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Opinion: A Russian weapon could wipe out US space edge
  + stars: | 2024-05-15 | by ( Clayton Swope | )   time to read: +7 min
Here, the NanoRacks-Remove Debris satellite is deployed from the International Space Station in 2018. Before revelations about Russia’s development of a nuclear anti-satellite weapon, there had been indications of global recognition that the use of certain space weapons was bad for everyone. The proposed defense budget for 2025 does not reflect the scale and urgency of the need to counter space threats and protect space systems. Learning how to operate satellites in a space environment clogged with debris or increased radiation caused by a space weapon is also important. We need a two-pronged effort to prepare for the worst: Double down on efforts to protect and maintain access to space in a hostile space environment and consider how to operate without space.
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CNN —There is a major disconnect between two CNN stories on Wednesday about Russia and the US. While it is mostly Republicans who oppose additional funding for Ukraine, they are still a minority, even within their own party. In February, 22 Republicans in the Senate joined all but three Democrats to form a 70-vote majority in favor of the funding. Asked about that propaganda comment by Tapper earlier this month, Rep. Mike Turner of Ohio, who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, agreed. The two appeared together at Mar-a-Lago last week, and Johnson has bought into Trump’s proposal to structure some Ukraine aid as a loan rather than direct aid.
Persons: Sean Lyngaas, , Mike Johnson, Johnson, , ” Johnson, CNN’s Jake Tapper, “ We’re, Matt Gaetz, Chip Roy didn’t, he’s, it’s, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Defense Lloyd Austin, Thomas Massie of Kentucky, Tucker Carlson, Vladimir Putin, Ralph Norman, Thomas Massie, Chip Roy, Tom Williams, It’s, Liz Cheney, Donald Trump, Michael McCaul, Puck, Tapper, Mike Turner of Ohio, ” Turner, Greene, Ken Buck, Moscow Marjorie ”, Putin, Trump Organizations: CNN, Capitol Hill, GOP, White, Conservative, Ukraine, Republicans, Senate, Florida, ” Texas, Defense, Republican, Fox News, Putin, Texas Republican, Foreign Affairs, House Intelligence, Trump, Mar, Lago Locations: Russia, Texas, Russian, Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, Wyoming, Colorado
US Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, Republican of Louisiana, waits to speak during a news conference after a closed-door House Republican caucus meeting on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC on February 29, 2024. House Speaker Mike Johnson said Sunday he will try to advance wartime aid for Israel this week as he attempts the difficult task of winning House approval for a national security package that also includes funding for Ukraine and allies in Asia. Johnson told Fox News Channel's "Sunday Morning Futures" that he and Republicans "understand the necessity of standing with Israel" and he would try this week to advance the aid. Meanwhile, senior GOP lawmakers who support aid to Ukraine are growing frustrated with the months-long wait to bring it to the House floor. "We pass the Senate bill, it goes straight to the president's desk and you start getting the aid to Ukraine immediately.
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CNN —Rep. Mike Lawler, a moderate Republican from New York, expressed optimism on Sunday that a vote on funding for Ukraine’s war effort could land on the House floor when members return from recess early next month. Divisions in the House GOP have so far stymied progress on sending aid to the key US ally. I am not going to delve into the details of that conversation, but I am confident that he’s going to bring that bill to the floor and that we will have a vote,” Lawler said. Lawler called Greene’s effort to oust Johnson “idiotic.”“It’s not actually going to help advance the cause she believes in, and in fact it undermines our House Republican majority,” Lawler said. Democrats have signaled they may be willing to save Johnson if he moves a Ukraine aid bill they can support, but one including new border restrictions, as Lawler has suggested, falls outside their demands.
