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Bump stocks allow a shooter to convert a semi-automatic rifle into a weapon that can fire at a rate of hundreds of rounds a minute. The federal rule made possession of a bump stock a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Both the Trump and Biden administrations, as well as gun control groups, said the way bump stocks work mean they qualify as machine guns. Trump described bump stocks at the time as converting “legal weapons into illegal machines.”ATF estimated that as many as 520,000 bump stocks were sold between 2010 and 2018. “Without this ongoing manual input, a semiautomatic rifle with a bump stock will not fire multiple shots.
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Amid the whirlwind of activity, the 51-year old, Israel-born executive has presented himself as a real estate visionary with a personal preference for all-black attire and a taste for luxury brands. BVK recently hired the residential brokerage firm Corcoran Group to complete a market study of the Fifth Avenue project, a person who viewed the report said. Miller noted he did not have direct knowledge of the situation at 685 Fifth Avenue. At 685 Fifth Avenue, he recently marked down prices for some of the units. In contrast, the Shore Club, which is being built by the New York real estate developer Steve Witkoff just a few hundred yards away from the Raleigh has pre-sold briskly.
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Amid the whirlwind of activity, the 51-year old, Israel-born executive has presented himself as a real estate visionary with a personal preference for all-black attire and a taste for luxury brands. BVK recently hired the residential brokerage firm Corcoran Group to complete a market study of the Fifth Avenue project, a person who viewed the report said. Miller noted he did not have direct knowledge of the situation at 685 Fifth Avenue. At 685 Fifth Avenue, he recently marked down prices for some of the units. In contrast, the Shore Club, which is being built by the New York real estate developer Steve Witkoff just a few hundred yards away from the Raleigh has pre-sold briskly.
Persons: , Michael Shvo, Shvo, Peter Marino, Norman Foster, Renzo Piano, BVK, Corcoran, Jonathan Miller, Miller Samuel, Miller, Pam Liebman, Corcoran's, Truist, Michael Lirtzman, Akuna, Lirtzman, I've, Scott Wadler, Wadler, Jed Jacobsohn, John Goodman, Diane, , Goodman, profanely, Serdar, Shvo's, Bilgili, Deutsche Finance didn't, Alex Miranda, I'm, Steve Witkoff, Morgan Chase Organizations: Service, Bayerische, Deutsche Finance, Business, GFI, Group, Shvo, Wabash, Akuna, Colliers, Wabash –, Raleigh, Core, New York State, Noë, Associates, West, Bilgili, BVK, Shore Club, New Locations: New York, Manhattan's Plaza, Los Angeles, Miami Beach, Raleigh, Israel, Wilshire, LA, Manhattan, Chicago, Miami, Paris, South Florida, San Francisco, Manhattan's, Turkish, BVK, Wabash, Shvo, Munich
Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, who announced her unilateral decision about the suspension last week: perhaps slightly better chances for New York Democrats in a couple of fall congressional races. Tax coffers have rebounded, too, to the extent that the city canceled a raft of planned budget cuts. The one obvious measure by which the city has not mounted a full pandemic comeback is subway ridership — a measure that congestion pricing would have helped and pausing it is likely to hurt. In announcing the pause, she also expressed concern for the financial burden the $15 surcharge would impose on working New Yorkers, though the city’s working class was functionally exempted from the toll by a rebate system for those with an annual income of $60,000 or less. But each of them was within spitting distance of Grand Central, where an overwhelming share of foot traffic — and commercial value — comes from commuters using mass transit.
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CNN —The Oscars of the food world — the James Beard Awards — were handed out Monday night to many chefs and restaurants reflecting cultures and regions that have long been overlooked when honoring culinary achievement in the United States. Outstanding Chef winner Michael Rafidi dedicated his award to Palestinian people all over the world in his acceptance speech. The 2024 winners bring heritage from all over the globe — the Philippines, Mexico, Japan, Peru, Vietnam, Senegal — to tables across the United States. This year’s awards also bring recognition to restaurants in many smaller towns and states that have not historically been recognized with James Beard Awards. Chef Masako Morishita received the James Beard Award for Emerging Chef.
