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Dell shares fall despite growing AI server business
  + stars: | 2024-05-30 | by ( Kif Leswing | )   time to read: +2 min
Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies, is speaking at the Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona, Spain, on February 27, 2024. Dell reported first-quarter earnings on Thursday that beat analyst estimates for earnings and sales, as the company has emerged as one of the top vendors for AI servers. When the company reported earnings in February, it reported earnings per share that were significantly higher than expectations. Dell reported $955 million in net income during the quarter, or $1.32 per diluted share, versus $578 million, or 79 cents, in the year-ago period. Dell's division including data center sales, called Infrastructure Solutions Group, saw sales rise 22% on an annual basis to $9.2 billion.
Persons: Michael Dell, Dell, FactSet, Jensen Huang Organizations: Dell Technologies, Mobile, Infrastructure Solutions, Dell, Nvidia, Solutions Locations: Barcelona, Spain
Jensen Huang is leading the pack with a $50 billion wealth gain so far this year. Steven Ferdman/Getty ImagesYTD wealth gain: $17.7 billionTotal net worth: $148 billionSource of wealth: Microsoft stock, which is up 14% year-to-date. Jeff BezosAdvertisementReutersYTD wealth gain: $26.6 billionTotal net worth: $203 billionSource of wealth: Amazon stock, which is up 19% year-to-date. Jeff Bottari/Getty ImagesYTD wealth gain: $42.0 billionTotal net worth: $170 billionSource of wealth: Meta Platforms stock, which has surged 35% year-to-date. Vincent Thian/APYTD wealth gain: $49.6 billionTotal net worth: $93.6 billionSource of wealth: Nvidia stock, which has soared 123% year-to-date.
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AI PCs: We've been talking for months about how the launch of new AI PCs from the likes of HP and Dell and a specialized generative AI keyboard button from Microsoft will start a new PC refresh cycle later this year. We're now seeing a ton of news about AI PCs from Microsoft and Dell. In an interview, Michael Dell told Bloomberg News that AI PCs will be delivered "in volume" this year and will be "pretty standard" by 2025. THE ABOVE INVESTING CLUB INFORMATION IS SUBJECT TO OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND PRIVACY POLICY , TOGETHER WITH OUR DISCLAIMER . NO FIDUCIARY OBLIGATION OR DUTY EXISTS, OR IS CREATED, BY VIRTUE OF YOUR RECEIPT OF ANY INFORMATION PROVIDED IN CONNECTION WITH THE INVESTING CLUB.
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"They can't do any more to Boeing," Cramer said. When you go after a person, that's jail time, and that's how you fix things, unfortunately. Wells Fargo raised its price target on Toll Brothers to $150 per share from $142 ahead of next week's earnings. "It is the key to the market," Cramer said, before pointing to a Dell stock chart and circling the day of Nvidia 's GTC conference. Cramer added, "You've got to go to Dell, and that's been off to the races ever since then."
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Dell is seeing accelerating momentum, especially in winning business to build AI servers, unlocking a new bull case for the stock, Morgan Stanley analyst Erik Woodring wrote in a note on Wednesday. "All-in, we are hearing about more AI server momentum at Dell than at any other OEM," Woodring wrote, saying that he expected about $10 billion of AI server revenue in the company's fiscal 2025 — ending next February. Most AI servers are built around Nvidia's chips which have become prized in the technology industry because they are used to build and deploy advanced AI models from companies like Google , OpenAI and Meta . Dell sells servers using the newest Nvidia AI chips, including its H100 GPU and the latest Blackwell-generation chips. But the PC industry is on course to grow again and is outperforming lowered expectations, Woodring wrote, which will benefit Dell.
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Dell started monitoring attendance on May 6 and will make the data visible on each hybrid employee's profile on HR platform Workday this week. Dell's memo states: "As the next step in implementing our Hybrid Work Policy, we will track onsite presence using badge swipes for hybrid-designated team members." The color by their name will be considered for performance evaluations, rewards, and compensation, Dell told employees. Staff who opted to remain remote during the company's overhaul of its hybrid work policy, which was first announced in February, will not be monitored. AdvertisementDell's HQ in Round Rock Texas, where staff attendance will be monitored.
