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CNN —Filipino American Chelsea Manalo became the first Black woman to be crowned Miss Universe Philippines on Wednesday. Chelsea Manalo will be representing the Philippines at the Miss Universe pageant in Mexico in September. Over 100 countries will be represented at Miss Universe 2024. The Miss Universe organization has come under scrutiny in recent weeks, as the parent company of the Miss USA organization. Both Miss USA and Miss Teen USA resigned from their roles earlier this May, amid allegations of mismanagement, a toxic work environment, and conditions that impacted their mental health.
Persons: Chelsea Manalo, , , Manalo, Gloria Diaz, Margie Moran, Pia Wurtzbach, Steve Harvey, Catriona Gray Organizations: CNN, Chelsea, Miss, Philippines, Miss Universe Philippines, SM, Asia Arena, Miss Universe, TV, YouTube, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA Locations: Filipino, African American, Bulacan, Manila, Asia, Pasay, Philippines, Mexico, TV Philippines, Miss USA
Former Miss USA Noelia Voigt met Bella Hadid at the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday. Hadid told Voigt she was "inspired" by her resignation as Miss USA, the former queen said on Instagram. Voigt stepped down as Miss USA on May 6, citing her mental health. AdvertisementFormer Miss USA Noelia Voigt added Bella Hadid to her list of supporters on Thursday. Voigt was crowned Miss USA in September 2023, but she resigned on May 6, citing her mental health.
Persons: Miss USA Noelia Voigt, Bella Hadid, Hadid, Voigt, Miss USA, Instagram, , USA Noelia Voigt, Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava, couldn't, NDAs Organizations: Miss USA, Cannes, Miss, Service, USA, Miss Teen USA, Business
Opinion: Credibility is the key at Trump trial
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The idea that Cohen talked to Trump about Daniels on that call “was a lie,” Blanche alleged. Moreover, my experience has been that juries don’t decide based upon one moment — they base their judgment on an overall view.”There were allegedly three parties aware of the scheme to conceal the real reason Trump paid Cohen more than $400,000 in supposed legal fees: Trump, Cohen and Allen Weisselberg, then-chief financial officer of the Trump Organization. “Weisselberg could be the linchpin to validate Cohen’s claims about Trump agreeing to reimburse him through Trump Organization, as a business expense,” wrote attorney Stacy Schneider. Trump seems to be tempted to go mano a mano and show that he is better fit to be commander-in-chief. The new requirement for GOP politicians wanting to demonstrate their loyalty to Trump seems to be visiting the Manhattan courthouse where he’s on trial.
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On May 9, the Miss USA organization announced that Gankiewicz would become Miss USA following Voigt's resignation. She also told the outlet she's only had positive experiences with both Miss Hawaii USA and Miss USA. AdvertisementThe Miss Teen USA first runner-up didn't accept her crownTwo days after Voigt gave up her title, Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava also resigned. Miss USA Noelia Voigt and Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava both resigned. Chance Yeh/Getty Images for Supermodels UnlimitedHer crown was offered to Stephanie Skinner, the first runner-up in the Miss Teen USA pageant and Miss Teen New Jersey for 2023.
Persons: , Gankiewicz, Noelia Voigt, Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava, Voigt, Josh Green, Miss USA, It's, They've, didn't, Chance Yeh, Stephanie Skinner, Skinner, Claudia Michelle, Colorado Arianna Lemus, BI's Anneta Konstantinides, Srivastava, NDAs, Jackeline Voigt, Barbara Srivastava, Miss USA's, Laylah Rose Organizations: Service, Miss USA, Miss Hawaii, Miss Teen USA, Business, Miss, CNN, Miss Hawaii USA, Teen USA, Miss Teen Locations: Miss USA, Hawaii, Honolulu, Miss Teen New Jersey, Instagram
Read previewNoelia Voigt was crowned Miss USA in September 2023 in a moment full of celebratory tears and confetti. On May 9, the organization announced Miss Hawaii Savannah Gankiewicz will be taking over as Miss USA for the remainder of Voigt's tenure. AdvertisementGankiewicz was the first runner-up in the 2023 Miss USA pageant, and she won the costume contestGankiewicz competed in the Miss USA pageant after being crowned Miss Hawaii in January 2023. As of Wednesday, Miss USA had yet to announce who will replace Srivastava as Miss Teen USA. AdvertisementHer reign as Miss Hawaii technically ended in April when Breea Yamat was crowned Miss Hawaii USA 2024.
