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Why OpenAI should fear a Scarlett Johansson lawsuit
  + stars: | 2024-05-22 | by ( Brian Fung | )   time to read: +11 min
“It doesn’t matter if OpenAI used any of Scarlett Johansson’s actual voice samples,” Li posted on Threads. Here, Johansson could accuse OpenAI of illegally monetizing who she is by essentially fooling users into thinking she had voiced Sky. But there’s substantial case law — and one very inconvenient fact for OpenAI — undercutting that defense, legal experts say. According to Johansson, OpenAI approached her to perform as Sky; Johansson declined. While California’s publicity law protects all individuals, some state statutes only protect famous people, and not all states have such legislation on the books.
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OpenAI’s Scarlett Johansson problemWhen OpenAI unveiled the latest version of ChatGPT last week, a chatbot that can listen to spoken questions and respond verbally, many users had one question: Is that Scarlett Johansson? It’s another sign of eroding trust in OpenAI, which has taken fire from creative industries and former employees. In her statement, Johansson shed more light on the matter:Last September, I received an offer from Sam Altman, who wanted to hire me to voice the current ChatGPT 4.0 system. Altman tried again two days before the ChatGPT product announcement, she added, but released the service before they could connect. Johansson — no stranger to waging war against big companies — suggested that she was ready to take legal action.
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Read previewAs the CEO of OpenAI, the last couple of years have been a whirlwind for Sam Altman. He's met with world leaders, feuded with Elon Musk, joined the billionaire club, and was fired from the company he cofounded before quickly securing his return. Within a day of his ousting, Altman said he received 10 to 20 texts from presidents and prime ministers around the world. "It was just like weird," Altman told podcast host Logan Bartlett. "Then it hit me that like, oh yeah, like all of these people had texted me and it wasn't weird," Altman said.
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And the fact that there aren't such controls in place yet is a problem OpenAI recognized, per its July 2023 post. Our current techniques for aligning AI, such as reinforcement learning from human feedback , rely on humans' ability to supervise AI," read OpenAI's post. "But humans won't be able to reliably supervise AI systems much smarter than us, and so our current alignment techniques will not scale to superintelligence. AdvertisementLeike — who worked at Google's DeepMind before his gig at OpenAI — had big aspirations for keeping humans safe from the superintelligence we've created. "Maybe a once-and-for-all solution to the alignment problem is located in the space of problems humans can solve.
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CNN —A day after OpenAI impressed with a startlingly improved ChatGPT AI model, Google showed off its vision for how AI will improve the products that billions of people use every day. Google showed how it wants its AI products to become a bigger part of users’ lives by sharing information, interacting with others, finding objects around the house, making schedules, shopping and using an Android device. Simply put, Google wants its AI to be part of everything you do. Google CEO Sundar Pichai showed off various new features powered by its latest AI model Gemini 1.5 Pro. One new feature, called Ask Photos, allows users to search photos for deeper insights, such as asking when your daughter learned to swim or recall what your license plate number is, by looking through saved pictures.
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Microsoft is building its own AI model dubbed MAI-1, The Information reported. It's a sign Microsoft is ready to depend less on the ChatGPT maker as the AI wars heat up. AdvertisementMicrosoft is reportedly working on its own AI model separately from OpenAI — a chance for CEO Satya Nadella to prove his company doesn't need the ChatGPT maker to get ahead in the AI wars. Microsoft is working on building an in-house large language model model it calls MAI-1, The Information reported earlier this week. That's on top of the smaller, less advanced models Microsoft is developing for smartphone apps, reflecting the tech titan's multi-pronged approach to developing advanced AI.
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It has reignited the savior complex of Silicon Valley's biggest personalities too. AdvertisementThough some questions are being asked about how much of a case Musk has here, the whole saga has offered plenty of incentive to Silicon Valley's more opinionated leaders to moralize on the future of AI. The open option — in theory at least — champions AI models that are transparent about how they're trained and collectively developed by a global community of developers. (2) Big companies, small companies, independent developers, and open source communities should be free to pursue AI. But which side of the battle the rest of Silicon Valley's AI leaders fall on will be watched just as closely.
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COST 5Y mountain Costco's stock performance over the past five years. DHR 5Y mountain Danaher's stock performance over the past five years. ETN 5Y mountain Eaton Corp.'s stock performance over the past five years. "The megatrends are real serious, and [Eaton] is a real serious company," Jim said. TJX 5Y mountain TJX Companies' stock performance over the past five years.
