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Opinion | Election Security, Trump-Style
  + stars: | 2024-05-30 | by ( Katherine Miller | )   time to read: +2 min
building — are dedicated to one cause: election integrity.”She was sitting between her husband, Eric, and Jason Simmons, who is the new North Carolina G.O.P. “Election integrity,” in Donald Trump’s telling, tends to be about the past; party co-chairs like Ms. Trump usually talk about the present. The three sat onstage, motionless, as Mr. Trump talked about the border, then eventually, came to North Carolina. Theoretically, that Mr. Trump won while a Democrat won the governorship offers the best proof of all that the election was not stolen. But perhaps because to concede his own success in one place would render his failure elsewhere unbearable, Mr. Trump must instead believe that fraud took place there as well, and that Michael Whatley defeated it.
Persons: Lara Trump, Eric, Jason Simmons, Donald Trump’s, Trump, , Michael Whatley Organizations: Republican National Committee, North Carolina G.O.P, Democrat Locations: North Carolina, Greensboro, N.C, Pennsylvania, Georgia
Why the Negro League stats belong in the MLB record books
  + stars: | 2024-05-30 | by ( Harry Enten | )   time to read: +12 min
Fortunately, we got to see other NLB players join an integrated MLB a short time into their careers. Bettmann Archive/Getty ImagesFormer NLB players who joined the integrated MLB got on base more frequently (.361) than the average (.324). Hulton Archive/Getty Images Robinson was a formidable athlete in college, lettering in four sports at UCLA. Bettmann Archive/Getty Images Robinson poses in the dugout with Dodgers teammates as he makes his historic debut on April 15, 1947. Rogers Photo Archive/Getty Images Robinson leaps into the air to try to turn a double play in 1952.
Persons: , Major League Baseball’s, Neil Paine, , Todd Peterson, White, Satchel Paige, Dizzy Dean, Mark Rucker, of Famer Dizzy Dean, , Dean, Paige, Willie Mays, Mays, Henry “ Hank ” Aaron, Aaron didn’t, Wes Westrum's, It’s, Don Newcombe, Jackie Robinson, Robinson, Rachel Isum, Johnny, Jorgensen, Harold, Pee Wee, Reese, Eddie Stanky, Rickey, Rogers, Richard Nixon, Paul Schutzer, Edd Roush, Bob Feller, Bill McKechnie, Cliff Welch, Ed Sullivan, Rachel, — Jackie Jr, David, Sharon —, Robert Riger, Jackie Robinson's, Larry Doby –, Hall, Hall of Famer –, Josh Gibson, Gibson’s, Gibson, Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Ruth, We’ll, Larry Doby, Stanley Weston, Doby, Cobb, Grover Cleveland Alexander, Walter Johnson, they’ll Organizations: CNN, Negro League Baseball, Major League, MLB, Negro League, Wrigley Field, White MLB, of Famer, White, Birmingham Black Barons, Indianapolis, National Leagues, New York Giants, Philadelphia Phillies, Polo, Bettmann, Getty, National League, Brooklyn Dodgers, Hulton, UCLA, US Army, Kansas City Monarchs, Negro Leagues, Sporting, Montreal Royals, Dodgers, New York Yankees, GOP, Republican, Hall of Fame, CBS, Freedom, American League, Hall of Famer, Baseball, Cleveland Indians, NL, AL Locations: Chicago, , New York, Cairo , Georgia, Pasadena , California, Los Angeles, New York, Stamford , Connecticut, Williamston , North Carolina, Bettmann, Anaheim , California
Every year in western England, a group of enthusiasts chase a wheel of Double Gloucester cheese down Cooper’s Hill for the chance to be crowned champion. “It’s a very steep hill,” Lampe, the winner of this year’s first women’s race told CNN Sport’s Don Riddell, adding she estimates it is about “45 degrees.”Chaotic scenes as competitors come tumbling down the hill during the annual Cooper's Hill cheese-rolling competition. But I wanted to renew that win and bring the title back to the US,” added Lampe, who is from North Carolina. Once a local event, the competition at Cooper’s Hill, in Brockworth, Gloucestershire, attracts entrants and spectators from all over the world. “My face took a lot of hits down the hill – so did my body – but that’s the cost that it takes to win the cheese rolling,” she added.
