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CNN —Lord Howe Island has the look of a destination ripe for overtourism, with verdant mountaintops, pristine white-sand beaches and clear-blue waters teeming with colorful fish. Atop the summit of Mount Gower – one of the most popular hiking trails on Lord Howe – sits a rare, endangered cloud forest. Beaches are just a few minutes’ walk or bike ride away from the guesthouses, making Lord Howe “the easiest holiday,” said Anthony Riddle, a sixth-generation islander who co-founded Lord Howe Island Brewing Company and Lord Howe Island Distilling Company. “We tell the story about what is it that’s special about Lord Howe Island. Sniffer dogsIan Hutton boating near Lord Howe Island.
Persons: Howe, , Lisa Makiiti, Lord Howe, Darcelle Matassoni, Lord, Makiiti, Bowker, Howe Island's Mount, Matteo Colombo, Dean Hiscox, that’s, ” Hiscox, Ian Hutton, David Attenborough, Hutton, it’s, Mount Gower –, Lord Howe –, Anthony Riddle, , you’re, Hiscox, they’re, ” Hutton, ” Makiiti, Riddle, There’s, ” Matassoni, ” Riddle Organizations: CNN, Bowker, UNESCO, Lord Howe, Board, Howe Environmental, Howe, Museum, Brewing Company, Australian National Maritime Museum, Residents, Sustainability, Islanders Locations: Australia, Sydney, Howe Island's Mount Gower, Mount, Howe’s, Howe
Israel-Hamas War and Gaza Latest News
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The strike, which the Israeli military says targeted a Hamas leader, took place in an area designated as a humanitarian zone. Earlier assassination attempts against Mr. Deif are believed to have left him disabled, and he may be missing an eye and limbs. They became more confident that Mr. Deif might enter Mr. Salameh’s compound after a growing cache of evidence suggested that he placed unusual trust in his subordinate. The official, Khalil al-Hayya, who lives in exile, said in an interview with Al Jazeera Arabic that Mr. Deif was listening to Mr. Netanyahu’s words and “mocking” them. Mr. Netanyahu himself, in a televised news conference on Saturday night, said there was still no “absolute certainty” that Mr. Deif had been killed.
Persons: Israel, Muhammad Deif, Deif, Shin, Rafa Salameh, Khan Younis, Salameh’s, Salameh, Benjamin Netanyahu, Izzat, Rishq, Mkhaimar Abusada, , Scott Anderson, Anderson, Khalil al, Netanyahu, Bet, Isabel Kershner Organizations: Hamas, The New York Times, Israel Defense Forces, Analysts, Gaza’s Al, Azhar University, Fatah, Gaza Health Ministry, Al Locations: Gaza, Israel, U.S, Khan, Rafa Salameh ., Al Jazeera, Jerusalem
There is no place in America for this kind of violence — for any violence ever, period. “I’m sincerely grateful that he’s doing well and recovering,” Mr. Biden said. And the White House said that Mr. Biden would keep his campaign events in Las Vegas. Mr. Biden will speak at an NAACP conference on Tuesday and a UnidosUS conference on Wednesday, even as Mr. Trump and his party hold the Republican convention in Milwaukee. In both sets of remarks on Sunday, Mr. Biden made a plea that — if recent history is any guide — seemed unlikely to be heeded by activists on either side of the nation’s increasingly bitter divide.
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The Israeli airstrike targeting Hamas’s military leader, Muhammad Deif, in southern Gaza on Saturday followed weeks of surveillance of a compound used by one of his key lieutenants, Rafa Salameh, according to three senior Israeli defense officials. The Israeli military and the Shin Bet, Israel’s domestic intelligence agency, said on Sunday afternoon that the strike killed Mr. Salameh, but Mr. Deif’s fate remained unclear. The strike was authorized after prolonged observation of one of Mr. Salameh’s secret command posts located west of Khan Younis, a city in southern Gaza, according to the three senior Israeli officials. The villa surrounded by palm trees near the Mediterranean Sea belonged to Mr. Salameh’s family, two of the officials said. All officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the operation’s details.
