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CNN —The Forbidden City was once one of the most powerful places on the planet. It was called the ‘Forbidden City’ because few Chinese subjects were allowed to enter. Ancient tableware from the Forbidden City is on display at the Hong Kong Palace Museum. “The majority of (the emperors) grew up in a highly disciplined environment,” says Wang of the Hong Kong Palace Museum. Now popular worldwide, Peking duck was regularly served at Empress Dowager Cixi's Forbidden City banquets.
Persons: Zhao Rongguang, Bin Xiao Zhao, Deng Xiaoping, Beijing . Zhao, wasn’t, Zhao, Kangxi Emperor, VCG Wilson, Kangxi, , Qianlong Emperor, Giuseppe Castiglione, , Qianlong, Daisy Yiyou Wang, Maggie Wong, Nicole Chiang, ” Chiang, Chiang, Emperor Qianlong, it’s, , ” Zhao, It's, didn’t, Wang, Dowager Cixi, Empress Dowager Cixi –, Cixi, China’s, Han Quan Xi, ’ ”, Dowager, Tian, Yan ”, suckling, Tian An Yan, Leah Abucayan Organizations: CNN, Historical, of China, Beijing's, Hong Kong Palace Museum, Hong, Forbidden, Hong Kong, Museum, Everett, Communists, China Import, Fair, Communist Locations: Europe, Beijing, China, Chinese, Heilongjiang, Paris, Beijing ., Prosperity, Netherlands, Italian, City, Hong Kong, It’s, Beijing’s, Forbidden City, Jiangnan, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Mongolia, Qianlong, Guangzhou, Japan, East Asia, Peking, Imperial
"A solid iPhone replacement cycle and spec upgrade should help HH's better sales/earnings in 2025-26," the investment bank's analysts wrote. The bank expects the China-based design and manufacturing giant to see strong margins as demand for its casings increases in tandem with better iPhone shipment cycles between 2025 and 2026. "We lift Foxconn Industrial Internet (FII)'s 2024-26E earnings by 2-6% on potentially better iPhone casing sales and strong AI server contribution," the analysts wrote. "We expect BYDE's casing profitability to gradually improve on better operation efficiency (higher automation rate, improving yield)," the analysts wrote. They have lifted the company's 2025-2026 earnings expectations by 2% to "reflect potentially better iPhone volume, robust auto expansion as well as rising AI-related contribution (server, robot)."
Persons: Ming, Chi Kuo, Ross Young, Hai, BofA, Foxconn, — CNBC's Michael Bloom Organizations: Tech, Apple, Bank of America, Hai Precision Industry, Taiwan Stock Exchange, American Depository, New, Industrial, Taiwan Stock Exchanges, U.S . Its, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, China 5G, Semiconductor, Hong Kong Exchange, Hong Locations: U.S, New Taiwan, China, Shanghai, Taiwan, U.S . Its Shanghai, Hong Kong
Yes, the iPhone 16 lineup will have all those fancy and fun new AI ("Apple Intelligence") features that Apple is excited about. The good news is this could mean longer battery life (or the same battery life, but with a lighter battery). NurPhoto/Getty ImagesThe one thing we all want, that we all crave, is much better battery life, not just a small boost. And the upgrade in battery life in the Series 9 is — I do not exaggerate — life-changing. The American Experiment is about ideals and dreams — and we can dream of a world with really, really long battery life.
Persons: I'm, Jordan Hart, Chi Kuo, Max, , it's, congrats, I've, I'd Organizations: Service, Apple, Disney Star Wars Locations: Taiwan
NINGBO, China — China's top leaders will gather from July 15 to 18 for a highly anticipated meeting known as the Third Plenum, state media said Thursday. He said his analysis of an annual government meeting in December found the readout had twice as many mentions of policy implementation than the prior year, highlighting its importance. The Communist Party of China selected a new group of leaders in October 2022 at its 20th National Party Congress. Its third plenary session will run from July 15 to July 18, state media said. The plenum will discuss "further comprehensively deepening reform and advancing Chinese modernization," English-language state media said.
