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Polls consistently show that his support from Black voters has declined to alarming levels for a Democrat. Four years ago, nearly nine in 10 Black voters nationwide cast their ballots for Mr. Biden, according to exit polls. Image Recently, Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris have been speaking directly to Black audiences at multiple events per week. “The Biden campaign is panicking because they see that Black voters aren’t buying what Biden is selling,” Ms. Thomas added. Recently, Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris have been speaking directly to Black audiences at multiple events per week.
Persons: Biden, Donald J, Kamala Harris, Trump, George Floyd’s, ” Mr, Harris, Trump’s, Black, Wes Moore, Austin Davis of, Yuri Gripas, Mr, , Sherry Gay, surrogates, Sheff, Hallow, “ Trump’s MAGA, Janiyah Thomas, , Ms, Thomas, Brown, ” Ms, Michael Nutter, , Michael Gold Organizations: Republican, Black, Democratic, Mr, Gov, Girard College, The New York Times, New York Times, Siena College, Philadelphia Inquirer, Black Democrat, Biden, Bronx, Voters, Supreme, of Education, Morehouse College, Detroit, Democrats, Black voters Locations: Philadelphia, African, Maryland, Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta, New York
Bottom Line This was a better-than-feared quarter from Best Buy. Services are an area that Best Buy can lean into and leverage to differentiate from online retailers like Amazon . Importantly, she noted that not only will Best Buy have the largest assortment of AI-enabled PCs but over 40% of that assortment will be exclusive to Best Buy. Going back to how Best Buy can compete with the likes of Amazon, Best Buy is working closely with vendors on marketing strategies and demonstrations to offer a "unique educational and interconnected digital shopping journey." Bimal Tandel photographs Bhavin Tandel and Dinesh Tandel, crew members on the Klara Oldendorff, in front of a Best Buy in Timonium, Maryland, U.S., March 29, 2024.
Persons: Corie Barry, we're, Barry, FactSet, Jim Cramer's, Jim Cramer, Jim, Bimal, Bhavin Tandel, Dinesh Tandel, Klara Oldendorff, Julia Nikhinson Organizations: LSEG, Services, Amazon, Computer, Target, Walmart, Costco, Barry, Apple, CNBC Locations: Timonium , Maryland, U.S
They’re also going to be communicating with one another or driving their moon buggies while on the lunar surface. Lunar clockworkWhat scientists know for certain is that they need to get precision timekeeping instruments to the moon. Exactly who pays for lunar clocks, which type of clocks will go, and where they’ll be positioned are all questions that remain up in the air, Gramling said. Focke Strangmann/APThe new time scale would underpin an entire lunar network, which NASA and its allies have dubbed LunaNet. But how future astronauts living and working on the lunar surface will experience time is a different question entirely.
Persons: aren’t, Cheryl Gramling, NASA’s, Gramling, Omer Tarsuslu, They’re, ” Gramling, Albert Einstein, Paco, Sao, Sundials, , , Bruce Betts, Kevin Coggins, you’ve, ” Coggins, , Bijunath, Patla, ” Patla, Focke Strangmann, It’s, “ It’s, Betts, Artemis III, Arizona State University “ It’ll Organizations: CNN, NASA, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight, Getty, White, Astronauts, Planetary Society, NASA’s Space Communications, Navigation, US National Institute of Standards, Technology, Vehicles, Physical, National, European Space Agency, International Astronomical Union, Reconnaissance, Arizona State University Locations: United States, China, Maryland, Kars, Turkey, Anadolu, German, Sao Miguel, Evora , Portugal, Germany, Malapert Massif
Republican candidates in all eight of the country’s most competitive Senate races have changed their approach on the issue of abortion, softening their rhetoric, shifting their positions and, in at least one case, embracing policies championed by Democrats. From Michigan to Maryland, Republicans are trying to repackage their views to defang an issue that has hurt their party at the ballot box since the Supreme Court overturned federal abortion rights. While the pivot is endemic across races in swing states, the most striking shifts have come from candidates who unsuccessfully ran for the Senate just two years ago in their home states, with abortion views that sounded very different. When Bernie Moreno, a Republican businessman, ran for a Senate seat in Ohio in 2022, he described his views as “absolute pro-life, no exceptions.”“Life begins at conception” and “abortion is the murder of an innocent baby,” he said on social media.
