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The Senate passed a bill to provide aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan — and force a sale of TikTok. Republicans opposed the Ukraine aid, while some Democrats took issue with Israel aid. Republicans generally voted against the package because of their long-standing opposition to Ukraine aid, while Democrats opposed the bill over the lack of conditions on Israel aid. AdvertisementThat included a vote on a nearly $61 billion Ukraine aid bill, a more than $26 billion Israel aid bill, Taiwan aid, and a bill that combined an amended version of a previously approved TikTok bill that was combined with a bill allowing the US to seize Russian assets to pay for Ukraine aid. Related stories37 House Democrats voted against Israel aid, while 112 House Republicans voted against Ukraine aid.
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META YTD mountain Meta Platforms YTD Meta has the biggest tailwind on Earth being dangled in front of it — the newly signed law that says Chinese company ByteDance must sell TikTok or face a U.S. ban on the short-form video platform. AMZN YTD mountain Amazon YTD Amazon is also in the loved category but reports this coming Tuesday. NVDA YTD mountain Nvidia YTD I have no idea how Nvidia got to be a fence-sitter. AVGO YTD mountain Broadcom YTD Broadcom is iffy. CRM YTD mountain Salesforce YTD Salesforce has become mighty complicated.
Persons: I'm, Mark Zuckerberg, Meta, Andy Jassy, It's, Claude AI, Jensen Huang, Nvidia's, hasn't, it's, Hock Tan, Salesforce, Marc Benioff, what's, that's, Jim Cramer's, Jim Cramer, Jim, Carlos Barria Organizations: Microsoft, Meta, he's, Google, Amazon, Services, Nvidia, Broadcom, Blackwell, VMWare, calvary, PayPal, Informatica, Apple, CNBC, Facebook Locations: U.S, Oregon, Informatica, China, Menlo Park , California
It's an urgent question — what do we do with the 40 million tons of plastic waste we produce annually? One year of plastic waste is roughly enough to smother the entirety of Manhattan a meter deep, and it has to go somewhere. For decades, America sent its plastic waste to countries like China and Indonesia. Unlike aluminum or glass, the plastic that can be recycled rarely results in replacing one recycled water bottle with another. By downcycling a tiny portion of plastic waste, companies can genuinely reuse a relatively small share of plastic, while convincing consumers that the industry has created a circular economy of infinitely recycled plastic.
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Here's a rapid-fire update on all 33 stocks in Jim Cramer's Charitable Trust, the portfolio we use for the CNBC Investing Club. Broadcom : Broadcom's AI business, which includes co-designing custom chips for tech giants such as Club holding Alphabet, is booming. The newspaper reported April 12 that Salesforce was in talks to buy Informatica, which sent the Club holding's shares plunging. Wells Fargo : Another trim is due for our Wells Fargo position after a great run for the bank stock, Jim argued. As a subscriber to the CNBC Investing Club with Jim Cramer, you will receive a trade alert before Jim makes a trade.
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FTC bans employers from using noncompete clauses
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New York CNN —The Federal Trade Commission on Tuesday voted to ban for-profit US employers from making employees sign agreements with noncompete clauses. And – with one exception – it makes currently existing noncompete agreements unenforceable after the rule’s effective date, which is set at 120 days from the rule’s publication in the Federal Register. The rule, however, does allow currently existing noncompete agreements for senior executives to remain in force. The ban would apply nationwide, overriding state laws regarding noncompete agreements. In December of last year, New York State Governor Kathleen Hochul vetoed a bill passed by the state legislature to completely ban noncompete agreements in that state.
Persons: Joe Biden, “ won’t, , Stefanie Camfield, Daryl Joseffer, , ” Joseffer, Neil Bradley, Kathleen Hochul, Anne Clark, Vladeck, Raskin, Clark P.C, Amanda Wait, DLA Piper, Clark Organizations: New, New York CNN, Federal Trade Commission, FTC, of Commerce, Federal Register, Washington , D.C, Engage, Chamber’s Litigation, New York Locations: New York, California, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Washington ,, Colorado , Maryland , Oregon, Rhode
One man was charged with drunken driving after crashing his truck and spilling 11,000 salmon onto a highway in Oregon. This week, the man in Belgium was acquitted of a drunken driving offense — he wasn’t a boozer, the court found; his body was essentially making its own beer. It’s the latest turn in the spotlight for the strange disorder, which periodically appears in a flurry of headlines after a particularly odd or egregious case. Most incidents involve accusations of drunken driving, when people who have the disorder, known as A.B.S., get behind the wheel of a car believing they are sober. Reactions to such defenses often range from admiring to dismissive, but medical doctors and science have long backed up that the strange condition does exist.
