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Read previewThe US has opened a new factory for Howitzer ammo near Dallas, which aims to pump out 30,000 of the 155mm shells a month as the Ukraine war chews through Western stocks. The new facility at max capacity would bump total production to 66,000 shells a month for the US. Kofman told the outlet that while the Mesquite plant would be important for long-term production, Russia would likely still be producing more ammo than the West even if the US hits its 2025 goal. The US and Europe have sent Ukraine more than 3 million 155mm artillery shells since the war began. With Washington and its allies expected to produce about 1.3 million rounds in 2024, that would be about a third of Russia's forecast capacity at triple the cost.
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A senior American official in Washington said the administration’s policy prohibiting Ukraine from using U.S.-made weapons for “long range” attacks inside Russia had not changed. He was responding to a question about whether Mr. Biden would soon allow Ukraine to use American-made weapons to strike in Russia. The Pentagon is charged with giving Ukraine the exact guidelines of what it can strike in Russia, U.S. officials said. In addition to artillery and missile launchers, the Ukrainians are concerned about Russian aircraft releasing glide bombs at Kharkiv from inside Russian airspace. Ukrainian officials say they want to use American-made weapons to attack Russian aircraft in Russia’s airspace and air bases inside Russia.
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Eastern Ukraine CNN —Ukrainian crews working on US-supplied Abrams tanks have told CNN of a series of the weaknesses and flaws with the armored vehicles, calling into doubt their utility on the war’s ever-changing frontlines. Much of the Ukrainian frontline is now dominated by the use of self-destructing attack drones, tiny and accurate devices that can swarm infantry and even cause significant damage to tanks. Mick Krever/CNNAmmunition is also a problem, like elsewhere on the Ukrainian frontline. NATO “would never” use the Abrams tank the way the Ukrainian military has to use it, a Ukrainian soldier who uses the moniker “Joker” said. Mick Krever/CNNThe Ukrainian crew expressed frustration the tanks were made for a NATO style of warfare, in which air power and artillery prepare the battlefield before tanks and infantry advance.
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The bombs used in the Israeli strike that killed dozens of Palestinians in a camp for displaced people near Rafah on Sunday were made in the United States, according to weapons experts and visual evidence reviewed by The New York Times. U.S. officials have been encouraging the Israeli military for months to increase the use of GBU-39 bombs in Gaza because they are generally more precise and better suited to urban environments than larger bombs, including U.S.-made 2,000-pound bombs that Israel routinely uses. “This is the smallest munition that our jets can use.”In response to questions from The Times, the Israeli military declined to specify the munition used. Image A fire raging after an Israeli strike on a camp for displaced people northwest of Rafah in southern Gaza on Sunday night. Credit... Reuters“The Israelis have said they used 37-pound bombs,” John Kirby, a White House spokesman said at a briefing on Tuesday.
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In a warehouse off Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway in an industrial area outside Dallas, the future of American military ammunition production is coming online. Here, in the Pentagon’s first new major arms plant built since Russia invaded Ukraine, Turkish workers in orange hard hats are busy unpacking wood crates stenciled with the name Repkon, a defense company based in Istanbul, and assembling computer-controlled robots and lathes. The factory will soon turn out about 30,000 steel shells every month for the 155-millimeter howitzers that have become crucial to Kyiv’s war effort. Ukraine fired between 4,000 and 7,000 such shells daily for several months in 2023, according to NATO’s secretary-general, before infighting among House Republicans held up further funding for Pentagon arms shipments. Large shipments of American artillery ammunition resumed in April after Congress passed an aid package that included $61 billion to Ukraine.
Organizations: Republicans, Pentagon Locations: Dallas, Russia, Ukraine, Istanbul
The pier was “damaged and sections of the pier need rebuilding and repairing,” Pentagon deputy press secretary Sabrina Singh said on Tuesday. Earlier, four US officials told CNN the pier broke apart in heavy seas. The temporary pier, called the Joint Logistics Over the Shore (JLOTS), requires very good sea conditions to operate. The US has stressed that the temporary pier is only meant to augment humanitarian shipments going through the land crossings between Israel and Gaza. CORRECTION: This story has been updated to reflect that the pier broke apart on Tuesday.
