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Read previewThe US Navy carrier strike group battling the Houthis in the Red Sea has fired more than 500 munitions throughout its deployment, striking the rebels directly in Yemen and intercepting their missiles and drones. The strike group has leaned on its aircraft and warships to engage targets and defend against varying threats. Sailors observe as an F/A-18E Super Hornet lands on the flight deck aboard the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower in the Red Sea on March 12. Aircraft from the strike group have flown more than 27,200 hours across over 12,100 sorties. The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Carney defeats a combination of Houthi missiles and drones in the Red Sea on Oct. 19.
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AP Photo/Evgeniy Maloletka, FileThe war has shown how effective air defenses can be at denying air superiority, protecting key areas, and threatening high-value aircraft, as well as the costs when capabilities are degraded. Ukraine's air defenses, like its Soviet-era S-300s and US-supplied Patriots, have defeated enemy missile and drone strikes, hindered Russian air operations, and shot down numerous fighter-bombers and other Russian planes. "Ukraine and NATO might reduce risks with a two-prong strategy of strengthening air defenses and boosting infrastructure resilience." Needing more interceptors for the PacificFrom the fights this year, the US can see how it'll need to employ air defenses in a potential showdown with China. Running out of air defenses before the enemy runs out of air threats spells trouble.
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Two US Navy warships on the front lines of the Houthi battle are back in the Red Sea. The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and USS Gravely made a recent port visit in Greece. AdvertisementThe US Navy aircraft carrier that spent months battling the Houthis in the Red Sea is rearmed and back in the waterway after a short break. AdvertisementThe Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower prepares to port in Souda Bay, Greece on April 28. While there may be no immediate end in sight to the Red Sea conflict, US officials have routinely stressed that American forces will continue to engage the Houthis.
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The US Navy used its SM-3 missile interceptor in combat for the first time last month. AdvertisementThe US Navy will need a lot more of its SM-3 missile, an interceptor that only recently scored its first-ever kill, to counter Pacific threats like China, the sea service's top civilian official said on Wednesday. The Missile Defense Agency's budget request for FY25 cuts procurement of SM-3 Block IB variant, which became operational a decade ago. During Wednesday's hearing, South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson referred to this variant as the Navy's "primary defense against tactical ballistic missiles for the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense" weapons system. AdvertisementThe Navy, however, is already getting a taste of what it's like to battle anti-ship ballistic missiles.
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The Navy attributed the delays to pandemic-related supply chain issues. AdvertisementAll of the US Navy's highly anticipated shipbuilding projects face yearslong delays, the service said earlier this month. The major delays come amid concerns that China is outpacing American shipbuilding and increasing its naval capabilities. The Navy secretary said he and his team were "floored" by US ally South Korea's shipbuilding capabilities. AdvertisementIn a February statement, the Navy recognized Korean and Japanese shipbuilding as an asset to the US as "China continues to aggressively pursue worldwide shipbuilding dominance."
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US Navy warships fired SM-3s to intercept Iranian ballistic missiles last weekend. AdvertisementUS Navy warships used a missile interceptor for the first time in combat over the weekend as they defended Israel from an unprecedented Iranian attack. AdvertisementA developmental Standard Missile-3, designed to intercept short to medium-ranged ballistic missile threats, is launched from the Pearl Harbor-based Aegis cruiser USS Lake Erie. There are multiple SM-3 variants, which can be fired from a Navy warship's vertical launching system, and the Block I interceptors were first fielded nearly 20 years ago. US Central Command said American forces, specifically, destroyed more than 80 drones and at least six ballistic missiles.
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US naval forces in the Middle East have been involved in shooting down malign threats for months. The cost of munition expenditure during this time is approaching $1 billion, the Navy secretary said. AdvertisementThe US Navy has fired nearly $1 billion in missiles to counter threats from Iran and its proxy forces over the past six months, the sea service's top civilian official revealed on Tuesday. USS Dwight D. Eisenhower conducts flight operations in response to the Houthis in the Red Sea. The Pentagon's Red Sea operations, however, have raised questions about sustainability, as the Houthis show no sign of letting up their attacks.
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US Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro said he was "floored" at South Korea's shipbuilding abilities. A recent review found that the US Navy's top shipbuilding programs are heavily delayed by years. Del Toro and other Navy officials addressed US shipbuilding problems in a budget hearing this week. US Navy Secretary Carlo Del Toro visiting a South Korean shipyard in February 2024. Nick Guertin, the Navy acquisition executive, the Navy review "identified major initiatives to drive improvement that we plan to pursue."