Persons: , Noelia Voigt, Voigt, Gankiewicz, Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava, Claudia Michelle, Miss Colorado Arianna Lemus, Laylah Rose, Rose, Miss USA, Srivastava, Stephanie Skinner, Lifestyle.Inq's Carl Martin Agustin, Lifestyle.Inq, Breea Yamat Organizations: Service, Miss USA, Miss, Business, Miss Hawaii, Savannah Gankiewicz, Miss Teen USA, Savannah Miss, Miss Teen, Teen New, American, Pacific Islander Heritage, Mutya ng Pilipinas, Miss Overseas Communities Locations: Miss USA, Savannah, Hawaii, USA, Savannah Miss USA, Oahu, Maui, Virginia, Bali, Gankiewicz, Philippines, Miss Hawaii USA
This is the opening scene from “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”, which first screened at Cannes Film Festival 30 years ago this month. In the film, Tick (Hugo Weaving) and Bernadette (Terence Stamp) help Adam (Guy Pearce) realize his dream of climbing King Canyon in full drag. “I think that’s definitely one of the most iconic looks,” drag artist and costumer Philmah Bocks told CNN. Bocks has been designing costumes for 30 years, having broken into the drag scene around the same time “Priscilla” was hitting screens. The film’s legacy can also be seen in Australia’s drag scene today and, since 2021, has been broadcast to new audiences via contestants on “Rupaul’s Drag Race Down Under”.
Persons: CNN —, Belrose, Hugo Weaving, Mitzi Del, Priscilla , Queen, , Tim Chappel, I’d, Elliott, Bernadette Bassenger, Terence Stamp, Adam Whitley, Felicia Jollygoodfellow, Guy Pearce, Priscilla, Queen, Bernadette, Adam, Chappel, ” Chappel, Susan Barber, Priscilla ”, Lizzy Gardiner, Oscar, Mitzi Del Bra, , Gloria Gaynor’s “, costumer Philmah Bocks, Bocks, Tim Chappel's, Priscilla ’, they’ve, couldn’t, I’ve, “ Priscilla ”, she’s, London’s, Katy Perry, they’re, Katy Perry’s, ” Bocks, Felicia Jollygoodfellow's, ” Stephan Elliott Organizations: CNN, Cannes Film, Miss Teen USA, Sydney, Cannes, Chappel, First Nations, Royce Locations: CNN — Sydney, Silicon, Sydney, Australia, Tasmania
A rocky startVoight was the first Miss Utah to win the Miss USA crown since 1960. Miss USARose, a fashion designer, bought the Miss USA license after a turbulent year that included rigging allegations and a sexual harassment cover-up. Hector Vivas/Getty ImagesIn her Miss USA resignation letter, Noelia detailed the "detrimental mental and emotional toll" of her time at Miss USA and how it "greatly impacted" her physical health. Noelia and UmaSofia's reigns as Miss USA and Miss Teen USA would have officially ended in August, but their mothers said it became too much. The network — which signed a three-year deal in April to air both the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA competitions — said on Monday that it's now "evaluating its relationship with both pageants," according to USA Today.
