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How Hermes Became the Ultimate Status Symbol
  + stars: | 2024-02-24 | by ( Madeline Berg | )   time to read: +11 min
Now, its shares are also hot commodities, with their performance outpacing bigger luxury brands like Louis Vuitton owner LVMH and Gucci-maker Kering. "The curse of retail is everyone chases more," Simeon Siegel, a senior retail analyst at BMO Capital Markets, told Business Insider about luxury brands. "Brand equity is much more diluted than Hermès'," Herzog said of brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Hermès is 'fairly recession-proof'Keeping it simple has helped Hermès hold its own as luxury brands start to lose their shine after a multiyear spending boom. It also announced it will expand the Saint Junien facility in New Aquitaine (also France) which makes Kelly and Birkin bags.
Persons: Hermès, Louis Vuitton, LVMH, Kering's, hasn't, it's, Axel Dumas, Simeon Siegel, Siegel, Birkin, , waitlists, Edward Berthelot, there's, Hitha Herzog, Nicole Pollard Bayme, Kelly, Versace, Herzog, Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bernstein, Luca Solca, Chanel, Solca, Winston Chesterfield, Barton, That's, Williamsburg , Brooklyn —, Axel, Pierre, Alexis Dumas —, Bernard Arnault's LVMH, Dumas, Barton's Chesterfield, They've, Cousins Axel Dumas, Alexis Dumas, Rodrigo Vaz, Thierry Hermès, they've, We're Organizations: BMO Capital Markets, Capri Holdings, North, Gucci Locations: Hermès, London, China, France, Louviers, Ardennes, New Aquitaine, Aspen , Colorado, Naples, Florida, Nanjing, Princeton , New Jersey, Williamsburg , Brooklyn
Former Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii claimed not to know that attendees could choose her in a poll to pick Trump’s potential running mate, while South Dakota Gov. The jockeying to become Trump’s vice presidential pick, playing out behind the scenes for weeks if not longer, spilled into the open at this week’s CPAC, the country’s annual gathering of conservatives. The various approaches to campaigning for the job were on full display inside CPAC, and it’s uncertain which will win over Trump. “Last year, when everyone was asking me if I was going to consider running for president, I said no. “Because anything could happen to Trump.”But he conceded it was a fool’s errand trying to guess whom Trump might pick.
Persons: Elise Stefanik, Donald Trump, Byron Donalds, Tulsi Gabbard, Kristi Noem, Vivek Ramaswamy, Ohio Sen, JD Vance, Ben Carson, Kari Lake, Trump, Carson, , CPAC, ” Donalds, he’s, ” Matt Schlapp, Newsmax, Schlapp, ” Trump, Ron DeSantis, , South Carolina Sen, Tim Scott, Scott, upstage Trump, Mike Pence, podcaster, Steve Bannon, ” Gabbard, Joe Biden, ” Stefanik, unapologetically, “ Trump, Elise, Donald J, Ramaswamy, who’s, ” Noem, Edward X . Young, Donald, Donalds, Bode Brewer, “ I’m, Genilde Guerra, ” Trump’s, Philip Whitby, “ It’s, “ Trump’s, ” Whitby Organizations: Harbor , Maryland CNN, Conservative Political, New York, Republican, Florida Rep, GOP, Democratic, South Dakota Gov, Gaylord, Resort, Urban, Trump, American Conservative Union, Fox News, Florida Gov, Indiana, Democratic Party, White, Biden Locations: Harbor , Maryland, Florida, Hawaii, Ohio, Arizona, America, South Carolina, Manhattan, Washington, Trump, New York, Iowa, United States, Brick , New Jersey, Reading , Pennsylvania, Genilde Guerra of Miami, Winter Park , Florida
Courtesy of Susie Buffett Buffett teaches a class at the University of Nebraska-Omaha. Courtesy of Susie Buffett Buffett married his first wife, Susan, in 1952. Courtesy of Susie Buffett Buffett and his wife pose at the beach with their three children. Courtesy of Susie Buffett Buffett poses for a photo in 1980. Nati Harnik/AP Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway Vice Chairman Charlie Munger are seen on a giant screen during the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting in 2013.