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watch nowMicrosoft on Monday announced a new partnership with French start-up Mistral AI – Europe's answer to ChatGPT maker OpenAI — as the U.S. tech giant seeks to expand its footprint in the fast-evolving artificial intelligence industry. It will also see Microsoft bolster the start-up's access to new customers as it rolls out its ChatGPT-style multilingual conversational assistant "Le Chat," or "the cat." Mistral AI logo is displayed on a mobile phone screen. Anadolu | Getty ImagesMicrosoft President Brad Smith said on Monday that the deal was an "important" signal of the company's backing of European technology. "What we're fundamentally agreeing to a long-term partnership with Mistral AI so that they can train and deploy their next generation models for AI on our AI data centres, our infrastructure, effective immediately," he added.
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Some early adopters of Microsoft's AI assistant, Copilot, are less than impressed, the Wall Street Journal reports. The first users balked at the hefty costs and said the AI would hallucinate wrong answers. AdvertisementMicrosoft is making a big bet on AI with its newly launched generative AI assistant Copilot, but some early adopters have been less than impressed. Others said the AI hallucinated wrong answers or calculated spreadsheets wrong, according to the outlet. And earlier this month, the techgiant rolled out Copilot internally, Business Insider's Ashley Stewart reported at the time.
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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said Friday that the company has to "move fast" on combatting nonconsensual sexually explicit deepfake images, after AI-generated fake nude pictures of Taylor Swift went viral this week. "Yes, we have to act," Nadella said in response to a question about the deepfakes of Swift. "I think we all benefit when the online world is a safe world. X didn't respond to an NBC News request for comment about the deepfake images of Swift, while the singer's representative declined to comment on the record. We have investigated these reports and have not been able to reproduce the explicit images in these reports.
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But there are also dystopian fears that AI could destroy humanity or, at least, lead to widespread job losses. He said people had found ways to make themselves more productive using generative AI and they also understood “what not to use it for.” Generative AI gives humans “better tools” and “access to a lot more capability” but “we’re still very focused on each other,” he added. In a report Sunday, the International Monetary Fund predicted that AI will affect almost 40% of jobs around the world, “replacing some and complementing others,” but potentially worsening income inequality overall. Notwithstanding optimism over the technology’s potential, both Benioff and Altman stressed the need for regulating AI systems to guard against some of the potential existential threats posed by the technology. “I think it’s good that people are afraid of the downsides of this technology,” Altman said.
Persons: OpenAI’s Sam Altmann, ChatGPT, Altman, , Marc Benioff, ” Altman, OpenAI —, , Olesya Dmitracova Organizations: London CNN, Economic, International Monetary Fund, New York Times Locations: Switzerland, Davos, Milan
Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, during an interview at Bloomberg House on the opening day of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Jan. 16, 2024. DAVOS, Switzerland — OpenAI founder and CEO Sam Altman said the night he was pushed out by the board was "wild," and he felt "super confused" and was "super caught off guard." "I have no equity in OpenAI," Altman said in a May Senate hearing on artificial intelligence. Between the board and the non-profit sits a capped-profit company dubbed OpenAI Global, which Microsoft inked a $10 billion investment deal with in January last year. There are also a few other entities, including a holding company, that comprise the somewhat convoluted organization behind the biggest name in generative AI tech.
Persons: Sam Altman, Switzerland —, " Altman, Altman, , Altman's, John Kennedy Organizations: Bloomberg House, Economic, OpenAI's, OpenAI Inc, OpenAI, Microsoft Locations: Davos, Switzerland, DAVOS, OpenAI
In today's big story, we're looking at the best investors when it comes to early-stage companies. The big storyPicking winnersCaterina Fake, Cindi Bi, and Suleman AliInvesting can be a crapshoot, especially when it comes to early-stage companies. AdvertisementThe investors, profiled by BI's Ben Bergman, Samantha Stokes, Rebecca Torrence, and Leena Rao, have an incredible track record for early-stage investing. Silicon Valley can be known to have a herd mentality, especially when it comes to venture investors. And yet, some of the best early-stage investors have proven to have far better success going out on their own.
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Political Cartoons View All 253 ImagesZelenskyy is following that up with his first trip to Davos as president after speaking by video in previous years. The corporate chiefs will hear “what kind of immediate assistance is needed” and lay out how private and public sectors can help Ukraine rebuild one day, forum organizers say. The session will draw NATO leader Jens Stoltenberg, German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck and U.S. envoy for Ukraine's economic recovery, Penny Pritzker, among others. While the geopolitical situation has oozed gloom, businesses appear more hopeful — in part from prospects that artificial intelligence can help boost productivity. Leading Western stock indexes shot up in 2023, and falling inflation raised hopes of a decline in interest rates.