Persons: Abby Lampe, , ” Lampe, CNN Sport’s Don Riddell, Henry Nicholls, it’s, , Lampe, – it’s, Jacob King, Tom Kopke, Australian Dylan Twist, Josh Shepherd Organizations: CNN, Getty Locations: England, Gloucester, AFP, North Carolina, Brockworth , Gloucestershire, Germany, Australian
Rent prices have been a lone bright spot amid high inflation, as one-bedroom homes in many cities are cheaper than they were a year ago. While one-bedroom rental prices ticked up 1.2% on a monthly basis in May, they've been mostly flat in 2024. The decline in rental prices in southern cities is largely due to increased construction of rental units, but also population loss in some cities, especially in California, Zumper's study says. The city has encouraged new construction through property annexation and zoning reform, adding thousands of rental units in 2023. Here's a look at the 15 U.S. cities with the largest drops in one-bedroom rental prices for the year ending May 24, according to Zumper's data.
Persons: Zumper, , they've, Zumper's Locations: U.S, California, Greensboro , North Carolina
CNN —When you’re trying to address mental health symptoms, simply the belief that you can be helped may be an important factor. Symptoms of nine mental health disorders substantially improved under placebo treatment, according to a new review of 90 randomized controlled trials — known as a meta-analysis — totaling 9,985 adult participants largely in their 30s and 40s. “This is the most comprehensive study of placebo effects in psychiatry.”The results are also important for patient treatment, Bschor said. But for disorders that didn’t see as much improvement with placebos — such as OCD or schizophrenia, which is a psychotic disorder — medication may be more necessary. Improvement in absence of medicationThat mental health symptoms improved with placebo treatment may be due to a few potential influences, experts said.
Persons: Tom Bschor, Jonathan Alpert, Dorothy, Marty Silverman, Alpert, wasn’t, Bschor, ” Bschor, , Richard Keefe, Keefe, Felipe Barreto Schuch, ” Schuch wasn’t, , ” Alpert, you’ve Organizations: CNN, Psychiatry, University Hospital Dresden, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Duke University Medical Center, Brazil’s Federal University of Santa Locations: Germany, New York City, North Carolina, Brazil’s Federal University of Santa Maria
Perhaps Lost in the Polling: The Race Is Still Close
  + stars: | 2024-05-29 | by ( Nate Cohn | )   time to read: +1 min
But the news is not all bad for Mr. Biden — or, at least, it’s not all that bad. It’s close enough that he would have a very serious chance to win if the election were held tomorrow. And of course, the race won’t be held tomorrow: There are five-plus months to go for a possible Biden comeback. The electoral mapHow is the race close? If Mr. Biden won those battleground states, he’d probably be re-elected as president.
Persons: Biden hasn’t, He’s, Biden —, it’s, It’s, Biden, there’s, Biden’s, he’d Locations: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona , Georgia, Nevada , North Carolina , Florida , Ohio
Opinion | Less Marriage, Less Sex, Less Agreement
  + stars: | 2024-05-29 | by ( Nicholas Kristof | )   time to read: +1 min
I wrote a column recently lamenting the decline in marriage rates, noting that a record half of American adults are now unmarried. As a long-married romantic myself, steeped in statistics suggesting that marriage correlates with happiness, I found that sad. My readers, not so much. Many women readers in particular dismissed heterosexual marriage as an outdated institution that pampers men while turning women into unpaid servants. “Marriage is generally GREAT for men,” declared a woman reader from North Carolina whose comment on the column was the single most liked, with more than 2,000 people recommending it.
Persons: , doesn’t, , Locations: North Carolina
In fact, over the course of a pregnancy, creating and carrying a little one takes 49,753 dietary calories — the equivalent of 164 Snickers candy bars, said Dr. Dustin Marshall, a coauthor of the study published May 16 in the journal Science. You can think of it as an additional substantial snack or mini meal in your day around the second trimester, Mokari said. “That’s pretty monumental.”What to eatHow you eat will depend on your pregnancy, Mokari said. Get some sleepThis study also suggests that sleep is probably especially important during pregnancy, Feinberg said. “If you feel tired, go to sleep, and really understand that you’re not being a wimp, that you’re exhausted in pregnancy,” Feinberg said.
