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US designates Nordic neo-Nazi group as terrorists
  + stars: | 2024-06-14 | by ( Jennifer Hansler | )   time to read: +4 min
CNN —The US State Department on Friday designated a Nordic neo-Nazi group and three of its top officials as terrorists. It’s the second time in history that the US has designated a foreign White supremacist organization and its leaders as terrorists. The department designated the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) and three of its top officials – Tor Fredrik Vejdeland, Pär Öberg, and Leif Robert Eklund – as Specially Designated Global Terrorists on Friday, according to a statement from spokesperson Matthew Miller. The Trump administration in 2020 designated the Russian Imperial Movement (RIM) and its leaders as Specially Designated Global Terrorists. NRM is a transnational neo-Nazi organization founded in Sweden in 1997, with branches in Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland, according to the State Department.
Persons: – Tor Fredrik Vejdeland, Pär Öberg, Leif Robert Eklund –, Matthew Miller, Biden, Trump, ” Miller, , , Harris Administration’s, , Ian Moss, Donald Trump Organizations: CNN, US State Department, Nazi, White, Nordic Resistance Movement, Terrorists, Russian Imperial Movement, State Department, United, US Intelligence Community, Biden, Department, Bureau, Counterterrorism Locations: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, United States, Europe, South America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, U.S
The fight over Elon Musk’s pay package and the vote over whether to move Tesla’s headquarters to Texas have been the main focus of attention ahead of the company’s shareholders meeting on Thursday, but not for investors from Nordic countries. Tesla’s major shareholders in Sweden, Denmark and Norway are instead looking to the meeting to bring the issue of labor rights at the automaker to the fore. Behind the campaign is the strike of Tesla’s mechanics in Sweden. Now stretching into its sixth month, the dispute has drawn in unions from across the region that have joined in blockades aimed at bringing the U.S. carmaker to the negotiating table to reach a collective agreement with its Swedish workers. Several of the biggest shareholders in the Nordic countries are urging others to back a proposal that would require Tesla to respect the right of workers to assemble.
Persons: carmaker, Tesla Organizations: Elon, U.S Locations: Texas, Sweden, Denmark, Norway
Mining firm Rare Earths Norway says it has discovered Europe's largest proven deposit of highly prized rare earth elements, potentially reflecting a watershed moment for both the Nordic country and the broader region. One of the few deposits not owned or controlled by China, the discovery of continental Europe's largest rare earths deposit is considered a welcome boost in Europe's bid to break China's rare earths dominance. Alf Reistad, CEO of Rare Earths Norway, told CNBC that the discovery at Fen represents a "great milestone" for the company. "It is important to state that there is absolutely no extraction of rare earth elements in Europe today," Reistad said via videoconference on Monday. Rare Earths Norway said the rare earths deposit in Telemark, roughly 210 kilometers (130 miles) southwest of Oslo, is likely to underscore Norway's position as an integral part of Europe's rare earth and critical raw material value chain.
Persons: Alf Reistad, Reistad Organizations: Tech Co, Mining, Nordic, Rare, Norway, CNBC Locations: Mongolia, Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China, Norway, Sweden, Europe, videoconference, Telemark, Oslo
It marked the first time since 1991 that the Swiss air force has operated from a highway. During the Cold War, aircraft in Europe trained to operate from non-traditional airstrips and improvised runways to reduce vulnerability. To reduce their vulnerability to long-range strikes, the air force is focusing on disaggregating and using improvised runways to conduct operations. The fighter aircraft were quickly refueled while their engines were running — a tactic known as hot-pit refueling — before they took off again. Not only for the Norwegian Air Force, but also for the Nordic countries, and for NATO," Chief of the Royal Norwegian Air Force Maj. Gen. Rolf Folland said in a press statement at the time.
