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Jordan Chiles has been a gymnast since the age of six. The 5'5 athlete grew up in Vancouver, WA, and was named after Michael Jordan, according to her profile on Team USA's website. Chiles told The Times that she considered quitting in 2017 after having a difficult experience with her former coaches. Jordan Chiles and Simone Biles train together and have been friends for years. "Hey Jordan, this is Michael Jordan.
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CNN —At least five workers have died in an explosion and fire at a tequila factory in Mexico, local authorities said. Two others were injured in the disaster, at a Casa Cuervo distillery in the town of Tequila, Jalisco state. Casa Cuervo is the world’s largest producer of the Mexican spirit, according to its website, encompassing the Jose Cuervo and Tequila 1800 brands, among others. In a statement, Casa Cuervo said it was assisting authorities with their investigation and would reinforce security controls at its facilities. An area is damaged following an explosion at a Jose Cuervo tequila plant, in Tequila, Jalisco state, Mexico on July 23, 2024.
Persons: Casa Cuervo, Jose Cuervo, Alfonso Magallanes Organizations: CNN, Tequila, JAL Civil Protection, US Department of Agriculture Locations: Mexico, Casa Cuervo, Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico’s, United States
Washington CNN —Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address Congress on Wednesday – seeking to shore up American support for his war in Gaza and redirect the attention of a nation that has been preoccupied for weeks by a stream of domestic political issues. Netanyahu’s address to Congress comes at a crucial crossroads for the war. Netanyahu, meanwhile, has accused the United States of “withholding weapons and ammunitions to Israel,” claims that American officials flatly rejected. After arriving in Washington earlier this week, Netanyahu met with some American relatives of hostages held by Hamas. Former President Donald Trump and Netanyahu will also meet Friday at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, Trump announced Tuesday.
Persons: Benjamin Netanyahu, Joe Biden’s, Biden, Donald Trump, Netanyahu, Kamala Harris, Harris, Pro Tempore Patty Murray, Sen, Bernie Sanders, , ” Sanders, , ” Biden, Israel, CNN’s Jeremy Diamond, Jennifer Hansler Organizations: Washington CNN, Israeli, Wednesday, Democratic, Republican National Convention, Pro Tempore, United States Congress, West Bank, Trump Locations: Gaza, Indianapolis, Washington, Vermont, , Israel, United States, Palm Beach , Florida
Significant pressure on productionThe US and Europe have ramped up artillery production rates to try to outgun Russia and meet Ukraine's battlefield needs. However, he noted that Israel would fight a "very" different type of war with Hezbollah than Ukraine is fighting with Russia. Ukraine could pay a priceCancian doesn't believe that Ukraine would run out of artillery projectiles. Levantovscaia said diverting artillery to Israel could potentially cost Ukraine the war, but said she wasn't "100% sold," and that Ukraine's innovation and determination could counterbalance that. Even so, Temnycky said that any new limits on arms and ammunition would "certainly" make the objective of winning the war in Ukraine harder.
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CNN —France’s Interior Ministry rejected around 5,000 security accreditation requests for Olympics volunteers and workers, with roughly 1,000 of those cases blocked due to suspicions of meddling or espionage. The Ministry outlined in a statement on Tuesday that it conducted “about a million” administrative investigations into various staff for the 2024 Paris Games. Of those checks, varying threats were identified, including meddling and espionage, convicted criminal records, illegal alien statuses, radical Islam, and ultra-right and ultra-left ideologies. The statement re-iterated that this will be the first Opening Ceremony taking place outside of a stadium for the Summer Games, creating significant security challenges. However, the ministry expressed its confidence, stating that it’s “now ready” after final rehearsals took place on Tuesday evening.
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Charlotte, North Carolina CNN —Donald Trump will step out onto the campaign trail Wednesday to an entirely new race and a political landscape once again irrevocably altered by an unprecedented election year. Meanwhile, Trump and his campaign are working to reimagine a playbook and operation launched to take on an unpopular 81-year-old incumbent. He predicted that Harris would start “gaining on or even leading President Trump” in the polls, though he also insisted that the “honeymoon” period would end. Trump’s appearance in Charlotte will provide his first opportunity to contrast himself with Harris before voters in a battleground state. But it was left off the list of states that the Biden campaign viewed as most winnable in a sobering post-debate assessment of the race.
