military might this week in the Philippine Sea east of Taiwan. The US Navy aircraft carriers USS Carl Vinson and USS Theodore Roosevelt were joined by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force helicopter destroyer JS Ise, seven US guided-missile destroyers and two US cruisers for what the Navy calls a Multi-Large Deck Event (MLDE). An F/A-18E Super Hornet takes off from the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson during exercises in the Philippine Sea on Jan. 31. Potential maritime flashpointsThat broad area reaches as far south as islands and reefs in the South China Sea, where Chinese and Philippine vessels have been in recent confrontations. “The coercive pressure campaign against Taiwan continues, and we’re watching it in the wake of the elections,” Aquilino told the Pacific Forum.
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Philippines' Marcos Says No Rift With the Vice President
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MANILA (Reuters) - Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr said there was no rift between him and his Vice President Sara Duterte after both her brother and father strongly criticised him. On Sunday, Duterte's brother, who is the mayor of Davao city, urged Marcos to resign over his supposed failings to address crime and a foreign policy that "endangers the lives of innocent Filipinos", while her father, former president Rodrigo Duterte, called the incumbent president a "drug addict". Speaking to reporters while on a state visit to Vietnam, Marcos said his relationship with the vice president is "exactly the same", adding his "Uniteam" with Duterte was intact. Marcos and Duterte ran under the "Uniteam" ticket in the 2022 election, both winning a landslide victory. It's the unification of all political, hopefully all political forces in the Philippines to come together for the good country," Marcos said late on Tuesday.
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MANILA (Reuters) - Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. struck back on Monday at his firebrand predecessor Rodrigo Duterte who called him a "drug addict", saying the former leader's fentanyl use could have affected his judgment. "I think it's the fentanyl," Marcos told reporters shortly before leaving for Vietnam in response to claims made by Duterte on Sunday while speaking at a rally in his hometown Davao against moves to amend the country's constitution. In 2016, Duterte admitted he used to take the highly addictive synthetic opioid fentanyl for pain relief after a motorcyle accident. Former president Duterte has earned international rebuke for unleashing a brutal campaign against illegal drugs when he assumed power in 2016, killing more 6,000 dealers whom police said resisted arrest during anti-drug operations. The International Criminal Court has allowed an investigation into the killings to resume, but Marcos said his government will not cooperate.
Persons: Ferdinand Marcos Jr, Rodrigo Duterte, Marcos, Duterte, Mikhail Flores, Michael Perry Organizations: Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency Locations: MANILA, Philippine, Vietnam, Davao
Duterte also accused Marcos of being a drug addict. He has not commented on Duterte’s claim about lifting term limits, under which the president can serve only a single six-year term. The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency said Monday that Marcos was never on such a list, contrary to Duterte’s claim. Early last year, Marcos allowed an expansion of the U.S. military presence in the Philippines under a 2014 defense pact. Marcos led his own rally Sunday at a seaside park in Manila, which police said drew about 400,000 people after nightfall.
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By Karen LemaMANILA (Reuters) - Former Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte's son urged President Ferdinand Marcos Jr to resign on Sunday, calling him lazy and uncompassionate in a deepening rift between the two politically powerful families. Marcos teamed up with Duterte's daughter Sara to make her vice-president in their 2022 election win. Sebastian Duterte, who is mayor of Philippines' third most populous city Davao, said there had been a resurgence in crime after his father's hardline campaign had been relaxed. "He is putting politics first, their self-preservation ... rather than focusing on the job," Sebastian Duterte said. There was no immediate comment from Marcos' office or from the vice president on Sebastian Duterte's remarks.