Persons: Noelia Voigt, Jackeline Voigt, Noelia's, Jackeline, Barbara Srivastava —, Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava, Noelia, UmaSofia, Barbara, Miss USA's, Laylah Rose, aren't, Rose, Voight, We're, we're, Brian Ach, Miss USA, Thom Brodeur, UmaSofia Srivastava, Barbara Srivastava Barbara, didn't, Stephanie Skinner, Skinner, Teen USA — Barbara, Rose hadn't, USA's, Kenya Moore, Olivia Culpo, they're, Voigt, Hector Vivas, , — Noelia, Rose weaponized, Claudia Michelle —, Michelle, Colorado Arianna Lemus, Laylah, she's, Barbara Srivastava, it's, Brodeur Organizations: Miss USA, Business, Miss Teen USA, Miss, ABC News, New York, Christmas, Teen USA, Miss Universe, El, ., BI, USA, Miss Teen, Noelia, CW Network Locations: Venezuelan American, Miss Utah, Miss USA, Noelia's, USA, El Salvador
CNN —Amid a dramatic two weeks of resignations and allegations made against the Miss USA organization, Miss Hawaii USA Savannah Gankiewicz — who had originally placed as the first runner-up at the 2023 Miss USA pageant — has stepped up to be crowned Miss USA. The Miss Universe organization and Rose, through Miss USA, did not respond to CNN’s requests for comment. She welcomed Gankiewicz to the Miss USA family telling her to “embrace this moment of influence and let your words carry the power of positive change,” and thanked her corporate partners and sponsors for their “unwavering support.”Rose said that this year’s Miss Teen USA and Miss USA pageants would take place in Los Angeles and would broadcast on the CW network. The CW announced a multi-year agreement to air the two pageants in April, but in light of recent allegations, USA Today reported Monday that the network was “evaluating” its relationship with the Miss USA organization. Miss USA and Miss Universe Organization, have not returned CNN’s multiple requests for comment.
Persons: USA Savannah Gankiewicz —, , Miss USA, , Hawaii Josh Green, , Gankiewicz, Noelia Voigt, Voigt, Laylah Rose, UmaSofia Srivastava, Rose, ” Rose, Stephanie Skinner, ” Barbara Srivastava, Arianna Lemus, ” Gankiewicz, ” Lemus, Jackeline Voigt, Noelia, it’s Organizations: CNN, Miss USA, Miss, USA Savannah, USA, Miss Universe, Miss Teen, Teen USA, CW, Miss Teen USA, Miss Universe Organization, Miss Colorado USA Locations: USA, Hawaii, Honolulu , Hawaii, Waikiki, Sarasota , Florida, Miss USA, Los Angeles, Lahaina, Maui
CNN —Days after their daughters’ decisions to relinquish their pageant titles, the mothers of former Miss USA Noelia Voigt and Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava are speaking out — in place of their daughters, who they say are still bound by non-disclosure agreements with the Miss USA organization. It marked the first time a titleholder in Miss USA or Miss Teen USA had resigned, and both happened in quick succession. For now, the mothers are warning prospective pageant contestants about getting involved with Miss USA. On Wednesday, the runner-up for Miss USA, Savannah Gankiewicz from Hawaii, will step up and take the title in a ceremony. But Miss Teen USA remains open, as the runner-up from 2023, New York’s Stephanie Skinner, declined to be crowned in a public statement on Instagram.
Persons: Miss USA Noelia Voigt, Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava, ” Barbara Srivastava, Jackeline Voigt, , UmaSofia Srivastava, Noelia Voigt, , Jackeline, Laylah Rose, Rose, ” Voigt, Voigt, Noelia, ” Rose, Hector Vivas, Barbara Srivastava, ” Jackeline, Stephanie Skinner, Miss Pennsylvania Teen Maggie Ross, it’s Organizations: CNN, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Miss, Morning America, Morning, ABC, 72nd Miss Universe, Getty, Miss Universe Organization, JKN Global, Teen, Miss Pennsylvania Teen Locations: Miss USA, Miss, Sarasota , Florida, Sarasota, San Salvador, Savannah Gankiewicz, Hawaii
In today's big story, everyone's talking — literally — about the big update for OpenAI's ChatGPT that could make your job a lot easier . AdvertisementOpenAI may have finally cracked the code on voice interactions with AI, though. OpenAI says GPT-4o's average response to audio inputs is 320 milliseconds, which is on par with a typical human-to-human conversation. "They've essentially made text input almost be the barbaric form of communicating with ChatGPT (or any AI) now," the developer said. ChatGPT, Tyler Le/BIOpenAI's big reveal shows the shockwaves the startup keeps sending through the tech world.