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By Patricia Zengerle and Michael MartinaWASHINGTON (Reuters) - Leaders of U.S. intelligence agencies urgently pressed members of the House of Representatives on Tuesday to approve additional military assistance for Ukraine, saying it would not only boost Kyiv as it fights Russia but discourage Chinese aggression. "That has consequences for American interests that go ... directly to our interests in the Indo-Pacific," CIA Director William Burns told the House of Representatives' Intelligence committee's annual hearing on Worldwide Threats to U.S. security. The Latest Photos From Ukraine View All 96 ImagesThe measure has passed the Democratic-run Senate, and both Republicans and Democrats in the House say it would pass if the chamber's Republican leaders allowed a vote. Photos You Should See View All 60 ImagesRepresentative Mike Turner, chairman of the House intelligence committee, noted that some members of Congress support aid to Ukraine but "I believe, mistakenly," contend that Kyiv can afford a delay. (Reporting by Patricia Zengerle and Michael Martina; Editing by Daniel Wallis)
Persons: Patricia Zengerle, Michael Martina WASHINGTON, William Burns, Burns, Mike Johnson, Donald Trump, Mike Turner, Michael Martina, Daniel Wallis Organizations: CIA, Representatives, stoke, Republican, Russian, Democratic, Republicans, Democrats Locations: Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Gaza, Pacific
Putin looms over a third successive US election
  + stars: | 2024-02-22 | by ( Stephen Collinson | )   time to read: +12 min
CNN —“Russia, Russia, Russia.”Ex-President Donald Trump’s scathing catch phrase for a torrent of investigations during his administration also serves as an apt catch-all for the current meltdown over Moscow roiling US politics. But Russia and its leader, whom President Joe Biden described as a “crazy S.O.B.” at a Wednesday fundraiser, won’t go away. All the ways Putin is playing in US politicsPutin is advancing Russian interests against the US on multiple fronts. Putin recently formalized his warming ties with North Korean tyrant Kim Jong Un by presenting him with a new limousine. The Russian leader was particularly incensed by the US-led operation to topple Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi in 2011.
Persons: CNN —, , Donald Trump’s, Joe Biden, won’t, Vladimir Putin, Putin, Ukraine –, , Alexander Smirnov, , Trump, Smirnov, Biden, it’s, Putin can’t, ” Douglas, Alexey Navalny, Biden lambasts Trump, ” Biden, Volodymyr Zelensky, Ronald Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev, he’s, he’d, Mike Turner, Ksenia, Paul Whelan –, Evan Gershkovich, Geopolitically, Kim Jong Un, George W, Bush, Barack Obama, Moammar Gadhafi, Hillary Clinton, Robert Mueller, “ We’ll, Mueller Organizations: CNN, Kremlin, United States, European NATO, , Moscow, House Republicans, GOP, CIA, NATO, Republican Party, Republicans, Republican, Trump, Marine, Wall Street, Putin, Biden, US, Democratic Locations: Russia, Moscow, United States, China, Soviet, East Germany, United, Ukraine, Russian, European, Washington, Asia, Sweden, Finland, Berlin –, Europe, Ukrainian, California, North Korea, Iran, Crimea, Helsinki, Geneva
Kari Bingen director of the aerospace security project and senior fellow in the international security program at the Centre for Strategic International Studies. Space-based anti-satellite nuclear weapons — or so-called space nukes — are a type of weapon designed to damage or destroy satellite systems. "It's an indiscriminate weapon," Bingen said. The deployment of a space-based nuclear weapon would mark a major advancement of Russia's military capabilities and a serious escalation of geopolitical tensions. Kari Bingen director of the aerospace security project and senior fellow in the international security program at the Centre for Strategic International Studies.