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CNN —Four Fox Corporation board members have been subpoenaed in voting technology company Smartmatic’s $2.7 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox News over its airing of 2020 election lies, alleging executives at the right-wing cable channel’s parent company knew it was spreading false claims. In a court filing Monday, Smartmatic subpoenaed the four board members — Anne Dias, Charles Carey, Roland Hernandez, Jacques Nasser — over Fox News’s repeated airing of bogus conspiracy theories that the 2020 election was stolen from former President Donald Trump. “Smartmatic plans to pursue Fox’s board members as well to determine why they allowed the company’s most valuable asset, Fox News, to spread disinformation about the 2020 election.”New York Judge David Cohen had previously ordered Fox Corporation to turn over documents related to the board members in the case. Rupert Murdoch, the right-wing media mogul who founded Fox Corporation, the parent company of Fox News, was also deposed late last year. Fox News has previously denied defaming anyone and claimed that Smartmatic’s lawsuit is an assault on the First Amendment.
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Hunter Biden guilty in criminal gun trial
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watch nowA jury convicted Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, of all three counts at his criminal gun trial in Delaware federal court on Tuesday morning. Hunter Biden looked straight ahead at the jury and nodded slightly as three guilty verdicts were read, eight days after the trial began and after only about three hours of jurors deliberating. Hunter Biden, son of U.S. President Joe Biden, departs from the J. Caleb Boggs Federal Building on June 3 2024, in Wilmington, Delaware. President Biden is due to speak about gun control at an event on Tuesday afternoon. Hunter Biden, son of U.S. President Joe Biden, and his wife Melissa Cohen Biden and U.S. first lady Jill Biden leave the federal court after the jury finds him guilty on all three counts in his trial on criminal gun charges, in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S., June 11, 2024.
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But Uriarte said there is no evidence showing any coordination between the federal government and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who brought the hush money case against Trump. The DOJ conducted a "comprehensive" search for communications between its leaders and the Manhattan District Attorney's office about any investigation or prosecution of Trump from Jan. 20, 2021, through his May 30 conviction in New York, Uriarte said. "The District Attorney's office is a separate entity from the Department. The Department does not supervise the work of the District Attorney's office, does not approve its charging decisions, and does not try its cases," he said. "The Department has no control over the District Attorney, just as the District Attorney has no control over the Department."
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U.S. President Joe Biden and son Hunter Biden disembark from Air Force One at Hancock Field Air National Guard Base in Syracuse, New York, U.S., February 4, 2023. President Joe Biden said Tuesday he will not challenge the federal jury verdict finding his son Hunter Biden guilty on three criminal gun charges. "As I also said last week, I will accept the outcome of this case and will continue to respect the judicial process as Hunter considers an appeal," Biden said. Hunter Biden said in a statement after Tuesday's verdict that he was "disappointed by the outcome," but added that he was grateful for the support he has received from his wife, Melissa Biden, and his family and friends. The jury convicted Hunter Biden, 54, on three counts related to his October 2018 purchase and possession of a revolver while using illicit drugs.
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A taxi driver, Ahmad Zadran, was listed as a $40 donor to the candidate, Dao Yin. Mr. Zadran’s brother was shown as giving $25; his son, Raheem Zadran, was listed as giving $50. Under New York State’s new generous system for publicly financing political campaigns, Mr. Yin claimed the Zadrans’ modest donations as eligible for $1,380 in matching funds. Yet in interviews, the Zadrans said they had not given money to Mr. Yin, nor had they even heard of him. “This is crazy,” Raheem Zadran, 27, said.