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Read previewThe Miss Teen USA first runner-up won't be taking over as queen. On Wednesday, Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava announced she was resigning from her position just two days after Miss USA Noelia Voigt gave up her crown. Stephanie Skinner declined the title of Miss Teen USASkinner, who represented New York in the Miss Teen USA pageant, announced on Instagram that she "decided to decline the title of Miss Teen USA 2023." AdvertisementSkinner told BI she still hopes to hold a national pageant title someday, but it won't be Miss Teen USA. Miss USA Noelia Voigt and Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava resigned their titles.
Persons: , Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava, Miss USA Noelia Voigt, Miss Teen USA's, Stephanie Skinner, wouldn't, Skinner, I've, Srivastava, Voigt, Noelia Voigt, Chance Yeh, Claudia Michelle, Miss Colorado Arianna Lemus, Lemus, Miss Hawaii USA Savannah Gankiewicz Organizations: Service, Teen USA, Miss Teen USA, Miss USA, Miss Hawaii Savannah Gankiewicz, Business, Miss, Miss Teen, University of Pennsylvania, Miss Hawaii Locations: New York, Thailand, I'm, USA, Instagram, Miss USA, Miss Hawaii USA Savannah
“We respect and support Noelia’s decision to step down from her duties,” the Miss USA pageant said in a statement following Voigt’s announcement. “No woman has ever resigned as Miss USA or as Miss Teen USA, and she’s lost both of them in 48 hours,” he said. And according to Engelhardt, they were far from the only members of the Miss USA organization to depart. Savannah Gankiewicz, who as Miss Hawaii placed as first runner-up during the 2023 Miss USA pageant, will take over as Miss USA following Voigt's resignation. Kyle Terada/USA Today Sports/ReutersOn May 9, the Miss USA pageant announced that Savannah Gankiewicz, Miss Hawaii USA 2023 and first-runner up to Voigt at the 2023 Miss USA pageant, would be taking over the national title and its responsibilities.
Persons: Noelia Voigt, UmaSofia Srivastava, Srivastava, Voigt, , , Ashlee McKey, Alexis Loomans, Rachelle di Stasio —, ” Srivastava, Denise White, Craig Barritt, Laylah Rose, slandering, ” Rose, Tom Williams, Rose, ’ Voigt, White, I’ve, ” White, “ It’s, It’s, Chance Yeh, Thom Brodeur, she’s, Brodeur, Miss, Claudia Engelhardt, Engelhardt, ” Engelhardt, Crystle Stewart, Rob Kim, Weeks, Savannah Gankiewicz, Kyle Terada, Gankiewicz, Shanna Moakler, Cindy Provost, Debbie Miller, — Engelhardt Organizations: CNN, Miss USA, Miss Teen, Miss Teen USA, Utah, Miss North Carolina USA, Miss New York, USA, , Inc, Miss, Miss Universe Organization, Miss Hawaii, Sports, Reuters, Savannah Miss, Voigt’s, Miss Utah USA, Srivastava’s, Miss New Jersey Teen USA Locations: New Jersey, Miss Wisconsin, New York, Sarasota , Florida, Miss Utah, Miss USA, Los Angeles, Utah, , USA, Savannah, Miss Hawaii USA, Savannah Miss USA
Their announcements marked the first time a Miss USA or Miss Teen USA had given up their title in the pageant's 72-year history. "I think so many women forget their power, and organizations like Miss USA remind women how powerful you can become," Lemus told Business Insider. Taking a stand against Miss USA leadershipTo walk away from a title — whether state or national — is unprecedented in the Miss USA organization. "But if I didn't, it would almost enable the abusive power that is happening with the current Miss USA management." Both Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava and Miss USA Noelia Voigt resigned this week.
