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They’re also going to be communicating with one another or driving their moon buggies while on the lunar surface. Lunar clockworkWhat scientists know for certain is that they need to get precision timekeeping instruments to the moon. Exactly who pays for lunar clocks, which type of clocks will go, and where they’ll be positioned are all questions that remain up in the air, Gramling said. Focke Strangmann/APThe new time scale would underpin an entire lunar network, which NASA and its allies have dubbed LunaNet. But how future astronauts living and working on the lunar surface will experience time is a different question entirely.
Persons: aren’t, Cheryl Gramling, NASA’s, Gramling, Omer Tarsuslu, They’re, ” Gramling, Albert Einstein, Paco, Sao, Sundials, , , Bruce Betts, Kevin Coggins, you’ve, ” Coggins, , Bijunath, Patla, ” Patla, Focke Strangmann, It’s, “ It’s, Betts, Artemis III, Arizona State University “ It’ll Organizations: CNN, NASA, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight, Getty, White, Astronauts, Planetary Society, NASA’s Space Communications, Navigation, US National Institute of Standards, Technology, Vehicles, Physical, National, European Space Agency, International Astronomical Union, Reconnaissance, Arizona State University Locations: United States, China, Maryland, Kars, Turkey, Anadolu, German, Sao Miguel, Evora , Portugal, Germany, Malapert Massif
Sell your blood plasmaBags of blood plasma being examined in a laboratory. During plasma donation, blood is drawn and an automated machine separates the plasma from other blood components, which are returned to the donor. Plasma donation pay varies from site to site, but the average payout is typically around $50 per donation. During the egg donation cycle, patients are injected with fertility drugs so that the ovaries make more mature eggs than normal. For example, here's a list of the most recent paid research studies offered by New York University.
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Elon Musk aggressively elbowed his way into the space launch business over the past two decades, combining engineering genius and an entrepreneurial drive with a demand that the U.S. government stop favoring the big, slow-moving contractors that had long dominated the industry. Today, it is Mr. Musk who is dominant. His company, SpaceX, is the primary provider of launch services to NASA and to the Pentagon. His rockets carry far more commercial satellites into orbit than anyone else’s, including those for his own Starlink communications network. The new generation of space entrepreneurs trying to emulate Mr. Musk is sufficiently concerned about what they see as his anticompetitive tactics that some of them are now willing to take him on publicly.
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Why Bolivia is Latin America’s next dining destination
  + stars: | 2024-05-28 | by ( Joe Yogerst | )   time to read: +9 min
Capital city La Paz boasts three eateries — Gustu, Ancestral and Phayawi — currently ranked among the top 100 restaurants in Latin America. Bolivia’s food revolution has also spread to major cities such as Sucre as well as the Uyuni Salt Flats. Rather than fine dining, the ambience is decidedly casual, the tables spread across three floors of an old wooden townhouse in the boho Sopocachi neighborhood of central La Paz. Courtesy PhayawiZero-kilometer goes widerSucre, the nation’s judicial capital in south-central Bolivia, isn’t as cosmopolitan as La Paz when it comes to food. Courtesy Joe YogerstBut that’s not to say that Bolivia’s food revolution has reached every nook and cranny.
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Why the US can't send humans to Mars
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Humans have long imagined life on Mars, though our understanding of the planet has changed a lot. Some of the US's earliest plans assumed humans could reach the Red Planet by the 1980s. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementEarlier this month, NASA announced it was funding a revolutionary high-thrust rocket — called a Pulsed Plasma Rocket — that could make crewed missions to Mars in just two months. That's seven months faster than it'd take with current technology and would drastically reduce the risk and cost of a crewed Mars mission, according to Howe Industries, which is developing the concept.
