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In photo at right, Rob Breakiron with his daughter, Isabelle, at a performance of Taylor Swift's Eras tour. He often wears Swift's merchandise or friendship bracelets from her ongoing Eras tour on team calls. He's seen updates on Swift's music and personal life as something employees from across generations jump in to discuss on a team messaging forum. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted photos of his face bejeweled and wrists covered in friendship bracelets, which have become a hallmark accessory of Swift's tour. Despite that, she said, Swift's music has been a "universal language" that's helped her connect with everyone from the fathers of fans to women who see themselves in the singer.
Persons: Megh McLaughlin, Rob Breakiron, Isabelle, Taylor, Isabelle Breakiron, Taylor Swift, Swift, he's, Angela Hall, Andrew Boyagi, Boyagi, He's, Johan Cruyff, Jeff Bezos, Ray Dalio, Mark Zuckerberg, Susan St, Ledger, that's, McLaughlin, Amani Albertsen, Wise, Albertsen, Sharif Karmally, Karmally, Beyoncé, Raeah Smith, Smith, hasn't, Matt Lindner, Lindner, Organizations: KPMG, Angela Hall of Michigan State University's School of Human Resources, Labor Relations, Society for Human Resource Management, Getty, Amazon, Disney, Michigan State's Hall, CNBC, Poets Department, Data Department Locations: Virginia, Australia, Cincinnati , Ohio, Amsterdam, Netherlands, St, HashiCorp, Florida, U.S, Atlanta, Texas, Minneapolis, Chicago
In the voluntary market, customers buy renewable energy in amounts that exceed states' minimum requirements from utility companies. Customers in these programs — also known as utility green power programs — pay their utility a "small premium" to get electricity from renewable sources, according to the U.S. Energy Department. Green power marketing programs Consumers in some states can also opt into "green power marketing programs." watch nowGreen energy programs instead rely on "renewable energy certificates," or RECs. It's a way to provide extra funding to a renewable energy project, typically sold by a broker or marketer rather than a utility, Sumner said.
Persons: Mark Felix, Jordan Vonderhaar, Jenny Sumner, It's, Joe Raedle, Loren Elliott, , Sumner, Valerie Macon, Joydeep Mitra, Mitra Organizations: Afp, Getty, U.S . Energy Information Administration, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Environmental Protection Agency, Roadrunner, Bloomberg, U.S . Department of Energy, Getty Images, U.S . Energy Department, Yale University's, EPA, Michigan State University Locations: Dawson , Texas, U.S, McCamey , Texas, Solano County , California, California , Connecticut, Delaware , Illinois, Maine , Maryland , Massachusetts, Michigan , New Hampshire , New Jersey , New York , Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island , Texas, Virginia, California, Imperial , California
CNN —A man acquitted last year on charges linked to a 2020 plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is now looking to unseat an incumbent county sheriff. Eric Molitor has filed to run in the Republican primary this August against Trent Taylor, the sheriff of deep-red Wexford County in Northern Michigan. Taylor told CNN he believes he’s constitutionally obligated to enforce the state’s laws and that it would be “reckless” not to do so, as Molitor has said he would. Molitor told CNN his experience opened his eyes to flaws in the justice system.
Persons: Gretchen Whitmer, Eric Molitor, Trent Taylor, , Taylor, , Molitor, Whitmer, he’s, ” Taylor, ” Molitor, we’ve, Dan Pfannes, Pfannes, MAGA, Donald Trump’s “, Trump, Michele Lundgren, Dana Nessel, ’ ”, CNN’s Lauren del Valle, Veronica Stracqualursi, Josh Campbell, Michelle Watson Organizations: CNN, Michigan, Republican, Democrat, Michigan State University, Northern, Capitol, Michigan House, Democrats, The Michigan Sheriffs ’ Association, Michigan Democratic Party, MAGA Republican, Michigan Republicans won’t, Republican Party Locations: Wexford County, Northern Michigan, Cadillac , Michigan, Michigan, Wexford
AdvertisementSo who is Larry Page and how did he get to where he is today? AdvertisementPage and Sergey Brin create GoogleGoogle co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page met as students at Stanford. Google's parent company, Alphabet, has developed self-driving cars through Waymo, the company formerly known as the Google Self-Driving Car project. Page's personal lifeGoogle cofounder Larry Page and his wife, the scientist Lucinda Southworth C Flanigan/FilmMagicThroughout it all, Page has kept information about his personal life closely guarded. Life after GoogleGoogle cofounder Larry Page bought Cayo Norte, an island in Puerto Rico.