Persons: Warren Buffett’s, Charlie Munger, Buffett, Munger, , Charlie, Berkshire Hathaway, “ Charlie, Munger’s, Greg Abel, Abel, Berkshire’s, Greg, ” Buffett, “ Greg, Berkshire Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett, Nati, Laila, Howard Buffett, Howard, Susie Buffett, Ernest, Susie Buffett Laila Buffett, Warren, Doris, Susie Buffett Warren Buffett, Susie Buffett Buffett, Susan, Peter, Lee Balterman, Salomon, Marcy Nighswander, AP Buffett, Buffett's, Mark Peterson, Curt Hudson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kathy Willens, Chris Machian, Dave Weaver, Michael Israel, John Sleezer, Bill Gates, Mario Tama, Barack Obama, Obama, doggedly, isn't, Jim Watson, Daniel Acker, Harry Benson, Getty Images Buffett, Astrid, David Cameron, Brendan Hoffman, Kristoffer Tripplaar, Alamy Buffett, Scott Eells, Chris, Franklin, Ndamukong Suh, Scott Olson, Huang Jihui, Jason Miller, Adam Jeffery, Hillary Clinton, Kempin, Forbes, Andy Kropa, Scott Morgan, Reuters Buffett, Andrew Harrer, Apple Berkshire Hathaway Organizations: New, New York CNN, Berkshire Hathaway, Investors, Oracle, , Berkshire, Berkshire Berkshire, University of Nebraska -, Getty, Federal Reserve, AP, Omaha for Berkshire, Bloomberg, California Gov, Wall Street, Schwarzenegger's, Kansas City Royals, Kansas City Star, Girl Scouts, Buffett, Microsoft, Getty Images, White, British, Woodrow Wilson High, Washington, Forbes, Harlem Globetrotters, Cleveland Cavaliers, Moon, NBA, CNBC, Reuters, Apple Berkshire, Apple, Securities and Exchange Commission, HP, Paramount Locations: New York, Omaha, “ Berkshire, Berkshire, The Omaha , Nebraska, Omaha , Nebraska, University of Nebraska - Omaha, Omaha for, Woodstock, Trenton , New Jersey, AFP, Washington , DC, Illinois, Sun Valley , Idaho
Those gains could trigger a tax bill this season, depending on the size of the windfall, experts say. In 2023, home sellers made a $121,000 profit on the typical median-priced single-family home, according to ATTOM, a nationwide property database. Still, "the tax laws were written to encourage homeownership," and many sellers qualify for a tax break, Ringbauer said. Single homeowners can shield up to $250,000 of home sales profit from capital gains taxes and married couples filing jointly can exclude up to $500,000, provided they meet IRS eligibility. Who qualifies for the capital gains exemptionsThere are strict rules to qualify for the $250,000 or $500,000 capital gains exclusions, Ringbauer warned.
Persons: Witthaya, Miklos Ringbauer, Ringbauer, you've, There's, Assunta McLane Organizations: Summit Place Financial Locations: Los Angeles, Summit , New Jersey
CNN —Major League Baseball players have been faced with an unusual problem ahead of the new season: a malfunctioning wardrobe. Players and fans have already voiced their concerns about the new jerseys being worn this season, and on Thursday, as spring training games got underway, MLB Players’ Association (MLBPA) executive director Tony Clark also shared concerns about the pants. “A lot of the rhetoric is confirmation that the pants are see-through,” said Clark, according to ESPN. Players also wore them during last season’s All-Star Game, and Nike and MLB said they were well received at the time. “They’re designed to be performance wear as opposed to what’s been traditionally worn, so they are going to be different,” MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said about the uniforms.