Persons: Dustin Marshall, Marshall, , Samuel Ginther, ” Marshall, Eve Feinberg, , dietitian Natalie Mokari, Mokari, , you’ve, ” Mokari, ” Feinberg, Feinberg Organizations: CNN, Monash University, intuit, Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine Locations: Melbourne, Australia, Chicago, Charlotte , North Carolina
But while retirees might imagine spending their golden years full of pasta and palazzos, the realities of moving abroad are much less romantic. He didn’t think retiring abroad was feasible. Packing up shopAs America’s retirement crisis grows, so too does the dream of retiring abroad. “People need to think about estate planning, which is often different abroad,” said Brett Spencer, the founder of Impact Financial, a financial advisory firm that specializes in Americans living abroad. I think that’s the reality that a lot of people probably aren’t prepared for,” said Peddicord, who splits her time with her husband between Paris and Panama City, Panama.
Persons: Laura Barnett, She’s, Chris, Chris Barnett, didn’t, Laura, , We’ve, , ” Chris, there’s, won’t, It’s, Brett Spencer, ” Spencer, he’s, Italy Patience Dunbar, Charles Ippoliti, Patience Dunbar Patience Dunbar, Charles, they’ve, Patience, Giorgia, We’re, you’ll, Kathleen Peddicord, Peddicord, don’t, Jacki Dahl, Bill Dahl, Bill Organizations: New, New York CNN, US Department of Defense, CNN, Gallup, Social, Impact, Invest Overseas, , , Rocky, Expiatorio Locations: New York, Kentucky, Poitiers, France, Fayetteville , North Carolina, Portugal, Aveiro, Europe, Monmouth, Italy, Arona, Milan, Oregon, Kansas, United States, Paris, Panama City, Panama, States, Reno, Guadalajara, Mexico,
The 2024 U.S. News & World Report list of the Best Places to Live in the US, which was released Tuesday, ranks 150 major cities based on their quality of life, education, crime rates, employment opportunities, and housing. Business Insider mapped the top 50 best places to live, with the top 15 colored dark blue. Southeastern Florida cities like Miami and Fort Lauderdale normally get most of the love from movers outside the state — or even the country. But this year, it's the western part of the peninsula that's well-represented on the list of best places to live. Many have been moving to Arizona, Florida, Texas, and Washington, citing factors such as high home prices, the climate crisis, and politics.
Persons: , Fort, Austin Organizations: Service, U.S . News, Places, Business, Sunshine State, Fort Collins, Council for Community, Economic Research, State Locations: U.S, Florida , Colorado, North Carolina, Northeast, Southwest, Florida, Colorado, Naples, Sarasota, Pensacola , Tampa, Fort Myers, Melbourne, Naples , Florida, Boise , Idaho, Southeastern Florida, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Denver, Tennessee, South Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, Buffalo , Pittsburgh, Portland, Davenport , Iowa, Omaha, Lincoln, Texas, California, Austin, McAllen, McAllen , Texas, Francisco, San Diego . Washington , Oregon , Idaho , Nevada, Utah, Arizona , Florida , Texas, Washington
CNN —Professional golfer Grayson Murray died by suicide, his parents confirmed in a statement released through the PGA Tour. It’s a nightmare.”The statement continued, “We would like to thank the PGA Tour and the entire world of golf for the outpouring of support. It provides free and confidential support 24 hours a day, seven days a week for people in suicidal crisis or distress. For crisis support in Spanish, call 1-888-628-9454. For support outside of the US, a worldwide directory of resources and international hotlines is provided by the International Association for Suicide Prevention.
