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Washington CNN —The Biden reelection campaign has enlisted three police officers – all of whom were working at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, when rioters overtook the building – to stump for Biden across battleground states in the coming weeks, the campaign told CNN. Aquilino Gonell, Officer Harry Dunn and Officer Danny Hodges plan to tell voters across key swing states that former President Donald Trump poses a threat to democracy and to their fundamental rights as Americans. Dunn and Gonell sustained injuries during the attack on the Capitol and have since retired from the Capitol Police. “We were the victims, we lived through it,” Dunn, who mounted an unsuccessful bid for Congress, told CNN in an interview. In a fundraising email to Biden supporters last week, Gonell described sustaining career-ending injuries and being “trampled in a tunnel” – and noting he would continue fighting for America after being in uniform.
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Mr. Biden recently indicated he would debate Mr. Trump, but had until now declined to give any firm commitment or specific details. In a video announcing his offer, Mr. Biden taunted Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump leads Mr. Biden in most polls of battleground states, including the recent surveys by The New York Times, Siena College and The Philadelphia Inquirer. Significantly more voters trust Mr. Trump over Mr. Biden to handle the economy. Mr. Biden, exasperated, famously said to Mr. Trump, “Will you shut up, man?
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In the letter, the campaign proposed debate dates in June and September. CNN has reached out to the Trump campaign and the committee for comment. In recent public appearances, Trump has seemed eager to debate Biden – he set up an empty lectern at a campaign rally in Wisconsin early last month in a taunt to Biden. The Commission on Presidential Debates announced dates for three presidential debates last November. The campaign also proposed that a vice presidential debate take place in late July after the Republican Party nominates its candidate for that position.
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The morning after President Biden’s fund-raiser with former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, his campaign has planned a daylong retreat on Friday for 175 of his biggest financiers and fund-raisers in New York. The gathering of what the campaign calls Mr. Biden’s national finance committee will feature a half-dozen briefings from his top political advisers, including his campaign manager, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, and two former top White House advisers who have moved over to help lead his campaign, Jennifer O’Malley Dillon and Mike Donilon. The meeting at the InterContinental New York Barclay hotel is a sign of how the president has drawn his financial strength not only from grass-roots contributors but also from major donors who can cut checks as large as $929,600 to the Biden Victory Fund, a shared venture of Mr. Biden and the national and state Democratic Parties. To qualify as a member of Mr. Biden’s national finance team, donors are asked to write a check for at least $47,900.
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The campaign aides plan to discuss their general election message and outlook for the year, as well as ongoing mobilization efforts. “Together, President Biden, Vice President Harris, and House Democrats have delivered on a historic agenda for the American people,” Rodriguez said ahead of the meeting. Since Trump romped to resounding victories in the Iowa and New Hampshire contests last month, the Biden campaign has effectively acted as if the general election race with Trump has already started. The March engagement plan will help fortify a campaign operation and grassroots network for Biden and House Democrats that they will further ramp up as they work to persuade voters later this year. House Democrats are in the northern Virginia town, about 30 miles from Washington, for their annual retreat.
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The Biden reelection campaign is rejecting the political organizing model that Obama used during his campaign for a second term in 2012, in which Obama largely shunned the Democratic National Committee and opted instead to set up his own vast electioneering machine. Several top DNC officials at the time complained that they were ignored by Obama, while state parties complained they were starved for resources. “One of the big challenges in 2012 was a national competition and rub between (Organizing For Action) and the state parties. Jim Messina, Obama’s 2012 campaign manager, previously told CNN that he believes the Obama campaign spent too much too early. Though O’Malley Dillon will now shift fully into politics, she remained deeply engaged with campaign operations throughout her time in the West Wing.
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Hours after, he was projected to win the New Hampshire primary race even though his name wasn’t on the ballot. “In politics, you run like you’re down when you’re winning or when you’re losing,” Biden campaign co-chair Cedric Richmond said Wednesday. “I think President Biden’s going to help people win, in the end. That is part of what influenced the decision, announced Tuesday, to shift two key West Wing advisers from the White House to Biden’s campaign. But one thing Biden’s teams believe will help center their arguments is a clearer race between Biden and Trump.
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President Biden has approved a shake-up of the leadership of his campaign, and will dispatch a top White House aide to take over functional control of his re-election effort just as former President Donald J. Trump appears to be seizing control of the Republican primary contest to oppose him. The aide, Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, who was the campaign manager for Mr. Biden’s 2020 campaign and has served as a deputy chief of staff in the White House since he became president, will move to the Biden 2024 headquarters in Wilmington, Del., and direct the campaign’s efforts, according to five people familiar with the discussions. It is unclear precisely what title Ms. O’Malley Dillon will take at the campaign or when the announcement will be made, though it could come later this week. Julie Chávez Rodríguez, the campaign’s manager since shortly after it began in April, is expected to retain that title. “Our campaign manager is and will continue to oversee the president’s re-election efforts, and this campaign will remain laser-focused on defeating Donald Trump and MAGA extremism at the ballot box this November,” said Michael Tyler, the campaign’s communications director.