Persons: Tony Clark, , Clark, “ It’s, ” Clark, TJ, , we’ve, Daniel Shirey, “ They’re, what’s, Rob Manfred Organizations: CNN — Major League Baseball, MLB, , ESPN, Nike, Baltimore Orioles, TJ Maxx, CNN, LA Dodgers, San Diego Padres Locations: Seoul, South Korea
Amazon will pay more than 700 migrant workers roughly $1.9 million to settle claims they suffered human rights abuses as a result of exploitative labor contracts in Saudi Arabia. While they worked at Amazon warehouses, the workers were housed in accommodations that were "overcrowded and dirty, infested with bed bugs and lacking even the most basic facilities," Amnesty wrote. The abuses suffered by workers were so severe that they likely amounted to "human trafficking for the purpose of labor exploitation as defined by international law and standards," Amnesty wrote in the October report. Amazon has disputed regulators' allegations, and it has said it continues to invest in worker safety. WATCH: Amazon's worker safety hazards come under fire from regulators and the DOJ
Persons: Verité, Abdullah Fahad Al, AFMCO, they're Organizations: Amazon, Amnesty, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, Investigative Journalism, Guardian Locations: Robbinsville , New Jersey, Saudi Arabia
Tammy Murphy, New Jersey’s first lady who is running for U.S. Senate, has lagged behind her main Democratic primary opponent, Representative Andy Kim, in public opinion polls and in the race for momentum among rank-and-file voters. On Thursday, in a sign of a shifting strategy, she said goodbye to her campaign manager, Max Glass. “We are extremely grateful for the value and the passion that Max brought to our team and his efforts to stand up this campaign,” the campaign’s spokeswoman, Alex Altman, said. Ms. Murphy, the wife of New Jersey’s governor, Philip D. Murphy, began her campaign for the seat now held by the state’s embattled senior senator, Robert Menendez, in November. Mr. Menendez, who has been charged with accepting bribes in exchange for political favors, has not ruled out running for re-election.
Persons: Tammy Murphy, New Jersey’s, Andy Kim, Max Glass, Max, Alex Altman, Murphy, New, Philip D, Robert Menendez, Mr, Menendez Organizations: New, U.S . Senate, Democratic
Last year, Chisom Okwulehie's architectural design business, Juntero, brought in $414,000 in revenue. While Juntero's first sales were mostly one-off graphic design gigs, the company soon attracted bigger projects, like floor plans for small businesses. By the end of 2021, Juntero had garnered $55,000 in revenue. Getting started: 'I've always been a hustler'In early 2021, Okwulehie had just given birth to her daughter and was looking to secure more income for her family. With Juntero, however, she's able to do more design work for residential projects.
Persons: Okwulehie, Juntero, I've, Chisom Okwulehie, Zach Green, John F Organizations: Port Authority of New, CNBC, Port Authority, Kennedy International Locations: Port Authority of New York, New Jersey, Cliffside Park , New Jersey, Upper Nyack , New York, New York, Harrison , New Jersey, China, Texas, Juntero
She has written a memoir about working for a secretive and wildly prestigious Wall Street hedge fund. Recruiters are one of the main gatekeepers for the hedge fund and private equity industries. I hadn't — but I had heard of Argon, a hedge fund that had long and widely been seen as financial royalty. A leading financial publication had called Carbon the world's hottest hedge fund. Another had named it one of the world's top-performing large hedge funds, ranking it among other hedge fund titans and their flagships, like Ray Dalio's Pure Alpha II and Ken Griffin's Citadel.
Persons: , Carrie Sun, Sun, Beowulf Sheehan Yuna, Carrie, Yuna, Chang's, Meijer, Peter, Boone Prescott, He's, Peter glanced, Boone, Jen, you'd, Ruth, Maya, Warren Buffett, Ray, Ken Griffin's, Griffin, Anne Hathaway, Chanel Organizations: Service, MIT, New, Boone, Samsung, Ann Arbor ., College, Carbon, NYU, Alpha, Penguin Press Locations: China, Michigan, Jersey City, Kansas, Midtown, receptionists, Manhattan, Ann Arbor, United States, New York, New Jersey, Anhui, Barneys, Madison, America, Boone, Missouri
Just a few years ago, a crop of venture-backed health insurance startups embarked on planting a flag in the crowded but lucrative health plan business for seniors. Bright Health, which has exited the insurance business entirely as of this year, sold its Medicare Advantage plans in December. However, there are signs that the Medicare Advantage business isn’t as much of a goldmine as it used to be. It takes an enormous amount of capital to grow big in the insurance business, Fidel said. Its Medicare Advantage membership totals about 4 million.