Persons: , Russia's, Rolf Folland, They've Organizations: Service, NATO, Business, Swiss, Swiss Army, Norwegian Air Force, Nordic, Royal Norwegian Air Force, Royal Auxiliary Air Force, Commando Locations: Ukraine, Swiss, Europe, Switzerland, Norway, Finnish, Finland, Michigan, Wyoming, Texas
AdvertisementI didn't work in tech when I lived in the Bay Area, but I do nowIn the Bay Area, I worked in marketing and graphic design and did off-and-on work in café management and the brewing industry. The Bay Area didn't fit into his free-spirit mentality, and he also needed a change. In the Bay Area, there was no getting into a job like this "by accident" for me. Moving out of the Bay Area felt like someone turned all the heat off before I boiled to deathWhen I left the Bay Area, I received the type of inner peace I never thought possible. Even people who stayed there feel the same way, they no longer live in that Bay Area, either.
Persons: , Agata Pona, It's, we'd, would've, didn't, couldn't, joggers, Manseen Logan Organizations: Service, SUSO Digital, San Francisco Bay Area, Business, Whole Foods, Poland —, Stanford, Big Tech, Salvadoran Locations: Area, Poland, San Francisco Bay, Poznań, Silicon Valley, California, Portland , Arizona, Texas, Bay,
If true, the loss of a Polish shopping center by means of Russian arson would be shocking on its own. As NATO advances toward the July summit, it's become clear that more comprehensive discussions on addressing the Russian sabotage campaign must take place. Some of the earliest identified acts of Russian sabotage occurred in 2014 at ammunition depots in the Czech Republic killing two and causing $42.5 million in damage. Bulgaria has played a crucial role in supplying ammunition and shells to Ukrainian forces, especially in the early stages of the war. Matthias Merz/picture alliance via Getty ImagesWeapons and training facilities aiding Ukrainian forces are frequent targets.
Persons: , Donald Tusk, MAXIM SHEMETOV, Kaja Kallas, it's, Hannah Beier, Ozempic, Abrams, Matthias Merz, Russia, John MacDougall, Daniel Kochis Organizations: Service, Business, Reuters Estonia's, West, NATO, Scranton Army, BAE Systems, Denmark's Novo Nordisk, BAE, US Army, Getty Images, Energy, NATO Pipeline System, Deutsche Bahn, Investigators, DB, Getty, Kremlin, Ukraine, Center, Hudson Institute, United Locations: Polish, Poland, Wroclaw, Lithuania, Russia, Moscow, Russian, Estonia, Czech Republic, Vrbětice, Bulgaria, Scranton, Pennsylvania, United Kingdom, Ukrainian, Ukraine, Norwegian, Baltic, Bellheim, Germany, Czech, Europe, Berlin, France, Washington, Eurasia, United States, NATO
Finland's F/A-18 Hornets — which used to be the US Navy's standard fighter — are already compatible with NATO air forces. This puts several squadrons of stealth fighters on Russia's northern border, with the potential to penetrate and suppress Russian air defenses, and hit vital targets. "Both Finland's and Sweden's proximity allows NATO air forces to stage closer to the Baltics. Similarly, Sweden's Gotland island — located almost midway in the Baltic, about 60 miles from the Swedish mainland and 80 miles from the Baltic States — provides NATO with an advanced outpost. Their air forces are vital for this Nordic push, and will become very useful to further deter and defend the increasingly contested arctic space with Russia."
Persons: Paul Cormarie, John Hoehn, Sweden's JAS, Finland's, Ian Valley, Hoehn, Cormarie, Michael Peck Organizations: Service, NATO, RAND, Corp, Modern, Institute, Business, Nordic, Gripen, UK's Royal Air Force, Finnish Air Force, US Army, , Defense, Foreign Policy, Rutgers Univ, Twitter, LinkedIn Locations: Ukraine, Finland, Sweden, West, Russia, Finnish, Swedish, France, Germany, Warsaw, Poland, Europe, Rovaniemi, US Army Sweden, Baltic States, Baltic, Norway, Norwegian, North, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Gotland, , Pacific, United States, Taiwan, China, Forbes
These are just some of the highlights of “Indigenous Histories,” an absorbing new show recently opened at Norway’s Kode Bergen Art Museum. Andreas Harvik/National Museum/Courtesy Kode Bergen Art Museum“Indigenous Histories” corresponds with fresh thinking about what is and what isn’t fine art. This piece "Oaivemozit/ Galskap/ Madness," from 2013 is part of the Sámi Dáiddamagasiidna (Sámi Art Collection). Sámi Art Collection/Courtesy Kode Bergen Art MuseumAlong with the vibrant color and cultural dynamism, there is righteous anger and political outrage on view, as artists grapple with the legacy of colonial oppression. Sámi Art Collection/Courtesy Kode Bergen Art MuseumThe climate emergency has changed orthodox opinions about Indigenous communities, says Katya García-Antón, who curated the Venice exhibition and is now director of the Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum in Tromsø.