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Five takeaways from the New Hampshire primary
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But she’ll be battling history: In modern presidential campaign history, no non-incumbent has won the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary without going on to win his party’s nomination. Here are five takeaways from the New Hampshire primaries:Trump wants Haley out — nowIn what were expected to be celebratory remarks Tuesday night in New Hampshire, Trump instead sounded annoyed that Haley had not yet dropped out of the Republican primary race. There are dozens of states left to go,” Haley told supporters in her election night speech Tuesday in New Hampshire. Haley waves to the audience as she speaks at a New Hampshire primary night rally, in Concord, New Hampshire, on Tuesday. (Trump skipped all five Republican primary debates, and has shown no indication he’d consider participating in one.)
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With less than 10 months to go until the 2024 election, the nerve center of President Biden’s bid for a second term is stationed not at his campaign’s headquarters in Delaware but within feet of the Oval Office. Each time, no move happened after the president told aides he wanted to keep Mr. Donilon within walking distance. Anita Dunn, the longtime Democratic operative who stepped in to help revive Mr. Biden’s fledging operation four years ago, is crafting the re-election message again, even as she oversees communications at the White House. Jen O’Malley Dillon, Mr. Biden’s deputy White House chief of staff and former campaign manager, is also splitting her day job with her role as one of the most powerful voices in the campaign. So far, almost none of the people in the president’s inner circle have left for campaign headquarters in Wilmington, Del., prompting some donors and strategists to worry that too much of Mr. Biden’s team remains cloistered inside the White House.
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He ordered up an economic analysis and spoke to company officials about the plant, according to White House officials. On Thursday, Biden will visit Belvidere to showcase that same auto plant, which has reopened as part of the settlement of a targeted strike by the United Auto Workers union. O'Malley Dillon said the UAW contracts and the auto plant reopening reflect a larger focus on workers by the president. The contracts, if approved by 146,000 union members in the coming weeks, would dramatically raise pay for auto workers. Top assembly plant workers would earn roughly $42 per hour.
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It’s a persistent sense that the inner circle of advisers to the president and several of the very few aides who have been hired for his reelection campaign dismiss as absurd. “They are so underestimated, and they keep getting it right,” said Jim Messina, former president Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign manager, who has been one of the people privately advising Biden’s team to ramp up gradually. “We will grow and ramp up alongside the Biden campaign, probably in late fall or early next year,” Barnes said. “The most important power of incumbency is taking time to plan and build your campaign while your challenger is busy with a primary,” a Democratic campaign veteran said. “You can raise more now, but President Biden is raising less,” a veteran Democratic fundraiser on the West Coast said.
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Shevrin Jones, a Florida state senator and member of the Biden campaign’s advisory board of elected officials, said he’s eager to tell the country the story of what he’s seen under DeSantis’ leadership. Biden and DeSantis and their wives walk to meet with local residents affected by Hurricane Ian in Fort Myers, Florida, on October 5, 2022. The voter registration advantage Florida Democrats had when President Barack Obama narrowly won the state in 2012 has flipped to Republicans. An adviser to the former New York City mayor told CNN that so far, there has been no outreach to Bloomberg’s operation from either the Biden campaign or the DNC. There was also a fleeting belief that they could push Biden over the top in Florida – though Trump ended up carrying the state by 3 points.
When President Biden announced his re-election campaign and its top two staff members this week, the names of his closest and longest-serving advisers were not included. A small circle of senior officials, some who have known Mr. Biden for longer than many of the soon-to-be-hired campaign staff members have been alive, will guide the president’s political strategy both in the White House and on the campaign trail. Of the six, only Jennifer O’Malley Dillon and Jeff Zients, the White House chief of staff, have active Twitter accounts. But it was members of this group who began making phone calls last weekend to offer positions on Mr. Biden’s campaign, only some of which have been announced. Officials in the White House and on his nascent campaign insist the campaign manager, Julie Chávez Rodríguez, will be empowered to run Mr. Biden’s re-election bid.
CNN —President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden capped South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol’s official state visit with a glamorous state dinner at the White House Wednesday night to celebrate the two nations’ 70-year alliance. May we do it together for another 170 years.”But Biden wasn’t the only leader who took the mic. Following a round of musical performances, his South Korean counterpart joined him on stage to give his own – a karaoke rendition of Don McClean’s “American Pie” – which received a standing ovation from the crowd. The elaborate dinner is the result of weeks of careful diplomatic preparations, with each detail meticulously planned by a team of White House chefs, social staff, and protocol experts. U.S. President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden pose with South Korea's President Yoon Suk Yeol and first lady Kim Keon Hee in front of the Grand Staircase of the White House before an official State Dinner, in Washington, U.S. April 26, 2023.