Persons: , Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Page, Sundar Pichai, Gloria, Carl Page —, Larry, what's, Nikola Tesla, he's, Brin's, BackRub, Brin, Eric Schmidt, Schmidt, Andy Rubin's, he'd, Andrew Kelly, Sergey, Lucinda Southworth C, Lucinda Southworth, Richard Branson, Page's, Carl Victor Page, Carl Page, He's, Hugh Langley Organizations: Service, Google, Business, Michigan State University . Education, Getty, Michigan State University, The, Montessori, Google Google, Stanford, Associated Press, University of Michigan, Labs, Reuters Page, Virgin Group, Investments, Carl Victor Page Memorial Foundation, Zee Aero, Pacific, Virgin Island, Atomic Locations: Michigan, Waymo, Toronto, Stanford, Caribbean, Palo Alto, Cayo Norte, Puerto Rico, Koop, Tavarua, Fiji
Read previewThe prominence of school vouchers continues to surge across the country — but they might not benefit the families who need them the most. Over the past few years, states like Ohio and Arkansas have expanded their school voucher programs to allow most or all parents to receive funding to send their kids to private schools. The modern school voucher movement started to grow in the 1990s under the idea that the government would give parents a certain amount of money to put toward private school tuition. A new report from the Brookings Institution delved further into the implications of Arizona's voucher program. AdvertisementHave you received a school voucher or decided not to participate in your state's program?
Persons: , Josh Cowen, Cowen, they've, Katie Hobbs, Rebecca Noble, Doug Ducey, Ducey, Hobbs Organizations: Service, Business, Michigan State University, Brookings Institution, Brookings, ESA, Catholic, Republican, Democratic, Arizona Locations: Ohio, Arkansas, Arizona, Brookings, Phoenix, Queen, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama
Upgraded Museums Add New Value to College Campuses
  + stars: | 2024-04-27 | by ( Alina Tugend | )   time to read: +1 min
Michigan State University and Yale University are very different types of higher education institutions, but they have at least one thing in common: They have been spending millions of dollars to revamp their museums. So have New York University. And Utah State University. There is no exact number of how many college museums are being renovated or even how many exist nationwide. the majority are art museums but include history, natural history, science and anthropology.
Organizations: Michigan State University, Yale University, York University, Princeton, Penn State, Utah State University, The, Academic Museums Locations: Penn, United States
New York CNN —The Anti-Defamation League has graded 85 American universities for their policies to protect Jewish students from antisemitism on campus. The ADL said antisemitic incidents on campus have reached historic levels, leaving Jewish students feeling unsafe. The dozen schools that received failing grades from the ADL include Harvard, MIT, Stanford, University of Chicago, Princeton, University of Virginia, Tufts, Michigan State University, University of Massachusetts Amherst, SUNY Purchase, SUNY Rockland, and Swarthmore. Harvard remains under federal investigation for potential Title VI violations, and several Jewish students have sued Harvard for failing to protect them from antisemitism. “Like all students, Jewish students deserve to feel safe and supported on campus.”Hamas’ October 7, 2023, attack on Israel left 1,200 dead, and hundreds of Israelis were taken hostage.
Persons: , I’m, Jonathan Greenblatt, Israel, Claudine Gay, Gay, Rabbi David Wolpe, Alan Garber, Raffaella Sadun, Derek Penslar, Larry Summers, Sadun, University of Pennsylvania –, Brandeis, Justice Louis Brandeis, Greenblatt Organizations: New, New York CNN, Defamation, Harvard, ADL, , Civil, Education Department, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University and Stanford, MIT, Stanford, University of Chicago, University of Virginia, Tufts , Michigan State University , University of Massachusetts, SUNY, Swarthmore . Harvard, Harvard Faculty, Staff, Justice, Harvard Undergraduate Palestine Solidarity Committee, American Resistance Organization, Education, Harvard’s Divinity School, Harvard Business School, Columbia, Rutgers, Brandeis, Elon, Students for Justice, Foundation, Combat, Elon University Locations: New York, United States, Israel, Princeton, Tufts ,, Tufts , Michigan State University , University of Massachusetts Amherst, SUNY Rockland, Palestine, , Gaza
Sage VanAlstine, 25, moved from a small US city to Paris after graduating from college in 2022. I studied abroad in France, then knew I wanted to move permanentlyI'm from Okemos, Michigan — it's a small town right outside the capitol, which is Lansing. Then I went to Michigan State University, which is in East Lansing, the town right next to Okemos. For me to be living in an apartment in a small town in Michigan and then pay a similar amount living in Paris — my dream city? AdvertisementBut Paris is a pretty international city, so things that I thought I might miss, I've actually found here.