Persons: , Miss Colorado Arianna Lemus, Miss USA Noelia Voigt, Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava, Lemus, Voigt, Srivastava, Instagram, Claudia Michelle —, Michelle, Former Miss Montana Dani Walker, Laylah Rose hasn't, Lemus —, Miss USA, she's, Miss Kansas Haley Berger, Berger, Laylah Rose, Voight, Craig Barritt, Max Sebrechts, Crystle Stewart, Rose, Dakota Amber Hulse, wasn't, Arianna Lemus, Arianna, Hulse, , it's Organizations: Service, USA, Miss, Miss Teen USA, Business, Miss USA, BI, Miss Hawaii, Former Miss, Miss Colorado Locations: Miss USA, Miss Hawaii Savannah, Miss Colorado
Miss Pennsylvania alleged the 2012 Miss USA pageant was rigged. Isaac Brekken/Getty ImagesOlivia Culpo won the Miss USA pageant in 2012, but Sheena Monnin, who competed as Miss Pennsylvania that year, alleged that the pageant was rigged and the top five contestants were selected before the show started, Business Insider previously reported. Two days after the pageant, Monnin called out the organization in a Facebook post and announced she was resigning as Miss Pennsylvania, according to The Guardian. "We cannot allow a disgruntled contestant to make false and reckless statements which are damaging to the many people who have devoted their hearts and souls to the Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageant systems," Trump said. Though the details of the settlement are not public, The Guardian reported that she used the money to pay Miss Universe.
Persons: Isaac Brekken, Olivia Culpo, Sheena Monnin, Monnin, Donald Trump, Trump, Sheena Organizations: Miss Pennsylvania, Miss USA, Miss, Business, Guardian, Miss Universe Organization, TMZ, Miss Teen USA Locations: Miss Pennsylvania
CNN —Miss Teen USA resigned Wednesday, sending further shock waves through the pageant community just days after Miss USA said she would relinquish her crown. In an Instagram post Wednesday, Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava said her “personal values no longer fully align with the direction of the organization.”“After months of grappling with this decision, I have made the choice to resign from the title of Miss Teen USA 2023,” wrote Srivastava in a statement on her personal account. Srivastava and the Miss Universe and Miss USA organizations did not immediately respond to CNN’s requests for comment. Voigt recently resigned from her Miss USA title. On Monday, Noelia Voigt stepped down from her Miss USA title, citing her mental health.
Persons: Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava, ” “, , Srivastava, , Noelia Voigt, Voigt, Hector Vivas, Claudia Michelle, Michelle Organizations: CNN, Miss Teen USA, Miss USA, Miss Teen, New Jersey, National Honor Society, Miss, 72nd Miss, El, Miss USA Organization, USA Locations: New, Miss USA, El Salvador, Venezuelan American, Utah, United States
Two days later, Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava resigned as well. Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava and Miss USA Noelia Voigt. Both Srivastava and Voigt resigned just days after Claudia Michelle quit as the social-media director for the Miss USA organization. Miss USA CEO and president Laylah Rose told BI in a statement on Wednesday that "our all-encompassing goal at Miss USA is to celebrate and empower women." Please be assured that the well-being of all individuals associated with Miss USA is my top priority."
Persons: Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava, Miss USA Noelia Voigt, Craig Barritt, Srivastava, I've, Voigt, Claudia Michelle, Michelle, Laylah Rose, Rose Organizations: Miss Teen USA, Miss USA, National Honor Society, Miss Locations: Miss USA
Miss Hawaii Savannah Gankiewicz is taking over as Miss USA. Miss USA Noelia Voigt resigned from the position on Monday, citing her mental health. She is the first Miss USA in the pageant's 72-year history to voluntarily give up the crown. Savannah Gankiewicz will be the new Miss USA 2023Miss USA revealed Gankiewicz's appointment in the caption of an Instagram photo, saying the organization was "thrilled to announce that Miss Hawaii USA Savannah Gankiewicz is Miss USA 2023." "Please know that my decision to accept the Miss USA crown was not one that was made lightly," she wrote.