Persons: Vladimir Putin, Alexander Ryumin, Mike Turner, Joe Biden, It's, Kari Bingen, Bingen, Juan Barreto, Putin, CNBC's Silvia Amaro Organizations: Sputnik, Chelyabinsk, Afp, Getty, U.S, White, CNBC, . House Intelligence, Bloomberg, Centre, Strategic International Studies, Analysts, Strategic International, United Nations Office, Outer Space Affairs, Elon Musk, Reuters, U.S ., Space Foundation, The, NATO, General, Saturday, Munich Security Conference Locations: Russian, Chelyabinsk Region, Chelyabinsk, Washington, Moscow, Russia, Ukraine, China, Bogota, U.S, The U.S
CNN —Speaker Mike Johnson is facing international criticism over his lack of swift action on Ukraine aid, which is ratcheting up pressure to make a critical decision that will not only have massive implications for his rookie speakership but also for Ukraine’s ongoing war effort against Russia. “If there is a Mike Johnson plan, there aren’t any House Republicans that are aware of its existence.”The pressure cooker Johnson is facing has exposed some frustration over how he has approached his speakership. At a time when House Republicans are looking to their leader to make a decisive choice, the speaker has instead elevated members to bring forward their own ideas without articulating his own preferences. “Ukraine is in desperate need of the US aid, passed by an overwhelming bipartisan vote on the floor of the United States Senate. “We’re looking at a number of options on our leadership team.”Meanwhile, President Joe Biden has repeatedly hammered Johnson over his inaction.
Persons: Mike Johnson, Johnson, , Alexei Navalny, Kevin McCarthy, Donald Trump, Sen, J.D, Vance, Johnson —, Warren Davidson, ” Davidson, Virginia Sen, Mark Warner, , Ben Cardin, , ” Cardin, It’s, Brian Fitzpatrick, someone’s, Mitch McConnell, Vladimir Putin, ” Johnson, Steve Scalise, Trump, ” Scalise, Joe Biden, ” Biden, NATO … I’ve, Biden, Chuck Schumer, Putin “, Vladimir Putin’s, ” Schumer, it’s, There’s, Mike Turner, ” CNN’s Alex Marquardt Organizations: CNN, Russia, Democratic, Congress, Global, Security, Republicans, Republican, NATO, GOP, Caucus, languishes, Senate Intelligence, United, United States Senate, Senate, NATO …, New, New York Democrat, House Intelligence, Ohio Republican, Press, Ukraine Locations: Ukraine, Russian, Warren Davidson of Ohio, , Munich, United States, Russia, Pennsylvania, Baltic, Florida, New York, Washington
Opinion | The Best Case for Ukraine Aid
  + stars: | 2024-02-17 | by ( Ross Douthat | )   time to read: +2 min
The first year of the war in Ukraine seemed to vindicate Russia hawks. The second year of war has been kinder to realists and doves. Russia, as in many wars before, seems stronger in a grinding conflict than it did in the initial thrusts. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian counteroffensive of spring and summer failed: A year ago there was still hope that a Russian retreat would turn into a rout, but since then stalemate has ruled the front. The changed situation has created a division in the hawkish argument, visible as the U.S. Congress wrangles over further aid to Ukraine.
Persons: Vladimir Putin, Putin, Russia’s, Aleksei Navalny, Thom Tillis, he’ll, Mike Turner Organizations: U.S . Congress, Republican, Ukraine, NATO, Capitol, Russian Locations: Ukraine, Russia, Moscow, Ukrainian, North Carolina, American, Ohio
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden said Friday there was no sign Russia has decided to go ahead and deploy an emerging anti-satellite weapon, the disclosure of which has rattled Washington this week. The White House has confirmed that U.S. intelligence officials have information indicating Russia has obtained such a capability, although such a weapon is not yet operational. Biden said Friday that “there’s no evidence that they have made a decision to go forward with doing anything in space,” while he continued to stress that there was no immediate danger to humans. “There is no nuclear threat to the people of America or anywhere else in the world with what Russia’s doing at the moment,” Biden told reporters at the White House during remarks on the reported death of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. That declassification process had been underway when Turner released the statement, according to the White House.
Persons: Joe Biden, Biden, ” Biden, Alexei Navalny, Russia “, Russia hasn’t, Mike Turner, Turner, Antony Blinken, Jaishankar, Wang Yi, , hadn’t, Blinken, Matthew Lee Organizations: WASHINGTON, White, Intelligence, Munich Security, Indian Foreign, Foreign, U.S, Blinken Locations: Russia, Washington, America, Ohio, Germany, Munich
The White House has confirmed that Russia is building a new weapon to be put in space. The weapon is thought to be nuclear-related, with the White House saying it would violate the Outer Space Treaty. AdvertisementThe White House confirmed on Thursday that it is monitoring Russia's development of a new weapon to be stationed in space. But the spokesperson also said the weapon would violate the Outer Space Treaty of 1967, of which Russia is still a participant. The treaty specifically bans the stationing of weapons of mass destruction in space, including nuclear arms.