Persons: Sage VanAlstine, She's, , I've, France —, VanAlstine, it'll, I'm Organizations: Service, Michigan State University, Paris, Eiffel Locations: Paris, America, Okemos , Michigan, Lansing, France, French, Okemos, East Lansing, Tours, Loire, , New York, Michigan, American
The appointment would make Walden the first female CEO of the Walt Disney Co. in its 100-year history. "Anybody they choose will have never been the Disney CEO prior to that." At Disney, Walden has hit several home runs, including FX's "The Bear," Hulu's "The Dropout" and "Only Murderers in the Building," and ABC's "Abbott Elementary." Former Disney CEO Bob Chapek CNBCChapek climbed the corporate ladder at Disney for 30 years by showcasing his business and finance chops. Combating female stereotypesIf Walden were appointed CEO, she would be the first woman to run the century-old company.
Persons: Dana Walden, Disney Entertainment Rich Polk, Peter Chernin, Rupert, Walden, Bob Iger, he'd, Fox, Chernin, Peter Roth, Roth, Peter Chernin Getty, Josh D'Amaro, Jimmy Pitaro, Alan Bergman, Nelson, Peltz, Iger, Bob Chapek, Walden's, Bergman, she's, hasn't, , Walden —, Dana doesn't, Jennifer Salke, Jennifer Salke Stephen Desaulniers, CNBC Walden, Richard Plepler, Craig Hunegs, Carol Burnett's, Carrie Hamilton, George Burns, Dean Martin, roasts, Martin, Buddy Hackett, Matt Walden, Bender, Goldman, she'd, Arsenio, Lucie Sulhany, Dana Walden Jason Laveris, Gary Newman, Newman, It's, Dana, Ryan Murphy, John Landgraf, Jan, Seth MacFarlane, Guy, Tuck, MacFarlane, Murphy, Steve Levitan, Dan Fogelman, Rick Rosen, Rosen, Howard Gordon, Levitan, Peter Rice, Rice, wasn't, Chapek, Rich Appel, Gary, it's, Percy Jackson, didn't, Bob Chapek CNBC Chapek, showrunners, Scarlett Johansson, Kristina Schake, Jay Sures, Sures, Amazon's Salke, Greta Gerwig, Gloria, Murphy's, Miss Jones, There's, Steve Levitan Peter, Hopper, Critics, She's, Salke, WME's Rosen Organizations: Disney Entertainment, Getty, Century Fox Filmed Entertainment, Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, Walt Disney Co, Century Fox, Fox, Century Fox Television, Warner Bros, Disney, ESPN, Entertainment, CNBC, Trian Partners, Iger, Amazon Studios, HBO, Disney TV Studios, Hollywood, Westlake School for Girls, Harvard, Westlake School, The Friars Club, University of Southern, Paramount, Paramount Domestic Television, Filmmagic, Fox Broadcasting, Walden, CBS, FX Networks, Bob Chapek CNBC, Indiana University, Michigan State University, United Talent Agency, Hulu Locations: Santa Barbara , California, Walden, Brentwood , California, She's, Disney's, Studio City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, University of Southern California, Chapek, Hollywood, Walden's, Iger, America
CNN —A glowing worm moon will light up the sky on Monday with a celestial performance in store for people venturing out in the early morning hours — a penumbral lunar eclipse. The moon looks slightly darker during a 2023 penumbral lunar eclipse in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. It’s not going to be a super dramatic change in what we see in the moon,” Schmoll said. The penumbral eclipse comes about two weeks before a total solar eclipse that will cross Mexico, the United States and Canada on April 8. While a penumbral eclipse is not as dramatic as a total lunar eclipse with the moon appearing an eerie red, there is no special equipment required to view a lunar eclipse such as the viewing glasses needed for a solar eclipse, Schmoll said, allowing for lunar eclipses to be viewed with the naked eye.
