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A collection of stocks with strong earnings potential and discounted valuations may be a good way for investors to find value in the market. CVX YTD mountain Chevron stock. FDX YTD mountain FedEx stock. Altria Group is the most discounted stock on the list, with the stock's trailing 12-month P/E representing a 116% haircut compared with its five-year average. MO YTD mountain Altria Group stock.
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CNN —Nearly four years ago, while campaigning in the runup to the last presidential election, Donald Trump warned that President Joe Biden would “destroy” the oil industry. In the last three and a half years, US oil production — and oil and gas company profits — have broken records. That’s a 160% jump compared to the first three years of the pro-big-oil Trump administration, according to calculations by CNN. However, in March, the Biden administration approved ConocoPhillips’ massive Willow oil drilling project on Alaska’s North Slope, which holds around 600 million barrels of oil, angering climate advocates. Despite his mixed record with oil and gas companies, though, Biden has presided over a historic run for the industry, Kloza said.
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Former President Donald Trump will attend a private meeting with one of the most powerful business lobbying groups in Washington as he tries to craft an alliance with major corporate leaders. Joshua Bolten, the CEO of the Business Roundtable, confirmed in an email to members on Wednesday that Trump will be at the group's plenary meeting in Washington on June 13. The business group instead asked White House chief of staff Jeff Zients to come, according to Bolten's email. The Business Roundtable did not return requests for comment. Other members include JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, Carlyle Group CEO Harvey Schwartz, AT&T CEO John Stankey and Chevron CEO Mike Wirth.
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Exxon filed for arbitration in March to defend the rights it claims under the joint operating agreement. Chevron and Hess have told investors that the pending deal would terminate if Exxon prevails in the dispute. Hess shareholders would bear the risk if the deal terminates because Chevron is not obligated to pay a termination fee, according to ISS. Exxon is seeking to confirm its rights under the joint operating agreement and find out the value placed on Hess' Guyana assets under the deal, Woods said. Chevron has repeatedly maintained that the Exxon's claims under the joint operating agreement do not apply to its acquisition of Hess.
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Hundreds of Palestinians, including women and children living in east part of Rafah, migrate to the west part of the Khan Yunis with their few belongings loaded on vehicles following the Israel's announcement on the evacuation of neighborhoods, in Khan Yunis, Gaza on May 6, 2024. Crude oil futures fell Tuesday as the course of the war in Gaza remains uncertain. Israel's war cabinet unanimously voted to continue military operations in Rafah after rejecting a cease-fire proposal accepted by Hamas on Monday. Israeli forces seized the Rafah border crossing, sparking condemnation from Egypt, which has been mediating cease-fire talks. Chevron CEO Mike Wirth said prices have remained in a relatively stable band but risk remains to the upside for oil due to the war's proximity to the Strait of Hormuz — the most important global transit point for crude.
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailChevron CEO Mike Wirth: Demand for natural gas will be higher than expectedChevron CEO Mike Wirth joins 'Money Movers' to discuss the geopolitical risk to the oil sector, natural gas demand, and supply concerns.
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Natural gas demand will likely outpace expectations as electricity consumption surges from artificial intelligence and data centers, Chevron CEO Mike Wirth told CNBC on Monday. "It's a little hard to quantify right now because this is evolving so quickly on the AI side," Wirth told CNBC's Sara Eisen at the Milken Institute's Global Conference in Los Angeles. "But I think demand for natural gas is likely to be higher than what people have been estimating up until now." Wirth said the move to electrify the nation's vehicle fleet, heating and manufacturing as well as the increase in demand from data centers will require reliable and affordable backup power generation. Wind and solar offer affordable power in some regions, but they still face challenges in generating enough electricity to meet peak demand because they rely on variable weather conditions, the Chevron CEO said.
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailChevron CEO Mike Wirth on Q1 results: Highest first quarter production in company historyChevron chairman and CEO Mike Wirth joins 'Squawk on the Street' to discuss the company's quarterly earnings results, state of the pending Hess acquisition, oil price trends, demand outlook, and more.
