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Marjorie Taylor Greene seems even thirstier for attention than usual. Days later Ms. Greene dialed up the lunacy, claiming knowledge of a deep state plot to assassinate Donald Trump. “The Biden DOJ and FBI were planning to assassinate Pres Trump and gave the green light. Ms. Greene was just running wild with new details about the government’s 2022 efforts to recover the piles of documents Mr. Trump hoarded at Mar-a-Lago and spinning out a bonkers conspiracy theory. For weeks this spring, her threats against Mr. Johnson had reporters swarming all over her like flies on … honey.
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Citing photographs and interviews with neighbors, the Times reports that the “Appeal to Heaven” flag was seen on display at his property last summer. It’s the second revelation in as many weeks about a controversial display outside Alito’s property. Like the inverted US flag, the Appeal to Heaven flag – also known as the Pine Tree flag – was seen during the attack on the Capitol. House Speaker Mike Johnson faced blowback for displaying the same flag outside his office last year before assuming the leadership post. An "Appeal to Heaven" flag is seen outside Speaker Mike Johnson's personal office in the Cannon House Office Buiding on Wednesday, May 22.
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Nikki Haley plans to vote for Donald Trump, she said Wednesday in her first public remarks since exiting the Republican presidential primary more than two months ago. Earlier this year, Haley and Trump were engaged in what had become a bitter primary feud. Yet even in her absence, she’s been winning votes in one Republican primary after another. And I made that pitch to President Trump and also to Nikki Haley.”Norman said that while Haley has not expressed interest in joining Trump’s ticket, he believes she would be interested. As other former Republican contenders have fallen in line behind Trump, Haley has intentionally kept her distance – not hostile, but also not hungry for his adulation.
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CNN —US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said he wants to work with Congress on legislation to penalize the International Criminal Court after it applied for arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. The court’s chief prosecutor Karim Khan also issued warrants for senior Hamas officials, including its leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar. The Biden administration came out forcefully against Khan on Monday for his decision to apply for the warrants against top Israel officials on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Meanwhile, the Biden administration has faced questions about its condemnation of the ICC’s actions while saying it continues to support the court’s investigation into Russian war crimes during its invasion of Ukraine. The Trump administration previously sanctioned ICC officials by executive order in 2020 over its investigation of possible war crimes by US military and intelligence officials in Afghanistan, sanctions that the Biden administration lifted the next year.
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If approved by a panel of judges, the arrest warrants would be issued for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. The decision to seek arrest warrants doesn’t immediately mean the individual is guilty, but is the first stage in a process that could lead to a lengthy trial. The ICC has so far issued arrest warrants against 42 people, 21 of whom have been detained with the help of member states. Signatory states are obliged to apprehend those facing arrest warrants, but leaders have often sought to evade those warrants, restricting their freedom of movement. Video Ad Feedback ICC chief details charges he is seeking against Hamas and Israeli leaders 02:04 - Source: CNNDoes the ICC have jurisdiction over Israeli nationals?
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Defense lawyers say they expect to complete their bruising cross-examination of Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer and enforcer, on Monday morning. In dramatic testimony, Cohen last week directly implicated Trump in the alleged scheme, saying the former president directed him to hand over $130,000 to Daniels and promised him reimbursement. With the end of Cohen’s testimony looming, there is uncertainty over the extent of Trump’s defense case. Blanche referred to the possibility of Trump’s testimony on Thursday, the last day the court was in session. After the defense case wraps up, the prosecution has a chance to put on its own rebuttal.
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The prosecution team is also seeking warrants for Israel’s Defense Minister, Yoav Gallant, along with top Hamas leaders, Khan said. Khan, the ICC prosecutor, batted down criticisms over the tribunal’s efforts to secure the warrants. News that the ICC is seeking warrants for the Israeli leaders sent reverberations of condemnation across the world. Close US allies like Britain said the court’s efforts were “not helpful” in reaching a pause in fighting. Biden administration officials also questioned whether the ICC had the jurisdiction to seek those arrests.