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Evergy Chief Financial Officer Kirk Andrews will leave to replace Consolidated Edison 's current CFO Robert Hoglund, who plans to retire on July 8, the companies announced Monday. Andrews has been CFO of the Midwest utility company since 2021. Evergy said Geoffrey Ley, vice president, corporate planning and treasurer, will be acting CFO as the company conducts an internal and external search to fill the role. Hoglund, who became CFO in 2005, will leave Con Edison after 20 years with the company. He plans to continue to serve as senior vice president in the transition until his official retirement later in the year.
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At an assisted living facility in New York State, a small crowd had gathered at the dining room entrance at lunchtime, waiting for the doors to open. As a researcher observed, one woman, growing tired and frustrated, asked the man in front of her to move; he didn’t appear to hear. In Salisbury, Md., a woman awoke in the darkness to find another resident in her bedroom in an assisted living complex. He never menaced or harmed her mother, but “she’s entitled to her privacy,” Ms. Addy-Twaits said. In long-term care facilities, residents sometimes yell at or threaten one other, lob insults, invade fellow residents’ personal or living space, rummage through others’ possessions and take them.
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“My cousin is a juror and says Trump is getting convicted Thank you folks for all your hard work!!! It is not clear if there is any validity to the post. A search of the poster’s Facebook page showed the poster described themself as “a professional sh*t poster,” among other things. “As appropriate, the Court informed the parties once it learned of this online content,” Al Baker, a spokesperson for the court, said. The requested testimonies and instructions were read back to them the next morning.
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Hallie Biden (L), daughter in-law of U.S. President Joe Biden, arrives to the J. Caleb Boggs Federal Building for the trial of Hunter Biden on June 06, 2024 in Wilmington, Delaware. Hallie Biden, the widow of President Joe Biden's late son Beau Biden, testified in federal court Thursday that she became a drug user after the president's surviving son, Hunter Biden, introduced her to crack cocaine. Hallie Biden was romantically involved with Hunter Biden after Beau Biden's death from brain cancer in 2015. Hunter Biden, 54, faces three counts connected to his purchase and possession of the gun despite his drug use. The New York Times reported Wednesday that Republicans have largely kept quiet about Hunter Biden's trial for that reason.
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CNN —Robert Persichitti, a 102-year-old World War II US Navy veteran, died last week while on his way to France to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day, according to Honor Flight Rochester, a veteran’s organization. Persichitti was a “wonderful, pleasant, humble guy,” who was “easy know, easy to talk to,” said Honor Flight Rochester President and CEO Richard Stewart, who told CNN he learned of his friend’s death last Friday. Persichitti fell ill last week during a stop in Germany while headed for Normandy, Al DeCarlo, a friend who was traveling with Persichitti, told CNN affiliate WHAM. “She put his favorite singer, Frank Sinatra, on her phone and he peacefully left us.”Persichitti had heart problems in the past, “but for 102, I would say he was in superb health,” Stewart told CNN. Persichitti enjoyed traveling and speaking with younger generations about his experiences, often visiting schools to talk with students about World War II, his friend, Pastor William Leone, told WHAM.
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A Georgia appeals court on Wednesday halted the criminal election case against Donald Trump in the state pending the outcome of his bid to disqualify the district attorney prosecuting the former president. The order by the Georgia Court of Appeals all but guarantees that Trump and eight co-defendants in the case will not stand trial before the November presidential election, where Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee. The appeals court said it would hear arguments on Oct. 4 on Trump's effort to boot Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis from the case. The appeals court must rule on the question by March 14, 2025, according to the court's website. The appeals court order Wednesday halting the case also applies to Rudy Giuliani, David Shafer, Robert Cheeley, Michael Roman, Mark Meadows, Cathy Latham, Jeffrey Clark and Harrison Floyd.