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Cramer's Lightning Round: Leidos is a winner
  + stars: | 2024-03-28 | by ( Julie Coleman | )   time to read: +1 min
Stock Chart Icon Stock chart icon Core & Main's year-to-date stock performance. Stock Chart Icon Stock chart icon Pfizer's year-to-date stock performance. Stock Chart Icon Stock chart icon SFL's year-to-date stock performance. Stock Chart Icon Stock chart icon Leidos' year-to-date stock performance. Stock Chart Icon Stock chart icon KLA's year-to-date stock performance.
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New drilling technologies during the so-called Bakken Boom turned North Dakota into the nation's second-largest crude oil-producing state from 2012 to 2020. "This sale is a big deal in North Dakota," said Ron Ness, head of the North Dakota Petroleum Council, an industry trade group. "There's a sentimentality to this sale," said Kathy Neset, who runs a prominent North Dakota oil industry consulting firm and counts Hess as one of her largest clients. Chevron could take Bakken production higher than the output targeted by Hess in the future, said Matthew Bernstein, a senior analyst at Rystad Energy. Bakken oil production could drop to 1.15 million bpd from 2026 and be flat through 2030, before entering gradual decline as inventory exhaustion sets in, said Nathan Nemeth, a principal analyst at Wood Mackenzie.
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But a couple of the world’s largest oil companies beg to differ – or at least for the future that extends out about three decades. This month, Exxon Mobil and Chevron have together bet heavily on a future their CEOs think will still need a lot of black gold. Hess also has considerable oil and gas assets in the U.S., including the Bakken area of western North Dakota, eastern Montana and southern Saskatchewan in Canada. But equally critical, the moves are important statements that the age of oil remains, despite the release on Tuesday of the annual world energy outlook from the International Energy Agency that forecasts global demand for fossil fuels will peak in 2030. Although he has championed many green energy policies, President Joe Biden also has done little to block the advancement of domestic oil and gas production.
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Chevron’s $53 billion deal is risky Exxon copycat
  + stars: | 2023-10-23 | by ( Robert Cyran | )   time to read: +4 min
The $318 billion oil giant said Monday it would buy New York-based Hess (HES.N) for $53 billion in an all-stock deal. The main appeal for Chevron is Hess’s 30% stake in a consortium producing oil offshore in Guyana. Importantly, Chevron is catching up to Exxon, which runs and owns 45% of the same Guyana consortium. Higher production in Guyana after 2024 will increase Chevron’s returns, assuming the price of oil remains favorable. Hess owns a 30% share in a consortium in Guyana alongside Exxon, which owns a 45% interest, and Chinese oil company CNOOC, which owns the remaining 25%.
Persons: Hess, It’s, Mike Wirth, Scott Sheffield, John Hess, Hess’s, Lauren Silva Laughlin, Aditya Sriwatsav Organizations: Reuters, Chevron, Exxon Mobil, New York Stock Exchange, Natural Resources, drillers, Brent, Exxon, Pioneer, Exxon Mobil’s, Thomson Locations: New York, Texas, Guyana, Gulf of Mexico
Chevron, the U.S. energy giant, said Monday that it had agreed to acquire Hess, a medium-sized rival, in an all-stock deal valued at $53 billion. The deal marks a further consolidation of the energy industry, especially in the United States, where smaller companies appear to be taking advantage of relatively high oil prices to join forces with bigger players. The transaction follows Exxon Mobil’s $60 billion purchase of shale driller Pioneer Natural Resources earlier this month, another sign of confidence among large industry players in the future of fossil fuels even as policymakers promote cleaner energy sources. Hess would add about 10 percent to Chevron’s overall oil and gas production of about 3 million barrels a day. Mike Wirth, Chevron’s chairman and chief executive, said in a statement that the deal enhances the company’s operations “by adding world-class assets.”
Persons: Hess, Mike Wirth Organizations: Chevron, Exxon Mobil’s, Resources, Chevron’s Locations: U.S, United States
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailWatch CNBC's full interview with Chevron CEO Mike Wirth and Hess CEO John HessChevron CEO Mike Wirth and Hess CEO John Hess join 'Squawk on the Street' to discuss Chevron's deal to buy Hess for $53 billion in stock, the second proposed mega-merger among the biggest U.S. oil players after Exxon Mobil bid $60 billion for Pioneer Natural Resources earlier this month.