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A New Centrism Is Rising in Washington
  + stars: | 2024-05-19 | by ( David Leonhardt | )   time to read: +1 min
The Republican Party has moved to the right by many measures, and the Democratic Party has moved to the left. One consequence of this polarization, politicians and pundits often say, is gridlock in Washington. These years have been arguably the most productive period of Washington bipartisanship in decades. After the bill’s passage, far-right House Republicans tried to oust Speaker Mike Johnson because he did not block it — and House Democrats voted to save Johnson’s job. Last week, the House advanced another bipartisan bill, on disaster relief, using a rare procedural technique to get around party-line votes.
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The success of the tactic underscores how tenuous a hold Republicans have on the House given their minuscule majority, and how divisions within the G.O.P. have fueled the emergence of a bipartisan coalition determined to get things done amid the dysfunction. In this case, Democrats and Republicans are attempting an end run around Speaker Mike Johnson to force a vote on legislation that would provide tax relief to victims of disasters around the country. The effort succeeded through a combination of backing from conservative Republicans from states hit hard by disasters and Democrats once again flexing their muscle in the narrowly divided House. It is just the latest example of how, during the chaotic congressional session, the House has deviated from the traditional procedural norms.
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It’s just the latest sign that the pilgrimage to Trump’s criminal trial in New York has become a new litmus test for Trump loyalty inside the GOP ahead of November. Then, the GOP members joined Trump in his motorcade – including the Republican candidate challenging GOP Rep. Bob Good, who has tried to cozy up to Trump after initially endorsing Florida Gov. President, we’ve got your back,” GOP Rep. Andy Ogles said outside the courthouse. Gaetz along with Boebert and GOP Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, who were all in New York on Thursday, missed the vote. GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene sparked outrage when she went after Democratic Rep. Jasmine Crockett’s appearance and Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s intelligence, with the committee meeting devolving into a heated sparring match.
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CNN —Donald Trump’s former fixer Michael Cohen goes back on the stand Thursday braced for another bruising day of cross-examination that is shaping up as the most crucial chapter in the first criminal trial of a former president. A suddenly compressed political calendarEvery criminal trial is a grave process since a defendant’s reputation and even liberty is on the line. The Supreme Court is expected to deliver its decision on Trump’s sweeping claims of immunity from prosecution. That would almost certainly delay Trump’s trial in his federal election interference case until after the election, meaning he wouldn’t be brought to account for the worst attack on democracy in modern times before a subsequent election. In that case, the hush money trial may be the only one held before the election.
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Mr. Trump faces 34 felony counts of falsifying business records to hide the reimbursement of Mr. Cohen. Mr. Trump, 77, has denied the charges and says he did not have sex with Ms. Daniels. Mr. Blanche grilled Mr. Cohen about social media posts. Their defense of Mr. Trump follows a gag order that bars him from attacking jurors and witnesses like Mr. Cohen. Mr. Trump has already been cited for 10 violations so far and threatened with jail if he continues.
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But while the former president has been uncharacteristically restrained recently, a cast of Republican lawmakers and Trump surrogates have traveled to court to rail about the proceedings. It's raised questions about whether the "surrogates" could be violating Trump's gag order. Sen. Tommy Tuberville of Alabama, who has been floated as a potential VP pick, told Newsmax one reason he attended was to "overcome this gag order." Under the gag order, Trump is not allowed to comment about Cohen. But Neama Rahmani, a former federal prosecutor, told BI that "practically speaking," Judge Merchan can do little to stop lawmakers from speaking on Trump's behalf.
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Have you all noticed the Republican stars and wannabes showing up at Donald Trump’s trial? For its part, Team Trump may just be happy to have some respectable, unindicted players on Mr. Trump’s side. OK, Mr. Paxton doesn’t strictly meet those criteria, but you get my point. And of the many sordid ways Mr. Trump sets himself apart, his crew of henchmen is a doozy. Michael Cohen deserves top billing with his juicy court appearances this week, as Mr. Trump’s former fixer shared the nitty-gritty of how to keep your boss’s alleged extramarital encounters from blowing up a presidential campaign.