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CNN —NASA has launched the first of two research satellites to measure how much heat is lost to space from the Arctic and Antarctica. ET) aboard a Rocket Lab Electron rocket from Rocket Lab’s launch complex in Mahia, New Zealand. Technicians integrate PREFIRE inside the Rocket Lab Electron rocket payload fairing on Wednesday at the company’s facility in New Zealand. Weather and ocean currents move that heat energy toward the poles, where the heat radiates upward into space. The launch date for the second satellite will be announced shortly after the launch of the first satellite, NASA said.
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CNN —Two teams of scientists have discovered a theoretically habitable planet, smaller than Earth but bigger than Venus, orbiting a small star about 40 light-years away. Working on the assumption that the exoplanet doesn’t have an atmosphere, scientists calculated its surface temperature to be around 107 degrees Fahrenheit (42 degrees Celsius). Once temperate Earth-size planets have been identified, scientists can then analyze them to determine which elements are contained in their atmospheres and, crucially, whether water is present to sustain life. This method involves capturing starlight that shines through an exoplanet’s atmosphere and seeing which wavelengths are absorbed by certain molecules, revealing their presence in the atmosphere. As well as shedding light on the exoplanet itself, Palethorpe said scientists are hoping that this work can help us understand our own planet better.
Persons: “ We’ve, , Masayuki Kuzuhara, Akihiko Fukui, , ” Larissa Palethorpe, , Palethorpe, James Webb Organizations: CNN, Royal Astronomical Society, Astrobiology, University of Tokyo, University of Edinburgh and University College London, James Webb Space Telescope Locations: Tokyo,
NASA and Boeing are proceeding with a space launch after discovering a helium leak. Boeing VP Mark Nappi said the design vulnerability was "not a safety of flight issue." download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementNASA and Boeing said a helium leak in its Starliner spacecraft is "stable" and won't prevent two astronauts from launching into space next week in a mission more than a decade in the making. NASA and Boeing execs said the cause of a leak in Starliner's propulsion system had been identified in a press conference on Friday, and it was safe to fly.
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Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft, which was scheduled to take two NASA astronauts to the International Space Station on May 6, will remain on the ground for at least another week as engineers chase down a small helium leak. Additional opportunities to launch are available on June 2, June 5 and June 6. Officials from Boeing and NASA said they needed the time to understand the problem and develop workarounds. On May 6, the astronauts Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams were already strapped in the Starliner when the launch was called off because of a malfunctioning valve in the second stage of the Atlas V rocket. That problem was unrelated to the Starliner capsule, but then engineers spotted a small helium leak in the Starliner’s propulsion system.
Persons: Butch Wilmore, Suni Williams Organizations: NASA, International, Station, Cape Canaveral Space Force, Boeing, Atlas V Locations: Florida
Read previewNASA's James Webb Space Telescope has detected three galaxies as they were likely forming during the universe's infancy, the space agency said Thursday. And it's all thanks to the tremendous observing power of the James Webb Telescope. AdvertisementThe James Webb Space Telescope helps astronomers study the very early universe. The Cosmic Dark AgesJames Webb Space Telescope has revealed 45,000 galaxies in this image, hundreds of which have never been seen until now. Astronomers study the Era of Reionization to understand the very early moments in our universe when galaxies and stars first formed and how.
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Boeing and NASA are moving forward with the launch of the company's Starliner capsule, set to carry U.S. astronauts for the first time, despite a "stable" leak in the spacecraft's propulsion system. "We are comfortable with the causes that we've identified for this specific leak," Boeing Vice President and manager of the company's Commercial Crew program, Mark Nappi, said during a press conference on Friday. "We know we can manage this [leak], so this is really not a safety of flight issue," Nappi added. Boeing is now targeting June 1 for the first crewed launch of its spacecraft, with backup opportunities on June 2, June 5 and June 6. To date, Boeing has eaten $1.5 billion in costs due to Starliner setbacks, in addition to nearly $5 billion of NASA development funds.