Persons: Pang Ming Organizations: Communist Party of, National Party Congress Locations: NINGBO, China, Communist Party of China
If you've been waiting until the last minute in hopes of snagging a July 4 travel deal, it's time to take the plunge. Katy Nastro, a travel expert at Going, tells CNBC Make It that holding out for a super-cheap flight is a strategy that is likely to backfire. "You don't want to wait any longer hoping and praying that some magic cheap flight is going to drop in price by 50%," she says. You're more likely to find a better price on winter holiday flights than you are for the July 4 holiday. "You're more likely to find a better price on winter holiday flights than you are for the July 4 holiday," she says.
Persons: you've, snagging, Katy Nastro, Nastro, Tang Ming Tung, Izusek, Erlon Silva Organizations: CNBC, TSA, Airlines, Google, Tri Locations: Katy
DALIAN, China — Cisco is "very optimistic" about its growing business with Chinese electric car companies as they expand overseas, the company's Greater China head told CNBC on Tuesday. The EV segment is the U.S. tech giant's second-largest for the region — Cisco generates most of its revenue in Greater China from manufacturing companies, and within that, electric cars form the largest category, said Ming Wong, vice president and CEO of Cisco Greater China. Chinese EV-makers have ramped up their global expansion in the last year as domestic competition intensified. However, trade tensions have escalated, with the U.S. and likely the European Union, increasing tariffs on imports of Chinese electric cars. "At least as of now, we don't hear anything from the [EV] customers saying that, 'Oh, because of this, we need to stop investing, or we need to slow down,'" he added.
Persons: Ming Wong, Wong, It's Organizations: Cisco, CNBC, U.S, European Union Locations: DALIAN, China, U.S, Greater China, Cisco Greater China
CNN —At 7-foot-3, China’s teenage basketball star Zhang Ziyu looks to have an exciting career ahead of her. On Monday, Zhang came off the bench for her international debut and scored 19 points on 9-for-9 shooting in just 13 minutes, helping China brush aside Indonesia 109-50. “Zhang Ziyu is a cheat code,” a social media user said on X, formerly known as Twitter. Zhang is officially listed on FIBA's website as being 7-foot-3. FIBA lists Zhang as 7-foot-3 on its official website, meaning she is only one inch shorter than San Antonio Spurs star Victor Wembanyama.
Persons: Zhang Ziyu, Zhang, “ Zhang Ziyu, Fred Lee, Victor Wembanyama, Yao Ming Organizations: CNN, FIBA, Asia, International Basketball Federation, Twitter, Wednesday, Japan, San Antonio Spurs, NBA, WNBA Locations: China, Indonesia, New Zealand
How Britain’s Labour Party Became Electable Again
  + stars: | 2024-06-21 | by ( Mark Landler | )   time to read: +1 min
Two weeks before an election that is expected to catapult him into 10 Downing Street, the leader of Britain’s Labour Party, Keir Starmer, is tiptoeing on the campaign trail, the latest practitioner of the “Ming vase strategy.”The phrase, which refers to a politician gingerly avoiding slips to protect a lead in the polls, is credited to Roy Jenkins, a more freewheeling British politician, who likened a previous Labour candidate, Tony Blair, on the eve of his 1997 landslide, to a man “carrying a priceless Ming vase across a highly polished floor.”In truth, Mr. Starmer has been carrying the vase for a lot longer than this six-week campaign. He has nursed his party’s double-digit polling lead for more than 18 months, methodically repositioning Labour as a credible center-left alternative to the divided, erratic, sometimes extremist Conservatives. It’s the culmination of an extraordinary four-year project, in which Mr. Starmer, 61, purged his left-wing predecessor, Jeremy Corbyn, and his loyalists; went after the anti-Semitism that had contaminated the party’s ranks; and pulled its economic and national security policies closer to the center.
Persons: Keir Starmer, Roy Jenkins, Tony Blair, Starmer, Jeremy Corbyn Organizations: Downing, Britain’s Labour Party, Labour Locations: British
Mike Segar | ReutersBEIJING — Chinese authorities this week announced new policy for supporting venture capital, raising hopes for faster approvals of initial public offerings in the near future. The new policy included a section on expanding exit channels for venture capital, with an emphasis on supporting companies with technological breakthroughs. Investors, especially those who put U.S. dollars into China-based venture capital funds, have preferred IPOs in the U.S. as the largest and most liquid market. Separately, the U.S. has increased its scrutiny of U.S. capital going into China, especially military-related entities. The China Securities Regulatory Commission has increased fines for misleading investors and clarified requirements for overseas IPOs.