Persons: haven’t, Stephens, underscoring, Oscar Health, Clover, Cowen, Gary Taylor, didn’t, Scott Fidel, it’s, they’ll, Fidel, UnitedHealthcare Organizations: Alignment Healthcare, Medicare, Business, Bright, Oscar, Services, Humana, CVS Health, Aetna, CVS Locations: California, New Jersey
I've worked in HR for 10 years, specifically, I work with senior leaders to ensure all sorts of HR compliance is in place. When it comes to HR, people are usually curious about how to stand out at work. After working in HR for 10 years, here are three things I'd never do in the workplace. In my HR role, I've noticed, that successful people tend to be very direct about their accomplishments and more vocal, whereas super-humble individuals tend not to talk about their achievements or advocate for themselves as much. AdvertisementAs a result, I've seen more negative things come out of sticking around too long at company functions than positive ones.
Persons: Valerie Rodriguez, I've, there's, Oversharing, it's, shouldn't, who's Organizations: Service, Business Locations: New Jersey
After Nikki Haley’s disappointing finishes in Iowa and New Hampshire earlier this year, she promised she would storm back in the next big Republican primary to deliver “a great day in South Carolina,” the state where she was born and raised and where she occupied the governor’s mansion for six years. South Carolina has, since 2017, had a net gain of 372,000 new residents who are old enough to vote. That means that nearly 10 percent of the current electorate did not experience Ms. Haley’s state leadership. South Carolina beat out Florida and Texas last year to be the fastest-growing state in the country. And the largest contingent of new South Carolinians hails from New York and New Jersey, many of them bringing with them an affection for the Republican front-runner, former President Donald J. Trump.
Persons: Nikki Haley’s, Donald J, Trump’s, Carolinians, Trump Organizations: Republican, South Carolina, United Nations, South Locations: Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida, Texas, New York, New Jersey
For a Rainbow of Color in Winter, Look to the Willow
  + stars: | 2024-02-21 | by ( Margaret Roach | )   time to read: 1 min
Or maybe you’d like to produce bountiful harvests of leaves and twigs to feed livestock, or simply enliven a winter landscape with fiery color? Lisa Carper and Aric Vanselous have a willow for all of those purposes, and then some. In their trove of a nursery devoted to the genus Salix, they have several hundred species and varieties from around the world. In early 2019, Ms. Carper was browsing online for plants that might work well at the couple’s former New Jersey property. “We had a little wet patch on our four acres, and it was like, ‘What can we grow there?’” she recalled.
Persons: Lisa Carper, Aric, Carper, , Locations: New Jersey
New York CNN —Major League Baseball players will be wearing new jerseys this season. Some players have complained that there are fewer tailored options available for pants, and the players’ union has reportedly raised criticism of the jerseys to Nike and MLB. (The Major League Baseball Players’ Association did not respond to CNN’s request for comment.) Teams retire their most important players’ jersey numbers. “This is joining that narrative.”Some NHL fans, like baseball fans, are worried about Fanatics’ deal with the NHL to produce authentic jerseys players wear in games because of concerns about quality, limited selection and prices.