Persons: Mark Nappi, Nappi Organizations: National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA, United Launch Alliance, Boeing's, NASA's Boeing, Cape Canaveral Space Force, Boeing, International Space Locations: Florida
Ninety percent of the mass in this cluster is dark matter. Gravity makes dark matter clump together, but dark energy counteracts this effect. Studying the density of dark matter across the cosmos will help astronomers learn how dark energy influences the structure of our universe. The telescope’s sensors make it like a net for light, Dr. Cuillandre said. “It’s very rare to find an isolated galaxy,” Dr. Cuillandre said.
Persons: Euclid, Katrina Miller Euclid, ” Jean, Charles Cuillandre, Beta, Cuillandre, , Michael Seiffert, , We’re, Seiffert Organizations: European Space Agency, CEA Paris, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Messier
This satellite image shows Buthidaung, Myanmar, on January 17, 2024. © 2024 Maxar Technologies This satellite image shows Buthidaung, Myanmar, on May 18, 2024. This satellite image shows a damaged bridge in Buthidaung, Myanmar, on May 18, 2024. Warnings of further atrocitiesAn immediate concern is a humanitarian crisis in Rakhine state, with newly displaced residents unable to access food or clean water. The Myanmar military has blocked all access,” said Nay San Lwin.
Persons: Farooq, , Young, Volker Türk, Kyaw, , Buthidaung –, , John Quinley, Khaing, Lwin, Rohingya, Pan, Matthew Miller Organizations: CNN, Arakan Army, AA, Resource Management, Free Rohingya Coalition, International Court of Justice, Council, Myanmar, UN Human Rights Council, National Unity Government, Free Rohingya Coalition –, Maxar Technologies, , ” CNN, Bangladesh, Labs, Medecins, Rakhine . State Department, Unity Government Locations: Myanmar’s, Myanmar, Rakhine, Arakan, Bangladesh, Buthidaung, Lwin, Indonesia, San Lwin, Rakhine State
In contrast to previous research that assumed the sun’s magnetic field originates from deep within the celestial body, they suspect the the source is much closer to the surface. This view of the sun's magnetic field was generated by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. NASA/GSFC/Solar Dynamics ObservaModeling the sun’s magnetic fieldIt’s difficult to see the sun’s magnetic field lines, which loop through the solar atmosphere to form a complicated web of magnetic structures far more complex than Earth’s magnetic field. To better grasp how the sun’s magnetic field works, scientists turn to mathematical models. Like the 11-year solar magnetic cycle, torsional oscillations also experience an 11-year cycle.
Persons: Galileo, , Daniel Lecoanet, ” Lecoanet, , Lecoanet, Geoff Vasil, Ellen Zweibel, Zweibel Organizations: CNN, Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering, Center for Interdisciplinary Exploration, Research, Astrophysics, NASA's Solar Dynamics, NASA, Dynamics, University of Edinburgh, University of Wisconsin Locations: United Kingdom, Madison
May’s full moon is known as the flower moon, a reference to its appearance in late spring, when many flowering plants begin to bloom again after their winter slumber. The flower moon will begin to rise after sunset on Wednesday, reaching its highest point after midnight, per EarthSky. The flower moon played a minor role in a particularly dark period of US history. Martin Scorsese’s recent Oscar-nominated historical drama “Killers of the Flower Moon” explores a series of murders of Osage people in Oklahoma. The killings began in May 1921, the month of the flower moon.
Persons: CNN —, St, Bede, Venerable, Martin Scorsese’s, Buck Organizations: CNN, NASA, Washington Locations: Washington ,, Algonquin, Canada, United States, Plains, Dakota, Osage, Oklahoma
“The team has been in meetings for two consecutive days, assessing flight rationale, system performance, and redundancy,” NASA said in a statement. Boeing’s historic goalsNASA astronauts Suni Williams (left) and Butch Wilmore pose on April 25 ahead of the planned Starliner launch attempt. Boeing designed the Starliner to rival SpaceX’s prolific Crew Dragon capsule and expand US options for ferrying astronauts to the space station. Meanwhile, Boeing’s rival under NASA’s commercial crew program — SpaceX — has become the go-to transportation provider for the space agency’s astronauts. Williams and Wilmore were already in their seats aboard the Starliner capsule May 6 when engineers found an issue and halted the launch.