Persons: North Carolina CNN — Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Harris, Trump, , “ Biden, , Biden, ” Trump, Trump’s, Harris ’, Tony Fabrizio, Trump ”, Fabrizio, ” Fabrizio, Harris “, Joe Biden’s, , ” Harris, CNN’s Kate Sullivan Organizations: North Carolina CNN, Trump, Democratic Party, Democratic, Fox, The Democratic National Committee, Biden, San, Democrat, MAGA Inc Locations: Charlotte, North Carolina, Georgia, Minnesota, California, San Francisco, Arizona , Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania
New York CNN —A toxic mix of surging rental rates and vanishing support for renters has catapulted evictions above pre-pandemic levels in some major cities. Evictions have increased most significantly in Sun Belt cities where housing affordability has worsened and where renters often have fewer protections. Other cities, including Minneapolis (+44%) and Columbus, Ohio (+37%), are also experiencing higher levels of evictions than before the pandemic. Three-quarters of the 34 cities tracked by the Eviction Lab had evictions increase between 2022 and 2023. The vast majority of evictions are for issues related to nonpayment of rent, according to the Eviction Lab.
Persons: , Chris Salviati, Kristolyn Lloyd, you’re, ” Lloyd, , Yuki Iwamura, , Lloyd, , ’ ” Lloyd, Diane Yentel, Brett Coomer, Jacob Haas, it’s, Haas, Heather Vargas, she’s, Vargas, ” Vargas Organizations: New, New York CNN, Princeton University ., Broadway, CNN, Bloomberg, Getty, Income Housing Coalition, Princeton’s, Houston, Harvest Time, Houston Chronicle, Investors Locations: New York, Sun Belt, Gainesville , Florida, Houston, Nashville, Fort Worth , Texas, Minneapolis, Columbus , Ohio, Columbus, Las, New York City, Covid, Manhattan, Queens, Texas, Florida, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Harris, South Carolina, Philadelphia, Wilmington , Delaware, Miami, Cleveland, San Diego, Citrus, Califonia,
According to Prasad and other experts, Harris' approach to China would likely be similar to that of Biden. Trump's biggest diversion from Biden-era trade policy would likely be tariffs levied on China. The Trump administration reached a "phase one trade deal" with China in 2019, but few terms were honored and subsequent phases never materialized. Tech warwatch nowThe Biden administration also announced rules limiting U.S. investment in Chinese firms developing sensitive technologies, citing national security concerns. She said channels for the two countries to discuss policy issues decreased significantly during the Trump administration, whereas the Biden administration emphasized its diplomatic engagement efforts.
Persons: Donald J, Trump, Bill Pugliano, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Eswar Prasad, Kamala Harris, Biden, Prasad, Harris, Biden —, Stephen Weymouth, Economist Stephen Roach, William Reinsch, Scholl, Reinsch, JD Vance, Arthur Dong, Chris Miller, Miller, Rorry Daniels Organizations: Van, Getty, House, CNBC, U.S, Cornell University, Trump, International Monetary, Georgetown University, Economist, Center for Strategic, International Studies, Beijing, Georgetown, Tech, Asia Society Policy Institute Locations: Grand Rapids , Michigan, China, Beijing, Ohio, Washington, U.S, Japan, Netherlands
But if you walk a short distance away from the sparkling Stade de France, which is about six miles from downtown Paris, you’ll find a very different world. The Stade de France will host track and field events and Rugby sevens game during the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Geoffroy Van Der Hasselt/AFP/Getty ImagesWorkers prepare an information board outside Stade de France in Saint Denis on July 3. Investment fueled by the Olympics has poured into Seine-Saint-Denis to fund improved public transit, more green spaces and better-quality housing, Troussel said. Funding for track and field facilities is entirely dependent on local governments.