Persons: Karen Lema MANILA, Rodrigo Duterte's, Ferdinand Marcos Jr, Marcos, Duterte's, Sara, Sebastian Duterte, Sara Duterte, Mr, Sebastian Duterte's, Karen Lema, Andrew Cawthorne Organizations: Bagong Pilipinas Locations: Philippine, Philippines, Davao, Taiwan, China
MANILA (Reuters) - The Philippines and the United States intend to hold a "2-plus-2 meeting" of top diplomatic and defence officials in Manila in March, the Philippine ambassador to Washington said on Monday. He said there is an "intention" to hold a meeting, and the plan is "still a work in progress." Romualdez did not respond to a question on what will be the agenda of the planned meeting, which comes at a time of simmering tensions between the Philippines and China over the South China Sea. The Philippines is a treaty ally of the United States. There was no immediate comment from the Philippines' defense secretary, the Philippine foreign ministry, and the U.S. embassy in Manila.
Persons: Jose Manuel Romualdez, Antony Blinken, Defense Lloyd Austin, Enrique Manalo, Gilberto Teodoro, Romualdez, Karen Lema, Lisa Shumaker, Diane Craft Organizations: Defense, Nikkei, U.S Locations: MANILA, Philippines, United States, Manila, Philippine, Washington, China, South China
Manila calls the portion of the South China Sea that is within its EEZ as the West Philippine Sea, where it has had a series of confrontations with China with both trading accusations of provoking conflict. In addition to the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei claim parts of the South China Sea disputed by China, which claims almost all of the sea, a conduit for more than $3 trillion of annual ship-borne commerce. Plans by a Philippine firm to drill for oil and natural gas on the Reed Bank in the South China Sea have been hampered for years by the territorial dispute. The encroacher has a vast area of sea," Teodoro said. China and the Philippines agreed last week to improve maritime communication and to properly manage conflicts and differences in the South China Sea through friendly talks.
Persons: Gilberto Teodoro, Teodoro, China's, Neil Jerome Morales, Karen Lema, Michael Perry Organizations: Manila Overseas Press Club, South China, West, Reed Bank Locations: MANILA, Philippines, Manila, West Philippines, South, West Philippine, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Beijing, Philippine, South China
The fishermen, led by Saligan, reported to the Philippine coast guard that Chinese coast guard personnel drove them away from the disputed Scarborough Shoal off the northwestern Philippines on Jan. 12 and ordered them to dump their catch of fish and seashells back to the sea. However, five Chinese coast guard personnel, three of them armed with steel batons, followed by boat, alighted on the islet and ordered the fishermen to leave. Go away,” Saligan said he told the Chinese coast guard personnel, who he said insisted that they leave the shoal immediately. They wanted us to return our catch to the sea,” Saligan told a small group of journalists, including from The Associated Press, in Manila. Philippine coast guard spokesman Commodore Jay Tarriela said the written statements and video submitted by Saligan and his men have been validated as accurate by the coast guard.
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Myanmar sank into civil war after the army seized power from the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi in February 2021. At least 107 religious buildings — including 67 churches and five Buddhist monasteries — have been destroyed by the military since the 2021 takeover in Chin state alone, the Chin Human Rights Organization said. Myanmar Witness cross-checks evidence such as photos, videos and witness accounts found on social media with satellite photo analysis and other methods to try to verify human rights abuses. Many human rights activists believe that the military aims for religious buildings. "I can think of 10 that I’ve already seen in ruins or big holes in them, direct airstrikes," Eubank said.
Persons: Chin, Aung, Suu Kyi, Matt Lawrence, , Benedict Rogers, Salai Mang, Lian, ” Lian, , Ngun Thawng Lian, , Karenni, Dave Eubank, I’ve, Eubank Organizations: Burman, United Nations, Assistance Association for Political, Information Resilience, Human Rights Organization, International Commission of Jurists, Myanmar Air Force’s, East Asia, Christian Solidarity Worldwide, , Myanmar, Free Burma Rangers, U.S . Special Forces Locations: BANGKOK, Myanmar, Suu, United Kingdom, Chin, , Rakhine, Bangladesh, Australia, Thantlang, Philippines, Philippine, Kayah, Demoso, Karenni
PERTH, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 18: Chris Martin of Coldplay performs on stage at Optus Stadium on November 18, 2023 in Perth, Australia. Villavecer said he left home seven hours before the concert in a carpool with other fans in order to avoid anticipated traffic jams. The leader of the Philippines has landed himself in trouble after using a presidential helicopter to bypass heavy traffic and make it to a Coldplay concert. MANILA, PHILIPPINES - JANUARY 10: Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. at Malacanang Palace on January 10, 2024 in Manila, Philippines. "We've seen some traffic, but I think you have the number one in the world," he said.