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Austin has been my home for more than 60 years — minus the time spent following around my military husband. Austin just isn't what it used to beMy family and I moved to Austin in 1963. The University of Texas students really kept the city young and on its toes. AdvertisementIt costs so much to afford homes in Austin nowAfter moving to South Carolina for the military, my husband and I moved back to Austin in 1998. AdvertisementThere are things I am going to miss about Austin, like the cheap gas, and the HEB grocery market.
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Read previewThe release of Forbes' annual rundown of the world's billionaires has underlined a glaring omission from the Bloomberg Billionaires Index: Michael Bloomberg himself. Forbes ranked the 82-year-old Bloomberg LP founder in 12th place with an estimated $106 billion fortune as of March 8. Based on Forbes' wealth estimate, Bloomberg would be in joint 12th position with Michael Dell (also $106 billion) as of Thursday. Related storiesThe Bloomberg Index's methodology explains why the boss is missing: "Bloomberg News editorial policy is to not cover Bloomberg LP. As a result, Michael Bloomberg, the founder and majority owner of Bloomberg LP, isn't considered for this ranking."
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Cadre Holdings CEO Warren Kanders sold $50.3 million worth of stock. Ares Management CEO Michael Arougheti sold $32.7 million worth of stock. Cadence Design Systems CEO Anirudh Devgan sold $14.7 million worth of stock. AppLovin CFO Herald Chen sold about $9.5 million worth of stock. Cleanspark CEO Zachary Bradford sold nearly $9 million worth of stock.
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That's what Nvidia needed semiconductor design firm Synopsys to do to make this next generation of chips. Right now, Nvidia has had not one, but two different breakthroughs: Accelerated computing at a ridiculously fast speed and generative artificial intelligence. I think Jensen regards Dell as a crucial partner when it comes to installing Nvidia's systems anywhere. Do I think Nvidia would like to do more business with Apple? I think Nvidia would like to do more business with everyone, including alleged opponent Intel .
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Welcome to Nvidia's super chip era
  + stars: | 2024-03-19 | by ( Hasan Chowdhury | )   time to read: +5 min
Jensen Huang declared the start of the "super-chip" era on Monday. The Nvidia CEO ushered in a new phase for his sector by unveiling a new breed of chips to power AI. And promises to power AI models on the trillion-parameter scale instead of the multi-billion-parameter scale of models like Meta's Llama 2. — Pedro Domingos (@pmddomingos) March 18, 2024It indicates just how much more buzz Nvidia hopes to generate in its "super-chip" era. Huang is clear though that the "super-chip" era is here.
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AdvertisementUnder the new policy, staff were told that from May almost all will be classified as either "hybrid," or "remote." Dell told BI in a statement that "in-person connections paired with a flexible approach are critical to drive innovation and value differentiation." The Dell worker lives about a 45-minute drive from the nearest office and works 10-hour shifts four days a week. AdvertisementAnother Dell worker told BI: "I would support that if I actually had team members that were local and would actually go on-site. Period," the senior Dell worker agreed.
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Corporate executives at major companies have sold stock in their own companies in March as the stock market hits new record highs. Zuckerberg's moves appear to be part of a 10b5-1 stock sale plan adopted last summer. An even larger stock sale came from Michael Dell, the CEO and namesake of Dell Technologies . The tech founder has filed a Form 144 to sell 7 million shares, so more transactions could be coming, according to VerityData. Dell shares have soared more than 50% this year on optimism the AI boom will lead to a replenishment of servers and PCs.
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The Dells contributed nearly $976 million to their charitable funds, which distribute gifts to a wide array of charities. Together, the 50 donors on the list contributed a total of $11.9 billion to charity in 2023. Only 23 of the richest Americans on the Forbes 400 list donated enough to appear on the Philanthropy rankings. 13 on the list, they contributed $210 million to the Institute for Protein Innovation, which shares its data with scientists for free. _____Maria Di Mento is a senior reporter and Jim Rendon is a senior writer at the Chronicle of Philanthropy, where you can read the full article.
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Dell is having its best day since founder Michael Dell brought the company back to the stock market in 2018. Shares of the PC and server manufacturer surged 30% on Friday to $121.88, after the company posted fiscal fourth-quarter results that beat estimates. For the latest quarter, Dell reported revenue of $22.32 billion, down 11% from the year-ago quarter but eclipsing the $22.16 billion analysts were expecting, according to LSEG, formerly known as Refinitiv. "The strength of AI server orders, backlog, pipeline, and expanding CSP/enterprise customer base show DELL's AI story is early days and gaining momentum," they wrote. Wells Fargo, citing Dell's AI strength and dividend increase, hiked its price target to $140 and maintained an overweight rating, while Citi increased its target price to $125 and reiterated a buy rating.
