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Now, she told me, blue-collar work is an oasis in the fake-email-job desert, with a newfound social cachet. In a survey conducted in late 2021, 67% of blue-collar workers said they believed the pandemic changed how people viewed their jobs, and 75% of white-collar workers agreed. AdvertisementNow, the economy is adding blue-collar jobs at a rapid clip. There is a tendency — particularly among white-collar workers — to look at blue-collar work through rose-colored glasses, to romanticize the hard work and skills it requires. The labor market hasn't completely reversed course; blue-collar jobs may be booming, but a bachelor's degree is still often a prerequisite for roles with high pay and numerous benefits.
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Of the banks under Wells Fargo's coverage, Discover was the first to trim its online savings account rate for this rate cycle, according to analyst Michael Kaye. It's a marked turn from when online banks jockeyed for customers' deposits as the Fed began raising rates in March 2022. Too good to last See below for a table of online banks and the APY they're offering on savings accounts. The catch with savings accounts is that banks can opt to tweak their yields at any time. Investors hoping to play a lower rate environment with exchange-traded funds may want to consider buying intermediate-term bond funds .
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Online banks, which have offered some of the richest annual percentage yields on savings products, are slashing the interest they pay. Though the 1-year Treasury bill is yielding about 4.78%, select institutions will offer upward of 5% to hold your cash in a 1-year CD. "We believe banks are repositioning their CD rates ahead of potential Fed rate cuts in 2024," said analyst Michael Kaye in a report on Friday. See below for a table of where online banks now stand on 1-year CD rates. Wells Fargo scanned the online banks under its coverage and found the average APY for a 1-year CD was 0.64% in March 2022.
Persons: Wells Fargo, Michael Kaye, Mark Haefele, Cash Organizations: Treasury, Federal Reserve, CME Group, Synchrony, UBS Locations: Wells
NASA's OSIRIS-REx has been traveling for seven years to get an asteroid sample to Earth. Check out its 3.86 billion-mile journey from launch to asteroid sample landing in the photos below. NASA/Keegan BarberAfter collecting the largest asteroid sample ever brought to Earth, OSIRIS began its long journey home. AdvertisementAdvertisementSample retrievalRecovery team members gather around a capsule containing Bennu asteroid samples as part of NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission. Analyzing the sampleLockheed Martin recovery specialists Levi Hanish and Michael Kaye take the lid off NASA's OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample.
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This bank will now pay 5% yield on your savings
  + stars: | 2023-08-14 | by ( Darla Mercado | Cfp | )   time to read: +1 min
A new bank has joined the 5% club, handing savings account depositors a hefty yield on their idle cash. Bread Financial is the latest bank to offer 5% annual percentage yield to its savings account clients, hiking its rate 10 basis points. Bread's move to boost its yield makes it the first online bank under Wells Fargo's coverage to reach 5%, said analyst Michael Kaye. Marcus by Goldman Sachs also recently raised its online savings account rate 15 basis points, now offering a yield of 4.3% on savings accounts. "We still expect online bank rates will continue climbing even after the Fed stops raising its rates," wrote Vincent Caintic, analyst at Stephens.
Persons: Michael Kaye, Marcus, Goldman Sachs, Vincent Caintic, Stephens, Michael Bloom Organizations: Federal Reserve, Popular, CIT Bank, Fed Locations: Wells, 2H23
This bank just hiked the rate on its 1-year CD to 5.5%
  + stars: | 2023-08-07 | by ( Darla Mercado | Cfp | )   time to read: +2 min
"We expect more rate action in the weeks ahead," wrote Michael Kaye, analyst at Wells Fargo in a Friday report on deposit trends. Marcus and Synchrony each hiked yields by 5 basis points to 4.4% and 4.35%, respectively. However, customers who've already snapped up a CD are effectively locked into that rate for that stated term. That's different from a high-yield savings account, wherein the bank can change the rate at any time. "Even though the market doesn't expect any more rate hikes this cycle, we expect deposit costs to keep rising until the Fed cuts rates," she said.
Persons: Sallie Mae, Marcus, Goldman Sachs, Michael Kaye, Synchrony, Morgan Stanley, Betsy Graseck, — CNBC's Michael Bloom Organizations: Federal Reserve, Synchrony, Analysts, Wells, Fed
Since the central bank embarked on its rate-hiking campaign in March 2022, yields on fixed income instruments, ranging from Treasurys to money market funds and bank deposit products, have become more attractive. Some strategists have suggested income-focused investors begin locking in higher rates so they can keep earning good yields once the central bank shifts gears. Capital One recently pushed up the annual percentage yield on its 2-year CD 5 basis points to 4.35%. As a result, a handful of institutions now offer yields of 5% or close to it for 2-year CDs. See below for a table of 2-year CDs.
Persons: Michael Kaye, Ally Financial, — CNBC's Michael Bloom Organizations: Federal Reserve, Financial, Delta Community Credit Union Locations: Wells
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