Persons: Chris Martin, Coldplay, Paul Kane, Villavecer, Nick Villavecer, Marcos, Ferdinand Marcos Jr, Ezra Acayan, Major General Nelson Morales, Morales, Renato Reyes Jr, Reyes, We've, Martin, concertgoers, it's, Mikaela Lopez Organizations: Optus, NBC, Philippine, Coldplay, Presidential Security Command, Manila, Philippine Department of Transportation Locations: PERTH, AUSTRALIA, Perth, Australia, Manila, Philippines, MANILA, PHILIPPINES, Malacanang, New York City, U.S
Manila’s traffic is so bad Coldplay sang about it
  + stars: | 2024-01-22 | by ( Kathleen Magramo | )   time to read: +3 min
Online critics questioned why Marcos was spending public funds to attend a concert and criticized his lack of action in fixing mass transport. Liza Marcos/FacebookThe next night, Martin dedicated an impromptu song about it, singing, “There is only really one thing that remains. The traffic here in Manila is completely insane.”Manila topped the 2023 TomTom Traffic Index list of metro areas with the slowest travel time of almost 400 cities in 55 countries worldwide. The transport-focused tech company estimates that Manila’s average speed during rush hour is 19 kilometers per hour (11 miles per hour), and about 52% of its roads are congested. A 2-mile drive will take a week or two,” Martin added to the tune, as fans cheered in agreement.
Persons: CNN —, Chris Martin, Ferdinand Marcos Jr, Marcos, , Marcos ’, Coldplay, concertgoers, “ We’ve, Liza Araneta, Liza Marcos, Martin, ” Martin, Jaime Bautista Organizations: CNN, Philippine, Department of Transport, Philippine News Agency Locations: Philippines, Philippine, Bulacan, Manila
MANILA (Reuters) - Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos Jr drew flak on social media for his use of a presidential helicopter to attend a concert by British rock band Coldplay in a province north of the capital, Manila. The Philippine Arena, the world's largest indoor arena, saw an influx of 40,000 concert-goers resulting in "unforeseen traffic complications along the route," the Presidential Security Group said in a statement. The traffic situation posed a security threat to Marcos who attended the Friday night concert with his wife, prompting the use of the presidential chopper, it added. "Using official resources, like the presidential chopper, for personal and non-official activities is generally considered an abuse of power or misuse of government resources," Facebook user James Patrick Aristorenas said in a post on Saturday. "We paid for the use of the chopper, fuel and security, who knows even for the tickets for everyone," Facebook user Arvine Concepcion said.
Persons: Ferdinand Marcos Jr, Marcos, James Patrick Aristorenas, Arvine Concepcion, Neil Jerome Morales, Raju Gopalakrishnan Organizations: Coldplay, Philippine, Presidential Security Group Locations: MANILA, Philippines, Manila
For years, jeepney drivers have argued that the cost to transition to cleaner vehicles is out of their reach. Groups representing jeepney drivers have held protests in recent months, with the latest gathering set for Tuesday in the capital Manila. But Mar Valbuena, chairman of transport group Manibela, said police attempted to stall jeepney drivers from joining that protest. Jeepney drivers protesting the modernization plan on December 29, 2023 near Mendiola, Manila. The important thing is that the consolidation is done,” Andy Ortega, head of the Office of Transport Cooperatives, told CNN Philippines.
Persons: Virgin Mary, Mar Valbuena, ” Valbuena, Josefiel Rivera, Valbuena, jeepneys, we’d, , Joseph Sabado, Russet Tamayo, Teofilo Guadiz III, Jose Santos, ” Guadiz, , ” Andy Ortega Organizations: CNN, Department of Transportation, CNN Philippines, Russet, Transportation, Transport Cooperatives Locations: Philippines, Manila, Mendiola
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