Persons: Mike Segar, Marcia Ellis, Morrison Foerster, Ellis, Winston Ma, Ming Liao, Didi, Morrison Foerster's Ellis, Fang Xinghai, Fang Organizations: New York Stock Exchange, Reuters, State Council, U.S, Venture, NYU School of Law, Investors, Prospect, CNBC, China Securities Regulatory Commission Locations: Manhattan, New York City , New York, U.S, Reuters BEIJING, China, Prospect Avenue, Hong Kong, London
The seatbelt light. Pete Syme/Business InsiderKeep your seatbelt onSpeaking of unbuckling seat belts, 47% of respondents said it is acceptable to do so when the seatbelt light is switched off. AdvertisementI think there's a fundamental disconnect between what switching off the seatbelt light means to the flying public and what it actually means. Switching off the light means passengers may now safely get up to use the lavatory or retrieve something from the overhead compartment. Even though aircraft are vacuumed in fairly frequent intervals, their carpets see a lot of passengers between more thorough cleanings.
Persons: , Pete Syme, it's, Ming Tung Organizations: Service, Business, Air, Toronto Locations: Air France
Her boss, a woman who had been advocating for her to be given a leadership role, left the team while Ms. Zhao was on a five-month maternity leave. After college, Ms. Zhao set aside her dream of becoming a civil servant to pursue a higher-paying job. (Nearly a third of Chinese women have college degrees now, up from fewer than 1 percent in 1990.) Six months after Ning was born, Ms. Tang returned to her office, leaving the baby in the care of a grandmother. Her husband and in-laws oppose the move, but Ms. Tang doesn’t want to be held back.
Persons: doesn’t, Xi Jinping, , ” Joyce Zhao, Joyce Zhao, Ming, Zhao, Ms, , Ming’s, ” Ms, , ” Guo Chunlei, Guo Chunlei, Guo, Tianyi, ” Tang Pingjuan, Tang Pingjuan, Tang, Ning, Tang doesn’t Locations: Beijing, China, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen
Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in a blog post on Monday that the next Apple Watch will be thinner and have a larger screen. The Apple Watch Series 10 is expected to be released in September when the company typically introduces its next batch of wearables and new iPhone models. Kuo said the screen sizes on the two Apple Watch models will increase from 41 millimeters to 44 millimeters and from 45 millimeters to 49 millimeters. The watch will include components manufactured using 3D printing technology starting in the second half of the year, Kuo added. Kuo also cited the potential for the technology to be used in the production of Apple Watch cases.
Persons: Chi Kuo, Kuo Organizations: Apple, Apple Watch, Technologies Locations: China
Oppenheimer raised its price target on Microsoft to $500 on the potential of increasing AI adoption. Shares of AT & T are up 9% on the year, but analyst Michael Rollins' $20 price target implies that shares could rise another 9%. Analyst Andrew Obin upgraded the Post-it and Scotch parent to buy from neutral and raised his price target by $15 to $120. Analyst Christopher Nardone upgraded the shoe maker to buy from neutral and raised his price target by $16 to $87. Analyst Jay Sole upped his price target on the clothing maker by $14 to $174, now suggesting upside of 43.4%.