Persons: Muhammad Deif, Rafa Salameh, Shin, Salameh, Khan Younis, Salameh’s Locations: Gaza, Israel, Khan
The Biden campaign and Democrats across the party scrambled Sunday to determine how to adjust their plans to counter messaging at the Republican National Convention, which had been in the works for some time. Stunned Biden campaign officials huddled and decided to pause all outbound communications and pull down TV ads. The campaign urged staff in a memo to “refrain from issuing any comments on social media or in public.” Sources described the mood within the White House and the Biden campaign as “shock” as they put their response into motion. The Biden campaign has yet to decide when to resume its advertising campaign against Trump after pulling the ads on Saturday. Sen. Chris Coons, a close Biden ally and co-chair of the Biden reelection campaign, called for a lowering of the political temperature.
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“I will Never Surrender!” Mr. Trump wrote in a text message to supporters. And Mr. Trump is preparing to name his running mate and formally claim his party’s nomination for the third consecutive election. Vance of Ohio, who is on the shortlist of candidates that Mr. Trump is considering as a running mate, wrote on X. “An assassination attempt is contrary to everything we stand for as a nation,” Mr. Biden said. Mr. Trump had assured Malphine Fogel, who lives in Butler County, that he would help get her son home.
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But Nickens only stayed in Texas for two years before returning to California because she missed the weather and access to nature. I moved from the Inland Empire to Orange County in 2016 after my daughter graduated from high school. I really didn't want to be left behind. I didn't realize how much I really loved being outside until I moved to Texas. I really, really missed the beach.
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Elon Musk, chief executive officer of SpaceX and Tesla and owner of X, speaks at the Milken Conference 2024 in Beverly Hills, California, May 6, 2024. Elon Musk posted on X that he "fully" endorses Donald Trump moments after the former president and presumptive Republican nominee was rushed off stage by secret service members following gunshots at a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday. "I fully endorse President Trump and hope for his rapid recovery," Musk wrote on X, which he owns. Musk also compared Trump to Theodore Roosevelt, who survived an assassination attempt while campaigning for president in 1912. Musk also said at that event that Trump "does call me out of the blue for no reason."
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CNN —Writings on an ancient clay tablet have allowed experts to reconstruct a Bronze Age ship made of reeds and sail it on a maiden voyage off the coast of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It is the world’s largest reconstruction of a Bronze Age Magan boat, according to the team. The research project’s goals were to uncover ancient craftsmanship techniques, determine the connections between Bronze Age societies and better understand the role Abu Dhabi once played in Bronze Age trade. After passing five days of trials, the ship sailed toward Saadiyat Island off the coast of Abu Dhabi and the open sea on March 2 and 3. “Seeing the Magan Boat sail on the water for the first time actually took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes.”
Persons: Magan, , , Eric Staples, Abu Dhabi, Emily Harris, Umm, Robert B, Jackson, ” Jackson, Peter Magee, Marwan Abdullah Al, Marzouqi, ” Marzouqi, Abdallah Alremaithi, Ayesha Almansoori, Tayla Clelland, Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak, ” Clelland Organizations: CNN, United, United Arab Emirates, Zayed University, Zayed National Museum, Zayed National Museum , New York University, British Museum, ., Department of Culture Locations: Abu Dhabi, United Arab, Persian, UAE, Oman, Mesopotamia, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Zayed National Museum ,, Zayed National Museum , New York University Abu Dhabi, Umm, South Asia, Girsu, what’s, Saadiyat, Tourism,
But it’s evidence of one of the central truths of our time, and one that is becoming more and more apparent every day: We have built our world for a climate that no longer exists. But less than two months earlier, a sudden windstorm in the city blacked out electricity for more than a million people. How many blackouts will it take before we realize today’s power grid was built for yesterday’s climate? One clear example: the incredible decline in the cost of renewable power in recent years. In virtually every part of the world, electricity generated by renewable power is cheaper than electricity generated by fossil fuels.
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Tour $60 million mansion in Delray Beach, Florida
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The Mar Pietra compound in Delray Beach, Florida, is being offered at $60 million. Daniel PetroniThe trophy home's massive footprint and its giant oceanfront lawn are a rare sight on this strip of beach in Palm Beach County. While the estate has been on and off the market since December 2021, its $60 million price tag holds steady. Daniel PetroniThe home's driveway passes through a grand archway called a porte-cochere that leads to a circular motor court. Daniel PetroniThe home's so-called auto lounge is an underground garage adorned with giant crystal chandeliers, ornate ceilings and parking for seven cars.
