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Apple needs its big AI moment
  + stars: | 2024-05-24 | by ( Jordan Hart | )   time to read: +4 min
That's made Apple's lack of a big generative AI announcement so far particularly noticeable. However, one big sign an announcement may be coming at WWDC was the unveiling of its M4 chip, which Apple described as an "outrageously powerful chip for AI." The CEO spoke of "big opportunities across our products" for generative AI and promised that Apple is "well positioned" to take on the space. "We think investors will take any generative AI announcement positively," Morningstar tech analyst William Kerwin said. We'd expect any new-gen AI announcement to see strong adoption when released."
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download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Read previewAI's golden boy, Sam Altman, may be starting to lose his luster. The company has also been dealing with comments from former executives that its commitment to AI safety leaves much to be desired. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. ScaJo scandalThe criticism around AI safety is the latest blow for Altman, who is fighting battles on multiple fronts.
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In today's big story, we're looking at the push for WFH Fridays and how that plays into the "quiet vacationing" phenomenon . The big storyAnti-office FridaysHector Roquet Rivero/Getty Images; Jenny Chang-Rodriguez/BIWith all due respect to summer Fridays, we've found a year-round replacement: WFH Fridays. But WFH Fridays' staying power remains to be seen. Which brings us back to WFH Fridays. The end result could be employers saying abuse of WFH Fridays means they need you back in the office… for good.
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A Vox story on Saturday said the company could take back vested equity if departing employees did not sign a non-disparagement agreement. "For a company to threaten to claw back already-vested equity is egregious and unusual," California employment law attorney Chambord Benton-Hayes told Vox. AdvertisementOn Saturday, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said on X, "Vested equity is vested equity, full stop." We have not and never will take away vested equity, even when people didn't sign the departure documents. Not signing "could impact your equity," OpenAI told one of them, per Vox.
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"It's very early days in generative AI," said Jassy, who succeeded Jeff Bezos as CEO in 2021. Davidson, told CNBC that Amazon was "caught flat-footed" by the generative AI boom. During a Q&A session on Wednesday, Jassy was asked twice about the status of Amazon's generative AI efforts. He said the company is "seeing a lot of momentum" in generative AI within AWS to where it's now a multibillion-dollar business based on annualized revenue. Amazon has previously said it intends to use generative AI to make Alexa more conversational.
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OpenAI's "Sky" voice was not created to sound like Scarlett Johansson, The Washington Post reported. The agent for the actor who voiced "Sky" told the outlet Johansson was never mentioned by OpenAI. Johansson said the bot's voice was "eerily similar" to her own, despite declining to be involved. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementChatGPT's "Sky" voice was never explicitly intended to sound like Scarlett Johansson, according to documents that OpenAI shared with The Washington Post.
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Earlier this week, the consensus around OpenAI was that the company was a lying, rapacious soul stealer. A company that wanted to use Scarlett Johansson to promote its product — and when she declined, went ahead and did it anyway, using a fake Scarlett Johansson. Here's the problem: The second version of reality is the one OpenAI itself is pushing. And OpenAI is a relatively young company, with a particularly chaotic history, which includes a foundational fight with Elon Musk and last year's well-publicized Thanksgiving coup-that-wasn't. Now they're telling us they can't handle the most basic stuff, like telling the left hand what the right hand is doing.
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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke to Stratechery about its $13 billion partnership with OpenAI. "There's going to be competition," he told the tech and media newsletter. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella believes both forces are at play in its more than $13 billion partnership with OpenAI. "Long-term stability comes from both sides winning on a continuous basis and that's how at least I approach it," Nadella told the media and tech newsletter Stratechery.
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Read previewMicrosoft is planning AI computing resources for a LinkedIn Copilot, according to an internal document. The planning document, viewed by Business Insider, lists "LinkedIn" among existing Copilots like GitHub, Security, and Azure. It's unclear what the reference to LinkedIn Copilot specifically means. However, the AI computing resources planned for LinkedIn Copilot in the document suggest bigger plans than the existing AI tools, a person familiar with the planning said. There has so far been no mention of a LinkedIn Copilot.
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Jensen Huang, co-founder and chief executive officer of Nvidia Corp., during the Nvidia GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in San Jose, California, US, on Tuesday, March 19, 2024. Nvidia's most important clients for its graphics processing units are the big cloud providers — Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud. For example, CoreWeave, a GPU cloud, is currently quoting $4.25 per hour to rent an Nvidia H100. Huang said Meta has declared its intention to spend billions on 350,000 Nvidia chips, even though the company isn't a cloud provider. Meta's cluster of servers is an example of "essential infrastructure for AI production," Huang said, or, "what we refer to as AI factories."