A series of upcoming challenges, from the ongoing war in Ukraine to a still-uncertain economy, could provide hurdles to Biden’s reelection. The Washington beltway event may be indicative of what’s to come for the Biden reelection campaign strategy. “Just like four years ago—I’m off to teach and Joe’s launched his (re-election) campaign! Obama held his first reelection campaign rally in May 2012, 13 months after announcing his bid for a second term. The wait for a Biden reelection rally could be just as long.
Biden’s plan to run for reelection has been an open, if not officially announced, reality inside the West Wing for months. Biden said last week he had completed his “calculus” about mounting a reelection bid and would announce his intentions shortly. We’ll announce it relatively soon,” Biden said as he departed Ireland. “The trip here just reinforced my sense of optimism about what can be done,” the president told reporters. Biden’s aides have been quietly putting an infrastructure in place for a reelection campaign for months.
“If it’s a room of five people, Anita and Bob are two of them,” said a former White House aide, who asked to remain anonymous because the person was not authorized to speak on the record about White House business. The White House declined to comment for this piece. The group of White House aides that were looped in on the discovery immediately was slightly larger and included Dunn, this person said. “Whatever strategy they had has not served him well — the lack of transparency from November to January,” said a second former White House official. Bauer, who didn’t join the administration, has acted as a sounding board for White House lawyers on potential hires.
“Around the country, MAGA extremists are lining up to take on those bedrock freedoms,” Mr. Biden said, using Mr. Trump’s Make America Great Again slogan to describe the former president’s allies. While he had repeatedly and consistently said he intended to run, Mr. Biden stoked renewed speculation by delaying his kickoff for months. Mr. Biden tapped Julie Chávez Rodríguez, a senior White House adviser and granddaughter of the iconic labor leader Cesar Chávez, as his campaign manager. But the operation is expected to be overseen from the White House by top presidential aides. While polls show that most Democrats have favorable opinions about Mr. Biden, a majority of them would still rather he not run again.
They’re offering more policy briefings to longtime supporters, Zoom calls with top administration officials and White House tours, too. "The $500,000 people like me, we’re not going to be players in 2024," said Dick Harpootlian, a longtime Democratic donor and South Carolina state senator. For the White House, the shift is an acceleration of a courtship campaign that began more modestly before the midterm elections. Amid concerns about the omicron variant last year, the White House was forced to abandon plans for a more full set of holiday parties. Some of those same people were invited to the White House next month for an in-person policy briefing.
WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden is set to deliver remarks Wednesday night on the importance of protecting democracy and the threat posed by election deniers as part of his final pitch to voters heading into midterms next week. Biden has repeatedly accused Republican supporters of former President Donald Trump of promoting "extremism." “He’ll be making the speech from Capitol Hill, and why will he be making the speech on Capitol Hill? In his remarks, Biden will also emphasize that it may take several days for all the votes to be counted in some key swing states, said O’Malley Dillon. In 2020, election deniers used that lagging in time needed to hand count absentee ballots to make false accusations against election officials.
Democrats had been spending millions of dollars in Republican primaries elevating extreme candidates who falsely insist Donald Trump won the 2020 election, in hopes of facing weaker opponents in the general election. The raw political calculus that underpins the Democrats’ midterm election strategy is at odds with President Joe Biden’s core political message that democracy is in peril. Biden appears to have accepted the tradeoff involved: If boosting election-denying candidates saves even a few Democratic congressional seats, it’s worth the risk. NBC News asked the White House what Biden thinks of the practice and whether he’s ever voiced qualms about it. During the 2016 presidential campaign, many Democrats saw Trump as the weakest and, hence, most desirable opponent in the general election.
Curtis Ried, a career foreign service officer and veteran of the National Security staff for two presidents, has been named as the NSC’s new chief of staff, officials tell NBC News. He has traveled regularly with President Biden at home and abroad, another key factor in his selection. Ried in particular played a key role in working with the United Nations and rebuilding the refugee admissions program. That number doesn’t include so-called DNC “fellows” and other part time staff who are engaged in some of the key party efforts, especially voter registration. Obama has already done fundraisers for the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (August 30 in Martha’s Vineyard) and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (Sept. 8 in New York).
But, they said, if Republicans win one or both chambers, that would likely trigger a quicker pivot to a Biden re-election campaign. Relying on the party apparatus would allow the Biden campaign to forgo trying to build up its own separate campaign infrastructure in each state. But while a DNC-centric campaign might seem to be a natural fit for Biden, relying on the committee poses risks. “The Biden approach is the more traditional approach.”Far more than Obama, Biden is a creature of the Democratic Party. Biden aides say no final decisions on campaign staffing have been made, and they’re not expected to be until after the midterms.
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