Persons: Sabrina Singh, Singh, ” Singh, Brad Cooper, Daniel Dieckhaus, USAID’s, CNN’s Paul Murphy Organizations: CNN, Pentagon, US, Command, NBC News, US Army, US Central Command, Israeli Navy, Technologies, United Nations, Management Locations: Gaza, Ashdod, Israel, Cyprus
Read previewThe Pentagon said Tuesday that US soldiers had been stuck on three Army boats beached in Gaza over the weekend after high seas and a storm broke apart an aid pier the service built to deliver food to starving Palestinians. Along with the beachings of the Army boats, the storm also battered and broke apart the aid pier — a Joint Logistics Over-the-Shore, or JLOTS, operation by the Army — leaving the future of the key US humanitarian effort uncertain. A truck carries humanitarian aid across Trident Pier, a temporary pier to deliver aid, off the Gaza Strip, amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, near the Gaza coast, May 19, 2024. AdvertisementHowever, this is also not the first hurdle that the aid mission has encountered since it was announced by President Joe Biden during his State of the Union speech months ago. US Army soldiers and US Navy sailors assemble the floating pier in the Mediterranean Sea to assist in the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza.
Persons: , Sabrina Singh,, Singh, Joe Biden, you'll Organizations: Service, Pentagon, Army, US Central Command, Business, Hamas, Trident, U.S . Army, REUTERS, US Army, US Navy, US Army Central, Reuters Locations: Gaza, Israel, Palestinian, Ashdod, Tenerife, Africa
The temporary pier that the U.S. military constructed and put in place to provide much-needed humanitarian aid for Gaza has broken apart in rough seas, the Pentagon said on Tuesday. The latest calamity to befall the pier endeavor punctuated a particularly grim several days in Gaza, where Israeli forces have ramped up attacks on the city of Rafah just two days after carrying out a deadly strike that killed dozens of people. “Unfortunately, we had a perfect storm of high sea states, and then, as I mentioned, this North African weather system also came in at the same time, creating not an optimal environment to operate,” Sabrina Singh, the Pentagon deputy press secretary, said at a news conference. Army engineers are working to put the pier back together and Defense Department officials hope that it “will be fully operational in just a little over a week,” she said.
Persons: Sabrina Singh, Organizations: Pentagon, Army, Defense Department Locations: Gaza, Rafah
CNN —Munitions made in the United States were used in the deadly Israeli strike on a displacement camp in Rafah on Sunday, a CNN analysis of video from the scene and a review by explosive weapons experts has found. Footage obtained by CNN showed swathes of the camp in Rafah in flames, with scores of men, women and children frantically trying to find cover from the nighttime assault. “The warhead portion [of the munition] is distinct, and the guidance and wing section is extremely unique compared to other munitions. Asked for comment on the munitions used in the Rafah strike at Tuesday’s briefing, Pentagon deputy press secretary Sabrina Singh told reporters: “I do not know what type of munition was used in that airstrike. Hagari said the deadly fire which occurred following the strike was not caused solely by weapons used by the Israeli military.
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Elon Musk aggressively elbowed his way into the space launch business over the past two decades, combining engineering genius and an entrepreneurial drive with a demand that the U.S. government stop favoring the big, slow-moving contractors that had long dominated the industry. Today, it is Mr. Musk who is dominant. His company, SpaceX, is the primary provider of launch services to NASA and to the Pentagon. His rockets carry far more commercial satellites into orbit than anyone else’s, including those for his own Starlink communications network. The new generation of space entrepreneurs trying to emulate Mr. Musk is sufficiently concerned about what they see as his anticompetitive tactics that some of them are now willing to take him on publicly.
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is an investigative reporter, who digs into a broad range of topics from Pentagon spending to toxic chemicals.
Read previewChina's Eastern Theater Command on Friday released a simulation video of its missile forces carrying out a mass attack on Taiwan, boasting its land, sea, and air launch capabilities. "Destroy the pillar of Taiwanese independence! Strike the base camp of Taiwanese independence! Related storiesBeijing's missile forces have developed rapidly in recent years, alarming US officials who are now scrutinizing its arsenals and assets. Taiwan, recognizing the Chinese missile threat, has been stocking up on US-manufactured Patriot missiles.
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Read previewThe loss of a B-2 Spirit bomber due to fire and its subsequent retirement highlights the fragility of the US Air Force's bomber fleet. A US Air Force airman poses in front of a B-2 Spirit at Whiteman Air Force Base Missouri. Pictures From History/Universal Images Group via Getty ImagesThe B-21 Raider bomber is criticalThere is a silver lining to America's bomber fleet decline in the B-21 Raider. US Air Force photoWashington must recognize the strategic failure of a small and antiquated bomber fleet. Facilitating the on-time deployment of the next generation bomber cannot come too soon in order to restore the size and strength of America's bomber fleet.
