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Washington CNN —President Joe Biden will deliver a speech on his decision to drop out of the 2024 race on Wednesday. “I’m going to be on the road and I’m not going anywhere,” Biden said over the phone, his voice still hoarse from Covid. “I won’t be on the ticket, but I am still going to be fully, fully engaged. Prime-time Oval Office addresses from the president are rare. Biden is the first president in more than a generation to decide not to seek a second term.
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Energized Democrats quickly consolidate around Harris
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Democratic congressional leaders had remained quiet so far — but there were signs that could soon change. Massachusetts Rep. Katherine Clark and California Rep. Pete Aguilar, the second- and third-ranking House Democrats, endorsed Harris on Monday morning. The Clintons, in a statement Sunday, endorsed Harris; Obama did not, deferring to the party’s process. In those phone calls, Harris made clear that while she was grateful for Biden’s endorsement, she planned to earn the Democratic nomination in her own right. Longtime Democratic operative Donna Brazile said that she was in the process of gathering delegates to support Harris.
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CNN —Kamala Harris has the support of enough Democratic delegates to win the party’s nomination for president, according to CNN’s delegate estimate. Harris crossed the threshold amid a wave of endorsements from state delegations Monday evening. CNN’s count comes from public statements of support from delegates and state delegations, CNN reporting and conversations with delegates. Endorsements from state delegations are counted as unanimous support for Harris absent other information. I look forward to formally accepting the nomination soon,” Harris said in a statement from her campaign late Monday.
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One, in particular, summed up the mood among Biden’s donors, he said. After weeks of turmoil over the future of the Democratic ticket, Kessler said the campaign donors he’s courted as a bundler for Biden’s campaign are turning their full attention to Harris and committing to work on her behalf. On Sunday afternoon, the Biden campaign filed paperwork with federal election regulators, transforming itself into the “Harris for President” committee. Lindelof was among the contributors who had called on fellow Democratic donors to stop writing campaign checks. Morgan had planned a fundraiser for the Biden campaign in Florida, but those plans had been put on hold because of the tumult unleashed by the June 27 debate .
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Instead, Biden’s campaign unraveled over the course of the next 24 days. It’s a high-risk, high-reward gamble for Democrats, resetting a campaign Biden was losing with a new nominee just 107 days before the election. Dunn and her husband, Bob Bauer, were among Biden’s debate prep team and had faced the ire of the president’s family in the aftermath of the debate. Several news outlets, including CNN, reported that Pelosi and former President Barack Obama had privately expressed concerns about the future of Biden’s campaign. That same day, ABC News reported that Schumer told Biden in their Saturday meeting that it would be best if he bowed out of the presidential race.
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Still, the Biden campaign has boasted record-breaking grassroots fundraising. On Friday, Vice President Kamala Harris joined a call with donors amid ongoing party panic. The vice president was asked to do the call by the West Wing, according to campaign officials. Harris’ aides have repeatedly stressed that there’s no daylight between the vice president and the president, and she maintained her defense of Biden on Friday. “He will be doing big fundraisers and focusing on continuing to bolster grassroots fundraising,” Biden campaign spokesperson Kevin Munoz said on MSNBC on Saturday.
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Washington CNN —Vice President Kamala Harris has spent much of the year traveling around the country, tackling the Republican party and its leader, former President Donald Trump. As panic and speculation spread across the Democratic Party following the June 27 debate, the vice president and her aides continued to keep an eye on who might be selected to serve as Trump’s vice president. That ability is likely to be one of several key factors that will shape Harris’ debate preparations. The Trump campaign has declined to commit to a date, as they point to the chaos unfolding in the other political party. “We don’t know who the Democrat nominee for Vice President is going to be, so we can’t lock in a date before their convention.
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Our campaign is not working through any scenarios where President Biden is not the top of the ticket. The delay stopped a draft letter circulating among House Democrats that, if made formal, would have exposed further cracks in the party. House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer both pushed the DNC to delay the process, multiple sources told CNN. Behind the scenes, the president is not as defiant as he is in public, multiple Democratic sources told CNN. “President Biden is the nominee of the party.