Persons: Brazil’s, , Petter Snare, John Savio, Andreas Harvik, Duhigó, MASP, Katarina Spik Skum, , Philippa Moxon, she’d, Mick Namarari Tjapaltjarri, Máret Ánne Sara, Tate, Anders Sunna, Katya García, Marét Anné Sara, Antón, Djan Organizations: CNN, Bergen Art Museum, National, Bergen Art, Venice Biennale, Nordic, Norwegian, of Locations: Bergen, South America, North America, Oceania, Nordic, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, , Kode, Lapland, Zealand, Brazilian, Sápmi, Northern Territory, Norway, Venice, Swedish, Nordnorsk, Tromsø, Oslo, of Australia, Canberra
Why Bolivia is Latin America’s next dining destination
  + stars: | 2024-05-28 | by ( Joe Yogerst | )   time to read: +9 min
Capital city La Paz boasts three eateries — Gustu, Ancestral and Phayawi — currently ranked among the top 100 restaurants in Latin America. Bolivia’s food revolution has also spread to major cities such as Sucre as well as the Uyuni Salt Flats. Rather than fine dining, the ambience is decidedly casual, the tables spread across three floors of an old wooden townhouse in the boho Sopocachi neighborhood of central La Paz. Courtesy PhayawiZero-kilometer goes widerSucre, the nation’s judicial capital in south-central Bolivia, isn’t as cosmopolitan as La Paz when it comes to food. Courtesy Joe YogerstBut that’s not to say that Bolivia’s food revolution has reached every nook and cranny.
Persons: foodways, , Marsia Taha, ” Taha, Taha, Joe Yogerst, Gustu, Claus Meyer, Meyer, , We’re, Sebastián Giménez, It’s, quinoa, it’s, Guadalupe, Joy, Uyuni, Tania López, López, , Tika Organizations: CNN, La Paz, La, Nordic, Michelin, Mercado Central, padres, NASA, Hidalgo Tours Locations: Bolivia, South, Capital, Latin America, La Paz, Sucre, Bolivian, Gustu, Danish, Copenhagen, Lake Titicaca, Phayawi, Basque, altiplano, Argentina, San, city’s, El, Bolivia’s, Hidalgo, Sol
Read previewRussian President Vladimir Putin is targeting a strategic Swedish island that offers mastery over the Baltic Sea, the commander-in-chief of Sweden's army warned this week. Putin's goal is to gain control of the Baltic Sea," Micael Bydén told German news outlets, according to Politico's translation of his remarks. Sweden joined NATO in early March, and the alliance is now the dominant force in the Baltic Sea, thanks in large part to its control of Gotland. Advertisement"If Russia takes control and seals off the Baltic Sea, it would have an enormous impact on our lives — in Sweden and all other countries bordering the Baltic Sea," Bydén said. Swedish military officials watch a Swedish C-130H take off from a non-traditional runway on Gotland Island on October 23, 2021.
Persons: , Vladimir Putin, Putin, Micael Bydén, Bydén, Patrik Orcutt, Ulf Kristersson Organizations: Service, Business, NATO, Nordic, Russia's Ministry of Defence, Moscow Times, US Army, Politico, Sweden's, Financial Times, Gotland Regiment, US Locations: Swedish, Baltic, Gotland, Putin's, Sweden, Russian, Kaliningrad, It's, Rhode, Russia, Bydén, Moscow, Lithuania, Finland, Latvia, Ukraine
I feel so fulfilled by my life in Finland. I was introduced to cross-country skiing when I moved to Finland five years ago, and now it is one my favorite hobbies." Finland is the first place I lived after college and the first place my husband and I lived together. You can follow her journey and life in Finland on Instagram or TikTok. Plus, sign up for CNBC Make It's newsletter to get tips and tricks for success at work, with money and in life.