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Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III will undergo a nonsurgical procedure on Friday night to address a bladder-related issue, and during the hospitalization will temporarily turn over duties to his deputy, the Pentagon said on Friday. “The secretary has determined he will be temporarily unable to perform his functions and duties during the procedure, so Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks will assume the functions and duties of the secretary of defense,” the Pentagon said in a statement. Mr. Austin will undergo “a scheduled, elective and minimally invasive follow-up” procedure at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, the statement said. It is the latest in a string of medical procedures for Mr. Austin in recent months, and his initial secrecy surrounding them has drawn scrutiny to both him and the Pentagon.
Persons: Lloyd J, Austin III, , Kathleen Hicks, Austin Organizations: Pentagon, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
CNBC's Investing in Space newsletter offers a view into the business of space exploration and privatization, delivered straight to your inbox. The conversation I moderated was on "Big (Geospatial) Data & AI," with the goal of exploring how the two rapidly evolving worlds of satellite data collection and artificial intelligence interact. Simply put, Project Maven at NGA is working on how AI can use satellite imagery and data to detect objects and activities around the world. "As the volume of that data grows, it is beyond the capacity of the human mind to be able to derive any kind of useful understanding from that kind of data," Martin said. And more change is coming: The next step in the evolution of geospatial data and AI, from her view, is applying generative AI "to basically arm non-experts with the ability to expertly use geospatial data."
Persons: CNBC's Michael Sheetz, Nathan Kundtz, Rachael Martin, Martin, Maven Organizations: Space, Maven, National Geospatial - Intelligence Agency, of, NGA, National Reconnaissance Office, NRO Locations: China
Read previewThe US Navy carrier strike group battling the Houthis in the Red Sea has fired more than 500 munitions throughout its deployment, striking the rebels directly in Yemen and intercepting their missiles and drones. The strike group has leaned on its aircraft and warships to engage targets and defend against varying threats. Sailors observe as an F/A-18E Super Hornet lands on the flight deck aboard the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower in the Red Sea on March 12. Aircraft from the strike group have flown more than 27,200 hours across over 12,100 sorties. The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Carney defeats a combination of Houthi missiles and drones in the Red Sea on Oct. 19.
Persons: , Dwight D, Eisenhower, Navy Carlos Del Toro, Arleigh Burke, Carney, Aaron Lau, National Intelligence Avril Haines, We've, It's Organizations: Service, US Navy, Eisenhower Carrier Strike, Ike, Business, Nimitz, Hornet, EA, Aircraft, Navy, Tomahawk, National Intelligence, Pentagon Locations: Yemen, Gulf, Aden, Iran, Hessen
The Navy's Virginia-Class: The best submarine of all timeThe Virginia-class attack submarine USS Virginia returns to Naval Submarine Base New London after her maiden six-month deployment. Given these and other variables, Virginia-class submarines are becoming increasingly critical to clandestine "intel" missions in high-risk areas. Virginia-class vs. Kilo-class submarinesFuture Virginia-class attack submarine PCU Idaho during a christening ceremony at General Dynamics Electric Boat shipyard facility in Groton, Connecticut. Attack submarines as "intel spy" submarinesThe Virginia-class fast-attack submarine USS Indiana surfaces in the Beaufort Sea during Operation Ice Camp. This can increase the speed of maneuverability and an attack submarine's ability to quickly shift course, change speed, or alter depth positioning when faced with an attack.
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The Defense Department predicted that a steady stream of humanitarian aid would be arriving in Gaza via the pier by now, but little relief has reached Palestinians in the besieged strip, officials acknowledged this week. Several trucks were looted as they made their way to a warehouse, the U.N. World Food Program said, and the complexity of operating the pier project in a war zone is continuing to slow distribution. Looting of aid trucks has continued, officials said, and forced the World Food Program to suspend operations for two days. The U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA, suspended food distribution in Rafah on Tuesday, citing lack of security. For one thing, White House policy does not allow U.S. troops to be on the ground in Gaza.
Organizations: ., The Defense Department, Food Program, Food, UNRWA, Pentagon Locations: Gaza, Rafah, Kerem Shalom, U.S
The distribution comes several days after the US military’s pier operation launched and got off to a rocky start. “Such challenges with internal distribution are not new or unique to aid delivery from the sea,” Cooper said. The US military is also going to continue airdropping aid into Gaza, Cooper confirmed. Dieckhaus said Thursday that there are “thousands and thousands of tons” of aid in Cyprus awaiting processing to be brought across the pier. On Wednesday, “the UN reported 215 private sector trucks entering Gaza through Kerem Shalom and 115 humanitarian assistance trucks through Zikim/Erez West,” USAID said.