Persons: boozer Locations: Oregon, Belgium
The new Florida law has limited exemptions for rape, incest and to protect the life of the mother. In the electionPresident Joe Biden visited Florida to focus on abortion rights Tuesday. Referendums placing the issue of abortion rights before voters will be on the ballot in Arizona and Florida. New realityIt is the cases currently before the Supreme Court that could have the most direct effect on the new reality for pregnant American women. Cox fled Texas to obtain an abortion just before the state Supreme Court denied her access to the care under the medical exemption in Texas’ abortion law.
Persons: Roe, Wade, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, CNN’s Edward, Isaac Dovere, Donald Trump, Wade . Biden, Harris, Trump, CNN’s Tierney Sneed, , Read, Jen Adkins, Adkins, CNN’s Meg Tirrell, John Bonifield, Julie Lyons, who’s, ” Lyons, Allie Phillips, Dobbs, Amanda Zurawski, Trump’s, Jill Biden, Kate Cox, Cox, CNN’s Priscilla Alvarez, Michael Williams, Dale Mabry, Biden, Joe Raedle, Dovere, he’s, , Court’s Dobbs Organizations: CNN —, Senate, Biden, CNN, Jackson, Health, Hillsborough Community, Republican, Locations: Florida, Arizona, Florida ., Idaho, Sneed, Portland , Oregon, Hailey, Sun Valley, New York, Tennessee, Texas, Florida , Arizona, year’s State, Tampa , Florida
Inside a warming shelter, Laura Gutowski detailed how her life had changed since she became homeless two and a half years ago in Grants Pass, a former timber hub in the foothills of southern Oregon. She lived in a sedan, and then in a tent, in sight of the elementary school where her son was once a student. Many states and cities that are increasingly overwhelmed by homelessness are hoping the Supreme Court overturns that decision — or severely limits it. The case highlights the fierce divide over the thorny issue of how to regulate homelessness. Theane Evangelis, a lawyer representing Grants Pass, said the Supreme Court’s decision would reverberate widely.
Persons: Laura Gutowski, , , Gutowski, Theane, Ed Johnson Organizations: Oregon Law Center, Homelessness Locations: Oregon, Grants, United States
A majority of the Supreme Court appeared inclined on Monday to uphold a series of local ordinances that allowed a small Oregon city to ban homeless people from sleeping or camping in public spaces. The justices seemed split along ideological lines in the case, which has sweeping implications for how the country deals with a growing homelessness crisis. In a lengthy and, at times, fiery argument that lasted over two and a half hours, questioning from the justices reflected the complexity of the homelessness debate. They wrestled with what lines could be drawn to regulate homelessness — and, crucially, who should make those rules. The conservative majority appeared sympathetic to arguments by the city of Grants Pass, Ore., that homelessness is a complicated issue best handled by local lawmakers and communities, not judges.
Locations: Oregon, Grants
I moved to Alaska from Oregon to find work opportunities in the mining industry about 20 years ago. In Alaska, rotational work cycles can last up to six weeks with no break. During that time, I made just over $1,800 a week working nearly 82 hours a week. AdvertisementMy work opportunities are now limitedI plan to go back to rotational work after a year or two to enjoy life a little more. Then, I want to return to rotational work to have more time to enjoy life.
Persons: Justin Peterson, , I've, I'm, Justin Peterson I've Organizations: Service, Mining Locations: Alaska, Oregon, There's, Australia, Anchorage, Fairbanks, North, Wasilla , Alaska, Colorado
The Supreme Court will consider on Monday how far cities and states can go to police homelessness, in a case that could have profound implications for how the country addresses an escalating crisis. The case reflects a broader fight over regulating homelessness and the complexity of balancing the civil rights of homeless people with concerns about health and safety in public spaces. The issue has united people across the political spectrum, with some leaders of left-leaning cities and states joining with conservative groups to urge the justices to clarify the extent of their legal authority in clearing encampments that have proliferated across the West in recent years. The dispute centers on Grants Pass, a city of about 40,000 in southern Oregon that, through a series of overlapping ordinances, outlawed sleeping and camping with any kind of bedding in public spaces. The question before the justices is whether those laws went so far that they punished people for being homeless and violated the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment.