Persons: Daniel Petroni, Massimo Musa, Musa, Senada, Douglas Elliman, Adzem, Pietra, Mar Pietra, Mar, Daniel Petroni Musa, Vanderbilt, Daniel Petroni Mar Organizations: CNBC, Sunrise, Delray, South, Palm, Mar, Vehicles, Vizcaya Museum, Gardens Locations: Delray Beach , Florida, Italian, Florence, Italy, Yucatan, Verona, Colombia, Delray Beach, Rome, Palm Beach County, Intracoastal, South Florida, Highland Beach, Mar, Florida, intracoastal, Miami
CNN —Rudy Giuliani is no longer entitled to bankruptcy protection, a judge decided Friday, making it possible for creditors to immediately pursue his assets within days. Judge Sean Lane of the federal bankruptcy court in New York made the decision partly because of Giuliani’s lack of transparency after he filed for bankruptcy more than six months ago. The worth of those other assets is unclear, as creditors accuse Giuliani of downplaying or not disclosing complete estimates of the value of what he owns. The creditors believe one World Series ring alone would sell for nearly $30,000, according to court filings in his bankruptcy case. Giuliani agreed to end his bankruptcy proceedings, after Freeman and Moss suggested that approach earlier this week.
Persons: CNN — Rudy Giuliani, Giuliani, Ruby Freeman, Shaye Moss, Sean Lane, Lane, Giuliani hadn’t, Giuliani hasn’t, Mr, ” Lane, ” Giuliani –, , Moss, Freeman, Joe DiMaggio, Singer, Donald Trump, CNN’s Sabrina Shulman Organizations: CNN, New, Mercedes, Benz, New York Yankees, Trump Locations: New York, Georgia, New York City, Palm Beach , Florida, Manhattan, Florida, California, White Plains , New York, Arizona, Dominion
On social media — and even in the halls of Congress — certain Biden supporters are using Donald Trump's associations with disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein as an argument to disqualify him. Discourse about Trump and Epstein was reignited after documents from Epstein's first Florida investigation in 2006 were released last week. Other Biden boosters have suggested a coordinated media cover-up to boost Trump's chances or doom Biden's. Related storiesMedia outlets haven't reported on Trump's connection to the new Epstein files because there isn't one. What we know about Trump's relationship with EpsteinTrump has appeared in previous unsealed and uncovered documents connected to the Epstein case.
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A potter’s field burial site on Hart Island was receiving 24 bodies each day, as many as the city typically used to bury there in a week. Last month in Karachi, Pakistan, temperatures approached 120 degrees Fahrenheit and hospitals reportedly treated thousands for heatstroke. A nonprofit operating four mortuaries registered 128 deaths in a single day, mostly of people on the margins of society. In June, more than one-third of the country’s population was under extreme heat advisories, but immediately after Independence Day things intensified. In Palm Springs, Calif., temperatures reached a record 124 degrees, Las Vegas broke its own previous record by three degrees and in Death Valley, Calif., temperatures reached 129, within one degree of the all-time, anywhere-in-the-world modern record.
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Trump Rejoices at How the Landscape Has Changed
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A mini-motorcade of golf carts cruised down the palm tree-lined pathway. Mr. Trump had not been seen in days, and now there he was on Tuesday night, standing on a stage that had been erected near the golf course’s 10th hole. Oh, how much the landscape had changed, and in such a short time. The word “landslide” is now credibly being mentioned about Mr. Trump for the first time in his political career. Earlier on Tuesday, the nonpartisan election forecaster Cook Political Report slid six states in his direction.
Persons: Donald J, Trump, Eric, Cook, Organizations: Democrat Locations: Doral, Fla
In this gilded echo chamber, Mr. Trump enjoys unwavering devotion — and collects the staggering price of admission. During the 2014-15 season — the last before Mr. Trump officially entered politics — The Times counted 52 fund-raiser events at Mar-a-Lago. More than two dozen midterm candidates had already held fund-raisers on the property when Mr. Trump made that statement. But that changed when Letitia James, the New York attorney general, sued Mr. Trump for exaggerating the value of his properties. And, unlike when Mr. Trump was president, “he was there a lot,” Mr. Rustmann said.
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A Florida woman was arrested Monday in Georgia on motor vehicle, marijuana, and other misdemeanor state charges just one day before her scheduled voluntary surrender to begin a monthlong jail term for stealing and selling the diary of President Joe Biden's daughter Ashley Biden, prosecutors revealed in a New York federal court filing. Harris, 42, was sentenced in April to one month in jail and three months of home detention. She had been scheduled to surrender Tuesday at noon to begin serving her jail sentence. "The defendant is currently in state custody in connection with those charges." The arrest report, obtained by CNBC by the McIntosh County Sheriff's Office, shows that Harris was arrested at 11:30 p.m.