Persons: Jade Ventoniemi, I've, Ventoniemi, Jade Organizations: Southern, NCAA, CNBC Locations: Finland, U.S, Florida, States, Lapland, Kuusamo, Southern USA, American, Lahti
Cars drive near an AMC Theater in New York City on March 29, 2023. The stock, alongside GameStop , surged this week after "Roaring Kitty," the man who inspired the massive short squeeze of 2021, posted online for the first time in nearly three years. The return of Roaring Kitty, whose legal name is Keith Gill, has led AMC shares to more than double since Friday's close. The last time these retail investors rallied around AMC and its stock surged, the movie theater chain was able to avoid bankruptcy. While the acquisitions bolstered the size AMC's theater network, they also levered the company's balance sheet, Handler said.
Persons: Roaring Kitty, Keith Gill, Adam Aron, Eric Handler, Roth, Handler Organizations: AMC, GameStop Locations: New York City
Chinese state media played up the warm diplomacy, with headlines proclaiming China’s “ironclad” bond with Serbia and “golden friendship” with Hungary. Both are sure to closely watch any summit between Xi and Russian President Vladimir Putin in China, expected to happen soon. Chinese leader Xi Jinping is welcomed at the airport in Belgrade on May 7 for his two-day state visit. Xi also marketed a shared worldview during his meeting with Orban in Hungary, which is a member of both the EU and NATO. Chinese leader Xi Jinping talks with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Budapest on May 9.
Persons: Xi, Peng Liyuan, Aleksandar Vucic, Viktor Orban, China’s, Vucic, Orban –, Emmanuel Macron, Ursula von der, Vladimir Putin, Orban, Hungary “, ’ ”, Philippe Le Corre, , Putin, Le Corre, Xi Jinping, Dimitrije Goll, Xi’s, Serbia’s Vucic, ” Vucic, Bruno Le Maire, BYD, Liu Dongshu, Vivien Cher Benko, Tamas Matura, Mark Rutte, Olaf Scholz, Matura, Von der, “ Orban, Gabor Scheiring Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, Russia, Ukraine, China, Europe …, Asia Society, Center for, Forum, Anadolu, Getty, EU, NATO, , Xi, Hong Kong’s City University ., Hungarian, Central, Dutch, Georgetown University Locations: Hong Kong, France, Ukraine, China, Belgrade, Budapest, Paris, Serbian, Hungarian, Serbia, Hungary, Europe, Russia, Russian, , Europe … Hungary, Center for China, Beijing, United States, EU, Hong, Central, Eastern Europe, Eastern, Moscow, Qatar, “ Hungary
It is aiming to be the first high-income country to reach net zero emissions in 2035 and net negative by 2040. Denmark, which the World Happiness Report recognized as the world's second-happiest country, is targeting net zero by 2045 — and net negative by 2050. Thierry Monasse | Getty Images News | Getty ImagesDanish Climate Minister Lars Aagaard said the need for negative emissions was clear. He added that Denmark's ability to achieve net negative emissions would hinge upon policies implemented over the next five to seven years. Sopa Images | Lightrocket | Getty Images
Persons: Sergei Gapon, Thierry Monasse, Lars Aagaard, Denmark's Aagaard, , Stefano Guidi, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Trump, Biden, Kai Mykkänen, Mykkänen, Moscow … Organizations: Afp, Getty, Atlantic ., Agriculture Ministers, CNBC, Lars Aagaard Danish Climate, United Arab Emirates, Union, Nationalist, Former U.S, Finnish Climate Locations: Copenhagen, Denmark, Atlantic, Atlantic . Finland, Finland, Brussels, Belgium, Lars Aagaard Danish, Panama, Europe, Germany, France, Turin, Italy, U.S, November's, Paris, Finnish, Helsinki, Montreal, Beijing, Moscow, of Finland, Neva Guba
Hacker Aleksanteri 'Julius' Kivimäki was sentenced to over six years in prison. He was found guilty of hacking a therapy company to steal notes and blackmail thousands of patients. AdvertisementA Finnish hacker has been sentenced to six years and three months in prison after he was found guilty of stealing confidential therapy notes to blackmail thousands of patients. According to BBC News, Kivimäki demanded a ransom of more than 400,000 euros, or $426,818, from the therapy company in 2020. A trove of confidential information then surfaced on the dark web, including patients' personal details, Social Security numbers, and sensitive therapist and doctor notes from sessions.