Persons: Sam Navarro, , cringe, Stephen Andon, ” Andon, , Nike, ” Jason Heyward, Rob Manfred, They’re, what’s, Paul Lukas, Billie Weiss, ” Lukas, , Andon Organizations: New, New York CNN — Major League Baseball, Nike, MLB, Louis Cardinals, Philadelphia Phillies, Mariners, USA, Reuters, Baltimore Orioles, Major League Baseball Players ’, Montclair State University, Los Angeles Dodgers, NFL, NBA, NHL, Topps, Mitchell, Sports, Uni Watch, Boston Red Sox, Adidas, Reebok, CNN Locations: New York, New St
Here's what my partner and I usually get for $350 in our high-cost-of-living California city. AdvertisementWe usually pick up variety packs of Poppi, which contain prebiotics for gut health and have fewer calories and added sugars than most sodas. There are few places to grab bagels around my home now, so the bagels at Costco are a decent replacement. Instead of using cream cheese, I put Laughing Cow spreadable cheese on my bagel, preferably the light option if Costco has it. It's a good substitute for unhealthier snacks, and a pack of 60 only costs us about $10 at Costco.
Persons: , we're DINKs, Jacqueline Gualtieri, we're, Ade kombucha, Costco's, Caesar, Costco Jacqueline Gualtieri, Gualtieri, We've, Kirkland Organizations: Service, Area, Business, Costco, Del Real Foods, Kirkland Locations: Central Coast, Monterey, California, Del Real, Italian
This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. "I grew up in Nutley," Lorraine Hurlbut , the listing agent for the home who works with Keller Williams NJ Metro Group, told Business Insider. Advertisement“We have New Yorkers, people from Hudson County that live in Jersey City and Hoboken come,” to buy homes in Nutley, Hurlbut said. With 15 bids received, the home's sale price soared by over 40% of the asking price — setting a record in Nutley, Hurlbut told “I don't do minimal staging,” Hurlbut told Business Insider.
Persons: , William Lambert, Lorraine Hurlbut, Keller, It's, Hurlbut, , Geoffrey,, ” Hurlbut, Hurlburt, Organizations: Service, Business, Keller Williams NJ Metro Group Locations: Nutley , New Jersey, Nutley, Essex County, New York City, Hudson County, Jersey City, Hoboken, New York, New Jersey
Walmart has agreed to buy TV maker Vizio , the companies announced Tuesday, as the largest U.S. retailer grows its high-profit ad business. Walmart will acquire Vizio for $2.3 billion, or $11.50 per share, in cash. But in buying the company, Walmart touted the potential to boost its ad business through Vizio's SmartCast Operating System, which allows users to stream free ad-supported content on their TVs. As it pushes for higher profits, the retail titan has tried to expand its media business Walmart Connect, which comes with bigger profit margins than selling groceries or clothing. In a news release, Walmart said Vizio's SmartCast system has 18 million active accounts.
Persons: Seth Dallaire Organizations: Walmart, Vizio, Walmart Connect, Walmart U.S, CNBC PRO Locations: Secaucus New Jersey, U.S
Florida, which has long attracted new residents thanks to its beaches and absence of state income tax, is getting an economic boost driven by young Americans seeking new opportunities. AdvertisementYoung people are driving Florida's economic strength. Getty ImagesFlorida's economy is growing thanks to the newcomersFlorida's population surge is driving the state's robust economy and demand for housing. The Sunshine State's economy is projected by Wells Fargo to expand in 2024, propelled by a robust job market. Thanks to the more damaging weather, Floridians paid more for home insurance in 2023 and the second-most for car insurance compared with other states.
Persons: , Wells, Sean Pavone, Wells Fargo, Taylor Tyson, Miami —, Policygenius, Hurricane Ian, Matias J, Forbes, Michael Bordenaro Organizations: Service, Smart Asset, " Employers, Wells, , Census, SEC, Miami, Miami Herald, Tribune, Getty Locations: Florida, Florida . Florida, Tampa , Florida, Wells, — New York , California, New Jersey, California, New York, Florida — Jacksonville, Tampa, Hurricane, Miami, St, Petersburg
CNN —The FBI and its international allies have seized a dark-web site that the world’s most prolific ransomware gang has used to extort its victims, according to a message on the website viewed by CNN. The hackers claimed credit for a November ransomware attack that forced New Jersey-based Capital Health to cancel some patient appointments. LockBit also claimed responsibility for ransomware attacks on the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and Fulton County, Georgia, in recent months. The US Justice Department also announced the indictment of two Russian men for deploying LockBit ransomware against victim organizations throughout the US, including against unnamed manufacturing firms. While there have been notable arrests and law enforcement seizures of millions of dollars’ worth of ransom payments, the ransomware economy continues to thrive.
