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Chipotle renamed its barbacoa filling because customers didn't know what it was. It has now been renamed "braised beef barbacoa," its CEO said. AdvertisementChipotle's CEO said it had to rename its barbacoa burrito filling because diners weren't sure what it was. "Many of our guests did not know that barbacoa was braised beef," CEO Brian Niccol told analysts at the company's first-quarter earnings call on Monday. The item, which is labeled on its US menu as "beef barbacoa" and in its ads as "braised beef barbacoa," is available as a filling for burritos, burrito bowls, salad bowls, tacos, and quesadillas.
Persons: Chipotle, Barbacoa, , barbacoa, Brian Niccol Organizations: Service, Business Locations: Mexico
Nessel, a Democrat, charged 16 fake Republican electors from Michigan last summer. Shock answered “yes” when the lawyer asked about Trump, Meadows, Giuliani and Ellis. Trump, Giuliani, Meadows and Ellis aren’t facing charges in Michigan. Investigators in December interviewed pro-Trump lawyer Kenneth Chesebro, who played a leading role in the fake electors plot. State prosecutors in Michigan, Georgia and Nevada have now charged at least some of the fake electors in their states.
Persons: Donald Trump, general’s, Rudy Giuliani, Mark Meadows, Jenna Ellis, Dana Nessel, Howard Shock, Shock, Ellis, Trump, Meadows, Ellis aren’t, Giuliani, Ted Goodman, Kenneth Chesebro Organizations: CNN, Trump, Trump White House, Michigan, Giuliani, Prosecutors Locations: Michigan, Lansing, Meadows, Giuliani, Ellis, Michigan , Georgia, Nevada, Arizona and Wisconsin, New Mexico, Pennsylvania
Both are adding glamping resorts to their booking channels, where their members can earn and redeem points. Interest in high-end camping has remained strong since its boom during the COVID-19 pandemic. No word yet on whether it will include the high-end hotel brand's 12 other luxury camping resorts. But the addition of these glamping resorts to its booking channels isn't Hyatt's first venture into glamping. Alongside the Caribbean property's existing traditional hotel, Hyatt plans to deploy modular tiny-home-sized hotel room units directly on the beach.
Persons: , Getaway's, AutoCamp, Airstream, Brittany Chang, Hilton, Jason Brannan, It's, Hilton hasn't, they'll, Smith's, Hyatt, Smith, Dunton , Colorado —, KOA Organizations: Hilton, Hyatt, Service, Business Locations: America, Sri Lanka's Yala, Dunton , Colorado, Sri Lanka, glamping, California, Punta Mita, Mexico
Nvidia has been a cash cow for retail investors lucky enough to buy before the huge AI-fueled rally. Early retail investors told Business Insider their gains have paid for cars, vacations, and dream homes. The stock's steep climb — up over 1,500% since 2019 — has transformed the lives of some of Nvidia's long-term retail investors, resulting in comfier retirements, new cars, and gains worth millions for some. Nvidia shares tumbled by more than 30% in 2018. That sense of security that such a windfall provides was the top theme among the Nvidia investors Business Insider connected with.
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The Sinking Arizona Town Where Water and Politics Collide
  + stars: | 2024-04-23 | by ( Jack Healy | )   time to read: +1 min
In Arizona’s deeply conservative La Paz County, the most urgent issue facing many voters is not inflation or illegal immigration. It is the water being pumped from under their feet. Water experts say the pumping is sinking poor rural towns. The ground in parts of La Paz County has dropped more than five feet during three decades of farming. Now, he works at a water and ice business in Salome, population 700, selling five-gallon jugs.
Persons: Pipes, Wells, What’s, , Luis Zavala Organizations: Capitol, Democrats Locations: Paz County, Phoenix, La Paz County, Mexico, Salome
New York CNN —Columbia University student organizers were given a midnight deadline Tuesday to resolve talks with the university over dismantling the pro-Palestinian encampment that has cast its campus into days of turmoil and unease, the school’s president said. Though the outcome of the negotiations is still unclear, Columbia President Minouche Shafik said the university would consider “alternative options” if no agreement was reached by midnight. As of 12:10 a.m., the NYPD had not been asked by Columbia University to respond to the campus, a police spokesperson told CNN. Harvard University has closed Harvard Yard and officials at the university suspended a pro-Palestinian student organization for allegedly violating school policies. The encampment at Columbia University was lively early this week, with many students congregating in circles, eating and talking.