Persons: Noelia Voigt, Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava, , Voigt, Savannah, Miss Hawaii USA Savannah Gankiewicz, Laylah Rose, Rose, Miss USA, Gankiewicz, Voigt's, Claudia Michelle, Michelle, Max Sebrechts, Sebrechts, Crystle Stewart Organizations: Miss, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Service, USA, Miss Hawaii, USA's, Savannah Miss, BI, Miss Universe Locations: Savannah, Utah, Miss USA, Miss Hawaii USA Savannah, Hawaii, Savannah Miss USA, Lahaina, Maui, New Jersey, Miss
UmaSofia Srivastava, who was crowned Miss Teen USA in 2023, resigned her post on Wednesday after “months of grappling with this decision,” two days after Noelia Voigt stepped down as Miss USA. “After careful consideration, I have decided to resign as I find that my personal values no longer fully align with the direction of the organization,” Ms. Srivastava wrote on Instagram. Ms. Srivastava and Miss USA did not respond to requests for comment. Representing New Jersey, Ms. Srivastava was crowned the winner of the Miss Teen USA pageant, which was held in Reno, Nev., in September. Her bio on the Miss Teen USA website describes Ms. Srivastava as “the first Mexican Indian Miss New Jersey Teen USA,” adding that she “hopes to become a U.N. ambassador.” She did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Wednesday.
Persons: UmaSofia Srivastava, Noelia Voigt, , ” Ms, Srivastava, Organizations: Miss Teen USA, Miss USA, Indian Miss New Jersey Teen USA Locations: New Jersey, Reno, Nev, Indian
Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava resigned two days after Miss USA Noelia Voigt gave up her crown. For the first time in its 72-year history, the pageant has neither a Miss USA nor a Miss Teen USA titleholder after both women resigned this week. Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava announced her resignation on Wednesday, two days after Noelia Voigt gave up the Miss USA crown. Without them, there is no Miss USA and Miss Teen USA. Do you work for the Miss USA organization or have an experience to share about pageants?
Persons: Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava, Miss USA Noelia Voigt, Srivastava, Voigt, , Noelia Voigt, Craig Barritt, I've, Voight, Claudia Michelle, Michelle, Miss Texas R'Bonney Gabriel, Max Sebrechts, Sebrechts, Crystle Stewart, Laylah Rose Organizations: Miss Teen USA, Miss USA, Service, Miss, National Honor Society, Business, Miss Teen, Miss New Jersey Teen USA, Miss Universe, BI Locations: Miss USA, Venezuelan, American
Voigt, who was crowned Miss USA on September 29 and made it to the top 20 at Miss Universe, said her journey as Miss USA "has been incredibly meaningful." Without them, there is no Miss USA and Miss Teen USA. Voigt was the first Venezuelan-American woman to win Miss USA and the first Miss Utah to win the title since 1960. AdvertisementVoigt was the first Miss Utah to win Miss USA since 1960. AdvertisementVoigt, Michelle, and representatives for the Miss USA and Miss Universe organizations did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Business Insider.
Persons: Noelia Voigt, Miss USA's, , Voigt, " Voigt, Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava, Hector Vivas, Stringer, Claudia Michelle, Michelle, hasn't, R'Bonney Gabriel, Cheslie Kryst, Max Sebrechts, Sebrechts, Crystle Stewart, Laylah Rose Organizations: Miss USA, Miss, Service, Miss Teen USA, Miss Teen, BI, Business Locations: USA, Miss USA, Venezuelan, American, Miss Utah
Now, Ms. Graff, his former personal assistant at the Trump Organization, has become the second person to testify against Mr. Trump in his criminal trial in Lower Manhattan. At Trump Tower, Ms. Graff served as Mr. Trump’s gatekeeper. The Queens native had an office right outside his door, placing her within earshot of Mr. Trump’s requests to get someone on the phone. And when someone wanted to reach Mr. Trump, they first had to go through Ms. Graff, often requiring a secret code to be put through. She acted as Mr. Trump’s media liaison, scheduler, sometimes spokeswoman, fund-raising planner, co-star on his realty show “The Apprentice” and as a Miss Teen USA judge.
Persons: Donald J, Trump, Rhona Graff, Graff, , , Ms, Lucius Joseph Riccio, David N, Dinkins Organizations: Trump Organization, Mr, Trump Tower, Queens, The New York Times, Miss Teen USA Locations: Lower Manhattan, The
Former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst's new memoir was finished by her mother, April Simpkins. AdvertisementA new memoir by former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst was released on Tuesday. Kryst was an attorney, reporter, and Miss USA titleholderKryst won the Miss USA title in 2019 while representing North Carolina, and made the top 10 at Miss Universe that same year. Miss USA Cheslie Kryst competed in the 2019 Miss Universe pageant. In 2019, Kryst was part of a historic moment when Miss Universe, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, and Miss America all went to women of color.