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A source familiar with the Governor’s plan said Hochul pushed for the delay due to concerns about affordability and the potential impact to the city’s post-pandemic economic recovery. New York’s congestion pricing would have been the first of its kind in the United States. “As a longtime champion of Congestion Pricing and the Congressional Representative of a significant portion of the Central Business District (CBD), I am disappointed by reports that Governor Hochul will not implement Congestion Pricing on June 30, as previously planned,” Nadler said in a statement. “For years, Leader Hakeem Jeffries has maintained neutrality with respect to the congestion pricing policy debate. Congestion pricing is a $15 billion lifeline for the MTA – critical funding that will be lost if the program is stalled,” the group said in a statement.
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Americans didn’t need a reason to feel more cynical about politics. But New York Gov. She said she had become concerned that the program could hurt Manhattan’s economic recovery from the pandemic. But Hochul is the one who has been issuing glowing news releases about how New York State has already achieved “full economic recovery,” including Manhattan, and any economic effects of the pricing plan are nothing new, having been hashed out for years. The more likely reason, as Politico reported, is that Democratic officials, including the House minority leader, Hakeem Jeffries, are worried that starting the program now could hurt Democratic chances in competitive House races this November.
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Washington CNN —Attorney General Merrick Garland appeared defiant Tuesday as he spent hours fielding questions from lawmakers on a range of topics, occasionally sparring with Republican House members seeking to use his testimony to attack the Justice Department. “These repeated attacks on the Justice Department are unprecedented, and they are unfounded,” he told lawmakers. “I will not be intimidated, and the Justice Department will not be intimidated. “It is not the fault of the Department of Justice that Donald Trump has surrounded himself with criminals,” Lieu said. “Trump brought that upon himself.”Lieu also noted that President Biden’s son Hunter is being prosecuted “in federal court right now” by Garland’s Justice Department.
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In ‘Clipped,’ Cleopatra Coleman Spreads Her Wings
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Cleopatra Coleman began with red, swirling it toward pink with a fine-tipped brush. An oval appeared on the paper, and then smaller marks joined it — ears, eyebrows, a line for a nose. “I always draw this woman,” Coleman said. “I don’t know why.”This was on a bright May morning and Coleman, a star of the FX limited series “Clipped,” premiering Tuesday on Hulu, was at Happy Medium, an art cafe around the corner from her temporary apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. So this morning, on a day off from filming a new series, “Black Rabbit,” she had taken herself on a date.
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CNN —The Supreme Court is turning toward the final, frenzied weeks of its term, readying potential blockbuster decisions on abortion, guns and former President Donald Trump’s claims of absolute immunity. Trump claims ‘absolute’ immunityTrump’s appeal for immunity from special counsel Jack Smith’s election subversion charges landed at the Supreme Court late in the term and instantly overshadowed most of the docket. The Supreme Court then put that ruling on hold last year, maintaining the status quo while it decided the case. Government regulation of FacebookThe Supreme Court is confronting a series of cases at the intersection of the First Amendment and social media. The Republican governors who signed the laws said they were needed to keep the social media platforms from discriminating against conservatives.
Persons: Donald Trump’s, , Roe, Samuel Alito, Trump, Jack Smith’s, Biden, Wade, Matthew Kacsmaryk, Kacsmaryk, Joseph Fischer, , Joe Biden’s, Zackey Rahimi, Bruen, Moody, Washington, Raimondo Organizations: CNN, Wade, Conservative, Supreme, White, Trump ., Food and Drug Administration, FDA, Alliance for Hippocratic, US, Pennsylvania, Capitol, Trump, Prosecutors, New York, Rahimi, Facebook, Florida, Biden, Republican, Atlantic, of Commerce, Chevron, Natural Resources Defense, Conservatives, Bright Enterprises, . Department of Commerce Locations: Virginia, New Jersey, Washington, Idaho, Moyle v, Amarillo , Texas, , Texas, New, Louisiana, Florida, Atlanta, New Orleans, Paxton, – Missouri, . Missouri
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Read previewFor GOP lawmakers on Capitol Hill, former President Donald Trump continues to wield immense power over their political futures. AdvertisementFormer President Donald Trump at his criminal hush-money trial in New York. But in a decidedly Democratic state like New York, Biden is likely to gain some ground ahead of the election. AdvertisementAcross the country, suburban voters were already turning away from Trump even before his conviction — as former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has continued to win significant blocs of GOP voters even after suspending her presidential campaign in March.