Persons: you’ll, Denis, Geoffroy Van Der, Pierre Crom, Stéphane Troussel, Troussel, , Denis –, , “ It’s, ” Stéphane, Annette Kellermann, Emmanuel Macron, Laurence Baillargeau, Kylian Mbappé, Baillargeau, ” Baillargeau, ” Troussel, There’s, Denis Émotion, , Sandra Ribeiro, Ribeiro, ” Ribeiro, CSME Athlétisme, Cedric Jacqué, Anna Viallard, Athlétisme, Ville, Viallard, Mallory Leconte, Mallory Leconte “, ” Leconte, , ” Viallard, doesn’t, Mbappé, Baptiste Fernandez, Ait, Mouffok Organizations: CNN, Stade de France, Paris Olympics, Games, ” Regional, Olympics, Rugby, Getty Images Workers, Paris, Denis Departmental Council, Investment, Greater, Local, Real Madrid soccer, AS Bondy, Saint, Bois, CNN Sport, Parc Municipal des Sports, FFA, Team France, team, AS Bondy can’t Locations: Paris, France, Saint, Geoffroy Van Der Hasselt, AFP, Saint Denis, Seine, – Paris, Greater Paris, Île, La Courneuve, Bondy –, Montreuil, Portugal, Beijing, Aulnay, Perfe, Bondy, Épinay, Parc, Tenerife, Stade, , CA Sevran, Ait Mouffok, CSME, London
More specifically, they're taking aim at a widespread rule that requires almost every new apartment building in the US to include at least two separate stairwells. This part of local codes, they say, is an outdated safety measure that really just makes apartment units smaller, more expensive, and darker (yes, darker). City planners there sometimes call these single-stair buildings "Seattle Specials" — they simply wouldn't be possible in pretty much any other city. Almost all of Europe, as well as Asia, Mexico and South America, allows single-stair buildings of six stories or higher. Germany allows single-stair buildings to stretch to about 20 stories, while Switzerland has no such limit.
Persons: Chris Gannon, Gannon, Stephen Smith, Michael Eliason, Eliason, James F, Brian Court, We're, Sean Jursnick, Jursnick Organizations: City Council, Center for, Housel, Miller Hull Partnership, Eliason, City, Fire Protection Association Locations: Texas, Austin, Seattle, New York City, America, California, Minnesota, Washington and Oregon, North America, It's, Union, Seattle's, Hill, Denver, Europe, Asia, Mexico, South America, Germany, Switzerland, Honolulu, California , Oregon, Washington
Massive shark is struck by boat in rare video footage
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CNN —Rare footage captured by a camera strapped to the back of an endangered shark shows the jarring moment it was struck by a boat — prompting the animal to dash into deep waters and rest for hours. It’s not clear whether the massive 23-foot (7-meter) animal, known as a basking shark, ultimately survived the collision. The basking shark is a massive creature, growing up to 40 feet (12 meters) long, and is among the largest fish in the world — second only to the whale shark. But the video and study findings that came out of the incident are timely for the shark research community, noted Dr. Christopher Lowe, the director of the Shark Lab at California State University, Long Beach. Protecting basking sharksMcInturf emphasized that Ireland — and the United Kingdom — have already taken significant steps to help protect endangered basking sharks.
Persons: Alexandra McInturf, , ” McInturf, Christopher Lowe, , McInturf, they’re, “ I’m, ” Lowe, it’s heartening Organizations: CNN, Oregon State University, Marine Science, International Union for Conservation, California State University, Ireland Locations: Ireland, Long Beach, Southern California, United Kingdom
Mortgage rates haven't moved much in recent days, with average 30-year mortgage rates sticking around 6.51% so far this week, according to Zillow data. See more mortgage rates on Zillow Real Estate on ZillowMortgage CalculatorUse our free mortgage calculator to see how today's mortgage rates will affect your monthly and long-term payments. 15-Year Fixed Mortgage RatesAverage 15-year mortgage rates were 6.05% this week, according to Freddie Mac data, which is a 12-basis-point decrease from the previous week. As inflation comes down and the Federal Reserve is able to start cutting the federal funds rate, mortgage rates should fall further as well. Now that the Fed has paused hiking rates, mortgage rates have come down a bit.
Persons: Lawrence Yun, Freddie Mac Organizations: National Association of Realtors, Zillow, Federal Reserve, Fed Locations: Chevron
Read previewAfter a decade of working abroad, George said he'll return to the US to retire. While he said the healthcare system is great on average, it's becoming more difficult to manage the bureaucracy of insurance filings as an American abroad. "You can pretty much get anywhere by train or bus within Germany," George said. Before he retires to the US, he said he'll try to appreciate all the perks of living abroad. Are you an American living or working abroad and considering retiring in the US?
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Diverse donors race to help elect Kamala Harris
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And Democratic-aligned donors from all those worlds are eager to help Harris get there. That figure marks the year of the sorority’s founding at Harris’ alma mater, Howard University. More than 1.1 million donors have contributed – with 62% of them first-time givers this cycle, Harris’ campaign said. He said he held his first fundraiser for Harris at his Boston-area home during her successful 2016 Senate campaign. But for all the early enthusiasm, the groups supporting Harris say big challenges remain – both in sustaining her campaign’s early financial momentum and in helping blunt looming attacks on her race and gender.