Persons: Dell, Michael Dell, It's, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, — CNBC's Michael Bloom, Ashley Capoot Organizations: Dell, Citi
By Anirban Sen(Reuters) - Merchant bank BDT & MSD Partners, the owner of Alliance Laundry Systems, is exploring a sale of the U.S. laundry equipment manufacturer that could value it at nearly $5 billion, including debt, according to people familiar with the matter. BDT & MSD Partners, Alliance Laundry, and Morgan Stanley declined to comment. It supplies laundry systems to U.S. military facilities, laundromat chains, hotels, long-term healthcare facilities and clinics, restaurants, fire stations, residential apartments, and other businesses across sectors. In 2015, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan sold its majority stake in Ripon, Wisconsin-based Alliance Laundry to BDT Capital Partners, prior to its merger with MSD Partners. BDT & MSD Partners is run by former Goldman Sachs alumni Trott and Gregg Lemkau.
Persons: Anirban Sen, Morgan Stanley, Michael, Byron, Primus, Goldman Sachs, Trott, Gregg Lemkau, Silver, Armour, Shari Redstone, Chizu Nomiyama Organizations: Reuters, Merchant, MSD Partners, Alliance Laundry Systems, Alliance, Laundry, BDT Capital Partners Locations: Ontario, Ripon , Wisconsin, New York
Musk appeared to give Tesla's board an ultimatum on Monday, saying he wants 25% voting control at Tesla or he'll stop growing AI development at the electric-car maker. One way of getting that would be via a dual-class stock structure. This isn't uncommon and could mean Musk wouldn't necessarily get more shares but that the ones he held would deliver more voting power. The company's dual-class stock structure provides Zuckerberg and select executive managers and directors with them. "Zuckerberg probably wouldn't have gone public without a dual-class structure," White said.
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Zelensky and Trump loom over DavosTwo people are having an outsize impact at the World Economic Forum, and one of them isn’t even there. One is Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s president, who put on a full-court press of business and global leaders at the forum in Davos, Switzerland. Zelensky isn’t the only leader at Davos worried about Trump. The Ukrainian leader has sought to shore up global business support. And the annual wine tasting hosted by Anthony Scaramucci, the financier and former Trump official, well, ran out of wine.
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'Boomerang' CEOs of major companies
  + stars: | 2023-11-22 | by ( )   time to read: +2 min
Nov 22 (Reuters) - Sam Altman reached an agreement with OpenAI to return as CEO on Wednesday, after a tumultuous few days following his ouster by the company's board. He joins a list of big name "boomerang" chief executives who have made comebacks at a later date. DELL (DELL.N) - MICHAEL DELLMichael Dell founded Dell Inc in 1980s and held the position of CEO until 2004, when he stepped down to serve as chairman. He returned as CEO in 2007 and led the company through the merger with EMC, which resulted in the emergence of Dell Technologies. He returned as CEO in 2023 amid challenges related to UBS's takeover of peer Credit Suisse.
Persons: Sam Altman, OpenAI, Steve Jobs, John Sculley, DELL, MICHAEL DELL Michael Dell, ROBERT IGER Robert Iger, HOWARD SCHULTZ Howard Schultz, JACK DORSEY Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Dorsey, SERGIO ERMOTTI Sergio Ermotti, Ralph Hamers, Boleslaw Lasocki, Victor Goury, Milla Nissi, Jane Merriman Organizations: Apple, Dell Inc, EMC, Dell Technologies . DISNEY, NBA, TWITTER, Twitter, UBS, Suisse, Thomson Locations: U.S, Swiss, Laffont, Gdansk
A career trend to bet on
  + stars: | 2023-11-17 | by ( Dan Defrancesco | )   time to read: +8 min
In today's big story, we're looking at why the creator economy is big business and potentially the future of the entertainment industry. The big storyInfluential influencersPete Ryan for Business InsiderLike it or not, the "creator economy" is here to stay. Goldman Sachs analysts estimated the creator economy was a $250 billion industry and could nearly double to $480 billion by 2027. The story is part of Business Insider's "5 Trends to Bet Your Career On" series. Business Insider's Lucia Moses and Alison Brower have a full breakdown of the recent cuts.