Persons: Mahyuddin, Dr, Shannon Schmoll, “ It’ll, It’s, ” Schmoll, you’re, Schmoll, • Lyrids, Alpha Capricornids, Perseids, Draconids, Orionids, Leonids, Geminids, Ursids Organizations: CNN, Farmers, Getty, Michigan State University, NASA, American Meteor Society, Alpha Locations: Banda Aceh, Indonesia, AFP, Europe, North, East Asia, Australia, Africa, North America, South America, Mexico, United States, Canada, Asia
Before Thursday night, if you were not familiar with Oakland University, you were not alone. Tournament, were asking if “that Oakland was in California” or the Michigan suburb of Rochester. “If people didn’t know who the Oakland University Golden Grizzlies were before last night, they surely know now,” Mr. Hendley said. For all but perhaps close followers of the university, a brief introduction may be in order: It was created in 1957 through a donation to establish a satellite location for Michigan State University. At first, the campus was known as Michigan State University-Oakland, but in 1970, Oakland became an independent university.
Persons: John Hendley, Melissa, Mr, Hendley Organizations: Oakland University, Oakland, reveled, Oakland University Golden Grizzlies, Michigan State University, Michigan State University - Oakland Locations: Detroit, California, Michigan, Rochester, Florida, Oakland
Some DINKs are using their higher net worth to retire early, travel, and afford luxury items. But there's an even darker side to DINKs: The slice that forgoes kids not by choice but out of necessity. It's difficult to parse out the exact number of Americans who might want kids but can't have them. We know that the childfree group — people who don't want kids — might be about 20% of the US adult population. It's contributing to a whole population of DINKs who can't afford to shed the moniker.
Persons: DINK, , you've, Gen Zers, it's, Kimberly Palmer, Kathryn Edwards, Larry Bienz, he's, Bienz, civically, let's, Amelia, Kevin, They've, We're, Amelia's, Roe, Wade, Zachary Neal, Neal, Jennifer Neal, Priscilla Davies, she's, Davies, They're Organizations: Service, Harris, RAND Corporation, American Society for Reproductive, US Children's Bureau, Michigan State Locations: NerdWallet, DINKs, Chicago, Michigan
Cinnamon-flavored applesauce pouches sold in grocery and dollar stores last year poisoned hundreds of American children with extremely high doses of lead, leaving anxious parents to watch for signs of brain damage, developmental delays and seizures. The Food and Drug Administration, citing Ecuadorean investigators, said a spice grinder was likely responsible for the contamination and said the quick recall of three million applesauce pouches protected the food supply. Children in 44 states ate the tainted applesauce, some of which contained lead at extraordinarily high levels. and a food-safety law that gives companies, at home and abroad, wide latitude on what toxins to look for and whether to test. “Largely, the food supply regulatory system is based on an honor system.”
Persons: , Neal Fortin Organizations: Drug Administration, The New York Times, Institute for Food Laws, Michigan State University,
Mat Ishbia, majority owner of the NBA's Phoenix Suns, talks to the media during his introductory press conference at the Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona, on Feb. 8, 2023. Phoenix Suns owner Mat Ishbia is forming a new sports, entertainment and real estate investment group as a single unifying place for his investments. The new investment or holding company will be called the Player 15 Group, the company announced Wednesday. It will house the National Basketball Association's Phoenix Suns, the Women's National Basketball Association's Phoenix Mercury and the newly acquired G-League team for the Suns. The group follows similar one-stop shop investment groups such as Fenway Sports Group, Harris Blitzer Group and The Kraft Group.
Persons: Mat Ishbia, Ishbia, Harris Organizations: Phoenix Suns, Footprint, Basketball, Phoenix Mercury, League, Suns, NBA, CNBC, Footprint Center, Phoenix, Mercury, Fenway Sports Group, Harris Blitzer Group, The Kraft Group, United Wholesale Mortgage, Forbes, Michigan State University Locations: Phoenix , Arizona, Phoenix
“The total number of Conrad Mainwaring victims remains unknown,” said Timothy Shugrue, the district attorney in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. For decades, the victims’ abuse was a closely guarded secret. I must be defective in some way or ways,’” Waxman told Mainwaring. “We would talk about school and sports and whatever teenage boys want to talk about,” Kriesberg told CNN. “Mainwaring told Joseph that this procedure was necessary so he could properly understand Joseph’s sex drive and provide proper counseling.