Persons: Grayson Murray, ” Eric, Terry Murray, wasn’t, Grayson, , Charles Schwab, Murray, Keegan Bradley Organizations: CNN, PGA, Tour, Sony, Keegan, IMG, Prevention, International Association for Suicide Prevention, Befrienders, Locations: Fort Worth , Texas, Raleigh , North Carolina
CNN —Josef Newgarden used a scintillating last-lap pass to win the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday for the second consecutive year in a race that started four hours late due to extreme weather. We worked our tails off,” Newgarden told race broadcaster NBC. “Absolutely, they can say whatever they want after this point, I don’t care any more,” Newgarden said after the Indy 500. The Indy 500 regularly shares a date with the famous Monaco Grand Prix, known as the “crown jewel” of the Formula One calendar. Michael Conroy/AP“(Racing at 50) was always my goal, but I don’t want to just ‘do it’,” he told Indy Star.
Persons: CNN — Josef Newgarden, I’m, , ” Newgarden, Pato O’Ward, Arrow McLaren, Hélio Castroneves, Roger Penske, ” Josef Newgarden, AJ Mast, Tom Blomqvist, Mark J, Newgarden, O’Ward, , , “ It’s, ” O’Ward, Scott Dixon, ” Dixon, Charles Leclerc, Kyle Larson, Larson, ” Larson, Justin Allgaier, Christopher Leduc, Allgaier, John Andretti, Robby Gordon, Tony Stewart, Kurt Busch, Castroneves, Michael Conroy Organizations: CNN, Indianapolis, NBC, Indycar, USA, Sports, Reuters, Team Penske, IndyCar, Indy, Monaco, Larson NASCAR, NASCAR, Indy Star Locations: Indianapolis, St . Petersburg , Florida, Monte Carlo, Indiana, North Carolina, Larson’s
That's helping establish a new millennial milestone for some: Ditching roommates, moving out from the family home, and landing on living alone. Business Insider's analysis of American Community Survey microdata from IPUMS found that 10.5% of millennials lived alone in 2022. Per BI's analysis of American Community Survey data via IPUMS, 16% of millennials lived with at least one parent as of 2022. (The data doesn't specify if that means they're living with their parents or if their parents are living with them.) Subsidized solo livingSome lower-earning millennials are able to get assistance reaching the solo-living milestone — but it's not always easy.
Persons: Jess Munday's, Jess Munday's San Francisco, Munday, " Munday, I'm, it's, IPUMS, millennials, Bella DePaulo, they've, DePaulo, she'd, Jess Munday, Dara Feller, Aria Velasquez, they're, " Velasquez, Velasquez, Erica Charles, she's, Charles, Rick Fry, Fry, She'd, She's, Clibborn, Sydney Krantz, He's, , homeownership Chaz Zimmer, Chaz Zimmer, Adrianna Newell, Tomasz Piskorski, Piskorski, Zimmer hasn't, Zimmer, he's, James Paniagua, Paniagua, snagging, Julia Mazur, Kathy Pierre, Pierre Organizations: Business, American, Survey, Pew, BI Garak, BI, Subaru, Columbia Business School Locations: Jess Munday's San, Francisco's, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington ,, IPUMS, Florida, California, Waverly , New York, homeownership, Oakland , California, Los Angeles, Oakland, London, Austin, Charlotte , North Carolina, Charlotte
An injection pen of Zepbound, Eli Lilly’s weight loss drug, is displayed in New York City on Dec. 11, 2023. Eli Lilly on Friday said it is investing another $5.3 billion in a manufacturing plant in Lebanon, Indiana, to boost supply of its highly popular weight loss drug Zepbound, diabetes treatment Mounjaro and other medicines. That makes it Eli Lilly's largest manufacturing investment in its nearly 150-year history, the company's CEO David Ricks said in a statement. Eli Lilly expects the Lebanon site to start making medicines toward the end of 2026, and scale up operations through 2028. The plant will specifically increase Eli Lilly's capacity to manufacture the active ingredient in Zepbound and Mounjaro, called tirzepatide.