Persons: Oppenheimer, Exxon, Neal Dingmann, Dingmann, aren't, — Spencer Kimball, Michael Rollins, Rollins, Lisa Kailai Han, BofA, Andrew Obin, William Brown, Michael Roman, Brown, Obin, — Alex Harring, Christopher Nardone, Nardone, Skechers, Jeffrey Zekauskas, Zekauskas, Huntsman, Benjamin Soff, Soff, Fred Imbert, PVH, Jay Sole, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Sole, Alex Harring, Morgan Stanley, Dara Mohsenian, Mohsenian, Anthony Chukumba, Chukumba, Gavin Parsons, Parsons, Tami Zakaria, Zakaria, Herc, Morgan, Tim Hsiao, Bernstein's Eunice Lee, NIO, America's Ming Hsun Lee, Timothy Horan, Horan, Rob Sanderson, Sanderson Organizations: CNBC, Microsoft, Loop, Exxon, Natural Resources, Citi, AT, VZ, Bank of America, Huntsman, JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank, UBS, Colgate, Palmolive, Loop Capital, UBS shaves, Boeing, Rentals, United Rentals, Herc Holdings, Wall, 3Q, Bank, OpenAI Locations: Truist, Guyana, OPEC, Thursday's, America's
How AI could supercharge the Vision Pro
  + stars: | 2024-06-04 | by ( Samantha Murphy Kelly | )   time to read: +9 min
It could also boost sales of the pricey Vision Pro, which has reportedly and unexpectedly received a production cut. During its most recent earnings call, CEO Tim Cook said more than half of the Fortune 100 companies have already bought an Apple Vision Pro. But while it’s unclear when generative AI will come to the Vision Pro, Nygugen said: “It’s only a matter of time.”That’s because the Vision Pro is merely just another interface – much like a tablet, laptop, or watch, that touches Apple’s ecosystem. The Vision Pro, the tech giant's $3,499 headset, is its first major release since the Apple Watch nine years ago. “Vision Pro just came out a few months ago and it needs to get its feet under it before it really starts to take off,” Llamas said.
Persons: it’s, Tim Cook, It’s, Siri, , Tuong, , Nygugen, ” Nygugen, Angela Weiss, Ming Chi, Kuo, Jeremy Bailenson, Bailenson, Ramon Llamas, Apple, ChatGPT – Organizations: CNN, Developers, Google, Samsung, Vision, Fortune, Apple Vision, Gartner, Apple, Apple Watch, Getty, Vision Pro, Stanford, VR, IDC, Microsoft, Locations: Cupertino , California, New York City
Shares of Logitech are up 2% on the year and could rally another 17%, if Scemama's target price holds true. Analyst Kristine Liwag accompanied the move by raising her price target to $225 from $178. The bank reiterated its overweight rating on the credit card stock but lifted its price target to $275 from $265. International revs should run above the 10%+," the analyst added. Goldman analyst Tina Hou set a 12-month price target of $34, while Bank of America analyst Ming Hsun Lee set a price objective of $35.
Persons: Bernstein, Goldman Sachs, Goldman, TZE, Brian Lee, Lee, — Spencer Kimball, Didier Scemama, Scemama, — Lisa Kailai Han, Morgan Stanley, Kristine Liwag, Heico's, Liwag, Stanley Black, Decker, Julian Mitchell, Mitchell, Wells, Wells Fargo, Donald Fandetti, Fandetti, Canaccord, Kingsley Crane, Crane, Oppenheimer, Jed, Kelly foresees, FanDuel —, Kelly, Zeekr, Tina Hou, Ming Hsun Lee, Hou, Stacy Rasgon, Rasgon, Fred Imbert Organizations: CNBC, Broadcom, Bank of America, Investors, Technologies, Department of Energy, Logitech, Boeing, Barclays, Stanley, Nvidia, American, Express, American Express, U.S . American Express, Wall, Zeekr, China EV, China, Geely Automobile, AMD Locations: Monday's, EU, U.S, China, BofA
As the seat of power, Zhongnanhai is often thought of as China’s equivalent to the White House, or the Kremlin. Architectural changesThere have been serious revisions to the architecture of Zhongnanhai since the end of imperial rule in 1912. Having re-established Zhongnanhai as a center of political power in the new China, Mao set about rebuilding the compound according to his tastes. “It was here,” noted Aldrich, “with the background trappings of a scholar, that he met Nixon and Kissinger in 1972.”Most subsequent leaders have preferred to keep a house outside the Zhongnanhai compound. However, the compound hasn’t always been so forbidden for the masses following the collapse of China’s imperial dynasty.
