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Experts say that this previously overlooked gemstone is rocketing in desirability and value, as collectors look beyond the so-called “Big Four’” (diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires) for more affordable, niche gemstones that may just be a shrewd investment. “Spinels and Paraiba tourmalines have seen a steady increase in demand over the last decade.”Boghossian's paraiba and diamond set features paraibas and fancy yellow diamonds. Experts posit that only one Paraiba tourmaline is mined for every 10,000 diamonds — and while similar hues are found in Madagascar, the scarcity of Brazilian stones has seen prices soar. At Bonhams, Tonkin said prices for top-quality Paraiba tourmalines reached $75,000 per carat in 2022, compared with $4,800 per carat in 2009. “These incredibly vibrant, clean gemstones really stirred something in me,” she explained in an email.
Persons: Olivia Young, Ouroboros, Ruby, Bonhams, , Jennifer Tonkin, Rahul Kadakia, Lily Gabriella, ” Charles Abouchar, , Tonkin, Roberto Boghossian, Moti Ferder, Ferder foresees, Lily Gabriella's, Lily Gabriella Likewise, Minka, Lucy Crowther, ” Crowther, Young Organizations: CNN, Imperial State Crown, Abouchar SA, Lugano Diamonds, Paraiba tourmalines, Big Locations: Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, British, Burma, London, Geneva, Paraiba, ” Boghossian's paraiba, paraiba, Brazilian, Madagascar, Bonhams, Paraiba tourmalines, Memphis, India
CNN —Prehistoric humans in Brazil carved drawings in the rock next to dinosaur footprints, suggesting that they may have found them meaningful or interesting, a new study has found. A dashed line indicates petroglyphs made by indigenous people, while a continuous line shows theropod dinosaur footprints. “I think rock art creation was embedded in some sort of ritual context: people gathering and creating something, perhaps utilizing some psychotropics. I think they were interested in what the footprints represent, and I suppose they identified them as footprints. “This was the case in various parts of the world where rock art was practiced, and it is very clearly visible, among others, in the North American Southwest/U.S.
Persons: , Leonardo Troiano, We’ll, ” Troiano, Australia —, Troiano, Radosław, ” Palonka, Leonardo Troiano Jan Simek, Simek, Adrienne Mayor, ’ Simek Organizations: CNN, Institute of National Historic, Heritage, Jagiellonian University, Southwest, University of Tennessee, Stanford University Locations: Brazil, Paraíba, Brasilia, Australia, Serrote, United States, Poland, Kraków, U.S, Knoxville
ATAFONA, Brazil— Sônia Ferreira struggles to remember what this deserted fishing community near Rio de Janeiro looked like when she moved here some 50 years ago—mostly because a good chunk of it is now at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. The coastline is receding as much as 18 feet a year at the mouth of the Paraíba do Sul river in Atafona, home to 7,000 people, satellite images show. Between 1984 and 2016, some 550 feet have disappeared. Climate change has increased sea levels, scientists say, and most of the river’s water has been diverted to nearby cities, farms and factories, thwarting its ability to push back the ever-higher waves that sweep away buildings, livelihoods and memories.
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