Persons: LockBit, , cybercriminals, LockBit’s ransomware, Don Smith, Cybercriminals, ” Allan Liska, ” Liska, “ LockBit Organizations: CNN, FBI, Health, Industrial, Commercial Bank of China, National Crime Agency, LockBit, US Justice Department, Justice Department, Government Locations: New Jersey, Fulton County , Georgia, Australia, Germany, Eastern Europe, Russia, China, Secureworks
On Saturday, a Virgin Atlantic plane and a United Airlines plane reached speeds over 800 mph. NEW LOOK Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . High-altitude winds over the Mid-Atlantic helped the planes surpass speeds of 800 mph, The Washington Post reported. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
Persons: Organizations: Virgin, United Airlines, Service, Atlantic, Washington Post, Business Locations: London, Newark , New Jersey, Lisbon
Taylor Swift performs at the Staples Center in Los Angeles in 2015. From Taylor Swift On her birthday in 2019, Swift shared this photo of herself as a child. From Taylor Swift A 13-year-old Swift sings the National Anthem before an NBA game in Philadelphia in 2002. John Mabangalo/Pool/Getty Images Swift performs during a sold-out show at New York's Madison Square Garden in 2009. Ethan Miller/Getty Images Swift performs onstage at the Staples Center in Los Angeles during her 1989 tour in 2015.
Persons: CNN — It’s, Donald Trump, Taylor Swift, Joe Biden’s, Swift, she’s, Trump, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Smerconish, Winfrey, Barack Obama, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Christopher Polk, Scott, Andrea Swift, Jesse D, Tim McGraw, Kevin Winter, John Mabangalo, Chad Batka, Bryan Bedder, Larry Busacca, Miley Cyrus, Lucas Till, Hannah Montana, Sam Emerson, Everett, Jonas, Frank Masi, Taylor, I'm, West, Beyonce, Jeff Kravitz, Lucy Nicholson, Christopher Morris, Josh Haner, Kevin Mazur, James Taylor, Charles Sykes, Matt Sayles, Mark J, Terrill, Invision, Jimmy Fallon, Douglas Gorenstein, Nicholas Harvey, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Laraine Newman, Bill Hader, Taran Killam, Kristen Wiig, Keenan Thompson, Fred Armisen, Kerry Washington, Betty White, Bradley Cooper, Dana Edelson, Andrea, Ethan Miller, Tim Boyles, Selena Gomez, Jordan Strauss, Mike Coppola, John Shearer, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Brandon Urie, Katy Perry, Republic Records Jack Antonoff, Aaron Dessner, Will Heath, Seth Wenig, Terence Rushin, Travis Kelce, Patrick Smith, propping, It’s, birther, There’s Organizations: CNN, Monmouth University, Marist College, Trump, Democratic, Biden, Staples Center, NBA, of Country, Garden, New York Times, New York's Rockefeller Center, Walt Disney Co, Kanye, Madison, MTV, NBC, ACM, Academy of Country, Getty, New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, Universal Pictures, Coachella, Republic Records, New York University, Kansas City Chiefs, Chiefs, AFC, Super, Swift, Republicans, NFL, Republican Locations: America, Monmouth, Los Angeles, West Reading , Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, New York, Auburn Hills , Michigan, Newark , New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Frankfurt, Germany, London, Arlington , Texas, Tampa, Chicago, Atlanta, United States, Hawaii
Artemi Panarin scored 10 seconds into overtime and the Rangers beat the crosstown-rival Islanders 6-5 in a Stadium Series game at MetLife Stadium on Sunday. Rangers coach Peter Laviolette was behind the bench for his fifth outdoor game, tying Joel Quenneville for the most in NHL history, and got his first win in the open air. The Islanders pulled four points behind Detroit for the second wild card in the Eastern Conference. After the Rangers pulled within one in the second period, Romanov pushed the Islanders’ lead back up to 5-3 at 1:53 of the third. The Rangers then had a 4-on-3 power play with just under six minutes to go, and Laviolette pulled Shesterkin for a two-man advantage.