Persons: Hacker Aleksanteri, Julius, Kivimäki, , Aleksanteri Organizations: Service, Western Uusimaa, BBC News, Associated Press, AP, BBC, National Bureau of Investigation, Health Technology, Informatics, US Department of Health, Human Services Locations: Nordic, France, Finland, bitcoin, Brunswick
London CNN —Prince Harry will return to the United Kingdom in May to celebrate a milestone anniversary of the Invictus Games, the biennial sporting competition he founded a decade ago. It was not immediately clear if the prince will meet with his relatives during the trip next month. Prince Harry talks with wheelchair basketball players during the launch of the Invictus Games at the Copper Box Arena in London's Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in March 2014. Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty ImagesThe Invictus Games were established by Prince Harry after his deployment in Afghanistan. Winter sports will also be played for the first time at the Vancouver Whistler games, including Alpine skiing and snowboarding, Nordic skiing and biathlon, skeleton and wheelchair curling.
Persons: London CNN — Prince Harry, Duke, Sussex, King Charles ’, Harry, ABC’s, , , I’m, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Queen Elizabeth II, Paul’s, Prince Archie’s, Buckingham, Charles, Naruhito, Masako, Prince Harry, London's Queen Elizabeth, Max Mumby, ” Harry Organizations: London CNN, Invictus Games, London's Queen Elizabeth Olympic, CNN’s Royal, Invictus, Vancouver Whistler, First Nations Locations: United Kingdom, London’s St, Paul’s, United States, St, London's Queen, Afghanistan, Vancouver, Whistler, Canada
As the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute, my work is dedicated to measuring and understanding what improves people's wellbeing and overall quality of life. We're based in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, one of the countries that is consistently ranked the happiest in the world. As someone who was born and raised in Denmark, I'm often asked about what makes Danish people so content. If you want an indication of how we approach life and think about happiness here, you can find the answer in these three phrases we use every day. 'There is no such thing as bad weather — only bad clothing'This is an old Danish expression without any clear origin.
Persons: We're, I'm, Danes, hygge Organizations: Happiness Research, London School of Economics Locations: Copenhagen, Denmark, Nordic, Hygge
Andrew Aitchison | In Pictures | Getty ImagesIn case you haven't noticed, heat pumps are hot. But there are other reasons why heat pumps are fast becoming popular with homeowners. All of this is transforming Carrier Global , the nearly 100-year-old manufacturer whose founder, Willis Carrier, invented air conditioning. Heat pumps have a history dating back to 1850s The thermodynamic science behind heat pumps was developed in the 1850s, when the first ones were invented, and they've been used in homes since the 1960s. Heat pumps use electricity to transfer heat from a cool space to a warm space, making the cool space cooler and the warm space warmer.