Persons: April Simpkins, Simpkins, Kryst's, , Miss USA Cheslie Kryst, Kryst, Benjamin Askinas, John Huber, Healthline, Cheslie —, Cheslie Kryst, Mimi Winsberg, Brightside, Winsberg Organizations: Miss USA, Service, Miss, Miss Universe Organization, Mental Health, BI, Brothers, Sisters, America, Miss Teen USA, Miss America, Depression Association of America Locations: North Carolina, San Francisco
She won Miss North Carolina USA in 2019 and began preparing for Miss USA while working full-time as a complex litigation attorney. Lunch breaks were reserved for Miss North Carolina speaking engagements or practicing with her Miss USA interview coaches. Related storiesThe preparation didn't ease up once Kryst arrived in Reno, Nevada, for Miss USA 2019. Miss USA/Alex Mertz"The Miss USA competition was far more than the television broadcast aired on finals night," she wrote in her memoir. It was a historic year for pageants as Miss Universe, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, and Miss America were all won by women of color.
Persons: , Kryst's, April Simpkins, Patrick Prather, I'd, Kryst, Cheslie, Miss USA, Alex Mertz, Simpkins Organizations: Service, Miss USA, Miss North Carolina USA, Business, Miss, Miss Universe, Miss North, Miss Universe Organization, Miss Teen USA, Miss America Locations: Miss USA, USA, Miss North Carolina, Reno , Nevada, acclimate
Miss USA 2023: Noelia Voigt of USA wins pageant
  + stars: | 2023-09-30 | by ( Alex Rees | )   time to read: +3 min
Following a recent rule change implemented by the Miss Universe Organization, this year’s Miss USA featured the first married state titleholder — Juliana Morehouse-Locklear of Maine. (Morehouse-Locklear, the daughter of a contestant in the 1994 Miss USA pageant, did not advance to the top 20.) Miss USA R'Bonney Gabriel is crowned the 2022 Miss Universe on January 14 in New Orleans. Gabriel’s win at the 2022 Miss USA pageant was marred by claims made by some of her fellow contestants that the pageant had been “rigged” in her favor. In the weeks after her crowning in October 2022, Miss USA’s parent company, the Miss Universe Organization, opened an investigation and suspended then-Miss USA national director Crystle Stewart — winner of the 2008 Miss USA pageant — and her company, Miss Brands.
Persons: CNN — Noelia Voigt, Voigt, — Voigt, Gankiewicz, Jasmine Daniels of, Lluvia, Alexis Loomans, , Vivica, ” Luann, Patrick Starrr, Laylah Rose, — Juliana Morehouse, R'Bonney Gabriel, Jason Kempin, Morgan Romano, Romano, R’Bonney Gabriel, Gabriel’s, Crystle Stewart —, , Gabriel, Stewart, ” Gabriel, , Crystle, Miss Brand’s, … Crystle, UmaSofia Srivastava, Stephanie Skinner Organizations: CNN, Miss, Sierra, CW Network, Savannah, Wisconsin —, Miss Universe Organization, Miss USA, Fox, Morehouse, Locklear, USA, Miss Brands, Miss USA Organization, Sierra Resort, Miss Teen USA Locations: Utah, Reno , Nevada, Savannah Gankiewicz, Hawaii, Jasmine Daniels of Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin, United States, USA, Locklear, Maine, New Orleans, North Carolina, Miss USA, New Jersey, New York
Stephanie Thomas is a bridal personal trainer in Maryland who offers all her services virtually. I'm a bridal personal trainer, certified health coach, and the owner of Stephanie Thomas Fitness, which I officially launched in 2019. Prior to my rebrand, I was a general women's fitness coach and helped women through personal training and yoga classes. The newsletter includes a motivational message, a weekly blog post feature, a recipe of the week, and a feature of one of my favorite wedding, fitness, or lifestyle products. Rebecca runs an online-coaching community for women in business called Badass Business Co, and signing up was one of the best decisions I've made.
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