Persons: Bernie Moreno, Organizations: Republican Locations: Michigan, Maryland, Ohio
Jessup, Maryland CNN —In her first week of job training, Tiffany Joseph Busch learned how to do an oil change. Instead, she learned in a virtual garage, using a Meta Quest virtual reality headset. In addition to MCIW, the nonprofit is also piloting the VR auto technician training program in correctional facilities in Texas and Virginia. Mackenzie Happe/CNNBut is it really possible to learn how to fix a car in virtual reality without ever interacting with a real vehicle? Carpenter said she feels “100% confident in my abilities.”And Schwartz said he’s certain about the potential for VR training, too.
Persons: Maryland CNN —, Tiffany Joseph Busch, , Busch, , ” Busch, it’s, MCIW, they’re, Martin Schwartz, Schwartz, Carolyn Scruggs, Maryland’s, Tiffany Busch, Mackenzie Happe, Danielle Cox, ” Cox, Tire, Meagan Carpenter, ” Meagan Carpenter, Carpenter, they’ve, … We’re Organizations: Maryland CNN, Busch, Maryland Correctional Institution, Women, CNN, Vehicles, CNN Auto, Napa Auto Parts, AAA, HTX Labs, US Air Force, VR, Women’s Correctional Institute, Department of Labor, Maryland Department of Public Safety, Correctional Services, MCIW, Automotive, Women's VR Locations: Jessup, Maryland, Baltimore, United States, Napa, Texas, Virginia
"It really changed everything about what we understood about when and how people arrived to the Americas," Braje said of the Chile site. Dating ancient artifacts like this is tricky and is often the source of contention around these sites that question our understanding and timeline of ancient human history. That's why only a handful of Lowery's artifacts could be tested. If these artifacts are as old as the lab analysis suggests, then Lowery's discovery could rewrite our understanding of ancient American human history. For Braje, Lowery's research is reminiscent of past debates when new discoveries pushed back the timeline for the first American arrivals.
Persons: , Todd Braje, Darrin Lowery, he's, Lowery, hasn't, Braje, Lowery doesn't Organizations: Service, University of Oregon Museum of Natural, Business, Parsons, NOAA, Washington Post Locations: South America, Americas, Island , Maryland, North America, Maryland, Chesapeake, Canada, Asia, Siberia, Alaska, Chile, Monte Verde, Coast, Parsons
President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are traveling to Philadelphia on Wednesday to announce the rollout of a new coalition aimed at bolstering support from Black voters, who are vital to their re-election but have broadcast frustration with the president in a series of polls. The president and vice president will unveil the effort, Black Voters for Biden-Harris, during a rally at Girard College, a predominantly Black college preparatory school in Philadelphia. They will be joined by several prominent Black Democrats, including Lt. Gov. After the rally, dozens of Black leaders will embark on a nationwide “week of action” to mobilize Black voters in battleground states, according to the Biden campaign. The event is only the latest attempt by the Biden campaign to win back support from Black voters, who have long been known as the “backbone” of the Democratic Party.
Persons: Biden, Kamala Harris, Harris, Austin Davis, Wes Moore, Cherelle Parker, surrogates Organizations: Black, Black Voters, Biden, Girard College, Gov, Austin Davis of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Democratic Party Locations: Philadelphia, Austin Davis of
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailAmerica's shrinking population: Economic impact of falling U.S. birth rateMelissa Kearney, University of Maryland economics professor, joins 'Squawk Box' to discuss the declining birth rate in the U.S., the economic impact of a shrinking population, and more.
Persons: Melissa Kearney Organizations: University of Maryland Locations: U.S
My dad owned a wide variety of businesses. My dad worked the grill and made the hot dishes while my mom took customer orders and packed the food. AdvertisementI vouched for my dad at my jobMy dad told me that he still wanted to work after he sold the lease. That's when I thought he could get a job working in the kitchen at the hospital where I worked. I talked to the manager of food services at my hospital and asked if they'd give my dad a job in the kitchen.