Persons: Minouche Shafik, Shafik, ” Shafik, Joe Biden, Mike Johnson, Barnard, Lisa Rosenbury, , Eric Adams, Cameron Jones, , Jacob Schmeltz, it’s, , Biden, Andrew Bates, Bates, Hakeem Jeffries, It’s, ” CNN’s Kate Sullivan, John Towfighi, Melanie Zanona, Taylor Romine, Omar Jimenez, Sara Smart, Matt Egan, Nic F, Anderson, Isabel Rosales Organizations: New, New York CNN — Columbia University, Columbia, New York Police Department, NYPD, Columbia University, CNN, Barnard College, New York University, NYU, Yale University, University of New, University of Minnesota’s, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Emerson College, University of California, University of Michigan . Harvard University, Harvard, Columbia Columbia, New York City, Democratic Locations: New York, Columbia, United States, New Haven , Connecticut, Gaza, University of New Mexico, University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities, Berkeley, Israel
They initially mulled over relocating to four potential destinations – Ghana, Sweden, Mexico, and of course, Costa Rica. There’s something energetic about being in Costa Rica.”‘Serendipitous’ move"There’s something energetic about being in Costa Rica," says Ward-Hopper. The community really looked out for each other.”New additionTheir son Nicolai was born in Costa Rica in 2020. “So for us it is more affordable, it’s getting more expensive as more people move to Costa Rica. “I guess we’re more nomadic than stationary, but Costa Rica feels like home.”
Persons: Kema, Hopper, Nicholas Hopper, Aaralyn, , , I’d, Hurricane Harvey, Houston, Ward, they’d, we’ve, Nicolai, ” “, it’s, she’s, “ I’m, Costa, Costa Rica Organizations: CNN, Central American, CNN Travel, Loma Locations: Costa Rica, Houston , Texas, Houston, Ghana, Sweden, Mexico, “ Costa Rica, – Costa Rica, , Pueblo Nuevo, California, Sardinia, Okinawa, Nicoya, Costa Rican, Latin America, Colombia, Brazil, Costa
The IRA splits $8.8 billion in total rebate funding between two programs: the Home Efficiency Rebates program and the Home Electrification and Appliance Rebates program. The Home Electrification and Appliance Rebates program The Home Electrification and Appliance Rebates program pays consumers a maximum amount of money for buying specific technologies and services, Saul Rinaldi said. Home Efficiency Rebates program Conversely, the Home Efficiency Rebates program is technology-neutral, Saul Rinaldi said. Larger rebates flow to those who cut more energy, Saul Rinaldi said. In this way, the Home Efficiency Rebate's value can technically exceed that of the Home Electrification and Appliance Rebates program, Zelmar said.
Persons: Zelmar, Jan, Biden, Kara Saul Rinaldi, Saul Rinaldi Organizations: Energy Department, AnnDyl, U.S . Department of Housing, Urban Locations: Arizona , California , Colorado , Georgia, Hawaii , Indiana , Minnesota , New Hampshire , New Mexico , Oregon, Washington, Georgia, Oregon , Indiana, New Mexico
CNN —Mexican authorities have detained the brother of the drug kingpin known as “el Mencho,” a federal source with knowledge of the case told CNN Monday. His brother, Nemesio Oseguera-Cervantes, is the leader of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador confirmed the arrest early Monday and said the government would provide more information later in the day. “El Mencho” is wanted by US authorities, who have offered a reward of up to $10 million for information on his whereabouts. In the past, the Mexican government has labelled the Jalisco New Generation Cartel as one of the most dangerous cartels in the country.
Persons: el, Abraham Oseguera –, “ Don Rondo ” –, Nemesio Oseguera, Cervantes, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Oseguera, El Organizations: CNN, General’s, Jalisco New, Cartel, US Locations: , Michoacán, Jalisco
A judge on Monday declared a mistrial in the case of an Arizona rancher who was accused of murdering an unarmed migrant on his property after he crossed the U.S.-Mexico border last year, in a case that inflamed people on both sides of the national debate over immigration. The mistrial was declared after jurors were unable to reach a unanimous verdict during deliberations that began on Thursday. The judge scheduled a hearing for April 29, according to the Arizona Superior Court in Santa Cruz County. Calls on Monday evening to prosecutors and to Brenna Larkin, a lawyer for Mr. Kelly, were not immediately returned. Gabriel Cuen-Buitimea was among a group of undocumented migrants who were crossing the high desert in Kino Springs, Ariz., near the border with Mexico on Jan. 30, 2023, when they spotted a Border Patrol vehicle and scattered, according to the authorities.