Locations: Grants, Oregon
The IRA splits $8.8 billion in total rebate funding between two programs: the Home Efficiency Rebates program and the Home Electrification and Appliance Rebates program. The Home Electrification and Appliance Rebates program The Home Electrification and Appliance Rebates program pays consumers a maximum amount of money for buying specific technologies and services, Saul Rinaldi said. Home Efficiency Rebates program Conversely, the Home Efficiency Rebates program is technology-neutral, Saul Rinaldi said. Larger rebates flow to those who cut more energy, Saul Rinaldi said. In this way, the Home Efficiency Rebate's value can technically exceed that of the Home Electrification and Appliance Rebates program, Zelmar said.
Persons: Zelmar, Jan, Biden, Kara Saul Rinaldi, Saul Rinaldi Organizations: Energy Department, AnnDyl, U.S . Department of Housing, Urban Locations: Arizona , California , Colorado , Georgia, Hawaii , Indiana , Minnesota , New Hampshire , New Mexico , Oregon, Washington, Georgia, Oregon , Indiana, New Mexico
Gavin Newsom of California ordinarily have little in common. One is a conservative think tank in Arizona, the other a Democrat leading one of the nation’s most liberal states. On Monday, the Supreme Court will consider an Oregon case that could reshape homelessness policy nationally. On its face, The City of Grants Pass v. Johnson asks how far cities can constitutionally go to restrict sleeping and camping in parks and on sidewalks. Advocates for homeless people, the American Psychiatric Association and several left-leaning states, including New York, Illinois and Minnesota, argue that criminalizing homelessness only worsens the problem.
Persons: Gavin Newsom, Johnson, Daniel Bress, Timothy Sandefur, , Newsom, Organizations: Goldwater Institute, Gov, Democrat, ., Appeals, Ninth Circuit, Democratic, Republican, American Psychiatric Association, Circuit, Arizona State Capitol, , ‘ Raiders Locations: California, Grants, Arizona, Oregon, The City, San Francisco, New York , Illinois, Minnesota, Phoenix, Oakland
In honor of Earth Month, realtyhop ranked the greenest U.S. cities for homebuyers. The report evaluated each city based on the following criteria: SustainabilityPolicy and infrastructureEnergyEnvironmentAffordability Overall, the study found that the majority of the greenest cities are on the West Coast — five are in California alone. Portland, Oregon is the greenest city in AmericaWith a total score of 62.34, Portland, Oregon took the No. The city uses green streets, eco-roofs, trees and more to manage the stormwater. Top 10 greenest cities in AmericaPortland, Ore. Washington, D.C. San Francisco, Calif. Seattle, Wash. Oakland, Calif. Spokane, Wash. New York, N.Y. Sacramento, Calif. San Diego, Calif. San Jose, Calif.
Persons: realtyhop, Gavin Newsom, Jordan Organizations: Earth, Energy, Coast, CNBC, Portland, Jordan Siemens, Getty, Environmental Services, Calif, D.C, Washington D.C, Istock Locations: U.S, homebuyers, California, Portland , Oregon, America, realtyhop, Portland, America Portland, Ore . Washington ,, San Francisco, Calif, Seattle, Wash . Oakland, Calif . Spokane, Wash . New York, N.Y, Sacramento, San Diego, San Jose, Washington
Employees at supermarkets and Walmart stores often ignore gig workers — or berate them. Several gig workers that BI spoke with said that cooperating — or fighting — with store workers is a regular part of their job as independent contractors. AdvertisementFor Spark workers who go into a Walmart store, things can be even worse — ironic, some say, given Spark is owned and operated by Walmart. Conflict between gig workers and store employees isn't new. AdvertisementAnd store employees aren't the only ones giving gig workers a hard time.