Persons: CNN — Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Harris –, , Harris, , , Glynda Carr, Carr, Biden, they’ve, Harris ’, Alexandra Acker, Lyons, Biden’s, Acker, , ’ ”, Ramesh Kapur, Democratic bundler, Kapur, “ I’m, Shekar, He’s, he’s, don’t, ” Narasimhan, Trump, Chintan Patel, Patel, ” Harris “, ’ ” Acker, Veronica Stracqualursi Organizations: CNN, American, Higher, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc, Howard University, Women Alliance, Democratic, Senate, Fund, Democratic Party, Republican Party Locations: Higher Heights, America, alma, Manhattan, Denver, Harris, United States, Indian, American, Boston, Virginia, Michigan, Wisconsin,
“These pesticides are applied to tens of millions of farm fields across the United States in quite high quantities, and they are contributing to PFAS contamination,” Andrews said. “The study provides empirical evidence of the extent of PFAS in pesticides,” said DeWitt, who was not involved in the research. PFAS helps pesticides last longerThe study authors submitted Freedom of Information requests to various state and federal government agencies in the US, including the EPA. The analysis found eight EPA-approved inert ingredients were PFAS, including the nonstick chemical Teflon. In February, the EPA proposed the removal of Teflon in pesticide products.
Persons: , Alexis Temkin, David Andrews, ” Andrews, Jamie DeWitt, DeWitt, Stephanie Eick, , Tom Flanagin, Andrews, Rainer Lohmann, Temkin, Sirisak, ” DeWitt Organizations: CNN, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, US Environmental Protection Agency, Environmental, EWG, Center for Biological Diversity, Public Employees, Oregon State University’s Pacific Northwest Center, Health Research, Emory University, Agency, EPA, American Chemistry Council, ACC, , University of Rhode Island’s, School of Oceanography Locations: Washington , DC, United States, Tucson , Arizona, Spring , Maryland, Atlanta
It’s just a decisive move toward America First on foreign policy.”Trump’s selection of Vance is one of the clearest barometers of the former president’s tightening hold over the GOP. Those included Christian conservatives, the business community, congressional insiders and traditional Republican foreign policy hawks shaped by Ronald Reagan’s vision of the US as the muscular leader of the free world. Instead, with Vance, Trump chose an acolyte and potential successor who could deepen and extend the direction the former president has set for the party. Vance has been most unequivocal in criticizing the internationalist approach to foreign policy centered on robust alliances. With the selection of Vance, Trump has broadcast his belief that he has conclusively won the internal GOP debate over all aspects of US interactions with the world – foreign policy, immigration and trade.
Persons: Ohio Sen, JD, Donald Trump’s, Republican Party’s reorientation, Vance, Trump, Trump’s, , Bill Kristol, , It’s, Mike Pence, Ronald Reagan’s, Geoffrey Kabaservice, Dwight Eisenhower, Sen, Robert Taft, Taft, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George W, Bush, John McCain, Mitt Romney –, Patrick J, Buchanan’s, George H.W, George H.W . Bush, John Bolton, Bolton, James Mattis, Mark Esper, State Rex Tillerson, Mike Pompeo, Ivo Daalder, Barack Obama, Richard Fontaine, Republican Sen, Fontaine, “ Vance, Matthias Matthijs, Vance’s, Ohio Republican unreservedly, Donald Trump, ” Vance, Steve Bannon, Joe Biden, Adam Kinzinger, He’s, he’s, Biden, ” Trump, Vladimir Putin, Volodymyr Zelensky, ” Daalder, ” Matthijs, Putin, Aaron Friedberg, Gabriel Schoenfeld, Nikki Haley, Reagan, Haley Organizations: CNN, Ohio, Republican, GOP, Trump, America, New, Niskanen Center, Republican Party, American Free Trade, NATO, , H.R, McMaster, Defense, State, Chicago Council, Global Affairs, Center, New American Security, Johns Hopkins ’ School, International, Senate, Ohio Republican, NAFTA, Fox News, Air Force, National Guard, Businessweek, Taiwan, Biden, Chicago, South Carolina Gov, Ukraine Locations: New York, mollifying, Europe, Soviet Union, China, Canada, George H.W ., Asia, Ukraine, New American, Russian, Johns, America, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Israel, Taiwan, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Milwaukee, Moscow, , Wisconsin, Mexico ”, Kabul, Kyiv, Trump
Read previewIn the nine-month war between Israel and Hamas, an unlikely nation has emerged as a key power broker in the Middle East: China. Reconciling the groups with an eye to building a postwar Palestinian government is a diplomatic coup for Beijing, after years of trying to position itself as a power broker in the Middle East. China challenges US might in the Middle EastIn the last few years, China has challenged US influence in the Middle East. In 2023, it helped broker a restoration of diplomatic relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia after decades of proxy conflict. "China also doesn't want to sacrifice much to advance any of its interests in the Middle East," Jon Alterman, an analyst with the Center for Strategic and International Studies, told the US Congress in April.