Persons: Eli Lilly’s, Eli Lilly, Eli Lilly's, David Ricks, Ricks, Anat Ashkenazi, Ashkenazi Organizations: Nexus Pharmaceuticals, Investors Locations: New York City, Lebanon , Indiana, U.S, Lebanon, Indiana, Europe, North Carolina, Ireland, Germany
One day in 1855, a man walked into a newspaper office in Sydney, Australia, with an odd request. The man, later described as a “man of color” with “bright, intelligent eyes” and an American accent, was looking for a copy of the United States Constitution. The text was procured, along with a recent book on the history of the United States. Two weeks later, the man returned with a nearly 20,000-word text of his own, bearing a blunt title: “The United States Governed by Six Hundred Thousand Despots.”The first half offered an account of the author’s birth into slavery in North Carolina around 1815, his escape from his master, his years on a whaling ship and then his departure from “the land of the free” for the shores of Australia, where he went to work in the gold fields. The second half was a long, blistering condemnation of the country he had left behind, in particular its revered founding document.
Persons: Organizations: United, Constitution Locations: Sydney, Australia, United States, North Carolina
Washington CNN —The US government and dozens of states sued Live Nation in a groundbreaking antitrust lawsuit on Thursday, alleging that for years the parent company of Ticketmaster abused its industry dominance to harm concertgoers nationwide. It is time to break up Live Nation-Ticketmaster.”In a statement, Live Nation called the DOJ’s allegations “baseless.”“The DOJ’s lawsuit won’t solve the issues fans care about relating to ticket prices, service fees, and access to in-demand shows,” Live Nation said in a statement. The lawsuit highlights how regulators now believe, more than a decade on, that the behavioral modifications Live Nation agreed to have failed. According to the lawsuit, Live Nation directly manages more than 400 artists, controls around 60% of concert promotions at major concert venues across the country, and controls more than 265 concert venues in North America. And through Ticketmaster, the suit says, Live Nation controls roughly 80% or more of major concert venues’ primary ticketing for concerts.
Persons: Taylor Swift’s, , General Merrick Garland, Swift, Robert Smith, Zach Bryan, Minnesota Democratic Sen, Amy Klobuchar, Connecticut Democratic Sen, Richard Blumenthal, Klobuchar, Blumenthal, John Cornyn, Ted Cruz, Biden, ramping Organizations: Washington CNN, Ticketmaster, Justice Department, Prosecutors, , , DOJ, Regulators, Minnesota Democratic, Connecticut Democratic, Texas Republican, District of Columbia, Court, Southern, of Locations: New York, United States, Texas Republican Sens, North America, Arizona , Arkansas , California , Colorado , Connecticut, Florida , Illinois, Maryland , Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota , Nevada , New Hampshire , New Jersey , New York, North Carolina , Ohio , Oklahoma , Oregon , Pennsylvania, Rhode Island , South Carolina , Tennessee , Texas, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia , Wisconsin , Wyoming, of New York
CNN —A Biden campaign official met Wednesday night with Nikki Haley supporters from across several states in a pre-scheduled Zoom call hours after the former Republican presidential candidate said she would be voting for Donald Trump, two sources familiar with the call told CNN. The meeting was part of an ongoing effort by the Biden campaign to reach out to Haley voters. It was organized by the Haley Voters Working Group. “A lot of these people in this group are big supporters of Nikki Haley and want to support her in 2028,” he said. On the call Wednesday, the Haley voters raised some of their pressing policy concerns with Peñalosa, including the southern border, Ukraine and Israel.
Persons: CNN —, Nikki Haley, Donald Trump, Biden, Haley, Conservative Haley, Nikki, Juan Peñalosa, Joe Biden’s, Peñalosa, Trump, “ Trump, ” Haley, Robert Schwartz, , , Harris, ” “, Schwartz, CNN’s Phil Mattingly Organizations: CNN, Biden, Republican, Haley, Group, Conservative, North Carolina, Hudson Institute, South, Trump, Haley Voters, Team Biden, Republicans Locations: Virginia , Massachusetts , Vermont , California, Florida, Georgia, Arizona, North, Washington, South Carolina, Ukraine, Israel, Mexico
The company was responding to a civil lawsuit filed against American Airlines claiming the girl, listed as Mary Doe, was “secretly filmed while using the airplane toilet” during an American Airlines flight in January 2023. A former American Airlines flight attendant, Estes Carter Thompson, 37, who federal investigators say secretly recorded several minors while they used the bathroom on different American Airlines flights last year, is also named in the lawsuit filed in Texas. American Airlines initially argued that the girl was at fault and negligent because she used a lavatory “she knew or should have known contained a visible and illuminated recording device.”In response to CNN’s request for comment on Monday’s filing, American Airlines said the filing was made in error by outside counsel retained by the airline’s insurance company. “The included defense is not representative of our airline, and we have directed it be amended this morning,” American Airlines said in a statement Wednesday. “They should never have taken such an outrageous position in the first place.”Llewellyn called American Airlines’ legal strategy “depraved” and “shocking.”“Instead of taking responsibility for this awful event, American Airlines is actually blaming our daughter for being filmed,” the child’s mother said in a statement.