Persons: , who've, I'm, it's, they've, Instacart Organizations: Walmart, Service, Spark, Business, Shoppers Locations: California, It's, Portland , Oregon, Montana, Illinois
Fast food is getting more expensive, and Americans are annoyed about it. Diners told BI they're cutting back on how often they get fast food because of rising prices. AdvertisementBut cheaper fast food may be some way off. Experts say it could have a ripple effect on wages across the fast food industry nationwide, meaning that your favorite spots could become even pricier. The main reason Rodriguez gets fast food is the taste, he said.
Persons: , Sara Senatore, Dunkin, Warren Colehour, Chad Frye, Artur Widak, Frye, Martin Jennings, it's, Chipotle, James R, Martin, Ben Heyworth, Burger King, He's, Del, Richard McConnell, Ricardo Rodriguez, Rodriguez Organizations: Service, Bank of America, McDonald's USA, Getty, Subway, Consumers, McDonald's Locations: Ukraine, McDonald's, Kentucky, California, Florida, Olive, Burger, Oregon
"Flying the plane, here to Toronto," Meulens says as he gestures toward a pilot sitting beside him. Carlton said that United Airlines removed the pilots from service during the investigation. United Airlines and the FAA are yet to respond to Business Insider's request for comment, sent outside of regular working hours. On March 4, United Flight 1118 from Houston to Texas was forced to turn around after one of the plane's engines caught fire after take-off. A post-flight inspection revealed that United Flight 433 from San Francisco to Oregon on 15 March had lost an external panel.
Persons: , Hensley Meulens, Meulens, Russell Carlton, Carlton, Chris Mullooly, Mullooly, Bud Black, Black Organizations: Service, Colorado Rockies, United Airlines, Federal Aviation Administration, FAA, Business, Rockies, The Denver Post, Airlines, Denver Post, United Airlines Boeing, Getty, United, Los Angeles International Airport, Boeing Locations: Denver, Toronto, Houston, Texas, San Francisco, Japan, Oregon
CNN —Even after Cam Booser walked away from baseball in 2017 and became a carpenter following a series of injuries and setbacks, he would think about the game every single day. The 31-year-old relief pitcher has endured a “long journey” to make his MLB debut, he told the league’s website on Friday after he was called up by the Boston Red Sox, becoming the franchise’s oldest player to make his Majors debut in the US since 1947. Booser had endured a series of injuries and setbacks before his MLB debut. “I didn’t think about ever actually making a comeback until I started working with them,” Booser said, per the MLB. “It was just the more I was around the game, the more I couldn’t not be around it.
Persons: Cam Booser, Tommy John, Booser, Charles LeClaire, ” Booser, , Organizations: CNN, MLB, Boston Red Sox, Oregon State, WBZ, Minnesota Twins, USA, Sports, Reuters, Chicago Dogs, American Association, Red Sox, Pittsburgh Pirates Locations:
How the House Voted on Foreign Aid to Ukraine, Israel and TaiwanVotes on the Foreign Aid Bills Source: Office of the Clerk, U.S. House of RepresentativesThe House passed a long-stalled foreign aid package on Saturday that gives funding to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, with a majority of lawmakers backing money for American allies across the globe. A majority of Republicans voted against Ukraine aid on Saturday, in a reflection of the stiff resistance within the G.O.P. to continuing to aid Ukraine against President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia’s invasion. While all Democrats voted in favor of aid to Ukraine and all but Ms. Tlaib supported funding to Taiwan, 37 left-leaning Democrats defected to vote against the Israel aid bill. The opposition to the Israel aid represented a minority of Democrats, but reflected the deep resistance to unconditional aid and the divisions in the party on Gaza.
Persons: Mike Johnson, Kevin McCarthy’s, Mr, McCarthy, Vladimir V, Putin, Elise Stefanik, Rashida Tlaib, Bob Good, Good, , Tlaib, Jamie Raskin, Donald S, Beyer Jr, Earl Blumenauer of, John Garamendi of Organizations: Foreign Aid, Foreign, House, Senate, House Progressive Caucus, Fund, Caucus, Republican, Republicans, , Maryland, Democrats Locations: Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, New York, Michigan, Virginia, Gaza, Earl Blumenauer of Oregon, John Garamendi of California, United States
Inside a warming shelter, Laura Gutowski detailed how her life had changed since she became homeless two and a half years ago in Grants Pass, a former timber hub in the foothills of southern Oregon. She lived in a sedan, and then in a tent, in sight of the elementary school where her son was once a student. She constantly scrambled to move her belongings to avoid racking up more fines from the police. “I never expected it to come to this,” Ms. Gutowski, 55, said. She is one of several hundred homeless people in this city of about 40,000 that is at the center of a major case before the Supreme Court on Monday with broad ramifications for the nationwide struggle with homelessness.