Persons: , Fatah, Wang Yi, It's, Ali Wyne, Aaron David Miller, Wyne, Jon Alterman Organizations: Service, Hamas, Reuters, Business, PLO, West Bank, Crisis, Palestinian, Center for Strategic, International Studies Locations: Israel, East, China, Beijing, Gaza, Fatah, Washington, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Saudi, States
CNN —New Zealand Prime Minister Christopher Luxon expressed regret on Wednesday after a public enquiry found some 200,000 children, young people and vulnerable adults were abused in state and religious care over the last 70 years. Prime Minister Christopher Luxon speaks during the release of The Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care report on July 24, 2024 in Wellington, New Zealand. Hagen Hopkins/Getty ImagesThe report by Royal Commission of Inquiry spoke to over 2,300 survivors of abuse in New Zealand, which has a population of 5.3 million. The inquiry detailed a litany of abuses in state and faith-based care, including rape, sterilisation and electric shocks, which peaked in the 1970s. Those from the Indigenous Maori community were especially vulnerable to abuse, the report found, as well as those with mental or physical disabilities.
Persons: Christopher Luxon, ” Luxon, Hagen Hopkins, Pope, of, Charlotte Graham, Luxon, , Tracey McIntosh Organizations: CNN, Zealand, Royal Commission of, Royal Commission, Safe Agency, University of Auckland Locations: New, Wellington , New Zealand, New Zealand, of Canterbury
Opening a U.S. Bank Checking AccountYou can open a U.S. Bank checking account online or at a branch. Chase Bank ReviewU.S. Bank Checking Accounts vs. Wells Fargo Checking AccountsThere are four Wells Fargo checking accounts, including a checkless bank account similar to the U.S. Bank Safe Debit account. Wells Fargo ReviewWhy You Should Trust Us: How We Reviewed U.S. Bank Checking AccountsWe used our checking account methodology to review the two U.S. Bank checking accounts. U.S. Bank Checking FAQsWhat makes U.S. Bank checking accounts attractive to customers? A U.S. Bank checking account may attract new customers who want a top checking account bonus.
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailTrump would be much more focused on China than on Russia if elected: Ex-Singapore diplomatBilahari Kausikan, chairman at the National University of Singapore's Middle East Institute, discusses Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's U.S. visit and the outlook for Middle East conflicts and China-Taiwan relations in the event of a Trump presidency.
Persons: Bilahari Kausikan, Benjamin Netanyahu's Organizations: Trump, Ex, National University of Singapore's Middle East Institute, Israeli Locations: China, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan
Asia-Pacific markets fell on Wednesday as traders assessed July business activity data from Australia, tech earnings from the U.S. and awaited Japan PMI readings. Late Tuesday, automaker Toyota said it will buyback 806.85 billion yen ($5.17 billion) of its shares from major Japanese banks and insurers, including Tokio Marine , Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group . Heavyweight Samsung Electronics plunged 1.8%, even as Reuters reported that chip giant Nvidia had cleared its chips for use in a processor for the China market. The South Korean electronics company is still grappling with a strike from its largest workers union, with talks on Tuesday yielding no results, according to the National Samsung Electronics Union, which has about 30,000 members. Hong Kong Hang Seng index futures were at 17,474, just marginally higher than the HSI's last close of 17,469.36.