Persons: Jonathan Chatwin, , Deng Xiaoping, Leung Chun, Xi Jinping, Simon Song, Xi Jinping’s, Ming, Geremie Barmé, Qianlong, Feng Li, ” Linda Jaivin, , Dowager Cixi, Zhongnanhai, Cixi, Dowager, M, Aldrich, Mao Zedong, ” Aldrich, China’s, Yuan Shikai, Yuan Shikai ‘, William Lewisohn, Xinhuamen, William Cooper, , Qianlong Emperor, Yuan, Invincible Mao, — Mao, Kangxi, Mao, Zhou Enlai, Chen Yi, Zhang Wentian, Nikita Khrushchev, Khrushchev, Nixon, Kissinger, Hu Jintao, Jiang Zemin, Newscom Aldrich, Mao’s, Li Zhisui, Xi, Chicago's Walter, Hu Yaobang, Gong, “ Heck Organizations: CNN, Bell, Communist Party, CCP, White, Hong, China Morning, University of Bristol Library, Great Communist Party of China, , Shuangqing Villa, Alamy, State Council, China’s Politburo, Huairen, Chicago's Walter Payton College Preparatory, New York Times, Zhongnanhai, Bloomberg Locations: Modern China, Prospect, Tiananmen, Hong Kong, Zhongnanhai, City, China, Beijing, , People’s Republic, New China, Arlington, Peking, Xinjiang, Russian, Beihai, Beijing’s, Huairen, Qinzheng Hall
Apple could be releasing an all-screen foldable MacBook in 2026. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said production costs could rival the $3,500 Vision Pro headset. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementApple could be gearing up to release an all-screen, foldable MacBook for 2026, and it may cost quite a bit. That's according to Ming-Chi Kuo, a much-followed analyst who has previously been a go-to for Apple product predictions, having often done so accurately.
Persons: Chi Kuo, Organizations: Apple, Service, TF International Securities, Business
Rothy's CEO on AANHPI stereotypes
  + stars: | 2024-05-13 | by ( )   time to read: 1 min
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailRothy's CEO on AANHPI stereotypesRothy's CEO Jenny Ming stresses the importance of challenging the "model minority" stereotype.
Persons: Jenny Ming
CNN —Even though Apple has silenced critics and beaten existential crises before, some fans of its minimalist products and investors in its maximalist stock are nervous. Analysts are expecting low sales figures for the quarter ending March 31 – despite the company beating expectations in the last four quarters. This will be its first earnings report since the launch of its biggest new product in years, its $3,499 mixed reality Vision Pro headset. Market research firm IDC said Apple’s smartphone shipments tumbled a stunning 10% globally in the first quarter of this year. All eyes on AIAccording to David McQueen, research director at tech intelligence firm ABI Research, the company could spark sales growth soon.
Persons: Apple, Ming, Chi Kuo, , , Nabila Popal, David McQueen, OpenAI Organizations: CNN, Apple, IDC, Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, ABI Research, Developers Conference, ChatGPT Locations: China, Hollywood
The job of commanding a nuclear submarine should go to smart and well-qualified officers. Chinese submarine officers — except for engineers — tend to come from candidates with the lowest college entrance test scores, according to a US analyst. "Life in the PLAN submarine service is difficult," Christopher Sharman, director of the China Maritime Studies Institute, told Business Insider. By stressing Chinese submarine commanders, such as confronting them with multiple or unexpected challenges, they could be goaded into making a mistake. On the other hand, a Chinese submarine captain will have had years of experience and additional training before assuming command.
Persons: Roderick Lee, Lee, they've, George McClellan, , George Patton, Christopher Sharman, Michael Peck Organizations: Service, Liberation Army Navy, PLAN, Business, Gaokao, PLA, People's, Army, PLAN Engineering University, China Maritime Studies, US Naval War, Submarine Academy, China Daily, Reuters, China's, Military Medical University, China Sea, China Maritime Studies Institute, Defense, Foreign Policy, Rutgers Univ, Twitter, LinkedIn Locations: Japan, Taiwan, West, China, Russia, South China, Chinese, Forbes
CNN —Close relatives of people with treatment-resistant depression are nine times more likely to develop depression that also does not respond to traditional treatment, a new study found. For people with treatment-resistant depression, also known as TRD, standard treatments such as psychiatric therapy and antidepressants may not work well, if at all. Being aware that treatment-resistant depression runs in families can help with early treatment options, experts say. First-degree relatives of people with TRD, which include parents, siblings and children, were nine times as likely to develop treatment-resistant depression and were at high risk of all-cause death and death by suicide compared with relatives of people without TRD, the study found. “So, this is a very welcome study indeed and goes someway to addressing the massive underrepresentation of Asian people in studies.”