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Blanche took Cohen through a long list of the insults he’s unleashed at Trump since becoming estranged from his former mentor, highlighting his penchant for serial lying. He drew jurors’ attention to a social media post in which Cohen wore a T-shirt that depicted Trump in jail, as he spun a narrative of bias and obsession. A key legal conundrum is whether prosecutors have so far succeeded in validating the legal theory behind the case. That foreboding realization was exacerbated by a new posse of Trump supporters at the courthouse on Tuesday, including House Speaker Mike Johnson. While Cohen’s reluctance to offer yes-and-no answers came across at times as flippant and confrontational, he did not appear to say or do anything to torpedo the prosecution case.
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As a key witness testified inside the Manhattan criminal courthouse on Tuesday morning, an increasingly familiar scene unfolded outside, as another in a parade of well-known visitors — this time Mike Johnson, the speaker of the House — stepped up to a microphone. “This is a man who is clearly on a mission for personal revenge,” Mr. Johnson said, attacking the man on the stand, Michael D. Cohen, the former fixer to Donald J. Trump. “He is someone who has a history of perjury. In recent days, Trump allies have stepped up one after another as his proxies, although Mr. Trump used a different term. “I do have a lot of surrogates,” he said in remarks before trial proceedings began on Tuesday, “and they are speaking very beautifully.”
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CNN —House Speaker Mike Johnson is not waiting for ex-President Donald Trump to be judged by a jury of his peers. Vance, a possible VP contender, was there along with Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville, a famed former college football coach. The speaker’s appearance is different, given the constitutional heft of his office and the figurative connotations it evokes. Some experts have questioned whether any other defendant besides Trump would face the same indictment at the hands of a prosecutor, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, a Democrat. Trump is exercising his right to mount a defense and is considered innocent until proven guilty.
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“Sounds like something I would say,” responded Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer and fixer. The question set the tone for the cross-examination of the Manhattan district attorney’s key witness in the hush money trial against the former president. For roughly two hours, Blanche began a cross-examination to try to discredit Cohen’s allegations against Trump. Blanche then asked whether Cohen called Trump a “Cheeto-dusted cartoon villain.”“That also sounds like something that I said,” Cohen said. “You were telling the truth, correct?” Blanche asked in regards to the compliments Cohen gave Trump.
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AdvertisementDonald Trump sits next to his attorneys Todd Blanche and Emil Bove during the former president's criminal hush-money trial in Manhattan. Eric Trump listens as his father, Donald Trump, speaks to the media in the courtroom hallway during the former president's criminal hush-money trial. Vance listens as Donald Trump speaks to the media in the Manhattan courthouse where his hush-money trial is taking place. AdvertisementFormer President Donald Trump speaks alongside his wife, former first lady Melania Trump, during a rare joint appearance as they arrived to vote in Florida's primary election. "There was no crime," Donald Trump railed Tuesday as he spoke to reporters in the courtroom hallway.
Persons: , Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Michael Cohen —, Vivek Ramaswamy, Mike Johnson, Doug Burgum, Byron Donalds, Cory Mills, Donald Trump's, Eric Trump, Lara Trump, Todd Blanche, Emil Bove, Craig Ruttle, Trump, Johnson, Cohen, Justin Lane, Susan Hoffinger, Ohio Sen, J.D, Vance, Nicole Malliotakis, Alabama Sen, Tommy Tuberville, Brenna Bird, Steve Marshall, Mark Peterson, Michael Cohen, Florida Sen, Rick Scott, Ken Paxton, Katie Phang, Jeanine Pirro, Andrew Guiliani, Rudy Giuliani, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell, CNN's Anderson Cooper, Giorgio Viera, reimbursing Cohen, Stormy Daniels, Daniels, I've Organizations: Service, Trump, Business, GOP, Mike Johnson , North Dakota Gov, Florida Rep, cochair, Republican, Vance , New York, Alabama, Conservative, Fox News, Getty, Prosecutors, Manhattan, Attorney's Locations: York, Manhattan, Mike Johnson ,, Florida, Cory Mills of Florida, Washington, Donalds, Ohio, Vance ,, Alabama, Iowa, Texas, Tahoe
Vance, another potential vice presidential pick, and Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville joined Trump in the courtroom on Monday. Both Vance and Tuberville spoke to reporters outside of the courthouse and attacked Cohen, trying to undermine his credibility during his first day of testimony. Florida Sen. Rick Scott joined Trump in court last week, and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton made the trip the week before. In the weeks ahead, more of Trump’s allies are expected to join Trump in court, according to a Trump campaign official. Trump has pleaded not guilty to the 34 felony criminal charges of falsifying business records in the New York case.