Persons: Topix, Australia's Organizations: Sydney Opera House, Japan PMI, Nikkei, PMI, Toyota, Tokio Marine, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Samsung Electronics, Reuters, Nvidia, National Samsung Electronics Union, Juno Bank . Hong Locations: Asia, Pacific, Australia, U.S, Japan, China, Korean, Juno Bank . Hong Kong
But this was not a Microsoft issue. Tom ChittyWe're going to talk more about who CrowdStrike are, I think, you know, some people would probably never have heard of CrowdStrike. Lots and lots and lots of global businesses rely on CrowdStrike for their security. I had first seen that and thought it was a Microsoft issue, the reason why Windows crashed on my PC. It was a CrowdStrike issue.
Persons: Tom Chitty, We'll, I've, Arjun Kharpal, you've, Tom Chitty We're, let's, Arjun Kharpal CrowdStrike, George Kurtz, Kharpal, CrowdStrike, they're, it's, they've, Tom Chitty Well, what's, Arjun Kharpal We'd, Iyou, It's, who've, there's, Ciaran Martin, Patrick Anderson, Arjun, Tom, Tom Chitty We'll Organizations: Microsoft, Industries, CNBC, Netflix, NBC, Sky News, Tom Chitty Airlines, Civil Aviation, CrowdStrike, U.S, Board, U.S . Homeland Security Department, Google, National Cybersecurity Center, Anderson Economic Group, CNN Locations: U.S,, CNBC's London, London, Europe, China, Russia, Arjun Kharpal China, Moscow, what's, Michigan
New York CNN —The stark political reality facing President Joe Biden, prompting his unprecedented decision to exit the 2024 race, might look different had he enjoyed the support of a blindly loyal, propagandistic news media. GET RELIABLE SOURCES IN YOUR INBOX A daily digest chronicling the evolving media landscape with uncompromising reporting and analysis. “There has been so much consternation about the fight in the party but also the media coverage of the fight,” Maddow acknowledged Sunday. Contrast how the news media covered Biden’s woes with how the MAGA Media has treated Trump in recent years. But that was not the case for Biden, underscoring the ethical reality that flows through the news media and largely extends to progressive personalities.
Persons: Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Biden, , Trump, David Remnick, Rachel Maddow, ” Maddow, , Sean Hannity Organizations: New, New York CNN, Fox News, MAGA Media, GOP, White, CNN, Trump, New York Times, Biden, New Yorker, MSNBC Locations: New York, Atlanta
Chad Le Clos aims for second Olympic gold, aged 32
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Chad Le Clos: I’ve just turned 32, so obviously it’s a little bit of a different stage in my life. What it means for everyone in my, let’s say, Chad Le Clos bubble. Chad Le Clos (left) and Michael Phelps (right) show off their medals at the 2012 London Olympic Games. Chad Le Clos after competing in a semi-final of the men's 100m butterfly, at the 2024 World Aquatics Championships in Doha, February 16, 2024. Le Clos: I’m pretty confident I’ll be in LA, respectfully.
Persons: Chad Le Clos, , Dirk Lange, Le Clos, Michael Phelps, FABRICE COFFRINI, I’ve, Phelps, Penny Haynes, I’m, You’ve, Sebastien Bozon, Michael Phelps’s, That’s, don’t, Michael, you’ve, dog’s, we’ll Organizations: CNN, Paris Olympics, Commonwealth Games, London, AFP, Getty, Olympic, Paris, Athens Olympics, Atlanta Olympics, , Getty Images CNN Locations: South, Tokyo, Germany, South Africa, German, Melbourne, Durban, AFP, London, Beijing, Doha, Budapest, Los, LA
“Hydrothermal explosions are violent and dramatic events resulting in the rapid ejection of boiling water, steam, mud, and rock fragments,” according to the US Geological Survey. “Porkchop Geyser, in Norris Geyser Basin, experienced an explosion in 1989, and a small event in Norris Geyser Basin was recorded by monitoring equipment on April 15, 2024. Hydrothermal explosions like that of today are not a sign of impending volcanic eruptions, and they are not caused by magma rising towards the surface.”Large hydrothermal explosions occur on an average of every 700 years, the USGS says. “Although large hydrothermal explosions are rare events on a human time scale, the potential for additional future events of the sort in Yellowstone National Park is not insignificant. Based on the occurrence of large hydrothermal explosion events over the past 16,000 years, an explosion large enough to create a 100-(meter)- (328-ft-) wide crater might be expected every few hundred years,” it added.
Persons: Organizations: CNN, Geological Survey Locations: Yellowstone, Wyoming, Norris, Norris Geyser
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