Persons: , Donald Trump, Trump, Stormy Daniels, Marc Molinaro, Anthony D'Esposito, Biden, Steven Hirsch, Mike Lawler, Attorney Alvin Bragg, Letitia James, Kathy Hochul, hyperpartisan, Nick LaLota, Hochul, Robert F, Kennedy Jr, it's, Nikki Haley Organizations: Service, Capitol, Business, Republicans, New York Police Department, Attorney, hyperpartisan New York Democrats, GOP, New York State, Emerson, Trump, Republican, New York House Republicans Locations: New York, New York City, Hudson, Manhattan, D'Esposito's, Democratic, Long, Trump
The indictment alleged that Trump was a part of an illegal conspiracy to undermine the integrity of the 2016 election. While hush money payments are not illegal in themselves, each charge was tied to a specific allegedly false entry among the financial records of the Trump Organization. Trump has argued that the payments to Michael Cohen, his former fixer who paid Daniels, were correctly labeled as legal expenses. Trump railed against the gag order every day during the trial and again on May 31 when he spoke at Trump Tower the day after the verdict. And the Georgia election interference case is in legal limbo while Trump and several of his co-defendants try to disqualify the Atlanta-area prosecutor who brought the charges.
Persons: Donald Trump, Stormy Daniels, Trump, what’s, Attorney Alvin Bragg, Michael Cohen, Daniels, Cohen, David Pecker, Karen, Pecker, perjurer, Cohen couldn’t, Juan Merchan, Merchan, Trump’s, CNN’s Zachary B, Wolf, Devan Cole, CNN’s Kara Scannell, Lauren del Valle, Jeremy Herb, Zachary B Organizations: CNN, Trump, White, Manhattan, Attorney, Trump Organization, fixer, Prosecutors, National Enquirer, Trump Tower, Division, Department, New, US Locations: New York, Washington ,, Florida, Georgia, Atlanta
The sounds of protest came forcefully from the Assembly chamber gallery, the chants echoing the words emblazoned on handmade banners that were held aloft: “Stop the suffering, pass the bill!”But as New York State troopers began to remove some of the protesters — some holding canes, others slowed by the effects of cancer treatment — it was clear that this demonstration held personal and immediate resonance to those participating. The protest was the latest in an increasingly desperate series of demonstrations aimed at persuading state legislators to pass a bill that would legalize so-called medical aid in dying, allowing terminally ill people access to life-ending medication for the first time in the state. New York is one of 19 states where lawmakers are considering bills that would legalize medical aid in dying, a practice that is legal in 10 states and Washington, D.C.
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In New York, where Trump was convicted, there are “collateral consequences” of being convicted of a felony. In Florida, felons lose civil rights, including the ability to hold public office and serve on a jury. Trump is a Florida resident, and Florida defers to New York law on the question of felons voting. In New York, convicted felons cannot obtain a permit to possess a firearm. That’s not at issue in this New York case, and it’s not going to happen when Republicans control the House as they currently do.
Persons: CNN — Donald Trump’s, Trump, Kathy Hochul, Will Trump, Juan Merchan, Merchan, Anthony Guglielmi, , That’s, it’s, Michael Cohen, Fani Willis, Cy Vance Jr, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Organizations: CNN, New, Trump, Republican National Convention, Secret Service, United States Secret Service, Supreme, Security, Sunshine State, Senate, Fulton, National Archives, Manhattan DA Locations: New York, Florida, Milwaukee, United, Canada, Mexico, Australia, China, South Africa, Georgia, Fulton County, Washington , DC
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