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on Wednesday announced a "multi-year global partnership" that will allow OpenAI to access current and archived articles from News Corp.'s outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, Barron's, The New York Post and more. As part of the deal, OpenAI will be able to display content from News Corp.-owned outlets within its ChatGPT chatbot, in response to user questions. The news follows Reddit's announcement on Thursday that it will partner with OpenAI, allowing the ChatGPT maker to train its AI models on Reddit content. As part of that deal, OpenAI will gain access to Reddit's Data application programming interface, or API, "which provides real-time, structured, and unique content from Reddit," according to a release. Google announced a similar partnership with Reddit in February, allowing the company to train its AI models, such as Gemini, on Reddit content via access to the platform's API.
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Appen, the embattled artificial intelligence firm that once helped train AI models for tech giants including Microsoft , Nvidia and Google , has lost its executives in charge of revenue and marketing. The departures follow Alphabet 's announcement in January that it was cutting all contractual ties with Appen, which once helped train Google's chatbot and other AI products. Two weeks after that decision, Appen CEO Armughan Ahmad left after just 12 months on the job. After a "strategic review process," Alphabet notified Appen in January of the termination, which went into effect March 19, according to a filing from Appen. Companies are spending far more on processors from Nvidia and less on external AI training from companies like Appen.
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Meta may need such access to make its generative AI tools, like Meta AI, more effective for users and more competitive in the increasingly crowded market of generative AI search tools and chatbots, the people said. User posts and comments on Facebook or Instagram are not necessarily the type of high-quality training data that generative AI chatbots and search tools need to generate quality outputs. Previously, Zuckerberg said he did not expect the generative AI boom. The US Copyright Office is considering new rules to cover generative AI. Major rival tech companies now fiercely competing in generative AI have already entered into deals with news publishers and media outlets for more access to content to be used as model training data.
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download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Read previewElon Musk has waded into the dispute between Sam Altman and Scarlett Johansson. Musk has also started his own AI company, xAI, and launched a ChatGPT rival called Grok. AdvertisementSam Altman played into the speculation by posting the word "Her" on X, but OpenAI executives denied the likeness was intentional. However, on Monday, the company abruptly announced that "Sky," the voice used in the GPT-4o demo, would be temporarily removed.
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Read previewOpenAI's biggest critics have long held the view that Sam Altman's success has been built on an "ask forgiveness, not permission" strategy that could come back to haunt him. The ChatGPT maker has been embroiled in fresh controversy since Monday after Scarlett Johansson lashed out at the company over a new voice feature for its chatbot. her — Sam Altman (@sama) May 13, 2024OpenAI has responded to the criticism by pulling the Sky voice entirely. AdvertisementThough Johansson and Pichai have not filed lawsuits against OpenAI, the "ask forgiveness, not permission" strategy that critics accuse the company of has already landed it in legal hot water. Creators who suspect their work has been used to train OpenAI without their permission will probably wonder why they weren't offered an agreement in the first place.
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Read previewGoogle might be one of the biggest players in the AI space, but an employee says the tech giant's work in the field has been motivated by "stone cold panic." But Google, Jenson said, wasn't the only tech giant guilty of making this mistake. AdvertisementJenson's scathing assessment comes as tech giants like Google and Apple have been struggling to play catch-up with AI upstarts like OpenAI. AdvertisementWhen Google unveiled its new AI model Gemini 1.5 on February 15, OpenAI dropped its text-to-video model Sora just a few hours later. Last week, OpenAI debuted its new flagship AI model, GPT-4o, a day before Google announced various updates for their models.
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"We're still really early in the AI build," Niles told CNBC's "Money Matters" on Monday. "If you look at today for the AI build out, who's really driving that?" Lam Yik Fei | Bloomberg | Getty ImagesPrior to the recent AI boom, Nvidia was known as the primary maker of chips used for 3D gaming. That's not to say that Nvidia is at risk of losing a ton of the AI chip business to rivals. Piper Sandler analysts expect it to keep at least 75% of the AI accelerator market, even as companies like Google build their own custom chips.
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Read previewOpenAI might've breached YouTube's terms and conditions to train its text-to-video model Sora, says Google CEO Sundar Pichai. "So you felt like they had broken your terms and conditions, or potentially, or if they had, that wouldn't have been appropriate?" Sundar Pichai says he believes OpenAI's Sora breached YouTube's terms and conditions and he is sympathetic to creators whose content is being used to train AI models — Tsarathustra (@tsarnick) May 20, 2024Earlier in the interview, Pichai revealed that YouTube was still "following up and trying to understand" how OpenAI had trained Sora. "We have terms and conditions, and we would expect people to abide by those terms and conditions when you build a product, so that's how I felt about it." AdvertisementJohansson said in a statement that she had turned down OpenAI CEO Sam Altman's offer to voice its latest GPT-4o model.