Persons: Conrad Mainwaring, Mainwaring, , Timothy Shugrue, , Greylock –, ” Shugrue, Camp Greylock, , Michael Waxman, ” Waxman, , Waxman, he’s, He’s, I’m, ’ ” Waxman, ” Mainwaring, , Greylock, That’s, Joe Kriesberg, ” Kriesberg, Kriesberg, “ Mainwaring, Joseph, massaging Kriesberg, masturbate Joseph, Mainwaring ”, Kat Thomas, ” Thomas, Mainwaring doesn’t, , Larry Nassar’s, Thomas ’, Stewart, Finaldi Organizations: CNN, Berkshire County –, ESPN, Attorney’s, Syracuse University, Nottingham High School, Nottingham, Syracuse City School District, Syracuse University campus, High, USA Gymnastics, Michigan State University, New, Manly Locations: Massachusetts, New York, Berkshire County , Massachusetts, Caribbean, Antigua, Barbuda, Montreal, Berkshire County, Berkshire, Nottingham, Syracuse
KENNEBUNK, Maine (AP) — As long as they still have each other, they're still going to go to every Super Bowl. That's the sentiment shared by three friends who say they are the final fans who can claim membership in the exclusive “never missed a Super Bowl” club. They're part of an ever-dwindling group of people who have attended every Super Bowl that has also included media members, football executives, groundskeepers and others. Norma Hunt, wife of late football pioneer Lamar Hunt, was the sole woman to attend every Super Bowl until she died in June. Crisman's home is adorned with Super Bowl ephemera, right down to a collectible hat commemorating the first Bud Bowl, a promotion about beer that ran during Super Bowl 23 in 1989.
Persons: they're, Don Crisman of, Gregory Eaton of, Tom Henschel, Eaton, Crisman, ” Eaton, , Henschel, groundskeepers, Norma Hunt, Lamar Hunt, ” Crisman, , David Tyree's, Scott Norwood's, Herb Adderley, Joe Namath, Susan Metevier, Don, ” Henschel Organizations: Super, brunch, Detroit Lions, Lions, Henschel, AFL, Bud, Michigan State University, Green Bay Packers, New York Jets, Verizon, Pittsburgh Steelers, Crisman, New England Patriots, Patriots, Steelers Locations: KENNEBUNK, Maine, Don Crisman of Maine, Gregory Eaton of Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, Las Vegas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Vegas, Miami
A Gallup poll from October found 50% of Americans believe capital punishment is applied unfairly, compared to 47% who believe it is fairly implemented, Maher said. Nearly 200 death row exonerations since 1975, including three in 2023, also have helped changed people's minds about the fairness of the death penalty, Maher said. In recent years, various individuals across the country, including conservative legislators, have raised concerns about the death penalty or debated its future, Grosso said. One allows the death penalty in child rape convictions, despite a U.S. Supreme Court ruling banning capital punishment in such cases. Texas, the nation’s busiest capital punishment state, has not been immune to the ongoing debate over the death penalty.
Persons: , Eric Berger, Alabama —, Robin M, Maher, ” Maher, Catherine Grosso, George Floyd, Grosso, Berger, Ron DeSantis, ” DeSantis, Corinna, Jeff Leach, , ” Leach, ” Berger, ___, Juan, Lozano Organizations: HOUSTON, University of Nebraska, Washington, D.C, Gallup, Michigan State University’s College of Law, Florida Gov, U.S, Supreme, University of Richmond School of Law, GOP, Texas, Texas Senate Locations: U.S, Lincoln, Oklahoma, — Texas, Florida , Missouri , Oklahoma, Alabama, United States, Florida , Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Idaho, Virginia
It was a tragic character.”For years, Guard Dog sat in the unmowed grass of a neighborhood lawn or howled at the moon, alone and philosophical. I know it was tough on the readers and it was tough on Guard Dog,” he said. “You know, whenever I drew him in my sketchbooks or if I did a talk, I always drew Guard Dog free. Her mother responds: “But what about those who devote their lives helping animals like Guard Dog?" “I can’t wait to draw a happy Guard Dog,” he said.
