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French President Emmanuel Macron broke his silence on the political earthquake that took place in France last weekend, calling on mainstream parties to work together to form a coalition government. In an open letter to regional newspapers on Wednesday, Macron said "no one won" the parliamentary election and called on mainstream parties with "republican values" to form a governing alliance. With just 180 seats, the NFP fell short of achieving an absolute majority of 289 in the 577-seat National Assembly, France's lower house of parliament. Macron's centrist 'Together' bloc came second in the ballot with 163 seats, and RN and its allies won 143 seats. They can reject the nomination of a party, if it's not seen to have enough seats to form a stable government.
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Macron said it was “in light of these principles” that he will decide on the appointment of France’s next prime minister. The NFP won 182 seats in the National Assembly, making it the largest group in the 577-seat parliament. In a victory speech Sunday evening near Stalingrad Square in Paris, he said Macron “has the duty” to ask the NFP to form a government. Jean-Luc Mélenchon (right), leader of the far-left France Unbowed party, celebrates the second-round results at a rally in Paris, July 7, 2024. French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal’s offer to resign was on Monday rejected by Macron, leaving him in place in a caretaker role until the new government is formed.
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Liverpool Street train station beneath the new skyline of skyscrapers in the City of London financial district on 14th February 2022 in London, United Kingdom. LONDON — European stocks are expected to open higher Wednesday as concerns over the political outlook in France subside. France's CAC 40 index closed 1.81% lower Tuesday as traders assessed the implications of a hung parliament and a period of political uncertainty in France. Asia-Pacific markets were mixed overnight, even as key Wall Street benchmarks rose following dovish comments from U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell Tuesday. U.S. stock futures were little changed in overnight trading Tuesday after the S&P 500 notched a fresh record close.
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How Emmanuel Macron blew his legacy
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He’s now staring at what will certainly be his real legacy: Macron opened the door to the far right in France. After a shattering defeat in May’s European Parliament election, his decision to call a snap election has, at least partially, backfired. Emmanuel Macron delivers a speech at the Louvre Museum in Paris after winning the French presidential election in May 2017. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, left, and France's Emmanuel Macron shake hands after a press conference on June 16, 2022 in Kyiv, Ukraine. For countless communities in France - French or immigrant - the legacy of one man’s gamble, and the uncertainty that is his legacy, will exact a far higher price.
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He's credited with creating the European Political Community, bringing leaders from across 50 states in the region to discuss shared challenges and to coordinate joint responses. For now, Macron has rejected his current Prime Minister Gabriel Attal's resignation and on Monday asked him to stay in the post "to ensure the country's stability." Subran stressed that it was vital that Macron was aligned with the future prime minister. It hasn't paid off, and France's uncertain political outlook will likely perturb France's European partners, one French political scientist told CNBC. French President Emmanuel Macron reviews troops that will take part in the Bastille Day parade, July 2, 2024 in Paris, France.
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President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist Ensemble alliance came in second, preventing the far right from taking power. The stakes couldn’t have been higher, and it is hard to overstate the sense of urgency with which French voters flocked to the polls. It ought to be noted, however, that under half of centrist voters went for the left in a run-off against the far right. Many had assumed that it was a foregone conclusion that the far right would win a majority, absolute or otherwise. On all those occasions, and again last week, many held their noses and voted for the center to keep the far right in check.
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While a surge in support for the left-wing New Popular Front (NFP) coalition foiled Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally (RN) party, French politics is now more disordered than it was before the vote. The NFP won 182 seats in the National Assembly, making it the largest group in the 577-seat parliament. And the RN and its allies, despite leading the first round, won 143 seats. Does that mean the NFP “won” the election? Now, it is the largest bloc in the French parliament and could provide France with its next prime minister.
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The euro slipped on Monday after projections from France's election pointed to a hung parliament amid an unexpectedly strong showing for a left-wing alliance, spawning fresh uncertainty over the country's fiscal outlook. The euro slipped on Monday after projections from France's election pointed to a hung parliament amid an unexpectedly strong showing for a left-wing alliance, spawning fresh uncertainty over the country's fiscal outlook. The yen headed for a third day of gains after rebounding from last week's nearly 38-year trough to the dollar. The euro was 0.06% lower at $1.0827, and earlier slid as much as 0.4% as investors weighed the consequences of a hung French parliament. The dollar slipped 0.07% to 160.70 yen, down from as high as 161.96 on Wednesday.