Persons: it's, , It's, John Kirby, Kirby, we've, hasn't, Mike Turner, Hakeem Jeffries, Jake Sullivan, MANDEL NGAN, Jim Himes Organizations: Service, White House, The New York Times, CNN, Center for Strategic, International Studies, US, Intelligence, GOP House, intel, National Security, Getty, Democratic, House Intelligence Locations: Russia, Ukraine, Hill, Washington ,, AFP, Jim Himes of Connecticut
The weapon is still under development and is not yet in orbit, Biden administration officials have emphasized publicly. But Russia has recently made progress in its efforts to develop a nuclear EMP — a related but far more alarming technology. This would almost certainly be “a last-ditch weapon” for Russia, the US official and other sources said — because it would do the same damage to whatever Russian satellites were also in the area. According to those sources, the intelligence community is now scrambling to figure out how to preserve its access. Russia has withdrawn from several arms control treaties in recent years, leaving the post-Cold War arms control architecture all but gutted.
Persons: Mike Turner of, Joe Biden, Turner, Biden, , John Kirby, , ” Kirby Organizations: CNN, Republican, House Intelligence, The Defense Department, National Security, National Intelligence, Defense Department, National Security Council, Pentagon, Capitol, Biden Locations: Russia, , Mike Turner of Ohio, Washington, Russian, Earth, America, Ukraine, Moscow
US lawmakers were given intel on a new nuclear space weapon Russia is building, multiple outlets reported. AdvertisementUS leaders in Congress were briefed on Wednesday about new intelligence that Moscow is making progress on a nuclear weapon in space that can attack satellites, multiple media outlets reported. In a regular press briefing on Wednesday, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan declined to share details about the "national security threat" but acknowledged that Biden officials are meeting to discuss it with lawmakers. It's not immediately clear if the Russian space weapon in question is nuclear-powered or uses nuclear arms. However, Moscow has been pulling out of other nuclear weapon treaties in recent years, raising fears that the world could enter another Cold War-like environment.
Persons: Mike Turner, , Biden declassify, Mike Johnson, Johnson, Joe Biden, Jim Himes, Himes, Mike, Jake Sullivan, Turner, Sullivan, It's Organizations: intel, CNN, Service, ABC News, New York Times, ABC, Intelligence, Administration, Times, Capitol, Democratic, National, Biden, Center for Strategic & International Studies Locations: Russia, Capitol HIll, Moscow, Jim Himes of Connecticut, Ukraine
By Andrea Shalal and Steve HollandWASHINGTON (Reuters) - Russia is developing an anti-satellite capability that has not yet been deployed and U.S. President Joe Biden has requested direct diplomatic engagement with Moscow about it, the White House said on Thursday. John Kirby, the White House national security spokesperson, said the weapon is concerning but poses no immediate threat. At the daily White House news briefing, Kirby shed light on the new Russian capability after a senior Republican lawmaker, U.S. Representative Mike Turner, on Wednesday warned of a "serious national security threat." The Latest Photos From Ukraine View All 91 ImagesWhite House national security adviser Jake Sullivan planned to brief four senior lawmakers about the threat on Thursday. He said it was a troubling development "but no immediate threat to anyone's safety" on earth.