Persons: Artemi Panarin, , Jacob Trouba, ” Panarin, Noah Dobson, Ilya Sorokin, Dobson, Panarin, Vincent Trocheck, Erik Gustafsson, Chris Kreider, Mika Zibanejad, Alexis Lafreniere, Adam Fox, Igor Shesterkin, Zibanejad, Peter Laviolette, Joel Quenneville, I’ve, ” Laviolette, ” Brock Nelson, Bo Horvat, Mathew Barzal, Anders Lee, Alexander Romanov, Sorokin, Patrick Roy, Lane Lambert, Jan, Romanov, Ryan Lindgren, Romanov’s, Lindgren, Laviolette, Kreider, Panarin’s, ” Lee, Pierre Engvall’s, Lee, Trocheck, Gustafsson, Matt Rempe, Matt Martin, ___ Organizations: New York Rangers, Rangers, Islanders, MetLife, ” Rangers, Detroit, Eastern Conference, NFL’s Jets, Giants, NHL, Devils, Flyers, NYPD, FDNY, The Rangers, UP NEXT Rangers, Dallas, Pittsburgh Locations: RUTHERFORD, N.J, New Jersey
CNN —There’s a funny, interesting and very sad new series on CNN featuring Jake Tapper. If you are encountering them for the first time, it will be an education in what Tapper calls his “Jar Jar Binks” theory. TAPPER: The scandals involving Trump are so vast and complex and ongoing. You revisit sex scandals, corruptions scandals and a spy scandal. TAPPER: I have a theory called the “Jar Jar Binks” theory, which is that every great person rises to a level where they can remove from their circle anyone telling them when they’re making a mistake.
Persons: CNN —, Jake Tapper, Rod, Carolina Sen, John Edwards, Tapper, Donald Trump, I’ve, they’d, , Hunter Biden, Matt Gaetz, George Santos, TAPPER, Trump, Valerie Plame, Blagojevich, Scooter Libby, Libby, Trump –, Roger Stone, Mike Flynn, it’s Organizations: CNN, , Trump, Illinois Gov, New, South, Senate, Democrats Locations: “ United States, Carolina, New Jersey, South Carolina, Northeast
Bush’s presidential campaign in 1988, he was so eager to wrap himself in the American flag that he took us to a New Jersey flag factory. At the time, it seemed like a cynical move by Republicans, trying to bogart patriotism. That vanishing breed of Republican pledged allegiance to the American flag. “Bush wrapped himself in the American flag,” David Axelrod said. “Trump wants to wrap himself in the Mar-a-Lago flag.”
Persons: George H.W, bogart, Donald Trump’s, Bush, ” David Axelrod, “ Trump Organizations: Republicans Locations: New Jersey, America
The Trump Organization, Trump, and lieutenants face a $364 million judgment in a civil fraud case. But several factors, including the extent of Trump's fraud, could make him an outlier. "If allowed to stand, this ruling will only further expedite the continuing exodus of companies from New York," the Trump Organization spokesperson said. It's also worth noting the exceptional circumstances that led to the investigation into the Trump Organization. While running for attorney general in 2018, James promised to aggressively investigate Trump's business dealings.
Persons: , Donald Trump, Arthur Engoron, Trump, Allen Weisselberg, Letitia James, Eric, Don Jr, James, Rahmani, Engoron, Bernard Madoff, It's, Alexandra Ocasio, Cortez, Michael Cohen, Cohen, affirmatively Organizations: Trump Organization, Trump, Service, New, New York, West, Trial, Trump University Locations: New York, York, New Jersey
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