Persons: Joe Biden's, Ashley Biden, Aimee Harris, Harris, Ashley Biden's, Laura Taylor Swain, Swain Organizations: U.S . Bureau, Prisons, Attorney's, CNBC, Sunday Locations: Florida, Georgia, New York, Palm Beach, U.S, Manhattan, McIntosh County , Georgia, McIntosh, Darien, Carolina
Aimee Harris, right, walks out of Manhattan federal court, Tuesday, April 9, 2024, in New York. A Florida woman was arrested Monday in Georgia on motor vehicle, marijuana, and other state charges just one day before her scheduled voluntary surrender to begin a month-long jail term for stealing and selling the diary of President Joe Biden's daughter Ashley Biden, prosecutors revealed in a New York federal court filing. Harris, 42, was sentenced in April to one month in jail and three months of home detention. She had been scheduled to surrender on Tuesday at noon to begin serving her jail sentence. "The defendant is currently in state custody in connection with those charges."
Persons: Aimee Harris, Joe Biden's, Ashley Biden, Harris, Ashley Biden's, Laura Taylor Swain, Swain Organizations: U.S, Marshals, U.S . Bureau, Prisons, Attorney's, Sunday Locations: Manhattan, New York, Florida, Georgia, Palm Beach, U.S, McIntosh County , Georgia, Carolina
Giuliani’s bankruptcy attorneys and his spokesman didn’t provide additional comment to CNN for this story. They want the bankruptcy judge on Wednesday to throw him out of bankruptcy court. For instance, in recent weeks, according to his financial records available in court, Giuliani made 40 purchases from Amazon totaling nearly $3,500. “Unfortunately, in this case, good news always seems to be accompanied with bad,” lawyers for his creditors wrote to the bankruptcy judge last month. “We saw the same thing and have requested information, and a cup of coffee,” Giuliani’s own bankruptcy lawyers told the creditors.
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New Jersey businessman and co-owner of The Philadelphia Inquirer, George Norcross walks to Judge Patricia McInerney's courtroom at City Hall in Philadelphia. The New Jersey Democratic power broker charged with racketeering by the state attorney general pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges he threatened people whose properties he sought to take over and orchestrated tax incentive legislation to benefit organizations he controlled. "My client emphatically states that he is not guilty," Norcross' attorney Michael Critchley told Judge Peter Warshaw. A longtime kingmaker in southern New Jersey, Norcross often wielded influence through back channels. His brothers are lobbyist and co-defendant Philip Norcross — who pleaded not guilty on Tuesday as well — and U.S. Rep. Donald Norcross, a former state legislator who is not charged.
Persons: George Norcross, Patricia McInerney's, George E, Norcross, Matt Platkin's, Michael Critchley, Peter Warshaw, hasn't, Warshaw, Sen, Bob Menendez, He's, Donald Trump's Mar, Steve Sweeney, Philip Norcross —, Donald Norcross, William M, Camden Mayor Dana L, Redd, John J, O'Donnell, Sidney R, Brown, Menendez Organizations: Philadelphia Inquirer, Hall, The New, The New Jersey Democratic, Court, Democratic, U.S, Norcross, Democratic National Committee, Democrats, He's, New, New Jersey Democrats, U.S . Rep, Camden Community Partnership, Camden Mayor Locations: Jersey, Philadelphia, The, The New Jersey, Mercer County, New York, Camden , New Jersey, Camden, Delaware, Palm Beach , Florida, New Jersey
On a Tuesday afternoon in early June, Robínson invited seven friends to a lunch celebrating both their 13th year living in the New York area and the launch of their 13th collection from their jewelry line, Isshī. “This is my 13 going on 13 event,” Robínson said with a laugh. The venue was the Chinatown showroom of the lighting design company Blue Green Works, co-founded by Robínson’s friend Peter B. Each place setting had a banana-leaf mat, and hanging over the table was a flared green glass pendant lamp that called to mind a palm tree; together, the details made the space feel like a jungle oasis. It was a fitting place to see Isshī’s resort 2025 collection, in whose press materials Robínson likened the experience of heartbreak to a plane crashing into the rainforest: Modular leather-cord necklaces, crystal-embellished bracelets and hand-felted lamb’s-wool corsages all resembled carnivorous plants.