Persons: , who've, Pete Ryan, Goldman Sachs, Amanda Perelli, Amanda, Alix Earle, Arantza Pena Popo, Business Insider's Lucia Moses, Alison Brower, that's, Michael Dell, Carl Icahn, Dell, BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI Biden, Xi, Dolly Parton, RuPaul, Rachel McAdams, Danny DeVito, Martin Scorsese, VCs, Dan DeFrancesco, Naga Siu, Hallam Bullock, Lisa Ryan Organizations: Service, Business, TikTok, YouTube, Diego Donamaria, CNBC, Tech, Icahn Enterprises, Whirlpool, Walmart, Target, Today Locations: Diego, New York City, San Diego, London, New York
Watch CNBC's full interview with Dell CEO Michael Dell
  + stars: | 2023-10-06 | by ( )   time to read: 1 min
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailWatch CNBC's full interview with Dell CEO Michael DellMichael Dell, Dell Technologies chairman and CEO, joins 'Squawk Box' to discuss the state of the company, after the computing giant announced an expansion of its stock buyback plan and a boost to its profit outlook, the impact of A.I. on business across the spectrum, growth outlook, and more.
Persons: Michael Dell Michael Dell Organizations: Dell, Dell Technologies
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailMichael Dell: A.I. is about how we augment human capability & make all of humanity more successfulMichael Dell, Dell Technologies chairman and CEO, joins 'Squawk Box' to discuss the state of the company, after the computing giant announced an expansion of its stock buyback plan and a boost to its profit outlook, the impact of A.I. on business across the spectrum, growth outlook, and more.
Persons: Michael Dell Organizations: Dell Technologies
Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos have topped a list of billionaires who saw the biggest wealth increases in 2023. Get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in business, from Wall Street to Silicon Valley — delivered daily. Musk saw the steepest jump in net worth with a $99 billion increase to $236 billion, cementing his position as the world's richest person. 2 on the list of wealth gainers, with a $61.9 billion increase in his riches to $108 billion. Nvidia CEO Huang's wealth surged by $22.2 billion in 2023 as the chipmaker's stock rocketed 187%, outperforming every other stock in the S&P 500 index.
Persons: Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Nvidia's Jensen Huang, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Musk, Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison, Steve Ballmer, Michael Dell, Amancio Ortega, Ortega Organizations: Bloomberg, Google, Service, Meta, Nvidia Locations: Wall, Silicon
Dell shares surged 21.3% on Friday, their best day since the company returned to the public market in 2018. The rally followed a better-than-expected earnings report, driven by a big revenue beat. It's on pace for its biggest gain and highest close since the company relisted its stock five years ago. In addition to its rosy earnings report for the latest quarter, Dell increased its forecast for the year. Morgan Stanley sees Dell benefiting from booming demand for AI servers as more companies focus their spending on that corner of the hardware market.
Persons: Dell, Michael Dell, Morgan Stanley, DELL, Dell's Organizations: Dell, Apple, CNBC, YouTube, Dell Technologies
Major League Baseball was the first to open its coffers to private-investment funds in 2019; a slew of other leagues followed, including the National Basketball Association, Major League Soccer and the National Hockey League. A big participant in that is Sixth Street Partners, a $74 billion behemoth, known historically for its direct lending and growth prowess, and has been making big inroads in the sports world in recent years, with several billion dollars' worth of investments. The firm recently co-founded Bay FC, part of the National Women's Soccer League, alongside several retired players, as well as Sheryl Sandberg. Sixth Street also made investments in FC Barcelona's LaLiga TV broadcasting rights and a majority investment in Legends, a sports and entertainment experiences company. In June 2021, Sixth Street led a strategic investment with Michael Dell in the San Antonio Spurs basketball team.
Persons: Carlyle, David Rubenstein, Sheryl Sandberg, Michael Dell, Alan Waxman, what's, it's, Waxman Organizations: Alpha, CNBC, Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, Major League Soccer, National Hockey League, Sixth Street Partners, Bay FC, National Women's Soccer League, Sixth, FC Barcelona's LaLiga, San Antonio Spurs basketball, Spanish soccer, Real Madrid Locations: U.S, Spanish
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