Persons: Mike Wirth, Hess, John Hess Chevron, John Hess Organizations: Chevron, U.S, Exxon Mobil, Natural Resources
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailHess CEO John Hess on Chevron deal: Strategic combination creates the premier oil and gas companyChevron chairman and CEO Mike Wirth and Hess Corp. CEO John Hess join 'Squawk on the Street' to discuss Chevron's deal to buy Hess for $53 billion in stock, the second proposed mega-merger among the biggest U.S. oil players after Exxon Mobil bid $60 billion for Pioneer Natural Resources earlier this month.
Persons: John Hess, Mike Wirth, Hess Organizations: Chevron, Hess Corp, U.S, Exxon Mobil, Natural Resources
Chevron agrees to buy Hess for $53 billion
  + stars: | 2023-10-23 | by ( David Goldman | )   time to read: +3 min
New York CNN —Chevron announced Monday that it has agreed to buy rival Hess in yet another oil industry consolidation deal. Hess (HES) also has large oil assets in Guyana, which Chevron said would help grow its production over the next decade. Chevron said that it would increase buybacks of its stock by $2.5 billion to $20 billion a year. Shares of Chevron slipped 3% in premarket trading following the deal announcement, while Hess’ shares were slightly higher. Since the start of 2022, just ahead of the big run-up in oil prices following Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Hess shares are up 120%, while Chevron shares are up 42%.
Persons: Hess, Chevron, , Mike Wirth, Wirth, Critics, It’s, Biden, John Hess, — Chris Isidore Organizations: New, New York CNN, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Exxon, Anadarko Petroleum Locations: New York, Texas, Guyana, Ukraine, Marathon
Market Movers rounded up the latest reactions to Chevron 's stock moves from the pros, including Jim Cramer , as another mega-merger in the energy sector was announced Monday. Chevron is acquiring Hess for $53 billion and the deal comes just under two weeks after Exxon Mobil bought Pioneer Natural Resources for $59.5 billion. Chevron CEO Mike Wirth and Hess CEO John Hess joined CNBC on Monday morning to discuss the all-stock, $171 per share transaction and what it will mean for investors. Chevron is acquiring Hess for $53 billion and the deal comes just under two weeks after Exxon Mobil bought Pioneer Natural Resources for $59.5 billion. Chevron CEO Mike Wirth and Hess CEO John Hess joined CNBC on Monday morning to discuss the all-stock, $171 per share transaction and what it will mean for investors.
Persons: Jim Cramer, Hess, Mike Wirth, John Hess Organizations: Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Natural Resources, CNBC, Movers Locations: Chevron
If oil prices stay high — and especially, if they breach $100 a barrel — the companies are well positioned. However, should oil prices fall and debt levels continue to rise, some companies have boxed themselves into a corner with very generous dividends and share repurchase programs. At the same time, operating cash flow has been declining. "What we're looking at is companies trying to bridge a little gap while operating cash flow is going down," said Mark Young, senior analyst at Evaluate Energy. "Since the end of 2020, operating cash flow has been able to cover all capital spending, dividend payments and share buybacks by itself.
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Chevron CEO Mike Wirth: The U.S. is an energy powerhouse
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailChevron CEO Mike Wirth: The U.S. is an energy powerhouseHosted by Brian Sullivan, “Last Call” is a fast-paced, entertaining business show that explores the intersection of money, culture and policy. Tune in Monday through Friday at 7 p.m. ET on CNBC.
Persons: Mike Wirth, Brian Sullivan, Organizations: Chevron, CNBC Locations: U.S
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailChevron CEO Mike Wirth on oil prices: Risks remain more to the upside than to the downsideCNBC's Brian Sullivan sat down with Chevron CEO Mike Wirth to discuss the reasoning behind the rising oil price. Watch the full interview with Wirth tonight at 7 p.m. (ET) on Last Call.
Persons: Mike Wirth, Brian Sullivan, Wirth Organizations: Chevron
But there are signs that both supply and demand will bring prices back down in the coming months. AAA reported this week that the average price for a gallon of gas in the US was $3.88. AdvertisementAdvertisementAn atypical spike in pricesThe increase in gas prices is unusual, as we typically see some relief after the summer surge as demand wanes. If true, the worries about the impact of rising gas prices on consumer spending and inflation are overblown. AdvertisementAdvertisementIn recent years, with oil prices closer to $70 a barrel, gas prices have typically been close to $3 a gallon.