Persons: Andrea Shalal, Steve Holland WASHINGTON, Joe Biden, John Kirby, Kirby, Mike Turner, Jake Sullivan, Biden, Steve Holland, Chris Reese, Chizu Organizations: White House, Republican, White Locations: Russia, Moscow
The Latest Photos From Ukraine View All 91 ImagesAnalysts tracking Russia's space programs say the space threat is probably not a nuclear warhead but rather a high-powered device requiring nuclear energy to carry out an array of attacks against satellites. The Kremlin on Thursday dismissed a warning by the United States about Moscow's new nuclear capabilities in space, calling it a "malicious fabrication". Exploding a nuclear weapon in space would be another matter entirely. "If they do (detonate a nuclear device in space), they’d lose everything. James Acton, a nuclear expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace think tank, said for Russia to put a nuclear weapon in orbit would be a "blatant violation of the Outer Space Treaty."
Persons: Joey Roulette, Arshad Mohammed WASHINGTON, Mike Turner, Antony Blinken, Daryl Kimball, Brian Weeden, Weeden, James Acton, Acton, Arshad Mohammed, Don Durfee, Jonathan Oatis Organizations: U.S . House, Reuters, Washington, U.S, Arms Control Association, U.S . Defense Intelligence Agency, Secure, Foundation, Carnegie Endowment, International Peace Locations: Russia, Russian, United States, U.S, China, India, Ukraine, Washington, Saint Paul , Minnesota
Washington CNN —The White House on Thursday confirmed that the national security threat flagged by the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee the previous day is related to “an anti-satellite capability that Russia is developing,” but sought to soothe concerns about the danger it presents to the United States. “This is not an active capability that’s been deployed,” National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said Thursday. “There was notifications from the intelligence community that made it just clearer now than before,” Crenshaw said. “This was just the time.”The post from Turner called on President Joe Biden to declassify “all information” related to the threat. Kirby said the US intelligence community had “serious concerns” about a broad declassification of intelligence related to the threat.
Persons: that’s, John Kirby, ” Kirby, Mike Turner of, Turner, Matt Gaetz, , Andy Ogles, Ogles, Kirby, Donald Trump, Dan Crenshaw, Crenshaw, ” Crenshaw, Joe Biden, declassify, Biden, Hans Kristensen, CNN’s Morgan Rimmer, Oren Liebermann, Katie Bo Lillis Organizations: Washington CNN, House Intelligence, ” National Security, House Intelligence Committee, Republican, Turner, Ukraine, Russia, Reuters, GOP, Intelligence, Texas Rep, Federation of American, CNN, 2022 Defense Intelligence Agency Locations: Russia, United States, Mike Turner of Ohio, Florida, , Tennessee, Ukraine, Russian
WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House publicly confirmed on Thursday that Russia has obtained a “troubling” emerging anti-satellite weapon but said it cannot directly cause “physical destruction” on Earth. White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby said U.S. intelligence officials have information that Russia has obtained the capability but that such a weapon is not currently operational. “Let’s see what ruse the White House will use.”The capability is space based and would violate an international space treaty, to which more than 130 countries have signed onto, including Russia. The White House said it would look to engage the Russians directly on the concerns. Even as the White House sought to assure Americans, Kirby acknowledged it was a serious matter.
Persons: John Kirby, that’s, Kirby, , Mike Turner, Biden, Turner “, , Dmitry Peskov, , ” Peskov, ” Kirby Organizations: WASHINGTON, White, National Security, White House, Republican, House Intelligence, Ohio, Kremlin, U.S, Ukraine Locations: Russia, Moscow, Russian, Washington
CNN —House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Turner has made intelligence around a “serious national security threat” available to all members of Congress to review. Two sources familiar with the matter and a US official tell CNN the threat is related to Russia. “That’s been on the books. He declined to elaborate on the nature of the threat. “I’m not in a position to say anything further from this podium at this time,” he said.
Persons: Mike Turner, Turner, ” Turner, Joe Biden, declassify, Jake Sullivan, , ” Sullivan, “ That’s, “ I’m, , Biden Organizations: CNN — House, CNN, House Intelligence, ” National Locations: Russia, United States
WASHINGTON (AP) — The head of the House Intelligence Committee said Wednesday he had information about a serious national security threat and urged the administration to declassify the information so the U.S. and its allies can openly discuss how to respond. Rep. Mike Turner, an Ohio Republican, gave no details about the threat in his statement, including whether it was a new one. National security adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters at a White House briefing that he already had been due to brief Turner and other senior congressional intelligence leaders, known as the Gang of Eight, on Thursday. Photos You Should See View All 22 Images“I’m focused on going to see him, sit with him as well as the other House members of the Gang of Eight, tomorrow,” Sullivan said. “And I’m not in a position to say anything further from this podium at this time.”