Persons: CARR, Andrew Aitchison, Willis Carrier, David Gitlin, Carrier, Hakan Yilmaz, Yilmaz, they've, Michael Kretschmer, Sebastian Kowalski, Kretschmer, Tobie Stanger, Dave Lis, Viessmann, Milena Oliveira, Oliveira, Mark Prodan, Prodan, There's Organizations: Carrier Global, United Technologies, Solutions, East Trade Policy, Getty, International Energy Agency ., U.S . Climate Alliance, Consumer, Energy Efficiency, Carrier, M, Energy Star Locations: Gardens , Florida, Saxony, Leipzig, America, U.S, Maine, Michigan, Indian, Connecticut, New York State
Drayage trucks, which bring cargo from ports to warehouses nearby, must make the move to electric by 2035 in the U.S. state. Transitioning fleets to electricAcross the Atlantic, Dutch brewer Heineken recently partnered with Swedish electric truck start-up Einride to make the transition to electric. Getting more electric trucks to carry cargo on the road, especially for long-distance journeys, will need to be spearheaded by cargo owners that want their goods moved sustainably. Many of the new trucks will be deployed in markets where DFDS has not yet moved to electric trucks, including in the U.K. In California, Lime's use of electric trucks has been driven by legislation that states all drayage trucks must be zero-emissions by 2035.
Persons: Andrew Savage, we've, Savage, Arjen van der Woude, that's, van der Woude, Sweden's, Robert Falck, " Falck, Lime's Savage Organizations: PT Vale, Hight Logistics, CNBC, Heineken, DFDS, Volvo Locations: PT Vale Indonesia, China, California, U.S ., North America, Los Angeles, Long, Canada, Dutch, Swedish, Netherlands, Germany, Europe, Rotterdam
But the question over the color of Jesus’ skin is a serious one this Easter, for two reasons. But there are some who say Jesus’ color should stay the same, or that it doesn’t matter at all. He concedes that there are barriers to worshipping a White Jesus that he, a White man, may not understand. Jesus didn’t simply care about the poor, he was poor.”Cleveland tells CNN that people who say Jesus’ color wasn’t important ignore history. She says the experience taught her how much White Christian nationalism and the White Jesus have merged.
Persons: CNN — Christena Cleveland, Thomas ”, Jesus, , Cleveland, Thor, , Jesus didn’t, Megyn Kelly, , Trump, Donald Trump, Al Drago, Gentile, Warner, he’s, Sallman, Edward J, Blum, Jesus Christ, Mario Tama, Christina L, Barr, ” Barr, he’d, coon, ” Antony Pinol, Pinol, God, Jesus doesn’t, ” Pino, Jeff Hutchens, Albert Cleage, George Floyd, Black, Dante Stewart, ” “, ” Stewart, James Cone, Toni Morrison, White, ‘ ’ Blum, MAGA, White MAGA Jesus, Paul Weaver, Drew Angerer, Jesus ’, Frederick Buechner, John Blake Organizations: CNN, Cleveland, TSA, Fox News, Bloomberg, Getty, CARE, New York Times, Christ, America, Communist Party, Warner, Republican Party, Black Tea News, Pennsylvania State Capitol, Christianity Locations: Cleveland, Hollywood, barbershops, Santa Claus, America, White, Avoca , Pennsylvania, Israel, Port, Prince, Haiti, Africa, Dillon , South Carolina, Asia, Southern, Eastern Europe, Rome, Harrisburg , Pennsylvania, Gaza, New York City
Deliveries are the closest approximation of sales reported by Tesla but are not precisely defined in the company's shareholder communications. Tesla's Model 3 is about $4,000 more than that. Aging lineup, early days for Cybertruck While EV sales are still gaining popularity worldwide, the growth rate has slowed. In a push for end-of-quarter sales, Musk recently mandated that all sales and service staff install and demo FSD for customers before they hand over their cars. Despite its name, Tesla's premium option requires a human driver at the wheel, ready to steer or brake at any moment.