Persons: Mary Doe, , Estes Carter Thompson, Paul Llewellyn, ” Llewellyn, , Thompson, Jane Doe Organizations: CNN, American Airlines, Airlines, DOJ, Department of Justice, Plaintiff Locations: Texas, Austin , Texas, Los Angeles , California, Massachusetts, Boston, North Carolina, Charlotte , North Carolina, Boston , Massachusetts
In 2019, Gordon started cataloguing her adventures on Instagram. That revenue includes money from sponsorships, public speaking gigs, ads and affiliate marketing on her social media, and merchandise sales, she says. I'm hoping this will be my retirement job ... traveling around the world, showing up at events, inspiring people and continuing with my social media. She posts to social media once each day, filming when she's not actively working. Courtesy of Kelly Gordon
Persons: Kelly Gordon, Gordon, Instagram, Captain Kelly J, scoffed, I'm, Gordon's, They're, I've, she's Organizations: CNBC, Carteret Community College, Instagram, Facebook Locations: North Carolina, Palm Beach , Florida, Indiana, Mississippi, France
Read previewAmerican Airlines is facing backlash after saying that a 9-year-old girl should have seen the cellphone filming her in the bathroom in its initial lawsuit defense. Paul Llewellyn, an attorney for the girl's family, told Business Insider that the airline placing blame on the 9-year-old was "shocking." This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. He is also representing the family of a 9-year-old girl, who says Thompson filmed her in the bathroom during a flight from Texas to Los Angeles in January 2023. American Airlines told Business Insider in a statement that it does "not believe this child is at fault, and we take the allegations involving a former team member very seriously."
Persons: , Paul Llewellyn, Llewellyn, Estes Carter Thompson, Thompson Organizations: Service, American Airlines, Business, America Airlines, Airlines Locations: Charlotte , North Carolina, Boston, Texas, Los Angeles
Neighborhood names are also shorthand for your rent or mortgage payments. In 2017, real-estate brokers in the historically Black New York neighborhood of Harlem sparked backlash when they tried to rebrand its south end as SoHa. At their best, new neighborhood names bring people together over a shared sense of pride in their little corner of the world. Along the way, these neighborhood names have veered into parody territory. I'm not saying that neighborhood names should be set in stone — in fact, I think it's natural for them to evolve alongside their populations.
Persons: you've, MoRA, Nashville's, they're, Let's, Gill Holland, Holland, Nestor Davidson, David Fagundes, Grant McKenzie, McKenzie, Hakeem Jeffries, Jeffries, Davidson, They're, Bob Dylan's, Marshall, Lily, I'm, Willy, Dirtbag, Little Italy — Organizations: Market, McGill University, University of Maryland, Houston, Financial, Tribeca, McGill, Google, Democratic, New York State Assembly, New York Times, Apple, North Arts District, Congress, Little Locations: Denver, Charlotte , North Carolina, LoSo, Boston, Louisville , Kentucky, NuLu, Austin, America, New York City, Louisville, Holland, North Carolina, Greenwich, Louisville's, Phoenix, Holland's, York, New York, Manhattan, Side, Chelsea, Maryland, Harlem, SoCo, Soho, Dowisetrepla, Charlotte, East Williamsburg
Here’s how air turbulence can create problems for air travelers. In cases of light and moderate turbulence, passengers might feel a strain against their seatbelt, and unsecure items in the cabin may move around. In 2022, Williams, who co-authored the study, told CNN that he believed that severe turbulence “could double or triple in the coming decades.”He went on to attribute this to “clear air turbulence,” a type of turbulence that strikes suddenly is very difficult to avoid. Since it’s sometimes impossible to anticipate when an aircraft will encounter clear air turbulence, the only way to be 100% safe is to keep strapped in for the whole ride. The Singapore Airlines flight from London to Singapore, appears to encountered severe turbulence over Myanmar after crossing Southeast Asia’s Andaman Sea.