Persons: Mike Turner, Turner, Biden, Jake Sullivan, Sullivan, ” Sullivan, Organizations: WASHINGTON, House Intelligence, Ohio Republican, Wednesday Locations: U.S, Ohio
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate early Tuesday passed a $95.3 billion aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, pushing ahead after months of difficult negotiations and amid growing political divisions in the Republican Party over the role of the United States abroad. But a bipartisan deal on border security struck by Republican Sen. James Lankford fell apart just days after its unveiling, a head-spinning development that left negotiators deeply frustrated. After the border bill collapsed, the two leaders abandoned the border provisions and pushed forward with passing the foreign aid package alone — as Democrats had originally intended. In an unusually raw back-and-forth, GOP senators who support the aid challenged some of the opponents directly on the floor. Turner posted on X, formerly Twitter, after the trip that “I reiterated America’s commitment to support Ukraine in its fight against Russia.”But Speaker Johnson is in a tough position.
Persons: Vladimir Putin, It’s, , Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Jeff Merkley, Peter Welch of, Sen, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Mike Johnson, Joe Biden's, Schumer, McConnell, , ” McConnell, Republican Sen, James Lankford, J.D, Vance, Russia's Putin, Putin, Kentucky Sen, Rand Paul, Carolina Sen, Thom Tillis, ” Tillis, ” Sen, Jerry Moran, Moran, Trump, Russia “, Mike Turner, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Turner, Johnson, Kevin McCarthy, ” Johnson, Abigail Spanberger, Zelenskyy, ” Spanberger, Lisa Mascaro, Kevin Freking Organizations: WASHINGTON, , Republican Party, Ukraine, Republican, Republicans, Sens, Ukraine —, GOP, U.S . Senate, Trump, Ohio Republican, Kentucky, NATO, House Republicans, House Intelligence, Russia, , Senate, Virginia Democrat, Associated Press Locations: Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, United States, U.S, Oregon, Peter Welch of Vermont, Russia, Kyiv, China, Gaza, Ohio, Carolina, Europe, America, Virginia
Lawmakers have conveyed as much directly to the White House, a US official told CNN. Biden met with House and Senate lawmakers at the White House on Wednesday to outline what is at stake for Ukraine. House Speaker Mike Johnson makes a statement alongside Reps. Mike Turner, Mike Rogers and Mike McCaul on January 17, outside the White House. Privately, some US and Western officials say there could be as many as five more years of fighting. In the near term, Ukraine may be able to hang on, albeit in a stalemate, without US support, a Western intelligence source said.
Persons: Joe Biden, Biden, Jake Sullivan, National Intelligence Avril Haines, Mike Johnson, I’ve, , ’ ” Johnson, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, , ” Biden, Mike Turner, Mike Rogers, Mike McCaul, Samuel Corum, Donald Trump, Trump, Mike Quigley, CNN Max, “ He’s, Putin, outlast, , Sen, Lindsey Graham, Michael McCaul, ” Said, Kostiantyn, don’t, Volodymyr Zelensky, Gitanas Nauseda, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Ints Kalnins, ” Zelenskyy, ” Trump, Alexi J . Rosenfeld, frontloading Organizations: CNN, Ukraine, White, Pentagon, Defense, National Intelligence, White House, NATO, Republicans, Getty, Kyiv, ” Democratic, Administration, Trump, Republican, Biden, Ukrainian National Guard, Army Tactical Missile Systems, Reuters, Russian Central Bank Locations: Ukraine, Russia, Afghanistan, Kyiv, Europe, Ukrainian, Kreminna, Donetsk Oblast, Moscow, Iran, North Korea, Crimea, Sevastopol, Melitopol, Vilnius, Lithuania, New York City, West
download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Read previewI recently learned that Mark Cuban, the billionaire and former owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team, bought an entire "ghost town'" called Mustang for about $2 million in 2021. Mustang is about an hour away from the part of Dallas where I live. But until now, I had never come across it — and it appears that almost nobody in my circles had either. Cuban bought Mustang from principal owner Marty Price, a Dallas attorney and devoted Mavericks season ticket holder, according to NBC News, who spoke with Mike Turner, a real-estate agent who brokered the deal.