Persons: Brenna Larkin, Kelly, Gabriel Cuen, Buitimea Organizations: Arizona Superior Court, Patrol Locations: Arizona, Mexico, Santa Cruz County, Kino Springs, Ariz
Insider Today: Bad times for big cities
  + stars: | 2024-04-21 | by ( Matt Turner | )   time to read: +4 min
download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . Wall Street balked. Aslan Alphan/Getty, Tyler Le/BIThis week's dispatchNetflix's Wall Street worryAdvertisementNetflix announced last week that it had added 9.33 million subscribers in the first three months of the year, far surpassing Wall Street expectations. Wall Street did not react well to the news, sending the stock lower. How Reddit took over Google.
Persons: , Aslan Alphan, Tyler Le, What's, Rebecca Zisser, Reddit, Abrice Cofrini, — Pam Organizations: Business, Service, Netflix, Wall, Google, Getty Images, BI, McKinsey, AP, Microsoft Locations: Russia, Mexico, San Francisco, Boston, AFP
The referendum will ask 11 questions, five that will modify the Constitution if approved and six that are advisory. More than 13 million of Ecuador’s population of nearly 18 million are eligible to vote – and in Ecuador, voting is obligatory. “We require urgent reforms that allow us to protect our security,” Noboa told a military event in March. In response to the escape, the government deployed more than 3,000 police officers and members of the armed forces to find Fito. The referendum has met opposition among some groups who claim the matters can be dealt with in the National Assembly.
Persons: Daniel Noboa, , he’s, ” Noboa, John Moore, Guillermo Lasso, Fernando Villavicencio, Adolfo Macias, Noboa, , CNN’s Christiana Amanpour, Jorge Glas, Glas, Karen Toro Organizations: CNN, National Police, Armed Forces, Ecuadorian National Police, United Nations, Reuters, National Assembly Locations: Quito, Ecuadorian, Ecuador, Ecuadorians, Guayaquil, , Peru, Colombia, United States, Europe, Mexico, Mexican
CNN —The director of an Ecuadorian prison known as “El Rodeo” was killed Sunday in an attack that came as millions of people in the country headed to the polls for a referendum focused largely on President Daniel Noboa’s war on crime. Ecuador Prosecutor’s Office reported that another person was injured in the attack and that officers on the scene have started an investigation. Parrales was killed the same day that Ecuadorians were called to the polls for a referendum dominated by security issues that could bolster President Daniel Noboa’s agenda to fight crime. Noboa hopes those measures will help him rein in burgeoning levels of organized crime linked to drug cartels. Ecuador was once known as an “island of peace,” nestled between the world’s two largest cocaine producers, Peru and Colombia.
Persons: , Daniel Noboa’s, Cosme Damián Parrales Merchán, SNAI, Parrales, CNNE, Noboa, Adolfo Macias Organizations: CNN, SNAI, Ecuador Prosecutor’s, Social Rehabilitation, Ecuadorian National Police Locations: Ecuador, Ecuadorians, , Peru, Colombia, United States, Europe, Mexico, Guayaquil
CNN —When Margaret Bensfield Sullivan envisioned the type of family who might jet off for a year to explore the world together, she had a very specific image in her head. According to Sullivan, she and her husband had never traveled with their kids before their big trip. “We loved to travel as a couple,” Sullivan explains, recalling how they visited countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Argentina and Turkey together before starting their family. They won’t remember anything.”However, Sullivan explains that a work trip to Tanzania in 2017 completely changed her perspective. ‘Following the sun’When it came to planning their route, the Sullivan family decided to “follow the sun.” Margaret Bensfield SullivanOnce they’d made up their minds, the couple spent seven or eight months “working out the logistics” and winding their lives in New York down.
Persons: Margaret Bensfield Sullivan, Sullivan, ” Sullivan, Teddy, Willa, James, , , , they’d, “ It’s, they’ve, didn’t, you’re, shouldn’t, Lucia, we’re Organizations: CNN, CNN Travel, Sullivans, Sun Locations: New York, Thailand, Cambodia, Argentina, Turkey, Tanzania, South America, Africa, East, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Mongolia, Vietnam, Indonesia, , Mexico, Guatemala, Italy, Greece, Grenada, Barbados, Dominica, St
Kate Boardman has visited 54 countries around the world and lived in 10, including the US. She's enjoyed spots like France and Bali but says people should visit underrated places like Oman. I've been to 54 countries and lived in 10, including the US. I also think spots like Cancun are super overrated; there are way cooler places to visit in Mexico. Kate Boardman/@wildkat.wandersI first lived in Guatemala in 2021, where I worked as a teacher at an international school.