Persons: he'd, Ryu, Grace Ryu, , He's, they'd, I'd, he's, I've, She's Organizations: Service, Business Locations: Maryland, Baltimore, Ocean City, California, America
Memorial Day weekend was marred by severe storms across the US. Scientists blame the heat and say the severe weather will continue. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementMemorial weekend is the unofficial start of summer, and this year it was marred by a series of severe weather incidents that scientists say could continue as temperatures rise. Severe weather, including thunderstorms and tornados, swept across Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Kentucky over the holiday weekend, destroying buildings and killing over 20 people, according to the Associated Press.
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CNN —A Fulton County judge will allow a co-defendant of Donald Trump in the Georgia election subversion case to continue his effort to access thousands of 2020 ballots to argue debunked voter fraud theories. Floyd’s attorneys are pushing to access more than 500,000 ballots from Fulton County, claiming they intend to produce “evidence” that thousands of votes were improperly excluded from the final vote tally. Defendant Harrison Floyd with attorney Christopher Kachouroff in court during a hearing at the Fulton County Courthouse on May 28 in Atlanta. Dennis Byron/Pool/Getty ImagesChad Alexis, senior assistant attorney for Fulton County, pushed back on 2020 voter-fraud arguments from Floyd’s attorneys. The Fulton County racketeering case against Trump has effectively been at a standstill.
Persons: Donald Trump, Harrison Floyd, Trump, Joe Biden, Scott McAfee, McAfee, Brad Raffensperger, Floyd, Christopher Kachouroff, Dennis Byron, Chad Alexis, Alexis, ” Alexis, Fani Willis, Nathan Wade Organizations: CNN, Trump, Fulton, Republican, Courthouse Locations: Fulton, Georgia, Fulton County, Maryland, Atlanta
The port's terminal was blocked after the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed and killed six workers. AdvertisementTwo months after Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed, cruise ships are now taking off from the Port of Baltimore. The two trips are notable as the first cruise ships to leave Baltimore since the port was blocked by the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge on March 26. The Francis Scott Key Bridge services about 30,000 people a day. AdvertisementOne week ago, the port's terminal was the headquarters for the recovery operations for the Francis Scott Key Bridge, Daniels added.
Persons: Francis Scott Key, , Baltimore's Francis Scott Key, We've, Jonathan Daniels, Daniels Organizations: Port, Service, Royal, Business, Francis Scott Key Bridge, Baltimore Sun, Maryland Department of Transportation Locations: Port of Baltimore, Royal Caribbean, Bermuda, Greenland, Canada, Baltimore, Maryland
This as-told-to essay is based on a transcribed conversation with Noland Arbaugh, Neuralink's first human patient to receive its brain-chip implant. I wasn't scared going into the surgery to get Neuralink's implant inserted in January. I know it's a long day, but it's fun for me, so it doesn't really feel like work. I didn't know what I was doing for a few months and didn't feel like I was being very productive. AdvertisementSince getting Neuralink's implant inserted in January, the quality of my life has improved significantly.
Persons: Noland Arbaugh, It's, I've, that's Organizations: Service, Bluetooth Locations: Maryland
How a global seafood giant broke Red Lobster
  + stars: | 2024-05-25 | by ( Nathaniel Meyersohn | )   time to read: +15 min
Former Red Lobster employees say that while the pandemic, inflation and rent costs impacted Red Lobster, Thai Union’s ineptitude was the pivotal factor in Red Lobster’s decline. Kenny criticized Red Lobster employees at meetings and made derogatory comments about them, according to former Red Lobster leaders who worked closely with Kenny. Red Lobster’s annual customer count has dropped by 30% since 2019, Red Lobster said in its bankruptcy filing. Red Lobster employees say they were pressured by Thai Union representatives to buy more seafood from Thai Union. Thai Union representatives also began sitting in on meetings between Red Lobster and seafood suppliers, said one of the former Red Lobster employees who witnessed these conversations.