Persons: , Mark Cuban, Forbes, Marty Price, Mike Turner, Price, Turner Organizations: Service, Dallas Mavericks, Business, Mavericks, NBC News, New York Times, Google Locations: Dallas
Cheney writes most members knew “it was a farce” and “another public display of fealty to Donald Trump.”“Among them was Republican Congressman Mark Green of Tennessee,” Cheney writes. “Leader McConnell, who had made a career out of savvy political calculation and behind-the-scenes maneuvering, got this one wrong,” Cheney writes. In the book, Cheney also condemns right-wing media for amplifying the disinformation coming from Trump and his allies. “Several months later, I heard the show had been in the final stages of production when it was shut down,” Cheney writes. Cheney writes that Pelosi’s team “pulled together a list of the 10 worst things I had ever said about her.
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At the beginning of this year, she started hearing an eerie hum that got louder at night. Virginia has had explosive growth in data centers since the early 2000s, when Loudoun County started allowing data centers to be built. Loudoun County residents say the noise started this past winter and gets louder at night when it's cooler. In Loudoun County, residents said they could hear the data center even with their windows closed. Unlike previous data centers, the new ones use so-called free air cooling , designed to leverage lower temperatures to use less electricity than most data centers.
Persons: Stephanie Brookes, Brookes, Les Blomberg, he's, Mike Turner, Ted Lewis, Turner, Eric Lee, Jeff Mach, Mach, Katy Hancock, Hancock, Chris Crosby, Blomberg, it's, Lewis, Arline Bronzaft, Wire Blomberg Organizations: Business, Compass, Pollution, The Washington Post, county's, Supervisors, Loudoun County's, Public, Lehman College Locations: Loudoun County , Virginia, Virginia, Loudoun County, Leesburg, New York, Ashburn, Loudoun, Loudoun County's
The Israeli Cabinet has discussed the idea and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Biden in a call Sunday an extension would be welcome, his office said in a statement. In the short term, Israel and Hamas both appear to have strong reasons to continue the truce. Why the Gaza pause may eventually unravelAn extended pause in the fighting would play into humanitarian aims, but time may be short before the strategic goals of Israel or Hamas shift. In another sign that differences over the package could lead to further delays, Sen. Chris Murphy said he’d be open to conditioning Israeli aid on the protection of Palestinian civilians. And Israeli President Isaac Herzog told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in an interview Sunday that he supported the idea for an “international coalition” to monitor Gaza after Hamas had been eradicated in the war.
Persons: Joe Biden, Benjamin Netanyahu, Biden, Netanyahu, Jason J, Eaton, , Israel, , Ben Hodges, Israel’s, Jake Sullivan, , ” Sullivan, Abigail Edan, she’d, , Chris Christie, CNN’s Dana, Christie, Chuck Schumer, Donald Trump, Mike Turner, NBC’s “, Sen, Chris Murphy, he’d, Isaac Herzog, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Organizations: CNN, Qatar –, Israel, Burlington Police Department, Police, Hamas, Biden, Democratic Party, Younger, GOP, New, Democratic, House Republicans, Internal Revenue Service, Pro, Donald Trump Republicans, Senate Republicans, House, Ohio Republican, Connecticut Democrat, Union Locations: Gaza, Israel, Washington, Nantucket , Massachusetts, Qatar, Vermont, “ State, American, Michigan, New Jersey, Ukraine, Connecticut, United States
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