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The Navy secretary acknowledged on Wednesday the effectiveness of these systems in the Red Sea. AdvertisementDecisions made decades ago are now defining the Red Sea naval battle unfolding between American forces and the Houthis, the US Navy's top civilian official said on Wednesday, highlighting the long reach of defense decision-making. AdvertisementA view of the USS Gravely destroyer in the southern Red Sea on Feb. 13. AdvertisementThe USS Dwight D. Eisenhower conducts flight operations in the Red Sea on Feb. 23. US Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Carney defeats a combination of Houthi missiles and drones in the Red Sea on October 19, 2023.
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Sen. Tommy Tuberville says the US Navy is too woke, citing a poetry night on an aircraft carrier. "It is absolutely insane the direction we're headed in our military," Tuberville told Fox News. "Secretary [Carlos] Del Toro of Navy, he needs to get to building ships, get to recruiting, and he needs to get wokeness out of our Navy," Tuberville said Wednesday evening on Fox News. AdvertisementAdvertisementSecretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro and Sen. Jack Reed at an industry conference in Newport, Rhode Island on August 28, 2023. AdvertisementAdvertisement"The service chief of any service has two full-time jobs already.
Persons: Sen, Tommy Tuberville, Tuberville, Carlos, Del Toro, We've, he's, Navy Carlos Del Toro, Jack Reed, Theodore C, Lee Tuberville, Gerald R, Ford, Mike Gilday, Gilday, Ted Lieu, George Patton, Richard, MCS3 Jeanette Mullinax, Chuck Schumer, Tuberville's, They've, Adam Smith of, Abraham Lincoln, Jeff Sherman Tuberville's, Lisa Franchetti, Joe Biden, Franchetti, Eric Smith, Smith, I've Organizations: US Navy, Fox News, Navy, Service, Alabama Republican, CNN, Army and Air Force, The Washington Post, Ford, Senate Armed Services Committee, House Armed Services Committee, Defense, Conference, Navy Reserve, Joint Chiefs, Staff, Marine, Chiefs Locations: Russian, Wall, Silicon, The, Newport , Rhode Island, Alabama, California, Flanders, Canadian, Adam Smith of Washington
Let’s go to work.”Tuberville’s blockade is unique because it affects hundreds of military nominations and promotions. But, while unusual, Tuberville's office notes that lawmakers from both parties have threatened holds on military promotions over the years. But if Republican leaders are pressuring Tuberville to end his holds, they are not doing so publicly. Some Republicans have suggested that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., could hold votes on some of the most critical nominations. “I'd like to vote to rescind the policy, but I'm not going to hold the military up in perpetuity,” Graham said.
Persons: Alabama Sen, Tommy Tuberville, “ We're, , servicemembers, Navy Carlos Del Toro, Tuberville, ” “, , ” Tuberville, Lloyd Austin, Let’s, It’s, What's, Austin, Court’s Dobbs, “ I'm, Sen, John Thune, Chuck Schumer, Schumer, ” Schumer, Lindsey Graham, it's, I'm, ” Graham, Roger Wicker, ” Wicker Organizations: WASHINGTON, Alabama, Pentagon, Navy, Air Force, Army, Washington Post, Marine Corps, CNN, , Democratic, Senate, Defense Department, Senate Armed Services Committee, Republican, Marines, Space Force, Senate Armed Services Locations: Washington, Russia, Tuberville
The U.S. Navy has been hit by the Chinese state-sponsored hack that Microsoft disclosed Wednesday, Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro told CNBC's Morgan Brennan on Thursday. The warnings alerted corporate and public enterprises that a sophisticated Chinese state-backed hacking group had successfully exploited a vulnerability in a popular cybersecurity suite. The vulnerability, which was exploited by a group codenamed "Volt Typhoon," affects critical cyber infrastructure across a range of industries, Microsoft said Wednesday. The company said the Chinese hackers had targeted communications and maritime sectors in Guam, which is home to a key U.S. military base. The Chinese Foreign Ministry and state-controlled press dismissed the findings from Microsoft and the intelligence community as "disinformation."
The ship, formally known as USS Chancellorsville, will be named USS Robert Smalls. Robert Smalls was born into slavery but went on to become a prominent sailor and politician. Del Toro on Monday said he is "proud" to rename the ship after Robert Smalls. "Robert Smalls is a man who deserves a namesake ship and with this renaming, his story will continue to be retold and highlighted." The USS Chancellorsville was commissioned in 1989 and is assigned to Carrier Strike Group Five in Japan, although it is scheduled to leave active service in 2026.
An outgunned US Navy pilot downed four Soviet MiG-15 jets in a legendary dogfight over 70 years ago. This swept-wing Soviet aircraft was considered to be superior to the straight-wing American Panther in terms of overall performance. A Grumman F9F Panther fighter jet fires its guns during an attack on the North Korean port of Hungnam. "In the moment I was a fighter pilot doing my job," Williams said in an account of the fight, according to Pacific Fleet. Williams' dogfight isn't the only example of US planes battling enemy aircraft that are superior on paper.
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