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Founder of left-wing party La France Insoumise (LFI) Jean-Luc Melenchon reacts during the election night of left-wing party La France Insoumise (LFI) following the first results of the second round of France's legislative election at La Rotonde Stalingrad in Paris on July 7, 2024. After the left-wing's election success in France on Sunday, all eyes are now on radical firebrand Jean-Luc Mélenchon who has demanded the left be given the premiership and a chance to govern following its unexpected election win. The New Popular Front (NFP) coalition — of which Mélenchon is the self-appointed figurehead — won the largest number of seats in the second round of France's snap parliamentary election. Europe had braced itself for France's far-right to win the largest number of votes in the second round of France's snap election. French President Emmanuel Macron's centrist "Together" bloc came in second with 163 seats and the far-right National Rally and its allies won 143 seats.
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CNN —In a surprise second-round result, the left-wing New Popular Front is projected to finish ahead of Marine Le Pen’s far-right party in French parliamentary elections, according to an IPSOS estimate. Despite leading after the first round of votes, the far-right National Rally (RN) was projected to win between 132 and 152 seats. But Sunday’s projection comes as a huge upset and shows French voters’ overwhelming desire to keep the far right from gaining power. After the first round, an unprecedented number of seats – over 300 – went to a three-way runoff between Ensemble, the NFP and the RN. By Tuesday, more than 200 centrist and left-wing candidates withdrew from the second round, in a bid to avoid splitting the vote.
Persons: Le, , Emmanuel Macron’s, Cheers, Luc Mélenchon, France Unbowed, ” Mélenchon, Bois de Vincennes, Jordan Bardella, Macron Organizations: CNN, NFP, Socialists, National Assembly, Ensemble Locations: France, Vichy, Paris, Stalingrad, Bois de
The newly-formed left-wing coalition, the New Popular Front (NFP), came second with 28%, while Macron’s Ensemble alliance trailed in a distant third with 21%. In the outgoing parliament, Macron’s alliance had only 250 seats, and so needed support from other parties to pass laws. In an attempt not to split the anti-far right vote, more than 200 candidates from Macron’s alliance and the NFP agreed to stand down in the second round. Whatever the result of Sunday’s vote, France seems set to endure a period of political chaos, with Macron unable to call another parliamentary election for at least a year. Jordan Bardella speaks at the RN headquarters in Paris after the first round of voting, June 30, 2024.
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The bloc brings together five different parties. Far-left France Unbowed and the Communist party has joined with the center-left parties, the socialists and the greens to form a New Popular Front. It’s equally hard to imagine how the current constellation would allow France to play an important role regarding Ukraine. The left has remained relatively quiet on Ukraine - different parties from the coalition have slightly different stances - France Unbowed is against what it calls “escalation” with Russia. Macron’s gamble may have prevented the far right from coming to power, but it could yet plunge the country into chaos.
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Now, it looks set to win the most seats in the French parliament and could provide France with its next prime minister. The NFP is made up of several parties: the far-left France Unbowed party; the more moderate Socialist Party; the green Ecologist party; the French Communist Party; the center-left Place Publique, and other small parties. Going into the second round, it was not clear who the coalition would nominate to be its prime minister. Its most prominent – and divisive – figure is Jean-Luc Mélenchon, a 72-year-old populist firebrand and longtime leader of the France Unbowed party. Announcing his intention to resign Monday as prime minister, Gabriel Attal said, in an apparent swipe to France Unbowed: “No absolute majority can be led by the extremes.
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A woman steps out of a polling booth prior to cast her vote in the first round of parliamentary elections in Le Touquet, northwestern France, on June 30, 2024. LONDON — France's left-wing New Popular Front coalition is set to unexpectedly win the most seats in the second round of the country's parliamentary election but fail to clinch an absolute majority, early data showed. By offering voters a starker choice and fewer candidates, RN's opponents hoped that the electorate would choose the non-RN candidate. The prime minister must leave," Jean-Luc Melenchon, leader of the France Unbowed party, said in a CNBC-translated social media update after the release of the early poll data. The final round of the election shows that voters, ultimately, have rejected Macron.
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Francois Lo Presti | Afp | Getty ImagesFrench voters are heading to the polls on Sunday for the second and final round of voting in a snap parliamentary election. By offering voters a starker choice and fewer candidates, RN's opponents hope that the electorate will opt for the non-RN candidate. "For instance, former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has said voters should vote neither for the RN nor candidates from the far-left France Unbowed (LFI) party. At the same time, current Prime Minister Gabriel Attal has called for everyone to vote against the RN." If the choice was between a far-left and far-right candidate, however, the picture was more nuanced, showing a split vote.
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Prime Minister Gabriel Attal has said French voters now have a "moral duty" to halt the party's advance. The officer — a father of three who's in his 40s, and a right-leaning voter — said the polarization in French society was "very worrying, but unfortunately normal with the 'diversity' of our society." The police officer said he expected civil unrest after the vote, whichever party gained the most votes. "There will be civil unrest whoever is elected, this is France and the people speak their mind." Civil unrest possiblePolitical experts agree that the current febrile atmosphere of French politics, and antagonism between the main bodies of voters, are the ingredients for further civil unrest.