Persons: , Patrick McDonnell, ” McDonnell, , , ” There's, Sid, McDonnell, mutt, Mutts, It’ll, ___ Mark Kennedy Organizations: Associated Press, Guard, District of Columbia, Michigan State University College of Law, Humane Society of, The Fund, Animals Locations: man's, , United States
If you're getting a live Christmas tree, there are a few things you can do to keep it fresh. Two Christmas tree experts gave some tips on keeping a real tree in good shape through the holidays. Choosing a healthy tree, doing a fresh cut, and giving it lots of water will all help it last. AdvertisementOnce you've picked out the perfect Christmas tree , there are three things to remember when it comes to making it last through the holidays: fresh tree, fresh cut, fresh water. Doing a fresh cut on your Christmas tree will help it soak up water.
Persons: , you've, That's, Bert Cregg, Cregg, Fraser, Noble, Oliver Berg, Justin G, Whitehill, Jerry Holt Organizations: Service, of Horticulture, Michigan State University, Getty, North Carolina State University, Star Tribune
Some aspects of choosing a live Christmas tree, like shape, color, and aroma, are subjective. Two Christmas tree experts explain how to choose between the many types of fir, pine, and spruce. Unlike fir and spruce trees, pine tree needles are clustered in groups instead of individually attached to the branch. The National Christmas Tree Association has a map for finding farms and other retailers that sell live Christmas trees. AdvertisementWhich Christmas tree has the best aroma?
Persons: , there's, Fraser, Douglas, Noble, There's, Justin G, Whitehill, Bert Cregg, It's, Cregg, Chris Keane Whitehill, it's, Frasers, he's, Jason Reed Douglas, Mel Melcon, Jerry Holt, Bert, they'll, Alex Wong, Andrew Matthews, Tim Leedy, Paul J, Richards, Robert Nemeti, Jens Kalaene, you'll, Cesar L, Laure Organizations: Service, US Department of Agriculture, North Carolina State University, of Horticulture, Michigan State University, Northwest, REUTERS, White, Los Angeles Times, Getty, Star Tribune, MediaNews, Anadolu Agency, Call, Tribune Locations: Oregon, North Carolina, Michigan, Nobles , North Carolina, Douglas, Frasers, Fraser, Pacific Northwest, Europe, Canaan, Allentown
For an example of how climate change is increasingly becoming a flashpoint in the culture wars, Germany is a good place to start. Meanwhile, Spain’s far-right Vox party vowed to defend the country against “the new climate religion.”But to understand why climate change and the culture wars have become so enmeshed globally, experts say the United States probably holds the key. It’s effective, it does scare people.”The origins of the climate culture war in the US lie in the early 1990s, when a new push for global climate action collided with big geopolitical change, McCright said. Lightning rod for right wing mediaConservative media has played an outsized role in fueling culture war narratives, according to experts. Fox has “been laying the groundwork necessary for positioning climate policies as a culture war issue for a long time,” she said.
Persons: , stoked, , Miranda Schreurs, Anger, Green, Kristin Brinker, Jörg, Stephan Lewandowsky, Rishi Sunak, , ” Sunak, Vox, Ron DeSantis, ” DeSantis, Aaron McCright, McCright, ” McCright, , Brandon Bell, Lewandowsky, “ you’d, ” Alec Tyson, Alexandria Ocasio, Cortez, Sen, Ed Markey, Allison Fisher, Fisher, Fox, didn’t, Ed Matthew, Matthew said, Jennie King, ” King, Germany —, Matthew of E3G, ” Schreurs, “ it’s Organizations: CNN, Green Party, Technical University of Munich, University of Bristol, British, Justice, Florida Gov, Republican, Michigan State University, Oil, Republicans, Pew Research, Pew, Conservative, Massachusetts, Green, Deal, Fox, Media, Institute for Strategic Locations: Germany, Charlottenburg, Berlin, Europe, United States, West Texas, Florida, American, Kyoto, Soviet Union, Federal, Midland , Texas, Alexandria, Cortez of New York
Fourteen months between a deadly high school shooting and another at MSU. Ossege was severely wounded during the Nov. 30, 2021, attack on Oxford High School, about 40 miles (60 kilometers) north of Detroit. On the day of the Oxford shooting, a bullet traveled through Ossege’s clavicle and ribs and exited her back, causing a concussion of the spinal cord that left her briefly paralyzed. An Oakland County sheriff’s deputy who befriended Ossege during the Oxford shooting drove to MSU, picked her up and took her home. When Ossege is home from school, she makes the 30-minute drive north from Oxford to Mayfield Township, where Blaze is boarded.