Persons: CNN —, ., Ta Li, Yang Ming, , Andrew McIntosh, McIntosh, Justin Paget, ” Li, Li, , ” McIntosh Organizations: Lifeline, CNN, Tung University, Centre, Clinical, Sciences, University of Edinburgh, Digital Locations: Taipei, Taiwan, Scotland, Europe, North America
Taipei, Taiwan CNN —For married Taiwanese men Alan Hung and Danny Huang, the process of having a biological child together was never easy. Cases like this are troubling to Chen Ching-hui, who last month became the first fertility specialist to win a seat in Taiwan’s parliament. Same-sex couples and single women are banned from accessing procedures such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) or egg freezing in Taiwan, while surrogacy is outlawed entirely. The issue is particularly pressing for Taiwan because, as its population dwindles, so do its military ranks. A nurse handling egg freezing inside a Taipei clinic run by fertility specialist, and now lawmaker, Chen Ching-hui.
Persons: Taiwan CNN —, Alan Hung, Danny Huang, , ” Huang, Chen Ching, Hung, Huang, Aiden, Danny Huang “, Chen, , Dr Chen Ching, Eric Cheung, , ” Chen, Hsueh, Chang, Paula Bronstein, Huang – Organizations: Taiwan CNN, CNN, Kuomintang, KMT, Communist Party, Taiwan’s Institute for National Defense and Security Research, Democratic Progressive Party, China Medical University Hospital Locations: Taipei, Taiwan, Russia, United States, Taiwan’s, China, East Asia, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, South Korea, Southeast Asia
BeeBright | Getty ImagesLONDON — The U.S. and U.K. on Monday accused hackers linked to the Chinese state of being behind "malicious" cyber campaigns targeting political figures, in moves expected to stoke tensions with Beijing. The British government also alleged that China-affiliated hackers were behind an attack that saw the data of millions of voters accessed. "I can confirm today that Chinese state-affiliated actors were responsible for two malicious cyber campaigns targeting our democratic institutions and parliamentarians," British Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden said in a speech to Parliament on Monday. "We want now to be as open as possible with the House and the British public," Dowden said. U.S. hits out at ChinaSeparately, the U.S. Justice Department unsealed an indictment Monday accusing Chinese state-linked hackers of being behind cyber campaigns targeting U.S. businesses, government officials and politicians.
Persons: Oliver Dowden, Dowden, Ni Gaobin, Weng Ming, Cheng Feng, Peng Yaowen, Xiong Wang, Zhao Guangzong, Merrick B, Garland Organizations: Getty, stoke, Electoral, Electoral Commission, Embassy, Google, APT31, U.S . Justice Department, DOJ Locations: U.S, Beijing, China, Britain, APT31 ., United States
Analysts predict which Apple patents are likely to become products. An Apple Watch with a camera, a hand wearable for the Vision Pro, and offline Siri may be possible. He identified three Apple patents he believes the company will likely make. AdvertisementThe patents Saini identified as "highly probable" include:1) An Apple Watch with a cameraApple's patent illustration of an Apple Watch with a camera. "Apple has been silently doing a lot of research on AI," analyst Saini said when asked about Apple's patents related to AI.
Persons: Siri, , Apple's, Ming, Chi Kuo, Anmol Saini, Saini, Gene Munster, Munster Organizations: Apple, Apple Watch, Vision, Service, GreyB, United States Patent, USPTO, Asset Management, Bloomberg, Google, US Department of Justice
The intense blast seized national attention in China and drew controversy when frontline staff blocked local reporters. AdvertisementA suspected gas leak explosion in a fried chicken store has killed seven people and injured 27 others in Yanjiao, a town just east of Beijing, state media and authorities said on Thursday morning local time. Another state media reporter, Xu Mengzhe, was seen physically struggling with a group of policemen who surrounded her and two colleagues. She wore a jacket with a logo for China Media Group, a state-owned broadcasting company. "They must not control public opinion, simply and crudely obstructing media reporters from performing their duties," the association said.
Persons: , VCG, Ng Han Guan, Yang, Xu Mengzhe, Xu, Zhong Ming Organizations: Service, Getty Images, Emergency Management Bureau, Business, Authorities, Firefighters, China Media Group, China Journalists Association Locations: Yanjiao, China, Beijing
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