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Experts say that this previously overlooked gemstone is rocketing in desirability and value, as collectors look beyond the so-called “Big Four’” (diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires) for more affordable, niche gemstones that may just be a shrewd investment. “Spinels and Paraiba tourmalines have seen a steady increase in demand over the last decade.”Boghossian's paraiba and diamond set features paraibas and fancy yellow diamonds. Experts posit that only one Paraiba tourmaline is mined for every 10,000 diamonds — and while similar hues are found in Madagascar, the scarcity of Brazilian stones has seen prices soar. At Bonhams, Tonkin said prices for top-quality Paraiba tourmalines reached $75,000 per carat in 2022, compared with $4,800 per carat in 2009. “These incredibly vibrant, clean gemstones really stirred something in me,” she explained in an email.
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But increasingly, the algorithms that undergird our digital lives are making questionable decisions that enrich the powerful and wreck the lives of average people. There's no reason to be scared of AI making decisions for you in the future — computers have already been doing so for quite some time. As human control diminished, the real-world consequences of these algorithms have piled up: Instagram's algorithm has been linked to a mental-health crisis in teenage girls. AdvertisementAcross the public and private sectors, we've handed the keys to a spiderweb of algorithms built with little public insight into how they make their decisions. While generative AI is just the newest extension of the algorithm, it poses a unique threat.
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It’s that second feeling I thought about while visiting Shary Boyle’s “Outside the Palace of Me” at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD), an exhibition that considers how we create our identities and present them to others — and in turn, how those performances feed back into who we are. To visit the show is to step into Boyle’s palace, or at least one wing of it. “Outside the Palace of Me” is a contemporary art fun house — only the fun isn’t as innocent and uncomplicated as it was in childhood. The exhibition originated at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto, where Boyle was raised and still lives. In the 2000s, Boyle began to make ceramics inspired by the porcelain figurines that were popular among the elites of 18th-century Europe.
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In “Ouroboros: Gs," the flood mitigation system at the Whitney Museum of American Art became the subject for her movement research; “Heads/Tails,” her first exhibition without people, focused on elements related to traffic flow. And for “Hydro Parade,” she attended classes for tour guides to learn about the history of water in New York City. Certain galleries were off limits, but “Hydro Parade” surges around many of the museum’s water features in uninterrupted movement. At times the dancers slow down; at others, it’s as if they were on water skis. Last Saturday, on June 10, some viewers lost sight of the dancers, prompting one to say, “They should have flags like at Trader Joe’s.”
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