Persons: Laura Gutowski, , Ms, Gutowski Locations: Oregon
Federal prosecutors in Oregon have brought charges against seven defendants conspiracy to defraud Home Depot. The complaint says the group rented equipment from the retailer using stolen credit card numbers. Instead of returning the items, prosecutors say the crew sold it on Facebook and other marketplaces. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementHome Depot's rental department continues to battle the theft of its heavy equipment in schemes where suspects sell the machinery on sites like Facebook Marketplace, prosecutors allege.
Persons: Organizations: Facebook, Service Locations: Oregon
After traveling solo to all 50 US states, I've found some great places to relax and unwind. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementOver the past decade, I've traveled to all 50 US states and spent time in tons of major cities and small towns. I've also driven solo across the country several times, stopping in some of the most unique and beautiful places the United States has to offer. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
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My wife and I bought a 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe plug-in hybrid in December 2022 for $75,000. As an automotive journalist and the senior editor of vehicle testing at US News and World Report, I test-drive dozens of vehicles every year. I still love the choice we made to purchase this full-size hybrid SUV. AdvertisementThe plug-in hybrid Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xeThe interior of the Jeep. In a perfect world, you never notice the transitions between running on gas, running as a hybrid, or running as electric.
Persons: , John Vincent, it's Organizations: Service, US, Business, Kia, Hyundai, Mercedes GLC, Jeep, Cherokee, EV, People Locations: Portland , Oregon, Hyundai Santa Fe, California, Washington, Oregon
Conservatives are fleeing blue states in favor of red states. Conservatives are fed up with the cost of living, and the politics, in blue states. AdvertisementConservatives are flocking en masse from blue states to one Republican stronghold in particular: South Carolina. Chabot said blue states need to take a page out of red states' playbook. "And so if these blue states want to get better, then they need to look at what red states are doing to retain their populations and their businesses."
Persons: , Paul Chabot, he's, Chabot, Brad Liles, homebuyers, Zillow, Washington state's, It's, Lina Brock Organizations: Service, Republican, Wall Street, The State, New York Times, Washington, Times, Furman University, Forbes, Census Bureau Locations: Carolina, South Carolina, North Carolina , Georgia, New York , California, Florida, Virginia , Pennsylvania, Texas , New Jersey, Maryland, Texas, California, Washington, Oregon, Democratic, Spartanburg, Greenville , South Carolina, United States, Greenville, Black,
CNN —After a disastrous year marked by high costs, accusations of environmental harm and project cancellations in 2023, there’s a sense the US offshore wind industry is on a rebound. But offshore wind is increasingly Trump-proof, according to a top White House climate official, wind CEOs and an industry analyst. “This year will be a significant year for offshore wind development,” BOEM director Elizabeth Klein told CNN in a statement. The US supply chain for offshore wind is still being built; therefore, projects are turning to European manufacturers to get blades, gearboxes, and other components. Now, he said, Northeast governors “just want to make sure their states have energy.”New York has been aggressively pursuing offshore wind projects, rebidding previously canceled projects and accepting those projects at higher prices.
Persons: , Sam Huntington, , aren’t, Donald Trump –, Trump, Ali Zaidi, that’s, ” Zaidi, we’ve, Zaidi, “ We’re, ” Huntington, Elizabeth Klein, Matthew J, Lee, There’s, Clint Plummer, ” Plummer, Pedro Azagra Blázquez, ” Blázquez, rebidding, Plummer, they’re Organizations: CNN, P, White House, White, Biden, US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Vineyard, New, Boston Globe, Power Locations: Wisconsin, Trump, Europe, Gulf of Maine, Oregon, New Bedford, Massachusetts, Huntington, New York, Danish, Asia, Friendly, New England, York
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