Persons: Kate Boardman, She's, , I've, Boardman, It's, You've, they're, @wildkat.wanders, Kate Boardman There's, There's, you've, Earth Organizations: Service, Antigua —, United Arab Locations: France, Bali, Oman, Ecuador, Guatemala, Massachusetts, Germany, Tblisi , Georgia, Paris, London, Cancun, Mexico, Iran, Maharloo, Georgia, Tbilisi, It's, Soviet Union, Kazbegi , Georgia, Turkish, Central America, Costa Rica, Tikal, Guatemala City, Antigua, Boardman, Livingston , Guatemala, El, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Muscat, Caribbean
CNN —Republican Speaker Mike Johnson showed political courage that is rare in Washington and notable legislative skill for an inexperienced leader in forcing a long-delayed $60 billion aid bill for Ukraine through the House of Representatives on Saturday. And 112 Republicans — a majority of the conference — voted against the Ukraine bill. And any Republican speaker propped up by Democrats might hemorrhage support among GOP lawmakers and be forced to resign. “As we deliberate on this vote, you have to ask yourself this question: Am I Chamberlain or Churchill?” he said. The accidental speaker makes an unlikely Churchill, but on Saturday he proved to be a far more daring and substantial figure than many of his Republican and Democratic critics previously believed.
Persons: Mike Johnson, Johnson, Vladimir Putin, Ronald Reagan, Joe Biden’s, , Donald Trump, Volodymyr Zelensky, , ” CNN’s Frederik Pleitgen, Putin, , Biden, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Greene, Johnson —, Kevin McCarthy’s, Marc Molinaro, CNN’s Manu Raju, Trump, Zelensky, Trump’s, Hakeem Jeffries, Mike Quigley, It’s, ” Quigley, Chuck Schumer, Jeffries, Mike McCaul, , it’s, McCaul, Chamberlain, Churchill Organizations: CNN, West, GOP, America, MAGA, United States House, Representatives, Ukraine, Republican Party, Trump, Republicans, Georgia, Mar, Democratic, Congressional Ukraine Caucus, Illinois Democrat, Foreign, Texas Republican, Republican Locations: Washington, Ukraine, Russian, Louisiana, United States, Russia, Europe, Iran, China, Israel, Taiwan, Mexico, Georgia, New York, Kyiv, Texas, Nazi Germany
CNN —The bird flu spreading through cattle in the United States is an “enormous concern” the chief scientist of the World Health Organization said Thursday as he called for more tracking and preparation for the virus. So far, there is no evidence that the highly pathogenic H5N1 flu virus can spread from person to person. Though H5N1 doesn’t spread from person to person, humans can catch it when they’re exposed to infected animals. They are only the second documented case of human H5N1 in the United States. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that while the current risk to public health from H5N1 is low, it is monitoring the situation carefully.
Persons: Dr, Jeremy Farrar, , Richard Webby, , hasn’t, Sanjay Gupta Organizations: CNN, World Health Organization, WHO, Research, Get CNN, CNN Health, US Department of Agriculture’s, Plant Health, Services, US Centers for Disease Control, CDC Locations: United States, British, Geneva, Texas, Colorado, St, — Texas, New Mexico , Kansas, South Dakota , Idaho , Michigan , Ohio, North Carolina
I stepped off the platform at the gleaming new Maxcanú train station, eager to see the magnificent Maya archaeological site of Uxmal. All I needed was a taxi to take me there, a trip of about 30 miles away. And I was the third person in two weeks to get off at Maxcanú expecting to reach Uxmal, he said. I was midway through a five-day trip to explore the brand-new Maya Train and several of its destinations in the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico. Designed to run 965 miles (1,554 kilometers) around a loop of 34 stations when completed, the train will whisk passengers in cool comfort through colonial cities, archaeological sites, splashy resorts and tropical forests.
Persons: Maxcanú, van Locations: Yucatán, Mexico
Brent crude, the global oil benchmark, was down 0.4% at $86.8 per barrel, having earlier spiked more than 3%. The Israeli military has not commented, and Iran has not identified the source of the attack. Iran launched the attack in retaliation for a suspected Israeli strike on its embassy compound in Syria earlier this month. Iran is a big oil producer but exports most of its crude to China because of long-standing international sanctions. Mexico also said earlier this month that it would cut back oil exports because of strong domestic demand.