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CNN —French authorities have recorded more than 50 physical assaults on candidates and campaigners on the campaign trail, the country’s Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said Friday as concerns mount about political violence ahead of France’s high-stakes parliamentary elections. However, we have counted 51 candidates, deputies, or campaigners who have been physically assaulted. The attacks have ranged from the less severe to “extremely serious,” Darmanin said, adding that some candidates have been hospitalised for their injuries. Roughly thirty or so people have been taken in for questioning in relation to the attacks, Darmanin added. In Cherbourg, a center-right candidate from The Republicans party, Nicolas Conquer, made a formal complaint after he claimed he was assaulted by left-wing campaigners on Monday.
Persons: Gérald Darmanin, ” Darmanin, Darmanin, Emmanuel Macron, Prisca Thevenot, Marie Dauchy, Nicolas Conquer Organizations: CNN, BFMTV, National, Republicans, Front, NFP, Interior Ministry, National Assembly Locations: , France, Savoie, Cherbourg
CNN —Concerns are growing about political violence ahead of high-stakes parliamentary elections in France after a series of lawmakers were attacked on the campaign trail this week. French government spokesperson Prisca Thevenot and her team came under attack while canvassing on Wednesday night, the latest in a string of violent incidents involving French lawmakers contesting Sunday’s parliamentary elections. Four people have been taken in for questioning regarding the incident, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin told French television station France 2 on Thursday morning. Acknowledging that violence has been linked to both the far-right and far-left camps, Bardella vowed, if appointed, to be a prime minister who “re-establishes order” in France. An additional 30,000 police officers and gendarmes will be deployed across France on Sunday night in the event of public disorder, Darmanin said Thursday.
Persons: Prisca Thevenot, Marie Dauchy, Nicolas Conquer, Emmanuel Macron, Gérald Darmanin, Thevenot, , Jordan Bardella, ” Bardella, CNN’s, Bardella, , Gabriel Attal, Darmanin Organizations: CNN, National, Republicans, Macron’s, France, BFMTV, Incumbent, Front, NFP, Interior Ministry, National Assembly Locations: France, Savoie, Cherbourg, Thevenot
CNN —Soccer star Kylian Mbappé has called the first round of French elections “catastrophic” after last Sunday’s results saw the country lurch towards the far-right with anti-immigration party National Rally (RN) leading first place. The captain for France’s national soccer team, who is preparing for Les Bleus’ Euro 2024 quarterfinal against Portugal in Hamburg on Friday, urged the French public to vote saying “now more than ever” it was needed. If the RN assumes power, it would become the first far-right party to enter the French government since World War II – although nothing is certain ahead of Sunday’s second round. This isn’t the first time that Mbappé has spoken about French politics while he’s been with the French national soccer team at Euro 2024. “And that is why I want to talk to the whole of the French people, but also the youth.
Persons: Kylian Mbappé, Les, , ” Mbappe, Emmanuel Macron’s, Mbappé, , he’s, ” Mbappé, Mbappé’s Les, Jules Kounde –, ” Kounde, CNN’s Niamh Kennedy, Saskya Vandoorne Organizations: CNN — Soccer, National, soccer team, Les Bleus, Portugal, Front, NFP, French national soccer, Reuters Locations: Hamburg, Germany, France, Sunday’s, Algeria, Cameroon, Belgium
Handpicked as leader by National Rally (RN) doyenne Marine Le Pen in an effort to purge the far-right party of its racist and antisemitic roots, Bardella has taken it closer to the gates of power than ever before. Whether the RN forms a government and Bardella becomes prime minister after the July 7 runoff is not clear. So, who is Bardella, and what might his party do in power? Le Pen and Bardella address a crowd of RN supporters in Paris, after Macron called a snap election, June 9, 2024. When the prime minister and president belong to different parties – in a rare arrangement known as “cohabitation” – things can grind to a halt.