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Deputy White House chief of staff Annie Tomasini, a longtime aide to the Bidens, joins Donilon and Ricchetti in forming a protective bubble around the president. “The phones just kind of stopped ringing,” is how one senior Democrat put it. “Staff in general are just over the leadership here,” one White House official said. Inside the White House, senior administration officials are bracing for Republicans to call for Biden to resign the presidency if he doesn’t seek reelection. With Biden’s political future on the brink, the White House is fielding a steady stream of letters, telephone calls and message from Americans, too, from Democratic voters like Terri and John Hale.
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“Anyone who thinks this is over is mistaken,” said one House Democrat about the ongoing conversations happening behind the scenes. The delay stopped a draft letter circulating among House Democrats that, if made formal, would have exposed further cracks in the party. ABC News’ Jonathan Karl reported earlier Wednesday that Schumer told Biden on Saturday that it would be best if Biden bowed out of the presidential race. At one point, Biden told Crow, “I don’t want to hear that crap” in addressing the lawmaker’s concerns. In response, Biden told Houlahan that his team would get her talking points about all of the things that he has done for Pennsylvania, reminding her that he married a Philly girl.
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CNN —President Joe Biden tested positive for Covid-19 on Wednesday, disrupting a key campaign event meant to shore up support with Latino voters at a critical juncture in the election. President Joe Biden gives a thumbs-up as he prepares to board Air Force One in Las Vegas on July 17, 2024, after testing positive for Covid-19. A campaign source separately told CNN that the Biden campaign will readjust and do as much as possible remotely. Harris’ husband, second gentleman Doug Emhoff, tested positive for Covid-19 earlier this month – though the vice president tested negative for the virus at the time. The president first tested positive for Covid-19 in July 2022 and suffered a second, so-called rebound case in the days after.
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The president responded by pushing back, telling Pelosi he has seen polls that indicate he can win, one source said. Another one of the sources described Biden as getting defensive about the polls. None of the sources indicated whether Pelosi told Biden in this conversation that she believes the president should drop out of the 2024 race. “President Biden is the nominee of the party. A Pelosi spokesperson told CNN that the former House speaker has been in California since Friday and she has not spoken to Biden since.
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Democrats have been planning for weeks to conclude Biden’s nomination process before August 7 – well before the Chicago convention next month. But even as those entreaties are being made daily behind the scenes, plans are being made to solidify his standing with the help of party rules in the Democratic convention process. Democratic National Committee Chairman Jaime Harrison pushed back on any suggestion that attempts might be underway within the DNC to accelerate the virtual roll call. “Fourteen million people voted for me to be the nominee in the Democratic Party. “That’s the democratic process,” Biden said of the ability of delegates to change their mind, before adding confidently: “It’s not going to happen.”This story has been updated with additional reporting.
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“It was a mistake to use the word,” Biden said in an interview with NBC News’ Lester Holt on Monday. Focus on his policies, focus on the number of lies he told at the debate,” he said. I’m not the guy who said he won’t accept the outcome of this election automatically. “The political rhetoric in this country has gotten very heated. He again turned the focus back on Trump’s own words, adding, “I am not engaged in that rhetoric.
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Washington CNN —President Joe Biden was bracing for a week of political onslaught. When gunshots rang out at a Donald Trump political rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, Saturday evening, much of that appeared to change. He also addressed the nation from the Oval Office, calling for a lowering of the political temperature. “I think it should,” one close Biden ally told CNN when asked if that may end up being a result of Saturday’s attack. But those expected discussions were quickly eclipsed by the response to the assassination attempt on Biden’s predecessor and political opponent.
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Former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden. If you average the national polls since the debate 15 days ago, Trump’s ahead by 3 points. Biden and Trump’s own history should make you think twice about calling wraps on this race as well. Biden was ahead by 9 points in the early July national polls in 2020. Read Harry Enten’s full analysis of the state of the race and the latest polling.
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Washington CNN —President Joe Biden said he is grateful former President Donald Trump is safe after a shooting at his rally in Pennsylvania. Speaking from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, about two hours after the shooting, Biden said, “There’s no place in America for this kind of violence.”“It’s sick,” the president added. Biden and Trump spoke late Saturday night, a White House official said. He’ll receive an updated briefing from homeland security and law enforcement officials on Sunday, the White House official said. It’s unconscionable,” a senior White House official told CNN.