Persons: Kylie Ossege, Blaze, ” Ossege, , , Ossege, Hana St, Juliana, Justin Shilling, Madisyn Baldwin, Tate, Ethan Crumbley, Marita, Uber, Daniel Sciubba, Sciubba, ” Sciubba, “ I’m, “ He’s, Robert Bumsted Organizations: Oxford High School, Michigan State University, MSU, Oxford, Oxford Elementary School, East, Northwell Health, Lenox Hill, Oakland County sheriff’s Locations: MAYFIELD, Mich, Michigan, Detroit, Pontiac, Oxford, East Lansing, New York City, U.S, Oakland County, Mayfield Township, New York
Despite the dry, smoky summer, there isn't a Christmas tree shortage, two experts said. While it caused air traffic delays and air-quality issues, it didn't affect this year's crop of Christmas trees, two experts told Business Insider. Past and future tree shortages"There's quite a bit of talk — again, internet and media and so forth — about a Christmas tree shortage," Cregg said. A report in 2014 blamed less demand during the 2008 and 2009 recession for fewer Christmas trees. Fraser firs are one of the most popular species of Christmas trees in the US and face challenges due to climate change.
Persons: Justin G, Whitehill, Bert Cregg, he's, Steve Reiners, , Cregg, That's, Fraser, Chris Keane, Greg Hann, you've Organizations: Service, North Carolina State University, of Horticulture, Michigan State University, Cornell University, Association, YouTube, Tree Producers Association, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Locations: Michigan, Wisconsin
But next semester, he and his fearless students are shaking things up by turning their attention to Taylor Swift. Sean Kammer wanted his legal writing course to draw on music and art to help his students reconsider legal language and craft persuasive arguments. Political Cartoons View All 1240 ImagesCourses on Swift, Rick Ross and Succession supplement traditional law school courses with fun and accessible experiences that professors say they often didn’t have themselves. “It was never my experience that I walked out of a law school classroom excited about what I had learned,” Ivory said. Bella Andrade, a junior at Arizona State University, looks forward to her class on the psychology of Taylor Swift every week.
Persons: Taylor Swift, Sean Kammer, ” Swifties, Swift, Rick Ross, Moraima, Mo ” Ivory, , , ” Ivory, could’ve, Luke Padia, I’m, Steve Sadow, ” Frances Acevedo, she's, Ross, Kinitra Brooks, Brooks, Bella Andrade, Andrade, Cathy Hwang, Hwang, it’s, ” Hwang, Sharon Johnson Organizations: DES, University of South Dakota Knudson School, Law, Georgia State University College of Law, Michigan State University, Brooks, Arizona State University, University of Virginia, Press Locations: DES MOINES, Iowa, Dakota, Ross, Lawrence , Kansas, Pembroke Pines , Florida, Minneapolis, Atlanta
The theory, called the giant-impact hypothesis, explains many fundamental features of the moon and Earth. And many scientists assumed any debris Theia left behind on Earth was blended in the fiery cauldron of our planet’s interior. They were already aware that there are two massive, distinct blobs that are embedded deep within the Earth. That’s when he learned new details about Theia, the mysterious projectile that presumably struck Earth billions of years ago. And, as a trained geophysicist, he knew of those mysterious blobs hidden in Earth’s mantle.
Persons: Qian Yuan, Yuan, ” Yuan, Hernán, , Steve Desch, it’s, wouldn’t, Desch, , Dr, Seth Jacobson, , Jacobson, Theia, ” Jacobson Organizations: CNN —, California Institute of Technology, Arizona State University, Arizona State’s School of Earth, Exploration, Arizona State, Caltech, NASA’s Ames Research Center, Michigan State University Locations: Africa, Arizona, Shanghai
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