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It's an open-source platform where scientists, researchers, and engineers build, train, and deploy AI models. With his company, Delangue wants to follow in the footsteps of companies such as Red Hat by making open-source AI a profitable endeavor. "If we don't support openness, open science, and open-source AI, just a few companies will be able to do it," Delangue told Business Insider. The episode has made open-source models look more attractive because they don't rely on a single company that could suddenly lose all its employees. What do you see your customers using Hugging Face's AI models for most?
Persons: Clément Delangue, Delangue, OpenAI, Sam Altman, , Giada, Pistilli, We're, autocomplete, We've, we've, that's Organizations: Service, Business, Investors, Amazon, Google, Nvidia, IBM, BI, Microsoft Locations: Amazon
New York CNN —It was the year of artificial intelligence, and no Big Tech company leaned into the trend like Microsoft. That’s why CNN Business’ staff chose Nadella as the CEO of the Year, beating out other contenders including Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang. “There’s no question 2023 was the year of AI,” Nadella told CNN in an emailed response. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and Nadella shared the stage at OpenAI’s first developer conference to discuss their partnership. Nadella told CNN he indeed remains “focused” on empowering both people and organizations to achieve more, as it continues to make and deploy new products.
Persons: Satya Nadella, Nadella, Jamie Dimon, Sam Altman, Jensen Huang, , ” Nadella, Pfizer’s Albert Bourla, Taylor Swift, Gil Luria, DA Davidson, , OpenAI —, Justin Sullivan, OpenAI’s Altman, Altman, “ It’s, OpenAI, ” OpenAI, ” Luria, Greg Brockman, Luria, Fred Havemeyer, “ Mr, Brad Barket, Stuart Carlaw, Nadella’s, he’s, ” Carlaw, hasn’t, ” Takeshi Numoto, — CNN’s Allison Morrow Organizations: New, New York CNN, Big Tech, Windows, CNN Business ’, Chase, Nvidia, CNN, Fortune, Microsoft, Ivy League, University of Wisconsin -, University of Chicago Booth School of Business, ChatGPT, Google, Macquarie, ABI Research Locations: New York, Silicon Valley, Seattle , Washington, Valley, India, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Instacart, OpenAI
These two diverging camps — the open and the closed — disagree about whether to build AI in a way that makes the underlying technology widely accessible. "So it’s not like a thing that is locked in a barrel and no one knows what they are.”Political Cartoons View All 1277 ImagesWHAT'S OPEN-SOURCE AI? Part of the confusion around open-source AI is that despite its name, OpenAI — the company behind ChatGPT and the image-generator DALL-E — builds AI systems that are decidedly closed. An increasingly public debate has emerged over the benefits or dangers of adopting an open-source approach to AI development. Weights are numerical parameters that influence how an AI model performs.
Persons: they’re, That's, , Darío Gil, Alliance —, ” Gil, OpenAI, Ilya Sutskever, there's, David Evan Harris, Harris, , Oppenheimer ’, Camille Carlton, Yann LeCun, LeCun, fearmongering, ” LeCun, Chris Padilla, Joe Biden's, Gina Raimondo Organizations: Tech, Meta, IBM, Alliance, Google, Microsoft, Dell, Sony, AMD, Intel, Associated Press, Stanford University, University of California, for Humane Technology, Frontier Model, Windows, Commerce, European Locations: Berkeley
Meta and IBM have launched an alliance that's calling for an "open science" approach to AI development. Facebook parent Meta and IBM on Tuesday launched a new group called the AI Alliance that's advocating for an "open science" approach to AI development that puts them at odds with rivals Google, Microsoft and ChatGPT-maker OpenAI. AdvertisementPart of the confusion around open-source AI is that despite its name, OpenAI — the company behind ChatGPT and the image-generator DALL-E — builds AI systems that are decidedly closed. An increasingly public debate has emerged over the benefits or dangers of adopting an open-source approach to AI development. Biden's order described open models with the technical name of "dual-use foundation models with widely available weights" and said they needed further study.