Persons: Robínson, ” Robínson, Robínson’s, Peter B, felted Organizations: Green, Staples Locations: New York, Chinatown
"He is running a very bigoted race," Hamadeh told me of Masters, "and MAGA and the America First movement is bigger than that." An anti-Hamadeh yard sign, paid for by the Masters campaign, beside one of Hamadeh's own signs in the 8th district. "This guy, he lost against Mark Kelly because he's a weirdo," Hamadeh told me. "I think that warrants some investigative journalism," Hamadeh told me. "I can't vote for you," one woman, apparently not a prospective constituent, told Hamadeh as she shook hands with him after the event, "but I'll give you a donation."
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Opinion | What the Interview With Biden Showed
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To the Editor:Re “A Defiant Biden Says Only the ‘Lord Almighty’ Could Drive Him From the Race” (, July 5):Anyone with elderly loved ones knows that they have good days and bad days, which is precisely why President Biden’s interview with George Stephanopoulos means nothing in the big scheme of things. We’ve already seen plenty of evidence through multiple interviews indicating that both Mr. Biden and Donald Trump are capable of age-related incoherence at any moment. Large majorities of Americans have repeatedly told pollsters they don’t want Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump to run again. The longer the Democratic Party persists in ramming Mr. Biden down our throats, the more it ensures Mr. Trump’s victory and the loss of American democracy and the rule of law as we know it. Jeff CriderPalm Desert, Calif.To the Editor:George Stephanopoulos gave President Biden an opportunity to answer questions in a clear and incisive fashion.
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Rather than sparking typical cheer on Wall Street, Elliott's campaign, spelled out in a 50-page presentation, led to confusion and concern among investors and customers. Several activism experts pointed to two of Elliott's past targets for insight into the hedge fund's strategy for Southwest: Suncor Energy in 2022 and Marathon Petroleum in 2019. Elliott partner John Pike, who is now leading the Southwest campaign, was involved in the firm's actions at both energy companies. Pike and portfolio manager Bobby Xu are leading Elliott's Southwest campaign. But in 2018, a few months after reaching an agreement with Elliott, Marathon announced it was only getting bigger.
Persons: David Paul Morris, Elliott, Bob Jordan, Gary Kelly, Elliott hasn't, Southwest's, John Pike, Haviv Ilan, Marc Benioff, Jordan, Pike, Bobby Xu, Vinson, Elkins, Mark Little, Elliott's Pike, Suncor's, Little, Rich Kruger, Candace Elliott, Marathon, Weeks, Gary Heminger, Mike Hennigan, Hennigan, hasn't, It's, isn't, Kelly, it's, Xu, — CNBC's Leslie Josephs Organizations: Southwest Airlines, Oakland International Airport, Bloomberg, Getty, Elliott Management, Southwest, Melius Research, Suncor Energy, Marathon Petroleum, Marathon, Etsy . Texas, of America, Suncor's Petro, Canada, Canadian, Petro - Canada, Petro, Exxon Mobil, Reuters, Speedway, Elliott, Company, Heminger, Artisan Partners, Suncor, Southwest Airlines Pilots Association, CNBC Locations: Oakland , California, Dallas, Suncor, New York, West Palm Beach , Florida, Etsy, Canada, Sherwood Park , Alberta, Marathon, Southwest
Last month, I traveled to Timor-Leste, a country located in the South Pacific. It's also the 14th least-visited country in the world and the least-visited in Asia, according to a January report from CEOWorld magazine. Some 81,000 tourists visited Timor-Leste in 2023 — putting it just ahead of Chad and Sierra Leone, per the report. Marielle DescalsotaOnly a handful of airlines fly to Dili, the capital, where the only international airport in Timor-Leste is located. As I grew up in Singapore and can speak some Indonesian, when locals didn't speak English, that was my fallback language.
Persons: , I've, France —, It's, Fernando, Hilton, nasi goreng —, 9Milhas, Gloria, Jesus Christ —, Marielle Organizations: Service, Leste, South Pacific, Business, National Statistics Directorate Timor, YouTube, Google, Timor Plaza, Apartments, East Timor Centavo, US Department of State, Burger, Coffee, Cristo Locations: Maldives, France, Timor, South, Bahamas, Asia, Chad, Sierra Leone, Dili, Bali, Indonesia, Darwin, Australia, Dili's, sightsee, East Timor, Indonesian, Singapore, Marielle, Cristo Rei, It's, Angola
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