Persons: CNN —, Suni Williams, Butch Wilmore, Joe Skipper, Bill Nelson, , , Williams, SpaceX —, Wilmore, CNN’s Jackie Wattles, Ashley Strickland Organizations: CNN, NASA, Boeing, Atlas V, International Space, Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, SpaceX, United Launch Alliance, V Locations: Houston, United States
Can you tell the difference between microscopic and massive? Red whirls on this rabbit’s tongue are filiform papillae, which roughen the tongue and help move food around the mouth. Purple and white “spike” proteins on this popular model of the coronavirus help it attach to and enter our cells. These might remind you of …… the clumps of cosmic debris in Tycho’s supernova, a star that may have exploded at many points simultaneously. Its concentric rings resemble …… the raging vortex at Saturn’s north pole, where green, pink and blue correspond to clouds of increasing depth.
Persons: Kim Arcand, NASA’s Chandra, Organizations: Smithsonian Astrophysical
Starting every morning with a gallon of waterMahlum said her morning routine includes coffee and the news, catching up on Morning Brew and CNBC. While still an active investor, Mahlum's daily routine centers on getting plenty of sleep and boosting her performance at beach volleyball. Vanessa Hankins/Courtesy of Anne MahlumShe's a big fan of recovery tech like red light therapyAnother staple in Mahlum's at-home wellness routine is red light therapy, a high-tech tool linked to antiaging and recovery benefits. "If I'm going to bed later, I'm not skimping on sleep and I'll sleep later," Mahlum said. As such, no amount of loading up on other trendy supplements, wellness tech, or fancy workout routines will help if you're not resting well, eating well, and otherwise nailing the simple healthy habits.
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Einstein's general theory of relativity states that the curvature of space-time causes gravity. But zoom out to enormous scales like clusters of galaxies spanning billions of light years across, and the laws of Einstein's gravity theory appear to change. A 1% adjustment may not sound like a big deal, but it's enough to suggest that Einstein's theory may need a rethink. Now, with this cosmic glitch, there's a new explanation on the table. NASA/CXC/Univ of Missouri/M.Brodwin et al; NASA/STScI; JPL/CalTechThe fact that this cosmic glitch could potentially help astronomers resolve the Hubble tension is a good sign that it may truly exist.
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CNN —Blue Origin’s tourism rocket is poised to launch passengers to the edge of space for the first time in nearly two years, ending a hiatus prompted by a failed uncrewed test flight. The New Shepard rocket and capsule are set to lift off during a window that opens at 8:30 a.m. CT (9:30 a.m. New Shepard’s 2022 failureA New Shepard rocket and spacecraft were set to launch a batch of science instruments on September 12, 2022. The New Shepard capsule, which rides atop the rocket, then initiated its launch abort system — firing up a small engine to blast itself safely away from the malfunctioning rocket. Blue OriginNo injuries were reported on the ground, and Blue Origin said the science payloads and the capsule could be flown again.
Persons: Jeff Bezos, Mason Angel, Sylvain Chiron, Kenneth L, Hess, Carol Schaller, Gopi Thotakura, Ed Dwight, John F, Kennedy, Dwight, , ” Dwight, Bob Levey, Shepard program’s, Max Q, Shepard, New Shepard, Lex Fridman, Bezos, , William Shatner, Michael Strahan, Madeline Holcombe Organizations: CNN, Shepard, US Air Force, Aerospace Research Pilot School, Air Force, NASA, Corps, Geographic, Origin, New, Federal Aviation Administration, FAA, U.S Export Control, New Shepard, , America Locations: West Texas, Houston, New
CNN —Auction house Christie’s in New York is set to offer up its most expensive watch ever – a limited-edition Richard Mille – alongside rare timepieces, such as ones that once belonged to a former US president and an Apollo 7 astronaut. The transparent Richard Mille wristwatch, with a complex sapphire case design and sapphire crystal skeletonized tourbillon, is expected to sell for up to $4 million at auction at Christie’s Rockefeller Center on June 10. “We are particularly enthusiastic about offering the Limited-Edition Richard Mille RM56-02 AO Tourbillon Sapphire, a remarkable achievement in both pioneering materials and micro-engineering,” Rebecca Ross, head of sale at Christie’s in New York, said in the release. Another limited-edition Richard Mille watch, with a diamond-set skull, will be the first of its kind to be brought to auction and is expected to fetch up to $1 million, according to Christie’s. The Rolex Daytona watch was reportedly worn by late NASA astronaut Walter Cunningham in space.