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"We believe that AI voices should not deliberately mimic a celebrity's distinctive voice — Sky's voice is not an imitation of Scarlett Johansson but belongs to a different professional actress using her own natural speaking voice," the blog post said. AdvertisementIn a statement provided to BI, Altman said the Sky voice is not Johansson and was not intended to be similar to hers. "We cast the voice actor behind Sky's voice before any outreach to Ms. Johansson. Out of respect for Ms. Johansson, we have paused using Sky's voice in our products," Altman said. "We are sorry to Ms. Johansson that we didn't communicate better."
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Microsoft is partnering with tutoring organization Khan Academy to provide a generative AI assistant to all teachers in the U.S. for free. Khanmigo for Teachers, which helps teachers prepare lessons for class, is free to all educators in the U.S. as of Tuesday, with the financial support of Microsoft. Microsoft and Khan Academy are also planning to provide more AI-powered math tutoring to students through a new open-source small language model from Microsoft's Phi-3 AI technology. The relationship between the tech giant and education nonprofit will also feed back into Microsoft's Copilot AI, with more Khan Academy content added, and Khan content brought into Microsoft Teams for Education, an existing free communication app for students and teachers. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates recently recommended Khan's new book on AI in education.
Persons: Sal Khan, Sam Altman, Greg Brockman, zeroed, Khan, Nadia, Alan Turing's, Khanmigo, Bill Gates, Gates Organizations: Microsoft, Academy, Khan Academy, CNBC, Khan, CNBC's Technology, Phi, Microsoft Teams, Education Locations: U.S
Read previewOpenAI's fight with Scarlett Johansson isn't just a PR disaster (and a big one at that). Most of all, it shows there's just really, really bad judgment going on at the highest levels of Sam Altman's company. But everyone immediately noticed that the "Sky" voice that ended up on ChatGPT reminded them of ScarJo. And then Sam Altman, in one of the greatest self-own moves of the generative AI era, tweeted out "her" during the product demo last week. The OpenAI team used a Scarlett Johansson sound-alike voice — also completely avoidable.
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Read previewThe age of AGI is coming and could be just a few years away, according to OpenAI cofounder John Schulman. Speaking on a podcast with Dwarkesh Patel, Schulman predicted that artificial general intelligence could be achieved in "two or three years." A spokesperson for OpenAI told The Information that the remaining staffers were now part of its core research team. Schulman's comments come amid protest movements calling for a pause on training AI models. Groups such as Pause AI fear that if firms like OpenAI create superintelligent AI models, they could pose existential risks to humanity.
Persons: , John Schulman, Dwarkesh Patel, Schulman, AGI, Elon Musk, OpenAI, Kayla Wood, Jan Leike, Ilya Sutskever Organizations: Service, Business, Tech, Washington Post
OpenAI removed a ChatGPT voice that sounded like Scarlett Johansson after she lawyered up. AdvertisementOpenAI made an enemy of Scarlett Johansson when it launched a ChatGPT voice that sounds a lot like her. The superstar could be a foe that Sam Altman's AI company regrets tangling with. The company had asked her to collaborate on a voice product, she said — but she turned it down. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
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AdvertisementIt's a rare admission from Altman, who has worked hard to cultivate an image of being relatively calm amid OpenAI's ongoing chaos. Safety team implosionOpenAI has been in full damage control mode following the exit of key employees working on AI safety. He said the safety team was left "struggling for compute, and it was getting harder and harder to get this crucial research done." Silenced employeesThe implosion of the safety team is a blow for Altman, who has been keen to show he's safety-conscious when it comes to developing super-intelligent AI. The usually reserved Altman even appeared to shade Google, which demoed new AI products the following day.
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Read previewIt's about to be a big week for Microsoft. Copilot and other AI features in WindowsWedbush analysts expect Microsoft to roll out more Copilot and AI features into its consumer and enterprise product stack. Related storiesIves said putting AI features into Windows will give developers the foundation to build AI use cases through Windows and, ultimately, Azure. Ives said the new AI Surface updates will start a new PC-driven cycle that's "AI-led, from Dell to Microsoft, and ultimately to Apple as well." But according to Ives, Microsoft will be a "showstopper."
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