Persons: Brent, Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, , ” Neil Shearing, Richard Bronze Organizations: London CNN, CNN, Capital Economics, Organization of, Petroleum, ANZ, United, Nikkei, Kospi, Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Locations: Hong Kong, London, Iranian, Isfahan, East, Iran, Syria, Hormuz, China, United States, Mexico, Asia, Israel, Tel Aviv
Hong Kong CNN —Oil prices jumped on Friday while Asian markets tumbled, with global investors worrying about an escalation in conflict in the Middle East after explosions were reported near the Iranian city of Isfahan. Iran launched the attack in retaliation for a suspected Israeli strike on its embassy compound in Syria earlier this month. “Israel’s response could determine whether oil supplies are ultimately under threat.”Elsewhere, ongoing oil disruptions remain high, the analysts added. In Hong Kong, PetroChina, Asia’s largest oil and gas supplier, advanced 2.3%. Sinopec, the world’s largest oil refining company by capacity, rose 1.3%.
Persons: Brent, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel, , , Korea’s Kospi, Cosmo Energy Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, CNN, ANZ, United, Stock, Nikkei, China’s, Energy, Eneos Corp, Oil Corp Locations: Hong Kong, Iranian, Isfahan, Israel, Iran, Syria, United States, Mexico, Asia, China’s Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul
What to Know About China’s Export Dominance
  + stars: | 2024-04-19 | by ( Keith Bradsher | )   time to read: +1 min
China’s car shipments to foreign markets have quintupled in the past four years. Even exports in labor-intensive industries like furniture making, which China was once expected to lose to lower-wage countries, are surging. American and European leaders have become increasingly vocal that a flood of Chinese exports is swamping their markets. But China’s manufacturing sector is so strong that its export push will be difficult to counter. Chinese companies have increased exports to the West through indirect routes in Southeast Asia and Mexico, sidestepping tariffs on goods that come directly from China.
Persons: Rich, Xi Locations: China, India, Brazil, West, Southeast Asia, Mexico
Ezequiel Marcellini BodasOh, and there were tears. Then, the officiant asked for their wedding rings to seal the deal. Once they realized what was wrong, the Argentinian couple offered their own wedding rings without a second thought. Photographer Ezequiel Marcellini captured images of the unexpected wedding encounter. The two couples exchanged “thank yous” and “congratulations,” and posed for a few pictures that will undoubtedly have a special place in the Jackson’s wedding album.
Persons: Shannon Jackson, ” Calivé Jackson, , vivre, , “ Shannon, ” Jackson, Shannon, Calivé Jackson, Ezequiel Marcellini Bodas, Ezequiel Marcellini, “ We’ve, yous ”, Organizations: CNN, Jacksons Locations: Playa Del Carmen, Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico
A whole lot of people who were anti-union in the past have switched.”The union vote at the Volkswagen plant will mean more than whether the 4,300 hourly workers in Chattanooga are members of the UAW or not. But he said he wants the better pay and benefits he sees workers at unionized auto plants are getting, in order to provide more for his family. Volkswagen staying neutralThe company said it is neutral in the election, only urging workers to vote however they want. That’s relatively rare in union representation elections, where management often lobbies workers to vote no at mandatory meetings, and sometimes takes action against union organizers. Bill Lee and five other Southern governors – from Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas – who have nonunion auto plants in their states.
Persons: Renee Berry, , they’re, Darrell Belcher, it’s, Berry, ” Berry, Kelcey Smith, ” Smith, , Belcher, he’s, Mercedes –, Tesla, Wheaton, Bill Lee, , Joe Biden, Corey Linn, Biden, He’s, ’ ” Berry Organizations: New, New York CNN, Volkswagen, United Auto Workers, UAW, unionize, ” UAW, GM, Ford, VW, , Mercedes – BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Mazda, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, Volvo, Cornell University’s Industrial, Labor Relations, Tennessee Republican Gov, Southern, , don’t Locations: New York, Chattanooga , Tennessee, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Mexico, Germany, United States, Tuscaloosa , Alabama, Alabama , Georgia , Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas
I booked a stateroom on Royal Caribbean's Wonder of the Seas, one of the biggest cruise ships. For $2,000 a week, the 179-square-foot cabin had a private bathroom, a king-size bed, and a view. AdvertisementIn April 2022, I cruised on board Royal Caribbean's Wonder of the Seas. At the time, it was the largest cruise ship in the world, but the title has since been replaced by Royal Caribbean's Icon of the Seas. During my voyage, the ship sailed to Roatán, Honduras; Cozumel and Costa Maya in Mexico; and Royal Caribbean's private island in the Bahamas.
Persons: Organizations: Service, Royal, Royal Caribbean's Locations: Roatán, Honduras, Cozumel, Costa Maya, Mexico, Bahamas
After traveling solo to all 50 US states, I've found some great places to relax and unwind. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementOver the past decade, I've traveled to all 50 US states and spent time in tons of major cities and small towns. I've also driven solo across the country several times, stopping in some of the most unique and beautiful places the United States has to offer. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
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