Persons: Mohamed el, Saudi Arabia's, Mohamed Oun, there's, Jorge León, Mike Wirth, we've, hasn't, Wirth, Grace Smith, David Kelly, We're, Kelly, Citi's, Ed Morse Organizations: Service, AAA, Allianz, Saudi, Reuters, Rystad Energy, US Strategic Petroleum Reserve, Biden, Strategic Petroleum Reserve Energy Department, Strategic Petroleum Reserve, Chevron, Bloomberg, Denver, MediaNews, Getty, Morgan Asset Management, Citigroup, CNN Locations: Russia, Saudi Arabia, Wall, Silicon, California, Clearwater Beach, Tampa , Florida, Libya, Ukraine, Brazil, Canada, Venezuela, Guyana
Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman at the World Petroleum Congress in Calgary, Canada, on Sept. 18, 2023. Bloomberg | Bloomberg | Getty ImagesSaudi Arabia's energy minister said Riyadh and Moscow's decision to extend crude oil supply cuts is not about "jacking up prices," as Brent futures hover near $95 a barrel and analysts predict further rises into triple digits. The increases have rallied some analysts around speculation of a short-term return to oil prices at $100 per barrel. Asked on the possibility of hitting that threshold, Chevron CEO Mike Wirth on Monday admitted oil prices could cross into triple digits in a Bloomberg TV interview. Energy prices have repeatedly underpinned higher inflation in the months since the war in Ukraine and Europe's gradual loss of access to sanctioned Russian seaborne oil supplies.
Persons: Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, Topping, Mike Wirth, We're, we're, Abdulaziz, Fatih Birol, they've, Amin Nasser Organizations: World Petroleum Congress, Bloomberg, Getty, Saudi, Brent, Saudi Energy, Organization of, Petroleum, Chevron, International Energy Agency, IEA, CNBC, United Arab Emirates Locations: Calgary, Canada, Riyadh, OPEC, Saudi Arabia, Russia, London, U.S, Ukraine, Paris, China, Saudi, Aramco, United Nations
Chevron Chief Executive Mike Wirth also said he thinks oil will cross $100 per barrel in a Bloomberg News interview. Saudi Arabia and Russia this month extended a combined 1.3 million barrels per day (bpd) of supply cuts to the end of the year. Saudi Arabia's energy minister, Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman on Monday defended OPEC+ cuts to oil market supply, saying international energy markets need light-handed regulation to limit volatility. China, considered the engine of oil demand growth, is a key risk because of its sluggish post-pandemic economic recovery, though its oil imports have remained robust. "The high-for-longer mantra would ultimately have a negative impact on economic growth and would affect oil demand."
Persons: Tatiana Meel, Brent, WTI, Fiona Cincotta, Mike Wirth, Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, Callum Macpherson, Tamas Varga, PVM's Varga, Arathy Somasekhar, Natalie Grover, Florence Tan, Sudarshan, David Goodman, Timothy Gardner Organizations: REUTERS, Rights, Brent, U.S, West Texas, Citi, Monday, Chevron, Bloomberg, ANZ, XM, U.S . Federal, Thomson Locations: Nakhodka, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, China, Saudi, Investec, Europe, Houston, London, Singapore
Chevron is an stock to watch as the global market remains undersupplied, according to Mizuho Securities. The firm upgraded the shares of the oil major to buy and raised its price target to $209 from $205. CVX YTD mountain Chevron shares are down this year. Kumar also noted Chevron will benefit from stronger productivity in the Permian Basin, which covers part of New Mexico and Texas. "This all provides substantial confidence in CVX's ability to meet its upstream growth outlook," he added.
Persons: Nitin Kumar, Kumar, Mike Wirth, — CNBC's Michael Bloom Organizations: Chevron, Mizuho Securities, West Texas Locations: New Mexico, Texas
Chevron Waives Retirement Age for CEO Mike Wirth
  + stars: | 2023-07-24 | by ( Collin Eaton | )   time to read: 1 min
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