Persons: Brad Cooper, ” Cooper, Cooper, Daniel Dieckhaus, , Dieckhaus, Erez West, Erez East, Organizations: CNN — Aid, US Agency for International Development, USAID, United States Central Command, Pentagon, Management, UN Locations: Gaza, Hamas, Cyprus, Kerem Shalom, Rafah, Erez, United States, Israel
The US Air Force just released more photos of the B-21 Raider, its newest stealth bomber. The long-range aircraft is working through flight testing in California. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementThe US Air Force on Wednesday published more photos of its newest stealth bomber, the B-21 Raider, as the penetrating strike aircraft continues to work through flight testing. The photos, captured in January and April, show the sleek-looking new bomber in the middle of its testing — consisting of ground testing, taxiing, and flight operations — at California's Edwards Air Force Base.
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Read previewThe $320 million pier project to deliver aid to Gaza has yet to connect goods with the people who need them. Humanitarian aid groups have criticized Israel for not letting enough aid trucks into Gaza, keeping critical crossing closed, and creating logistical hurdles. The temporary pier was only anchored on a beach in Gaza last Thursday, the US Central Command said in a statement on its website. As of Tuesday, 569 metric tons of aid have been delivered to the Gaza port, Ryder said. In March, five children in Gaza were killed by an aid parcel with a malfunctioning parachute.
Persons: , Pat Ryder, Gaza haven't, Israel, Steve Taravella, Ryder Organizations: Service, Business, UN, Pentagon, CNN, Food, Associated Press, AP, US Central Command, US Army Locations: Gaza, Israel
Middle East Crisis Norway Recognizes a Palestinian State
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General Ryder said that 569 metric tons of aid had made it onto Gaza’s shore but that those supplies had yet to be parceled out by humanitarian organizations. Israel not only seized the Rafah crossing on the border with Egypt but also closed the Kerem Shalom crossing into Israel. Though Israel has since reopened Kerem Shalom, only 69 trucks have entered Gaza through it in the past two weeks, according to U.N. data. That is far fewer than the number of aid trucks that were entering through the two southern border crossings before Israeli troops went into Rafah. The United Nations estimates that trucks carrying food to Gaza have been loaded with roughly 15 to 30 metric tons each.
Persons: Patrick S, Ryder, General Ryder, , Organizations: Pentagon, Food, United Nations Locations: Gaza, U.S, Israel, Rafah, Egypt, Kerem
General Ryder said that 569 metric tons of aid had made it onto Gaza’s shore but that those supplies had yet to be parceled out by humanitarian organizations. On Saturday, hungry crowds looted several World Food Program trucks transporting aid that had been delivered through the pier, prompting the agency to suspend deliveries of aid arriving at the pier on Sunday and Monday. That is a far less than the number of aid trucks that were entering through the two southern border crossings before Israeli troops went into Rafah. The 569 metric tons that have arrived at the pier so far are a fraction of the amount of aid that was entering Gaza through land routes before Israel seized the Rafah crossing. The United Nations estimates that trucks carrying food to Gaza have been loaded with roughly 15 to 30 metric tons each.
Persons: Patrick S, Ryder, General Ryder, , Organizations: Pentagon, Food, United Nations Locations: Gaza, U.S, Israel, Rafah, Egypt, Kerem
Several desperate Gazans intercepted trucks delivering aid from the pier over the weekend, leading the UN to suspend the delivery operations until the logistical challenges are resolved. The amount of aid getting to the Gaza shoreline from its initial staging area in Cyprus has also fallen short of initial Pentagon estimates. The pier was finally anchored to Gaza last week as the humanitarian situation in the enclave has only worsened. The US has also made a number of air drops of humanitarian aid into Gaza in partnership with the Royal Jordanian Air Force. And we understand the desperate need of the Palestinian people right now,” Ryder said of efforts to get aid into Gaza.
Persons: Pat Ryder, Ryder, Brad Cooper, ” Mounir, ” Ryder, we’re, Sonali Korde, Lloyd Austin, Organizations: CNN, UN, Pentagon, United Nations, Defense Department, US Naval Forces Central Command, US Agency for International Development’s Bureau, Humanitarian, Defense, Royal Jordanian Air Force, US Central Command Locations: Gaza, Israel, Cyprus, Rafah
Read previewIn January 2025, Donald Trump may be sworn into office as the 47th President of the United States. Another Trump term, on the other hand, would likely entail a radical reversal from not just the previous four years, but even from Trump's first term in office. While not exhaustive, here's just some of what to expect in a second Trump administration. Miller told The New York Times that a second Trump administration would build "vast holding facilities that would function as staging centers" on "open land in Texas near the border." According to Bloomberg, Trump wants to extend those cuts in a second term.
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