Persons: , Ludovic Garnier, Jorge Silva, Red Lobster’s, , Les Foreman, Red, Thiraphong Chansiri, Angel, Feng shui, Chansiri, Amanda Mustard, Paul Kenny, Kenny, , Kenny’s, Bill Darden, General Mills, Darden, Kelli Valade, Valade, Trin, Tapanya, Kevin Lamarque, Barry Fulghum, Lobster, Leah Millis Organizations: New, New York CNN, Thai Union Group, Red, Lobster, Thai Union, CNN, Red Lobster, John West Foods, longtime, Reuters, Thai, West Coast, Lobster’s, Bloomberg, Getty, Minor, Thai Union —, Union, Darden, Gate, Golden, Capital, Facebook, Thai Union . Thai Union, ” Thai Union Locations: New York, Thai, Thailand, Thai Union, United States, Orlando, Australian, Dallas, America, United, Texas, Spring , Maryland
This means that the upper class in one state could still be considered middle class in another. AdvertisementEven so, being upper class may not feel like swimming in wealth. New York has the second-highest share in the upper class at nearly 21%, even though the cutoff is $159,100. AdvertisementThe list of states with the lowest shares of people in the upper class also doesn't correspond. Alaska, Utah, and Idaho have below 15% of their populations in the upper class, while Wyoming and Delaware are in the 15% range.
Persons: , they're Organizations: Service, Business, Pew, DC Locations: Washington, New Jersey, Maryland , Massachusetts, Hawaii , California, New York, Louisiana, Mississippi, West Virginia, Louisiana , Arkansas , Kentucky , Oklahoma , Alabama, New Mexico, Alaska , Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Delaware
The loud bangs, she learned later, had come from the airbags of the family’s SUV, a 2015 Nissan Murano that was parked in the driveway. A Nissan Murano, which was parked in Phillip Hill’s driveway when it caught fire. A search on NHTSA’s website indicated there was an outstanding unrepaired recall on the Hills’ Murano. Philip Hill had been fixing the garage, so the couple’s two cars were parked in the driveway. “As you can see from the video, that vehicle is so close to the house,” Philip Hill told CNN.
Persons: Vicki Hill, , Nissan, Phillip Hill’s, Phillip Hill “, Murano, Philip Hill, ” Philip Hill, , Mercedes Organizations: CNN, Nissan, Administration, National Fire Protection Association, Vehicle Locations: Bethesda , Maryland, Nissan Murano, Murano, Phillip, United States
Since the constitutional right to abortion was taken away in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization in 2022, Democratic spending on abortion-related ads has jumped. Line chart showing the percentage of television ad spending devoted to abortion from 2018 to 2024. Democratic spending jumped up to around one-third in 2022 after the Dobbs ruling and has stayed high. In the first four months of this year alone, 48 percent of Democratic ad spending on broadcast networks in Pennsylvania centered on abortion. Democrats are seizing the moment, devoting two-thirds of their ad spending to abortion there.
Persons: Roe, Wade, Dobbs, Emily Holzknecht, Adam Westbrook, Trump, overperformed, , N.M, Andy Beshear’s, Daniel Cameron’s, Mr, Biden Organizations: Democratic, Republican, Republicans, Jackson, Health Organization, Democrats, Republicans Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, Supreme Court, Data, Pew Research, Ore ., Nev . Ohio Ill, Conn . Iowa Pa, Ind, Del . Utah Colo, Religion Research Locations: Dobbs v, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, . Arizona, . Maine, Mont, Minn . Vt, Ore, Ore . Idaho, Wis, N.Y, S.D . Mich, R.I, Wyo, Conn . Iowa Pa . N.J, Nev . Ohio, Del . Ind . Utah Md, Colo, W.Va . Va . Calif, Kan, Mo, Ky, N.C, Tenn, Okla, ., N.M . Miss ., Ala . Texas, Fla . Alaska Hawaii, Conn . Iowa, Neb . N.J, Del . Utah, W.Va . Md . Va . Calif, United States, Nevada , Arizona , Montana , Colorado, South Dakota , Nebraska , Missouri , Arkansas, Florida , New York, Maryland, Nevada , Arizona , Wisconsin , Michigan, Kentucky, Gaza, Ukraine
America's power grid is old and stressed. The main problem: It takes way too long to build towering high-voltage power lines that carry electricity across state lines and to hook up new power to the grid. AdvertisementBut upgrading the power grid gets bogged down by several issues. A new rule issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission this month is aimed at tackling some of the problems. If the US doesn't invest in regional transmission lines, customers will pay the price in the form of congestion and more life-threatening outages.