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Trump will be joined at his criminal trial by House Speaker Mike Johnson, and several other Republican politicians, NBC reported. On Monday, Trump's former lawyer and fixer told jurors that Trump had complained, "This is a disaster!" Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump and Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA) hold a press conference at Mr. Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate on April 12, 2024, in Palm Beach, Florida. Joe Raedle | Getty ImagesCohen testified that Trump told him to, "Just do it," to keep Daniels quiet. "Fantastic," Trump said after being told that effort had succeeded, keeping another woman quiet about claims that could harm his 2016 campaign, Cohen testified.
Persons: Michael Cohen, Susan Hoffinger, Donald Trump's, Stormy Daniels, Jane Rosenberg, Donald Trump, Trump, Mike Johnson, Trump's, Cohen, Joe Raedle, Daniels, Allen Weisselberg, Weisselberg, Karen McDougal, reimbursements Organizations: NBC, Trump, Daniels, Mr, Getty, Trump Organization, National Enquirer Locations: Manhattan, New York City, U.S, Louisiana, Lago, Palm Beach , Florida
AdvertisementFormer President Donald Trump is entering the final stretch in his vice presidential selection process. So with that in mind, here's Business Insider's initial vice presidential power rankings. He's a former presidential candidate himself, a fact many recent vice presidential nominees share (though Trump ignored that in 2016). Entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy: Ramaswamy staked out the most pro-Trump territory of any GOP presidential hopeful. Having never held elected office, the Roivant Sciences founder would have one of the least conventional resumes of any recent major party vice presidential nominee.
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Another Time Trump Was Stuck in Court
  + stars: | 2024-05-10 | by ( Jess Bidgood | )   time to read: +1 min
Today we’re covering a different trip Trump took to court — and we’ll meet an unlikely surrogate for the Biden administration’s Gaza outreach. Donald Trump was running for president and leading in the polls. And he had a nagging legal problem that had landed him in court. I speak, of course, of Trump’s 2015 summons for jury duty. Not long after he clashed with Megyn Kelly on a debate stage — and made a crude comment about her in the aftermath — Trump showed up at State Supreme Court in Lower Manhattan on Aug. 17, 2015.
Persons: You’ve, Daniels, Mike Johnson, Trump, we’ll, Donald Trump, Megyn Kelly, — Trump, summonses, hadn’t, Rebecca Davis O’Brien Organizations: Biden, State Supreme Court Locations: Gaza, New York, Lower Manhattan
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailFormer Sen. Toomey on Biden's Rafah threat, efforts to oust House Speaker Johnson & 2024 electionFormer U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) joins 'Squawk Box' to discuss President Biden's Rafah threat to Israel, why he believes the threat is a misguided foreign policy decision, GOP-led efforts to oust House Speaker Mike Johnson, state of the 2024 election, and more.
Persons: Former Sen, Toomey, Johnson, U.S . Sen, Pat Toomey, Biden's, Mike Johnson Organizations: Former, U.S ., GOP Locations: Biden's Rafah, Israel
Israel has already gone into Rafah, but Biden characterized their current level of involvement as short of his red line. I’m old enough to remember when Democrats impeached another President for supposedly withholding foreign aid that had been approved by Congress. The Government Accountability Office, a nonpartisan watchdog, formally concluded that the Trump administration broke the law in withholding congressionally approved aid to Ukraine. Biden relied on a bipartisan coalition to pass a $95 billion foreign aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. That said, while Biden will need bipartisan support to keep the government funded in September, he likely will not ask for more Ukraine aid anytime soon
Persons: , Joe Biden, Sen, Tom Cotton, Trump, it's, Biden, Benjamin Netanyahu, Cotton, Trump's, Joe, Li, e ach the, ena, tod, lea, Tim, Joh Organizations: Service, Arkansas Republican, Democrats, Business, Hamas, Congress, Israel, kr, unm, acc Locations: Israel, Arkansas, Ukraine, Rafah, Gaza's, goa, pau
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