Persons: , they're, That's, Darío Gil, Alliance —, Gil, OpenAI, Ilya Sutskever, there's, David Evan Harris, Harris, Oppenheimer, Camille Carlton, Yann LeCun, LeCun, fearmongering, Chris Padilla, Joe Biden's, Gina Raimondo Organizations: Meta, IBM, Google, Microsoft, Service, Tech, Alliance, Dell, Sony, AMD, Intel, Associated Press, Stanford University, University of California, for Humane Technology, Frontier Model, Windows, Commerce, European Locations: Berkeley
Meta's top AI scientist urged Mark Zuckerberg to make a ChatGPT rival, the New York Times reports. Yann LeCun warned that Facebook and Instagram could potentially go extinct if Meta didn't act. If Meta didn't buckle down on its AI efforts, Facebook and Instagram could go extinct, LeCun warned, according to the report. "I have been thinking about what you said," the CEO told LeCun during a dinner that evening, a person familiar told the Times. Meta didn't immediately reply to Business Insider's request for comment from Zuckerberg or LeCun.
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OpenAI reinstated CEO Sam Altman after a dayslong saga kicked off with the board firing him Friday. AdvertisementOpenAI staffers who threatened to quit this week over CEO Sam Altman's firing are making up to $800,000 per year, according to Bloomberg. AdvertisementBut tech-firm salaries don't include bonuses or stock awards, which can bring total compensation for some OpenAI engineers closer to $800,000, Bloomberg said. But despite the high demand for talent, there are aren't many people who understand the technology, so companies value these workers with high salaries as well as influence. At OpenAI, these employees played a key role in Altman's eventual rehire at the AI startup following his surprise ouster last week.
Persons: OpenAI, Sam Altman, Altman, , Sam Altman's, OpenAI's Organizations: Bloomberg, Service, Meta, Google, Tech, The New York Times, Altman's eventual, Microsoft, Twitter Locations: OpenAI, Altman's
NEW YORK (AP) — It's been quite a week for ChatGPT-maker OpenAI — and co-founder Sam Altman. And as he became Silicon Valley’s most sought-after voice on the promise and potential dangers of this technology, Altman helped transform OpenAI into a world-renowned startup. WHAT IS GENERATIVE AI? Unlike traditional AI, which processes data and completes tasks using predetermined rules, generative AI (including chatbots like ChatGPT) can create something new. Meanwhile, in the U.S., President Joe Biden signed an ambitious executive order last month seeking to balance the needs of cutting-edge technology companies with national security and consumer rights.
Persons: — It's, OpenAI —, Sam Altman, Altman, what's, , Greg Brockman, Brockman, , OpenAI, , Johann Laux, Enza Iannopollo, Forrester, Iannopollo, they’ve, Chatbots, Joe Biden Organizations: OpenAI, WHO, ALTMAN, Microsoft, Twitter, Oxford Internet, Tech, European Union Locations: San Francisco, Brussels, U.S
Every weekday the CNBC Investing Club with Jim Cramer holds a Morning Meeting livestream at 10:20 a.m. "A lot of [OpenAI] diaspora could be going to Salesforce," Jim Cramer said Tuesday. At the same time, Nvidia stock made a new all-time high Monday, raising the stakes into the print. As a subscriber to the CNBC Investing Club with Jim Cramer, you will receive a trade alert before Jim makes a trade. THE ABOVE INVESTING CLUB INFORMATION IS SUBJECT TO OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND PRIVACY POLICY , TOGETHER WITH OUR DISCLAIMER .
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Sam Altman's ouster has been so unpopular that most OpenAI workers have threatened to quit. The chaotic ouster of Sam Altman from OpenAI offers lessons around corporate stewardship and about seizing opportunity . It's a remarkable and uncommon show of support for a top dog at a company, leadership experts told Business Insider. Young, leadership expert and author of "Kissinger's Betrayal: How America Lost the Vietnam War" told BI. "Emotions and personalities play a much greater role in the small company," he said.
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of OpenAI, the leader in commercializing generative A.I. By Monday, he had not only been fired by his board — he had also joined Microsoft, the start-up’s biggest backer. A recap:OpenAI’s board fired Altman for not being “consistently candid.” Greg Brockman, another co-founder, was stripped of his chairman title and quit. Talks to bring Altman back broke down, with OpenAI’s board eventually naming Emmett Shear, the former C.E.O. (Some OpenAI employees workers wrote on X that “OpenAI is nothing without its people,” posts that Altman liked.)
Persons: Sam Altman, Altman, Greg Brockman, OpenAI —, , Emmett Shear, Mira Murati, Brockman, Ilya Sutskever, Elon Musk, Geoffrey Hinton Organizations: Microsoft, up’s, OpenAI Locations: OpenAI, ChatGPT
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