Persons: Brett White, Larry Gasteiger, Allison Clements, West Virginia —, Jeffrey Shields, PJM, Shields, Manu Asthana's, Asthana, Mark Christie, Neil Chatterjee, Chatterjee, Christine Powell, Chuck Schumer, Gasteiger Organizations: Service, Business, Energy, Princeton University, Federal Energy Regulatory, Democrat, Sierra Club, Republican, Department of Energy, DOE, FERC, Earthjustice's Clean Energy, University of Chicago, wouldn't Locations: Pine, States, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New Jersey, California
Washington CNN —The US government and dozens of states sued Live Nation in a groundbreaking antitrust lawsuit on Thursday, alleging that for years the parent company of Ticketmaster abused its industry dominance to harm concertgoers nationwide. It is time to break up Live Nation-Ticketmaster.”In a statement, Live Nation called the DOJ’s allegations “baseless.”“The DOJ’s lawsuit won’t solve the issues fans care about relating to ticket prices, service fees, and access to in-demand shows,” Live Nation said in a statement. The lawsuit highlights how regulators now believe, more than a decade on, that the behavioral modifications Live Nation agreed to have failed. According to the lawsuit, Live Nation directly manages more than 400 artists, controls around 60% of concert promotions at major concert venues across the country, and controls more than 265 concert venues in North America. And through Ticketmaster, the suit says, Live Nation controls roughly 80% or more of major concert venues’ primary ticketing for concerts.
Persons: Taylor Swift’s, , General Merrick Garland, Swift, Robert Smith, Zach Bryan, Minnesota Democratic Sen, Amy Klobuchar, Connecticut Democratic Sen, Richard Blumenthal, Klobuchar, Blumenthal, John Cornyn, Ted Cruz, Biden, ramping Organizations: Washington CNN, Ticketmaster, Justice Department, Prosecutors, , , DOJ, Regulators, Minnesota Democratic, Connecticut Democratic, Texas Republican, District of Columbia, Court, Southern, of Locations: New York, United States, Texas Republican Sens, North America, Arizona , Arkansas , California , Colorado , Connecticut, Florida , Illinois, Maryland , Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota , Nevada , New Hampshire , New Jersey , New York, North Carolina , Ohio , Oklahoma , Oregon , Pennsylvania, Rhode Island , South Carolina , Tennessee , Texas, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia , Wisconsin , Wyoming, of New York
The House passed legislation on Thursday that would undo a District of Columbia law allowing noncitizens to vote in local elections, part of a broader bid by Republicans to amplify false claims by former President Donald J. Trump of widespread illegal voting by immigrants, a rare occurrence that is already outlawed in federal elections. The bill has virtually no chance of being taken up in the Democratic-led Senate or making it to President Biden’s desk to be signed into law. But Republicans have used it, and other legislation aiming to crack down on voting by noncitizens, to stoke distrust in the country’s election laws and infrastructure ahead of the general election in November, a key pillar of Mr. Trump’s strategy to preemptively accuse Democrats of cheating him out of the presidency. In the face of ample evidence to the contrary, the former president has long claimed falsely that federal elections are susceptible to widespread voter fraud and illegal voting by undocumented immigrants, who have skewed the outcomes in favor of Democrats — a charge that congressional Republicans have echoed. The nation’s capital is one of more than a dozen municipalities in the country — most of them in California, Maryland and Vermont — that allow noncitizen residents to cast ballots in local contests, though voters eligible under the local laws rarely do so, even when they are allowed.
Persons: noncitizens, Donald J, Trump, Biden’s, Organizations: Columbia, Democratic, Republicans Locations: California , Maryland, Vermont
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CNN —Microsoft’s buzziest new AI feature is raising concerns that it could potentially be misused in the wrong hands. It’s different from a keyword search; the tool regularly saves screenshots of the user’s screen and stores them directly on the device. It then uses AI to process the data and make it searchable. Jen Golbeck – a professor of AI at the University of Maryland who focuses on privacy – said the recall feature could pose a potential “nightmare” if the device falls into the wrong hands. Still, Michela Menting, a senior research director at ABI Research, believes the feature is a “step backwards” for privacy.