Persons: ” Paul Williams, Williams, , , Mark Prosser, Turbli Organizations: CNN, Air, Singapore Airlines, University of Reading, Federal Aviation Administration, FAA, Airline, United Airlines, University, Reading, , National Transportation Safety Board, NTSB, National Weather Service Locations: Tokyo, Honolulu, USA, London, Singapore, Myanmar, Santiago, Chile, Viru Viru, Bolivia, Almaty, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, Nashville , Tennessee, Raleigh, Durham, North Carolina
Basic income has become a trending strategy to combat poverty in cities nationwide. ARPA funds have been used to partially or fully fund most US basic-income pilots so far, but funds are set to expire. While philanthropy and nonprofit work have been central to basic-income pilots, they are not always a long-term or large-scale funding solution. More GBI programs are electing to focus on specific groups of participants, like low-income parents with children and foster youth. The program is funded through the Temporary Aid to Needy Families Program (TANF), an existing federal cash assistance program for low-income families.
Persons: , Michael Tubbs, Tubbs, It's, Tubbs —, GBI —, Marcela Díaz, let's, Díaz, Teri Olle, Olle, John Gillette, Ken Paxton, Dustin Palmer, GiveDirectly, Palmer, Shafeka Hashash, Hashash, Hashah, GBI Organizations: Service, Business, SNAP, Medicaid, Somos Un, Somos Un Pueblo Unido, Economic Security, New, New Mexico House, California Senate, Republican, South Dakota Republicans, ARPA, Pew Charitable Locations: Stockton , California, Durham , North Carolina, Birmingham, Chicago, Antonio, San Antonio, Denver, Seattle, California, New Mexico, State, Mexico, Somos, Somos Un Pueblo, Economic Security California, Arizona, Iowa, Harris County , Texas, Flint , Michigan
For Ajamie LLP, a Houston law firm with 11 attorneys, taking on banks with billion-dollar war chests is becoming a booming business. This ruling was used by a lawyer on another case, Ohio-based Alan Rosca, to secure a $3 million judgment against Morgan Stanley on March 25. He said he has been contacted by advisors hailing from "really any financial firm that offers deferred compensation to financial advisors." During that suit, Ajamie was contacted by Matt Shafer, the lead plaintiff in the Morgan Stanley case. The Morgan Stanley suit inspired Kelly Milligan, now the named plaintiff in the Merrill Lynch class action, to reach out.
Persons: , Jack Edwards, Edwards, Morgan Stanley, Morgan Stanley's, Alan Rosca, Merrill Lynch, Sen, Ted Cruz, Wells Fargo, Wells, Ajamie, Matt Shafer, Kelly Milligan, It's Organizations: Service, Ajamie LLP, Business, University of Virginia School of Law, Big Law, RBC Capital Markets, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Locations: Houston, Ohio, Ajamie, Texas, Carolina
The 2024 list is out — and the best cities to live in are mostly in the South and the Midwest. AdvertisementThis year's top spots include a few cities consistently ranked among the best places to live, including booming Boise, Idaho, sandstone-hued Colorado Springs, and the southern banking hub of Charlotte, North Carolina. In addition to the availability of jobs and housing, US News & World Report places a strong emphasis on the overall standard of living in each area. AdvertisementAccording to US News & World Report, here are the 15 best places to live in the US. In these spots, residents are pretty satisfied with their lives, homes are relatively affordable, and there are plenty of jobs.
Persons: , Louis, glamor Organizations: Service, Business, Federal Reserve Bank of St, US News Locations: United States, Boise , Idaho, Colorado, Charlotte , North Carolina, Austin , Texas, Carolina, Greenville, Charleston , South Carolina, Naples , Florida, Naples
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