Persons: Richard Mille –, Mille, ” Christie’s, Richard Mille RM56, Sapphire, ” Rebecca Ross, Richard Mille, Paul Newman, Walter Cunningham, Cunningham, Philippe, Lyndon B, Johnson, Robert Kerr, , ” Ross Organizations: CNN, Christie’s Rockefeller Center, NASA, Rolex, Tiffany Locations: New York, Hong Kong
CNN —The target date for the highly anticipated inaugural crewed mission of Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft has moved yet again. The update comes just days after Starliner teams reported a small helium leak in the service module of the spacecraft. Boeing designed the Starliner to rival SpaceX’s prolific Crew Dragon capsule and expand US options for ferrying astronauts to the space station. Meanwhile, Boeing’s rival under NASA’s commercial crew program — SpaceX — has become the go-to transportation provider for the space agency’s astronauts. Williams and Wilmore were already in their seats aboard the Starliner capsule May 6 when engineers found an issue and halted the launch.
Persons: Starliner’s, Suni Williams, Butch Wilmore, Williams, Wilmore, NASA’s, Bill Nelson, , , SpaceX —, CNN’s Jackie Wattles, Ashley Strickland Organizations: CNN, NASA, Boeing, Atlas V, NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, International Space, Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, SpaceX, United Launch Alliance, V Locations: Houston, Florida, United States
Using telescopes capable of detecting X-rays, a team of astronomers has for the first time observed this area — called the “plunging region” — in a black hole about 10,000 light-years from Earth. The study’s findings could help astronomers better understand the formation and evolution of black holes. One thing that’s missing from the study is an actual image of the black hole, because it is too small and far away. But another team of Oxford researchers is working on something even better than a picture: the first movie of a black hole. “For example, it can be used to measure the rotation rate of the black hole,” said Reynolds, who was not involved in the study.
Persons: CNN — Albert Einstein, “ We’ve, , Andrew Mummery, ” It’s, Einstein’s, Mummery, , We’ve, ” Mummery, Weiss, Christopher Reynolds, Reynolds, Dan Wilkins, Wilkins, ” Wilkins Organizations: CNN, Royal Astronomical Society, Leverhulme, Peierls, University of Oxford, NASA, Space, JPL, Caltech, Oxford, University of Maryland, College, Stanford University in Locations: United Kingdom, Africa, Namibia, Stanford University in California
Read previewJeff Bezos' private space company, Blue Origin, recently announced its plans to launch a crew of six aboard its New Shepard rocket this Sunday. Still, late last year, Jeff Bezos told Lex Fridman on Fridman's podcast that "Blue Origin needs to be much faster." About one minute into the flight, Blue Origin lost the first-stage booster due to a faulty nozzle in the booster's engine. Blue OriginVirgin Galactic and Blue Origin are both in the suborbital space tourism business. Bezos says Blue Origin's culture isn't fast enoughJeff Bezos founded Blue Origin in 2000.
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CNBC's Investing in Space newsletter offers a view into the business of space exploration and privatization, delivered straight to your inbox. Boeing's Starliner spacecraft is finally at the pad and on the eve of carrying astronauts for the first time. And, even this test flight doesn't feel like a given. Boeing is going to test the capsule's propulsion system before moving forward, so we'll see if the May 21 target holds. The coming Starliner crew flight test doesn't mean that race is back on.
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