Persons: Florence Lo, Tesla, Troy Teslike, Tesla's, China's BYD, BYD, Lei Jun, Emmanuel Rosner, Rosner, Elon Musk, Krisztian Bocsi, Rohan Patel, Musk, Sandy Munro, Forbes, Larry Magid, Donald Trump, He's, he's, Investor Ross Gerber, who've, Brad Gerstner, Gerstner, FSD Organizations: Reuters, FactSet, Independent, Qin, Tesla's, China Passenger Car Association, Bloomberg, Deutsche Bank, Tesla, Volvo, Elon, Tesla Inc, Getty, IF Metall, IF Metall's, IF, Pew Research, Gallup, Investor, CNBC, Bears, S3 Partners, U.S Locations: Beijing, China, China In China, Shanghai, Europe, Red Sea, Iran, Gruenheide, Germany, Brandenburg, Berlin, Swedish, Sweden, U.S, Austin , Texas, San Jose , California, Fremont , California, Florida, Haiti, Texas, Delaware
Last month, II MEF attended a 10-day training course in the hills near the Norwegian town of Setermoen. "I think that's one of the things that we see with our marines and sailors in this training," said II MEF commander, Lt. AdvertisementThe II MEF, the US military's rapid response group, was ordered to delay the hypothetical enemy so that "reinforcements" had time to arrive. The Arctic is a key locationThe Arctic itself is already a critical region for Russia and NATO. AdvertisementPutin has snapped back at the West following French President Emmanuel Macron's suggestions that NATO could send troops to Ukraine.
Persons: , Ted Driscoll, David A, JONATHAN NACKSTRAND, Grant Schapps, Pål Jonson, Mark Stephens, Vladimir Putin, Putin, Emmanuel Macron's, Sergei Naryshkin, General Carl, Johan Edstrom, it's Organizations: Service, US Marines, Marine Expeditionary Force, NATO, Marines, Business, NBC News, Nato Nordic, Getty, Reuters, NBC, Norwegian Communication Authority, Brookings Institution, Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service, BBC Locations: Alaska, Norway, Norwegian, Setermoen, Iraq, Afghanistan, AFP, Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Sweden, North America, Europe, Russian
Finland's Foreign Minister says the West shouldn't rule out deploying troops against Russia. AdvertisementFinland's Foreign Minister Elina Valtonen said the West can't rule out the possibility of deploying troops against Russia, Politico reports. "We are not right now sending any troops and not willing to discuss that," she said. He again said that sending Western troops into Ukraine shouldn't be ruled out, though he said the current situation doesn't require it, AP reported. Despite the Biden administration's firm stance against sending US troops to Ukraine, National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby stressed on Friday that the decision ultimately lies with individual nations.
Persons: Elina Valtonen, Macron, , Valtonen, Emmanuel Macron, Le Monde, Olaf Scholz, Putin, Vladimir Putin, ALEXANDER NEMENOV, Ukraine shouldn't, Jonathan NACKSTRAND, Ivo Daalder, Kurt Volker, John Kirby Organizations: Finland's, Politico, Service, NATO, Stalin's Red Army, Getty, Reuters, AP, NATO Nordic, AFP, Biden, National Security Locations: Russia, Finland, Sweden, Soviet Union, Moscow, Paris, Ukraine, Russian, Swedish, AFP Ukraine, Avdiivka
Norway has had massive success with EV adoption — 82% of new cars sold in the country in 2023 were electric, according to the Norwegian Road Federation. This high adoption rate can be attributed to the generous subsidies the Scandinavian country has offered to electric vehicle owners as well as its investment in charging infrastructure. Tesla's early foothold there has made Norway a pivotal proving ground for the company and a national model for electric vehicle transition. Norwegians were the first European customers to receive deliveries of the Tesla Model S in 2013. CNBC traveled to Norway to meet with local people, government officials and experts to find out how Tesla has become so successful in the Scandinavian country.
Persons: Elon Musk, Tesla Organizations: Norwegian Road Federation, Nordic, Tesla, Toyota, Skoda, Volkswagen, CNBC Locations: Norway
For the last six years, Finland has been ranked the happiest country in the world. I've lived here most of my life, and as a psychologist and happiness researcher, I'm often asked: what exactly makes people in Finland so satisfied with their lives? However, research has shown that those most desperately seeking happiness tend to be less happy. 'Who has happiness should hide it'In Finland, we tend to believe that if you've found happiness, you shouldn't show it. 'The pessimist will never be disappointed'This is an old Finnish saying without any clear origin.
Persons: I've, I'm, you've, Eino Leino, It's, Charles Peirce, Faber Organizations: Nordic Locations: Finland, Helsinki, American, Rome
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