Persons: Jen Golbeck –, , , that’s, Satya Nadella, Geoff Blaber, ” Blaber, Golbeck, Blaber, Michela Organizations: CNN, University of Maryland, Data Protection, ICO, Microsoft, Wall Street, CCS Insight, ABI Research
Neighborhood names are also shorthand for your rent or mortgage payments. In 2017, real-estate brokers in the historically Black New York neighborhood of Harlem sparked backlash when they tried to rebrand its south end as SoHa. At their best, new neighborhood names bring people together over a shared sense of pride in their little corner of the world. Along the way, these neighborhood names have veered into parody territory. I'm not saying that neighborhood names should be set in stone — in fact, I think it's natural for them to evolve alongside their populations.
Persons: you've, MoRA, Nashville's, they're, Let's, Gill Holland, Holland, Nestor Davidson, David Fagundes, Grant McKenzie, McKenzie, Hakeem Jeffries, Jeffries, Davidson, They're, Bob Dylan's, Marshall, Lily, I'm, Willy, Dirtbag, Little Italy — Organizations: Market, McGill University, University of Maryland, Houston, Financial, Tribeca, McGill, Google, Democratic, New York State Assembly, New York Times, Apple, North Arts District, Congress, Little Locations: Denver, Charlotte , North Carolina, LoSo, Boston, Louisville , Kentucky, NuLu, Austin, America, New York City, Louisville, Holland, North Carolina, Greenwich, Louisville's, Phoenix, Holland's, York, New York, Manhattan, Side, Chelsea, Maryland, Harlem, SoCo, Soho, Dowisetrepla, Charlotte, East Williamsburg
The situation deteriorated in April after Synapse declared bankruptcy following the exodus of several key partners. That has left users of several fintech services stranded with no access to their funds, according to testimonials filed this week in a California bankruptcy court. One customer, a Maryland teacher named Chris Buckler, said in a May 21 filing that his funds at crypto app Juno were locked because of the Synapse bankruptcy. Synapse had contracts with 20 banks and 100 fintech companies, resulting in about 10 million end users, according to an April filing from founder and CEO Sankaet Pathak. The freeze-up of customer funds exposes the vulnerabilities in the banking as a service, or BAAS, partnership model and a possible blind spot for regulatory oversight.
Persons: Andreessen Horowitz, Chris Buckler, Buckler, Dave, Juno, Sankaet Pathak, Pathak, Joseph Dominguez, Dominguez, Jason Mikula, Mikula Organizations: Istock, Synapse, Evolve Bank & Trust, Mercury, CNBC, Evolve Bank, Trust, Regulators, FDIC, Federal Reserve Locations: California, Maryland, Joseph Dominguez of Sacramento , California, Silicon
In 2017, fewer than half of the largest U.S. cities offered formalized pickleball courts. "We have found New York City parks to really understand the popularity of pickleball and also the need for more courts," said Cannon. We're excited to meet the increasing demand and bring Pickleball Kingdom's premier indoor pickleball to the masses," said Ace Rodrigues, founder and CEO of Pickleball Kingdom. Pickleball courts are also popping up at gyms throughout the country. Life Time, an "athletic country club," currently boasts almost 700 pickleball courts across its 170 U.S. locations.
Persons: Wang Fan, Will Klein, Klein, pickleball, Erica Desai, Mary Cannon, Pickle, Cannon, Desai, Pickleball, Rodrigues, Andre Agassi, Bahram Akradi, Ben Johns, Collin Johns, Anna Bright, Tyson McGuffin, Mike Stobe Organizations: Central Park, China News Service, Getty, Trust, Public, Pickle, Long, PENN, Garden Locations: Central, New York City, pickleball, Louisville , Kentucky, Madison , Wisconsin, Honolulu, Manhattan , Brooklyn, Long Island City, Kingdom, Pickleball, United States, Pickleball Kingdom, U.S, Annapolis , Maryland, Madison
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