Persons: CNN — Jordan, , Bardella, Emmanuel Macron’s, France’s, Denis, Le Pen, Le Pen’s, Louis Aliot, Le, Macron, Julien De Rosa, Freed, Jean, Marie Le Pen, Franco, Paris Anne Hidalgo, Luc Mélenchon, ” Bardella, Julien de Rosa, Gabriel Attal, ” Mujtaba Rahman, Mario Draghi, Giorgia Meloni, Benito Mussolini, Matteo Salvini, Vladimir Putin, Antonio Masiello, Hungary’s Viktor Orban –, Macron – Organizations: CNN, National Rally, National Assembly, Front, Sorbonne university, Getty, Macron’s Ensemble, Immigrants, Ministry of, Armed Forces, New Popular Front, EU, Eurasia Group, European Union Locations: Paris, France, Europe, Seine, Macron, AFP, Vichy, Spanish, Brussels, Italy, Ukraine, Kyiv, Russia
Gold inches up after weak data fuels U.S. rate cut bets
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Gold prices drifted higher on Thursday after softer-than-expected U.S. economic data fueled hopes that the Federal Reserve could cut interest rates as soon as September. Spot gold was up 0.3% at $2,362.10 per ounce, as of 0200 GMT after hitting a near two-week high in the previous session. U.S. economic data on Wednesday, including a weak services and ADP employment reports, showed a slowing economy. "A softer-than-expected ISM services report was the gift that Fed doves have been waiting for ahead of a NFP. Markets are now pricing in a 74% chance of the Fed cutting interest rates at its September meeting, according to the CME FedWatch Tool.
Persons: Matt Simpson Organizations: Federal, Traders, NFP, U.S Locations: U.S
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailWithdrawal of NFP election candidates a clear decision to prevent RN victory, says NFP MPNathalie Oziol, a lawmaker for La France Insoumise, discusses National Rally's success in the first round of the French elections, and explains what her party, part of the NFP, will do to prevent a far-right majority.
Persons: Nathalie Oziol Organizations: La France Insoumise, NFP
They’ve put aside their differences with one goal in mind: to keep the far right firmly away from the 289 seats required for an absolute majority currently within their reach. By Tuesday, as the deadline to drop out closed, fewer than 100 remain, after centrist and left-wing candidates strategically dropped out in individual seats. This tactic could stop some RN candidates from winning, according to analyst Antoine Bristielle. Macron’s Ensemble allies also called on their supporters to prevent the far right taking office, but some warned against lending their votes to the hard-left France Unbowed, a party inside the NFP. “I’ve taken the difficult decision to withdraw … leaving it up to my voters to position themselves against the far right or far left,” Samuel Deguara, a candidate from Macron’s camp said after withdrawing.
Persons: Emmanuel Macron’s, They’ve, Antoine Bristielle, Nathan Laine, ” Bristielle, Leslie Mortreux, Gérald Darmanin, Bruno Le Maire, “ I’ve, ” Samuel Deguara, Pen, ” Le Pen, Perpignan Louis Aliot, Dimitar Dilkoff, Jordan Bardella Organizations: CNN, Republique, Bloomberg, Getty, National, NFP –, NFP, Macron’s, France Unbowed, . Finance, , Rassemblement National, Perpignan Locations: Antoine Bristielle ., Paris, France, AFP
Left-wing and centrist parties in France are scrambling to block the rival National Rally from winning the ongoing parliamentary election, according to analysts, after support for the far-right faction surged in the first electoral round on Sunday. Figures posted on Monday morning by the French Interior Ministry showed that the far-right National Rally (RN) and its allies had secured a combined 33.1% of votes, while the left-wing New Popular Front (NFP) alliance won 28% and French President Emmanual Macron's centrist Together bloc garnered 20%. The outcome of the first round of the election has led to discussions from left-wing and centrist politicians about how to minimize the amount of parliamentary seats secured by the RN in the second round of voting on July 7. "Our objective is clear: to prevent the National Rally from having an absolute majority in the second round, from dominating the National Assembly and from governing the country with the disastrous project that it has," French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, a Macron ally, wrote on social media platform X late on Sunday according to a CNBC translation. "I say it with the force that the moment demands to each of our voters: not a single vote must go to the National Rally," he added.
Persons: Danielle Simonnet, NUPES, LFI, Celine Verzeletti, Jean Luc Melenchon, Emmanual, Gabriel Attal Organizations: La France, National Rally, French Interior Ministry, Front, National Assembly, CNBC, National Locations: Paris, France
Dimitar Dilkoff | Afp | Getty ImagesFrench stocks staged a relief rally early Monday after results from the first round of the nation's snap election raised expectations of a hung parliament. The far-right National Rally party and its allies won 33.1% of the vote, the left-wing NFP alliance was second with 28% and Macron's coalition secured 20%, France's Interior Ministry said Monday. Stock Chart Icon Stock chart icon CAC 40 index. Stock Chart Icon Stock chart icon Euro/U.S. National Rally is hoping it will be the party's 28-year-old leader, Jordan Bardella.
Persons: Jordan Bardella, Gabriel Attal, Manuel Bompard, Dimitar Dilkoff, Sebastian Paris Horvitz, CNBC's, Matthew Ryan, , Emmanuel Macron, Macron, Horvitz Organizations: Rassemblement National, France's, France, TF1, Afp, Getty, NFP, La Banque Postale Asset Management, Citi, National, U.S ., National Assembly, Locations: London, France, Europe
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