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Ahead of those meetings, defections in Biden’s Democratic coalition in Congress continued. More than a dozen Democratic House members and at least one Democratic senator have publicly called on Biden to withdraw from his reelection campaign. Speaking with reporters on Friday, Biden campaign communications director Michael Tyler acknowledged “anxiety” from Capitol Hill, but insisted Biden will continue outreach to lawmakers to shore up his support. Biden, for his part, came off as chastened during the news conference and was less defiant than in previous appearances. Biden’s campaign, meanwhile, has bluntly acknowledged the challenges it has faced since his debate performance two weeks ago.
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“It’s not like Biden’s inner circle didn’t know this,” one Democratic strategist close to the White House said of the extent of the president’s recent decline. “Expect a drip, drip, drip,” said one former Biden White House official. “Blinders are off and everyone is aware,” one source close to the White House told CNN. “He’s declined,” one House Democratic lawmaker who attended the gala told CNN. She wields influence in the White House and campaign, and sits in on some of the president’s political meetings.
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And I think I’m the best qualified to win,” Biden told reporters at the NATO summit. CNN reported Thursday evening that Pelosi and former President Barack Obama have spoken privately about Biden and the future of his campaign. Another deeply painful ordealNo president has undergone a trial by news conference like the one Biden endured. And shortly afterwards, when a reporter asked Biden to weigh in on the qualities of his vice president, he referred to “Vice President Trump” instead of Kamala Harris. Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that Democrats need to stop their “fantasy games” and unite to beat Trump.
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Aides to the president told CNN that not only are they no longer interested in discussing Biden’s on-stage fiasco last month, and there are simply no outstanding questions about the president’s political future to debate. “We’re done talking about the debate and focused on a singular mission: Defeating Donald Trump in November,” one Biden aide told CNN. Tuesday’s White House press briefing was once again dominated by questions about Biden’s health, mental fitness and the political fallout of the debate. “Jill and Valerie won’t let him go down in flames,” this adviser told CNN, referencing the president’s wife and sister by their first names. Michael Bennet of Colorado, Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Jon Tester of Montana all said they thought Biden cannot win the election, a source familiar told CNN.
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CNN —President Joe Biden saw a neurologist at the White House in January as part of his annual physical, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in a new statement Tuesday evening, correcting her comment from earlier in the day that the specialist’s visit earlier this year had not been related to the president. “It was one of the three times the President has seen Dr. Cannard, each time for his physical. The findings from each exam have been released to the public.”Jean-Pierre had been asked in Tuesday’s White House press briefing whether neurologist Dr. Kevin Cannard’s meeting with the president’s physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, on January 17 was “related to care for the president himself.” (CNN previously confirmed via White House visitors’ logs that the two men had met in January at the White House.) Cannard was listed on the White House visitors logs multiple times over the past year, but only once – in January – shown to have met with O’Connor. The reason for that particular visit had been a focus of multiple questions in Monday’s White House press briefing.
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Washington CNN —After President Joe Biden’s reelection efforts spiraled into chaos following his debate fiasco last month, Democrats who have both stood by and abandoned Biden since then see Tuesday as a decisive day for the president’s political future. Jeffries listened as he was confronted with concerns and frustrations from all factions of the caucus during House Democrats’ Tuesday meeting. But instead of a united front, Democrats emerged from the meeting without consensus or a clear path forward. Even though a number of lawmakers expressed their support for Biden, the concerns stuck with many Democrats after the meeting. House Democrats gathered on Tuesday to discuss steps forward with Biden’s campaign.
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CNN —As President Joe Biden’s political future hangs in the balance, many inside the White House – still rattled by the president’s disastrous debate performance last month – are now gripped with anxiety and unease about whether Biden will continue his reelection campaign. Inside the White House, where TV screens are always on and set to four cable news channels – CNN, MSNBC, Fox and CNBC – the devastating headlines casting doubt on Biden’s political future have been unavoidable. In the tumultuous days since the debate, many senior administration officials have had check-ins with their teams and individual direct reports, sources said. Over the weekend, there was one widely discussed topic of intrigue: the identity of one “senior White House official” who anonymously told The New York Times that they do not believe the president should continue to seek reelection. When asked about that person, one senior White House official gave CNN a brusque response: “They shouldn’t be in the White House.
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